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  1. We're moored next to BA on Thurne Dyke tonight. Jonathan is aboard with a crew of 7 and I introduced myself earlier.
  2. No, that's one of the major benefits of a dual steer. As Meantime says, no weather confines you inside but you still have that option if you want it.
  3. I'd say it was broadly similar, John. The stern cabin on Forth Bridge 2 is lovely though with its diagonal berth better than Contessa's more basic version. Headroom is limited in the fore cabin and fore heads in particular. In the heads I think it would be comfortable if you were 5 foot 8 but my son is 6 foot 2 and found it a struggle. The outdoor helm is great but Contessa's has the better viewing height as I'm sure you know.
  4. I visited on Wednesday evening and they were struggling then, serving outdoors only and using only an outdoor order point. It's certainly tough at the moment.
  5. "Steps down from the saloon lead to the forward cabin with two double berths". That's a heck of a forward cabin for such a small boat 😊. Good old Hoseasons, accurate as ever. Joking apart, Tesoro has an odd layout in my view. From the photos it looks like as well as the conventional centre saloon the stern cabin is set up as a saloon also, with the galley alongside. The fore cabin is a basic v berth set up so there's no master cabin. Of the two, boats, I would say Amore looks a better fit for the premium price bracket.
  6. It is indeed N742, ex-Golden Anchor. I'm a fan of low level dual steers and it's stood the test of time well, I feel. It has very nice woodwork all through. One or two things could do with updating now like the manual toilets and the flooring but they're minor niggles.
  7. iThe Bridgecraft staff were helpful once again this morning, giving us a free pump out and fixing our TV aerial. That done, we continued up the Bure and headed for South Walsham. There we pulled in at the spot I discovered last year thanks to Grendel, namely in to the trees on the left as you approach the inner broad, mudweighted with the stern tied to a tree. It's a fabulous spot. Later, after a chug around the inner broad we headed up the Ant. The Ludham Bridge moorings were full, even though it wasn't yet midday. We fancied an Ant wild mooring and we found one between How Hill and Irstead. Rollie wasn't impressed he could only walk a few yards without reaching impassable undergrowth but it was too warm to give him much of a walk at that time of day anyway. I tend to walk him early morning and then as it cools down in the evening. We continued to Stalham, took on water at Richardson's and then came back downstream. As we were passing the Irstead moorings, we had a real stroke of luck as I could see one of the boats there just leaving. I did a quick about turn and nabbed the space. Feeling chuffed to be in somewhere I haven't stopped at for a very long time.
  8. I waved to you on Breydon, Griff. We were on our way south in Forth Bridge 2.
  9. Wednesday 21st July It was great to have Nicholas Everitt park next to us this morning because Rollie enjoyed himself playing with other dogs before the heat kicked in. Today was return north day so we turned right at the end of Oulton Dyke and wooshed along with the tide towards Great Yarmouth. After At Olaves, we saw no boats at all until we arrived at Burgh Castle. The moorings there are still closed which is bizarre because it looks like there's new quay heading and new (orange) mooring posts. There was a spot at the pub moorings so we pulled in there for a break and so we'd be nearer low/slack water time. Crossing Breydon was lovely, being unexpectedly a little choppy to add to the fun. At GY we had intended to make a short stop to visit Asda and wait for the tide to be with us. We decided against it though given it was chocca and double mooring was already starting (2-15pm). Later on the Bure I did something I've never done before on a dual steer on a sunny day, I switched to the indoor steering position. Up top I was just getting too hot and Cian isn't comfortable steering so there was nothing else for it. Downstairs wasn't much cooler but I got a break from the sun for a while. We're overnighting at our own boatyard at Acle Bridge. Due to the increase in Covid cases in the area, The Bridge Inn are serving outdoors only with an outdoor order point. The queue there was very slow so we've switched to Pedro's instead.
  10. No we didn't, not because they're not dog friendly but because he tends to get restless in pubs and he's quite happy being left on the boat. Thanks, yes we're certainly enjoying ourselves. I've actually been twice since I last came south but both of those I stayed north. I had postponements due to the pandemic though, so it feels extra special.
