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    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    I have got to throw my thoughts of the weekend on this thread. I had never worked on a wooden boat before RT, come to that i'd not worked on many boats of any kind until last year when Lulu and I got our first one. As most of the team on the weekend know, I have had the odd hand in restoring and owning Vintage Aircraft and have been a plumber in a past life. The biggest thing I found that drove me on during the weekend, was not the skills that I could bring with my past experience, but the solidarity that the team encouraged each other with. Not knowing what needed doing or how to position the new stuff being installed, I had to rely on Dave (JA) for guidance, (BTW, that is my 8 mm spanner) he knows stuff that I can only dream of, (Cheers Dave), between us I think we got it all to fit and hopefully work. I will always remember 2 things from this weekend: 1. (After looking at, frowning a lot, then re-designing the layout of the Fuel tank, heating system, ducting, calorifier and water pump, water system flow and returns) at this point I will Quote Dave, a-la Morecambe and Wise, 'We have all the right parts but not necessarily for this boat', Dave your a star, we got it all to fit in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. If a bunch of people have a single focus and a goal to help another in need, you produce an incredible bunch of friends. It was a real and true privilege to work with you all and I learned a great deal, thanks to each and every one who was there and to all the NBN members for their words and messages of encouragement and congratulations, we just need to do it again SOON, it must be possible to arrange (but that's for the Doug's of this world to arrange). In closing, this is my thought 'Never in the course of boating hardship has so much been given by so few for one dream' and it will live with me forever. Thank You
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    Viking 20 Hi Line Wanted

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    Viking 20 Hi Line Wanted

    We bought a Viking 20 Hi-Line from NBS Wroxham ( David Taylor) He's the Viking man, I think he has one for sale at the moment. Hope this helps
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    Hopefully this works from my phone,
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    Mr Google says 'If you watch or record TV programmes in a second home which is a touring caravan or vehicle, or a boat, you do not need a separate TV Licence; you will be covered by the TV Licence for your main residence" Correct Mr Google knows all lol

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