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  1. We dont even have shore power ,but in recent years most boats do.Theres just not enough charging points Peter as for sailing, I would like to give it a go,however not for me long term.
  2. I like many have a diesel boat,its my guess that there probley less then 10% of boaters that have electric boats.What would happen if we all went electric. Dont think these enough charging points on the river.
  3. Ever since I've been boating,have traveled over all the broads. We are based in Brundall.Tend to weekend on the south, go north on longer trips.The south is often not as busy.Its often said that northern yards discourage people heading south.My advice is, if your new to boating gain some confidence first,but travel as much of the broads as possible. As been said over the years for a number of yards have closed sadly.Winter boating think it's a balance for yards,do they want to have some boats available or not.As a boat owner we put the boat to bed over the winter (dont like the ).The broads as many know is great whatever time of the year.
  4. We were there last September, had a drink but no food.Just to add you can make money,but you need to work at it.As I said it's down to a good menu ,drinks and comfort.Thecpubscthat do well on the broads,have many of those ingredients.
  5. From a Chefs point of view they do a fair job.Theres room for improvement. The mooring during a large part of the year are full.Also a permanent marina and the road near by.Think a few tweaks here and there could be very good.Depends on the menu.Always plan with a good balance ie favourites,seasonal, using good local food.Also look at drinks available .I hope as the owner said it a private buyer gets it and not the big boys.
  6. I hope the pub goes to good hands,always moor there in the summer. Often having a pint and something to eat.
  7. All I will say is think with the amount of boats that stop there , could do with a bit of a make overm
  8. I've met Boycie a few time.Once he went past me ,we were on.land him in the boat.He shouted Chelsea,always knew he had good taste!
  9. Been there when the oulton broad boat club were there.Agree with Howard,a great pub one of our favourite pubs on the river.
  10. Marina has a old pram that she has had since a child. She is thinking of contacting the repair shop.It is need of some one to make it look good.Will let you know if she makes contact with them
  11. Perhaps he wants to take you to the pub in your new shoes!
  12. What you and all of us is,too work the art of selective hearing.
  13. Very true if anyone doesn't like a post ignore it .Surely this or for that matter any forum should not only highlight one topic.In our case Boats and the broads. Both of which are of course main interests to us all.However there are many other things as a group we talk about and I hope it continues .
  14. For the last few years we've had a few days elsewhere. Last year Berlin this year a week in Cornwall and Devon. Next year back to Berlin.
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