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  1. Did I see Wroxham bridge height was 7ft 9?
  2. Is it the moorings on the way into South Walsham broad.
  3. Does anyone know if Gayes Staithe is any good for fishing? if so what am I likely to catch there?
  4. Just spotted a pair of otters on the way up to Wayford.Sounded like they had young hiding in the reeds but unfortunately I missed a photo opportunity as I was too slow with my camera.
  5. Has anyone else seen the lazy heron on the moorings outside wroxham broad.I am fishing here and each time I catch a fish it flies over to take the fish before I have unhooked it or even before I have taken it out of the water.Needless to say it hasn't had a fish from me but it must be hungry if it relies on people fishing for its dinner
  6. I would second the Sutton Staithes hotel.We went last summer and my son,daughter and myself had"the best bacon burger and chips"we had ever had.delicious
  7. How can you not get excited about it.Unfortunately I have about 300 days to wait until my next visit but I'm excited already
  8. Hi Grace We are thinking about a flat bottomed boat from Richardsons,something like crysta lgem.Cheap and there must be more headroom in those surely.
  9. I am a bit disappointed as my original title 'TIMES UP' has now been replaced by' Alphacraft auction' is there any way of changing it back?
  10. Yes I am,but it has been interesting reading.
  11. My wife and I hired alpha swordfish back in the mid nineties.At the time it was a very nice boat,anyone know what happened to her?
  12. That was part of the reason for booking Rio light for the low airdraft in the hope of getting thru potter Heigham but was told on pick up that would not be happening,shame as I haven't been past there for a long time.We had a walk up past the bridges on the last night and couldnt believe the empty free moorings that side.Will it get to a point where no hire craft will be able to get thru i wonder?Another reason was at time of booking we were bringing our dog but fortunately he was able to stay with a family member for the duration which after spending 10 days on her I am grateful he did becau
  13. just sitting in Herbert woods boat yard feeling sad, waiting for tomorrow to hand over Rio light 1.Had a fantastic 10 days aboard weather could not have been better apart from Last Saturdays wind.I am going home with a few bumps on my head (head room is not good in this boat).A big hello to Alice and chameleon who I met in potter Heigham last tuesday (I think) or Wednesday. I can't wait to come back and we are thinking October half term.
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