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  1. Wonderwall

    Reedham St Olaves Somerleyton

    On that note , im not so sure they enjoy getting caught at anytime, and would probably prefer we just left them alone all year The pike I have caught in the summer months have been landed and released promptly without any obvious ill effects.
  2. Wonderwall

    Reedham St Olaves Somerleyton

    Sorry, what am I missing?
  3. Wonderwall

    Father's Day

    I've had a busy but lovely Father's Day . was given bacon eggs and mushrooms for breakfast ( nothing unusual to be fair , I get well spoiled!!) Caught up on a wee job for someone I've been meaning to do for ages, and it all went well. Then drove 20 miles to my newly married niece house , where I planned what lights to buy and install for her , by way of a wedding present. Lovely couple , and they seemed pleased with my recommendations, lights ordered and another lovely vist planned to install them when they arrive. Have just opened , and had a taster of highland park malt , the finest whisky given to me for Father's Day , just as well it's Sunday or I might have made a dent in it !!!! A fine day all round . I have the best kids and wife for sure . I promise , I have only had one !!!!!!!!
  4. Wonderwall

    My Day

    I'd say your luck has turned Griff, that was 2 near misses avoided, a day or so ago and you would have had bent metal at the best See , that's positive thinking , you taught me that
  5. When fishing on the broads ( which I will be in a short few weeks ) I usually avoid fishing at the above places , assuming it's a bit salty for perch ,bream etc. Am I missing a trick here? And if so, what is the best method on these parts and what am I likely to catch? I usually float fish, occasionally I fish off the bottom with a feeder using maggots , worms , sweet corn , ham or bread. I always have my spinner but usually just short bursts early morning or just after dark looking for a bit pike action. I've caught ( and released unharmed ) two pike on the northern broads but never on the South , so again any pike hotspots in the South would be appreciated . Any tips much appreciated , and I will report on success once it's all over, but I'm not thinking of that yet!!
  6. Wonderwall

    My Day

    That's a rough and expensive couple of days Griff! Gets all your bad luck out the way though which is a positive! Bumble bees are pretty cool, the Chinooks of the insect world!!!
  7. Wonderwall


    The last time I cruised from Horning to wroxham on a Saturday, I was amazed at the amount of day boats on the river. Most were crewed with late teens to 25 year olds. Yes , they appeared to have had a few, yes they were zig zagging, jumping from boat to boat, diving in to the river , going a bit fast, being a bit loud. But I tell you what, they all looked like they were having fun, and as far as I'm aware , no boat or person came to any harm. Young people tend to bend the rules, not quite aware of the effects their actions have on others. I certainly wasn't an angel in my youth, neither was my father , and I dare say my grandfather wasn't either . How many here can hand on heart say they never pushed the boundaries when they were young? Not many I would imagine . Drink driving on the roads, and having a few while cruising around 6 mph on the river ???? It's not really comparable , surely.
  8. Wonderwall


    Just to even it up ( as is only fair I think) I have hired from HW about 5 times in the last 10 years. Each and everytime has been a great experience both in staff and boats. Any small problem we had was sorted out quickly and with a smile . They even gave us a day boat FOC to allow us to go up to Martham boats to hire a dinghy as they had none left. They then returned the boat for us when we returned later in the week. A few of the staff got to know us and would always come over for a chat when we were loading up , or back in the yard for one reason or another. I even turned up in a Ricos boat one year and they had a laugh about that also. The last 3 hire yards I have used HW , Rico, and Pacific have all been excellent . As much as I love the broads, the people of Norfolk also help make our holidays special. The vast majority seem so laid back and friendly.
  9. Wonderwall

    Why Does Reedham Have A Quay Ranger?

    Last year when I was at Reedham, I encountered a swan who was very aggressive, in fact it was downright rude. Is it a myth it belongs to the queen? Is that where I should direct my complain? Later in the week, the swans were very graceful . I had lovely time , on both occasions.
  10. Wonderwall

    River Yare In Norwich

    Thanks is there kayak hire near the yacht station?
  11. Wonderwall

    River Yare In Norwich

    What's the consequences of a hire boat going beyond the sign? And would anyone know? Not that I would , I'm a bit of a boring stickler for the rules these days . Someone could not see the sign, not be able to read or not speak the lingo. The broads does love a sign though , does it not!!!
  12. Wonderwall

    Brinks Jazz 14th May - New Direction

    Really enjoyed that David, brave and great decison on your part I think. Has put me in the mood for late June when it's my turn!!
  13. Wonderwall

    Bow Thruster Guidance

    I'm about to hire a boat (Pacific Diamond) with bow thrusters for the first time. I have hired boats of various sizes and shapes many many times , and with experience have learned to use the wind and tide to my advantage. I do suspect that at first, this new to me aid, will probably catch me out , it's the fear of the unknown!! My plan is to find a quiet spot on the first day and try out my new toy. My usual tactic, when coming in side on , is to bring the stern on line late in the manoeuvre with a sharp blast of the revs . I suspect I will use the thrusters more for leaving a mooring . My young lad will no doubt master it before me and keep me right ! Old dog, new tricks type of thing!,
  14. Wonderwall

    Good Luck Liverpool

    Unlucky Paul, your goalkeeper certainly through a couple in the net , which was the difference between the two teams really. Is your goalkeeper Scottish Some goal from Bale , Ronaldo is a shadow of the player he once was. Enjoy the rest of your weekend .
  15. Wonderwall

    Good Luck Liverpool

    I'm not bitter. Not at all. I only posted an opinion. Players crippled and penniless? Really? 30 years ago players earned around 4 times the average wage, they weren't poor , far from it. If you agree with the rich getting richer , strong getting stronger , while the peasants stay in their box, looking in with almost no chance of ever breaking into the elite , then that of course is your perogative. Its not , in my mind view, what sport should be. Liverpool , was a club built on strong proud traditions , of being for the people , one of them , all in it together . Many working class Liverpudlians can no longer afford to go and see their club, while they pay their players many millions a year for the privelidge. I don't think Mr Shankly would be too impressed either. Enjoy the game . Good luck. Neil

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