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  1. I think Vaughan has it about right. Many younger people who get the virus are asymptomatic and never even know they've had the virus. They only present a danger to the older and vulnerable groups but not generally to themself. Once those most at risk from the virus have been vaccinated then the only way has to be to let it spread amongst the young, fit and healthy and hope for herd immunity. However the big worry here is the group of roughly 1 million vulnerable who for whatever reason will not be able to have the vaccine. How do we protect them? I keep hoping that like Spanish Flu it wil
  2. Thought this was worth a post given recent discussions about immunity and vaccines etc.
  3. I think it's common knowledge that the figures are slow over the weekend for all the data and then catch up during the week, so let's not be too quick to knock the roll out just yet. Secondly it's worth reflecting how well we are doing with the roll out compared to the rest of Europe, in fact the world. Yes I want my jab yesterday, but would rather be waiting my turn in the UK, than elsewhere at the moment. There will always be oddity's, some areas slower than others, some people you wouldn't expect getting it before others, all for a myriad of reasons, but on the whole lets look at
  4. The report I saw said that April 2nd was when the restrictions would start to be lifted, not fully lifted. With the recent death tolls even the Tory back bench MPs have lost the stomach for pushing for an early lifting of restrictions until the time is right. April 2nd is said to be the date being thought about for the gradual lifting of restrictions, apart from schools which could go back earlier than that.
  5. I'd be a little wary of looking at third party calculators such as the above for guidance. For some time it was out of date, as you say now being updated from 1 million per week to 2 million per week, which might still be an underestimate. Additionally as we have already seen roll out rates are varying across the country and the Government is already having discussions about changing the priority groups for vaccinations in phase 2 which comes after the first 9 groups in phase 1 has been completed. Nice little bit of PR for Omni, but all the information on groups and order of roll outs are
  6. I guess the main message is that those who are lucky enough to have the vaccination are more likely to be protected and survive if they catch the virus, but they still need to play their part in taking all the usual precautions to ensure they do not spread it to those who have not received the vaccination yet. The good thing is that the ones currently receiving the vaccination are more than likely the groups who will keep on taking precautions. If the vaccination had started with the younger groups first they more than others may have seen that as their passport to continue normal life st
  7. Until you realise that the vaccine doesn't prevent you spreading the virus, it protects those who have the vaccine from developing serious illness or dying, then you need to protect those most at risk, however they catch it. That means targeting those that have been shown to be most likely to die if they catch it. A healthy young vaccinated teacher may catch the virus and probably wouldn't have got seriously ill anyway, but can still take it home to their parents, or grandparents who may well die from it.
  8. More than likely because they have been told not to waste vaccine. If they have no one else coming forward in the groups they are targeting then they will move on down the list. One area if it has done all it can in the targeted groups isn't going to wait for the others to catch up. Today's announcement is for the general targeting of the next groups. Once a particular group is called forward there will be the initial rush. and then it will get harder to get people to come forward due to transport, communication issues, wrong phone number, post delay, person already ill etc. So they will move
  9. The attached graphic shows the 9 groups in the first phase of the rollout and the estimated numbers in each group. The current stated aim is to complete the first four groups by mid Feb. They started with groups 1 and 2 and this morning have moved onto groups 3 and 4. Griff unless you have a condition that fits you into group 4 with Ian, or group 6 which generally can be defined as anyone normally invited for a free flu jab (I don't think that includes the general extension to the over 50's for this year) because of an underlying condition such as diabetes or asthma. I would imagine you
  10. That appears to be inaccurate. It estimates based on a vaccine rate of 1,000,000 doses per week. Thankfully at present they are ahead of that.
  11. My understanding is that the jab will protect the person receiving it from getting ill from Covid. It won't stop them getting or spreading Covid. Much was said in the early days about herd immunity and there is a lot to be said for that if you can keep the people who will be most vulnerable from Covid isolated whilst the virus runs rampant through the younger and those with stronger immune systems, we could develop herd immunity, but keeping the elderly and most vulnerable shielded whilst that happens is neigh on impossible. If the vaccine protects those that receive it, at some point the
  12. Time will tell how this goes, but if we look back at Spanish Flu, that vanished without a vaccine, we can only but hope that Covid goes the same way eventually.
  13. With regards to returns, having read the share prospectus the value of the shares will never go up, so no one would ever get more back than they paid in. If you invested £1000 now and in 20 years time the whole venture was wrapped up for some reason, the most you could get back would be £1000. If after paying back all the share holders there was a surplus it would be distributed to one or more community projects. There are only two ways you might possibly benefit financially. Your initial investment may be allowed against your tax bill, so if you invested £1000 and you are a 30% tax payer
  14. I do wonder how much of the share offer has been read by some making observations here! Can I politely suggest that if this project is to survive, it needs support not criticism, unless it is from the point of view of having read all the material. Anybody thinking of investing should read all the material and then decide for themselves whether it suits them or not. Negativity breeds negativity. The proposed future of The Locks is not as a charity, or business, but a community benefit society, therefore it is the community that will benefit primarily. Any assets and if and when surplu
  15. I suspect there would be many who would want electric on the moorings, but the BA sold off the woodland so both runs either thru the woodland, or the pub gardens sound like expensive options to me. They couldn't go overhead which might be cheaper because money has already been spent in that part of the world removing pylons and cables from sight.
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