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  1. Have a very late night before! The decks will have thawed by the time I wake up!
  2. I love the Bates star crafts, seem to think there was one on the broads for a while, Horning or Wroxham I last saw it a few years back.
  3. Hmm, just looked at some pics, stern on I would think you’d be ok given the walkable albeit tightrope one foot 🦶 in front of the other side deck so long as you’ve got a handrail to grab on. Worst case you’d do it Mr Bean style passing the lady on the stairs if you missed with both feet! Alternatively, side on, go in the side Dukes of Hazard style but head first instead maybe depending on the mooring scenario or state of the tide or both. Recommend a safety ladder regardless, even if you’re not on your own it’s a pain to get out if you do go for an impromptu swim!
  4. Well, I’m a cyclist and I pay road tax as I own cars. Even if I was carless I’d still be happy to pay a licence to use a pushbike on the public roads. In fact I would prefer that as I’d feel a genuine stakeholder in the debates around the creation of cycle lanes in our fine city as well as my local town. I would object to many of them, sleeping kerbslands, flattened wands, 2 way tracks the width of one... disjointed and poorly planned in my experience. Canoeists don’t have to pay a BA toll if they’ve gone down the canoe union subscription route. Believe the same or similar for stand up pa
  5. Yes, having been knocked onto the pavement once by a car turning across in front of me into Recorder Road off the (at the time) most dangerous street in Norwich, I tend to stick to quiet lanes, ride solo and avoid confrontation by pulling over and letting cars, tractors etc. past, no enjoyment to be had with a ton or two of metal up your Chuph. Getting back on saddle I’ll be giving this catacyclic idea a wide berth, as some have said they could by dyke blockers at the relatively slow pace. If they catch on and progress to a cross with a wing bike then that might be more interesting... and
  6. As a cyclist I feel there is a distinct risk of being tarnished with the same mop as these hulls angels! I wonder if back in the respective days the same thoughts existed about catamarans and then sailboards, granted both found their suited havens at Hickling. If Wroxham doesn’t work out it’ll soon find an appropriate place like power boats at Oulton for instance and water skiers.
  7. Too tame for Hickling I’m afraid, surf and bike is the way to go viz a mono board setup, the image is like the surf and bike equivalent with stabilisers... what is interesting about some of these newer ideas though is it’s bringing more people onto the water and at such point as Wroxham is saturated then Hickling will eventually take up the slack!
  8. I think that was the BA guidance at one time, at which point I elected to defect to national! Just checked back on my previous posts so didn’t imagine it. Not going silly on the day trips though, trip to the local tyre man today to get spare resealed and revalved on the backup vessel. Lots more traffic out there today.
  9. What is that yacht? Almost plumb stem, flat if not reverse sheer’, cabin mounted tabernacle, enterprise blue sails on a Bermudan rig. Comfortable vessel I’m shore!
  10. Grendel, is there a swimming pool nearby? From your write ups last season a daily dip, or every other day, for 30 mins would surely do the trick? Works for me, not long til they reopen.
  11. Could be that one or the newer one from King Street back of the vicinity of Dragon Hall to riverside opposite the cinema entrance/ Queen of Iceni area plaza? Also Carrow bridge. Also I know they’re beyond the limit of navigation these days but what about Tonnage etc. carrying on up the Ant? I seem to recall someone saying that hire boats were navigating up to East Ruston as recently as in the 60s?
  12. Jab nr 1 done yesterday morning, bit of a headache in the evening, sore arm in bed from 3am so good job I had an early nite. Flu type aches now and still a bit of a dull head but hoping another early nite will be an end to the minor discomfort. At least I know the needle went in, roll on June! Paracetamol didn’t seem to make much difference but I guess I would otherwise be feeling worse. Thanks Oxford & AZ!
  13. Speedcamera van on eBay, Fiat Ducato, straight from police, 79k miles, insulated, heater. Food for thought.
  14. Motorhomes do seem to be in short supply like caravans. Have you thought about a conversion project? Old securicor van perhaps, not much call for cash at the moment so may be going for a song. Maybe some spare buses around soon too... seriously though there’s plenty of companies converting vans these days.
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