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  1. Sutton Bridge for us too (& I always repeat, without fail something my father would say, every time we crossed that bridge, "did you know this used to be a railway bridge?"). I once missed saying it as another driver had kept to the left hand lane after the first roundabout just past the compost packing plant and then cut me up before the roundabout to the bridge approach, wanting the eastbound A17 instead of the road back into the village, causing me to stand on the brakes, hit the horn and swear profusely. When calm had been regained within the car and we were again eastbound on the A17
  2. I received a call on our landline yesterday from "Jonathon" who stated he was from Virgin Media and it had been noticed that there had been unauthorised access to or broadband from foreign IP addresses since the weekend. I wasn't to worry as he would sort it out for me. I immediately queried how could I be assured he was from Virgin Media, he offered me his Virgin Media vendor security reference number, but me calling Virgin Media to get help wasn't possible, he worked for a special department within Virgin Media and couldn't be connected via the "normal ways". At the time of this ca
  3. I hope for a new sort of normality for the summer (meaning last week in July to first week in September) such that lockdown restrictions are relaxed for the many but the vulnerable are still protected. I see social distancing and masks being the new norm, and many of those things that we've all become used to and have taken for granted being a thing of the past (such as crowded pubs & restaurants, large outdoor gatherings such as festivals, indoor concerts, theatre, etc). I'm missing travelling for pleasure, there's so much that we want to do, not going to the far flung corners of th
  4. Completely agree with this. I work in a highly regulated industry where health & safety is priority, yet in the last 30 odd years I've experienced serious accidents, due to either acts or non-acts of individuals, putting themselves or colleagues at significant risk. I've been involved in numerous personal & behavioural health & safety initiatives, some borrowed from the petro-chem industry, some developed for my industry, but all costing many hundreds of thousands of pounds, and the findings were generally the same, companies can always do better but there are some people with
  5. Pedro Bora 43 - manufacturer's air draft +/- 3.20m Kath & I looked at one (secondhand) a few years ago, very traditional, very well made but not for us at the time. I have a soft spot for trawler yachts, having spent several weekends messing around on a colleagues boat in and around Vancouver Island (Beneteau Swift 52)
  6. My sister was a nurse in the RAF and used to finish the final night shift of seven at RAF Hospital Ely and then go straight to the train station and catch the train to Nottingham, to spend a few days at our parents. She would catch the Harwich Boat Train at about 8.15am and find an empty compartment, set an alarm clock and grab an hours sleep before arriving in Nottingham. Once afternoon she woke up with a start, finding herself on board an empty train at Liverpool Lime Street. Someone had stolen her alarm clock and she had slept all the way through Nottingham & Manchester...
  7. I've always thought Norwich to be a great "destination" terminus station, ever since my personal involvement with the city began. I'd holidayed with my parents throughout the 1970's and early 1980's and had visited Norwich by boat a few times. When I left university I had no idea what I wanted to do so took a temporary job in a brewery in Nottinghamshire, working in the racking cellar. The work was backbreaking but the money was good, especially for a broke 21 year old. My then girlfriend had graduated and taken a job with Norwich Union as a graduate accountant and had moved to Norwich, living
  8. A few years (OK, a few decades) ago I project managed a bored piling project in Bury St Edmunds, site of a demolished timber treatment works adjacent to the Greene King Brewery. The ground was saturated with all sorts of timber treatment products, including the tanerlizing liquid. We found out that it acts as a retarder, the concrete placed in the ground wouldn't set for days and when it did it had next to no strength. We returned and drove steel tubular piles... Sorry for the thread hijack, as you were, and I'm waiting eagerly for the reason for the high oil pressure in the BMC...
  9. Not much change in cold and miserable Nottinghamshire. Apart from three visits to the office (Bishops Stortford), two face to face meetings in London & a week on holiday in North East Norfolk in August, it's been the same routine, get up at 6, walk the dog, feed the dog, switch the computer on, Teams & Zoom meetings, walk the dog, feed the dog and then supper with the wife when she arrives home from work (teaches, no sign of her working from home, she's currently conducting chemistry practical's for onward online transmission to the students who are at home), then a couple of hours cat
  10. Bit of interest for Floydraser at about 8mins, 38 sec...
  11. Was it as I remember it (nissen-hut like)? A google search didn’t throw up any photographs
  12. Hmmm, could have been a prefab rather than a Nissen hut affair, it was a long time ago....
  13. In the late 1970's and throughout the 1980's, as a kid, I used to holiday with my parents on the Broads, hiring from Pearson Marine (Reedham), Brister Craft (Brundall & Wroxham), Aston Boats (Beccles) and Harvey Eastwood VIP (Brundall). Our family (mum, dad & sister) would usually holiday with another family and hired two boats. As we grew up, various friends, girlfriends / boyfriends and then husbands / wives would holiday with us. I've not had any contact with the other family for years, maybe 25 years, and recent family events provided an opportunity for a socially distanced ca
  14. I think you're right, a lasting memory of this location is of my dad borrowing a child's bicycle and riding it off the end of the mooring one summer's afternoon in the mid 1970's singing "Raindrops keep falling on my head..." There was enough space for three or four boats and we had been "adopted" by the son of the boatyard owners for the afternoon, hence where the bike came from. Once second he was there, on the grass and the next there was a splash.
  15. The Rising Sun was a favourite for pub food in the late 1970's & early 80's. My dad could pay for a meal for four of us and drinks with a £10 note. The food was "...in a basket" but most of it was back then, and we were very grateful to be eating out. Highlight of the week was a "proper" dinner at the Waveney House Hotel, Beccles, where a silver service restaurant offered delights such as Duck a l'orange and Steak Diane, my dad didn't get away with £10 then...
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