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  1. I like spiders They tend to kill all the things that want to bite you
  2. I've been on the broads many many times. I accept that not everyone is experienced, and mistakes will be made. Add to that alcohol and bumps are all part of it. This however complete disregard for any safety. Someone could have got seriously injured, and the boat could have been written off , I kid you not. Sturdy old boat it must have been. If it had been my own boat , I would have called the police, it was criminal. I maybe should have, it crossed my mind , but thought better of it, especially in the current climate.
  3. From how hill we headed to Sutton, and popped into the hotel to enquire about booking a table the following day. From there we headed up to Wayford bridge, where we moored just before the bridge, and set up for the night. All was going well, though not catching much fish, when a family returning from the hotel and clearly smashed , boarded their boat and attempted a 3 point turn to head back towards Stalham. Well, they rammed my boat when reversing , not once but 3 times!! Now I'm not talking a little bump here, full on ramming me into the moorings. By the 3rd time, my language was let's say
  4. So, 1st morning ,had some coffee and toast and took in the beautiful scenery. We had no plan as such, just follow the tide!! I had spoken to the bridge pilot the day before, and he reckoned we might get underwater in the week if we got some high pressure. So first stop was going to be Ludham bridge. There was a stiff breeze , so you are never short of a bit action there!! I was half way through a challenge to do 30 press ups for 30 days, so done them on deck while we were leaving the broad and posted them on a family what's app group. They river was quite busy but an uneventful pleasant
  5. So, after much is it on? , is it off? I picked up Silver light from HW on the day Britain opened up (4/7/20) Myself , my good lady and nearly 18yo junior son travelled the 500 miles.to Norwich , the day before and stayed in a hotel , so we were nice and fresh for our week aboard. Arrived at Potter Heigham around 10:30 , but unfortunately the peop!e who were booked for the day before were quite rightly given priority, so we didn't get the boat until around 1330. Lathams , the tackle shop and burger van were all visited before we were boarded. A very quick handover , unpack and off w
  6. Passed your lovely craft on the Ant yesterday!! Is the shed at Wroxham still trading?
  7. Could someone enlighten me on what's going with this thread? I'm not sure if it's all tongue in cheek? I'm confused. Anyway, back on topic , how about a brown trout , is that less offensive?
  8. Very sad. Such a tranquil part of the river too, and not very deep I would suspect?
  9. Am I correct in saying Ferry Inn no longer has its games room? Or did I dream that!!
  10. I really do not want to offend, but does 40,000 deaths not tell us this?
  11. There is a glimmer of hope that I may get my late June holiday. Or am I being over optimistic?
  12. There were some "experts" on the tv last night questioning the need for 2 metres. Claiming the science tells us it's has no better safeguard than 1 metre. They thought we would adopt 1 metre very soon.
  13. I'd stab a guess that many have died due to corona virus but it hasn't been registered as such. There is surely no denying, that for whatever reason, this island we live on has performed very poorly in combating this virus, and continues to do so.
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