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  1. It's a means to an end, and a fantastic pieces of engineering. But also it's a monstrosity
  2. That's not good mate , thieving little gits, despicable. Did they take them from the inside the boat?, And is it likely it's another boat owner? Surely not. You strike me as someone who won't dwell on it and not let the scum get to you. Just remember where you are you lucky man. Enjoy the rest of your break. all the best Neil
  3. Wonderwall


    How much would a privateer charge to allow a hirer to spend a night in their moorings?
  4. Just to balance things up I have hired from HW about5 times in the last ten. Customer service has been excellent. Boats were all you would expect and any issues were sorted promptly and with a smile. . I hope to hire from then again, I'm sure I will. For example we wanted to hire a rowing from then but they had none left. They gave us a day launch FOC to go under the bridge and pick one up from the yard up the river. On our return on handback day, they told me just to leave it and they would take it up later in the day. I was very impressed and grateful. I also tend to be set off early on pick up day , which is a massive bonus.
  5. I tend to hire from the more affordable class of boat. I want a nice boat which floats, is clean , has a bit electric and is watertight. I would rather spend the £1000 I have saved by not going top end, on meals and excursion out on my holiday . I'm quite a basic guy . I have never been tempted by this yard however, though im sure I would enjoy a week on the broads on one of their boats, you would ultimately be on the rivers, which really is all that counts.
  6. I'm not sure what your point is here. That photo could have been taken yesterday, parts of the rivers still look exactly like that , especially from an aerial prospective. Are you saying the broads were better when man intervened with nature more? Im not picking a fight here, I'm genuinely intrigued by your post.
  7. I miss him. He was very supportive to me in my hour of need. I still read our many pm's when I'm looking for advice. We did have plans to meet up, unfortunately it never happened , then he was gone. Im quite proud that it was my suggestion to name this lounge after him and very thankful the mods agreed. A top lad so he was .
  8. My thoughts will be with you tomorrow, while you celebrate the life of Tan. My best wishes with you forever.
  9. So sorry to hear your sad news Alan. My thoughts are with you. Neil
  10. It was a Boxing Day tradition when I was wee boy. my family, gran and grandad, uncle aunt and two cousins . After a big lunchtime meal the adults would pour over the boats , and quite often the chalets too. The grand parents would often get a chalet , with extra rooms , and a selection of kids would stay with them , then kids would swap places during the holidays some leaving the boat to stay in chalet, some leaving the chalet to join the boat . And repeat . I remember the brochures being so well read and ended up in pieces , held together with tape!! We had a large boat one year , I think it was broads venture iv , could be wrong , and the chalet was at potter. I think the boat was from Stalham . A big heavy woody , which had the main pilot ( my uncle) cursing as the wind dictated which way it went!! Happy days indeed.
  11. Hi MM I certainly wasn't trying to demean anyone , it was tongue in cheek, a little dig at a post I didn't agree with . Falling out , making enemies , is not my remit , especially on a forum like this . I've enough of that in real life Another way to look at it , if an entrepreneur chooses to build a venue of some entertainment on the broads , and peeps who enjoy such a thing, choose to go in their droves, it then frees up a few more idyllic moorings perhaps . Maybe I was being a bit precious , but it was the old bug bear of " if hirers choose this" that pulled my tail . Anyway , no harm done hopefully, apologies if I came over wrong . Peace and love to all broads people
  12. I have no idea, as I mentioned , I only recently found this out . It may be that all MIA recieved no monies, my granny certainly didn't . I was very young when she died , but apparently she often questioned where the money raised from the poppy appeal went , because she was left to raise a family of 2 without a breadwinner. I shall try and find out more about it , unfortunately all the people who knew her well are becoming less and less!
  13. I just found this out recently My Granny ( no longer with us) lost her husband in the war. She never ever bought or wore a poppy. The reason being , her husbands body was never found, and was deemed MIA, she therefore never recieved a penny of help , he ( and others ) were treated and regarded as potential deserters. How utterly sad is that.
  14. Haven't hired that particular boat, but have have hired from HW about 6 times and have been delighted with boats and service every time .
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