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  1. According to Doctors that have been on TV flu numbers are very low this season.Some suggest that due to measures in place for Covid,its lowered the numbers catching Flu.
  2. To be honest I can't see much changing by Easter.Its almost the end of January. Easter is just over two months away.Infection and death rates are still high,all be it starting to fall.By June the weather should be better and a large amount of the population would have be vaccinated. So things may well open up.Like everyone I would love to see things opening up sooner.
  3. Last summer our trip to Cornwall was cancelled due to Covid.Re booked for June this year.The way things are going.I will not hold my breath. If it happens great, but just wait and see. The main thing is to get this virus under control. Think we're getting there,but it is so close yet so far.
  4. This subject was done to death last year.
  5. Just booked my two jabs at Guys Hospital.I gave up phoning after over fifty attempts.I did so on line.Very easy even for someone like me thats not always good doing stuff on line.First jab next Wednesday, second jab Wednesday April 14.Both done between 10.00-1400.Should be less on the train.easy for me from home to London Bridge.
  6. Sorry or woman. Anyone who will do it .DIY and me dont mix.
  7. As others have said most Marinas are fine.I would suggest you ask first.All have rules that may differ.So best to check first.DIY is not a problem for me.I just get a man to do it.
  8. Think this is where it may go wrong. If people think once there vaccinated they dont need to take precautions.Would suggest we stick to the rules until the medics tell us otherwise.
  9. We all had a call from Head office telling us not to go to work on Monday but,attend a meeting on Tuesday.So on the Tuesday we turned up,all of us worried at what would happen.We were told we would work in what was a empty office.Think it only took a few days to get up and running. We also went back to the Tower.Too pick up our belongings from our lockers.We had to be escorted due to many windows blown out.Many of us had some of our belongings lost,me included.Must have been contractor's working on clearing up.All in all it was very sad and upsetting. Most of us were there from the beginning
  10. Just had a text,inviting me for the vaccine at Guys or St Tomas Hospitals. I will phone tomorrow and see when I can book a slot.
  11. Oddly I heard yesterday that someone went to the nightingale at Xcel on Sunday for a jab.Which they got, and it was empty. Also Guys hospital are doing jabs.
  12. The main groups being vaccinated. The over 80s including NHS,and health care staff,75+ 70+ including extremely clinical vulnerable,65+ make up about 80% of deaths due to Covid So it makes since to vaccinate those first.
  13. Some GP surgeries aren't doing vaccines yet.That may explain the reason why some people have not yet had the vaccine. London and the southeast are lagging behind at present.With more centres coming on stream,they hope to catch up.
  14. Recently theres reports that all those over sixteen should be vaccinated by Autumn.
  15. For me due to being extremely clinically vulnerable, I in the seventy plus group.So hopefully I should be informed soon.Next after is 65+.Then 60+.
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