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  1. SueH

    My Day

    My day. Well evening really. Just came back from watching Bohemian Rhapsody at the Trowbridge Odeon. FANTASTIC. No-one in the theatre was under 40 and we were all rocking. Even Martin thoroughly enjoyed it and he is not easily pleased. I haven't heard anyone who has watched it that hasn't come back 'buzzed'! S
  2. 2nd share sold. Contract signed today with a completion date of 1st November. Sue
  3. SueH

    Doctor Who

    What do you think to the new Doctor? I did not stop watching for the whole hour. Not quite transfixed but ... I thought Jodie played it very well. It will be interesting to see how the series develops. Now Strictly. I do like Autumn on the Beeb!
  4. As mentioned in another discussion. One share now gone. Second one now reduced to £2900 on the BCBM web site. We are happy to discuss sensible offers.
  5. SueH

    Time Share

    Not to mention taking weeks that other owners cannot take - not just when you are already on board. On MS weeks like that are put out to the rest of us on a first come first served basis. For no extra charge except fuel/pumpout. Effectively a minimum of four weeks a year, but could be quite a few more!
  6. SueH

    Brundall From The Air

    It seems to be the way nowadays. There were five of us and four jobs in the last throughout we had. We each had to reapply and officially you could not ask for voluntary redundancy. It was the worst job interview I ever gave, as I didn't want to stay. So, perhaps it could have been classed as voluntary! Speaking to the 'lucky' four, it was a good move. Things have definitely changed for the worse. It will be interesting to see who replaces Malcolm. Best wishes to him for the future.
  7. SueH

    Time Share

    Now reduced. £2,900, to purchase 8% of the boat. Then £132/month to cover annual costs. Owners pay their own pumpout and refuelling costs. Sue
  8. SueH

    Time Share

    As other people have mentioned. It is not 'time share' but shared ownership. On Moonlight Shadow, after a small initial amount to purchase your 8%, it works out at £400 a week if you take all the allocation. The thing with shared ownership is that you get to know all the foibles, how everything works and where everything is. When hiring I used to find it was a day or so each trip to find where things were. There are a number of shares on the market at the moment, including mine! Two new ones on Ranworth Breeze I see.
  9. Another update. Good news. After a surprise phone call from BCBM and a flurry of correspondence, we sold the first of our shares effective from 1st September. Our second share is still available. Help us out folks. Pass the word! Sue
  10. SueH

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Just watched you come through from end of yacht station pontoon. Quite by coincidence! You certainly had to wait a while for the rail bridge to open and the other boat to go down.
  11. SueH

    Help Lend A Hand With Indy

    Was moored at Reedham yesterday afternoon (3rd September) and the bridge seemed to be open more often than it was closed. Was even opening to let the Brooms hire fleet through! A bit of moisture in the air at the moment. Being helped by the tide en-route to Breydon Water. If we have timed it right it will continue to help when we turn right towards Yarmouth yacht station. Sue Sue
  12. SueH

    Star Gem

    Welcome. We had Star Gem 1 as our second boat, after the Alpha Shooting Star. (The same design but starting from Brundall). A long time ago! Both front steer boats, which for us got a bit of getting used to. The back had a mind of its own for a while. From memory, well maintained, good for all bridges at the time. Safe for the dog. Enjoy your trip.
  13. Good news and bad news. Good news for the partner with the £2k share mentioned above. A forum member has bought it. Congratulations both. Bad news for us unfortunately. Both ours are still up for sale. Currently £3k each, which Martin thinks is a sensible request. BCBM tell me that they had three enquiries about the very cheap share so they are trying to interest the other two people in ours. Sue
  14. I don't know about 2015 as I can only see the 2018-9 budget when I have a look. £1580.64 per year for a 4 week share. Sue

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