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  1. chrisdobson45

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Hmmm, when I was "in my prime" ankle bracelets were a thing of rarity...
  2. chrisdobson45

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Is this what it would have looked like (bottom photo)? (from Broadland memories)
  3. chrisdobson45

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Not too much hanky panky, we tried, but she (the boat) rocked a bit too much and we were thwarted by my non too pleased parents...
  4. chrisdobson45

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Pretty sure my family hired Santa Caterina in from Harvey Eastwood in July 1987, my last holiday on the Broads after University and before entering the world of employment. I think I have a photograph of her at Oulton Broad Yacht Station, canopy back, in glorious sunshine (the sun always shone then). My (then) girlfriend went with us, fond but hazy memories of attempting a bit of "fun" in the forward cabin (Vee berths), gave up as we were rocking the boat and woke up my parents (couldn't blame it on the river!!) Good luck, really looking forward to watching her resoration.
  5. chrisdobson45

    Victoria Line - Interesting Fact.

    I'm a regular on the Victoria Line (Tottenham Hale to Green Park for the Jubilee Line two or three times a week) and was aware of the tiled art but had no idea that there was any significance to the pieces. Loved the blog, every day is a school day..
  6. Now that's an instructional film...
  7. chrisdobson45

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Every time we've been in the Rising Sun recently the food & service has left much to be desired. The Recruiting Sergeant has been fine...
  8. chrisdobson45

    Glorious Norfolk Morning

    Glorious and cool at 5.30am this morning in rural Nottinghamshire but very envious of you all in Norfolk. In two weeks time we hope to be waking up to a fabulous Norfolk morning (knowing my luck it'll be raining....)
  9. chrisdobson45

    Normal For N...

    My in-laws are Lincolnshire born and bred, from generations of Licolnshire farming folk. Extremely odd doesn't begin the description.....
  10. chrisdobson45

    Silverline Wisper

    We were waiting for our boat on changeover day at Barnes last year, watching the cleaners doing their thing. One young lady stumbled out of one boat and through gritted teeth remarked to he colleague "oh god, we're going to need the long gloves......."
  11. chrisdobson45

    Chicken In A Can

    I am ashamed to say that I have three Fray Bentos pies in the cupboard in the flat in Bishops Stortford, just for emergencies I must stress (minced beef & onion, steak & gravy and chicken & mushroom). They are actually quite good....
  12. chrisdobson45

    Chicken In A Can

    When I was a boy there ws nothing like Colonel Sanders or Maccy D's. Scampi in a basket or chicken in a basket had just taken UK pubs by storm (Bridge Inn at Acle and Rising Sun at Coltishall were purveyors of this fayre, fine dining a'la 1977....)
  13. chrisdobson45

    Chicken In A Can

    In the mid / late 1970's my family became regular visitors to the Broads, hiring from Pearson Marine, Brister Craft & Aston Boats (Beccles) at least once a year. My mother was a bit of a traditionalist when it came to feeding us so always a cooked breakfast (the fried eggs always stuck in the aluminium frying pans supplied with the boat in those days) and a roast dinner on a Sunday. For years she had used the same butcher at home (Dewhursts in Bulwell) but for our Broads holidays she took with her a complete chicken in a can, which was about the size of a Watney Party Seven. No refrigeration required and when opened the bird "sort of" relaxed and filled a small roasting tin. The can was full of jelly which melted during cooking. With potatoes & veg, and a decent dollop of Bisto it made a half decent Sunday dinner. Anyone else remember chicken in a can?
  14. chrisdobson45

    Carbon Dioxide = Beer Shortage

    I wish that there had been a beer shortage last night when we were out celebrating Germany's exit from the World Cup (I work for a German company). This morning we are hanging.........
  15. chrisdobson45

    More Change For Norwich Riverside

    Always a challenge was Riverside Road at rush hour, even then. My wife was a graduate accountant at Norwich Union and I was expected to drop her off every morning and pick her up every evening from Surrey Street. I was based in Trowse so I got to know all the shortcuts and rat runs, either Riverside Road or King Street / Ber Street / Rouen Road, etc,. those were the days when one could drive around the city centre without there being too many restrictions, one way streets and the like.

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