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  1. If it's just stapled on wood then it's super easy to remove the staples, change the foam and then restaple on..:)
  2. Foam alone is a science. Basically if the foam stays down when you press on it then it's dead and will need replacing as it will only get worse. https://www.efoam.co.uk/ - do good foam cut to size (And they are very good at cutting to size) Use Medium foam as the base but for the last inch at the top go for a softer foam or a memory foam (so if the cushion is 4inches thick, do 3 inch think medium, then 1inch thick softer) it will be super comfortable then. Order 1cm larger than the cushion type to get a professional finish plumped finish. Obviously you can find a cushion to fit but you may find most cheap cushions are just that and the foam isn't really the best standard.. as everything you get what you pay for. (P,s a little off topic, I've finally put in a new helm seat into Orca which my past work did for me one day.. it's hand stitched in a 3d Bentley pattern (similar technique as used in Bentley and other such cars).. it took the seamstress 2 day to do .. but looks amazing :) ) Good luck.
  3. Do wonder rascal if you go round and say look: "mr boatyard owner.. can i do some walk round vids of your boats whilst no ones aboard only need it for few hours".. monetise on ebay.. bobs your uncle.. youtube needs these :) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. Please can you go back to making videos on hireboats i really miss the kinda "through the keyhole" of hireboats.. you could even do ones in europe and ireland... you could drive to europe there you go ey your new passion and old all together.. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  5. A friend of mine has a searay sunsport 295 which has a factory ott swimdeck. Its not on the broads (greece actually perfect place for a boat like that) if you was to go with such id recommend getting a replication of such.. it would need to built well though but find the right people to it and it will work. Obviously stern moorings are a thing in the med tol although you generally tie off away from the mooring using the anchor. Our own boat has an custom stainless timber flimsy thing but its purpose is to just protect the stern drive but yup not the best thing. Personally i wouldnt touch it.. just put on your want list for your next boat.. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  6. All part of the fun though ;)
  7. Janet was the last boat we hired.. She was amazing! A proper boat.. Hopefully they changed the engine, as when we left the guy gave us a 5 litre oil can and he said, "Yeah she runs like a two stroke". We had a rough crossing over Breydon and she kinda knocked out a board and took a few days to reseal! But best memories ever... Can't understand why anyone would hire plastic boats when these are still about, we certainly wouldn't. (Sadly we don't have the funds to own a woody but we would both absolutely love to - Maybe one day).. Enjoy your time and please post more pics :)
  8. JawsOrca


    Please don't stop, it's nice to have your logical factual input in these such things such input helps adjust the scales.
  9. JawsOrca


    No they said they arent suitable so they cant back to them.. can they??? Be interesting to see what happens!! Probably nothing and 4 kts speed limit and traffic lights each end.. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  10. JawsOrca


