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  1. I took this picture in May and if you compare to Coryton's picture you can see how much it's deteriorated. I was going to ask when I took it, what was the building used for originally. It has the look of air traffic control about it.
  2. Having been Sand Beam, the boat at Freedom was neglected as a liveaboard for a number of years before Freedom acquired it and renovated it. I'm disappointed it won't go on hire but its understandable given bookings are down and Andy wants to get best price before hirers potentially mistreat it.
  3. Short breaks tend to be 70% of the week price now Vaughan, effectively more than that when you consider you pay the same damage waiver on top. I have been on a 3 night break a couple of times a few years back but never again as they're just too short in mind and particularly poor value for money.
  4. I've hired Contessa from Richardsons which is an almost identical layout and yes the master cabin is small by modern standards but it is a 1980s boat after all and at a budget price. I'm really pleased to see Commanding on hire at last and will certainly hire it if ever I can persuade a big enough crew to accompany me. It's a great design being more spacious than it's more common 32 foot cousins. A down side of it is the high stern deck makes stern moorings awkward for getting on and off so it's not a boat for anyone with even mild mobility issues.
  5. I never saw the point of those "x rpm = y mph" instructions. They're meaningless and bear no resemblance to the reality of tide and conditions. They may have a negative effect by giving a false impression. Who thought they were a good idea?
  6. Good to see Merlin being enjoyed. I didn't hire from Maffetts myself but my late father did in 2009 so I have happy associations with it.
  7. When Breydon is closed, how is it enforced? In practice, are boats able to cross, either in defiance or ignorance?
  8. Whatever the time of year, there always seems to be someone still on the move at dusk when they could have safely moored hours ago.
  9. Great tip, Ray, thanks. I've not moored there but I've often seen boats who have so I'll give it a try.
  10. This thread might as well be in a foreign language. Very frustrating.
  11. I remember when Buckenham Ferry looked like that, quite a decent mooring spot. The current excuse for a pub is such a wasted opportunity.
  12. Good to see you out Peter. I've wondered about hiring Jayne myself but those curtains look like they've been there since 1975.
  13. Sorry, absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Please explain.
  14. I think the boat in the foreground is a Richardsons' Roving Gem or a boat of the same design. They were an odd design - a sedan with a single stern door and very little stern deck space, so nothing like the sedans of today. In warm weather it must have been like hiring a floating greenhouse.
  15. Congratulations! Don't listen to the doom mongers who talk about the North Broads in the summer as if it's a complete no go area. It's true the hot spots get full but if you're prepared to be flexible about where you stop you'll have no issues. How about a run up to Coltishall Locks (most people don't know it exists) or an Ant wild mooring. Acle Bridge can be a good bet and you can even get in late if you're prepared to use Rhond anchors upstream of the Pedro's moorings. There's always the mudweighting option too, more opportunities on the North.
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