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  1. Sounds good to me,yes it will be good when we can get on the water.Out first boat we bought was a Shetland 4+2.During this horrible time check on websites see what's on offer.Think there will be some good deals available. Welcome to the forum Ian
  2. I see on BBC news they've suggested a 30 % wage cut for PL players and the possibility of putting money into lower leagues.
  3. John's advice is good.My stock just a little different. Often if I do roast chicken. Any meat left I strip off and put aside.Will give advice later.put chicken bones into a saucepan, add large onion cut into about four,large carrot,top tailed washed.cut into pieces, celery and or leeks.wash cut pieces. Add some herbs like thyme bay leaf or dried mixed herbs Cover water bring to the boil,then reduce heat add peppercorns if you have some or some pepper.I let it tick over for three odd hours.Strain put into a clean pan reduce by about half. Good for soups or stock. Left of chicken great for soup or turn into pasties. To make three good size pasties. 6oz plain flour 3ozil butter or trex Pinch salt and pepper. Rub together flour butter or trex until like breadcrumbs. Add cold water slowly just enough until ingredients stick together. Take care not to wet or dry.leave in the fridge for at least half an hour. For pasties dice medium onion, carrot.Cook slowly with some oil until soft, allow to cool add diced chicken,add a little gravy.Spit dough into two large or three roll out,can use a plate as a guide place mix in middle, seal edges with some beaten egg, egg wash pasties dont forget to ensure properly sealed I use a fork. Place in the fridge until ready to cook.About 180 degrees for about half an hour.Also good instead of meat ,red onions leeks parsley, good strong cheese.Veg and spuds of your choice. Give it a go.
  4. Theres no doubt Football has played an important part of local communities. Still.feel that in this very difficult time more can be done. As I also said football is not the only ones.Some high profile business, appear not to be playing there part and only seem keen on looking after a few.
  5. At present Marina goes out and does the shopping, which she's doing now also my meds.I received a letter from NHS yesterday with a link which I log on.Giving my contact details,if I need supplies, meds etc.Okay while Marina can do it If that changes they will drop things to the house.
  6. First off I'm a chef not a builder. Like most doing stuff in the garden and house.One job is our paving in the garden,which is York stone .What's best to fill gaps that have appeared over the years.Any advice would be good.
  7. Sadly today we were going to go up to the boat for the first time this season. Not sure like most not sure when we will.We intended to take the boat to Beccles, Steven there was going to do some repair work making the boat look better.Over the years the edging looking a bit rough. Dont know when we will get back on the water.Think now work on the boat won't happen until end of the season or next season.
  8. I get it,the high earners in footballing percentage wise is overall small.What I think should be done is for football to look if in this time there could be a balance. Some clubs like many not only football,but in business have not really handled this very well.Thats the point I'm trying to make.Many high profile companies were quick to throw people under the bus.Most people know I have been a lifelong fan of Chelsea,and football in general. Football has a massive following, I think in this very difficult time football just needs to set an example. Some clubs in Europe are doing just that.I take your point Griff,I think it would go along way if clubs looked how they could help others less fortunate.I also accept clubs are doing alot for the NHS and many local organisations. Let's hope this horrible disease goes soon,and we can enjoy or not our football. Ian.
  9. When I worked in the hotels in the mid seventies. We had a really good football team.One year winning all three cups on offer.One cup played at Highbury, one at Stamford bridge. Many of our team were semi pro.One had played for Chelsea under Tommy Doc. After watching him play in our final they offered him a contract back at the club.He turned them down,was earning more as a semi pro and working for the hotel.
  10. Don't forget tonight at eight o'clock to show your support for the NHS.I would add other emergency services,support staff, delivery drivers supermarket workers. They all deserve our Thanks.
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