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  1. Warmest congratulations to you and Mrs. G, Griff, Hope it's not too long till you can introduce yourselves to Harry, Carole
  2. When you look at the obscene amounts of money footballers earn these days, it seems even more incredible to us that Tony was obliged to turn down the offer of an apprenticeship with the Arsenal because the money was so low he was earning a better wage as an apprentice printer! Carole
  3. And you were absolutely right! Carole
  4. There's no doubt that things as we knew them pre-corona will not return to the status quo. But we'll cope. I believe that my generation (born 40s) has seen more changes than any since the Victorians. The way that technology has advanced is truly breath taking, and I often find myself thinking stop the world I want to get off! We're coping (after a fashion!) There'll be things we'll mourn the loss of, well I do that anyway all the time, nothing .new there. There will also be new things we'll not be very happy about - nothing new there either. Like most I'm finding the forced isolation difficult and missing my visits to the family and there's to me but (providing I don't fall victim to this virus ) they'll resume I 've just got to be patient as have we all. Carole
  5. More of a nightmare than a dream, I've never enjoyed films etc with this sort of theme always finding them sinister because it is all too possible and of course as we now see it is! It's like living in some sort of sci-fi scenario. I think the fact that it's so open ended makes it all the harder to cope with. Carole
  6. My husband spent Tuesday doing exactly the same thing as our summerhouse roofing felt went AWOL during the recent high winds and Tuesday was the first day when the wind was light enough to do the job of replacing it. Problem is, we can't get the timber needed to replace the existing rotten facings so job still only half done sadly. It shouldn't cause a problem as he has wrapped the felt down over the facing - it just looks a bit naff. Carole
  7. at Tesco it is Monday, Wednesday and Friday Carole
  8. We still take our usual walk into the town each morning as it's the only exercise we get and we are worried about the prospect of the health issues we'd be left with at the end of what promises to be a long haul. We seldom see anyone except this morning we saw the police patrol car making sure there was no one out flouting the rules, they gave us a friendly wave. Glad they're keeping an eye on things as a group of lads go past our house most afternoons, Hopefully they'll get caught and stopped from doing that. Our days haven't altered that much really except we go shopping a little less often and don't go to London to see the family every 2 weeks, which obviously we miss, Mollie No.1 granddaughter has been working from home for the last 2 weeks , Phoebe N.o 2 Granddaughter is fed up as Herts. University shut it's doors a week ago and she is in the middle of a project that she is keen to finish. This situation is much harder for the youngsters than for us wrinklies I think. Carole
  9. Of course you'll do a brilliant job Grace you're a mum it's what we do. It all reverses when you get to my age and your offspring look after you, I got a call from ,my daughter this morning that I didn't answer very quickly and when I did, she said "lucky for you you're home I was just gearing up to give you a real telling off for being out" I didn't dare tell her we'd just got back from doing a little food shopping. Although my protective husband wouldn't allow me in the shop I had to sit in the car. Carole
  10. This is all a bit daunting. It occurred to Tony and I this morning that Phoebe, No.2 Granddaughter will have a pretty non event 21st birthday on May 11th. So many things will be sent into disarray. I have to wonder if things will ever be quite the same again. So many retail businesses hanging on by the skin of their teeth before this setback. On a positive note the little Nisa supermarket we buy our morning papers from report that they have never been so busy. So it's an ill wind......... At least this nasty lurgy can't stop us all getting together on here! Good luck everyone stay well. Carole
  11. What a disgrace for parents to allow children to gather In a park! Crass stupidity! What do they imagine is the purpose of keeping them off school ? I despair of people in general today. I constantly wonder what planet they're from. They'll be the first to loudly mourn the loss of their freedom of choice if the law steps in to marshal them into responsible behaviour, having themselves thrown it away by selfish misuse. Carole
  12. Happy birthday from me too. Carole
  13. There seems to be a lot of criticism of the government not being tough enough which I think it is bit unfair as I believe their MO was - rather than come down heavy handed and dictatorial it was best to leave it to the great British public to do the "right thing" of their own volition with advice on what that was. Unfortunately some of the great British public let Boris down, which is sad. The publicity emphasising that the over 70s, or in poor health section was vulnerable left those who do not fall into to either category thinking that they are fairly safe from the possibility of dying even if they catch it - the aspect of them causing someone else to die by passing it on is not occurring to them. They are being told this they are just not listening. Carole
  14. Lovely pictures Sam. I'm envious, what a lovely way to spend what is a glorious Spring day apart from the strong breeze. Glad you made it safely to your new mooring. Although we had decided that we should give up boating, we recently had lunch at an hotel on a marina where previously had a berth. It brought on nostalgia big time! Which got us to wondering whether we could manage a few more years if we bought smaller boat. Of course we can do nothing until Hot Gossip is sold which obviously with the present situation will not be for a very long time it seems. So who knows what tomorrow will bring. The jury is still out. Carole
  15. When my daughter had her 17th birthday we bought her a Vauxhall Viva and her father taught her to drive in it. On her 18th birthday she asked if we would buy the Viva off her plus top up the rest of the asking price of the Triumph Spitfire she had seen and fallen love with. The first time she drove it to school ,on coming our with a few of the boys in her class, they arrived to where she had parked in the street and she stopped and said well this is mine and the boys all scoffed and said "you Wish"! Their faces when she climbed in and drove it away were something to behold She kept it a year and then got an MG which she swapped a year later for a TVR Tasmin. Carole
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