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  1. addicted


    We once lived temporarily (while between houses) in a house on a farm. Although it was a modern house it soon became apparent that we had "lodgers" in the shape of mice. They got everywhere. Fortunately I'm not averse to them as some women appear to be. My bête noir is spiders. We were living there during the Christmas of that year and I had one parcel left unwrapped which I asked my daughter to wrap for me. It was a Terry's chocolate orange which had been left on a chair in the dining room. She brought it to me asking if it looked "right" to me. It ceratinly didn't half of it was missing! I then noticed a hole in the wall of the adjacent chimney breast. The only thing I had to hand to plug it at that time was a ball of tin foil which I stuffed into the hole. Later on that day we heard a real racket coming from behind the tin foil as the little blighters tried to chew their way through it to get to the chocolate. A more permanent remedy was applied and that was the end of the problem in the dining room. After we had moved on we subsequently learned that the adjacent house occupants were less than hygienic and when they vacated their house it was found to be so overrun with vermin of all types as to be uninhabitable until fumigated. Carole
  2. addicted

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    I used to smoke at least 30 a day on a "good" day! Rothman International which my local shop used to get in specifically for me and which I used to buy 200 at a time. I gave up on the persistent nagging of Tony and because a good friend of mine had had a very difficult life bringing up 2 children as a single parent and had met a man who was emphatically non smoking and had told her that they had no future together while she smoked. She had promised to give up on New Years Eve 1989 so thinking me smoking would make it harder for her and I wanted her to have a better future I gave up too and have never smoked since. I always loathed a smoky atmosphere and used to buy bulk orders of anti smoke air fresheners from the wholesalers so my home never smelled even when I smoked. Today I really dislike the smell and notice it instantly. Also because smoking is not nearly so prevalent these days as it was it's much more noticeable I think. I would hate to use a boat that smelled of stale cigarette smoke and anyone lighting up in close proximity to my grandchildren would incur my extreme displeasure. the irony of this tale is that I never smoked again but my friend didn't manage to quit and he married her anyway! Carole
  3. addicted

    Broads Boating For Beginners

    M y parents used to tell the story of a somewhat bombastic character of their acquaintance who hired a boat on the Broads for the first time , it was many years ago so was a " woodie" He was given some basic instructions which included a quick mop down each day with the mop provided for the purpose. His response to this once underway was something along the lines of " I should coughdrop, I've paid to hire their boat they can clean it themselves when I bring it back". He was very fortunate with weather and enjoyed unbroken sunshine until the last but one day when it poured down all night! flooding through the dried out planking and all over them in their beds! Carole
  4. addicted

    Historically Broads - Griffin Family

    Don't knock it! personally speaking I'd love to be too young to qualify for a bus pass. Carole
  5. addicted

    Waterproofing A Canopy

    Where do you get the wax sticks Alan and do they come in black? We thoroughly cleaned and reproofed the canopy on Hot Gossip last year but didn't manage to totally eradicate the resulting slight weeps on some parts of the seams. regards, Carole
  6. addicted

    Tv Panic!!

    I've never yet failed to get sufficient signal to book a table at our chosen venue for dinner, which is the only thing I require a signal for. Carole
  7. addicted

    Tv Panic!!

    I usually get a vodophone signal at Loddon by getting off the boat and walking towards the toilet/shower block. Carole
  8. addicted

    Tv Panic!!

    Well I clearly don't know mine because I've been in on numerous occasions! Carole
  9. addicted

    Tv Panic!!

    Is staying at Brundall an option? , We have no problem receiving ITV on board while on board at our mooring at Tingdene. Carole
  10. addicted

    Fenders Up Or Down When Underway

    When we hired a boat on the Canal du midi a few years back we were amused to note how easy it was to distinguish a privately owned boat from a hired one - the former was arrayed with fenders by the score , and very wisely so. We always cruise with fenders down and they have saved us from a scuff many a time when another boater whose helming skills lack much to be desired has come a little too close for comfort. Carole
  11. addicted

    A Winters Tale

    Oh but they do make sense - finally!! Carole
  12. addicted

    Boat Jumble

    we used to regularly go to the Essex boat jumble which was usually held at the Essex showground in early March if I remember correctly but they changed the venue and with it the usual date moving it to early February. The new venue was o.k. but the date was invariably during a cold period making it not nearly so user friendly to amble round and just browse. The most comprehensive one we ever went to was back in the mid eighties, was at Chatham Dockyard and partially inside which was great. Carole
  13. addicted

    Vinyl Wrapping A Hull!

    About 5 years ago friend fr ours had a Sealine that had picked up a few scuffs before he bought her and he had it vinyl wrapped in a metallic gold finish It looked immaculate and he was advised that if it got damaged in a "scuff" it could be simply remedied with a patch that would be invisible once applied He never had to put that to the test though but on the whole the appearance of the boat was greatly improved. Carole
  14. addicted

    Our Broad Scott

    I think those of us who knew Iain miss him very keenly indeed and this forum is certainly a poorer place without him. His gentle wit was a joy Carole
  15. addicted

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    I believe the first "soap" was the Appleyards but does anyone remember Sixpenny Corner I don't remember what channel it was on but I seem to remember it came on at about 6.05pm every week night and featured an elderly lady called Rosie Chubb. Carole

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