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  1. Sorry I thought Ian was talking about the Recruiting Sargeant
  2. Horses for courses. We were in there last year as a couple and enjoyed it very much.
  3. Mine arrived today, intercepted by the boss. It is now for my Birthday at the end of next month!
  4. I will get lost if they move that blue car.
  5. The NBN will not sanction anything that is illegal, or allow any suggestions of breaking or bending the law.
  6. Thank you. Looks like a good choice then.
  7. Is it possible to get from the library to Mill Road( footpath green line) this would be shorter?
  8. Long way round, just less than a mile.
  9. My daughter was only given hers last week and she works on wards with COVID patients (50 to 60 %) She was also transferred to a 100% COVID ward when the had critical staff shortages. All this before the vaccination and still wearing the standard face mask. They even had the marines in as they were so short staffed.
  10. Cortina mk3? viva, triumph stag, Ford escort mk1
  11. Must have been, Peter would not have spelt it as “to badly” but used too.
  12. Let’s make this very clear. The moderators do a very difficult job and they do it exceptionally well. The TOS are their guidelines as well as inputs from the committee and the timing of when to stop something before it gets out of hand. We tread a fine line. therefore I will not tolerate anything said against them or their actions on open forum. If there is it will be deleted, if it is repeated members will find themselves on preauthorisation etc etc. please help them to help you and keep your frustrations off the posts. thanks
  13. Not created as a football song, was part of carousel I think.
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