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  1. I never got ours to work when inside the hull.. It used to work on our other boat but anything which attached to it would throw it out.. (I don't believe it needs setting up other setting the hull offset - I believe other causes for misreadings is electrical interference from electric circuits, they really like to be some distance from such.. Good luck..
  2. Brings back some memories. I was largely involved in releasing this to the UK market. It is good stuff and it's still pretty cool to see boats with it installed. Go for templating yourself. If you get stuck and on the northern rivers I maybe able help with templating.
  3. That certainly is a lot of money for a few days.. I felt weird spending £380 for 3 nights with Marthams so I would never justify that. It maybe a tad unfair to conclude it's profiteering from the pandemic though considering if you search on the website it shows the same price for next year, so perhaps that's the cost the boat justifies although again I can't see how. These post on facebook do seem to always face negative comments which can be quite funny to watch considering some are clearly aiming for positive advertising.. Personally I don't understand why such last minute availability isn't offered with a heavy discount, surely it's far better to get something from the boat than have it sitting in the yard? but what do I know.. Perhaps yards could do the odd deal though perhaps to our key workers who have worked so selfishly over the last few years.. Bust always follows boom.. I know I'm looking forward to jetting of to the sun next year (or the year after)!
  4. Pops just don't touch the machines! Mum said they changed the machine to one that doesn't beep as much but we will have to get the straight jackets if he does touch this one... Hopefully you will at least get some sleep today. Mum seems in a good enough spirits too, she said she's going to do some things around the house on sunday as he's not there! (Personally I think they are losing it).. No doubt you will he home soon, get the house all done and dusted and get you up here... Thanks everyone too, him and ma have certainly had a rough ride.
  5. Let me know if you want to me to talk to David. I'll even move it up if we have to ;)
  6. I received a link to Clippers skippers guide. It's kinda publicly available online and I'm sure Martham won't mind sharing as it makes for interesting reading. Any probs with sharing shout and/or remove. https://www.marthamboats.com/pdfs/Clipper.pdf
  7. Thanks MM.. We had a falmouth gypsy and she was a bit like that, just had to slowly let the wind take her around but she needed miles to turn.. I think thats what I'm kind of wondering on the broads! how on earth do I find miles of waterway to get a slow tack in when I'm about to crash into a day boat.. We will see! Appreciate any more tips! Broads sailers are certainly brave I feel!
  8. https://planning.broads-authority.gov.uk/PublicAccessDocs/planningdocs.aspx?appType=Development Control&appNumber=BA/2021/0145/FUL My views for what irrelevance they are worth. I kinda prefer parts of the first plan! The second building just looks too big now and too commercial, but it's hard to judge I guess. Ludham bridge in my view is a bit of dump and certainly needs work, it did go through a stage of being a bit trendy with little pop up shops and a bar I think but they next time we went back it all seemed gone? So I'm all for improvement of this place.. I totally feel for any developer as it's impossible to please anyway and it's clear to see the BA typically have little clue what on earth they are doing. Here's what I'd do I think.. Fishing place and little shop stay for sure, Riverside cafe (clearly not helped by the bank, but terraced platform for the cafe). Personally I think the broads are being overrun by holiday lets, I don't like them personally, but how about a hotel or B&B instead, surely these bring more to the community?, or as mr speedtriple some neat log cabins (somewhere),although I guess space is tight :(. It seems the sticking point will be the holiday lets which I can kinda see and these taking up the riverside area I think is what's not keeping with the area as I think it will give the appearance of urbanising that part of river (albeit slightly) although the BA's acle bridge plan has kinda destroyed that idea too (has that been scrapped now?). Good luck all involved. Nice to have some redevelopment on the broads though!
  9. Cool, lol we will try and do a strip one one day (later!).. Good luck.. I hope you are making the paddles to!
  10. Grabbed my upgraded toy yesterday direct from tootega.. It the lightweight kinetic and had its sea trial above wroxham today! (sorry if anyone spotted us on the wrong side of the river, was hiding in the tree shade as geez it was hot!). Highly recommend the guys and gals in the boathouse there, I spent a good hour asking them all the questions under the sun last year and then went and brought from their competitors at Norfolk-Canoes (who to plug both!) were brilliant too.. but back to Tootega now and it's likely we get a similar one for dave as he prefered the tootega too. Tootega is certainly very well made and handled very well so far.. still not perfect (My shin was starting to hurt against the upper footrest) but close enough and I stayed dry too which was nice. (Remove that last footrest though in a mk2!)..
  11. What model did you get Doug? (Mystic looks "Nice" - but geez they aren't cheap even as kits!)
  12. Oh wow geez thats a huge sail!! and its kinda a gaff rig, I hoped it was a gaff but read somewhere it was a bermuda.. Thank you so much for sharing..such a pretty thing though!! Geez can't wait!
  13. Thank you sir, I'm a tad worried about being able to control her considering it's such close quarters but I'm hoping to just stay up there will give us space and yup away from pesky moboers! plus I guess they are heavy and predictable. But I was nervous on the estuary, Whatever happens it will make memories away from this current world. For sure I doubt it will be a one off but it doesn't make much sense but I really do want to try Ludhams, I was honoured to stir through the bridge one year as a passer by and still remember every moment.. Sadly I did really want the space although I didn't talk them but the FAQ's on their said dont' try the bridge in a weekend but maybe at least soon we will do a half decker.. I do really miss sailing! Intrigued and looking forward to the greyhound now.. I will save the adventure of checking out until we are aboard though!
  14. Ahh many thanks for the heads up! Big shame the pubs not open but will find the greyhound for certain! Certainly looking forward to being above that bridge for a few days, I think the last time we really spent any time there was on Janet 3, but I really can't remember when that was..at least 10 years ago.. Will certainly grab the book,they emailed over the boats guide and that alone is an interesting read but will certainly grab to read when afloat!
  15. Thanks Jean :) I'm certainly soo looking forward to it.. Loving suffolk too.. I've just brought a John Deere hat but sadly there seems to be a delay on my promised and expected free "John deere tractor" as part of my suffolk citizen package.. hopefully it will arrive soon! We certainly have both adjusted to the house and I've gone a bit nuts of antique furniture (maybe to make up for the missed feeling of the broom) and trying loving the garden and just being so close to broadland.. 20 mins car trip to the waveney and canoe trips.. it was a good move! I hope you,likewise are enjoying your norfolk life (Isn't it strange shopping in some of these stores for "Normal life" instead of holiday food!).
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