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  1. When I see discounting I often see poor planning and cash flow problems in the background.
  2. It used to be the case about Italian Electrics in cars etc 30 odd years ago, is it still the case? Or are some of us just old with memories of elephants!
  3. We do not know enough about the circumstances to make this statement. This is all sounding like a broken record. I suggest the OP takes legal action if he can and that he / we drops this on the forum until he has pursued it to a conclusion in court.
  4. Did you mean he has got a dipstick or he is a dipstick?
  5. Naughty..... Hilarious but Naughty.
  6. I think you are being unfair on yourself there Neil!
  7. We have some near us, often seen when taking Max for his walkies. We call the black one Max. F3AA6DFF-74FC-4B0D-B0EF-9B95004EC9CF.MOV
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