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  1. Toms input is more than welcomed by myself as I feel we need all sides of a discussion. I do think we can keep these civil whilst making points. We also do not need to ask Tom to comment..... I am sure he sees all and will comment when he feels appropriate. The Team show no favouritism to anyone. High integrity and honourable.
  2. Love it Polly. Just what I needed, not me at all though!
  3. Was not being unfair, just reminding
  4. Please input Username and Boat name before pressing button please
  5. I see no harm in these posts if in non broads area. We can always ignore them.
  6. Thoughts are with you Griff. Sorry to hear about your loss.
  7. We ave been saying for ages that Timbo needs his big end repairing.
  8. When I see discounting I often see poor planning and cash flow problems in the background.
  9. It used to be the case about Italian Electrics in cars etc 30 odd years ago, is it still the case? Or are some of us just old with memories of elephants!
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