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  1. On boarder has been in use for a long time
  2. Excellent Photo, looking forward to getting back in a couple of weeks
  3. Waiting for the flappy thing skipper to indicate where to go is a very good starting point. However. They often give no indication. What do you do follow it for the rest of its journey waiting or use your initiative. Watch the pattern of its movements to work out the best way to get past. I always go astern of the flappy thing preferably when it is about to start its longest path before returning. I have followed someone who just waited when there was more than enough time to row past let alone motor. They just kept waiting.
  4. Not sure that negative comments about mooring will help the area sustain repeat business. Even in Peak periods there was enough moorings, especially if you plan ahead and do not leave it too late in the day. Even with the reduction in moorings due to bank enhancements and BA reduction. Let’s hope people enjoy the break. It is a great alternative to staying at home.
  5. Isn’t that how she was damaged before?
  6. Richardson’s may use a none disclosure agreement as part of the settlement.
  7. Saw Swiftway at Ludham Bridge, look very nice indeed. Great start there Clive. Hope all goes well.
  8. Picked up our boat on Friday 21st. Two nights moored at locations on the Northern Rivers. Each night we had several boats running their engines after 20:00 and before 08:00 and even more speeding past creating a large wash. Not all were hire boats so this is not an us vs them thread. It is a plea to the boat yards to train their customers about civil etiquette, and if by chance some of the offenders do read this forum the hope that they will consider slowing down when going past moored boats and only run your engines between the hours of 08:00 to 20:00 when moored up. Unless due to leave
  9. Thanks Grendel. just to reiterate, Moderators will try to contact the OP, but this might not happen straight away. Rather than sarcastic comments please exercise patience. As Peter said all of our moderators are volunteers, most have jobs or others interests that mean we often take a while to inform or discuss. thank you all. Your moderators do a great job and we are very grateful for the time and effort they put in.
  10. I see you got the closest mooring to the Pub.
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