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  1. There was always calendars but stopped about two years ago.
  2. That's the name of the program. Today it was villages close to Norwich.
  3. If I was you I would ask for witness protection on this one .
  4. How long is a piece of string! I first visited the broads in the sixties.Back then it was very busy.Over the years the number of hire boats have decreased, however a increase in private boats.This year due to Covad and the season squashed, Cant really tell.There are many member here that know better then me.In my opinion,think numbers are steady.
  5. Onions basic ingredient in cooking. With my method for pasta.Cooking slowly without colour, will not darken the sauce but still be soft and cooked.When you make a curry for example. I will use a large amount of onions.So for 1 kg of meat 500 g onions.Cook the onions steady without burning but cook until nice and brown.In doing so will help to thicken sauce,adding lots of flavour too.In fact any brown dish such as casserole, spaghetti bolognese cook your onions till nice and brown. Hope that help Ray.Give it a go
  6. Almost finished now on BBC1 A place in the country,Norfolk with a budget of 700k. they went to St Georges Whisky distillery.Have been there a number of times.Houses in and around Norwich.
  7. Have wine two ways, Fine dice one banana shallot, sweat in a little oil,without colour add about six sliced chestnut mushrooms cook with colour with black pepper and sea salt add half bottle dry white wine,reduce with by half.Add about same amount of double cream reduce slightly. Thicken with a little cornflour. Saute some king prawns of strips of chicken. Add to sauce.Cook pasta of your choice. Combine sauce,fish or chicken together, adding a little pasta water.Add a little butter and some chopped dill or parsley. Serve with salad and or crusty bread and of course the remaining wh
  8. I have a few train sets from some years back.Hopefully when we move houses,I can set it up and running.
  9. Didn't your mum tell you not to say fibs?
  10. There are surprisingly lots of take always in Staham.Sadly I've never tried any,a few pubs also.Have fun.
  11. Just remember it gets a bit darker sooner this time of year.
  12. Welcome think it will depend when you pick up the boat.What experience you've had of boating.Just take your time.Theres lots to see.Just work out what and where you want to go.Most importantly have fun. Ian
  13. Think we agree at last.This thread is just going round in circles. Don't think we need to read anymore .Let's more on.I agree Andy hard to remain polite.
  14. Okay so perhaps I could do some tutorials on the boat.I'm not cheap though
  15. If your meat,pasta and plate are all hot,should maintain the heat.
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