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  1. Good luck. I remember our first trip in 2011. Such excitement. Sue
  2. Absolutely, a few years back, on one of our trips, we had put non see thru film on the stern shower window in Moonlight Shadow. A few weeks later another partner reported the window had broken but hardly any glass had fallen inside.
  3. SueH

    Pastures New

    I remember when we had our share in Breeze. We found getting to Ferry Marina a real pain, parking was awkward and we were moored next door to a metal 'bomber' with a pointy beam with a large anchor attached. Getting in and out was really tight. We sold up in 2005. Getting back into syndicate ownership on Moonlight Shadow in 2011 we found Brundall far easier to get to. We sold up a second time in 2018!
  4. Have just finished reading Broadland 'A Chilling Norfolk Broads Crime Thriller'. Thought it was a bit tame to start with, how wrong I was! Am leaving it a while to read 'St Benets' and have book 3 on pre-order. (Kindle, although other E-Readers are available!)
  5. Our gripe about these is their location. Generally they appear to always be in the only place where there is any shade. As someone who regularly visits other areas and 99% of the time with a dog in the car seeing these (usually empty) is like a red rag to a bull.
  6. So how many shares for sale now? 3.5? Sue
  7. The Allegro, apparently was thought to be one of the worst cars Austin ever built. The Ambassador was another one of theirs, ditto the Montenegro I think. Such a young sprog you are Jay!
  8. SueH

    Semi Liveaboard

    Congratulations. Does this mean you are selling up in Thunder and Shadow? Sue
  9. Bring back National Service! We did 34 years between us (Army and Wraf) and as you say was all to the good. Plus we got a pension each out of it!
  10. A slow journey? Less than 3 hours, I'm envious,. The very earliest we ever got there was 1530, so no relaxing pub trip for us. Rosie was pretty bomb proof, but we have just added a 7.5 month old juvenile delinquent to the mix which would have been fun (not!) Butter wouldn't melt ....
  11. Oh dear what a mess! SueH
  12. Whilst I am no longer part of the boating fraternity having sold my shares in MS. I can see that renewing at anytime during the year and only paying for part of the year depending on when you buy your boat could be very popular. SueH
  13. Different to the west. Swage of rain overhead. Looks like going to be getting wet most of the day. Still at least my potplants are getting watered!
  14. Many happy hours in the back of the ASK21 and K13 ( a predessor). Always P2 (never got solo, never really had the inclination to be honest!). Have also flown in the T21, open cockpit side by side - good fun albeit a bit breezy and a Slingsby T61. An interesting one was the Bijave a French two seater glider that you needed a crane to get into the back! Carrying on 'bragging rights' have also been airborne in two metal gliders the Blanik an IS something or other - forgot the number. SueH
  15. Tony Robinson's Hidden Britain by Drone. Just watching on plus 1, very interesting.
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