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  1. Like at all times we need balance to ensure that situations are not exploited, but this broken record is getting very petty.
  2. Hired from several yards and not notice any discrepancies yet. Generally I go with the tides where possible so use less fuel. The days of ragging it to see everywhere like an overseas tourist have long gone.
  3. Maxwellian

    River Yare

    Yes, thanks Andy
  4. Maxwellian

    River Yare

    There is a small animal/play park a short walk from Reedham.
  5. The post has a smiley face after it. Poopy claims to have a sense of humour.... obviously not!
  6. Give them a call and then drop an email to confirm. They are very good.
  7. Nice day today to relax and chill and think of the finer things in live. Consider the things that we can do to make other peoples lives easier. Tomorrow and next week look good too. Best wishes to all, here’s to a good natured discussion.
  8. Are you being a little bit mischievous Vaughan?
  9. Love the Port and Starboard Griff
  10. I still think she should win the wooden boat show award every year.
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