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  1. In my mind there will be a reasonable time lag between the initial relaxation of lockdown restrictions and the eventual resumption of cross-border travel and aviation. It'll make sense for countries to ensure the pandemic is out of the way domestically before they let foreigners back in to their country. For this reason, when the 2020 Broads season eventually resumes I can foresee the rivers being busy (assuming enough people have disposable income to spend).
  2. I managed to change my April booking with Waveney River Centre to October. I have a booking with Barnes though for 22 August which I'm crossing my fingers for.
  3. I see it's been modified to add a fixed enclosed wheelhouse. It always baffles me when people do that to boats. Give me the option of an outdoor helm position any day.
  4. I've been enjoying watching Dave's stuff for a while. He's a very funny man and he manages to be informative also. With Dave it's not just about the river footage (although that's always good), he enjoys walks and takes the camera with him. I'm currently working my through his February trip and I'll get to the lockdown videos soon.
  5. Vaughan, what was the air draft, over 7 foot?
  6. Fascinating stuff on this thread, thanks all. Vaughan, I never knew diving was on your very long list of skills.
  7. I enjoyed looking through the FlickR album. Here's my personal favourite entitled "Fun and games at Great Yarmouth"
  8. Where is Three Hammer Common?
  9. I'm loving this thread. Thanks to all those who've contributed photos.
  10. I agree the Bates boats are beautiful and distinctive. This is available to hire from Benson https://www.waterwaysholidays.com/boat/bernadette.htm
  11. Thanks for sharing Roy. I couldn't initially work out the location of the 3rd photo but is it Ranworth? I think I was thrown by the Blakes sign in the background that made me think there was a boat yard near by but didn't Blakes have an association with Ranworth at that time? The boat next to you I believe is from the Consul class at Norfolk Broads Yachting Company. My first ever Broads holiday was on Consul 3 the year before.
  12. Yes, unless you're able to argue that boating is your choice of exercise once a day.
  13. Waveney River Centre phoned me today to cancel my boat booked for 6th April. I feel really pleased I'm rebooked for October. I'm glad about the measures the government has introduced tonight. In the long run, not only will it save many lives, it'll mean we get back to normal sooner than if the extra measures hadn't been taken.
  14. No boating for anybody now is my interpretation, unless your boat is also your home.
  15. I'm booked on Waveney Pisces for 6th April. The chances of that going ahead have been dwindling by the day and now gone altogether it seems. I'll phone them in the morning and see what the rebooking options are.
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