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  1. Reveting to Chris’s previous comment about the state of the timber defences following the project I do wonder if on balance the best solution for the entire stretch of coastline with cliffs would simply have been to maintain the existing defences, perhaps with a bit of rock armour to boot. Appreciate drainage on the cliffs needs maintaining too and such places with the addition of sea walls and timber defences seem to hold the line viz Cromer and Overstrand. My grandmother once told me that people out of work were sent down the beach to plant marram grass on the sand dunes; missed a trick at B
  2. Plenty of scope to create some new marinas which could create jobs too. Just hope there’s some money somewhere to do it and business is willing to take a punt or a dragline or whatever is needed. If Herbert Woods could do it after WW1 then I’d hope there would be similar opportunists now.
  3. Oh no, not more sinking bridges I hope. No wonder the rail one wont swing properly!
  4. Malcolm, has it got heating and if so is it working? Hope you're at least warm and comfortable even if rolling off the bunk! Re the listing, a vessel of vintage may have fibreglass tanks which should be watertight and any list may simply be down to an emptyish fresh water tank perhaps (or/and opposing full foul tank if fitted). All the houseboats I've ever been on seemed to have been 'self-draining', viz rainwater in a well area just drained out of a hole level with the floor over the side. If fibreglass tanks start leaking its normally glug glug and down as you fear, but wouldn't be a sl
  5. Just swerve by the gas station off the A149 next to Ludham airfield for a top up? Mate of my mine used to take his converted ‘gas’ guzzler v8 something or other, much easier than garages in his opinion. Good on his tax bill and think it was congestion charge exempt too for a while, handy for the big smoke. With a wheelbarrow might be walkable from moorings ar Potter.
  6. Couple of questions, having navigated sndc and been directed to ba site, to save searching for the answer is the pub within a conservation area? That in itself may not preclude the use of plastic windows, depends on what the conservation officer decides. Second one is is it listed.... whilst it’s a broadsmark it doesn’t seem to be of “architectural merit”etc. and I wonder how such an imposing building came to be, 3ish storeys on the edge of nowhere surrounded by nothing else... The colour is not great but it highlights mistakes of the past perhaps? That said I’ve always liked it as was and hop
  7. I’m not a scientist but over the past 30 years I’ve often noted the progress of the sea nawing away at Happisburgh. Whilst without doubt the frontage has reduced up and down it now seems to be washing away quicker at the sand cliff to the field between the end of the sea wall and the recent car park viz the area to the front of the lighthouse. To that end I’ve wondered if the Church will still be standing when the lighthouse perhaps collapses into a new estuary albeit not long before or after the seacock to the broads is well and truly opened. The marshes at Lessingham drain to Horsey/Hickling
  8. I note the earlier Challenger catalogue entry stated it wouldn’t normally go under Potter bridge, this one looks more hopeful. Did Defender? Agree that the later Challenger looked ahead of its time, the flow of the curve following from stern, roof, almost to bow (in reverse order) is what to my mind made the John Moxham designed Alpha crafts of the early noughties similarly appealing when they first appeared.
  9. Different build years going by the ads, I saw the 1965 one when it was moored at Martham but can’t recall exactly when. Very comfortable vessel by the looks of the pics, and plenty of deck space to sunbathe on! Was there more than two?
  10. 25 2 stroke, the merc’s etc. back in their day are a lovely outboard to power a dory quickly onto the plane, much lighter than the modern fours, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I envy your acquisition!
  11. Broads Watch managed to get some exposure I see. Not enough room to say what they're all about though...
  12. Looks to be intact, canopy still laying where it normally does but as said the roof rails will have taken a little graze, saves sanding down anyhow. Lovely boats and very comfortable, light and airy, nice layout and great to helm. The old deal boat for me.
  13. The 1.5 I was familiar with in my early childhood being the plant of the succession of Wolseley 1500’s & Riley 1.5’s that graced the driveway before the chassis & bodies rotted around. I’ve seen reference in tractor circles to the B.M.C diesel being a conversion of the petrol units but a boat builder who worked with my dad at Woods in the 70s told me they rejigged engine beds on the dieselification (if that’s a word) project, which would suggest the engines retrofitted were diesel to begin with and not conversions of the incumboaunt petrols. What is beyond doubt is that they are a reli
  14. That’s a shame, hope it gets sorted out, Ferry’ are a very good yard with first class boat builders who can make a perfect job of such repair I’m sure. Doesn’t make the hirers right though. Back to your earlier post Mr Griffin I had to make passage from North Walsham to Sprowston yesterday, my normal scenic route via Hoveton&Wroxham was unnavigable in my wife’s Yaris from about Scottow on account of a hard bottomed lake fed by a field; was the confluence of the A1151 and the Bure navigable? The road outside the launderette used to flood at times like this.
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