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  1. No possibility of needing a mooring as with 12' width and12.6" height we had no chance of going by boat.. We went by car a really quick journey and the food was excellent. If we had a criticism it was that the menu was was rather small. However they were very obliging and left the batter off the only fish dish on offer. It was haddock and very good Tony had the meat pie and pronounced it to be absolutely lovely so all in all it was a success. Carole
  2. We're going by car, Not really bothered how good the beer is or not neither of us is what you would call a beer drinker Tony will probably have a half pint of the one on offer with the lowest alcohol content as he's the driver and l'l lhave a large white wine. Will report on the evening tomorrow. Carole
  3. We're booked in to the White Horse for dinner dinner tonight, hoping it lives up to it's good reviews Carole
  4. When we lived on the green belt north of London we used to have an enormous garden full of trees of all kinds and were visited by most birds but the one I remember particularly is a golden pheasant who Tony use to feed each morning before he went to work. On his day off, therefore not up so early, Fred as we called him would come banging on all 3 sets of patio doors looking for his breakfast. He was a magnificent looking bird. Carole
  5. I'm so glad you said that Vanessan! I've been trying hard to work out what it is that I've missed and then I spotted a "Jayfire said" with nothing following it and figured that must have been something to do with it - what?, I cannot imagine! At least after reading your post I don't feel quite so daft so thanks! Carole
  6. HI Sam, So glad your "mission" was so successful, We saw you depart from the marina but had gone home by the time you returned. Have very much enjoyed your blog and the trip sounds to have been an absolute joy. We are at home at the moment and likely to remain as long as the weather is as dreadful as predicted. However when we are on board do feel free to pop round again. We enjoyed our chat it was very nice to meet you. Carole
  7. We had insurance for the car with an internet company and although it was a very user friendly premium, I was always concerned about the possible scenario if, God forbid, we needed to claim. reading your account made me very glad we moved away from that company this year. What happened to you was exactly what I was afraid of. So glad you got it sorted. How different being the parent of a young adult is for us than it was for our parents. the most they had to worry about was me missing the last bus home! Carole
  8. After our meal out on Saturday, Tony said "we need to get some recommendations for good places to go for a meal in this locality. " I replied that I agreed and that I knew just the place to source them and as usual you lovely forumites didn't disappoint! Thanks all for the info and input. We'll be checking some of the recommended venues out soon. Carole
  9. One man's meat etc. Sutton Staithe is not an option for us by boat, sadly we're too high and too wide. We managed to get there with our previous boat and loved it Carole
  10. Well remembered! I mentioned this restaurant to him last week and he went quite pale at the very thought of it. Sadly it's not a place we'll be likely to patronise although I would be in heaven with predominantly fish menu. Carole
  11. Well, we've been on our new location for a month and so far we have been very pleased with our choice of marina. What we have found a little disappointing is the quality of the local eating establishments. The Ferry Inn is o.k. depending on what you order. The carvery is as carveries usually are - hit and miss. I suppose to sum it up the quality of the food does not warrant the cost. The New Inn was dreadful - an experience never to be repeated. The Swan was very nice but such small portions, my cod loin was delicious but the size of a small fish finger, which made it very poor value, whereas Tony's steak was very good We were always very happy with the fare offered at The Yare and are hoping to find something offering similar quality and cost within a reasonable distance. We went to the pub in Ludham last Saturday (The King's Arms?) which we have used several times over the years when moored at Womak Water and while my meal was delicious Tony's was disappointing- a tiny lamb shank with a spoonful of gravy set on top of an enormous pile of mashed potato - not ideal. The search continues. Carole
  12. We always found when using Coldham Hall that if you arrive early enough( late afternoon usually does it on) the evening you wish to eat there and get moored, at some point someone from the restaurant will come out and ask if you intend eating there that evening and book you in. It's a lovely place to moor up and watch the world go by for a few hours. The last time we enquired they didn't take bookings for moorings. Carole
  13. perhaps I should also have mentioned that we buy diesel at a concessionary rate of £1.00 per litre. Carole
  14. We have just spent our first week on our new mooring on Ferry Marina and have no complaints at all. We found our water tap ran so slowly it took 5 hours to fill our tank but a mention in the office and a new tap was fitted a day or so later pretty good service I think. We have managed to park our car immediately to the rear of the boat each time we leave the marina to get papers etc. so no problems there. True the extra journey is a bit of a pain but I think it'll be worth it. The cruising is very beautiful and very interesting. We spent a night moored at the quiet moorings Potter Heigham, the howling wind and spectacular thunder storm made for an interesting night. Out with the torch at 4.00am to check the mooring spikes were holding their own, noticed the chap in the boat behind doing likewise, all was well no need to fret. On the whole it was a lovely week and we're looking to our return next weekend . Carole
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