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  1. This is not ranting, looks more like whining. You can bet Amazons dollar that they will have modeled the cost associated with packing size options, weight, postage deals and stock costs down o the last cent.when they ship the quantity they do every cent soon adds up to the dollar. and most of it is recyclable.
  2. In my mind I am thinking.... CAD and Print, the whole window system that is.
  3. Round turn and 250 half hitches, or until no rope left
  4. Lol, two adults, six kids. It is not just numbers it can be lifestyle and priorities.
  5. I have had combi boilers for years now, latest is Worcester Bosh. Never had any problems. We run one shower off the latest one and with plenty of water pressure get a slight drop in flow with no change to temp. If you spec correctly you should not have a problem. Specing properly may of course tell you a combi will not suit your requirements, but fit mine perfectly
  6. Condolences, Thoughts go with Clive and Family.
  7. Swallow..... lovely boat, wonder where she is now?
  8. It is my wife’s Birthday soon. A couple of weeks ago She had a two hour massage as her present. Coming out of Morrison’s I said I have to go and get your present. Don’t bother she said you got me the massage. what do you think she meant? 34 years married this year and I would like it to stay that way, I went and bought her something to unwrap on the day.
  9. Got it for Christmas on DVD, excellent.
  10. Loving the updates, really professional job. Best of luck with the interviews.
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