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  1. JawsOrca

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Excellent.. looking forward to this! The hull certainly looks like a broom 37 hull. The top looks pretty cool though I hope you get and keep it watertight though. Please keep us all updated with the progress!
  2. JawsOrca

    Another One Bites The Dust

    A barrister? why on earth did It need a Barrister? Is the barrister in the need of some urgent planning works on his broadland property or something? What's wrong with just a common solicitor? Is the B.A Legal filled with gold? All clearly very complex, personally I trust Jame's opinions/views whatever, so another minus point in my book for the BA and it's clearly bizarre management...
  3. JawsOrca


    It's certainly sadly easier not to post than to post. Hopefully she's well and still watching. Be good Gracie :)
  4. JawsOrca

    The Sub £300.00 4hp Outboard...

    These smaller engines are all the same base model, therefore you shouldn't have problems really. Talking with the chaps at boatworld they have been around for some years, apparently so have these engines, must admit I've seen a few on the broads. I wouldn't hesitate about purchasing one from them, certainly at half the price of the bigger brands.
  5. JawsOrca

    The Sub £300.00 4hp Outboard...

    Take a look at these, spotted them at the southampton boat show: https://www.boatworld.co.uk/boats/outboard-motors Not quite as cheap as this, but £100 per horsepower is really on par with the old 2 stroke prices yet 4 stroke engines... love the name too :) :)
  6. JawsOrca

    Licence For The Tidal Medway?

    As others mentioned, you will need a Peel ports conservatory licence (Not sure what they are conserving) if your boat is permanently moored afloat on the tidal mudway, it's about £65 quid per year. It's not policed though unless you are being locked into a marina then only then I guess you are checked, maybe. It is a bit of a joke as there are no facilities and the medway isn't being dredged but yeah you should have one. Marina's or local clubs often offer a discount and you can get for £49 pa. If you are residential though and pay council tax on the boat then you are except, even if you use the boat?! (I tried to pay but they wouldn't take the money!).
  7. I think we are ready?!! It's been a maze and a ton of paper work, let alone sorting the stand! We have moved slightly and are now in the corner.. Stand number J200! (just behind you there Neil). We will have 5 thousand samples to give out and some door mats to sell at the show.. So do stop by if anyones at the show! I'll also have some free pens! We are heading down to Southampton on thursday and I'm there until the end (At present though I'm not sure when I'm home as no ones confirmed the breakdown times!).. hopefully we have a good show.. it's been hard work just to get this far!
  8. A bit of a bump! Also to help get everyone ready for the show.. I can offer NBN members 20% off our door mats... Take a look: https://www.teak-carpet.co.uk/mats.php
  9. JawsOrca

    What Might We Reasonably Expect Of Nbn?

    I disagree that facebook attracts the younger crowd, at present it seems to attract those mature generations whom have vile attitudes and views to other humans, personally I don't see how anyone should accommodate them...apart from perhaps allow norfolk broads boats to turn left at yarmouth and watch darwin do his magic ...
  10. JawsOrca

    What Might We Reasonably Expect Of Nbn?

    The issue with facebook is that it's a lot harder to moderate as there is so many posts.. As always help the team by clicking the report button. Although the posts may descend into the pits of hell until moderated, I'd like to think the moderation is a little tougher there when it happens..
  11. JawsOrca

    Reedham Ferry

    Vaughan, I must admit I read as the same as Ray her. Kingfisher was stating that the trial would be a lot worse if the unfortunate helms where on a hireboat.. certainly as most of the disgusting posts on the social groups are brutal enough as it's a owner helmsmen.
  12. JawsOrca

    Reedham Ferry

    Just remember that if you do make a mistake, remove any flags (certainly NBN ones), put something over the boat names and numbers!
  13. JawsOrca

    Reedham Ferry

    Guys, I'm not just saying this following recent team events but I think we shouldn't say too much as we could defame individuals.. My personal experience of the ferry is one with caution and the use of the 160db air horn on a number of occasions.
  14. JawsOrca

    Reedham Ferry

    The post has been removed now, mainly because the commentators refering to helmsmen as "Muppet, Idiot, etc etc" why do people have to react like this? .. geez makes you want to find a nice broad and escape to...
  15. JawsOrca

    Reedham Ferry

    A Privateer who will sadly be very red faced.

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