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  1. We moved from North London to Cambs. when we sold the business and Tony retired in October 2000. Do I feel athome here? No - not really. when we first made the move we bought a bungalow but I quickly realise I wasn't ready for a bungalow also It was in Soham at that very bad time so we relocated to a house in another small fenland trown and have now been here for 17 years and while the house feels like home finally - the town doesn't. I'm a Londoner but I'm enough of a realist to know that if I moved back I would be disappointed to find how much had changed. Carole
  2. My daughter is in her mid fifties and had the jab a week ago, Pfizer, no after effects at all. My No.1 granddaughter's company has disposed of their offfices in Whitechapel and have advised her that when they do return to what will pass for normality she will continue to work from home and only have to attend the office 2-3 times a week. She has enjoyed working from home but does miss the comaraderie of the office. Most of her work involves presentations which are now done on line instead of in person as they used to be and as most of her clients are in South Africa with a few elsewhere in
  3. A new system has come into use at my GP surgery that I discovered when I went for routine blood tests last week Having already removed all the seating from the waiting room because someone complained about the standard of the cleaning of the seats between patients use of them, the waiting room is now closed completely presumably due to another nitpicker whinging and patients now have to stand outside the surgery waiting to be seen - regardlesss of weather conditions. I did point out that if I was left out there long enough to get cold they would have no chance of getting any blood out of
  4. I've got an appointment for my hairdresser to come at 9.30 on the morning of April 12th so it changing is not an option! Carole
  5. Given how much we dislike gardening the mistake we once made was all the more catastrophic. We viewed a house one gloomy late afternoon in February. When we had looked all over the house the vendor asked if we would like to go out into the garden. As it was pouring with rain we decided to content ourselves with a look out the window. It looked pretty manageable - not too large. We moved in in May and discovered to our horror that what we had taken to be the boundary fence was in fact a half way mark with the same amount again behind it. The 14 Mature Oak and Ash all in excess of 80' high
  6. Tony and I are both passionate about gardening - we loathe it with a passion! How anyone can find it relaxing remains one of life's great mysteries to us. The 100's of bulbs coming up bear testament to the fact that we do it but it is very far from being a labour of love. Carole
  7. We hired a connoisseur boat on the canal du Midi in late September 2006 and while crossing Etang de Thau heading for Marseillan it got a little choppy (for which read we were being tossed all over the place!) About a 3rd of the way over we noticed that one of the fridges in the galley which was in a housing and standing on top of another fridge was starting to come away and for the rest of the journey my friend and I had to stand with our backs braced against it to keep it in place. Our main concern was that it was a gas fridge. When we returned the boat to the depot in Narbonne a few days
  8. A friend of mine, a lady aged 76 who in the last year has had major surgery for cancer and is still receiving treatment had her first jab about 3 weeks ago and received a text yesterday telling her that as she is considered vulnerable she must continue isoiating until March 31st. Carole
  9. Bought a Kia Sportage in 2013. It was the 7 year guarantee that appealed to us. We figured tha if they had the confidence in the car to guarantee it for such a long time then there must be a good deal of quality in the build. The only major problem we had was needing the rear suspension replacing just before the expiry of the guarantee. The problem came to light during the M.O.T. The work was done with no hesitation. We also had all the hub caps replaced when their appearance deteriorated after about 4 years with no argument. Apart from the troublefree motoring another reason we wouldn't he
  10. Back in the late 80's - early 90's we had a Mercedes estate which remains to this day my favourite car of all the very many I've had over the years and from regularly changing my car every 2 years or so I went to not wanting to part with it. I doubt I would ever have been persuaded to let it go if some fool in a BMW hadn't lost control of his car by totally incompetent driving in icy conditions and ploughed into my Mercedes writing it off! No one was injured although the BMW practically disintegrated with bits and pieces of it strewn over about a 2oo yards stretch of country lane. My ins
  11. During the mid 80's I was talking to a fireman and he told me that he had to cut more people out of a Datsun than any other vehicle as they had a far greater propensity to fold up on impact such was the low quality of the steel used to build them. Carole
  12. You must have been rightly proud of that manoeuvre once you had got your breath back! We also had similar experiences on the Canal du Midi, the helms of these certainly didn't take prisoners! Unless you were very careful to maintain a good speed you could easily get sucked into their wake while overtaking them. We saw one poor chap come to grief in this way. Carole
  13. |As I have been given to understand it, you are more likely to experience side effects from the Oxford jab than the Pfizer. How true this is I don't know. Tony and I both had the Pfizer and neither of us had any reaction other than very slight localised soreness to the upper arm for 24 hours. None of the neighbours that we've spoken to has been given the Oxford vaccine so I've no way of confirming whether this is true. Carole
  14. He only had it about 3 weeks ago. Carole
  15. my Son-in-law who is in his early 60's, and had pneumonia, late last Summer and covid last month was given an appointment for a jab last week but on attending for it was told that under the circumstances he was too high risk to be given it . Carole
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