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  1. Selsie

    Diesel Stench

    Mothballs (camphor) apparently does the trick Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  2. Selsie

    BSS - Co Alarm Consultation

    When we bought our falcon we fitted 2 detectors first day we got it, we have 2 Volvo petrol's and with certain breeze directions the cabin and helm can get a bit fumy. They serve there purpose very well, we would never have a boat and not have the detectors. I support the move to make them compulsory, to me it just makes sense.
  3. Selsie

    Ant Warning!!!

    Sorry folks!!! My fault, I should have thought of that
  4. Selsie

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    We will be there Bro, now I have had my indoctrination in wood it would (not wood) be a travesty not to attend and enjoy. Cheers
  5. Selsie

    Tudor Reformation

    Hope you all enjoyed the Vids, done on my ancient Iphone. I'm led to believe there are other vids to be down loaded by other involved. Cheers
  6. Selsie

    Tudor Reformation

    Under Potter, (apologies for my camera work, I'd never been under Potter before) Under Potter.MOV
  7. Selsie

    Tudor Reformation

    Miss Fire Miss Fire.MOV
  8. Selsie

    Tudor Reformation

    Leaving for Home Leaving Marthams.MOV
  9. Selsie

    Tudor Reformation

    Slightly Leaky Slightly Leaky.MOV
  10. Selsie

    Tudor Reformation

    She Lives She Lives.MOV
  11. Selsie

    Tudor Reformation

    OK, Hopefully in order: It actually Runs It Actualy Runs.MOV
  12. Selsie

    Tudor Reformation

    Like you are with ICE CREAM !!!!!!!
  13. Selsie

    Tudor Reformation

    Ladies and Gentlemen, We did it !!!!! Congratulations to all involved for delivering a dream home, Phoenix really do rise, you cant keep a good boat down. I'll post video when my phone recovers.
  14. Selsie

    Tudor Reformation

    No, I'm sure I remember my kids leaking everywhere !!!!

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