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  1. In terms of sailing production cruisers witnessed on the broads with raisable keels, the Evolution 19 seemed a better sailor than the Swift and the Beneteau First (25’ish) seems nice given it can go under Potter. The Southerlys look the business in the wider market but not sure if the smallest in the range would still be too big. The Pegasus range seemed to work well too, shame they didn’t continue to develop, was it the turn of the 90s recession that sunk them?
  2. How’s about a Sidewinder? They must still be useful for something, aside of the motorcycle museum...
  3. Interesting JM, I’ve put two extensions on my house out of family necessity mainly to create additional bedrooms in the belief that the added value for one part, bedrooms over a garage, equated to the cost i.e. no real added value but I’d get my money back. The other part extending the kitchen into an adjoining garden room I felt would add no value at all, however the neighbours comparable property has just gone on the market and if I got their price I’d be about 10% better off than I thought. I bought the property with these projects planned, a case of not being able to find our ideal at the time of buying and needing more space as number two was out growing her cot in our bedroom. I notice when I’m out on my bike that there are a lot of extensions in build, I guess people would rather extend than move especially if the location is ideal. But you’re right two beds will become harder to come by.
  4. Hmmm.... point well made, can’t see the usp with these good people, are they really any more than good samaritans such as you JM or I would be in a situation requiring help. The AA have helicopters which neither public service nor quangos can provide and really add value to our broads scenario hence I have no qualms in contributing to. BB seem(ed?) to be searching for a gap in the system which doesn’t exist save for an exceptional event whereby standby services eg Hemsby lifeboat etc cant cope.... not sure that’s ever happened. Amiable aims, bluntly bluff? If it’s their own money then full marks for effort, if shaking a tin then consider the AA or the lifeboats before you throw!
  5. When I was about 15 me and a mate were whiling away a Friday summers evening rowing out across Hickling Broad after we’d spotted a Martham Javelin which appeared to be and indeed was stuck hard aground on the hard bottom off the point and whom gladly accepted assistance. After various attempts all the rigging sheets were tied together, rowed over and secured to the nearest channel post, back on board, helm and motor full astern, two pulling on rope, rest of us rocking on shaft side to reduce draft and geronimo... the relief of the skipper culminated in a twenty pound note (each) which reminds me of the episode every time one crosses my palm. Years later a Jenner brother recited a similar episode to me where a yacht of their fleet Force Four (because it only sailed well in a force four!) was stuck in the mud on Hickling and having travelled to the Pleasure Boat to grab a refreshment prior to weighing up the situation were assisted by Stanley Nudd, a local who worked at Woods, who used a similar technique but with the line attached to the top of mast (I was also told by an apprentice of my grandfather about fixing a sprung plank at how hill by similarly heeling the yacht with the main halyard made off on the bank somehow much to the horror of the hirer). Another story I recall is a friend of my grandfathers telling me that he first came to Norfolk on a holiday on a Woods motor cruiser and ran aground on Breydon; my grandfather in capacity as yard foreman personally rescued them on that occasion culminating in a huge sense of gratitude and lifelong friendship, hirerer later becoming owner of a Woods yacht picked by grandad for best timber, first yacht I sailed on and still going strong, and retiring to Potter and Grandad becoming one obsessed with 3M cinefilm etc in retirement which hirerer introduced him to. Moral of the stories are as Grendel and others have indicated there’s generally someone around to help and long may this natural human trait continue. Now here’s a worthy cause which landed outside my house this morning...
  6. The maritime festival at Woodbridge is a delight, September I recall but it’s been a few years now since I last went. There were some lovely Hillyards and an Ernest Woods built boat, albeit designed by someone else, possibly Albert Strange but there was a Woods stamp on the build about the coach house and window style. May normal times and tides be with us again soon or at least by September, it’s my birthday and wedding anniversary, half century and decade respectively... a year to remember?
  7. 63... probably quite early to be stating these boats won’t pass under Potter. Quirky design for shore!
  8. Have you been to hull and back?
  9. Thank you to all those who made it VE Day, forever grateful.
  10. The only virgin product I’ve ever bought is olive oil... I think the halcyon years were when the Atlantic challenger was commissioned from lowestoft (Brooke or Richards?).
  11. Well, looks like Doctor Plague has been given his marching orders and has mutated into Darth Vader over in the Downham Market Tescos. Should have stuck with Doctor P outfit, wouldn't have had to queue then or maybe West Norfolk folk don't scare as easily as the city bunch... https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/darth-vader-shops-at-downham-market-tesco-supermarket-1-6627645
  12. Turnoar

    Sad Loss

    Woods Golden Light, used to wave to them often on the Thurne around 20 years ago. Sad loss and I really admired how pristine Manxman was always turned out, rip Jim.
  13. I’d be disappointed if the business wasn’t bought up quick by someone with optimism, passion and enough money to sustain the brand. The Hardy range have a solid appeal and their own slot in the marketplace, if anything the later designs less so and the future looks small in terms of buyers budgets, the 36 scaled down a bit more could be a move in the right direction. Fingers crossed for all the workforce, horrible time to be looking for another job so let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.
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