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    The Locks

    For the benefit of those of us who haven't been since the refurb, what's it like now?
  2. I have a feeling Sandersons are reducing their fleet. Sandhawk Broom 30 might suit. https://www.sandersonmarine.co.uk/2-5-berth
  3. I'd go for a Broom 30 (centre cockpit with fold down sides). I think they go through at about 6 foot 4.
  4. Thanks David. I agree with Jean, great photos and the third drone shot shows the new Barnes pontoon moorings very well. They make a big difference to the availability of moorings for hire boats below the bridge.
  5. I've really been liking the look of the Martham fleet recently. I can't help thinking they under sell themselves somewhat. They have the luxury of two unique selling points, being the only all wooden motor cruiser fleet (I know the sailys have the Ludham place) and the only fleet above Potter Bridge, save for the single small boat which Whispering Reeds offer. Increasingly also, they offer the only way of spending time afloat above the bridge in anything other than a day boat or sailing boat. Taking all that in to account, their website is low key and short on interior photos - opportunities missed I feel.
  6. Hmm so for £12 you get a bin and have to pay for your own water - I'm underwhelmed. I can't be the only one who prefers to shower on the boat rather than use public ones so showers included doesn't help me much. Having said all that, although Ranworth Island is lovely it's £10 for nowt but a small patch of grass. That makes WRC seem a bargain.
  7. Not a ramble at all, I'm enjoying so far.
  8. Martham Boats have reinstated Jocelyn in their hire fleet. I'm sure it must be many years since it was last on hire. The interior photos look good. https://www.marthamboats.com/hire/motor-cruisers/65-jocelyn-iii
  9. Martham Ferry Boats, there's a name from the past. I remember in the 80's they had two or three holiday cruisers which were eventually bought by Barnes Brinkcraft. Brinks Aries is still on hire. It certainly makes a useful day boat location and the more choice the top side of the bridge the better. How long have they been offering these?
  10. HW have always let all hire craft moor there for free. It's a Broads Hire Federation rule I believe.
  11. There is that and also the fact that good weather is everything. Had the bad weather of the first half of June continued I think the number of last minute bookings would have been far fewer.
  12. I agree, Jay, webcams everywhere would be an intrusion but security cameras I'm happy with anywhere to be honest because they're not broadcast to the world.
  13. Good advice so far. Wroxham is the trickiest because all the yards have limited space although Barnes Brinkcraft is not so much of a sardine tin since the new pontoons were added. Herbert Woods and Richardsons both have large marinas, so you should have no issue with availability any night of the week. Even with those though, when you arrive just check with a member of staff if there's particular quays they want you to avoid.
  14. Many of those Astons did long service, the GRP boats especially and were still around when I first came to the Broads in the 80s. The only time I ever holidayed on an Aston was with my parents in 1983 on Aston Goblin, one of the Aston Wizard class from Loddon. It was one of the many 30 foot centre cockpit (Bourne?) types. It was our first time on the South Broads, first time across Breydon and I have happy memories, even though we broke down 3 times. This year I have Song of Freedom (ex Aston Vanguard) booked for October, one of 3 ex-Astons in the Freedom fleet.
  15. Welcome. Yep, it's a fantastic run up to Coltishall Lock. Most people don't even know you can cruise that far so you'll have no problem finding a mooring, even if it's full at Coltishall Common.
  16. The prolonged spell of bad weather in June must also have had an impact. I worry especially for the smaller operators.
  17. Having hired Swan Roamer with the same flush, 10 flushes is a bit optimistic. We hired for 4 nights, the red light came on about 4pm on the last day and I came to regret not heading for a pump out immediately. The toilet gave up the ghost during the night and wasn't the best experience. It was a fabulous boat and the toilet was brilliant - until the red light.
  18. I'm sure you're right and yet I find it sad and frustrating, along with many people at the public meeting tonight I suspect.
  19. Appalling. I haven't visited Stalham Staithe in a while so I didn't know this situation. If it was a car it would have been towed away to a compound and eventually scrapped. Is there any reason why the BA couldn't do the same?
  20. I'm enjoying your tale, Chris, you write very well. What you saw at Thurne defies belief, just the sheer stupidity and complete absence of common sense. On the subject of Potter Bridge and Hickling, I think it's more than likely you won't get through at all. I think Swan Rapture wiuld need something like 6 foot 9 or 6 foot 10 and you just don't get that sort of clearance at Potter very often. The run up to Hickling is indeed lovely and my advice would be to hire a day boat, either from Herbert Woods or Whispering Reeds at Hickling (who also have a comfy day cruiser which I enjoyed hiring).
  21. I'm not seeing a boat photo. North Broads? Almost everywhere is lovely and it's hard to pick out single places. I would suggest have a go at mudweighting on a Broad and try a wild mooring on the Ant.
  22. Thanks for the write up Bryan, pleased you're still enjoying Swan Roamer. Having hired it I completely understand why you keep returning to it. You must feel like you own the boat by now! There's one thing that's always puzzled me about your visits. You spend all your time on such a small section of the Broads, being exclusively the Ant and Thurne and the small Bure section between. The Bure below Thurne mouth isn't for everybody and neither is the south (although I love both), but why miss out on all the Upper Bure? In particular I thought above Wroxham Bridge would be right up your street. Please don't take this as a criticism, I'm just intrigued.
  23. Thanks, Vaughan. It looks to be more disruptive than we might have thought. I think politely asking a passing craft to briefly wait is fine. However there's a fine line between a reasonable wait and one which is excessive with that line being different for different people I guess.
  24. I agree David, that stern deck would scare me to death. From the layout plan it's odd inside too.
  25. Thanks for sharing, Robin and I enjoyed the bridge video. I ate at the Kings Head in May and I was almost as disappointed as you. At Acle, I think you can still moor with rhond anchors upstream of the Pedro's moorings?
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