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  1. Hopefully I've put this in the right section My daughter came back from her 12 hour shift in her care home yesterday really happy Apparently Dominos pizzas rang the care home to ask how many staff they had working at lunchtime, they then turned up with pizzas for every carer, cook and cleaner etc I dont know if this was just the local Sevenoaks branch that did this or if this was a national thing At a time when all is doom and gloom I thought what a nice gesture to make Has anyone else got heart warming stories like this?
  2. As I said on another thread my wife is an ANP in a doctors surgery, she now leaves the house at 7.30am and doesn't return before 8pm, she should be home at 5.30pm My daughter is a carer at a Nursing Home, she should have been on annual leave all week but has been in for three 12 hour shifts because they were short staffed I am so proud of them both! All I do to make money, sometimes I feel the rewards are wrongly distributed
  3. tim

    New Inn Horning

    This excellent news, we always go to the Malsters when on the broads, when I can't get moored at the staithe I row across from the Island The beer and the food has always been good quality, hopefully they will continue to book moorings, and now they are dog friendly (hopefully) I wont have to worry about the weather Apart from Sonia from the Ferry House taking it over, I cant think of a better result for me! Now, all I need is Covid -19 to be gone by 26th June and I'll be a happy boy! So will Mandy, she's an Advanced Nurse Practitioner at a GP's and hasn't been home before 8pm for 2 weeks, her surgery should finish at 5pm! Looks like I will also be cooking breakfast as well, if we get away!
  4. So sorry for your loss, despite Lottie coming into our lives and it being nearly 3 years ago, even now when I look at a picture or remember something she did, I feel a lump in my throat and a tear in m eye They never leave you completely This was Amber
  5. Our little Lottie looking inquisitive and enjoying her position last year on the boat
  6. Never hired this boat, but I did hire Blue Horizon which had a moulded stool as a upper helm seat, a cushion placed on top did the trick, I'm 6ft didn't have a problem I'm sure you'll have a great time, also as there are a few of you, you can helm in shifts while the others look after the toddlers (I know which one I'd rather do) We've got our 26 year old daughter with us this year, the biggest problem I've got is keeping her away from my wallet!
  7. tim

    New Inn Horning

    On a personal note I wish more places would maximise their moorings Several times I've tried to moor outside a pub to find boats moored with 20ft+ gaps both sides, when I ask nicely all have moved up except one. That boat was sat outside Stokesby Ferry at 1.00pm drinking wine and beer from a can, all other moorings were full. We were going to have a couple of beers and a sandwich in the pub, you'd have thought I'd asked him to buy my lunch with the look he gave me, but I did convince him to move (best I not say how ) I always move up when moored to give a space for someone else, it's not difficult and the right thing to do imo
  8. tim

    New Inn Horning

    When I'm on holiday paying the odd mooring charge to be outside where I want be isn't a problem, and to be selfish if charging money puts people off then more chance of me getting in! I have booked a mooring in the past and it's been very good, however my problem is that I have a dog, and as they only allowed dogs in the garden (I like sitting by the river) but I can only book a mooring when I know the weather is going to be good, which in this country is only a few days before. The last couple of times I could have a table but no moorings available, yeah useful as a chocolate teapot! So hopefully the new people will realise that 'doggie people' aren't the devil incarnate, 99% of us clean up and keep our beloved pets in order, just ban the one that don't! Hopefully they will continue to book moorings and if I have to pay then so be it The experience just makes me like The Surlingham Ferry even more (if that's possible)
  9. I lost hours of my life on this website a couple of years ago! https://www.closedpubs.co.uk/norfolk.html
  10. I was just searching for dog friendly pubs, for preparation for the summer trip when I found this thread (I'm sure I've read it before) So rather than start another I'll add these additions (apologies if some of these are already listed) Fur & Feather Woodbastwick (have a dog friendly part inside) Pleasure Boat Hickling Three Horseshoes North Cove The Bell St Olaves The Fisherman's Bar Burgh Castle Rushcutters Arms Thorpe (middle part of pub near bar) The Compleat Angler (there are better, but nice on the river terrace) Norwich Red Lion Norwich Adam & Eve Norwich I have either sat inside with my dog or seen dogs inside (nice weather we sit in the garden)
  11. tim

    Survey No1

    Jacking up bridges, whilst not impossible, the potential damage would mean you'll never getting permission We're going through PH bridge this June, but it will be a day boat, we did it a couple of years ago but only reached the Pleasure Boat in the time we had hired This year I've already spoken to Maycraft who will hire me a day boat at very good prices and look after my hire boat and do a couple of pump outs while we're gone, win win win!
  12. It's a great thread For me a great mooring has to be either outside a pub or within walking or rowing to one! I love summertime. sitting in a pub garden pint in hand watching boats go by, so one in the south one in the north The Ferry House Surlingham - IMO best pub and mooring (especially now the quay heading is repaired) on the broads without exception, lovely garden very dog friendly, great food and beer, Sonia and her staff are so welcoming and you can book a mooring. So that's where we'll be heading first night of the holiday The Ferry Stokesby - bit too much to watch last year, including me leaving Mandy on the bank, but again good food good beer and homemade chocolates to boot. Very dog friendly and handy for crossing or having crossed Breydon
  13. Thanks Helen I've not only down loaded the low tides and put them in a excel spreadsheet but I've also calculated the theoretical high water on each day at all listed places to assist with bridges and tidal flow I can be such an anorak sometimes when it come to planning, but in my first sales job 40 years ago my boss used to continually tell me 'failing to plan is planing to fail' and that has stuck with me! Now not following my plan is what used to get me into trouble!
  14. Yes we hired her a few years ago, and no it wasn't a real problem, i just like 240v and a bow thruster We had a lovely time on her, once Mandy got used to the colour, and the people at Bridgecraft were lovely Underneath is the boat, Mandy and our old dog Amber, sadly no longer with us but never forgotten
  15. Hello everyone I've not been on here for a while (although I did say you lot make me jealous when my holiday is over) however I've now booked our annual trip to the broads and will be afloat again in late June. Well, they only went and sold our beloved Dawn while my back was turned! We considered Tower Bridge. a Royal something or other and a couple of Alphacraft 35CC's from Richardsons Tower Bridge doesn't have 240v (I like 240v) Brinks said takeover was 4pm (too late) The Ricko's boats didn't have a bow thruster (I've got lazy) They were the only of those types available, so time for a change! I was was still happy with Pacific, and when I emailed Fiona about Dawn not being on the website, she told me about the new Aquafibre 32ft coming in, but I've seen Princess a few times plus we have our daughter coming with us this year so the extra space might be useful! Yes me and Mandy, daughter Susie, and Lottie the dog! Three 'girlies' and me on a boat, no wonder I turn to drink! Now if you read my blog last year, you might know I have a paranoia with bridge heights, so the logical thing was to book a boat 2ft taller than the last one So a long winded way (yes i know) of getting round to asking a couple of questions of you wise folk At 8ft 6 inches, and reading some posts on here about Ludham Bridge recently, that may be a no go? Although Richardson seem to keep quite a few 8'6'' boats at Stalham! Obviously Wroxham bridge is out, we always moored at the viaduct when visiting, so if we want to stop in Wroxham for an hour ish on a Monday 10ish, which of Brinks and NBD are likely to be more hospitable to this request, or should we just go shopping in Potter Heigham and moor if necessary in HW, who on the couple of times I've been in there have been supherb? I know Monday is change round day but HW were ok I may just try my luck and see if the old charm still works! Oh, and you may get another rambling blog so brace yourselves!
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