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  1. I will keep my eyes open!
  2. These were from 1985, here are the pictures of skipper and matelot from the brochure, but they have used a picture of L110 for both... Interestingly they have used a different picture for Cadet which looks like N692 although cadet and skipper look identical to me...
  3. We have just started clearing out some of my dads stuff and he collected lots of old brochures from holidays on the broads. I thought you all might be interested... If people are interested I will post more as I find them!
  4. The only time I have been scammed was when someone used my PayPal account to order a very expensive watch from Saks Fifth Avenue. Fortunately I got an email notification and managed to cancel the order before it was shipped. PayPal were useless, didn't want to know, must be my fault for giving someone my password. As a result I don't save my card details anywhere online, Happy to type in the numbers when I want to place an order, and I avoid Paypal as much as possible. In defence of Amazon, lots of small high street shops also sell through Amazon. We bought a guitar for my son recently from a fantastic independent high street music shop. They sell lots of instruments through Amazon and it enables them to reach a much larger customer base than they would through their high street shop, so not all bad.
  5. The HW promotions for November and February are quite tempting and I can see the point of out of season offers to keep the cash flow ticking over. We may now hire in February half term. I have mixed feelings about discounting, I imagine that a significant % of a yards turnover is earned between May and September, if they price too high they can always offer a discount, but if they price too low they could find themselves fully booked but barely covering their overheads. Difficult balance to get right.
  6. Yes, to my eye, this is a classic Broads cruiser. I may be biased by memories of holidays on Brooms Skipper with my dad and my best friend. I would imagine that if the timber is epoxied it is relatively low maintenance.
  7. NYA had a lovely looking Ernest Collins replica for sale recently, built on a Sheereline hull I think. I know it is half wood, so not perfect for the OP, but one wonders why builders aren't building more like this. Does @expilot think it would have fitted through? https://www.nya.co.uk/boats-for-sale/ernest-collins-35/
  8. Answered my own question, the Broom was Sea Lord and it was sold to a private buyer, not Richardsons, but Great Gem was a similar boat, Aquafibre Saxon 40
  9. How's this for a coincidence, just saw an advert for “Great Gem” on ebay... would this fit under the bridge? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/broads-boat-/193006090961?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 Didn't Richardsons have an ex broom boat that was a larger version of a skipper?
  10. Just back from a camping weekend in Chertsey, whilst there I had a little paddle on the Thames and saw this boat. I think it may have been Brinks Beryl in a previous life, what do you think?
  11. Actually ignore that, I looked on Google earth and it is clearly Maldon, in which case they are definitely floating pontoons
  12. I think the pontoons float so they set the lines to the pontoon and the whole pontoon goes up and down with the tide. I am not certain but I would guess that on the Blackwater, that would be Maylandsea marina.
  13. Thank you for sharing, would love Ibiza, if funds allowed. Some of my earliest Broads memories are of Seafarer 3 from Brooms, with my grandparents. The Aquafibre 38 is a classic broads design in my mind. Will you be replacing them, or will the fleet be getting slightly smaller?
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