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  1. Yep, Stalham Staithe is a lovely place when the sun shines
  2. We had an Asda delivery yesterday afternoon. Never has a household been so excited by £70 ish worth of groceries. We've made do with essentials from the village Coop which has been brilliant, however we were running low on rice, pasta, vegetables, tonic, etc.... Each item was carefully examined before being put away, almost like it was Christmas. Managed to get a tub of Sutherlands Potted Beef, all is well with the world.
  3. Jasper snoozing where he knows he shouldn’t be...
  4. Coltishall, on the horse shoe by what used to be the Anchor PH. Many happy summer's afternoons spent there. Our holidays had (almost) the same itinerary, year on year; we hired from Brister Craft so Brundall >> Reedham >> Acle >> Coltishall >> Stalham >> Oulton Broad >> Beccles >> Brundall. Always had a formal dinner at the Waveney House Hotel, Beccles, many precious family afternoons spent there, laughing at my non too athletic mother climbing onto the wall off the boat to get ashore. Stalham was also a favourite, we used to moor at the boatyard opposite what now is the Museum of the Broads, room for three / four boats, lovely for watching boats head up to the staithe and then turn around again for lack of space. When we returned to the Broads after 30 years we followed much of the old itinerary, somethings hadn't changed very much and vivid memories of my departed father gave me great comfort. He loved Norfolk, especially the Broads, having spent holidays sailing the Waveney as a boy in the late 1940's. This was taken in 1977, Reedham, in what was Pearson Marine's boatyard
  5. We were on holiday in 1979, aboard two of Brister Craft's finest. Nottingham Forest was playing Malmo in the European Cup final in Munich so we had moored at Coltishall mid afternoon and gone to the Rising Sun for an early supper (Chicken in a basket) before the menfolk (two dads and two young sons) returned to one of the boats to watch the game whilst the ladies remained in the pub (two mums and two daughters). One of the dads, (Bill and not my dad, I hasten to add) had consumed a fairly significant volume of alcohol and was fairly docile once aboard the boat. The 14" black & white TV was turned on and tuned in, in readiness for the match. There were thunderstorms all over Europe that night and we were treated to a pretty significant display of lightning to the south of our mooring on the green. Bill slumbered for most of the game, until Trevor Francis appeared through the snowy picture & scored with a diving header at the far post from a John Robertson cross. We were delirious with joy, and woke Bill up with a start, who then ran up the steps to the centre cockpit, cracked his head on the door frame and rapidly exited via the port door to celebrate. Problem was were moored starboard side to the green so there resulted a big splash. What remains clearly in my mind all these years later is how dark it was and how far down the water was. We eventually managed to get Bill to shore and with the help of other boaters we got him out of the water, by now very cold and with a sizable gash on his forehead. We did however, manage to loose a life ring and a fender. He spent the rest of the holiday with the gash being held together with Elastoplast, and it left a wicked scar. Who said they were gentler times??
  6. That's lovely, great place to be when the weather is as good as that
  7. We managed to Moor there two years ago, just enough room between two private craft, then a huge hire boat arrived and wanted us to move as they wanted to Moor!! They then spent 15 minutes trying to turn around.... Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  8. Thanks ChrisB, amazing that trip boats from the Broads cruised the Trent...
  9. This image was posted on a historical Nottingham Facebook page, supposedly of pleasure boats moored on the Trent adjacent to Trent Bridge at the turn of the century. There’s no further information for this image. Does the name of the boat suggest it started life elsewhere?
  10. I returned to the Broads last year after an absence of 31 years, we managed to buy a couple of guides & an OS map, and picked up a copy of Broadcaster from the tourist information office in Wroxham. I did also take my 1981 edition of the Broads Book, in glorious black & white and hand drawn maps. what was striking was how much was the same, The Bridge Inn, Acle still serves scampi & chips and the sandwiches at the Rising Sun, Coltishall, we’re so stale they could have been made 31 years previously. what had changed was the number of hire boats (we managed to moor everywhere we wanted to go). However, in what is true for most of society, we weren’t surprised with the rudeness and stupidity of some holidaymakers, especially all male and female crews... We’re looking at booking next year, we’re looking at the window between Easter and Springbank.
  11. I've used these people twice, great service and reasonable cost. You'll need to have the turbo removed from the engine and taken to them (I used a courier). They aren't local to the Broads but take in work from all over the UK. https://www.midlandturbo.com/
  12. I’ve just found an album of my late father’s photographs of the Broads, taken in the early 1950’s before he married my (not at the time) mother. I’ll scan and post some more images when I’m able. Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  13. Is this what used to be Pearson's boatyard? If so, my affair with the Broads started here....
  14. I tried booking a week in early August to tack onto a week previously booked staying on the North Norfolk coast. To be honest there wasn't much of a choice available, starting in Wroxham, and being flexible with our start date (either Friday or Saturday). Brooms had something, but didn't really want Brundall as a start and didn't fancy waving goodbye to the thick end of £1600... We ended up with a second week inland near Holt and a promise of a day boat for the wife...
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