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  1. Tolls are now paper less like cars.Therefore not on display, have been so for think three years now.
  2. Sorry but I dislike Aldi,only go there at Christmas for German biscuits. We have lots of there shops near by.much prefer morrisons, Sainsburys and Waitrose bluewater .
  3. If you cook them long enough, with lots of wine there not bad
  4. Today thanks to Marina I went clay pigeon shooting. I've been a few times before and many years ago used to go shooting with a friend of mine.Today and in recent years went to JJs near Bluewater. Very enjoyable I'm not to bad hit about 65/70%.Perhaps if we didn't have a boat,I perhaps would take up shooting as a hobby. A few pics,including a cup I won few years back.Okay not very big,and not the FA cup.
  5. When we was in Beccles in September we saw the Rangers.I ask them if any of there boats were coming up for sale as I may be interested in buying one in a few years time.They said some may be for sale in the near future. They also said SOB would be with drawn from sale.
  6. Very sad,always liked , last of the summer wine.
  7. We had some crocheted ones which we sold for £3.Sadly like many the some are sold via the internet and may not be the real thing. However if there brought from the RBL,and or the poppy shop.Then they are the real thing.
  8. This year they had Rugby ones and golf.
  9. Not quite correct as a poppy Appeal collector papar poppies are sold up until 11 November, pins are sold on behalf of the appeal and generate lots of money each year.Just check on the poppy shop.com.
  10. As you have said.I started this thread to honor those that died,serving there country and those that served.I do so out of respect. I'm not interested in the politics.
  11. A few mistakes sorry,it the phone deciding .
  12. In Flanders fields the poppies blow between the crosses,row on row.That mark our place,and In the sky the parks,still bravely singing fly scarce heard amid the guns below we are the dead short days ago we lived,felt dawn,saw sunset glow,loved and were loved,and now we lie. In Flanders fields take up our quarrel with the foe;To you from failing hands we throw the torch:be yours to hold it high.If ye break faith with us who due.We shall not sleep,though poppies grow in Flanders fields.
  13. A piece of the Berlin wall, a tradant,a east German mark.
  14. As I said we did the bus as you did,but also visited Marinas mums old boss in the East travelling on our own.Passport checks etc conducted in German or Russian, not in any other language. That said glad we made the trip before the wall came down.
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