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  1. Well on the boat always,regardless of weather. Waterproofs,spare jeans a few t-shirts and a wooly jumper .Any one that visits us,we always tell them to prepare for four seasons.
  2. According to BBC weather, for the next week low twenties sun and cloud no rain. Have a good time.
  3. Chelsea14Ian

    River Yare

    Have a great time, as I said worth a few phone calls, local shops always good for local info.
  4. I've said before, but these people are the lowest of the low. Often they pick on the elderly. They just don't care what harm they do.
  5. Chelsea14Ian

    River Yare

    Okay I get it.Your question there's not many play areas on the Yare.At one end Norwich should have some dotted around. The other end Yarmouth, some,many attractions will be opening from this weekend.As Paul said the ship at Reedham.Not sure what the pub is like not been there for a few years.As Jean said there are some very nice walks along the Yare.Try perhaps tourist information. It seems things are opening up each day.Boat yards may also have info,local shops good source too. Remind me when do you next hope to go?
  6. Over the years many takeaways drop there menus to moorings.The thing now the food business are trying to make up for lost time and money. Worth giving takeaways, restaurants and pubs a call.Believe me that want your business.
  7. Chelsea14Ian

    River Yare

    Like it or not this virus has changed life touching every corner of our lives, perhaps for many years to come.It is the elephant in the room.It would be lovely just to talk about only the good in the world, but sadly thats not so just now People are concerned for now and more then likely for a considerable time to come.If those of us visit the river and a pub tomorrow .There will be limits as to what we can do.
  8. My guess and it is just a guess. Speak to broads authority and coast guard. I have VHF.
  9. Never remember if it was Winston Churchill or Harold Wilson who said a week in politics is a lifetime. Well this past week has seen many changes for me.This time last week I was in the middle of this chest infection, trying to get rid of it.Monday I decided to take voluntary redundancy, something I didn't want to do.By Tuesday I found out my section is no more,so perhaps the right thing to do still ,worrying mind.Despite suffering with this chest infection Marina and I finished the living and dinning room.Monday I was told my infection was very bad and if is slow to clear have another xray.So today I went for one.They thought it was to soon since the one last week. In the end they did.They told me there was a concern it was coved.Xray done thankfully the infection is going in the right direction but was surprised when they told me,it was pneumonia .So a odd week to say the least. Some photos of the house:Alan's bedroom ,our bedroom living and dining rooms
  10. Sweet kingfisher is ex hire.I don't give a monkeys what people think.Shes no oil painting but she's ours.If people want to be inverted snobs that's there problem. We enjoy the boat plain and simple.
  11. Any parcel that you didn't order report to the company that sent it and contact the Police, plus speak with action fraud. Use another phone. To be safe.
  12. Loads of ideas,often I have two meals ready. Cottage pie, just make mash on the boat.Chicken casserole. Just pop back in the oven.Stir fry,this can be a one pot,get ready made sauce from the supermarket. Serve with noodles. See my recipe for Spanish style Chicken. Some prep at home.Chicken katsu:Chicken fillet cut four slices, flour egg and crumb.Prep at home cook in the oven for 10/14 minutes just sprinkle a little oil.Serve with rice salad and curry sauce .look for a brand called good boy comes in block form lots like chocolate. I use two pieces add a little water and slowly bring to the boil,using a whisk.
  13. Dinner tonight. Bacon pudding new potatoes and veggies. Fine dice medium onion sweat in a little veg oil until soft. Six or seven rashers of smoked back bacon cut into strips about the size of little finger, add to onion cook for two minutes. Set aside. 6oz self raising flour,3oz suet a little salt.Mix together with a little cold water.Tip use a folk this will keep the mix cold not to wet or dry so add water little at a time.Dont over work the pastry otherwise it will be tough. Again some chefs overwork the mix.Oli a pudding basin.Roll out mix insure you set aside a small piece for the lid.Roll out nice even round taking care line basin ,fill with mix,round out lid Place onto mix fold over joining together. Tin foil the basin,secure with a elastic band. Steam for about one and half hours.Also very good instead of bacon,red onions and two good cheeses ie good strong cheddar and smoked cheese, also any cheese you prefer.
  14. Best I think speak to boatyard and insurance.
  15. Dont hold your breath!Will only improve with nee land lord and a good management team.
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