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  1. I watch a chap on You Tube who is so down to earth and not someone you want to see a tutorial on when it comes to DIY car fixes, but I admire his fleet of cars and love of late 90's cars. Hub Nut is the name, he has just got an 800 series Rover 'poverty spec'. I loved these, way above the Vauxhall's of their day like the Senator. I am now on a video marathon of Rover 800 related content and even eyed up some for sale on Ebay. Alan Partridge Ah Ha!
  2. Just wanted to add my pennies worth to this thread, having finally seemed to have a moment between cars, boats and certain special lady..I have to say thanks to Charlie for his ever calm and helpful ways. This time around I was working to begin under the hull finding, and chiselling out the rot and learnt a lot. There was so much going on over a relativity short space of time that it blurs into one. We would end our days sat on stools and camping chairs in a deconstructed wheelhouse aching all over watching a DVD - and yet despite this come the next morning nobody would complain or fuss about, even Howard who might otherwise say "that is too much work let's not do that" was stuck in with wiring from switches to coax for our new digital radio aerial, Andy (LondonLad) clearly was mad to come up and help but did so much mucky and hard work helping Charlie between woodwork and metalwork, Peter (Grendal) and I struggled with heating issues, running wires then hitting another issue and so it went on - even the Mast was not playing nice with us. Doug the cream cake superstar and wooden boat wonder took over where our own 'Wizard' had left off, and whom took a great deal of pressure of Charlie. It was hard work, it was long days, but we have a strong team, some good friends and a wonderful looking boat and having put everything back together and cleaned her up inside from all the dust you sit back and feel proud. These old ladies of the Broads seem to have a soul, you put so much in, and take care of them and they take care of you.
  3. The only issue with the 75, if you go the petrol V6 route, is the sheer lack of Torque. Hills are therefore not your friend, neither is quick overtaking. But cruising along they are silky smooth and the suspension, seats, and general interior layout is great. Just the dials, and loads of amber lighting is not to everyone taste. My Dad has an 02 plate from new, kept it as a second car for many years. In the end it had only 43,027 miles on it when it was sold on to a chap who had a thing for Rovers. As to my issues, well the BMW came back to me today - no issues. They went over the steering system, did some kind of reset to the electric steering geometry controller and I have to say it feels more positive. Because they had the car over 24hrs and had not called me back when they said they would they waived the fee for all this as a gesture good will and updated my GPS maps for £25.00 and washed and vacuumed the car. The SLK is behaving itself again. Recently took a trip up to Doncaster with Charlie but having stopped to put the roof up when it began to spot with rain, we could not get drive - and then did but stuck in third gear. Having given it a rest while we ate, it was once again fine and has been ever since. Reading online it seems I am suffering from a common issues with these older models where the Transmission Conductor Plate is at fault. Usually rectified by a brief stop with the engine off, but once you get it happen it will begin o pop up more and more at random times. Regardless what it actually is, anything with a transmission is not cheap. I;ll be looking at a younger, slighted changed 2008 model for say in Beccles, same but made better - even eeking out more BHP from the same engine - bright red leather interior certainly makes for a change.
  4. So.. It has been time for Broad Ambition to have her big bi-annual work done, this time st Sutton Staithe Boatyard. Ive got some video to share of her coming out the water but thought today would be good to share the work Charlie and i have been doing getting the rotten areas of wood out. It could be a great deal worse and is concentrated at the aft area under the Galley and in close proximity to the prop turbulence. The forward part of the hull is in very good condition. Remember too this is the original 50 year old Teak that went in which has finally begun to deteriorate. Since we replace any wood with Teak it should be as good. PS if anyone wishes to pop down and say hello, or lend a hand you’re welcome to Video: https://youtu.be/qhGwcSdEzQ8
  5. I did not want to comment here about this, or on the many posts on Herbert Woods Facebook about this boat, and I don't want to be sounding too negative since of course this is a lovely boat, especially for a couple or a small family - though not sure about four adults in that space. It is a good size, not too small or large so ticks the boxes of those who think hire boats are getting too large, but for the cost of hire and what you actually get onboard - I think they have missed the mark. Perhaps they just had to make the best of what they had but when you compare the design, fit out internally and the amenities provided with boats now coming from Ferry Marina, Barnes and Faircraft Loynes it does make Gleaming Light seem lacking and a bit past it before it even got going.
