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  1. Used by UK military in 1800’s I think
  2. We all understand that being stuck indoors can be very frustrating but we all need to remain friendly, non confrontational and keep it from getting personal. if we are incapable of doing so the Moderators will have no option.
  3. Some of us have to read it all!
  4. What would you get if they went into administration? Real question
  5. Good job, looks great
  6. Friendly warning. Please play nicely and do not get aggressive or personal.
  7. I am sick of the broken record too Chris.
  8. My daughter is a nurse working on a Covid Ward. Worrying times indeed.
  9. If anyone has not had their refund, can you PM me please.
  10. Thoughts are with Family and Friends, sad news.
  11. NBN have offered help and more than happy to do so.
  12. I am with you on this Paul. A real struggle too!
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