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  1. It's very nice indeed but nowadays if you're hiring you really need to be on either a Martham's boat or a sailing boat.
  2. That's understandable but I'm not a fan of policies set up for the convenience of a business at the expense of the customer.
  3. Great potential with that one. It'll fit under Ludham hopefully.
  4. That's over the top. A 3 night break gives 2 1/2 days cruising at the most. I think if you went full throttle the whole time you'd still not spend that much.
  5. Ah so Hoseasons are being their usual sharp, on the ball selves then.
  6. Intriguing how boats that are no longer available seem to be, well, available as Dan says. Looks very Richardsons-focussed from the quick look I had.
  7. I agree, however the only issue I have with that relates to Ludham. There, as those of us who know it know, the height boards are wildly inaccurate and also inconsistent with each other. How you would advise a new hirer in the Ludham situation I'm not sure. You could tell them to adhere strictly to the gauge but if they did that a big proportion of Richardsons boats wouldn't reach the Bure and others would never see the Ant when in reality they had a foot to spare.
  8. With regard to the corner mooring, can anybody estimate the maximum length of boat that can now moor there without encroaching on the white area?
  9. You Yorkshire folk have a wicked way with words. I guess, if bolloxing has to be done, may as well find a lovely mudweighting spot.
  10. Just been browsing NYA's website. They don't do boat hire, they do "private charter", don't you know. "Private charter" is marketing speak for "an upmarket description of boat hire so we can charge more".
  11. Thanks Dan. I'm very surprised they're selling so many. I think for this year at least, if they could have booked out the whole lot had they held on to them. I can only imagine that with the budget end of what they hire the profit margins are very small. I guess if they cut back enough they can reduce the number of changeover days where they have to operate both Kingfisher and Swan Quay, so big savings in staff costs.
  12. What have Richardsons sold Dan? I haven't kept up with boats being advertised.
  13. Interesting to see something fairly mainstream on offer from NYA at Brundall, albeit at a premium price. I'd be interested to see the refitted interior. https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/sephora-bh2676?page=2&region=21649
  14. I visited them at Benson last August and they were friendly. I had a look aboard Claudette and was very impressed. I agree they're reasonably priced by Thames standards. They don't have any boatyard facilities at all at their site so you have to refuel and pump out elsewhere. Theoretically you could probably do this at Le Boat a couple of hundred yards away but you might need to take out a bank loan first.
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