  6. Good idea.. I mean logically, it all makes sense. You have a water pump that is breaking down and causing a lot of load to be put on the belt to drive it long before it finally seized and took the belt out with it. When I had the car recovered I cannot remember though did the steering feel super light for that short period between water pump failing and belt breaking and me pulling over. I do know once the car was recovered and I drove it the short distance to the Marina the steering feeling 'really light'. I accepted the cause was there was now no load on the engine from the Alternator, as it was this I thought had gone due to the charging system going down. I therefore presumed once fixed, the load would be back on the engine and the steering would 'firm up' again. When I collected the car and found the steering was super light still I pulled over an called them - no I was told, what I have now is how the car should have been all along. Now the water pump was replaced, the added load the failing one was putting on the drive belt had gone so now the system could operate as it should. Super light at low speed and firmer at higher speed. Sure enough it does get very much firmer at higher speed - previously it seemed to just stay 'firm' regardless of low speed or high. I've done a google and found many F15 model owners unhappy at the super light steering compared to the previous generation X5. It clearly seems a 'thing'. My concern is since the steering on the car is electric and nor hydraulic, and since it is programmable between speeds, has something else gone wrong and mine has ended up being 'over boosted' and too light. If I give the same model as mine a spin and find it is the same as mine, all well and good - just need to accept it. If I find it is firmer as mine used to be, then what the hell is that going to mean - I will tell you, more pounds to be spent I suspect then it will turn out only a main dealer can sort out, and knowing the dealer in Norwich they will end up saying something like "its not showing any fault codes it must be just how it is meant to be".
  7. As did yours - Your horn is also better than mine, but more fitting for an Ocean 30. If I had that on Trixie it would seem too much for her.
  8. Sorry to steering things away from two wheels, back to four..But today I took an impromptu trip with my phone to record the cars sounds, transmission changes and general performance. I think it all sounds and behaves fine, other than that relentless whine of the AC Compressor (pretend it is a Supercharger lol) I am now becoming concerned I have another issue with the X5, the steering. Having been assured by the garage it is normal, and what I had before was abnormally firm, I can't help but wonder if it is. It is simply so light my little finger can turn the wheel lock to lock with hardly any resistance whatsoever when stationary. I mean there is light steering, but this is on another level and vastly different to how it felt prior to the water pump going. It does 'weight up' considerably at over 40MPH so there is some electronic goodness going on and working but it just feels horrible and vague below this speed. Maybe it is just how it should be, but it has kind of ruined the driving experience and turning into side streets or out of them is like learning all over again how much to turn the wheel and when. Oh well all first world problems I guess.
  9. I can't say I have ever really been taken by vans. I don't want to covert one to a 'stealth camper' and have no need to transport large items, like sheets of Ply. While it is true you can only drive one car at a time, it is also nice to be able to think...Hmm, it's a warm sunny day today I'll take the the convertible to Sainsbury's - and then end up driving 20 miles round the country lanes simply because it is a blast and brings a smile to your face. I can't say I have ever really been taken by Motorbikes - sorry to all those who love them so that is something I can be sure I won't be taking up because it would have happened, or at least been tried a long time ago.
  10. Thank you for this time to pop to Peachments me thinks..
  11. Well, it has taken long enough but finally here is a video of what Trixie, a 24ft Sheerline Aft Cockpit from 1992 is like. I rather like her, cosy, warm and 'cute' with everything you need albeit in a very small space. These boats come on the market every now and then, and vary a lot with internal fit-out, some have a fridge in the cockpit area, freeing up space down below for more cupboards, others have a more open plan layout but they make ideal boats for a couple and can get into moorings others cannot. Cheaper to moor, insure and toll I think they work well and have aged well too.
  12. So...Today I got the X5 back and remember how nice it is to drive and what lovely seats it has compared to the SLK, where I also learn that the likely cost to sort all issues (not including any transmission problems) is about £3,000 - therefore that ain't gonna happen.. Here is a chat about today car capers..Think yourself fortunate you are not beset with things that seem to happen to me.
  13. This was done at 51,456 miles by a main MB dealer in Bedford.
  14. I took Trixie for her first proper run out today, and noticed that the temperature gauge was only reading about 50c tops. Even when left at a high tick over for about an hour it did not climb further. I then had the engine cover up and found some coolant dribbling from one of the two pressure caps, and this appears also where the thermostat is. Please see the video below - as it could at the vest least need a new pressure cap, but do others feel that I should also be looking at the thermostat itself?
  15. I have just been shuttling items between north and west London, and it dawned on me that while the SLK has some issues, I have put almsot 2,000 miles on the clock since buying it and other than that little twitch with the transmission, has been faultless. I check the coolant and oil after long runs and it uses nothing, there is no oil leaks under the engine or around it, and having now added some ZX1 Friction Eliminator, the car is running incredibly quiet and smoothly. My biggest problem is the amount of times I have to stop for fuel. Brundall to Putney used as close as damn it half a tank of fuel. Today, I have gone from Putney which is in West London over to Tottenham and back, and used a third of a tank. I know when I get back to Norwich it will be first stop Sainsbury for some cheap petrol. I also nearly got rear ended on the A4 about an hour ago. I had overtaken a woman in a Toyota CH-R who was doing that "sort of hands free phone call" the one where they have the person on speaker phone, but are still holding the phone at chest height with one hand...So she is now behind me and we are all slowing down as the traffic is pretty bad ahead. Two cars ahead a white Transit cuts in - cue hard braking from these two cars, I had to brake firmly and the next thing I hear is ABS working hard to control the skidding of the Toyota CH-R behind me. From my rear view mirror she has the look of shock on her face BUT still is holding her damn phone. Anyway, all is okay...So I am going to load up the car (well as best as you can with this little boot) and shortly be heading back up to Norfolk. Oh and it has a name now, Bob.
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