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  1. tim

    New Inn Horning

    We booked a mooring at The New Inn late June, the guy organising the moorings was very efficient, he was also looking after the big screen in their garden (maybe brought in for the football) had tennis showing at the time which pleased Mandy Food was ok, cant remember it being poor or outstanding, service was very good and was dog friendly Only thing that was off putting was the young lad who brought our bill said 'there's 12.5% optional service charge on there, we can take it off, but it does go to the staff' Very difficult to then say take it off, especially when the service was very good!
  2. On on top of that they want to charge you a fiver for a dog life jacket! At Pacific it’s free! Sorry but that’s sheer profiteering!
  3. Oh just add Acle Spice will deliver to Stracey, plus a cab to Acle won’t break the bank I’d be tempted to clock the Stracey moorings and push on to Stokesby if no mooring double back! Thats because I like the Ferry but I love drinking their beer more! 😉
  4. I’m no expert by any means but looking the tables you’ve provided I’d go over at slack on the Wednesday and come back by Monday, low water if necessary you’d still have nearly 3 hours to get to Stracey Arms We did low water in a high boat that wasn’t particularly powerful 80% throttle gave me 3mph soon rising to 4 then 5! I did use a bit more fuel than ‘doing it right’ my concern was bridge height not water flow! As has been said a lot will depend on the conditions at the time, but most boats can cope with the flow at this time Best to check with the YS nearer the time i hope I’ve read those tables right! 😉
  5. I can’t speak for October as never been that late, we came through in June dead on LW due to the height of the boat bit of a struggle at first but carried on at 4 mph not at full throttle as don’t like doing that, probably cost me another fiver in fuel but hey, you do what you have to do, and a fiver ain’t a lot when spend what I do in the pubs! 😉 With that airdraft you’ll be fine but you’ll need a few more revs! You could stop at Yarmouth? Is the YS open in October?
  6. For fear of upsetting some people by keeping this thread going! I feel I may have exorcised by bad luck by passing it on to you lot! 😲 I’m sorry!
  7. That’s a long cruise form London to Surlingham! Predictive text lol! tried to edit it but I’m incapable using my mobile so will just leave it there for ridicule! 🤣
  8. I make no excuses to say I love The Ferry at Surlingham Lovely people bookable moorings great food and beer, very dog friendly and on a sunny day what is better than sitting in their garden pint in hand watching the boats go by, I love it! Always make it first stop when I collect the boat from Loddon irrespective of which direction I’m going in the morning Enjoying your tale during my enforced imprisonment! 😉 thanks
  9. Freedom day became locked up day for me, last day before so called freedom day was a trip to the testing station! I’d like to comment of the situation in my area but all I’ve seen is 4 walls and a garden But when I’m allowed out I shall continue to take the old precautions until I see infections fall dramatically, and even I may continue
  10. I’m a fan of the small independent boatyards, we’ve being using Pacific for a while but before we ‘found’ Pacific we used Bridgecraft with Tower Bridge They are an excellent yard with friendly helpful service and would certainly use them again Im interested in your trip to The Wherry, did you take Rollie? We went there for lunch on the way to Beccles a few weeks ago, we were met by a guy on reception who said looking at Lottie, ‘he may be very pretty but he can’t come in here, but you can go round and use the patio’ He? She was wearing a bright pink collar! Anyway, patio was good and that’s always my preferred option providing the weather is decent But I always thought The Wherry was dog friendly has it changed recently? Anyway enjoy the holiday after 2 years you deserve it
  11. It’s probably fair on the rest of the boating community that you and me shouldn’t be on the same piece of water at the same time! 😉 Thanks for your kind wishes, but your issues recently totally trump me! I wish you too better luck in the future
  12. Throughout my life in corporate management I’ve had many a b*locking for being both over and under budget! Being outside the ‘norm’ is no stranger to a bit of a maverick like me! 🤣
  13. Thanks Helen the only way is up (I hope) 😉
  14. We lost our dog for two nights back in February, she ran away from the dog minder we used to send her to to get her more socialised with people, kept getting reports of sightings but she’s so nervous she kept running away We got her back after we had a call from someone who witnessed her being hit by a car I went out fearing the worst, luckily after wandering around she came running to me seemingly unhurt! Trip to the vet for X-rays blood tests etc we got her back minus 4 teeth but otherwise unhurt, vets bill £850, but I’d have paid 10 fold plus that to have her back in May my car was broken into on my drive, the thieves helping themselves to the steering wheel media centre and half the dashboard So a 5 year old Merc I’d had nearly from new was written off Whilst on the boards the dog hurst her leg so a trip to emergency vet and another £220 On Saturday morning a girl from my office was tested positive for Covid by Saturday afternoon I was feeling rough by Sunday I had it all! So trip to testing station, get the test, results in this morning and I’m positive but feeling better than yesterday, hopefully the jabs worked just got to deal with the boredom I’m not one to sit around and do nothing I thought 2020, was bad, this year is a nightmare Hopefully my tale can make you feel better about your year, apologies if yours has been worse As the saying goes without bad luck I’d have no luck at all! 😉 When we are allowed to fly abroad again I’ll post my flights on here so you can cancel should be on the same plane! 🤣
  15. It’s a very good question and even with by paranoia one I’ve never thought of My Initial thought would be to try and ‘ground it’ then throw the mud weight over but that might be very foolish! I’ll be interested in the replies from the more experienced members
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