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  1. There’s a districnt lack of care here. The council would be quick to dive in where any individual breached a bylaw but in my eyes interfering with wildlife at any time let alone nesting season seems to be a breach of civic duty. I feel like I’ve contributed indirectly so am looking forward to wannabe candidates turning up on my doorstep to tell me why I should vote for them in the local elections and indeed what they think of this personally. Extremely disappointing behaviour. Naughty NNDC.
  2. Spot on Chris, I wonder if some will be viable in not too many years, where opportunities exist to share now is the time to do it, appreciate rag&stick and petrol heads do just that at Oulton already and could see Hickling Sailing and Windsurfing clubs joining up perhaps. Of course a clubhouse and premises isn’t always necessary, nor indeed your own boat even. Think outside the boat!
  3. Fender free, deck tools stowed down below, arms waving, life ring top dead centre, just as a brochure shot should be, no need for photoshop! Only thing I’d add is a bigger pennant.
  4. Hi Apollo, yes I’m in the middle, Captain has solved the exact class for me thanks, definitely a light I recall the streams were for Southgates base at Horning. Either 1971 or 72. With Vaughan’s info to boat as well there’s not much more I can add except to wish you Bon voyage!
  5. Apollo update. From an initial plough of the understairs cupboard this could be it or a sister ship. It was my brother after all and my dad wasn’t helming for this photo. Registration number F2 somthing... the flagstaff looks to be in the same place! If this isn’t your baby it’s a sibling for shore! This is at Broadshaven for deafinite!
  6. I have a picture or slide with me sat on the bow of that exact design plus brother or sister with my dad on the helm of that model on “broads trials” in the early 70s. My father was a Woods apprentice in the 50s and my grandfather also a Herbert Woods apprentice in the 20s, heading up until his retirement in around 76 77. I’ll look it out and see if there is a reg number. Welcome to the forum Apollo.
  7. Ok Gregg, how about a little prison ship, it would take the pressure of the cells in Bethal Street maybe and shorten the journey when the bars spill out on what was once labelled the most dangerous street in a Britain, aka Prince of Wales Rhode, and ruffians are plucked out of the war zone. A night afloat with a few rats to boot might sober them up by the morning?
  8. I thought the sea cadets were based on the SGB that sailed a year or two back? Thai on the river has gone east for shore...
  9. Live aboard HbMo, Houseboat in multiple occupation, perhaps, a first for Norwich if not the Uk or world even. As offices and retail properties have migrated to homes and schools Norwich is fast becoming more metropolitan and its only a matter of time before land based opportunities shrink and water based ones swell...
  10. Great to hear Howard, I do like how Sanders name their fleet, more like a boatyard than a bus depot! Hercules, Samson, Goliath etc. I think Reynolds of Caister used to do the same, if not another one of the Yarco operators of or yaers gone by.
  11. Note the adjoining Bittern Line is closed for engineering works this weekend, a replacement bus service will take about twice as long so allow extra time for your journey. Also I think the Cromer to Sheringham section will be shut for a couple of weeks soon while they extend the platform to cope with the permanent 3 carriage new locos. Choo Choo.
  12. Concrete boats are fine.... so long as you don’t hit another one is what an old broadsman told me once. He also went on to say that they were repairable easy and quick following a mishap ‘Magic’ had at the haven bridge. Half a day for a lad from the original builder. I think the windboats seacrete hulls were exceptionally good, I notice the aft cockpit one that was sunk in the old porter n Hayley marina has gone now, sure won’t have come to harm underwater. I think some of the diy ones probably gave the certified builds a bad reputation, I suspect the one that beached at happisburgh and broke up would have remained in one piece if a ton or ten of jara groyne hadn’t stood in its gunnels way. Ferro can be both cheap and long lasting, worth a punt for sure.
  13. Turnoar

    Boat Names

    Haven’t seen MB but did know of Spunky Coypu.
  14. Turnoar

    Boat Names

    Custom Maid.... she looked to be bespoke and built to the owners requirements or maybe by the owner even. Also Why Worry, Surprise are two that made me smile. And Nudge Wink up at Martham... an arcade owner or gambler maybe?
  15. Jeff, is Baggit with Maggit still alive and wriggling in Wroxham? Must be a collectors item, a real vending time machine, is it the reel thing?
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