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  1. How much does the winter maintenance cost work out at per share on average?Or is it unpredictable depending on what needs doing? I notice according to the budget numbers on BCBM Thunder has a comparatively low annual budget so the winter maintenance add-on becomes a big consideration.
  2. Welcome, I'm always fascinated by the old Astons. Is your boat based on the Thames?
  3. That's understandable. What are the rules for Wroxham Bridge?
  4. That's a fair point Neil but we're they to switch to Wroxham I wouldn't cancel because I'm looking forward to having the boat. I'm planning to spend time north and south whatever.
  5. Good point. I've booked Waveney Pisces for next April, one of the reasons being I fancied a South Broads start, so I'm hoping the boat stays based there.
  6. It's true the trend is to build big and high but, as MM says, even boats of more modest dimensions can't go through most of the time. Most forward steers need at least 6 foot 6, some more than that and even they don't go through very often.
  7. I believe WRC is free to moor for hire boats on the campsite side of the basin. £20 for privateers does seem over the top however.
  8. That's the opposite of my experience, sadly. I can't remember in recent years seeing very much more than 6 foot available so that excludes all but the craft I mentioned before.
  9. Alas you've been given good advice. The concept of a boat that 'normally passes under Potter Heigham bridge' is no longer current because, more often than not, as Grendel says passage is limited to Martham Boats, day boats and sailing boats. I've previously hired a day cruiser from Whispering Reeds at Hickling (the day before picking up our main hire boat) and I'd definitely recommend that.
  10. It's always a challenge to find a mooring space at NBD but I don't hold that against them. I admire Len Funnell for having the appetite at the age of 82 to keep working and doing what he loves.
  11. I agree about Pacific and I like Freedom for the same reasons.
  12. Good to read this David, looking forward to more. I'm pleased to hear the Ferry isn't all bad as when we had the carvery in September it was abysmal.
  13. I completely agree Helen, and they lost my booking a month ago for that very reason
  14. The winding up order is dated June but I saw one or two BBC boats out in September. The website, Facebook page and Airbnb listing are all still live so I'm hoping all may not be lost for them.
  15. How do the 4% shares work? Do you receive weeks in the same two seasons each year or does it change?
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