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  1. Thanks for the advice all, very helpful. I've stopped at the Ferry House a few times but never noticed the water hose there. I'm aboard Saturday 9th to Thursday 14th. Helen, our paths are sure to cross somewhere to say hello and Malcom, likewise if our dates overlap.
  2. Good point Neil and I tend to agree. I could understand them not wanting pets if I was hiring a brand new boat but I wanted Silver Mystique which must be around 30 years old.
  3. Next month I'll be hiring Song of Freedom for 5 nights on the south Broads and it'll be my first experience of November hiring. I was originally due to hire at the end of October but I've postponed for family reasons. Daylight hours will be short and I'm looking forward to sampling pub food and drink in the evenings. I'm wondering if there are any issues with the time of year I need to be aware of. Where might be closed? Are water hoses still available? Are high water levels more likely?
  4. I've been dithering for a while about what boat to book for my solo trip next April and finally decided today to go for a boat from Silverline. I was all set to phone them, credit card in hand to check if they'd accept a solo booking with dog but at the last moment noticed their charge for "one small dog" (which he is) is an eye-watering £70 per week. I have no issue with paying a fee for him as I've no doubt there are costs associated with additional cleaning and the £35 Barnes Brinkcraft charge isn't too bad. However, £70 is out of all proportion and Silverline have lost my business because of it.
  5. Thanks for the write up and photos, Peter. Very enjoyable. I'm intrigued to know how you managed to get a very non-standard 8 nights out of Herbert Woods and if they're willing to be flexible about pricing and availability.
  6. I'm impressed how you've managed to hire from HW for 8 nights, very non-standard. Did they do that for the price of a standard week?
  7. In the words of Billy Connolly, if you don't like the weather in Scotland, hang on for 20 minutes 😊
  8. Yep, Herbert Woods have a limited number of boats available in November, so do Freedom.
  9. I'm amazed the Reedham Ferry is shut every Monday and Tuesday. What do they think they are, a hairdressing salon? I think that sends a "we're struggling" message to customers and that tends to out people off. I had a meal there last year and the food was OK but not very memorable. Thanks for your tale and photos Cal, I enjoyed.
  10. Thanks for the write up and photos Malcom, and thanks for the mentions as well. One of your How Hil photos has our boat on it which is handy. It was good to wave to you and in fact I spotted your boat at Potter and at Johnny Crowes staithe also. Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future and we can meet properly that time.
  11. Ah. I was wondering if he's part-Lhasa Apso as he reminds me of our dog Rollie.
  12. Great pic. What breed is Sydney?
  13. Enjoy Andy. For my trip last week I ended up on Benmore 2 because I had my Mum with me, but I do fancy one if the Velvets for the future. Bearing in mind the time of year and having hired with Barnes twice this year, I'm happy to say they're doing something right with their batteries. On both boats I could switch the heating on whenever and even the microwave and the voltage always held up without ever needing to start the engine. Very impressive.
  14. Cheers for that. Bentley and Rollie look quite alike. Here's Rollie enjoying St Benets.
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