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  1. Maxwellian

    Boat Being Untied.

    That is why we always put the mud weight down when mooring. Also use spring when not needed as it is another one for them to have to untie. Happened to us in 1984 in Norwich YS. long time ago and never again. The Ranger had warned us as it was a Saturday night so we stayed put. We were woken up to others shouting trying to wake up the occupants of a cruiser floating past that had not put their mud weight down. they eventually heard the calls. It is not common so please don't panic everyone.
  2. Maxwellian

    Beware The Yare On The 31st May

    Here is one of the Photos that Andy posted. You can see the Freedom Boats as well in this one.
  3. Maxwellian

    What A Day Of Sport Today

    It is called flicking though the channels, it will drive the boss mad. 😡
  4. Maxwellian

    Dodgy CO Detectors

    Great site thanks
  5. Maxwellian

    Orca Maintenance And Improvements

    Nice work Alan, canopies as well as teak carpets. Looks great. Must admit so does B2P, love the window in the forward roof on that one.
  6. Maxwellian


    Too what for himself ECIPA
  7. Maxwellian


    Ok what is all the fuss about nothing :P
  8. Maxwellian

    Dodgy CO Detectors

    Dnks. I am sure that was what Charlie was talking about as well.
  9. Maxwellian

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    We went on the Caledonia Canal that year.
  10. Maxwellian


  11. Maxwellian

    Justice Is Done!

    I have been through and edited or hidden posts that caused or could have caused any of tonight’s confrontation. Can we please re read my previous post in this thread. Anyone not happy with edits etc please report posts. This action concludes all of the reported post by members tonight. thanks, can we now enjoy the thread as the op wanted us to.
  12. Maxwellian

    Justice Is Done!

    We need members to have self control and report posts that they find offensive rather than getting aggressive and/or insulting. We do not want to be repeatedly locking threads. Surely we are all adult enough to stop this behaviour now. We may Have to introduce short term preauthorisation of posts or bans for individuals who cannot follow this simple request. Please keep the forum a friendly and safe environment for all to use.
  13. Maxwellian

    How Many Boats?

    Welcome from me as well
  14. Maxwellian

    Is Betty1 Due An Apology?

    Apologies to Betty1. The course taken was done quickly to ensure things did not get out of hand. The Team want the forum to be a friendly and safe atmosphere for all to enjoy. We implore all to respect this view, it is in the TOS and all have signed up to it.
  15. Maxwellian

    Jack Fellows And The Missing Boatyard!

    I was late into discovering these books and have read them all. Excellent in my opinion. Now as for that plot Neil ...... :)

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