  11. Tuesday 20th July We made the short chug to Loddon Staithe for water and provisions. I think there had been one or two spaces available there overnight based on how many were available when we arrived. Our destination today was Oulton Broad and after a short stop at the Staithe we headed off in that direction. Coming up the Chet on Monday afternoon we met nobody in the opposite direction whereas on our return journey we must have met 9 or 10. As we passed Reedham I took a photo of Sanderson's boatyard (I'll add photos when I'm back on WiFi). Is this their last season? Shortly after the New Cut the helmsman on Silver Cloud coming in the opposite direction photographed us and smiled. Are you a forum member Mr Silver Cloud owner aboard this week? It was a little early in the day to head direct for Oulton, so we made a stop at WRC instead. We made use of their "onshore facilities" as Cian calls it. Later we had a short mini cruise further up the Waveney and then turned around and headed for OBYS. Not needing electric, we had the entire quayside nearest the harbour master's office to ourselves. Dinner was carvery at the Wherry which was very good value albeit the drinks were priced on the high side. Some late night adjustment of the ropes was called for as even though I'd allowed slack in the ropes it turned out not to be enough and the stern was caught on the quay. Maybe the pontoon side would have been the better option.
  12. There are still a few small boatyards around and offering a really good service, for example Silverline, Pacific Cruisers and Bridgecraft.
  13. As we arrived at Short Dyke at Rockland Broad at 4-15pm yesterday the BA moorings were full and there were plenty of wild moored boats besides. We decided to chance our luck at the Staithe and as it turned out there were two spaces - result. We had a good meal at the New Inn sat outside in the shade. I've not eaten there before and it was good value with friendly and attentive service. Around 8pm with the air cooling we walked with Rollie around the Broad and as far as Short Dyke. Today we returned to the Yare and to Brundall where we made a water stop at Silverline. I phoned Bridgecraft from there because I was convinced the bow thruster wasn't working and it would be an easily accessible place for an engineer to visit. I told them when I switched it on it bleeped a lot but then nothing happened. "Did you know you have to press it twice?" Sure enough, that's all that was needed. I must have missed that on the handover and I felt like a numpty. Whilst were at Silverline I enquired if they offered solo hire and I'm pleased to say the answer was yes. Without me asking they kindly offered to look aboard the three boats that were on turnaround (Melody, Symphony and Mist). I liked all of them for different reasons. Water tank filled we made the short chug to Surlingham/Bargate and mudweighted for a while. It's lovely to mudweight anywhere generally but they don't get any better than Surlingham. We continued to Bramerton Common and a mini dog walk there in the shade of the trees. The business of Great Yarmouth and Reedham yesterday was no longer in evidence. There was only one other boat mudweighting and loads of space at Bramerton. This afternoon we turned around and headed for Loddon. I got my tide calculations all wrong today and we managed to be against the tide all day but managed almost 6mph nonetheless. This afternoon was a longish but enjoyable cruise with a very welcome cool breeze. We're overnighting now at Pyes Mill which is only about 50% occupied. We moored at 5pm and after that only one boat passed us.
  14. Thanks for all the good wishes. Yes we have a small fan too, it does help. We came south this morning, had the screens folded down to give us a bit more breeze. It's been busy all day, we were in the middle of a convoy of 10 or 11 boats on the Bure. It was busy on Breydon too and I waved to Broad Ambition as they were heading back north. Quite a few speedy privateers were enjoying using their throttles and bounced us around a bit which made life more interesting but I had no complaints. We always enjoy the GY and Breydon passage and this time was no exception, especially not having done it for 2 years. We're currently resting up at Reedham, heading for Rockland later.
  15. At long last I'm aboard a Bridgecraft boat for the first time. There aren't many boatyards from whom I haven't hired but until today Bridgecraft was one of them. I'm aboard Forth Bridge 2 with my son Cian and dog Rollie for the next week. The journey all worked out to plan. I set off with Rollie from home in Cardiff just as Cian was boarding a train in Lancaster and I picked him up at Birmingham International station en route. Bridgecraft had phoned during the week to ask our preferred arrival time which we made comfortably and we were very soon aboard our boat and unloading. I've been impressed with the service from Bridgecraft so far. I'm very much a fan of low level dual steers and this boat is no exception. The plan is to head south in the morning, so after being talked through the boat (in some detail which made a pleasant change) we made the short chug to Stracey Arms where we are tonight. It's been hot, hot, hot today and set fair for the week it would seem. Rollie is struggling a bit with the design of the boat (with no stern door getting on and off is a challenge for him) and he isn't really a fan of the heat. Nevertheless we've all had a fun start. Cian and I enjoyed food and drink "up top" on such a warm evening.
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