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  1. addicted


    When we moored on the river Gt. Ouse the then marina owner used to ask if we would tell them when we were going to be away so that he could let it for casual moorings. he claimed the revenue from this helped to keep the cost of the mooring fees down. We used to think it was a bit cheeky really and could prove awkward if circumstances arose forcing an early return then you'd be unable to access your own mooring also we had static fenders and didn't fancy coming back to find them covered with bitumen from a narrow boat as happened once. It had transferred onto our white fibreglass hull before we realised it was there. It did come off but with a lot of effort. Carole
  2. When moored at Womack Water last Summer we were just getting ready to go to bed when the Richardson boat next door started up their engine. It was getting for 11-00pm. We called out from our saloon window that it shouldn't be happening at that time and he duly turned the engine off. End of situation we thought till they pushed off next morning doing their best to side swipe us with their stern (anticipated fortunately by Tony who using the morning dew to mop down fended them off with his mop) Their language and obscene gestures were a delight. Carole
  3. We were perplexed recently to notice a defibrilator had been installed on the flank wall of the local undertaker! Carole
  4. I had faith in Tiger Roll so he was my choice, What a great little horse. Carole
  5. Grand national day today and inevitably one's thoughts turn to the late great Red Rum. When that wonderful horse retired he used to make celebrity appearances and I am reminded of an incident during the 1970s when he was the celebrity appearing at a town carnival that was organised by an old friend of mine who did an enormous amount of work for charity, As she also had stables at her home Red Rum also boarded with her for the duration and a lovely photograph of her toddler grandson up on his back was taken.|Ironically it wasn't this grandchild of hers that went on to achieve greatness while on a horse - it was her granddaughter a certain Charlotte du Jardine. Carole
  6. addicted


    We have a cuckoo who returns each year to somewhere very near our mooring on Brundall Bay marina. I'm always so relieved to know it's made it back again We usually hear it about now. I don't think we'll be hearing it any time soon as Tony has contracted a really nasty virus which is preventing us from getting to the boat. My daughter has had it for about 7 weeks so I can't see us going anywhere any time soon. Carole
  7. We lived on our 29' Fairline Mirage for 2 months when in between houses, A fridge with a decent sized freezer section is really handy and storage for clothes is important. LED lighting wasn't around in those days but we would have found that very helpful in conserving battery power had it been an option Also unless you plan to shop on a virtually daily basis ample food storage is very helpful. We converted a wardrobe in the forward v-berth cabin into a larder for this purpose. As we had the "luxury" of friends living opposite our mooring who kindly allowed us to store clothes in their spare bedroom we were able to spare the wardrobe for this purpose. Carole
  8. I think someone has! Carole
  9. Your mother-in-law was spot on with that observation. We had a Sheerline 950 aft cockpit when we first arrived on the Broads which we promptly changed for a Sheerline 1050 aft cabin. The only thing we miss is not being able to access Barton Broad when we go over to the North and of course the trip over to the North requires a lot more planning with our air draft of in excess of !2'. The extra room and vision makes up for all that though and we wouldn't have it any other way. It all boils down to what you want from a boat. Carole
  10. Of course if all you want to achieve while traversing the Broads is to creep carefully under low bridges and look at reed beds then a low draft boat is fine, if however you prefer to see the beautiful countryside that is the essence of the Broads while you cruise rather than just a reed bed then a loftier boat fits the bill. We've had both while here on the broads and the low line we kept for 2 years the latter we've had for 10 so no guesses as to which we've found best! Carole
  11. Back in the 90s we bought a house where the previous owners had already had a maintenance contract with British Gas for the central heating system so we decided to continue it as it wasn't exorbitantly expensive in those days. I used to get them in regularly each Autumn because the radiators would always needed balancing and there was one particular chap who did a superb job on this' which wasn't easy as the house had been extensively extended over the years and still had the same boiler that had been installed when it was built which meant that strictly speaking it was under sized for the size of the house however it never broke down' although on one occasion I thought the pump didn't sound right so I called the engineers to come and have a look at it. 2 turned up, disappeared into the airing cupboard (where the pump was housed) emerging some time later to report that it did indeed sound a bit rough and went on to point out that if the cause turned out to be "aggressive water" then I would have to bear the cost. "Sharks in the header tank perhaps? I asked. " Dunno about that" said one but them's the rules these days. Fortunately the funny noises ceased and the boiler carried on as normal. These days I do as had been suggested here, no more ,maintenance contracts. Having had a new boiler installed 18 months ago I have it serviced by the plumber that installed it in order to keep the guarantee valid and that's it. Carole
  12. Hire out our pride and joy? Wash your mouth out!! Carole
  13. No use to those of you in God's own County I know but just so as to prove that good, honest, reliable plumbers really do exist, we, here in Cambridgeshire, have a wonderful plumber who charges us the same for parts as he pays himself, always comes promptly when needed and keeps his labour charges to a minimum. He also goes the extra mile too when last year our gas fire refused to ignite he found it needed a new part that was no longer available( the fire is 15 years old) he went to enormous trouble to track one down, doling so within a week and coming to fit it with a tiny bill to follow. He's worth his weight in gold.. Carole
  14. I've used amazon for years and have never had cause to complain apart from ordering a T.V. and having a used one turn up that broke down 24hours later but I got a refund vey promptly and I suspect the fault lay with the company rather than with Amazon. However I also found myself signed up to Prime having no idea how that had occurred but simply cancelled the membership and got a refund almost immediately. What I do like about Amazon is that unlike a lot of other mail, order companies it comes mostly postage free of charge which can make quite a difference to the costs involved. Carole
  15. We once did a crossing from Malta to Sicily in December on a catamaran. With hind- sight it should never have put out as the weather was not good when we left. The journey back was horrendous with passengers falling ill and the cabin crew disappearing into their own quarters to strap themselves in to their seats, That's where my husband who seemed to be the only one able to keep his feet, found them when he went in search of someone to show him where sick bags could be found which he then collected and handed out to grateful passengers, some of whom were in a bad way. None of the cabin crew ventured out at all So bumpy was it, passengers if not strapped firmly into their seats were actually hitting their heads on the racks over their seats! The trip upset my own equilibrium so badly that I was obliged to spend the next 2 days in bed and it took months for me to recover from it. Carole
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