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  1. Thanks for the write up and photos, Helen, very enjoyable. I'm glad I was able to meet you, Graham and Jean at Loddon. Interested to read about the valet arrangements. It's good those that want a valet can still arrange it because that would always be my preference. I noticed how clean the exterior of MS was - who has responsibility for that?
  2. OK Malcom. I've hired in April many times so I know it can be anything from 0 to 20 degrees. I agree the extra daylight makes a big difference though.
  3. Broads01


    I agree she could be abrupt and off putting and I'm glad you got to know her well enough to see past that. The last time I visited the boatyard was when I made the mistake of trying to get water there on a Saturday in 2017. She was having none of it and sent me packing immediately on the basis she couldnt accommodate me mooring in the space (even just for water) which annoyed me at the time.
  4. Thanks, glad you found it useful. It's good to read your tale also. Having not had the benefit of being able to plug in to electric myself I can understand your need to do so. It's interesting though, despite how quiet it was for you, you had to cruise further than you intended to find even a single post available. I'm guessing during the main season, on the Ant at least, you'd have no hope.
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    Here's my list of operators I've hired from since 1981 but no longer hiring now: Norfolk Broads Yachting Company Aston Boats Mistral Craft Hearts Cruisers Alpha Craft Bees Boats Whispering Reeds (day boats only now) Horizon Craft Summercraft Royalls
  6. Broads01


    Thanks for the heads up, Malcom, that's a real shame. I hired from Summercraft twice (Gainsborough Girl and Grecian Girl) and had no complaints at all. They have a deserved reputation as a well run operation. It must be a recent decision because I was browsing Hoseasons a couple of weeks ago and Summercraft were on there.
  7. I'm out Monday 6th - Monday 13th Malcom. Hopefully we'll get to meet properly this time. I agree Jean. I don't normally visit a pub every night, preferring to mix with wider moorings but I wanted them to break up the long evening and I enjoyed that. I had enough daylight hours for plenty of cruising but I found I was more restricted in how long I could stop for during the day so as to ensure I reached my destination before it got gloomy.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy myself. You may recall I said I was originally booked for end October and it was a special set of circumstances causing me to delay by 12 days. I'm really glad I went and I really enjoyed having a classic boat.
  9. I used 57 litres of fuel which I didn't think was too bad given it's an old BMC engine and I'd covered a few miles, not always with the tide. The journey home was a bit rubbish and I was on the road for 6 hours but I'm home in the warm now. So, would I hire in November again? I would say probably not. I was lucky and unlucky with the weather - lucky in that I had a reasonable share of sunshine but unlucky in that temperatures were very low and made it feel more like January some of the time. I really enjoyed the cruising, the relaxing and the pubs so in general all the daytime bit. At night was where I found it a bit tough going - although I was generally warm in bed with two duvets and a sleeping bag in between, getting up during the night and first thing in the morning wasn't so much fun. Although there was no electric hook up on this boat I can appreciate the advantage at this time of year. Freedom were great once again, especially with the unexpected "extra time" bonus. I've booked Song again for next April, this time for a full week.
  10. The weather is horrible today - persistent heavy rain and very cold. I chugged up to Norwich and was intending to stay there a bit but didn't fancy the idea of having to lower the roof and screens to get back under the railway bridge. We passed back under, roof up and a few inches to spare (tide is rising). Currently at Whittingham where I'm going to have some food and then return the boat. Long drive home ahead so I'll update this evening (including my thoughts on November boating, Howard).
  11. I received a call from Nicky at Freedom this afternoon. Because the boat isn't going back out tomorrow (well I'm the only one hiring it in November I suspect) I can return the boat any time until 3-30pm tomorrow. I've not prompted them at all and I was fully expecting to be back by 9am. That's fantastic service in my view and not something I'd get elsewhere.
  12. OK so private moorings and lots of posts but no boats. It's not an issue this time of year but come next summer it could be a tight squeeze if the only 24 hour moorings are those on the town side. For as long as I can remember until the last time I visited in April 2018, moorings were available both sides.
  13. From yesterday, what's going on with these posts? I couldn't work out whether they were to prevent mooring or assist it.
  14. My favourite on the South too Malcom.
  15. I've had a brilliant day's cruise today. The nasty wind was gone and I took advantage of the brightness to chug back down the Chet with roof lowered. Today is my last full day of a 5 night break so I turned left at the bottom of the Chet, destination the Ferry House for my last night. I stopped off at a deserted Langley Dyke to give Rollie a run and enjoy the scenery. Once again there were no boats moving at all. Not long after leaving Langley Dyke I saw a couple of walkers and realised they were the first people I'd seen since passing a couple of fishermen on the Chet. I carried on to Brundall and turned on to Surlingham/Bargate Broad (is calling it Surlingham Broad incorrect?) to drop the mud weight. Doing this always confuses Rollie because he associates my turning off the engine with him getting off for a walk. I think this Broad has an especially peaceful quality. Today was especially so except for the numpty who charged through so fast he caused a wash which rocked the boat noticeably. I set off later and very soon pulled in at Church Fen mooring, mainly to relieve Rollie's cabin fever. I had the roof open once again on a beautifully sunny afternoon and chugged back through the Broad and then up through Brundall, just for the enjoyment of it. I wss soon at the Ferry House and didn't feel like stopping for a bit so I carried on as far as Bramerton Common before returning to a side-on mooring outside the pub. I'm off to get a drink now and looking forward to food.
  16. Thanks Jean, the boat in the foreground looks familiar .
  17. I made it to Loddon fine. Who should already be there but Helen (Ynysmon) and husband Graham on Moonlight Shadow. Jean (SwanR) was also there visiting and it was really good to say hello and chat for a few minutes. I'm currently sat with Rollie in The White Horse which is very warm and welcoming. It's a good job they have WiFi because unusually I have no phone signal whatsoever on the boat or anywhere near it.
  18. Hi there. I only stepped off for a few minutes with Rollie. The Nelson would have been warm but I'm not much of a lunch time drinker.
  19. Rollie enjoyed a run off the lead near the Yacht Station and then we set off at 8-30am. It was bright but with a bitter cold wind so unusually for me I kept the roof up. My intended destination today is Loddon Staithe. At Somerleyton I was hoping not to have to lower the roof but it was around high water and there was only about 8 foot available. I lowered the roof and screens and felt the cold air briefly and then wrestled to close up again as quickly as possible. Once again, Rollie and I have the whole river to ourselves - yesterday I saw one moving boat all day and today only two so far (and one of those was a BA ranger). We're currently at Reedham where I was intending to try the Post Office Tea room only to discover it's closed on Tuesdays.
  20. Until 1pm Howard. They charge the same as in the summer but lock up the toilet and shower facilities at 1pm when they leave - not great.
  21. Rollie is obsessed with squirrels..
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