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  1. JawsOrca


    Just for transparency, I understand Snugtopz has a similar and Jeckells was showing interest in ours at the boatshow so I suspect they will get one soon too.
  2. JawsOrca


    As MM mentions, No canopy companies can make a new canopy from an existing canopy, fabrics do indeed shrink (even depending on the temperature) and grow, so getting the canopy off a cold boat and into a nice warm workshop the canopy maybe a completely different shape and size. So a new canopy made this way maybe too tight or loose, If a supplier is stating they can do this then yeah look elsewhere. A bespoke template should be taken for all new canopies, This can be completed using a plastic material or an electronic one using posh new machines. Again this alone isn't easy and needs to be completed by someone experienced. A good designed canopy shouldn't leak but it takes a lot of time - Money - to get a leak free canopy design, be default some degree of leaking from a canopy needs to be expected as a canopy is really only an additional protection from an external area, if you really want it leak free make sure you make this clear, as it will need additions and design features. If it's leaking through the fabric then it means it's the wrong material although that's unlikely. It may leak for several weeks through the seams whilst the threads swell up which is a characteristic of the thread.
  3. JawsOrca


    Don't forget a company has many seamstresses/machinist although most companies are pretty good at keeping quality up some bits may slip up, I'm sure that if raised correctly most companies will resolve any issues. I'd say the best advice when looking for a canopy is; prepare to wait, they are busy because they are good, they are also busy because it's not a quick process and there's not many doing it, prepare to wait your turn, patiently. Also don't tell them how to do the canopy, trust me, they know a hell of lot more than you do and believe it or not even a simple canopy isn't simple and there is a ton of skill which goes into making one, help them by being clear as to what you like but leave them to do the details. Don't skimp: if you skimp you will get a rushed job with less features (maybe then be allocated to a less experienced machinist) and sadly cheap rushed jobs are really affecting the market resulting in lost skills and amateurs coming in and undercutting resulting in a downward spiral. Pay the right price. Also don't be so quick to judge companies from previous work, you never how much input the customer had and how little was paid. I'm sure all of the canopy canopies in Norfolk are some of the best considering the amount they do. So you won't go wrong by going with these.
  4. JawsOrca

    Sealant For Boat Windows

    Arbomast BR is what should be used for the Frames to the boat although use plenty and don't overtightern as you will want to tighten up against a few months in as it settles. It lasts about 5 or so years but makes it quick and easy to taken them out and redo, unlike Silaflex which is a pain to remove, also you use this as the frames move a bit between the boat and this allows for flexing. You could use it for perspex to the frames although indeed it does only come in grey but don't forget it doesnt cure. A standard window putty could be used or your silaflex 291/ copycat alternatives should do. Our glass was silaflex and has lasted many years (10+), Personally I'd use Silaflex 291 for glass to frames as it's not a job you want to really do again. Best advice I can give is don't rush it, make sure everything is clean, use silicon remover on the surfaces even if it's not been used before as a bit of silicon when mixed with non silicon products can be a right pain, also bite the bullet and reseal the glass/perspex to frames as sods law this will fail before the boat to the frame.
  5. JawsOrca

    Marina Quays

    I must admit, I do now understand why Norfolk hasn't changed for centuries and the motorway hasn't been invented yet.. Change can be good Norfolk... Bit shame this has been dropped, it makes full sense to me.
  6. JawsOrca

    Stern Only

    Sorry but I was just about to write what Andrew has, those out on the rivers out of season are generally experienced and courteous, it's little safer to be side on a mooring when there are few boats about, when lots of boats are moored stern on they are effectively rafted together, a single boat sitting stern to alone is at high risk of being affected by the wind, even with a mudweight/anchor down. What you generally find though is that boats will happily move to stern on to accommodate if it gets busy but when it's quiet their there is nothing wrong with side on clearly as we have never been pestered by rangers or alike when doing so. Please not lets hear them and us comments too on visiting boats and those different boats enjoying the broads, the rivers and broads are for all and not just one.
  7. JawsOrca

    Boatyard Hull Report For Insurance

    Just get Alf up and get a full survey, it's well worth the effort and you will get piece of mind. I know it's a pain to do but as long as you do with otherthings like antifouling it makes sense. He maybe able to do in the slings although moisture readings maybe a bit out
  8. JawsOrca