    So it will go for half that.. at least goodchild did well! The BA really do need a shakeup! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  11. I'll have to find the time to read through, although quickie.. Malanka is gorgeous, I know we've seen her a couple of times and she's certainly a head turner.. I can see she's flying a Broom flag too :) Thanks for being her custodian and keeping her looking amazing.. The broads is so much more with these woodies.
  12. It was a pleasure to meet you Bryan and Claire :) It certainly sounds like you had a lovely relaxing break! Such a shame that you didn't get that Easter weekend again as it was truly stunning and I really felt guilty for all though who had a full week! I have watched a couple of your videos before but have subscribed now (I kinda forget I can do that on youtube) so looking forward to seeing this weeks instalment! Hopefully meet you again soon :)
  13. Early Bank Holiday 2019 Saturday 4th May. All threw the week I was really hoping on getting up to Norfolk on the Friday after work but in complete comparison than the Easter bank holiday the weather sadly was looking to be typical bank holiday weekend weather, so we abandoned that idea and planned to get up for Saturday instead. The weather as we left home looked perfect with lovely blue sky but fluffy white clouds, the temperature had also taken a kicking and it was below 10dc with that strong and even colder north wind. As we entered east anglia though the heavens did indeed open and the hail let rip, it was a bit random with hail one moment then blue sky effectively all the way up the A11. Thankfully as we arrived at the boat the rain has stopped but the wind was strong and we decided it was a little too strong to really get away from the berth whilst its that windy, I noticed the forecast hinted that it was due to slowly reduce into the evening so we decided to do a few things on the boat and head into Norwich for some dinner. Dave got straight on and repaired the port airhorn, easy fix a blown fuse! The starboard truck actual air horn, the motor had died, I had brought a new one up but it was too much work to replace being an electric replacement so that's for another day! I'd grabbed a transom fender for the swimdeck so Dave sorted that out. I found some little flags for our new masthead including a little Norfolk county to proudly fly and also a Kent county as Orca is registered here in Rochester. Also after some time of not having a NBN burgee I put that on. We also got a new action camera (like a gopro) so I scratched to work out where to mount that, kinda settled on the masthead just below the anchor light. Dave quickly installed some new mooring rings on the pontoon and a cool big soft fluffy corner fender for the pontoon which I wanted so I can look forward to that when we get back to the berth. All sorted needed food. We wasn't sure what to do, I had an old mate Greg (Dave, John, Bob, whatever his name is ;) )on speed dial who is a tractor loving local and I'd hope can offer some recommendations, he started with the Fur and feather but no thats a "boat pub" (only visited when we are on the boat), next was a Mexican in Norwich which sounded funky, then finally he mentioned a quirky fish and chip restaurant in a pub but you get to sit in the vaults below.. That ticked the boxes, we aimed for there. It was already late afternoon when Dave crashed the car into the tiny bays in St giles carpark, bang in the central of Norwich but around the corner from FSH at the Grosvenor, we ordered two cod and chips at the bar and ventured down a dark set of steps into the vaults of the pub, the food was fab and the place very quirky indeed, top marks to Greg for the tip! We had a quick wander around, sadly most places were shutting up for the evening but we headed to a little shop which is my favourite, it's just infront of the forum and is a shop selling all movie and game memorabilia, very quirky again and we grabbed a Fallout Nukacola cup for Orca ;) It felt like the wind had started to calm down so we waved good bye to Norwich. For some unknown reason Dave wanted to check out the Horsey beach and have a quick walk, I must admit it was bitterly cold and sounded like a stupid idea to me but I could do with some fresh air. Entering the Car park there was no other souls about, the car door almost blew off the car when I opened it and the sound of an unhappy north sea was deafening, We've really not heard it that loud before Dave went up onto the cliffs and I went down and yeah the waves were huge and breaking pretty much right onto the dunes, it was pretty scary to watch the power of the sea but thankfully the wind made for a short stay. Back to the boat at last, the wind had indeed dropped right off here and allowed for us to leave the berth without too much fear. Engine on and indeed no contact made at all we was soon on the River heading south. I wasn't sure what to do but it was gone 8pm and kinda fancied heading down a bit as to make the most of the weekend. As we crossed Barton broad the sun was starting to dip below the horizon and the fluffy storm clouds now pestering further south just looked pretty cool. Irstead had a Gap but didn't quite fancy spending the night there, I had How hill in my head and then we could have an early morning stroll in the morning. Indeed I spotted a gap right at the end just beside the windmill and with the last bit of sun just setting behind it left for some neat pictures with Orca all lit up. A busy but productive first day but a better day than expected with the pesky bank holiday weather.
  14. Fred, I don't much about the notes you've mentioned here, although I suspect such are just more details to expand on the law to assist you in adhering to these, the law themselves will be quite complicated written in legal jargon but the guidance offered is just a plain english written version which helps us plebs understand it (if you catch me). The byelaw for this registration number (thing) is very simple there's nothing that can be expanded on. The guidance note therefore is trying to be in addition to the byelaw and sadly in this case (in my opinion) has no legal standing. (Personally, I have followed this notice and Orca is within this guidance but I'm not going to jump at every guidance note the BA issue if they can't be bothered to put it into byelaws) Don't forget one can only police whats written in law. A police officer can guide you and ask you to do something but unless it's written in law you can politely ignore. It's the whole point of the legal system.
  15. Certainly an interesting thread and some really interesting points raised. My pennies worth are that I'd be doing what the byelaws state which are suitably vague an open to interruption on all sides. I'm sure that B.A's number is nearer to the bow than it is to the stern so therefore it's passed that test. The guidance leaflet (https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/888263/Display-of-Registration-Marks-2017.pdf) is, in my opinion is just guidance and there's nothing in either, that I can see, which states that guidance becomes a byelaw. Perhaps what the BA should have done was updating the byelaw as to contain whats in that guidance if they wanted to start to enforce that. It would certainly be interesting to see what a judge would say if it went to court and indeed does make you wonder who's running the show at the BA as it certainly seems that there's more common sense in this thread than in the BA. If I had one of these on the boat, I'd certainly get in contact with them and just point their attention to the byelaws and remind them that the are certainly near to the bow and nothing in the byelaw states otherwise, the guidance is just that. I'm looking forward to having a nosy at some of their boats though...
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