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  1. chrisdobson45

    Is Your Dog Spoilt?

    ...and here is is, handsome boy... Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  2. chrisdobson45

    Is Your Dog Spoilt?

    eight from eight....
  3. chrisdobson45

    Norwich Yacht Station Closed In Winter

    We moored at Norwich yacht station overnight a couple of years ago, near the bus stop on Riverside Road. Very, err, educational, still mentally scarred by what was overheard being discussed by the good people of Norwich when waiting the arrival of the next bus... Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  4. chrisdobson45

    Lion Thurne Update

    We have been a few times since July 2017, once for an early supper during a stupid 240 mile round trip. Always found the staff pleasant and helpful and the food to be great. We’re also fond of the White Horse as well (where our lab, Jasper, was treated like royalty) Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  5. chrisdobson45

    Lake Lothing Memory

    I suggest that the above photo is near Griffin Lane, Thorpe (that's a May Gurney lighter in the foreground, I used to "hide" in the boatyard at times, instead of going to Costessey yard)
  6. chrisdobson45

    Third Lake Loathing Crossing

    I do try my best... Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  7. chrisdobson45

    Third Lake Loathing Crossing

  8. chrisdobson45

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Hmmm, when I was "in my prime" ankle bracelets were a thing of rarity...
  9. chrisdobson45

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Is this what it would have looked like (bottom photo)? (from Broadland memories)
  10. chrisdobson45

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Not too much hanky panky, we tried, but she (the boat) rocked a bit too much and we were thwarted by my non too pleased parents...
  11. chrisdobson45

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Pretty sure my family hired Santa Caterina in from Harvey Eastwood in July 1987, my last holiday on the Broads after University and before entering the world of employment. I think I have a photograph of her at Oulton Broad Yacht Station, canopy back, in glorious sunshine (the sun always shone then). My (then) girlfriend went with us, fond but hazy memories of attempting a bit of "fun" in the forward cabin (Vee berths), gave up as we were rocking the boat and woke up my parents (couldn't blame it on the river!!) Good luck, really looking forward to watching her resoration.
  12. chrisdobson45

    Victoria Line - Interesting Fact.

    I'm a regular on the Victoria Line (Tottenham Hale to Green Park for the Jubilee Line two or three times a week) and was aware of the tiled art but had no idea that there was any significance to the pieces. Loved the blog, every day is a school day..
  13. Now that's an instructional film...
  14. chrisdobson45

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Every time we've been in the Rising Sun recently the food & service has left much to be desired. The Recruiting Sergeant has been fine...
  15. chrisdobson45

    Glorious Norfolk Morning

    Glorious and cool at 5.30am this morning in rural Nottinghamshire but very envious of you all in Norfolk. In two weeks time we hope to be waking up to a fabulous Norfolk morning (knowing my luck it'll be raining....)

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