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  1. In 2002 we bought a Rover connoisseur estate. Within a short time it developed a rattle from behind the dashboard that drove us crackers. It turned out to be a loose component that Rover were aware of and there was a scheme in hand to deal with it that dealerships were apprised of. It then developed a roar that sounded as if the baffles had been removed from the exhaust . Numerous trips to the local dealership failed to locate the problem. While at the annual motor show I buttonholed a chap manning the Rover stand who proved to be the National Sales director, He promised that after the show closed and he had time to deal with all that had cropped up there he would get in touch with us and see about getting our problem sorted. True to his word we had a call from him to take the car to Marshalls in Cambridge where he would arrange for a specialist mechanic to meet us.. The mechanic came as arranged and took the car out for a spin and on his return told us he had located the problem. It turned out to be something loose between the head lining and the roof! We collected the car next day - problem solved. We kept the car for 5 years in total and never had any other problems with it. We occasionally still see it around locally looking immaculate and obviously still in good running order. Carole
  2. I can do it I know what to do certainly rings a bell with us, a certain 4 years Mollie Paige helming Beau jangles our Fairline Mirage up the river Gt. Ouse leaving Ely. Granddad, all you have to do is just say right a bit or left a bit Mollie, there's no need to touch.What happy memories, Mollie Paige is 23 now! Carole
  3. While my favourite of all the many cars I've ever had was an early 80s Merdedes estate undoubtedly the worst was a Lotus Elite which had too many problems to list. Suffice to say I successfully sued the dealer winning the sum I had asked for plus costs in full. It probably helped somewhat that the judge owned a similar car. After the case the dealer did a disappearing act. Fortunately I was right in my guess that he would open up elsewhere in the same business and as he had a west midlands accent it occurred to me he would possibly return to that area. It took me 2 years to locate him but I had the satisfaction of getting a call from my solicitor telling me the baiiliffs had removed a Porsche from the dealer's front pending full settlement. Carole
  4. I learned to drive firstly on a Vauxhall Cresta. (steering column gear shift) which I loved then on an A40. In which I passed my test. This was in 1968 . After that we bought a Ford Zephyr 6 also with a steering column gear shift. Like Griff I also had the character building experience of having a gear stick come off in my hand but this was in a van either a Bedford or a Vauxhall . all good fun like driving for a month with a badly slipping clutch because we couldn't afford to get it fixed straight away Carole
  5. Things can get really interesting in our house when it comes to football My daughter and family are very keen Chelsea fans, My husband supports the Arsenal and me? Why I support the Spurs of course. Carole
  6. We moved from London to a rural part of Cambridgeshire and find the tractors a real pain. Particularly the way they leave the roads filthy it's impossible not to acquire a chipped windscreen in this area. I wonder why, instead of spending goodness knows how much money installing cycle paths that the cyclists mainly don't bother using the council don't install tractor paths instead in these locations. Carole
  7. I'm sure I qualify as elderly although not yet 91. I got a smart phone - the name is I think a contradiction of terms as it was the most stupid thing ever. I swapped it for a doro andI managed to set that up without even referring to the instructions and it's great. it's a flip phone so Tony doesn't cut people off instead of answering them. Carole
  8. One of my favourite places to moor up and watch the world go by is outside Coldham Hall. On a Saturday afternoon I used to love watching the hire boaters at the start of their holiday being put through their instruction period prior to taking the boat off. Carole
  9. Hi Alan, My daughter was told she couldn't have antibiotics as they would be ineffective. However I popped into my local Lloyds and the pharmacist gave me a cough mixture which was very effective, it sorted out both my and Tony's coughs it was one of their own brands with a long hard to remember name which I cannot remember and unfortunately I left the bottle on the boat when last there so I am unable at this time to tell you what it is. If you're still suffering it might be worth going to see a pharmacist to see if they can come up with something. Carole
  10. After a week listening to the cuckoo the "you're cuckoo" could be nearer the truth! Carole
  11. Hi Alan, I'm glad to hear it. You were very lucky as the boats adjacent to us had the same problem . It was really bad. Let's hope you not having the same problem is a good omen for you to have the same good fortune during the whole of your holiday. Carole
  12. Hope you have a great time Alan. We were aboard in Brundall over the weekend and the rain that incessantly poured down on us on Saturday was the dirtiest we have ever experienced. Being full of black greasy smuts that covered the boat leaving it so filthy Tony had to hose it down before we came home yesterday morning. We've had "brown" rain before but never anything as bad as this was. No doubt you found it's presence on Ranworth Breeze when you arrived. We can't think what could have caused it. I dread to think how much of it is still lurking in the canopy! Carole
  13. My daughter has had this virus it lasted for 8 weeks, doctor said antibiotics would not help so didn't prescribe anything. Myhusband Tony caught it and was really poorly, the worst I've seen him since he had the millennium flu. Fortunately I just got the cough,which was bad enough, the first cough I've had since having whooping cough aged 3 years old! I managed to thrown it off in 2 Weeks luckily . So anyone out there suffering my best wishes for a speedy recovery . Carole
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