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  1. In the 1980s I believe she was the only broads cruser fitted with a full size bath. she was also slightly bigger than Topaz & Blue Diamond at 43’. Its such a shame I can’t seem to find out what her fate was.
  2. I came across Turkish Delight 2 yesterday at Johnsons Yacht Station. It’s now called Rosie Daze, as it stands I think this is the only one of the 1980s Newson boats left on the broads.
  3. Here are some more very old photos I have of Blue Diamond, Emerald, Falling Leaves 1 & Bebe Grand 2. I have some more very old photos I will upload when I can.
  4. Trevor, I don’t know much about the Astons, but my father is the Richard from Newsons, the ex SPG man is also correct, just for info. I have recently tried to locate our old fleet in a separate thread Newsons 1980s Fleet where are they now. would you be interested in selling the Emerald name plaque? If so I would be very interested. regards Toby
  5. Here as 3 photos I have, one leaving the builders, entering the water for the first time & just after launch
  6. I will try and post some photos I have of Turkish Desire 1 at her launch party
  7. Everyone has there own opinions on the looks of a Boat, it would be a very boring world / waterway if we only liked one style of boat. When my Grandfather operated 2 of the Ideal 40s in the 80s they were by quite some margin, the most popular in terms of total weeks of bookings. Also, they are one of the best handling boats I have ever driven, no need for bow thrusters.
  8. Pete, if we find any photos I will scan and post for you. Something else we remembered yesterday was that the name was displayed (sign written) both sides of the bow in white on top of the blue stripe, on the transom & on both sides in white canvass with navy blue letters from the rear of the canopy to the stern, like a wind breaker hand rail to the deck.(hope you know what I mean.
  9. Thank you for all the information so far, I had seen the website, Boats of the Norfolk broads. I was reaching out in the hope that some of the members may have some additional info. As most of the fleet seemed to leave the broads in 1986 & 1991, the later I presume when Newson Boats finished for good. Thank you to JanetAnne for the above info, regarding Amethyst, falling Leaves, Bebe Grand, very sad to read. I still live in the hope that Emerald & Blue Dimond are tucked away somewhere and one day are restored or like Topaz are alive and kicking on another waterway. I would love to hear the story about my Grandfathers involvement in the Ideal 40s inception. I know he was good friends with Ivan Waltaughton, known locally as (woolly hat) I’d always thought Ivan was the designer and builder of the Ideal 40s & Ideal 45s in Coville Road works (the pit) but I keep reading Aquafibre Ideal 40? Also the man stood with Jimmy Hoseason is Ivan, not my grandfather, looking at the Ideal 40 they are stood on top of I think that’s one of the first two built that ended up with a boat yard in Loddon I think. Both of our Ideal 40s had a slightly different bow rail the the one in the photo. looking at the Photo, it looks as though it was taken from the Wherry Hotel car park. once again thanks for everyone’s in put its very much appreciated.
  10. Pete, As promised, after speaking to my father, so more info regarding Len Frampton & Dunham Owl. Len Frampton and his family lived in Sussex, he was the owner of the Black Lion Hotel in Patcham Brighton. He was also the no: 2 too the Duke of Edinburgh of the National Licensed Victuallers Association. Dad couldn’t remember how long Len had Denham Owl for, Its quiet possible he had her from new, Dad was almost convicted she was never part of the Harvey Eastwood fleet of hire craft, and was built as a private boat from new. Whilst Len had her she was moored on Oulton Broad and Burgh st. Peter. On completion of the sale to Edward Woodward, my Grandfather moved her to St Katherine’s Dock (London) via the sea with the engine governors removed and an escort boat & very favourable weather. My father is also looking for a letter he has from EW to my grandparents, thanking them for there hospitality, when he viewed Denham Owl. when he finds it I will scan a copy for you to add to your history, of Denham Owl. It seems she has taken quite a journey since she left The Broads, onto the Thames and then onto the Clyde.
  11. Does anybody know of the whereabouts, or the fate of the following boats, of the Newson Boats Oulton Broad hire fleet late 80s. 1 - Amethyst (E149) 2 - Emerald (W128) 3 - Blue Dimond (S40) 4 - Falling Leaves (class) (W326 & W914) 5 - Bebe Grand (W512) 6 - Oulton Pearl (class) (L215 & L648) Dawncraft Illusive 37. 7 - Turkish Delight (class) (M172 & M333) Bounty Traveller 34. 8 - Turkish Desire (class) (M813 & P269) Ideal 40 I am the Grandson of the former owner of Newson Boats Ltd (W.G. Stratford) and am trying to put some history together for my father as a memento of his time as a Director of NB. Any information of current whereabouts or fate, photos or memory’s of one of the boats would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Pete, I will show this post to my father and ask him if he can remember any info regarding how long Len owned her for, and any other info he may remember. Also mentioned above (Jenny Morgan) the Harvey Eastwood moored at the bungalow was Denham Owl, I can’t remember how long it was there for, at Least one summer I think, and occasions when Len visited, or she was about to be lifted out the water at the yard. I do remember meeting Edward Woodward, the day he came to view Denham Owl and taking her out with him for a test run. At the time I didn’t have a clue who he was, ( I was to young & it was pre the Equaliser) You are correct WG was acting as the broker for Len, but they were friends so I don’t believe WG would have made anything from the deal. I will post any further info I can find out for you. Best Regards Toby
  13. Just for your information, back in the late 1970s (approx 1979 - 1981) Denham Owl belonged to a chap called Len Frampton, a friend of my Grandfather. W.G. Stratford of Newson Boats Oulton Broad. My Grandfather Sold Denham Owl on behalf of his friend to the actor, Edward Woodward, (Equalizer fame) and made the arrangements to move her to the river thames for him. Your post is the first time I have seen anything regarding Denham Owl since she left Oulton Broad all those years ago. Good Luck with the restoration. Best Regards Toby
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