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  1. Accept the offer ;) Don't forget to pop in if you passing,though mums banned from touching the garden lol!
  2. Ordered.. Love these though annoyingly I read them over a couple of nights (normally whilst on the boat)..
  3. Just had an update from Graham, the chair of the project.. I'm sure they won't mind me sharing.. But good news and sounds like it's well on the way to being a little bit more secured.. but I guess time is running out so don't delay if you want to be involved. During the first week of our share issue we have had over 200 people sign up as shareholders/members and have raised £163,000 in share capital. If we carry on like this we will reach our target in just four weeks and have to close the share issue early. Make sure you don't miss out on becoming a “founder member” of The Locks Inn Comm
  4. Interesting comments, I brought a tiny amount of shares. I've wasted more money doing other stupid things. I just got my receipt, I have a warm fuzzy feeling that I've symbolically brought into one of the best pubs I've ever been to. I don't expect anything back, I'm not going to have any say, I don't expect to invest anymore, I probably won't even bother claiming the tax back.. But one day (hopefully) I'll be able to visit my pub and have a beer and say I supported it.
  5. The locks share options appear to have just gone live.. http://www.savethelocks.com/
  6. Good luck Clive and co, It's nice to see the Horning pleasurecraft name back, nice touch :) You are very lucky though to be doing what you enjoy though.. Best job I've ever done was working at the trimming company and would jump straight back at it if I could!
  7. These last couple of weeks have been a nightmare just getting around. Most of the fields are flooded and the upper waveney is just a big lake, there's so much water about.. In all my years of driving including around here I've never been afraid of driving but geez it's nerve wrecking! It seems there's lots of rivers which zigzag all over the roads here so it's easy to get pretty stuck.. But still nice to be here.. Fingers crossed for some dry days though..
  8. This post just popped up on facebook, hopefully it embeds, if not they are opening up to allow shares, it seems more symbolic but still will be neat to do, my names down and it will cool to one day have a drink in "my" pub. https://www.facebook.com/LocksInnCommunity/posts/176144747583017
  9. I know it's no fun gloating but it is soo nice (even at this time) to be within walking distance of Norfolk :) Though this part of suffolk is amazing too.
  10. I worked for a marine trimmer for a bit. Most proper mattresses are made up in yorkshire, we used to use a company up there but I can't remember the details and googles not helping. If you do decide, I'd recommend at best grabbing a pocket sprung mattress, it will be more money but will be worth it, also the smaller shape also allows for the custom shapes. Also be aware that the steel springs in a mattress aren't best suited for the marine environment so the springs used in marine mattresses should be suited hence more money though. If you want a proper mattress I'd recommend norfolk based
  11. I too would recommend booking direct with the boatyard, for many reasons, including that personal service. I haven't hired for many years but I'd personally go with the likes of Marthams or hunters fleet or similar smaller yards just again for that personal service to help support them through what must be a very tough few months. I believe that yards who are associated with Hoseasons you will still end up paying the book price as (or they used to) still have to pay commission back to hoseasons if booked direct but still I'd book direct. Don't forget too that your booking is accomodatio
  12. Thanks Gracie, I hope you well :) I'm still hovering and natter to many members still.. I just find it hard to post on here for many reasons.. Drop me a PM for a natter (I'm not sure my pm's always get through)
  13. Good news y'all... I'm here if/when needed but indeed it must be commercial free and clearly done in craigs memory. John just message me as and when (though I doubt I'll have internet for a bit whilst we move).
  14. What fun, we are just waking up for an unscheduled drive up to winterise the boat.. Seems a easy decision really.. today or the 5th december assuming the virus will magically reduce in a month and it will only be a month long lockdown!! (pray for bloody june again!) I doubt the BA will magically have anything additional to say, they will need to read through lots of rushed and contradictory laws/advice and cover themselves by saying "stay away".. Sadly our boats our problem... personally i don't fancy trying to justify in court next summer that driving 120 miles during a lockdow
  15. There are many design issues with them that make them unsuitable for boats (or there was when I last looked), things like the combustion chamber not being air tight, insufficient fuel return lines..(things which are fine for vehicle installs but not boats).. Again I'm not expert and I would urge anyone with them or considering one to seek professional advice that either be a stockist (who may well be baise although the long discussions I had with tom I found him to be very honest and unbiased) or a marine surveyor/marine engineer who may be able to help advise a safe means to install thes
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