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  1. We spent a season moored in Ferrry marina Horning in 2019. We ate once at the New Inn and thought it dreadful. the service was non-existent, the food mediocre and the premises bordering on squalid. Carole
  2. Tony does all our vacuuming too. Last Christmas while cleaning debris dropped during putting up decorations something wrapped round the brush of the Dyson and stopped it turning and we couldn't seem to find a way of clearing it. I rang the Dyson help line,accessed on line and spoke to this lovely chap who drew my attention to a previously unnoticed little button on the top of the head, press it he advised it's a re-set button and it worked! We've only had this Dyson for 17 years and hadn't even know about the existence of this button. Carole
  3. That's brilliant Ian. As with us, what seemed to be a bad situation has proved to have done you a good turn , serendipity. Hope all is now plain sailing and you can look forward to many happy years in your new home. Carole
  4. addicted


    Not content with the damage it had already done the storm returned last evening with a vengence and bashed hell out of the remainiing roses. Hope that's the last of it now. Today is fine but very breezy. Carole
  5. addicted


    The promised storm finally got us yesterday afternoon. Torrential rain howling winds .The lillies coped alright but the old English roses were a goner sadly. Carole
  6. Very frustrating when there is delay, we had something similar whe we bought this house. We had a chain of 6 up in Yorkshire. It's usually the bottom of the chain that is most likely to go pearshaped but in our case it was the 2nd from bottom that suddenly pulled out causing the builders we were buying from to pull the house from under us. We were gutted at the time but it turned to be for the best as the house we subsequently bought was far superior and during the delay we moved out of our house and onto the boat for a couple of months. We liked it so much we almost cancelled the house! Carole
  7. Couldn't agree more. This obsession with sport on bbc like just about everything else they do is poor and makes for a very frustrating time. I greet the news of any tournament, cup. games etc with equal dread. Thank goodness for Freeview! I record old programmes shown at unsociable hours and store them up for such occasions. We've always got something that appeals to watch. Tony loves all sports and will watch it till the cows come home burning the midnight oil to stay up and watch Lithuanian tiddly-winks if the occasion arose but bless him he totally gets and sympathises with my aversion. The only thing I've watched on the current Olympics is Charlotte Dujardin and that's only because her late Granny was an old friend of mine and I knew Charlotte as a baby. Carole
  8. addicted


    Here in Cambs we had a little drizzle this morning but nothing like we have been told to expect fortunately..I'm hoping we dont' get heavy rain as our lillies have just come to fruition and won't take kindly to that. Carole
  9. HI kate,Welcome from Tony and me also. You can get a remote control for your bow thruster. We had one fitted retrospectively. It was done by Sheerline boats who are quite simply wonderfujl to deal with and you can trust them implicitly. Carole
  10. lovely photos Sam. We never managed to visit that part of the Broads as our boat was too high to access it sadly. Carole
  11. Phoned my daughter last evening for a chat, couldn't get through. Got a text saying "Sorry, little hard to talk now , We're at the priest's playing poker, will phone you tomorrow." Carole
  12. So glad youi're home Ian. Quite an ordeal for sure but you've come through it o.k. and that's the most important thing. Carole
  13. We once had someone moored next to us on womack staithe start their engine at 22.30. We pointed out that it was not appropriate and they promptly turned it off. Mjnd you, they did try to side swipe us on their way out next morning! Carole
  14. Ditto to all the above. thoughts are with you. Carole
  15. Sorry although married to a football mad husband I watched Downtown Abbey and The Yorkshire Vet and a documentary about the duchess of Windsor. From what I can gather I did the right thing by not giving it any attention till extra time! Carole
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