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  1. Don't think I would walk there now.After we visited in December, thought the food was average to say the least. Lots of staff yet slow to serve.I agree with Marshman.Think it's gone down hill,why they moved the shop is beyond me,no longer get a discount and last year's Ale trail,wasn't a Ale trail at all.Think they need to up there game
  2. Thanks Paul,when's your boat going back in the water?
  3. Sorry but don't think that's cheap.Only ever moored there a few times.No plans to moor there in the near future.
  4. Next weekend from Friday till Sunday,we are up on the boat first of the season.Very much looking forward to it. Yesterday I booked a moorings and a table at the Ferry House for next Saturday. We just got a moorings. Seems they are busy.May go to Oulton on Friday. Ian
  5. Looks very good,sadly we can't come.Its Marina's Birthday and we will be in Berlin.
  6. Last year,I received about four calls about this.Which was interesting Since I don't drive. Seems this is the same thing now doing the same trick at car parks
  7. Have a good trip,weather may be a bit warmer tommrow.
  8. If all else fails, you could ask Griff.He can take your boat through backwards!
  9. Our boat is about 8.6.We can get under most times.Just check the tides.
  10. Well done Wales on winning,how England can have 31 points on the board. Then almost losing to Scotland. England getting a draw in the last minute. Scotland played really well. One of the most amazing games I have seen.
  11. The New Inn at Horning yes we had lunch there the end of Feb.they tend to shut for a week or two in early Jan.Not sure about the bridge inn.
  12. Not only, is what has happened in New Zealand very very sad.Here someone is killed of badly injured. It seems for no reason.Some gang related,others are completely random .I think everyone needs to try to put a stop to this senseless crime.Far from easy,but don't think we as a country can stand by.
  13. The thing is most things such as water are not fully on until Easter.It may have been a idea to contact the boat yard prior to your visit.Welcome to the forum.You may have noticed if not ,there is a lot of info available here.
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