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  1. Well,that wouldn't be hard I am booked for a week end of June , it ain't happening though , is it?
  2. It's operation herd immunity , make no mistake. By a very poor stealth. The sad thing is, there will be greater public uproar when the taxes get raised a couple of pennies to pay for it all. Well, actually , the saddest thing is we are the worst performing country in the modern world when it comes to this pandemic.
  3. Where is such an impressive garden?
  4. I think it was Stalin who said "One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic". Very sad, but true.
  5. Another way of looking at it, replacing Trident is estimated over 200 billion bailing out the banks in 2008 was 500 billion
  6. I think it is basically a hardy weed, the hotter the better ,but will grow regardless. It's a cousin of the tomato plant apparently
  7. Are you saying that we weren't aware of a new virus in January? I don't have a mate in the " know" I do have eyes and ears , and I watched as other countries reacted, while our leaders told us to take it on the chin. it has been incompetence at best, criminal some might say. It's all very sad .
  8. I don't get that. We knew in January that something was brewing. We stood and watched Italy being overwhelmed. We done nothing , not a thing , until it was too late. Denmark locked down before they had any cases. They are now out of luck down. As Bob Dylan said, you don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.
  9. Worryingly, how backward are we in a manufacturing sense, that we can't knock up a few masks and overalls, gloves and sanitizer for ourselves? We are good at making sandwiches though.
  10. Genuinely interested here. Do you watch our leaders react to this pandemic and think it's a decent response , with good leadership, acting on the front foot from the get go? Do you think it is acceptable that months into this , we cannot even supply the front line workers with appropriate , basic PPE.
  11. Really? Having the worse death rate per head in the whole world is " not a bad job? " Standing watching Italy being devastated , while allowing Cheltenham festival to go ahead , saying we should just " take this virus on the chin" My flabber is gasted.
  12. I agree with you. Unless you are a multi millionaire, and if you test positive, you can travel 600 miles to one of your second homes. that's absolutely acceptable.
  13. The moon tonight in my part of bonnie Scotland, is stunning and has a rainbow 🌈 effect around it. It is both stunning and poignant..
  14. About 30 years ago , there was a pub that had a parrot. Any ideas anyone?. My stab in the dark is Ranworth.
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