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  1. Turnoar

    Coffee Anyone?

    I’ll sleep on this one after a nightcap, a nice mug of LAVAZZzzzzz..... aah.
  2. Turnoar

    Wroxham Angling

    I’ll stick my head above the quay heading and suggest the bottoms dropped out of the keepnet for tackle shops maybe, it’s all on line these days. And what impact is fewer moorings having, less spots to fish I expect. And what with more holding tanks and crayfish.... We’reel doomed?
  3. Turnoar

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    I wonder how a Glaswegian student live aboard compares to the liverbords that used to pitch behind the waterfront in Norwich, I was told that an ex hire cruiser worked out less than three years rent back in the late eighties early nineties, must have been old woodies past their best but what a wonderful student digs to remember for those bold enough to take the plunge.
  4. Turnoar

    Bacton To Walcott "sandscaping"

    I wonder if this will cause problems further down the coast, say Ostend or Haisbro. Sinsealy hope knot. Looking at Hemsby, Hopton, Covehithe to Easton Bavents etc something in common seems to be sea defence improvements North. For shore Barton should reap the economic benefits of a nice shiny new beach! Fingers crossed.
  5. Turnoar

    Marina Quays

    Now before anyone takes this the wrong way I am 100% in support. The best thing supporters can do is write direct to the planners in support of the application submitted individually. Orchestrated grouped responses should be ignored e.g. a petition with a list of names, signatures etc. under a single statement should at best count as one objection. At worst a rejected planning decision citing it should be appealed against. It is not for an individual to brainwash a bunch of people who won’t comment themselves. Now in my personal experience which is a few years back now in GY the councillors are switched on to this sort of risk and do the right thing. And it’s good luck!
  6. Turnoar

    Ropes Like Ours

    Old main sheet was good enough for me, really old main sheet left on the moorings for bed time, the best bent on the blocks, time to part with some kite when it goes stiff or won’t run free or both. Old climbing ropes for springs!
  7. Turnoar


    It’s an omen. Had a pair pecking about a chimney, luckily many years redundant. If they nest they can be a fire hazard. Keep seeing them and they make me nervous, darent spark up a conversation.
  8. Turnoar

    Eel In Thruster

    Eels like electricity, the thruster was probably too powerful to resist, looks terminal!
  9. Turnoar

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    Everywhere seems to have sold out of charcoal, any store I looked in had Christmas decs instead last Sunday, I didn’t buy any but would have done, luckily still had a enough for Sunday. Needles to say I didn’t buy any decs for the tree.
  10. Turnoar

    Real Boats!!

    I think c.ricko is correct on the pic from the lion being ladybird in hire guise, the length of the foredeck doesn’t marry with any of the rest of the hire fleet and it is fact that she went from racer to hire fleet before being racerructed, what is notable is the way in which hw converted her that looks so in keeping with the fleet to the point, no pun intended, that we are debating whether it is the good lady herself. I’m sure a former owner of the Smuggler told me that Ladybird was punted as the yacht for the racing minded hirer, again no pun...
  11. Turnoar

    Barnes Deal

    For all the hype of best summer since 76 in truth August and early September were relatively disappointing. On the presumption that a lot of hirers book at shorter notice these days, well compared to 40 years ago, I’m not surprised deals are being paraded when the weather went south. For shore you could sit back and ponder but if you want to holIday at a specific future date then the premium is worth paying. To boat or not to boat... that could be the answer.
  12. Turnoar

    St Katharine Docks - London

    A Bates Starcraft in the third pic? Lovely little ship. I see there is one moored in Horning now, lovely flow to the design.
  13. Turnoar

    Marina Quays

    The Old Control Tower sounds like a quasi pent house relative to the proposed development. Also the best berth for the CCTV to NSI standards which would be a good selling point along with a pitch for the municipal putting green curtilage to the end of the moorings if my memory serves me right. And it’s good luck!
  14. Turnoar


    A cut above the rest! Both sailmaking and cover/upholstery outfits work to their forefathers high standards. One of the leading brands of Broadland!
  15. Turnoar

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    Pleasure Boat Hickling, you did say 25 miles, watch the boating world come and go.

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