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  1. Indeed Jean. I love watching the way he reacts to his wife "video bombing", as he calls it. I also like the way Russell and Dave mimic each other's phrases, with Russell quoting "checking the water levels" and Dave talking about "a wee update".
  2. I have two favourite Broads channels. Firstly, Russell Thomson's "Admiral's Adventures. Be warned, even at an average of 2 hours per episode it's very addictive. I met Russell and enjoyed a drink with him last September. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC6FiLsEUtcp1kYCADtL-Qgw Secondly, Dave Whitworth, another serial vlogger of a very different style to Russell but very entertaining. https://m.youtube.com/user/dwhittyone2
  3. Freedom don't hire in December or January. I did hire from them last November, however and they're the only southern operator to offer that month I believe. They didn't want me to go north of Reedham and St Olaves but as I was only onboard 5 nights that wasn't an issue.
  4. I can recall seeing a few properties around the Broads on stilts but it seems unusual to plan them as high as they look in the diagram. Is the Ant liable to flood that badly?
  5. I like Aweigh also, having read recommendations for it on here. The speed reading jumps around a lot but I guess that's par for the course.
  6. That's only true in early spring and late autumn. Negotiating Great Yarmouth at low slack water is always possible in daylight for the vast majority of the boating season.
  7. I have a memory, in the days when Herbert Woods and Hearts were under the same ownership in the 1980s, there was an offering in Blake's brochure for a one way cruise between Potter Heigham and Thorpe on the Delight/Knave of Hearts class (Broom 30). It may only have been offered for a single season.
  8. How much does the winter maintenance cost work out at per share on average?Or is it unpredictable depending on what needs doing? I notice according to the budget numbers on BCBM Thunder has a comparatively low annual budget so the winter maintenance add-on becomes a big consideration.
  9. Welcome, I'm always fascinated by the old Astons. Is your boat based on the Thames?
  10. That's understandable. What are the rules for Wroxham Bridge?
  11. That's a fair point Neil but we're they to switch to Wroxham I wouldn't cancel because I'm looking forward to having the boat. I'm planning to spend time north and south whatever.
  12. Good point. I've booked Waveney Pisces for next April, one of the reasons being I fancied a South Broads start, so I'm hoping the boat stays based there.
  13. It's true the trend is to build big and high but, as MM says, even boats of more modest dimensions can't go through most of the time. Most forward steers need at least 6 foot 6, some more than that and even they don't go through very often.
  14. I believe WRC is free to moor for hire boats on the campsite side of the basin. £20 for privateers does seem over the top however.
  15. That's the opposite of my experience, sadly. I can't remember in recent years seeing very much more than 6 foot available so that excludes all but the craft I mentioned before.
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