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  1. Broads01

    Week On Jewel Of Light

    Hardly anything gets through Potter these days unfortunately, save for the aforementioned Martham Boats. Griff would probably know what Jewel's air draft is, 6 foot 9 maybe? If it was nearer 6 foot you might have a chance. Having said that, the last time I passed through was Bright Horizon in 2013 which needed about 6 foot 8 I think.
  2. Broads01

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    I was only 5 and I can't remember much except the colour of the grass. My first Broads visit was still 5 years away but I'm enjoying the stories and photos on this thread.
  3. Broads01

    Silverline Wisper

    I love the design of the low level dual steers, having hired Soprano from Richardsons and loved it. They're low enough to fit under Wroxham and Beccles in the right conditions and yet you have that fantastic outside helm, brilliant.
  4. Broads01


    Indeed Jean, if you're after a daytime visit as we were at the end of May then you can't beat arriving about 10am after a few overnight moorers have left. Of course most of us love Ranworth but I do accept, in the summer particularly, it can be a lottery as to whether you can moor or not so I'm prepared to accept defeat if necessary. Some folks though, seem obsessed that they have to moor there whatever it takes and nowhere else could possibly do.
  5. Broads01

    The Sun Setting, But Where?

    Church Fen at Brundall?
  6. Broads01

    Time And Tide

    Great question Ray, I'd like to know the answer as well.
  7. Broads01

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    Have a great week, Neil. My route to the Broads takes me along the A14 and then A11 but I don't know the Hogue Farm shop. Where exactly is it?
  8. Broads01

    Soon To Be Back!

    Lots of good advice. I like the swimming pool mooring which is short but tends to be empty in my experience. It's an easy walk to the town too and in April I climbed the church tower for the first time which was well worth the effort for the view. At Geldeston, as well as the Locks if you want a quiet spot the other Dyke to the right where it splits is lovely.
  9. Broads01

    Something Has Gone Missing!

    Peace and tranquility is never missing from the north Broads, even in the summer there's no shortage of peaceful places, so not missing at all.
  10. Broads01

    Shares For Sale

    I'm exactly the same, Howard. I get the week swapping thing but it's just not the same and the thought of being stuck with weeks I don't want fills me with dread. I think Southern Crusader has it right and I believe Ranworth Breeze has a rotation system which could be OK but both boats are too high for where I'd want to cruise.
  11. Broads01


    Both Richardsons and the smaller yards have pros and cons. Pros to Richardsons are prices a country mile lower than everywhere else and general efficiency and good service (very efficient, if not personal). Cons are nobody remembers me even though I've hired from them for years and queuing at reception with the rest of the crowd. Smaller yards, like Freedom who I went with in April, are friendlier, much more personal and more likely to remember you. On the flip side you get less boat choice and you can pay more. Thanks to Richardsons loyalty scheme, pricing and service, I was loyal to them for 10 consecutive visits 2012-2017. That would have continued had it not been for the much documented change in policy towards solo hirers which pushed me to Freedom for my hire in April.
  12. Broads01


    I agree the Richardsons scheme is brilliant and the best of any of the operators in my view. I'm on my third batch of six trips now, having a had one of my breaks last year for next to nothing.
  13. Broads01


    Welcome Topcat and I hope you enjoy Swan Roamer as much as my wife and I did. Thanks, Grace, for your kind comments. BrianW has also hired and written about Swan Roamer this year and has it booked for a second visit I believe.
  14. Broads01

    Norwich And Swan Roamer

    Thanks Howard & Vaughan, I don't feel so bad now. We actually really liked the toilet but I agree with Vaughan it did seem to use a lot of water for each flush.
  15. Broads01

    Bow Thruster Guidance

    Back home now after my first bow thruster-equipped hire and I found them really useful. They're an excellent back up tool in certain situations and really helpful when I'd hoped they would be. Most handy thing I found was for stern moorings where I found a little dab of thrust was the best way to straighten the boat to a 90 degree angle (as opposed to the rudder hard over, burst of forward throttle method I'm more used to).

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