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  1. Tim waters jumped aboard today (I actually kinda forgot he was going) but Orca passed with no issues which is nice to know. Top marks to Tim though, he jumped on without the need for us to be there, and emailed the certificate over so nice and smooth. Highly recommend him :)
  2. Indeed hull wraps.. I think the adhesive can break down and it can start to peel. It may last longer although I suspect the warranty you will get will state this.
  3. Explains a lot of the BOC's views then ;) Interesting stuff though.
  4. So something like this... could an individual buy a hull alone? or was these sold to a yard to fit out as required? I kinda disagree with the non broom thing.. surely a boat is all about the hull really? If it's a "Broom" design hull then it's a Broom boat etc (Ok what's up top matters for resale etc but I would think it's cool to honour the reputation of the hull?). I must admit though this does seem a bit unique to Broom or other norfolk builders as other manufactures didn't really do this as far as I know.
  5. Yeah interesting. Although it looks in good condition, I'd say for 1 it's way over priced. I won't say how much we paid for our Crown but you will find Ocean 37's and continentials listed for the same price.. they don't sell for that price but yeah I won't pay anywhere near that listing price. In terms of the interior it's certainly looks to be a non broom interior from the ones I've seen. There are a number of little things which looks a little broomy but it could just be copied slightly. The floor beams though look as simularly crude to our floor beams but it could be the case that this was how it was supplied. Needless to say ours is a "True blood" lol.. (Number 3 apparently). Look outside of Norfolk and the thames for a good prices ;) Don't forget that the Perkins engines are being hard to maintain now although I know where to get some supplies. Happy to help with anything though.
  6. I'm not sure I agree.... but pomp and tradition of being with the brand, I suspect it will change though considering the sad end of production. Let me know, it's more of a social club/group though than a knowledge group, I suspect we have more knowledge on here but certainly worth a shot if needed.
  7. Happy Birthday Broadscot. From the brief time I spent him he was such a character. Big shame he's no longer with us. Sleep well though matey.
  8. The hull certainly looks like a Broom 37 hull. But it's probably a custom top as suggested. Was the Hulls sold off as just Hulls? Don't forget the BOC is only for "True Blood" Brooms, lol. Hopefully you get an answer, If not I can try and stick on the owners facebook group and see if anyone can shed more info although I suspect no more than advised already :)
  9. Hull wraps are becoming pretty common, We did a few via a dedicated contractor in my last place. It's quite an investment though as it really only last 7 years (if the correct stuff is used), in terms of scratches though, it can be repaired and will look good from a distance.. I'd probably say it's quite tough stuff and will probably withstand gentle knocks etc.. It really is something for the pros though as it's a very skilled thing to do.
  10. Guld this stuff is so confusing and I'm not going to pretend for one moment I understand this but appreciate those fighting the fight. I clearly believe that something strange is going on with the BA and with JP but I've one question: What has JP got to gain from restricting the rights of navigation and undermining the Broads? Surely he will want to be remembered for improving the broads whilst in office?
  11. I'm sure though Robin that a new weber unit for example is quite cheap compared if you don't need a full kit, I'm sure we had a quote for about £500 just for a unit (Webber Air heater), it's when you need more than just a unit that the components add up and making them compatible for marine use then clearly is where we get robbed. We need to look at sorting one of our dry heaters, we thought of this but I don't think so yet. As you say though this is a good thing out of china, I think it's too cheap at the moment, but I do suspect and hope we will see a slightly better company take it on and thus be a good offering as these heaters are far too overpriced for this market really.
  12. Of course they have a CE sticker on them ;) 800 for £6? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000-PC-of-the-European-Union-CE-standard-electronic-waste-bin-label-white-sticker-label-CE/32436466465.html
  13. There's a few more videos on these heaters Robin, I think there was an earlier issue with them but they do seem to working now. There's a few also from intrigued youtubers (whom seem to understand these things) who have stripped them to have a good look at the inners and operation and they do seem to be lacking some parts I think meaning they may die quicker (Meshing, thermometer sensors). Also the exhaust systems will not be safe for marine use out of the box, I believe (although guessing here) they can be made marine use by adding the marine exhaust system as you would find in a marine kit from the main webasto/ebber units although the price will then go up. I'm not overly sure I'd trust one yet although they have been around for a few years and do seem to be getting good. As always though it's not only us users/owners who need to happy to use, it's things like the BSS guys and our insurance companies, the latter who will do all they can to get out of a payout and it's this that's then a problem with these, I doubt china will address this and make insurance approved anytime soon sadly. But I guess if you have a cheap boat (like a fishing boat) which is away from BSS waters with only 3rd party insurance and you can monitor it's use and botch it to work then it may work.
  14. Thanks Yall.. I did read through a YBW post and seems it's pretty common for these to go off themselves if they are past the sell by date.. Certainly a perfect time to check them really I guess. I must say this is the first time I've seen one of these inflated (touch wood) and it wasn't inflated that well or that large of an area, I'm really not sure it would help with my erm mass.. Although I use a better one. I guess maybe the CO thing was a bit old too, it kinda spelt like rotten eggs when it went off. Thankfully no dizzyness from deflating it although with this pesky manflu I have I probably wouldn't have noticed. No lessons learnt though, check them all, no point having them if they are unusable...
  15. Something a little strange just happened. I'm having a tidy up here at home, and dug out some old auto lifejackets out from a cupboard and put in them next to the dehumidifier which it's on and running... It may be coincidence but one auto jacket just went off itself!?! I know you guys love a challenge can anyone work out why this went off itself? Clearly these things should go off when they are wet not perhaps when being dried? The cartridge is way out of date (2014), to be honest I didn't know they was in there. Also does anyone know how I get the bloody air out of it now??
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