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  1. Davydine

    Corsair Light Herbert Woods

    Thanks All, yes, it's a shame that Contessa is not available, I do like that style of boat, it reminds me of the old Brooms Sea Pilots, that I used to go on in the 80s with my parents. Next time maybe!
  2. Davydine

    Corsair Light Herbert Woods

    Unfortunately it's not available for the week before Easter, which is the one that fits with our school holidays, but otherwise I would gave been very tempted.
  3. Davydine

    Corsair Light Herbert Woods

    Thanks, thats good to know. Hopefully I won't get kicked out of the front double!
  4. Davydine

    Corsair Light Herbert Woods

    Ah yes, I had seen these thank you and they were on the list as well, the two single cabins are perfect, but they are still about £200 more expensive than corsair light for the week we are looking at. At first I thought I was missing the fuel deposit and damage waiver but they are definitely included, so £200 makes a big difference!
  5. Davydine

    Corsair Light Herbert Woods

    Thanks, everyone, for the replies. We would be a family of 4 so 3 cabins is perfect for us as the kids dan have one each, they could share, of course, but life is more peaceful if they have their own space and happy kids equals happy parents! I am a fan of a raised centre cockpit or a twin helm boat, I just think the views are better if you are higher up.The other option was Contessa from Richardsons but it isn't available and also it is quit high for stern to mooring. The age difference between Corsair and Jamaica is interesting, but the price difference is £300 whis us a lot, so I think Corsair Light is looking like a winner at the moment! We have been with HW before and have neen pleased with the service so no worries there. Thanks agian, David
  6. Evening All, Does anyone have any experience of Corsair Light from HW? Looking at it for an Easter break and it looks very good value compared to similar boats from other yards. Thanks, david
  7. Davydine

    Freebird Airlines 638

    Looks like they may have had a problem, they just landed in Brussels...
  8. Davydine

    I Want A Sign

    Nah, he is aiming for the waterline, never sink 'em if the hole is too high...
  9. Davydine

    So, What Would You Do?

    Wow, I have just got back from an amazing weekend and find that this thread is now on it's second page! Anyway, The boat in question had been at Womack Staithe earlier in the day. We had gone up to see what was available, the Staithe was busy but we could have got in, but we decided we would prefer to be somewhere more peaceful so went back down the dyke. The boat went past well after sunset and having had a few drinks I was full of righteous indignation that anyone could be so stupid, which prompted me to type the original post. Anyway, the following morning, it became clear that the boat had seen the error of its ways, because they were tied to the bank a few hundred yards downstream. Did I get the name of the boat, yes. Did I take it any further, no. They clearly hadn't gone very far, so I felt it was best left alone. On another note, hasn't it been an amazing weekend to be afloat?
  10. Davydine

    So, What Would You Do?

    Lol, ok!
  11. Davydine

    So, What Would You Do?

    I know, but does there not come a point at which someone should have a quiet word?
  12. Davydine

    So, What Would You Do?

    If you were, say, moored at The free moorings on Womack water and you saw a hireboat going down river well after sunset, (sort of well after 10:00pm) and navigating by torch light?
  13. Davydine

    Afloat This Weekend!

    Well, the forecast for this weekend is looking fantastic and I am massively excited as we will be afloat on Regal Light from Herbert Woods. Can't wait! Does anyone know if Lathams sell bags of ice? With 8 of us on board fridge space will be at a premium, so thinking about taking a cool box for the drinks and Ice would be very helpful! Thanks, David
  14. Davydine

    Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Sad news. As an older child (about 14, 15) I have very happy memories of a holiday with just my dad and one of my friends. Mum was working so was perfectly happy for us to go on a boys holiday. Not a single parent myself, but had thought I might take my two for a long weekend. There must be an age at which children are old enough to be responsible crew members, I can perhaps understand it being a problem with young children, but surely older children would be ok?
  15. Davydine

    The Haven Bridge

    Thanks Griff, it seems very poor service from the bridge operators, I saw your arrival, I had been visiting a customer nearby and, although I don't know any of you, couldn't resist going to wish Robin well in person. They really do need to explain what happened. As you were talking to them as you came through the harbour the bridge could have been raised and you could have passed straight through with minimal delay to anyone and ahead of the 16:15 deadline they had given you. Always had two way vhf communication from the dutch bridge operators (in English! ) and they were always opened as advertised. We had to stooge around occasionally for a train to cross but the service was excellent.

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