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  1. There's a suggestion of a European super league. Made up of clubs in England, Spain and Italy. Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs,Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester United,from England. As a Chelsea fan I think its completely wrong.Even with the Premier league. Too much money is centred on the big club. As well as a Chelsea fan,I'm a fan of football and believe more money should go down to least well off clubs.A super league for me is wrong.
  2. Send a pm to Clive,he will know.
  3. Sorry to hear that. Think you're doing the right thing though. It can be a worrying time.Perhaps make a list of questions and answers for social services and Doctors. Best wishes Ian.
  4. It went live Thursday evening.Not worried if it takes a time.As long as the price is right. We have spent lots of money, time and care on the house.
  5. As I've said our house went on the market last Tuesday. Things are starting to move quickly. Yesterday, the estate agents phoned me to book one viewing Monday and four next Saturday.This morning we went to Bluewater.They phoned we more viewing. Another one Monday, Wednesday and next Saturday. Rain warning. I washed the car just now.First one since we brought it two weeks ago,so dusty.A few more small paint jobs on the back of the house.
  6. Advice was from memory, if you have a headache for four days,after the jab seek medical advice.
  7. Ask MM,he may have the answer!
  8. Over the years,have seen a number of landlords there.I wish him well.Once we get back to Oulton will hopefully pop in for a pint.
  9. We aim to sell first,then look . We're with a few agencies in Norfolk. Just have to wait and see.Since last Friday I'm now retired, even though I've not worked since March last year.
  10. Today we've got the ball rolling. This morning, Marina and I tidied up.I did little painting jobs and we had the Estate agents round. So the house will be on the market. We look forward to the next stage of our life. A few photos before and after our bay window.
  11. Yes we do also.As Jean said for bedding and clothes.
  12. It replaced the old shed last year.Also they replaced the key headings.There for water fuel,pump outs and gas.You can also get coffee icecreams,sweets very handy.
  13. I'm sure most pubs will be open nest week.Certainly those with outside seating.Its worth a phone call before hand.You may well need to pre book with some.Stalham its self has lots of takeaways. Good luck sure you all will enjoy the river.
  14. News just in Prince Philip ,has passed away aged 99.Clearly he had a long and a varied life.I as part of a team cooked for him a few times.He was always entertaining! Not everyone's cup of tea,but I liked him. Very sad for the Queen and the family. RIP Sir .
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