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  1. I recently heard that whereas it used to be having a Waitrose locally that increased the value of your house these days apparently it is having an Aldi that has this. effect. We weren't sorry when they built a huge one in our small town having bought the local luck lustre Co-op. I find shopping there exactly as you describe Paul - What's not to like? Carole
  2. Aldi does a box of crackers (for cheese) that is without doubt the best we have ever had. Sadly they only appear at Christmas. We also shop at several different locations for much the same reasons that Timbo does. Last Spring we saw an advertisement for Aldi selling lamb at half price. While in there we bought a couple of leg joints.. They were absolutely gorgeous. We've bought our lamb there ever since . One we took to our daughter's and she asked where it had come from as it was so delicious. We went back and bought several more, stocking the freezer. We see that they are having a siimilar offer during the week before Christmas, Needless to say we shall be taking advantage of that - not just because of the price but because of the quality. Carole
  3. I dislike Waitrose immensely. I used to use the one in Ely when moored there because it was the nearest place to buy a paper. Generally the staff were unhelpful, customer service was non-existent . Whereas the service I get in my local Aldi couldn't be better and the prices better still!.T the quality of the produce is excellent. My only complaint is that a lot of the vegetables come pre-packed and I prefer to select my own and decide on the quantity I want. but it is small inconvenience when the enormous savings we make are considered Carole
  4. Whoops! Spoke (Wrote) too soon! back to status quo today sadly Carole
  5. I've been having a similar problem all week. It seems to have righted itself today Carole
  6. Last night a text came through on my mobile phone telling me that I had got a payment due that was being paid to me via PAYM. All I had to do was register with my details Yeh! right! I've never heard of PAYM and knew I was not expecting a payment of any kind (sadly !) Taking it for a scam I deleted it and on Googling PAYM today I found a notice on their website warning of a scam that had come to their attention. I wonder how many unfortunates will be caught out. Carole
  7. My husband's birthday is December 27th and it's always been difficult to get a decent card for him because of Christmas cards taking priority in shops. What I do find though is that if you use smaller card shops rather than the big chains such as Clinton , you often can get a better choice. We have an excellent card shop in the small fenland town where we live and I usually manage to get just the right thing there and at a better price too. Christmas preparations start the first week in October here as our little town is quite famous in East Anglia for it's spectacular street decorations and they start putting them up the first weekend in October. They are truly amazing and all done by volunteers and paid for by donations. The switching - on ceremony is a big day of celebration The high street is closed to traffic from early on the first Saturday in December and a huge funfair is erected which goes on till late. A minor celebrity is drafted in to do the honours at dusk and a great day of fun is enjoyed by all. Carole
  8. Breast cancer is frighteningly prevalent these days. My mother-in-law had three daughters -in-law - all three of them have had breast cancer although thankfully all three of us have survived it so far. My tussle with it was 14 years ago. Even when you survive it you are never quite the same again. Small symptoms that previously were dismissed as "probably nothing" become worrying. Carole
  9. While watching The Chase on ITV I've noticed three times in recent episodes the Broads have been referred to as a National Park! Isn't it time they were disavowed of their misapprehension? Carole
  10. in 1990 we moved to a place called Brookmans Park which was just north of London between Potters Bar and Hatfield thus much more rural than where we had previously lived in Winchmore Hill North London and presumably a lot more of the supply equipment was external because we had far more incidents of Off Supply than before. I wrote to complain because it got so frequent and as we were often on the boat for several days at a time we relied on timers to keep the house looking occupied and the power cuts naturally played havoc with them. Following my letter I received a phone call one evening from an area Director of the Electricity board who explained to me that a lot of the power cuts were caused by Squirrels! Carole
  11. I really don't "get" todays chefs' obsession with chillies. Sill I suppose it makes a change from Balsamic vinegar. Carole
  12. We owned a narrow boat for a short time and took the magazine this clown writes for, he used to write very aggressively taking the rise out of narrow boat owners who took pride in the appearance of their boat. His philosophy was definitely that narrow boating is a contact sport. He used to come over as a thoroughly unpleasant oaf! Carole
  13. Thank you for the compliment Peter. Feel free to flirt till your heart's content. Highgate! My daughter opened an estate agents on Highgate High Street in the early 90s.It's very "villagey" there and the locals gave her all all sorts of grief Until Christmas came and she charged me with the task of acquiring Christmas decorations for the office. As the décor was very Victorian, I themed the decorations likewise. The locals loved them and voted them the best in the village and invited my daughter to join their committee! Carole
  14. When we moved after retiring from North London to a small town/village in Cambridgeshire we were never made to feel unwelcome. We moved onto a small new development of about 12 houses and we were the only ones who were not locals. Having heard of hostility shown to newcomers in other counties such as Devon and Cornwall we were quite prepared to be given the cold shoulder. I did wonder if the reason we weren't resented was because the cost of housing in East Anglia had stayed relatively low compared with other parts of the country meaning young locals didn't have to relocate and could afford to remain local after growing up and marrying. We moved again to another typical small Fenland town and still have never received any hostility. Carole
  15. Last week we went out to source a replacement oven to replace the one with the missing knob. Nothing appealed. not surprising really, I didn't want to get rid of the one I have, it was being forced on me by the fact that a knob, essential to it's operation had gone missing and a replacement was unobtainable. When we arrived back home we gave it more thought and reasoning that a knob couldn't just disappear decided to search further and found the little beggar hiding in the pan drawer beneath the oven. Brilliant! However on our travels just as Tony had thought his wallet had escaped unscathed I noticed a very nice fridge/ freezer and ours although mechanically sound is starting to badly deteriorate inside with cracked drawers/shelves etc. so needed replacing - the new one arrives on Saturday! So as things stand I'm very grateful to my little nob! Carole
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