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  1. Got up this morning to find a section of felt blown off the summer house roof, the pump on the water feature appears to have packed in and the dishwasher is playing up, wish I'd stayed in bed! Carole
  2. Safe journey to both you and Mrs. G. Griff. Carole
  3. I'd really love to believe that those birds in Peter's garden know something we don't . But somehow I doubt it. We've also got spring flowers showing their leaves in the garden but I really can't imagine that this early in the year we've seen all here is to be thrown at us by the Winter, much as I'd love to think so. Could my scepticism be something to do with that experience we oldies have that was mentioned by Griff in his moving recent post? Carole ?
  4. Glad all went to plan. A nice family get together will no doubt be a welcome occasion after all the stress of the recent times. I quite envy those who have family around at times like these, having no extended family at all. I was the only child of two only children hence no uncles, aunts or cousins. Hope once you are both home again things return to normal quickly. Carole
  5. Thank you so much for those kind words Griff. I can't say I'm embracing this stage of my life with much enthusiasm, and when catching an unexpected reflection of myself find myself thinking "who the hell is that"! I think having to give up the boat has caused me the most angst, especially as from the neck upwards I can still hop off and on the boat as easily as always, so it's hard to accept. I'll try to bear in mind what you have said. Thoughts with you and yours for the funeral. Carole
  6. My father was a cabinet maker and was once charged with the task of making a 10' high long case clock for King Alfonse of Spain. This he did and when it was finished it was shipped out to Spain. During transit a foot was broken off and it was returned to dad for repair. In all, this occurred 4 times! He often wondered what became of his clock and if it stood up to the rigours of the Spanish civil war of a few years later. Carole
  7. Not a big fan of walking I must admit. In fact I would go as far as to say that my feet are only there to stop my ankles from fraying! Carole
  8. We've only been to Scotland twice and then for a very short time. We once took the over night train from London to Fort William to go and look at a boat on Loch Laggan The conductor gave us the heads up about the beautiful scenery we passed though vey early and asked if we'd like him to give us a knock. It was absolutely breath taking We ate a superb breakfast while watching the most magnificent landscape go past. We've never forgotten it. On another occasion a few years later we spent 4 days in Edinburgh which we also enjoyed very much. Carole
  9. I had a friend a few years ago whose family had a small estate somewhere on the West coast of Scotland and they used to always spend their Christmas's there. He said they usually all went for a swim in the sea on Christmas Day as something to do with the gulf stream used to make it unseasonably warm. Carole
  10. Fed up at the prospect of another evening of dismal boring T.V. We took ourselves off to the cinema and saw Little Women. This was a much loved book from my childhood, read over and over and the film didn't disappoint. Tony was a bit reluctant to see it understandably until I reminded him that I once sat through Platoon and Full Metal jacket! He actually said that Little Women wasn't as bad as he feared even if it did skip between time zones - a pet hate of his in both films and books. I can thoroughly recommend this film. I found the casting superb with the main protagonists looking exactly as I had pictured them all those years ago. Carole
  11. We never watch any reality t.v. It's just not entertaining. Strictly is the only thing we watch in that sort of genre and I don't see that as reality t.v.. You couldn't pay me to watch The Voice or X factor and as for Big brother or I'm a Celebrity. Don't even go there! I hear my daughter and her family wax lyrical about this fatuous twaddle and know for certain that the generation gap is alive and kicking! Carole
  12. following on from my original post I have today received my phone bill and the are no charges relating to the call I received purporting to be from Amazon. So if it was a scam I can't see what they hoped to gain from it. Carole
  13. no criticism of the forum or it's administrators was inferred only that Iain left a hole and his presence is still missed. Carole
  14. Unfortunately having made the painful decision to give up boating I can no longer look forward to the coming season the same way, however I can look forward to reading about the boating adventures you are all going to have in the coming months and I'm sure that will make entertaining reading. Carole
  15. My strongest memory of IaIn is of his lovely, gentle, sense of humour. The forum has been a poorer place without his presence, I still miss him enormously as, I'm sure, do many others on here. To be held in such high regard by others, many of whom, myself included, never even met him says such a lot about the man. Carole
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