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  1. I remember that birthday like it was yesterday!
  2. My understanding is that tragic accident happened in Whitlingham Little Broad, not the body of water the other side of the river by Thorpe Marshes which is now owned by The Norfolk Wildlife Trust. The bit that I think Grendel was referring too. Edited to add: The incident I was thinking of refers to a 15yr old drowning in Whitlingham Little Broad in 2008, not the incident Vaughan is referring to at Thorpe Marshes which occurred in 2015. Incidentally the area I think Grendel was referring to is known as St Andrews Broad.
  3. Sadly large areas of the countryside get quarried and mined for all sorts of reasons and then left as eyesores, or sold on and turned into other commercial ventures. Those two havens of commercialism that are The Lakeside shopping complex and Bluewater over in Kent are two such fine examples. Once business ran out of ways of making money out of extraction, the disused pits were sold on and other businesses have since had their monies worth. A lot of the gravel and products extracted from Whitlingham were used on the ring road and The Forum in Norwich. Rather than the old pit being turned
  4. I guess the big issue is that the canals and rivers trust owns a lot more of the land that runs alongside the canals, than The Broads Authority does. It's main ability to increase residential moorings would be through it's role as a planning authority and enabling private land owners to develop such facilities.
  5. That is not strictly true Vaughan. The land is owned by The Whitlingham Charitable Trust and was donated to it by The Colman Family, who are also one of the trustee's of the charity. The BA's relationship was to manage the park on behalf of the charity. It is this relationship which has come to an end as the charity wish to manage the park in house. The ownership or lease of the land has not changed as it was never leased to The BA, but was managed by them. There is a slightly grey area in what I have just said, in so far as I don't know the full situation with the BA mooring at Whitlingham. T
  6. Wasn't that land given by the Colman family on the condition that no motorised craft were allowed on the broad, apart from rescue vessels?
  7. At least attempts are being made to recover it rather than just abandon it as has happened elsewhere. With the financial hardship that this virus is bound to inflict there are likely to be more people looking to make a home on the water. Time for the BA to start planning on how they are going to provide for and manage this extra increase.
  8. If I remember correctly WRC also have planning for a limited number of official residential berths!
  9. You could have been the majority share holders
  10. I have seen both Orange Wheat and Trawler Boys in The Kings Head which is a Wetherspoons pub. Very reasonably priced as I recall.
  11. Graham Elliot who represents Beccles and Worlingham on the East Suffolk Council must have pretty big whotists to give an interview on BBC Radio Norfolk saying they had bought it, if that wasn't the case. There is also a short interview with him on the ITV link I posted above.
  12. Contracts have already been exchanged with completion in two weeks time. https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2020-10-21/community-buys-famous-locks-pub-on-eve-of-auction From what I heard on the radio more a music type venue than gastro pub, which would figure with some of the backing it has received. Hopefully more of the same when Colin was landlord.
  13. The offer was made yesterday and the auction hammer effectively came down yesterday. It was withdrawn from todays auction. They paid £405,000 £10,000 over the guide price for the auction. It's been on the news with an interview with Graham Elliot who is the chairman of the group.
  14. The short answer is yes it is allowed. The more complex and possibly impossible to police is that people from a tier 2 area that travel to a tier 1 area should act as if they are in a tier 2 area. So that would mean two families from a tier 2 area, or a mix of tier 1 and tier 2 families would not be able to holiday together on a boat, or visit a pub or restaurant together as they would be breaking the tier 2 no socialising indoors rule unless from a single household. We have the ridicoulous situation where Essex is in tier 2 yet Thurrock and Southend both unitary authorities are in tier 1
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