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  1. Oh it looks like xyz have got you jumping through some hoops there. On a bowden printer (or even most modern direct drives) you may need to just change the extruder (or print a mod), that's only if it's not feeding correctly, the hot end element is fine as long as it's all set up correctly. If you have had your fun from that one you may want to have a look around for a newer machine, obviously the 3d printing world is moving very quickly and even the cheapest printer now does amazing prints (well kinda) and removes a lot of messing around. i.e I rarely clean a nozzle but I don't really need to (hot pulling means they come out clean and its easier just to either bin the nozzle (or run cleaning filament through), although I find the ware out before I need to clean them! New opensource printers are also highly customisable, you really can run different filamants through without any probs, I can switch from wood, to carbon to alloy even on the same print with no probs, opensource slicers also do funky stuff to make it easy. For your model making too you may want to try and look at resin printers, as you have such an amazing eye for detail! you may find these a good investment as the detail is way beyond a fdm printer. Prices at £200 quid now really can't go wrong. Also please just be very very careful with printing in ABS, despite what XYZ may say it's pretty lethal stuff, you really only want to be printing these really outside. I refuse to print with it certainly considering when there's no need with good pla's and pet(g)'s. Sorry for changing subject.. Love watching this post, you really do have such an eye for detail and a skill for model making.
  2. Why have you put an upgraded hotend on for flex? What printer have got? Fenders look good though! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. I'm not sure I'd be overly confident putting one of these in a boat which needs a BSC (and then full insurance cover), saying that I wouldn't put one in any boat just yet, although they seem to be doing OK and I am following closely on things like youtube (certainly as they have just released a wet version), I still would only trust to heat a shed of a van. It would be interesting to see what the BSC or a marine surveyor would say though, let us know when that happens. Can I just suggest (with no malice etc) that you have a little world with Tom at JPC in brundall, (he will be straight and honest), just for his advice to see if it's as safe as it can be. I have heard these do run hot(ter) and are heavy drinkers (and poor internal heating mesh) compared to the oringinals. Regards the pumps, a couple of boats I know of, have had problems with pumps which are lower than the fuel tanks due to siphoning, basically overfuels and depending on the model throws an error and stops it starting.. Simple fix though put a swanneck in, bringing the pipe above the tank then back down. (Again though Tom at JPC is a legend with helping with installation tips).
  4. Well done @JanetAnne, Only just seen this. WR is an amazing little thing, I truly think she's one of the best preserved original cruisers still afloat today.. I had a couple of sleeplesness nights thinking of "Things" around her when I saw Liz's post and I know if had the money in the bank I would have done "Things" but it looks like you have worked out a top plan there, and it's so nice to see Liz still able to be involved too. Sadly financially I can't do anything really at present as my work situation has been crap and obviously own too many boats as it is (not to mention I've failing out of love for the broads lately).. But I love the idea of a hired weekend on her if this is possible sometime?.. Just a warning before you say yes: You may have to have a few security guards present to forcefully remove me from her at the end of the weekend though.....Balls actually reminds me I still need to hire a hunters.. can you buy one of them too?
  5. Hi Mark, A couple of my friends are surveyors and I've had a little bit of training as it maybe something I pick up later in life :) (Fingers crossed) But basically yes, reports can take an eternity to get in full. Some may have be to submitted to the organisation they are a member of and the surveyor needs to be certain that it's all correct and there are a lot of details in there (Not that I'm saying your surveys aren't, you know I have no idea about houses lol ;) ). A decent surveyor should also take all day to do a survey of the boat so when they are busy they will do all the surveys together and then do the reports when it's not busy. An insurance survey is also not really as high priority as others (such as a damage report, or a prepurchase report) (as your insurance always gives you time to resolve any recommendations) so it may just edge down the list slightly. I've actually tried to work with my friends to see if there's a way to write software to speed it up but the outcome was not really as they can all be very different :( You should be able to meet the surveyor at the end of the day and be told what the recommendations are or contact and ask for these straight away, but the full report will take time. For next time, I'll recommend our surveyor, he is based in Kent but I've sent him up to norfolk a few times and I know he covers there often too.
  6. Could we not just kill two birds with one stone and like put a link between the Ant here and hickling?
  7. Perhaps they was having a bad day :) We've been in there probably 4 or 5 times and always felt welcome, we've only ever tried though when they are completely empty though. Perhaps they recognise us now and the best advice is to call ahead.
  8. We normally just turn up although mainly out of season obviously not Friday's. I normally just land and don't tie up or anything until talking to them just out of politeness though. It's a nice quiet yard with lots of character.. :)
  9. Yeah it's not signed (thankfully as it keeps it hidden!) .. It's the second main dyke on the right from downstream.. takes a bit of finding but worth looking for. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Summercraft/@52.7085999,1.4116893,220m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47d757e98e188f25:0x1bc2f1b5ca17f7be!8m2!3d52.7098126!4d1.4136795
  10. The very few times we've stopped in Wroxham we managed to get into the Hotel which I think is a fab mooring and makes a nice stop. Otherwise we've always gone to the lovely summercraft which is a brilliant little yard with always very friendly people and I'm more than happy to pay whatever fee they demand, certainly one of the traditional broads yards. I'm no fan of Barnes and I really wouldn't moor there, I can't remember the sign but I'm sure reads along the lines of "Visiting moorings every other tuesday 4-5pm" hardly inviting but I guess that's the idea. Space is obviously the issue though and there's no way of improving that other than the hope that a yard closes down, which is certainly not what anyone wants and touch wood won't happen so perhaps wroxham is just one to visit by car/public transport.
  11. sorted! Well done!... Find a small little river where you can pretty much stand up in! Dilham canal is perfect!
  12. Why don't you go and have a look.. she's certainly a lot easier to maintain than that one you put an offer on before.. I'd happy spend a week every easter painting and varnishing...
  13. This is complex but the UK photography laws are often misunderstood by all including our police.. one random link googled.. https://www.blpawards.org/competition/photo-rights. Upskirting is of course indecent other examples you've raised are i guess classed as harassment. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  14. I'm not overly sure that's correct.. if you are outside then there are no privacy laws (considering CCTV is everywhere and public domain etc.. regardless of what authorities think as they always get it wrong) if you are inside and someone peeps through your window and takes a picture then yes.. but I suspect that image can be pixelated so remove your identity then no privacy has been breached.. this is all far too complicated though.. and laws are indeed emerging... Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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