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  1. My daughter actually sells through Amazon therefore is very au fait with their working practices and tells me that Amazon definitely do not ever phone you. Carole
  2. Got another call yesterday purporting to be from Amazon joining me to their prime scheme I put the phone down after about 3 seconds of listening to the recording, Checked my account and it's still saying I am not enrolled in the Prime Scheme. The odd thing is that each time I have received one of these calls I have had a parcel delivered from Amazon that same day. Not a coincidence I think. Carole
  3. Yes I'm sure this was the case, If you had heard the load of tosh he gave me by way of explaining the noise you wouldn't have believed it and of course I didn't! Carole
  4. Some years ago a very nice person or persons smashed my offside front window presumably to access the car phone that had already been removed. I called the company referred to to get it repaired. They sent a young chap to the house to carry out the job. He was full of the chat and when he announced he had finished and was about to leave I tried the electric window to see if it worked alright. It did but accompanied by much crunching and grinding. | pointed out this and said it wouldn't do. Oh said flash Harry, that's not ,my fault it's because these cars with electric windows develop this problem when they get old. The car concerned was an 18 months old Jaguar XJS.! I replied Well is that so? You'd better be on your way then. I then phoned the office and very succinctly asked them to explain why they had sent such an unsuitable operative to work on my car. So succinct was I that the area director accompanied by the depot manager arrived half and hour later and carried out the job properly. Carole
  5. Back in the 70s a choreographer friend of mine was working with Dame Vera on a tv series she was doing and when his wife went into hospital to have her baby Dame Vera sent the most beautiful flower arrangement and card to the hospital. She was apparently a dream to work with. RIP indeed. Carole
  6. The person who advised me that it was called the Old barns has sent me a pm saying they were mistaken and that it was called the old Beams after all. I don't suppose it matters really after all " a rose by any other name" etc. Carole
  7. Apparently neither I am now informed that in fact it was called The Old Barns. Carole
  8. It was only in recent years that it was called the Lavender House. It used to be called The Old timbers and back in the day I'm told it used to be popular with the various show business personalities appearing for the Summer season in Gt. Yarmouth. In recent years The Lavender House closed and a somewhat indifferent Indian Restaurant opened. Which has now become an Italian it seems. Carole
  9. I remember going to The Bell for Sunday lunch back in the 80's and on one occasion at the next table was a family, mum Dad and two children a little girl of about 10 and a boy of about 12.they used to serve coffee and bring the bill to a little room away from the dining room. The dad was duly brought his bill and the little boy looked over his shoulder to read it and having done so and to the acute embarrassment of his father he gasped very loudly and said "Crikey Dad can we afford to pay that?" What a shame it is no longer there it was quite unique. Carole
  10. When we still lived in north London, one of our favorite things to do at the weekend if we weren't boating was to get up earlier than usual on a Sunday and drive to the west end for breakfast at the Savoy. Superb, a long leisurely meal beautifully cooked and presented eaten while overlooking the Thames followed by a stroll round Covent Garden. Perfect. Csrole
  11. Happy birthday it is indeed funny old times we're living in. Afternoon tea sounds perfect. Carole
  12. Thank you John I'm really pleased to hear that, It used to be often in the trees just behind our mooring and Each Spring I used to wait anxiously to hear it's first call and know It had made it back there safely. Mind you after a few weeks of its repetitive, incessant call I used to wish it elsewhere! Carole
  13. We seem to be inundated with pigeons and collared doves this year and their repetitive constant call from 4.00 am is slowly driving us potty. (Where's Griff with his gun when you need him!!) This has got me wondering whether anyone knows whether our usual cuckoo visitor to Brundall has made it safely this year? Carole
  14. Thanks for all the birthday greetings they are much appreciated. I had a lovely day.Spent the day mostly in the garden with my Kindle It was very relaxing helped along by the lovely bottle of very cold champagne produced by my wonderfully thoughtful husband ( he knows me so well) As it was so warm we chose to have dinner this evening instead of lunchtime. |It was every bit as good as I knew it would be. meat perfectly cooked, so tender you could cut it with a spoon and gravy that really spoke up for itself if you know what I l mean! Hope you all enjoyed your day too. Carole
  15. Today is my birthday. Can't say that I'm thrilled to be having yet another one! Still I suppose the alternative is no great shakes either. Received a card from my granddaughters on which beneath the heading of Greatest Nan Ever was a photo of me bathing them 21 years ago! they said that as we couldn't all be together today the next best thing was a photo of when we were. It really made my day.Tony bless him says that as he can't take me out to dinner as normal, he is going to cook Sunday lunch. Roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings - he is an excellent cook so I'm looking forward to that. Whatever you are all doing today have a good time. Carole
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