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  1. The one that Richardsons used to give you is great, unfortunately being paper they don't seem to last The one we got given by Swancraft was pretty much useless The one supplied by Richardson is by Heron Maps (picture below) which you can buy from outlets around the Broads, I got a copy from the shop at Womack a few years ago However you can get them online see link below, at £5.99 if it's the same one as HW supply I would suggest they subsidise the cost or get a big discount for bulk buying However, they do a laminated one at £12.99 which I bought last year which is pretty much indestructible! Even that wouldn't help with the one that blew out of the boat on Breydon Water, and I'm not stupid enough to try and fish it out on there! www.guidepost.uk.com/guidepost/The-Broads-Waterways-Map.html
  2. tim


    I had a little walk down to Allington Lock yesterday the Dunkirk boat is called Dowager, she may have had a name change, or there may be another moored in the marina that I couldn't see Pictures below plus a couple of The Medway from a bridge between Allington and Maidstone, it is a pretty river that reminds me a bit of the journey between Wroxham and Coltishall, unfortunately there aren't many pubs with river frontage!
  3. tim


    I live near Allington Lock and walk my dog along there quite often There was a boat near the lock that had Dunkirk history all over it but cant remember if it was Wendy Ken I'll try and pop down over the weekend and have a look, and get piccy
  4. tim

    Mooring In August

    yup, I emailed them, they replied asking for boat details and number of diners to book table All sorted in a few minutes
  5. tim

    Mooring In August

    Most of what I was going to post is covered above There are probably others which more informed members will add to but I've already booked two moorings for our first two nights We are hiring from Pacific at Loddon Surlingham Ferry for the first night, because I love that pub and it will mean I can have a stop of at the Beauchamp or Coldham Hall on the way (never been in either) and not worry about getting to the mooring quickly Reedham Ferry for the Saturday, again love the pub but I want to be arround Reedham to go north earlyish on the Sunday In answer to Grendel, I booked these two months ago The only other place I know you can book is the The New Inn Horning, they insist you eat there, which imo opinion is totally reasonable, we only eat in pubs when we are away We moored at The Waveney House Hotel Beccles last year, there was a sign saying you could book moorings, our intention was to only stay for a few hours to let the tide drop to be safe under the bridge but stayed the night after a chat with them I also think the Waveney River Centre takes bookings, but not totally sure We hire a dinghy, just as insurance to get to the pub, I barely cook and it's my wife's holiday too You can book at Yacht Stations
  6. We encountered this last year when we were coming back from the Geldeston / Beccles and there was no problem at all We cruised at a reasonable pace, slow down and held station a few times, were directed by friendly appreciative stewards in ribs and canoes and were thanked by all of them as we passed The journey took about 10 mins longer than it would have done normally, which was obviously very distressing as we were only on holiday for a week! It was also a different experience from navigating sailing boats and some people weaving all over the place! So don't worry!
  7. I took Pacific Dawn through Beccles old bridge last year, the boat is officially 6'7'' but chatting to Richard from Pacific when I picked it up, he said it was 6'5'' (he obviously trusted me) I took everything down went through at low tide and I cleared it by about 2 feet!
  8. Yes love the Ferry at Stokesbury, didn't get there last year so didn't want to say them and find out they'd changed Pleased they are still pro dogs, crossing South to North at 9.30am ish, early July so planning lunch and a few beers on the way through
  9. Absolutely spot on Jay, I tend to work on the basis if you dont want my dog then you dont want my money! Having seen some of Wetherspoons clientele, I'd rather watch my dog eat and drink! I avoid pubs that dont allow dogs even when I dont have Lottie with me! Also imo the best pubs on the Broads (and not just the Broads) are the ones that love dogs eg Surlingham Ferry!
  10. That was certainly thee case recently, we rang them a couple of years ago and asked if we could take our dog in, the reply was outside only. As it was a bit showery that day, we got into Ranworth instead and used the Malsters We emailed them a number of years ago and ask if we could take the dog in? The answer was everywhere but the Kitchen!
  11. I've always thought Ferry Marina were expensive, I was only looking at their site this morning they seem to have a lot of boats still available, never hired from them but friends of mine have and have always been happy with the service However, I'm not really interested in the other hire companies anymore, we've found our 'perfect match' in Pacific Cruisers! This will be our third straight hire with them, and I've yet to find even a minor niggle, nothing is too much trouble from a life jacket for our dog to letting us pick the boat up earlier, and we get given a discount when booking on already bargain prices! Fiona Richard and the team just can't be beaten for customer service in my opinion
  12. I've had to write countless projects in my working life, most of them tedious! However, it might be a hardship but I reckon I could enjoy this one
  13. Pleased for the O's, lets hope Salford don't go up! (now there's a budget that's wrong) Unfortunately my Maidstone United were relegated bottom of that league, if anyone wants advice on how bad a season can be, I'm your man! I'm also chairman of the supporters club and organise away travel, shame you can't change clubs in a lifetime! However, you can drink on the terraces in the National South, every cloud as they say!
  14. No fighting from me Jay, if I see you I'll either pop along side or use my dinghy and row over and join you! Always hire a dinghy as insurance to get to a pub if I'm moored the wrong side I never worry about getting into Ranworth, I moor at the Island pay the £8 and row across to the Maltsters!
  15. I am so pleased so many people enjoy wild mooring and cooking on their boats This means more chance for me to moor at the pub! Whilst my wife is a decent cook, she needs far more space than a galley on a cruiser will allow, for her creations, and could take a while to clean the boat after! My cooking skills are basic to say the least! Anyway with so many pubs having to close I feel it's my duty to keep them afloat (pardon the pun)
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