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  1. Hi all, thank you for your questions about Ranworth and sorry for the delay. I have been on annual leave and busy with a few other bits. I have consulted with my colleagues in the Ranger team and can clarify the situation for you below: We have just opened up a new Broads Authority Visitor Centre at Ranworth in the building that was previously occupied by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust (NWT). As part of this new visitor centre, we will be offering boat trips on our electric powered vessel Liana. Liana will be moored on the right-hand side at the upper end of the dinghy dyke, howev
  2. Hi all, good news to share with you (and no it isn't an April fools joke before someone asks!) Best, Tom Progress update on St Benet’s Abbey 24 hour moorings (1 April) The Broads Authority is delighted that following negotiations with the Environment Agency and the Landowner an agreement has been reached regarding the future of the 24 hour mooring at St Benet’s Abbey. This iconic mooring location on the River Bure has been secured as a Broads Authority 24-hour mooring as the future of the piling has now been resolved. The legal agreements are being drawn up, but in the
  3. Cheers Alan, was just coming on here to post but you've beaten me to it as usual!
  4. Sorry for the double post but here's the update as promised. Best, Tom Progress update on St Benet’s Abbey 24 hour moorings (23 March) As reported last week, the Authority took the decision to barrier off approximately half of the length of our St Benet’s 24 hour moorings due to safety concerns. We understand boaters’ frustrations with this news and have an update to issue on this matter to provide further context and re-assurance. As reported to Broads Authority Members on Friday 19 March, the Broads Authority has a lease agreement to use the piling and a small strip of la
  5. Hi all, thanks for the comments and questions raised. I should have an update for you shortly on this matter at St Benet's. All the best, Tom
  6. Hi Peter and all, I've had an update this afternoon from Rob our Director of Ops. regarding the SBA moorings. I've just published it on our website: https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/boating/navigating-the-broads/boating-news/update-on-st-benets-abbey-24-hour-mooring Tom
  7. Hi all, The repairs at St Benet's are currently being assessed by our maintenance team, we hope to be able to issue updated communications as early as next week. All the best, Tom
  8. Hi all, thank you all for the questions regarding the St Benet’s Abbey 24-hour moorings. I have spoken to Rob our Director of Operations and despite the updates to the NDAA website I have been assured that there haven’t been any changes to the usage of the moorings. It is still a 24-hour mooring and boats still have priority over anglers. If you click on the blue line over the stretch on the NDAA website it does say that ‘12 pegs available on this section. Boats take priority 16th June - 31st October’ which is an accurate description. In December 2020 a paper went to The Broads
  9. Message received Peter, will speak to colleagues and come back to you all. This is the first I have heard of it. Tom
  10. Thanks Meantime, I fully appreciate and understand your (and others) comments in this thread. It's correct that some of what we have been told to relay by DEFRA, particularly around the hire of open-topped boats from 8 March, is somewhat at odds with the legislation about those businesses being required to be closed at the moment. We and others have raised our concerns with them about this and as far as I am aware they are seeking to iron it out with the Cabinet Office at the moment. Interestingly in the EDP article it seems that there hasn't been much appetite for it anyway due to t
  11. Hi Meantime, Although there are still details that need to be ironed out, all of the new information on our site regarding the COVID-19 roadmap has come directly from DEFRA via email discussions between the BA/EA/CRT/BM and DEFRA officials. I believe that DEFRA officials are still in the process of clarifying a few things with the Cabinet Office to refine the information further, and any changes will be communicated on our website as before. Tom
  12. Hi Cambridge, To aid cash flow problems with the hire yards during the COVID lockdowns, they did not have to pay a toll on vessels that were laid up/in storage. However the moment that a yard took the decision to hire a particular vessel out, the full annual toll was payable on that particular vessel. Thanks, Tom
  13. Hi Peter, Our Rangers and Quay Assistants have first aid training and all get trained up to a RYA Powerboat Level 2 qualification. We have in-house staff in the Ranger and Visitor Services teams who are qualified/certified RYA approved instructors and are able to train others. Hope that helps!
  14. No, wide-scale Lifesize outages... Please see: https://status.lifesizecloud.com/ We will post a new date and time for the reconvened meeting as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  15. Sorry, should add as relevant to this thread - I am not aware of any such discussions around cars and the Broads. I'd be very surprised if any bans came into effect in any of the National Parks family any time soon due to the lack of public transport infrastructure these rural areas. We work with public transport providers like Greater Anglia/First Bus to promote the public transport options when visiting the Broads/Norfolk/Suffolk, however other than going by water, unfortunately much of the area is still only really accessible by car. (Or bike if you are feeling energetic, or foot
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