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  1. I'm trying to imagine cruising past four abreast at the Yacht Station and how narrow it must have felt compared to nowadays. That could have been fun with a fast tide and traffic in the opposite direction.
  2. Thanks, Fred, I had no idea Astons hadn't always been in the basin. I have happy memories of Mistral Craft, holidaying with them in 1986, their final year.
  3. And I'm another March hopeful, booked for March 27th and just paid the balance this week. I'm still hopeful but very uncertain. I also have a booking at Ferry Marina for 15 Feb which isn't cancelled yet but I'm resigned to postponing. Nevertheless I'm feeling as positive as I've ever been. Please, please I and my family can stay well because I feel lucky to be so and able to look ahead to plans in the summer.
  4. Fascinating thread and photos. On my second ever visit to the Broads as a twelve year old in 1983 we hired from Aston's in London. At that time the basin was fully occupied by their boats and they had the Beccles operation also. I always think of that holiday when I pass the basin now. After Aston's moved out of Loddon, the Princess Cruisers name returned briefly at the same location. They hired two boats as I recall, Mercury Princess (ex Aston Mercury?) and an aft cockpit 2 berth (Sabre Princess?). I assume the owners were unrelated to the previous Princess Cruisers.
  5. Very enjoyable, what a brilliant snapshot of the time. Was the hire cruiser from Jack Powles?
  6. Broads01

    Not Good

    That's not the point, this has got nothing to do with whether Sainsbury's are right or wrong. I'm pleased the "event" was dispersed quickly.
  7. Don't get me wrong, David, in the current climate I wouldn't expect any holiday business to be delivering the service level I would normally expect. However, I still think the website should show correct information. You say the booking season doesn't get underway until the new year but I know I'm not alone in booking months before that. Plus the new year is only two days away.
  8. There's nothing more frustrating when you're looking at holidays online than an inaccurate website. Imagine taking an interest in a boat on Hoseasons website only to realise later that the picture is a of a different boat or that the boat has actually long since disappeared. Whatever the staffing pressures, it's abysmal and there's no excuse.
  9. You could but it's worth cruising as far as the Yacht Station even if you don't intend mooring there. I always enjoy the experience of cruising towards the city centre, just because it's so different to cruising everywhere else and you really feel like you've travelled somewhere. One of the many joys of the Broads is the degree of variation in scenery between different places.
  10. The Yacht Station may be closed but is there anything to stop you mooring there?
  11. I love the top picture, Dan. What year was that taken, around 1970 I suspect? I agree with you, it would be amazing to have an updated Caribbean or Bermuda back on hire.
  12. Good to hear from you, Clive. The refits sound excellent. I'll be very interested to see internal photos when available. I remember Castle Craft very well, probably because their colour scheme was distinctive as Dan's brochure pic shows (Blakes Blue Chip, no less, that takes me back). It's some years since they finished so I assume the boat's been in private hands in the mean time.
  13. I'm not sure if it counts as a new boatyard but the Horning Pleasurecraft name has been resurrected as a separate entity to Richardsons. So far they just have Sunway and Far Horizon as per Richardsons Horning before but I have it on good authority there are more boats in the offing. http://www.horningpleasurecraft.co.uk
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