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    boating ,cars(f1),planes,trains in fact if it moves thats good,most sport

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  1. Chelsea14Ian

    What A Day Of Sport Today

    Please tell us more,I am aware what's happening in those sports.However I will support England/Britain in any sport.
  2. Chelsea14Ian

    What A Day Of Sport Today

    Good luck there!
  3. Chelsea14Ian

    What A Day Of Sport Today

    It's going to be warm, head for the beach
  4. Chelsea14Ian

    What A Day Of Sport Today

    England and English involved in three sports.England playing Panama in the world cup.England playing Australia in the ODI hopefully to win the series five nil.Lewis Hamilton at the France GP.Good luck everyone involved. No Brits involved but ,Tennis at Queens.My problem is to try and watch all three.
  5. Chelsea14Ian

    Moorings During The Busy Months

    We throughout the year where poss book before hand.
  6. Chelsea14Ian

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    I forgot the ladybird until you said.We were on holiday in Bognor. We sat outside have a drink and we became covered in them.Cant remember why there was so many.Never seen so many since.1976 was the year before we got married. The summer seemed to go on forever.Fast forward, so far this summer has been good.
  7. Chelsea14Ian

    My Day

    My day not so much mine but Marinas.Its her birthday today.We did shopping this afternoon. This morning we went to the garden centre near Sevenoaks.A Spitfire was flying overhead. Next Friday up to the boat for the weekend.
  8. Chelsea14Ian

    Nav Lights Not Working

    It does when then kids were young we had two holidays in the South of France camping the first one.It rained cats dogs and hippos all night.Luckerly after that the sun came out
  9. Chelsea14Ian

    England V Tunisia

    Don't drink to much of it,they said on the news there's a shortage of co2.Which may affect beer, tonic for gin and food.
  10. Chelsea14Ian

    Justice Is Done!

    Let's hope the powers that be, work on a solution to this long standing problem.
  11. Chelsea14Ian

    Nav Lights Not Working

    Most of the time don't need nav lights but useful in poor light.Sweetkingfisher is ex hire she was fitted with nav lights.She spent ten years on French waterways she also has a compass.Think it must be law there.
  12. Chelsea14Ian

    How Many Boats?

    Welcome from me to.As TheQ said over the years hire boat numbers have fallen private boats have increased.It does depend on times of the week.The May bank hoilday the river was very busy,even on the southern broads.As Alan also said in a few weeks time the river will be busy.
  13. Chelsea14Ian

    Beware The Yare On The 31st May

    Yes it is.
  14. Chelsea14Ian

    England V Tunisia

    Don't forget there's also cricket, tennis,F1 to name a few.
  15. Chelsea14Ian

    Nav Lights Not Working

    Had my BSS done in March,all went well even though nav lights play up at times.

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