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  1. addicted

    A Winters Tale

    I think we could hazard a guess! Carole
  2. Totally shocked to read this morning ,Can't begin to imagine the pain you are feeling, Like everyone else , I send my sincere condolences and sympathy for your appalling loss. Carole
  3. addicted

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    Had a Zephyr 6 once - back in the 70's I loved it, it was very fast away from a standstill, I personally loved the steering column gear change not everyone's cup of tea I know - and yes it did rust a bit and was inclined to be bit skittish in the snow but nothing a bag of wet sand in the boot couldn't fix! I loved it's roominess you could chuck all the kids in together with the dog plenty of room for everyone and the hardwearing vinyl upholstery showed no signs of stress from all that either. Happy memories! Carole
  4. addicted


    actually we have been here and know exactly what you mean! Thank you for taking the trouble to post Carole
  5. addicted


    Just tried to ring again as you suggested - success! apparently the number on the website is not the number to leave him a message on as it goes elsewhere to another part of the company. Anyway it seems to be sorted, so thanks again all. Carole
  6. addicted


    Thanks to everyone for their input. For the record we've been commissioning canopies for boats for in excess of 40 years and subsequently are pretty clued up on how to make our requirements known. .Looking for cheapness was never on the agenda. Our preferred company in this instance would be Snugtopz but we have had no luck in contacting them. Not living in the area makes calling in to the workshop a bit tricky during the winter months when we' re at home rather than on the boat and we would like to get this new cover made as soon as possible rather than wait for the season to start. Once again thanks to everyone. Carole
  7. addicted


    Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to respond to my request, unfortunately, one of those most recommended we have pervious experience of and although the canopy was o.k,. our boat was damaged and the other is the company that made the existing one. I have come to the conclusion that any Company is probably only as good as the last job they did! Prior to our present situation I would have had no hesitation in recommending the company that made the one we already have, it's been superb but is now coming up for 11 years old and clearly won't go on forever and we thought to replace it before it became urgent - as the saying goes the best laid plans of mice and men!! Carole
  8. addicted


    Along with, I suspect, lots of other boat owners our dealings with canopy makers over the years has often been fraught with difficulties. Last year we ordered a new canopy wanting exactly the same as we already had. When it arrived it was very different in many respects and not a good fit either, although that was not insurmountable, however the fact that it leaked like a sieve was! they took it away and came back to us a few days later saying that they were unable to make a canopy like we already had - despite the fact that was them who made the existing one!! so we are still using the original. .A recent visit to the boat to check it over revealed that the cover over our saloon roof light had fallen victim to the recent high winds and had disappeared so we find ourselves in need of a company that can make a replacement. Can anyone recommend someone. We've phoned Snugtopz but there's never anyone to answer the phone and left messages have thus far elicited no response. Carole
  9. addicted

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Wth a philosophy like that, I'm amazed you've lasted long enough to go "Mouldy"! Carole
  10. addicted

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    My husband is the worst back seat driver ever! I refuse to drive with him as a passenger as it is positively dangerous! The down side of this is that I don't get to drive as often as I should, but in all honesty driving isn't half as enjoyable these days as it once was anyway, so I don't feel I'm missing out on much. Carole
  11. addicted

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Hold ups have a nasty tendency to move south just when you least expect it. they're no substitute for suspenders! Carole
  12. addicted


    My mother used to tell the story of how her father who had been very badly wounded in the 1st world war was out one day after the war had ended when walking round a corner he bumped in to an old friend who promptly dropped down in a dead faint, he later explained to granddad that he was on his way home having just attended a ceremony for rhe erection of a war Memorial and among the names on it was that of my granddad together with those of both his brothers! In fact both his brothers had been killed and granddad died of his injuries some 15 years later, so it was somewhat prophetic. Carole
  13. addicted

    Good News Had To Share

    We would have found the new bypass very useful when we lived on that side of Ely but now we rarely go through that part of the town so it came too late for us sadly. Carole
  14. addicted

    Good News Had To Share

    When we moved to the Ely area like you do now Jean we felt as if we were already partially living there because of having the boat moored there for so many years. In particular I would advise you to be very careful not to under estimate what your home requirements will be when retired. We did, bought a brand new bungalow and finished up making a further move 3 years later because although very large it simply wasn't enough. Carole
  15. addicted

    Good News Had To Share


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