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  1. Nice choice! We have hired Dazzling Light a couple of times with friends and a very fine boat it is too. Have a great time!
  2. I hope those front mooring cleats are strong, must be a heck of a load towing it at that speed!
  3. Hi everyone, I just wondered if anyone had any experience of either Astral Light or Caribbean light from Herbert Woods? They look similar, just a very slightly different layout and the description says Caribbean has a bow thruster, but Astral doesn't, have I missed anything else? Thanks David
  4. David, are you looking on the hoseasons site or Richardsons? When I look at the Ricos page it says “this unit is no longer available” where the availability calendar would normally be. very strange!
  5. Hard one to answer. There are so many types, Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, lithium, all with a very different price point. How long they last will depend on how they are used and abused. If they are looked after well (kept charged, not discharged too much etc.) they will last much longer than if they are looked after badly. i don't have a boat, but the 75aH lead acid battery in my caravan is about 7 years old and is still holding a charge well, but I try to keep it fully charged and use a solar trickle charge over winter.
  6. Naive in as much as I don't know what is required to make a boat suitable / safe / legal to be part of a hire fleet. Barnes have taken boats that are already in a hire fleet, which may be easier to make ready for hire, than the example I gave, which is currently in private ownership. I know one of @C.Ricko's new boats was in private hands but it looks as though they have had an extensive refurb before joining the hire fleet, certainly not a quick engine service and ready for customers. My own opinion is that demand for UK holidays will remain high through 2022 whilst people gradually regain confidence in foreign travel,
  7. Yes, I suspect my view is somewhat naive! Having said that, Barnes do seem to be making hay whilst the sun shines...
  8. Absolutely Andy! I would imagine that most boatyards would be looking at what's for sale that could be given a quick overhaul and added to a hire fleet to make the most of this summer. A 25 year old boat has done most of it's depreciating so as long as the condition is OK will hold its value reasonably well. Something like this: https://www.boatshed.com/faircraft_entrepeneur_34-boat-301476.html That could be on hire within a month and would probably mostly pay for itself within a couple of years and then be sold for nearly the same price.
  9. Thanks, were they checking people in from their cars and then directing them to their boat?
  10. Thanks Andy, we aren't booked with Ricos until next year, so hopefully things will be a little more relaxed by then, but obviously we shall see what the boatyard ask us to do. we hired from Herbert woods last month and they were very relaxed about our arrival time. David
  11. Oh heck! Must remember to get there early! What time was this, may I ask? David
  12. For us, firstly it's what is available for the dates that we have available (tied to school holidays) Secondly , accommodation to suit our party, our kids like to have a cabin each and we like it if they are not fighting Thirdly, I agree with Griff, the helm needs to be raised, so either a centre saloon with sliding roof or a dual helm, sorry, I know ! Fourth, price, we are not really bothered about luxury, quite happy with a basic boat as long as it works We had Flash of Light last weekend and it was great. Bit rough round the edges but 3 cabins, 3 loos, heating worked, we had a great time!
  13. I do like an early start, before the rest of the crew wakes up, nice cup of coffee and heat the water for a shower!
  14. Thank you Clive, I am sure she will look stunning once your team have fettled her. David
  15. She looks Lovely, Clive, are you planning any more hireboats or is that it now? David
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