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  1. Chelsea14Ian


    For about that cost, our boat is at Cove Brundall.Great mooring nice people too.
  2. Chelsea14Ian

    Pmr Licence Free Radio On The Broads

    Back in the summer,back home from the boat.I was running down the battery. Some yo yo had got hold of a radio and was swearing for Britain.Was told to only use the radio for what it was intended for.I am fairly close to the Thames sure boats/Ships were impressed with that yoyo.
  3. Chelsea14Ian

    Locks Inn

    Sadly Sweetkingfisher is to high to get under Beccles bridge,however Alan did it once.I don't want to take the chance however.Depending on the sizes of boats,you can get about four maybe five boats there.We took a day boat there last September. What I would say head down there early.
  4. Chelsea14Ian

    Locks Inn

    I too hope the pub retains its soul.As I have said many times I first visited the Locks in the sixties. By the way Marina and I sponsored a brick for the the lock bank.
  5. Chelsea14Ian

    Advice Please!

    I too agree with JA ,what I would do is lightly oil the wood.Often wood becomes dry,therefore by oiling it helps to preserve the wood.
  6. Chelsea14Ian

    Our Broad Scott

    I too miss Iain,we both had a love of cricket. Ian
  7. Chelsea14Ian

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    Alright Dave
  8. Chelsea14Ian

    Here's To Boating!

    Welcome to the forum, we tend to put the boat to bed late October, early November. Last year our first trip of the season was Easter.This year may be late March.My problem I don't like the cold.A life time in kitchens,and our boat does not have many mod cons.That said we love being on the river.
  9. Chelsea14Ian

    A New Start In Norwich

    I did not get a chance to try it out.What I did notice, the menu was fairly limited. Don't know if the restaurant was well used or not.I used to like Thai on the river.Sadly that went down hill then closed.After all there are many restaurants in Norwich to succeed you need to stand out and be A bit different
  10. Have met Alan and Tan a few years back.I know Alan via NBN.I agree he has a love of the broads and RB is a lovely boat
  11. Chelsea14Ian

    Twickenham Today

    Not long done the tour,can highly recommend it if you like rugby. A few pics more later
  12. Chelsea14Ian

    Twickenham Today

    Thanks to Nicola, today I am doing the tour of the ground. Last year I did the two W's Wembley and Wimbledon Which were very enjoyable. Will post some pics later.
  13. Chelsea14Ian

    ‘top Of The Shop’

    As a chef I have a lot of respect for Tom.He is one of the best chefs in the country. Must get to one of his pubs/restaurants.
  14. Alan we use Tim Waters also.Very good Dads
  15. Chelsea14Ian

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    As I was saying,I miss strictly!

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