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  1. SueH

    England V Tunisia

    Trouble is it is everywhere. Even the first item on a news broadcast I saw this morning. Surely there are more important things in the world at the moment? I could say more but would probably end up upsetting someone. Fortunately we are both of the same mindset in our house.....
  2. SueH

    Shares For Sale

    I think I'm going to ask for commission. So far my advert has resulted in sales/interest in every boat except Moonlight Shadow! SueH
  3. SueH

    Shares For Sale

    Hi Matt our replies overlapped. The same applies with MS.
  4. SueH

    Shares For Sale

    Hello. Unclaimed weeks are up for grabs to partners and no further payment is required. You can take as many weeks as you can for no additional outlay, apart from fuel and pump out costs. And of course Moonlight Shadow (being based at Brooms) is less than 10 minutes walk from Brundall railway station. Which as you know has very a very regular train service. SueH
  5. SueH

    Shares For Sale

    Hi. According to the BCBM website there are shares for sale in Goosander. £5k/each. Jay (Jayfire) often uses MS solo. It may be worth talking to him.
  6. SueH

    Shares For Sale

    Now £3k each. 2nd share still not sold, time waster unfortunately.
  7. SueH

    Shares For Sale

    Price drop. Selling separately £3250 each. One share under offer. Although it has been dragging on for weeks now, hopefully not going to fall through. Sue
  8. SueH

    What's Your Personality?

    Advocate whatever that means!
  9. SueH

    No. 1 When You Were Born...

    Tab Hunter - Young Love
  10. SueH

    Electric Hook Up

    I agree. We have a 12v TV on Moonlight Shadow. It has an enormous adaptor. We put a 12v lead on board to plug into the 12v socket so that the adaptor is surplus to requirements. SueH
  11. SueH

    Malanka Tales

    Funny you should say that, our TV on Moonlight Shadow has a hidden on/off switch like this. Same problem as well! Sign made now an stuck on the front so we all know where to look.
  12. SueH

    Moon Discovery

    Looks a real posh boat. Just looked at the cost of hiring her, should we ever want to. The only week that would appear to have been available is 25/5 to 1/6 and for the two of us and Rosie it would be £2200! Makes the 3k for 8 weeks in Moonlight Shadow seem even more good value. Guess when the shares sell we won't be in the market for such boats any more.
  13. SueH

    Oh Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have two. It is a con really paying for them in the first place then having to pay again to move from car to car, or keep on hold if not having a vehicle for a while. Money for old rope! S
  14. SueH

    The Reed And Rhond Anchor

    Got caught by that once before. Did not use the password. Perhaps should have tried the laptop not the phone...... Don't you hate technology sometimes!? S
  15. Absolutely. It is still not proven (so far as I know) that they are any safer, in their own way, than normal cigarettes. Sue

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