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  1. Has anyone got a telephone number or email address for the New Inn the number listed didn’t connect yesterday but I am in the North York Moors! theyve probably got a different code up here! 😉
  2. tim

    Dinghy Addition

    We have a cocker spaniel and have been pulling a dinghy for about 5 years We haven't found it a problem, can be a bit inconvenient at times but for me worth it to me to open up mooring opportunities for pubs We always have the dog in a life jacket and although she's not keen on being 'air lifted' into the dinghy she's ok with it Having said all that we probably only use it once a holiday, but at £25 from Pacific, it's like taking out an insurance policy I expect we may get more use this time when I expect the broads to be rammed!
  3. My favourite pub, Ferry House at Surlingham is open on the 4th were up from the 11th and have booked me both Mooring and table! So only have to worry about the rest of week! does anyone know of takeaway restaurants that deliver to moorings? we have both son and daughter with us on this trip and prefer not to cook on board! My cooking skills are limited and most cruisers don’t have theroom for Mandy to create! 😉
  4. Ok, I'm going to bang that drum again! Pacific are wonderful people and just cant do enough for you, I book with them every year Just not certain what a novice would make of that first journey down the Chet?
  5. I have two reps that seem intent on auditioning for the part of the policeman in Allo Allo! ive tried to show them the type read edit facility on emails but it’s lost on them! 😉
  6. I unfortunately never managed to visit this pub, the first few years on the boards we stayed north, when we did go south for some reason we didn't visit and by the time I got round stopping there it was closed! However, below is a copy of the pubs description from a dog friendly website I use, sounds like a pub I could have enjoyed BERNEY MARSHES Berney Arms Inn Address: Berney Marshes, Great Yarmouth, NR30 1SB Tel: 08721 077 077 The pub is warm welcoming and friendly it has only one drawback it is only accessible by rail, foot or boat, your dog is greeted as warmly as you are. He/she will be offered a biscuit while you peruse the menu. Excellent food. If you visit by boat and have disabled family members who cannot manage the steps up and down to get in, the landlord and landlady are happy to fill your own plates with their delicious food and bring them back to the boat. Now thats service for you! Added 5th March 2010
  7. i just started to read this thread and started to 'like' a few posts, I hadn't realised it was written 3 years ago until a few posts in! My god, could've been written yesterday, you won't find anyone more anti racist than me, and I'm quite prepared to tell people when they are, but you cant re-write history! What are we going to do next, go into libraries and rip pages out of books? We need to remember the past, to help us be better more educated people in the future
  8. I've been in Belmarsh! Fortunately it was only day visits as I worked for an aggregate and concrete supplier who delivered to the main builder! Can't remember now who built it, Taylor Woodrow? maybe Balfour Beatty!
  9. I grew up on the Loose Road, the pub opposite the Bowling club is the Swan, and was my local for years run by George and Ann, they were great characters, my grandparents lived in the village, never heard it referred to as Loose Anyway however you pronounce it, the village is beautiful I spent many hours as a child playing in the stream and valley
  10. I must have come to see you play outside the Chequers in Loose on a number of Boxing Days I also remember a radio dj once giving a 'shout out to the Loose Womens Institute! For anyone not familiar with the place its actually pronounced - lieu - s
  11. I heard on the radio this morning that Boris has said pubs and restaurants could reopen sooner than expected (whatever that means) after landlords stated they wouldn't be able to open while the 2m rule was in force I'm assuming by that the social distance rules maybe relaxed I've agreed with Fiona at Pacific to move by booking 2 weeks to 14th July, I'm hoping that pub gardens might be open with certain rules in place, if not, and I can go on the boat I may be asking for advice on shops on the broads as my knowledge is the pubs
  12. This is possibly naive of me but I paid my balance to Pacific last Friday, I also had an email conversation with Fiona where we both hoped there maybe a loosening of restrictions before we are due to start the holiday I did this for two reasons, I trust Pacific to do the right thing (plus it is in my contract to do so) all my dealings with them has made me believe they are honorable people, I also did it because they probably need an ejection of cash at this time and I can afford to invest in them Until I'm am told officially by the government that our holiday isn't happening I will cling to the belief that I shall have my broad fix, although I accept as broad pub lover that part isn't going to happen. If we do get to go, I'm thinking of taking a second car to help transport the provisions I'll need to get me through the week!
  13. This is a very interesting thread and one close to my heart For about 30 years I worked in the Aggregate/Asphalt industry for several of the big companies, it was fun to start with, I'm a bit of a maverick and certainly not a yes man, I did very well and reached senior management positions and was 'headed hunted on two occasions. The top brass used to put up with my somewhat wild behavior, both in board meetings and my 'entertainment' budget By the mid to late 90's thing had changed, the old style directors had gone and had been replaced with accountants or 'bean counters' they found my 'methods' not what they expected but I got results and built strong sales teams that respected me, so they put up with it I think they must have finally had enough when I was made redundant in 2005, we had to apply for our own jobs, and I lost out to a child barely out of nappies, but he always said yes at meetings, I consulted a solicitor who told me what I had thought, that they had adjusted the matrix results to get rid of me. He said we could go to court and we would win, however it would have cost me most of my redundancy, so his advise was wipe your mouth take the cash and get another job! That job is the one do today, General Manager of a small family business, in fact both owners were my customers and really good friends, I now do a bit of everything and love it, both owners have since passed away and I now run the company with one of the owners sons, who looks at me as his Dad's mate, I am well rewarded and respected, I treat the son like a friend So at 62, do I want to retire? no I bl00dy dont! however, I have discussed this with the son, next year I will probably go just 3 days a week but cover for him for holidays etc As I see it now, I will probably do that until either the mind or the body goes I am still working during this situation, supplying materials and haulage to essential works, we have been quieter as you would expect and I have had a few more days off, fortunately I have a few projects to do in the garden to keep me active, and I'm lucky we bought a house with a big garden all those years ago, however these jobs wont last forever and I'm dreading having nothing to do as I like to keep busy Maybe when this is all over and I semi retire and have 4 day weekends every week, I might persuade Mandy to get a boat on the broads!
  14. Hopefully I've put this in the right section My daughter came back from her 12 hour shift in her care home yesterday really happy Apparently Dominos pizzas rang the care home to ask how many staff they had working at lunchtime, they then turned up with pizzas for every carer, cook and cleaner etc I dont know if this was just the local Sevenoaks branch that did this or if this was a national thing At a time when all is doom and gloom I thought what a nice gesture to make Has anyone else got heart warming stories like this?
  15. As I said on another thread my wife is an ANP in a doctors surgery, she now leaves the house at 7.30am and doesn't return before 8pm, she should be home at 5.30pm My daughter is a carer at a Nursing Home, she should have been on annual leave all week but has been in for three 12 hour shifts because they were short staffed I am so proud of them both! All I do to make money, sometimes I feel the rewards are wrongly distributed
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