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  1. Well, here is the answer to the question, thanks all...
  2. I wondered if the bank holiday weekend might make things worse?
  3. St. Benets is almost a “must do” for us. This May bank holiday weekend is becoming an annual event with our friends and we love it there. We have found the moorings can be deserted or completely full. Am I right to think that they are double moorings at St. Benets?
  4. Thank you, we stayed in the dyke at Womack last year. We will have food and drink on board, fortunately, so the only challenge is finding a mooring. I would be more nervous in August!
  5. I have heard good things and the food menu looks amazing. I am worried about space in Thurne Dyke. Are there still BA moorings at Oby?
  6. Good morning everyone, please could I pick your collective brains? It is a week until our next Broads adventure. We will be picking up our boat from Herbert Woods in Potter Heigham on Friday afternoon. There will be two families on board, so the plan is that the other “dad” and I will get up to the boatyard at lunchtime to collect the boat and get unpacked and then the “mums” will collect the children from school and head straight to the boat. All being well we can cast off as soon as they arrive, which will be around 5.00pm. The question is: where should we moor for the first night. I reckon we have a maximum of 2 hours before sunset, so in theory we could get as far as Ranworth, but if we can't find a mooring then there is not much time for a diversion. Obviously we will pass several good options, I quite fancy Thurne to try a pint in the Lion. Where would you go?
  7. Nope, good old fashioned film, 36 exposures and the excitement of picking them up from the chemists when they have been processed!
  8. Gretzky's recent post about being hit by a bunch of lads got me thinking about my first experience of hiring a boat on the Norfolk Broads. Yes, we were a bunch of lads, no, we didn't hit anyone! I thought I would share my memories of that first trip, hopefully to raise a smile! I should say that I wasn't new to the Broads, I had been 14 or 15 times with my parents, starting on Wavemaster from Brooms when I was about 18months old, but this was to be my first hire in my own name. To set the scene, 4 of us at school had just turned 18 and completed our A levels, we were all heading off to different corners of the country and wanted to celebrate the end of one phase of our lives and the start of the next. We didn't have much money but we decided on a trip to Norfolk, so we started browsing through the Hoseasons brochure and decided that Swiftway from Richardsons was within our budget and would suit our needs. Forms were filled, cheques posted and the confirmation letter soon landed on the door mat. I read the terms and conditions from cover to cover. One clause stood out, something to the effect of “we reserve the right to refuse to hire if we think you are unsuitable “ We were seriously excited, our first holiday as adults, no parents, just the four of us, boys on a boat and Beer, quite a lot of beer. We were nervous too, what if we got to the yard and they took one look at us and sent us on our way? The day came and we set off on a 5 hour road trip from Cumbria to Stalham, got to the yard and got checked in at reception and paid our security deposit (no damage waiver in those days). “Go and unpack and someone will be along shortly to show you the ropes” We unpacked. The sun was shining, we filled the cupboards with food and filled the fridge with essentials (beer), we went off for our trial run, everything was going swimmingly and we got back to the yard, all set to be released on the unsuspecting pubs of broadland. “I will just show you how to light the fridge, it runs on gas you see...” that's when it happened, clunk,clunk, clunk, clunk, the sound of a dozen cans of week American lager dispensing itself out of the fridge and rolling across the cockpit. Silence, nervous glances all round, this was it, “if we think you are unsuitable” Laughter from the engineer showing us round. “I see you have worked out the fridge”. “Don't drink and drive gents, the river police will pull you over and you can be fined” That was it, the start of one of the best weeks ever, the end of childhood. Maybe it was fear of losing the security deposit, maybe we just weren't bad lads, but we had an amazing time and didn't manage to upset anyone or break anything. Nearly 3 decades later I came back, with my family and some friends, the welcome at Richardsons was just as welcome and the Norfolk Broads are still a special place. Happy Days!
  9. Davydine


    Another vote for Bureside holiday park at Oby, right next to the river, it has its own private moorings, not sure if there is a BA 24 hour mooring nearby. Wlking distance to Thurne
  10. Pretty sure we had a holiday on Gleaming Light back in the 70s. Next time I am at my parents I will see if I can dig out some of dad's old sides, if you can wait a few weeks. Edit to add that we also had Seafarer from Brooms which was a similar design if not identical.
  11. Blimey, hopefully my Superb will be good for a few miles yet! As a matter of interest, what fuel / additive did you use?
  12. Robin, I bought my car just over 2 years ago when I got the chance to opt out of my company car scheme. I had a choice of a brand new, entry level, Vauxhall Insignia or a 3 year old top of the range Skoda superb. (The L&K model) I was reluctant to buy the Skoda because of some sort of snobbery on my part (you remember the jokes in the 80s about them right?) but I took it for a test drive and fell for it completely! It is incredibly comfortable, sufficiently fast, handles very nicely, tows my caravan, and can fit all my family in easily. The stereo is a thing of joy and the DAB radio is excellent. It also has a built inTV and will park itself, but can't say I use either feature much! I only ever fill it with Tesco diesel and the fuel consumption is consistently 55mpg. I drive bout 25,000 miles per year. I get over 30 mpg when I tow the caravan. A minor service in a Skoda main dealer is about £150 a major one about £250. I recently had the cam belt changed (recommended at 5 years old) a major service and front brake disks and pads all for just over £1000 I would have another Skoda in a heartbeat and for the £40k you mentioned you could have a brand new top of the range Kodiaq, which is their large SUV, rather than a second hand BMW. Having said all of that, what others have said about it just being a car is absolutely correct. I could do everything I need to in an older, cheeper car, but I think I have got a good balance. Skoda is part of the Volkswagen Audi group, but I am not paying for the Audi badge. I see no reason why I shouldn't keepthis car for another 5 years when it will be 10years old and have don 150,000 miles. I reckon I will have had my moneys worth. Just my 2p David
  13. I totally agree about the driving. My job involves a lot of driving and it is enormously relaxing to stay out of the way of all the stressed and angy people out there who chose to drive aggressively. I sort of agree about boating and chilling out. In the example I gave, it was the private boat that was doing the shouting, so I am assuming they weren't a newbie, but you never know. I suppose I have done quite a lot of boating over the years, several broads holidays, but most of my miles have been done sailing on the east coast, between the rivers Colne, Orwell, Deben and Crouch, with the occasional trip further afield. Nothing better than anticipating where other people are going and staying out of their way, likewise helping others and accepting help is one of the great joys of boating. Being afloat is a great leveller, regardless of being in a boat worth a few hundred quid or a super yacht worth severl hundred thousand. Having said that, I was always taught that I should know who had right of way and that the stand on vessel had a duty to do just that and keep going, particularly when a small boat (like mine was!) is crossing the the path of something much bigger, because stopping suddenly could cause bigger problems. It was all of the shouting coming from one boat that stuck in my mind. Such aggresion is rare on the Broads, which is why I asked the question. The moral of this story for me is that life is easier if we chill out and stay out of each others way, but if you do get a bit too close to another boat and you are going to shout and wave your hands about, you should be sure you actually had right of way, otherwise you look a bit daft.
  14. Dunno, but I have a piece if strng that was a lot longer before someone put 11 knots in it...
  15. I love this, this needs printing and framing! This is true. Vessel B in my example (the shouty one) was not a hire boat.
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