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  1. I think Sandersons charge far too much for what they're offering. Pacific and Freedom are much better value. I really like both. Freedom have the advantage of any day to any day hire, especially handy for short breaks or if you want to go for between 1 and 2 weeks.
  2. Broads01

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    So Herbert Woods have been shopping at Brooms then. I agree, David, 240 volt and a microwave isn't a big ask. I'll be interested to see the interior photos of this one when it's complete. On the toilet thing, I think a single toilet on a 4-6 berth is a mistake. Expectations have moved on from what they once were and personally whilst I'm happy to "utilise on shore facilities" when I have the opportunity, I don't expect to have to do so or avoid using the toilet on the boat. With a single toilet and even with a crew of 4 let alone 6, you might need a pump out every other day.
  3. Broads01

    Lads Week

    Thanks, great photos. Good to see you all consistently with canopies open in the sunshine. I never did understand people who cruise around on a sunny day with the roof closed.
  4. Broads01

    St Olaves Moorings

    Yes close to the pub. There's not a lot of length but you should be OK this time of year.
  5. Broads01

    A Week On Gainsborough Girl

    Good stuff Malcom. That height gauge at Ludham Bridge, why do I ever bother looking at it? I swear yachts could pass under there without lowering the mast.
  6. Broads01

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    I enjoyed reading about your week, Griff, you certainly seem to have had a good time. I'm impressed with HW that they were flexible enough to give you the extra night aboard. I'm intrigued though that each Jewel used a different amount of fuel even though they all did exactly the same route at the same speed . Heating used to different extents possibly or are the mechanicals different?
  7. Broads01

    Neatishead, Officially Full

    You're like those people who park across your drive....
  8. Broads01

    Royal Velvet 2 And 3

    I certainly will Howard although you'll have to wait until late September next year. I'm on the river before that though for the meet in May.
  9. Broads01

    Royal Velvet 2 And 3

    Change of plan - my mum will now be accompanying me on this trip and we needed an extra cabin so I've changed the booking to Benmore 2. It was a toss up between that and Royall Commander but I opted for Benmore partly because I've never hired the design before and partly because I think it has an extra couple of inches of bridge clearance. Full marks to Barnes who amended the booking without fuss or charge.
  10. Broads01

    A Week On Gainsborough Girl

    From memory the signage gives conflicting information but when we ate there last month they happily deducted the full £10 from the food bill. I have to admit if hadn't been deductible I would have almost certainly gone to The Bridge.
  11. Broads01

    Solo Cruising

    Good shout. They also have the larger Lady of Freedom which I hired solo earlier this year.
  12. Broads01

    Solo Cruising

    I'm not a Barnes expert as although I'm with them next year its the first time in a very long time. Aft cockpit-wise they have Brinks Aries and Brinks Sonata. Aries is the same size and layout as Crown Gem and Sonata is the more recent sports cruiser type.
  13. Broads01

    A Week On Gainsborough Girl

    I can recommend Pedros as a really good place to eat. In fact the whole £10 mooring fee is redeemable there and the food is very good value. Its a bit like tapas but much better because the dishes are larger.
  14. Broads01

    Solo Cruising

    Interesting tale Nigel. I'm very surprised your booking wasn't cancelled long ago as mine was but fair play to Richardsons for sorting it out. Their position on the whole solo thing is still very bizarre in my mind and the way they cancelled my booking after I'd been loyal so long still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I have two bookings with Barnes for next year. I'd be interested to know how you get on with Peace as I looked at it myself but I was a bit put off by the helm position which looks a long way forward and therefore too cossetted by the screens for my taste.
  15. Broads01

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    I also saw the restored boat recently. They are indeed a striking design, it was difficult to take my eyes off it.

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