    Boatyard Hull Report For Insurance

    Mark, You know I swear by surveys. After Orca was damaged and the huge mess it caused we was really only saved by our recent survey and our surveyor (This was underwritten by Nav&Gen - who were very very good and very understanding) but to note: It's proving this when you need to claim, The underwritters take little notice of what individuals think and say certainly when it's thousands of pounds of their money at stake, they will only listen to what a "professional" states (Neglecting that a surveyor isn't necessarily a professional nor qualified, although proper ones are insured and governed) although from our experience a survey really helped settle the claim and deal with the legal fallout, the underwritters will also (as they did with us) get a survey done by their own surveyor before paying out, so you really do need to balance this with your own survey really). If it's your buyer considering this then naturally I would still advise a survey because it's not fair for anyone to struggle if a claim is needed. The only surveyor I use and trust is Alf (http://www.marinesurveyorskent.co.uk/) he goes to Norfolk although will charge expenses. For Orca we use http://www.craftinsure.com/ whom are underwritten by Nav&Gen, they have a special relationship with them but you do talk to the same underwritting team with Nav&Gen even if you pay more and go direct. Both companies were amazing with Orca's claim and I'll stay with them whilst they have this relationship .
  9. JawsOrca

    Breydon Rescue

    Outside of Norfolk you can get RIBS with cabins... https://www.boatshed.com/tornado_75m-boat-200634.html
  10. JawsOrca

    Breydon Rescue

    But they did invest £115k on the SOB as a means to make Breydon safer (as part of a £300k investment). When we unfortunately used the RNLI services down here, they didn't ask for any return although we did have a annual donation and I subsequently joined offshore and dedicated via the station who came out to us.
  11. JawsOrca

    Breydon Rescue

    I found this via google: "It will operate in all weathers, can arrive quicker at emergencies and is far more capable of taking in tow the increasingly larger hire vessels that use Breydon." - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-21783000 I thought that the coastguard call upon the services of those can be on scene fastest (which if the SOB is patrolling then indeed they should be first call) then those with the facilities needed, so again if the boats just grounded, it should be instantly be able to tow off the mud using it's towing bar thingy and either transfer aboard for a fast run to shore to seek medical aid.. So seems to me that the BA thought it would be used without the need for other agencies.. Shame it clearly isn't and the RNLI are being called upon... perhaps indicates that the SOB is the wrong boat and the same setup as those vessels assisting would be best...like an inshore RIB? I also love the bit where it states that it can operate 60 miles offshore.. how many of Richo's finest are heading over to Rotterdam then?
  12. JawsOrca

    Contessa From Richardsons

    Having left Trimnet now (they made me redundant), I am setting up my own supply online trimming shop at present. There really isn't many options for marine floorings, certainly hard wearing options. The teak carpet product is pretty good, there's a couple of other products though, there's a really neat new product which I found just before getting the boot which is a laminate called Nautikfloor (http://www.nautikflor.com/) it's about £100 a square meter (Plus postage, although there's a minimum order) but really looks good, I maybe able to help to supply. There's a vinyl sheet material too but I'm not sure on the price for this. I can also get hold of a premium Teak and Holly sole flooring for about £250 ish per sheet (6mm thick), plus postage (1 sheet minimum). PM me if any help/advise is needed.
  13. JawsOrca

    Breydon Rescue

    We spotted them last week, the is a few boats with one folk on each, they was a bit all over the river but it's all part of the fun.. Glad no one was hurt but I'd like to see the BA dealing with more "Rescues" than the RNLI...
  14. JawsOrca

    Breydon Rescue

    Why is it that boats that have taken to the mud on Breydon get "Rescued"? A boat is a self contained device that floats.. so in mud as long as it isn't damaged when it takes the mud it will float again when the tide comes back in and then can simply drive off, although it means the crew have to sit there for a few hours.. Surely all it needs is a shout over by SOB "All ok? you will be off again in x number of hours... enjoy.. dummy".. The lifeboats will quickly be pretty annoyed if they have to attend to everyone who runs aground on the east coast..
  15. JawsOrca

    Calypso 28 For Sale

    Good luck Mark, Having seen her I can certainly say she's a very good example. I do love the hardwood flooring you have there, it's a shame we missed that when it was on sale. You might want to try ApolloDuck, it always seems to work well.

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