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  1. Been over to Colney this afternoon via the NDR. The roundabout to nowhere, except the farmers field and heli training centre, looks a mess. Have they considered rubber posts and signs so they spring back up after the carnage is cleared each time?
  2. Or it’s like buying a flat near to St Andrews Hall and complaining about the concert music!
  3. No such thing like n the broads as you state JM and long may it continue!
  4. There’s an idea JM, fit ecletric cars with pantographs and simply put electricity lines over the entire road network, it works for the railways, well some of the time I suppose. I’ve decided I’m going to go for an older electricPetrol combo, say a jap of 90s vintage and operate purely in ⛽️ mode but only get stung for the £20 road fund lolicence!
  5. Been thinking about going electric on four wheels and notice that old milk floats are selling for £10k, or nearer 15 with new batteries, and Enfield 8000’s are rarer than hens gold fillings. I’m not aware of any boats designed purely as electric but am wondering if such things exist, or even a hybrid car/boat such as an ampicar?
  6. Hmm Jmm... I wonder if this was an ASBO(at) incident, putting my Tin Tin hat on and noting Timbo’s observation that the offending post may have just been ‘laying... on the bank’ perhaps it had a bit of help getting afloat from both high tide and a scallywag or two, alternatively a bit of wash if the Braydon Races were on & attended by some gin palace’s looking for somewhere to have a smoke! (Copyright) Barge’
  7. It was foggy Christmas night to be fair; must’ve been a steel or ferro hull that uprooted it!
  8. Sad news Ian, so sorry. We lost Maggie and her brother Dennis Nov 7th 2018 & Feb 1st this year respectively, not quite 10 as Mayday passed would have been a celebration (we had them from cats protection, pre-named not policatil, at about 6 months and had to make a call as to their birth date). Maggie died unexpectedly of a heart attack we think, Dennis of failing organs (he’d been knocked by a car 5 years earlier which may have contributed) but we had to put him to sleep within 48 hours of suddenly going downhill (he’d been slowing up a bit for the 9 months before). I said I wouldn’t be able to have another but in September we picked up a new kitten Cloud and whilst our memories would never have passed she reminds me of them in a comforting way by curling up on the same cushions and discovering the airing cupboard as a safe harbour when she wants peace. Rest in peace too Poppy.
  9. Smoggy and Vaughan, you’ve brightened up my week. Having stood on the Norwich bound platform of North Walsham station yesterday morning from 7.40 until 9.00 on the back of buff live departure board info on my smart phone before giving up the will to travel I decided to get ahead of the game today and simply catch the bus ab initio! The new stadler low level diesel electric trains can’t seem to cope with leaves, rain nor stopping on a sixpence when the barriers raise early to let the cars block their path; seriously glad there was no collision and hence no one was killed or suffered life changing injuries which could have been the outcome. Luck played a part given time and day. Bring back manned model level crossings!
  10. Marshland Adventure by Wentworth Day, hiring out in winter is definitely not new. Enjoy, should be loads on eBay if not the old bookshop in Cromer.
  11. I avoid exclusivity hence use Waitrose, Sainso’s and Lidl on rotation locally plus Tesco for home delivery. Aldi rarely but not never. Used to use Morrison’s when there was no alternative, avoid Asda altogether. Shop around for cleaning and toiletries at the local drugstore, far cheaper. Also use the local shop for a bottle of plonk after the others are shut, run out of sugar etc. Used to use Kwik Save in my student days in the west mirelands... tinned baked beans by the pallet!
  12. No more bike exhausts smoking' there on a Friday eve now then, just the herring! I'm sure fish and chips could draw a few punters of the two wheeled variety in though. I hope it thrives given proximity to the yacht station, nice attraction for tourists come the season.
  13. Not making excuses but was there a report that the bus got held up 20 minutes? Should’ve gone by boat!
  14. Sure no no... there's so many doublers negatives etc. here. Growing up in a broadland village going from 4 shops to none, old skool second home brigade who were & are lifelong family friends, sharing the same rag n stick interests; but in a later chapter myself living in a North Norfolk village I have seen the retired set move in and with a year or three sell up and move to a coastal town for the amenities and to be able to walk to the golf course etc. Maybe too quiet for them also. But it's not just in the sticks you get the issues, how's about the rewmoaners near St Andrews Hall all that NOIUSIC leading to a abeertment order!?! Now I've given up the sticks AND the big smoke (Narwich) I've become a townie, oh yay I've seen the (street) light! But it's just the same, the council is made up of incomers, the business folk moan, 'too many new houses', "not enough drainage to cope" with the stools blah blady blah. It's a relief to get out on my iron horse and return to the broadland village, struggle with no street lights but enjoy the peace ad moonlight.... it always was one bus in the morning and one bus at night! A relief to jump on the train to get to the big smoke though instead of getting stuck behind a Micra at S minus 30mph. Goodnite wherever you maybe and frum. Rite now back to supper with the missus... from the Midlands. Aaargh!
  15. The original article looks to be compleat and splutter hogwash. They moved from Cromer not Camden! Seems like a crab claw to crack a whelk. Nosense article... polarticle agenda? Scapegoats being muddied in Thames water. Must admit being a Norfolk buoy I avoid Wells, such a pain to park. Give me Burnham or Blakeney or Brancaster any point of the tide.
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