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  1. Warm air generally works well on hire boats for the saloon area but is less effective in the cabins in my experience. I think its because the warm air becomes less warm and less powerful the further it travels from the heating unit. I switch off warm air when going to bed as I've always believed it's not safe to leave switched on but I'm happy to be corrected on that.
  2. Credit to those who've cancelled if in they're in Tier 3 and following advice. Unlike the Wales lockdown, as I understand it for Tier 3 travelling isn't against the law, just "not advised".
  3. Sorry you had issues. There is 100% a lot there on the South Broads, the difference is you have to cruise a lot longer in between destinations. That's part of the fun though and I love the South Broads and the contrast with the North (which I love just as much). Plus at NBD they may want to rename and rebrand the boats.
  4. I was due to hire from WRC this year before Wales lockdown messed me up and I was refunded. I'm not surprised by the news but disappointed for a few reasons. I was looking forward to hiring from the location in the future, another South Broads hire location is going and, almost certainly, another operator sensible enough to permit solo hirers is going. NBD don't allow solo unfortunately.
  5. Herbert Woods made quite a thing of it, spent a lot on restoration and used the boat as a marketing tool. It was even on the front cover if their brochure if I recall correctly. Hire prices were equivalent to a modern luxury boat but it was only available to hirers with experience. I'm guessing it didn't let well though.
  6. Sorry I asked the question now. I do get frustrated when the NP debate keeps popping up at the slightest opportunity.
  7. Pyes Mill is a lovely mooring but I tend to prefer the downstream end because of where the car park is. I'm enjoying your tale so far.
  8. It is the most hideous looking pub I've seen anywhere in the country. I know nothing about planning regulations so a question - would planning permission be needed to change the building colour and the windows?
  9. Next time I'm on the south Broads I must make the effort to get up early for the tide when I can benefit. I've spent too many hours cruising on the south slogging against the tide when I didn't need to do so. I love the photo of the paddle boarder with her dog 🐕.
  10. Enjoying your write up as always, Helen. I have to admit, I couldn't cope with not cruising for so long, it would drive me nuts and I'd much rather cast off and brave the weather. Perhaps I'm more like Seren! I've heard collies need a lot of stimulating, is that right?
  11. Not only did WRC agree to refund in full, they did so immediately and I had the money back on my credit card the same day. That's been a help to me psychologically because I feel I can draw a line under it and I've avoided having to battle my way through a travel insurance claim. Credit where it's due, WRC came good in the end. I'm in the fortunate position of having flexibility in when I take leave from work, so as soon as restrictions allow I'll be booking again.
  12. You're too nice, Helen, I couldn't have agreed to that, to be honest. Why couldn't it have been done before the next owners boarded tomorrow? Blimey, your search function isn't working properly, there's thousands! Looking forward to the rest of your tale.
  13. I feel for you, also living in Wales and having just cancelled my trip for the same reason. You may have seen the thread about my cancellation If it's any consolation, when the lockdown and consequential decision I made to cancel the trip first came about, I was psychologically pretty low. However, a forum post, some helpful suggestions and a promised refund later, I feel a whole lot better. I'll be back as soon as restrictions allow, I don't care if it's winter by then or not.
  14. One place I've never moored, I shall give it a try. Is it my memory or are the moorings there a fairly recent addition?
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