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  1. Wonderwall

    Decreasing Number Of Hire Boats On Southern Broads

    Hi MM I certainly wasn't trying to demean anyone , it was tongue in cheek, a little dig at a post I didn't agree with . Falling out , making enemies , is not my remit , especially on a forum like this . I've enough of that in real life Another way to look at it , if an entrepreneur chooses to build a venue of some entertainment on the broads , and peeps who enjoy such a thing, choose to go in their droves, it then frees up a few more idyllic moorings perhaps . Maybe I was being a bit precious , but it was the old bug bear of " if hirers choose this" that pulled my tail . Anyway , no harm done hopefully, apologies if I came over wrong . Peace and love to all broads people
  2. Wonderwall

    The Poppy Appeal

    I have no idea, as I mentioned , I only recently found this out . It may be that all MIA recieved no monies, my granny certainly didn't . I was very young when she died , but apparently she often questioned where the money raised from the poppy appeal went , because she was left to raise a family of 2 without a breadwinner. I shall try and find out more about it , unfortunately all the people who knew her well are becoming less and less!
  3. Wonderwall

    The Poppy Appeal

    I just found this out recently My Granny ( no longer with us) lost her husband in the war. She never ever bought or wore a poppy. The reason being , her husbands body was never found, and was deemed MIA, she therefore never recieved a penny of help , he ( and others ) were treated and regarded as potential deserters. How utterly sad is that.
  4. Wonderwall

    Corsair Light Herbert Woods

    Haven't hired that particular boat, but have have hired from HW about 6 times and have been delighted with boats and service every time .
  5. Wonderwall

    Well Done Lewis

    5 is a great achievement without doubt, and hats off to him. He is not the most gracious person in my opinion , but that's his business. To say he would have won the title if he was driving a Ferrari is just far off the truth for me.
  6. Wonderwall


    Thanks. Tell her I said hello , miss her and am thinking of her . Neil
  7. Wonderwall

    Robert John Richardson

    What a legacy he has left. His family and friends can walk tall at these sad times.
  8. Wonderwall

    Breydon Rescue

    Glad everyone safe and sound. I wonder if the young cadet was sea sick?
  9. Wonderwall

    Broads Bug....

    Take the little uns. It's the greatest place in the world, enjoyed even more by having your best people around. Go for it
  10. Wonderwall

    Decreasing Number Of Hire Boats On Southern Broads

    Hello Svenuk Ive hired from Pacific cruisers twice in the last 3 years and both times they have been top drawer. Especially in value for money, the two boats I had were competivly priced , very well turned out with everything you need on a boat. The staff just couldn't be any more helpful and friendly. Lovely people. Freedom boats I have never had the pleasure , but the yard and boats look great any time I have seen them, and I've never heard a complaint. let us know how you get on.
  11. Wonderwall

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Oh well, better luck next time . I always thought an examiner only intervened if he felt the driver was unsafe. For him to give you what sounds like advice and coaching during your test seems bizarre . Your not the first to fail,and you won't be the last . Should you be looking for advice , I would say you tend to over complicate things . If your instructor is putting you forward for your test he/ she must feel you are ready. Simply go out and carry out your instructions . I taught my daughter to drive , she passed first time . Stay confident, stay calm . I really doubt the examiner has it in for you , I would be surprised if he knew anything about you, it is a tiny percentage of folk who vist this site. all the best neil
  12. Wonderwall


    If your looking in Gracie , you are being missed, let your friends now your ok.Thats an order Things definitely changed round here , nothing stays the same forever. But most folk on here are good eggs . Stay with it, the cream always comes to the top.q
  13. Wonderwall

    Closed Season Decision In The Spring 2019.

    I join this discussion late, and admittedly without reading all posts. But my take on it is , the clip above , while not nice viewing , is nature at work . And nature has evolved very wisely to create a good balance . It tends to be humans and their over large brains who mess it up. I ain't no tree hugger, I'm very happy to be part of the top of the food chain , thems the breaks I'm afraid. We should , I think , however , make a marked attempt not to interfere too much with the balance . It has for example seemed for a long time , their is too many geese on parts of the broads. Which dosent usually end well for over populated species . Disease usually intervenes, again nature balancing out the sum of the equation. Otters ( I think) belong on the river , and take out the weak of their prey. Back on topic , I think a close season on the fishing can only benefit both the nature side , and the fisherman . I am 50 year young , been on the broads many many many times , but only once during close season . Only once for a reason! I so enjoy , part of my holiday being rod in hand , chilling out , fishing away . But I can see the pointless part , when I'm not eating my catch . I'm skilled enough to release most of my catch , unharmed , but every now and then my actions do harm a fish and I have to question my actions . I console myself knowing I have fed many a million fish , in my desire for a bit of sport and relaxation . That probably all means only sense to me !!!!
  14. Wonderwall

    Telephone Scam ..... When Will They Give Up?

    They are a stain on modern life . Ive been told a set of ear plugs and a whistle next to the phone are handy. Insert plugs in ears , take a deep breath , give it a blast.

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