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  1. Well my computer has retuned from the repairer. Although my ganddaughter had got it running again, I was unable to access my online banking.Apparently the comnputer needed updating and that was the reason so I now have to get to grips with windows 10. which is all very strange At least I can access everything I need to. Eventually! Apparently in order to recover my lost photos the computer would have to be sent away to a soecialist and it could cost as much as £500. I'm still thinking about that one. The engineer that sorted it all out for me was very helpful and didn't charge an unreaso
  2. Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to offer advice. This is where this forum is so brilliant. Quite apart from providing entertaining diversions from the bleak winter's days and covid misery, if you have a problem there's always members with a wealth of knowlege out there only too willing to share it. When I say that I am clueless when it comes to computers I really do mean clueless. I wouldn't have the first idea about back up which is why I've lost my photos. We do have a computer outfit in the vilage and it is my intention to call in tomorrow morning to seek his thoughts on the s
  3. We had a power surge last Thursday night which knocked out the computer. Both screen and computer appeared to be working but just not together resulting in a blank screen. Being totally computer illiterate I did what any self-respecting technophobe would do, I took it to my daughter's where No.2 granddaughter managed to get it up and running. Just one problem - a biggy. It's wiped back to factory settings. Files, stored information etc. gone and most upsetting of all, all our precious photos going back many years. Everybody who we've spoken to says that they must still be retrievable I'd rea
  4. What a cracking pup, you must all be ecstatic. Great antedote for these difficult times we are having to live through, I'm envious - big time. Carole
  5. Wishing you a very enjoyable stay . Look out for low bridges! Don't forget to duck. Carole
  6. Womack water was always my favorite mooring when over on the Northern Broads. Sadly all too often we'd arrive to find no mooring free. Not only did I find it a really lovely place to moor, when we did manage to secure spot we were always lucky with the weather while moored there . It always seemed to be warm and sunny . Carole
  7. Hi Sam, So glad you've resumed Luna's log as it is such a pleasure to read. Sounds as if you had a great trip which I'm sure was more than welcome Carole
  8. Never had a problem mooring a boat large or otherwise and have successfully parked all manner of vehicles, large saloons, large estate cars, commercial vehicles even a tipper truck and a towed horse box. I'm not the exception. That women can't park is a myth perpetrated by insecure males! Carole
  9. This has brought back memories of bringing up my daughter. i well remember the occasion when she in her very early teens starting to "flex her muscles" give me a load of cheek from the kltchen door then flounced upstairs, slamming her bedroom door. I tolerated the cheek - well she was starting to grow up a little leeway was called for, however the slamming was a step too far and just as my foot hit the bottom stair, a small voice came from upstairs, " Sorry I slammed!" I knew then I was on the right track. Carole
  10. What a beautiful baby Griff. Warmest congratulations to you ans Mrs. G. Carole
  11. To get such indifferent service from your GP practice is disappointing to say the least. Because we are of a certain age and both on blood pressure medication our surgery sends for Tony and me for an annual check-up and I had assumed in the light of the present conditions that would go by the board So I was very surprised and not a little impressed to receive a call from the practice last week making an appointment for both of us to go and also appointments for us to have a flu jab later this month. Pretty good I think. Carole
  12. We'd just walked into the house having just returned from a shopping trip to Newmarket to buy my daughter a birthday present. I turned on the kitchen t.v. to watch the news while I prepared lunch, thinking I had accidentally tuned in to the wrong channel and was watching a film I changed the channel only for the actuality of it to dawn - what I was watching was real! Carole
  13. That's really bad luck. Hope you recover soon and can resume your holiday with minimum time lost. Carole
  14. Thanks Vaughan, The person Tony spoke to seemed to think no Toll was due Carole
  15. phoned BA this morning and was asked to email information to them which I have done. Carole
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