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  1. Broads01

    Boats For Couples

    I'm another Swancraft fan having hired Roamer this year. They're good value compared to the competition but significantly more expensive than Richardsons budget boats. The interiors are a class above, however. Symphony has been mentioned and that's a great shout for a cheaper option.
  2. Broads01

    Richardson 2019

    I received my Richardsons brochure this week having requested it online. In the past I've received one automatically as a customer but not this time. However not everybody wants a brochure so making it request-only seems a logical step. It's a superb brochure - not only the boat detail but also in terms of the number of pages devoted to selling the Broads as a holiday destination and providing guidance on handling a boat. There's also coverage of Richardsons' holiday park destinations. In the light of the discussion about the demise of Hoseasons brochure it's good to see Richardsons still very much keeping their brochure on. Regarding the fleet there are no new designs included but two more Commanders for next year. I haven't done a boat by boat comparison to 2018 (I'm almost that geeky but not quite) but I did spot Crown Gem has gone. All the other older two berths are still there, however, including Mermaid, Serene Gem and Tropical Gem. The usual set of Horizons and Bountys remains - long live budget boating.
  3. Broads01

    North & South, Where Is The Line?

    Yes I always think of the yellow post as the symbolic dividing line.
  4. Alan, I'm very sad to read this and very sorry for your loss. My sincere condolences.
  5. Broads01

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    Sometimes Google can find Web pages more effectively than searching for them yourself on the website in question. So it proved just now when Google brought up https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/brochure-request. Tantalisingly, the page has a 'Request brochure' button but clicking it just takes you to a page stating 'Sorry no brochures are available to order'. I'm now thinking the 2019 brochure could, in all seriousness, become a rare collector's item.
  6. Broads01

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    Interesting! Perhaps they're trying to produce as few copies as possible. I assume you're a previous customer and that's why you received one. I haven't booked through Hoseasons for many years (I could never see the point) so I probably don't deserve a copy.
  7. Broads01

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    I was always similarly anorakie, Fred. I remember a phase in the 80s where a few boatyards swapped from Hoseasons to Blake. Amongst them were Barnes Brinkcraft and Faircraft Loynes so it was strange to see the Hoseasons logo return to their current fleet.
  8. Once upon a time as a child and for years after I used to love receiving the Hoseasons brochure each year. Then that darn Internet went and ruined everything and booking online became the thing. In recent years, the Hoseasons brochure became a shadow of its former self, now with tiny photos, lack of prices, wrongly labelled photos and only a partial view of the Richardson fleet. Nevertheless I fancied giving it a try once again only to find the option to order one on the website no longer seems to exist. On a more positive note, the larger boatyards are all producing good old fashioned colour brochures with large boat photos and transparent pricing. There's still something very nice about having the paper version, especially in winter when you want to be transported to sunnier times.
  9. Broads01

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    Like the 'boggo' word, sums up what you mean very well. What do you mean by Brooms being 'wrecked'?
  10. Broads01

    A (sort Of) Voyage Of Discovery

    I agree. I do like Loddon Staithe for a daytime stop but overnight I prefer the relative space and tranquility of Pyes Mill.
  11. Broads01

    A (sort Of) Voyage Of Discovery

    Thanks Malcom. Langley Dyke is an oft missed gem, I love it there.
  12. Broads01


    Hi Henry, and welcome. I work in Bristol and I think it's your boat I regularly walk past. I always like spotting ex-Broads craft when I'm out. Is yours the one below? The aft cabin has been converted to a galley. Was that your choice?
  13. Broads01

    Britain By Boat.

    Wow from the comments so far I think you'd have to pay me to watch this. Whilst there's nothing at all wrong with "mature" presenters I do wish TV bosses would take a risk on new people rather than sticking with the same old safe bets.
  14. Broads01

    A Week Afloat 10th To 17th November 2018

    Thanks Jonathan, enjoyable write up and photos.
  15. Broads01

    A (sort Of) Voyage Of Discovery

    I always enjoy your write ups and photos, Malcom. Looking forward to the rest.

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