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  1. I think @oldgregg has got it spot on with his idea about Bureside Holiday park, but this thread reminded me that when I was about 10, My dad, who was selling the family travel agency, nearly bought a boat yard. I remember meeting David Court and visiting the yard with my mum and dad, I often wonder how that might have worked out if he had...
  2. We hired in 1990 and it had the hinged roof then, I remember it being very heavy and we were 4 young lads, i would imagine the pram hood was much more practical.
  3. I know the names must get re-used fairly regularly and I think Swiftway is a rather nice name for a boat. I believe the Seamaster 30s that were the Swiftway that I hired had originally been on the Scottish hire fleets, but I thought they made a rather nice Broads cruiser, I remember a large aft double cabin, raised center cockpit with a folding roof and a decent saloon and forecabin, not bad for a 30 foot boat. It was the first boat I had hired in my own name, rather than going with my parents and we were a group of 4 lads, fresh out of our A levels. Happy days!
  4. If only my bank balance got bigger with age..l
  5. I feel old, when I hired Swiftway, it was a Seamaster 30!
  6. Thank you everyone, some really interesting information. I have been under the Thorpe bridges in the very early 90's when I hired an Ocean 30 with a single aft cabin from Richardsons. I think the name was San Louis, but I may be wrong. If there is enough height we may go through on the way up to Norwich. Geldeston is a different matter, I am pretty sure I have never been there, certainly not as an adult anyway, and it sounds as though it should be relatively easy, other than an hour or so either side of High Water. Reflection was refitted in 2014. We have never hired from them b
  7. Thank you everyone, we have booked her at the end of March and based on tide times and sunrise/sunset times we are planning on staying down south (don’t worry we will be “up north” in May!) It is Spring tides when we are there, so hopefully there will be plenty of clearance at low water and for an hour or two either side.
  8. Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but does anyone know the air draft (draught?) for Silver Reflection? The Hoseasons website says it won't go under PH bridge, but doesn't say the actual height. The Silverline page only shows length and beam. I am wondering if we will get under Thorpe Rail bridges and Beccles old bridge. I don't think I have ever been to Geldeston and I would like to if I can. Thanks, David
  9. A little more modern, but not much!
  10. It is, indeed, the Oriana! Well spotted! We managed to recreate the picture a couple of years ago with my kids on Oceana, the wheel is about 10” across!
  11. I have a few that have been scanned from my dad's slides, hope you don't mind? The last one is a very young me, probably about 1978. A prize if anyone can name the “boat” I am at the helm of! David
  12. Doh, always read the details! Thank you!
  13. Thanks everyone for the answers so far. Has anyone here stayed in the River View cottages that Barnes have? They come with a day boat but I don't think they have their own moorings, so I am trying to work out where you moor the day boat. I will give them a call tomorrow, but thought I would ask here first! David
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