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  1. On my way home from work by bus, I use the bus from the station about 10 minutes. Often full of kids. Aged from 6/7 to 16+.They think the bell's a toy shout taking up all the seats.Make them walk exercise will do them good.Introduce them to a football/cricket bat.
  2. Sweetkingfisher our boat was called comet. We wanted her to be named Sweetkingfisher We informed the Broads Authority, she is also registered under SSR .We had a little re naming thing to bring her good luck.
  3. Sadly Nikki Lauda has passed away.A true great of F1.After he's terrible accident he was back in a car just six weeks later.Even when he stopped racing always seen at races most recently with Mercedes.My thoughts are with he's family and friends. RIP Nikki
  4. No not the football,but the flower show. Each year it seems to get better.Now I enjoy the garden but I am far from good at it.Each year Marina and I intend to visit,as yet never been.Hopefully next year.However one Bush that bees enjoy sits in our small front garden,its just starting to go over,but the bees do like it
  5. If like me you like Tennis, there is a number of matches being played now,to mark the re opening of no 1 court.Some great tennis by the old pros.
  6. I have said before,the locks was a pub that stood out in my memory from visits there as a child.I remember Susan.Yes I do like eating in pubs,many visits to the locks,however not often eating there.Will go back when we can.
  7. Man city what a team,hard for me to say that as a Chelsea fan,but city winning all three domestic cups.Watford played quite well first half.City players had a nice touch today,they provided free coaches to city fans,travelling to the match.Yes these players have lots of money, still nice of them to do so.
  8. Think she was call time!I get it the land lady wants to put her stamp on it hope the photos go back on the walls. Bring back some favourite pub food.Tray out some dishes on specials.See what customers want.
  9. Clip boards are old hat also,agree nice home made pie,properties n chips.Maybe when we get there stick with doggy treats!
  10. Your right Peter,think there hoping to be different. That's okay,but this menu for me does not work .Get the basics right.People will come back,Believe me the two dishes that I mentioned dont work.Putting a few sofas and menu on a clipboard dont make a good pub.
  11. Me thinks the chef has been watching too many TV cooking programs. Katsu pork belly,dont work and as Peter suggested Deep fried curried haddock with a pea and mint chutney, really.As a chef good food should be basic and honest. Ie Ferry house surlingham or a bit more modern such as The new inn or The white horses in Neatishead and Chedgrave.
  12. By the looks of it,Am I right in saying,no photos on the walls or candles? For us still some way ,will try to get there on our hols in September
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