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  1. Thank you, my family ran the yard during the 1970s & 1980s
  2. I’m not sure Goodchild Marine will be happy about it remaining shut, as the attached photo is of one of there boats having to transit Mutford lock this summer.
  3. Katrina & Miranda when in hire we’re moored at the bottom left of the photo (above) where the two MTBs are moored, as Vaughan said they are not in the above Ariel photo. Notably: Miranda is still moored there to this day, photo of Miranda above 3rd photo posted by Norfolk Nog, looks very different today.
  4. Aren’t the Barns Brinkcraft Emperors 48’ and they have been around for sometime I believe.
  5. I liked the instructions on the back of the toilet door, guaranteed to be read there. still a practice used offshore to this day.
  6. For anyone that’s interested a photo of Maidie form Oulton Week just gone, with her Bermuden Rig.
  7. I think it’s £38.00, best thing to do is drop Mike an email to be sure.
  8. An absolute must read for anyone that likes Broads History & Traditional wooden Sailing Boats. Mike Barnes has really captured the history & Knowledge of the bygone era right up to the modern day. If anyone is interested in a copy, Mike can be emailed on the following address: mike@nbyco.com
  9. You would have to check with the BA as 4 in the water may not be covered with BCU. if only 1 put in at any given time, then they would be covered.
  10. The BA will receive a % of money from the government under the right to paddle scheme. it’s also worth noting that BCU is the person not the craft, so if like me you have more than one you are covered whichever one you are using. the other benefit to BCU is the liability Insurance that comes with BCU.
  11. Well the BA can continue on as is, issuing reg stickers that fall off, to I guess about 10% that toll there paddle boards or Kayaks & have the rangers waste there valuable time chasing. or as mentioned before issue a waterproof tag or the like for a greatly reduced cost and receive a lot more tolls revenue, as a great deal more would toll there craft if the cost was reasonable. I’m sure this would out weigh the administrative costs.
  12. I’ve never had an issue with the card, fits in my live jacket or dry bag. even during the COVID year the cards were sent electronically to your phone.
  13. If the BA are going enforce this on the paddle boards then they will need to come up with a way of displaying the reg on an inflatable paddle board, that won’t simply fall off. ( current situation) I’m not so confident they will because they couldn’t supply tax disc’s properly a few years ago. with the very low impact paddle boards and Kayaks have the toll should be set at around 5 pounds at the most. just my opinion
  14. The BA want a toll & Registration for all paddle boards, I think from memory it’s 28 pounds. people are far better off joining the British Canoe Union for a little more money, and then have the right to paddle on any of the uk rivers etc. Including the broads. I personally don’t understand the cost for a paddle board it doesn’t add up.
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