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  1. Chelsea14Ian

    Marina Quays

    If you look at Great Yarmouth it needs work on it.There was a problem in Margate, it was pasted it's best.In the last few years money has been spent and things have improved. The same needs to done in Yarmouth.
  2. Chelsea14Ian


    For the Fallen They shell not grow old as we that are left grow old, age shell not weary them nor the years condemn them. At the going down of the sun in the morning, we will remember them.
  3. Chelsea14Ian

    The View From Work This Morning

    Maurice,in my day Nat West Tower,we had 12 dining rooms 6 on 39 ,2 on 38 and 4 on 41.Our kitchens on 40.
  4. Chelsea14Ian

    The View From Work This Morning

    My view at present,starting lunch. Happy Friday
  5. Chelsea14Ian

    The View From Work This Morning

    I worked close to the post office tower Thursday last week.My job takes me all over London.The other week in Greenwich. I have only got two and a half years to work.Then hopefully move to Norfolk.
  6. This was my view this morning,the building with the green top.Tower 42,in my day Nat West Tower. I worked there from 1980 to 1993.Also the cheese grater and the walky talky just seen also is the monument.London bridge.Out of sight to the right is the old Billingsgate.The other photo HMS Belfast Tower bridge and in the distance Canary Wharf. Over the years I have worked in many of the buildings on view. Ian.
  7. Chelsea14Ian

    Hi Everyone

    from me too
  8. Chelsea14Ian

    I'm Rubbish At This Blogging Lark

    Welcome Debs nice pics glad you are have good time Ian
  9. Chelsea14Ian

    Well Done Lewis

    As I don't drive a few years back Marina treated me to a two seater at Brands.I went round with a pro driver.That was great.They also do a two seater F1 at Silverstone. Which I hope to do one day.
  10. Chelsea14Ian

    Winter Cruising

    Welcome Longjohn contact Richardson's they have a very large fleet.Withmany new boats.The Broadsman is a fairly new bathtub Think it has all the mod cons. Regards Ian
  11. Chelsea14Ian

    The Poppy Appeal

    I have no idea,as others said many were MIA.What I would suggest if you know His Regiment,contact them they will have a record of him and may be able to shed light on why your grandmother received no help,and also contact the Royal British legion. Hope that's helpful.
  12. Chelsea14Ian

    Is The Tipping Point Approaching?

    I agree and disagree,Our boat does not have 240.I take your point some boats seem to hog the charging points.Our boat is 29 foot we head for Loddon/Chedgrave at least four times a year.Graham looks after our boat.We both enjoy going there.In fact was there last week .I hope all turns out well at the Locks and Berney Arms. I have posted many times about the pub.If I was ten years younger I believe I could make the pub work,we nearly always would stop there overnight on our first day of our holiday.For me it's very sad that it's not running.For me hopefully a long way off that we stop boating.
  13. Chelsea14Ian

    Good News Had To Share

    I hope all goes well,great place to be.We hope to follow in a few years time
  14. Chelsea14Ian

    The Poppy Appeal

    Today and yesterday, I helped out collecting at our local Sainsbury.Thanks to the public for donationing. Last year we collected,Over 24 thousand pounds, and the branch over 54k.I always enjoy doing so.Its also great to hear people storeysThen the children many of which have spoken about the meaning of the appeal at school.We always get a good response from the public.For me I am helping next Friday and Saturday.
  15. Chelsea14Ian

    Well Done Lewis

    Sorry disagree,Lewis always gets the best out of the car for sure Ferrari was a very good car yet they made mistakes.Lewis does not get the credit he deserves .I believe if he was involved in other sports he would get more praise.He is head and shoulders clear a world champion let's cheer him on, a British great.

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