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    I have booked again for next year June 26th I picked this week as if gives me the most reasonable times to cross Breydon without going 'really silly' early or late enough to struggle getting moored by 4pm (my golden rule) However, I'm doing the opposite cruise to you South to North! I find it a bit boring staying in one part so we always do South and North, also it's nice to get the contrast between the two areas
  2. tim

    Men Vs Women

    Miscommunication? There's nothing like leaving a mooring perfectly, then look round and find your beloved waving at you from the bank with a full beer garden cheering!
  3. I'm a once a year boater, I now consider myself competent but clearly not as good as people who helm every week, I know that so take extra care when mooring! Our first hire was back in 2010, well, I had been before as a 'fire proof' 20 year old with mates and our girlfriends back in 1981, but we wont go there! We had hired San Luis from Richardsons an Ocean 30 an aft cockpit, we did the hand over and was instructed how to moor etc, did the trial run everything was good, I felt wary but reasonably confident at the same time, I did work at a small boat yard as a teenager, so had some
  4. Got to agree with you there, first time I went down there I came out the same way as I went in, despite it being better for me to go the other way, as I wasn't confident I was in the right place. Now it doesn't bother me so much, but I'm very careful Breydon, on the other hand has not presented any problem to me whichever way I approach it, although the first time I crossed it I was very wary beforehand, read every article and thread watched every video but found it a doddle if you follow the simple rules, which I do!
  5. Mandy, me and dog stopped at the Waters Edge 5 years ago ish, en route from Norwich to a booked mooring at the Ferry House. They had half built the decking area if that helps date it? As it our habit, we found a table outside sat down whilst Mandy decided which beverage she fancied (this sometimes takes a while) after about 90 secs a guy approached us asking asked if we were going to buy a drink and told us we couldn't take the dog inside, it was a hot day we were both in 'casual' T shirts, shorts and flip flops! I replied, yes we will and you can see we are outside, I went inside to
  6. Generally I agree with your post, however if you live in a low infection area why the same rules as a high area i believe, and tbf I’ve lost the plot on all this, local councils can instigate local lock downs if they believe it’s necessary, so if you live in a area where things are ‘ok’ why is the ‘rule of 6’ nationwide?
  7. Hmmm Gracie, 5 ladies, pub, East Sussex not far from me and a spare seat! 😉 Sounds like my kind of event!! 🤣
  8. It is confusing but even if in a restricted area I believe you still can but the pub (assuming you are going to one) will close at 10pm! i think that’s the rules?
  9. Last year I left a mooring leaving Mandy still on the bank! 'Honest guv' it was a mistake, she still brings it up in conversation and asks if a did it on purpose!
  10. Tbf that’s the option I usually go for and 10% off on my camra membership! although it doesn’t help much on my bar tap for the week NN! 😉
  11. Far too many options to list, do you want to stay north? Do you want long cruises or short? Best bit of advice would be to ‘move your day’ by that I mean get up early and go to bed early! That way mooring both lunchtime and evening should be easier We don’t cook much when on holiday, so for us mooring twice a day near a pub is important but not (fortunately) everyone sees it that way Enjoy!
  12. After 34 years of marriage she knows where I can be safely left knowing I’m unlikely to ‘wander off’ or get into trouble! 😂 To use modern day language # happy drunk! 😉
  13. Not my favourite pub and Green King ales don’t exactly excite, but it’s a convenient place for me to be left and I’d rather drink a pint of Green King than go shopping! 😉
  14. Ok, this may upset some people, but we all see things different ways don't we? I find both Wroxham and Potter Heigham unwelcoming tacky places, apart from the beautiful medieval bridges both have and supermarkets I don't see what they have to offer! Wroxham and Potter Heigham (imho) are better viewed from a boat! The exception is The Kings Head, or as Mandy calls it her 'man creche' after we've used the pilot to get under the bridge, that's where she leaves me and the dog while she gets 'essentials' at Roys, while I get essentials while watching the boats so by and the dog watch
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