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  1. On a more positive note I think I read that the Iron Duke at North Denes is being saved for some alternative use. Now I know nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, or maybe it is, so many of that era have gone, even if not a pub it’s nice to save the building as before you know it they’ve all gone and all people do is remember... for a while at least, except when the memory dies with them.
  2. Dinghy Show is still on, not in London and you can’t meet up but free virtual event so they’ve got things covired.
  3. Robin, really enjoying your posts. My grandfather spent his entire working life at Woods from apprentice to foreman in charge retiring in the 70s so this would have been built under his watch. Many regular hire customers became life long friends typically retiring to the area and some of them bought ex hire boats when they were sold off. Said customers would decide what class of boat they’d like to buy and would have the one built of the best timber reserved for them based on his knowledge. I wonder if the surviving Crown of Light is also tanalised larch? Your comment on the dining table
  4. Sounds like RPI at Horsford for tuning. All the car graveyards seemed to be out that way! Handy if you own a TVR or an old Range Rover.
  5. Can we do the other Hundred stream while we’re aboat it and establish a northern relief link to the sea? Saves bypassing ‘that bridge’ eh albeit the rise and fall would probably be an issue... on second thoughts keep it the way it is.
  6. Turnoar

    Not Good

    Thanks for that link Grendel, pleasing to see that the situation might not be getting worse, at least not everywhere, fingers crossed for an improving outlook as I’m sure we all hope for ASAP.
  7. Turnoar

    Not Good

    Agreed re the Lud’ites, notwithstanding the choice of a sleepy marshland location off probably the quietest A road in the country putting the emergency services and others at risk is not on. Equally and digenerating a bit we now seem to have a split tier 4 system where different rules apply viz London you can’t go to primary school, rest of the tier you must/ should... unless you’re in Brighton or the Headteacher feels like it. Now, I hear London hospitals won’t be able to cope, I also hear of Essex pushing out patients to Norfolk... so what happens when the Norfolk lot get sick, air ambulance
  8. That’s the dualling of lines between Hoveton and North Walsham potentially out of the window then; the previous MP was campaigning for it to make a half hourly ‘Norwich every 30’ service. Unless the freight use can warrant it, at present the gas condensate tanker units haul North towards Cromer after exiting the yard and at some point reverse direction and head back South toward Stowmarket destination past from whence it came. I could see the cuts being 1 in 2 on rural lines, after the hash up of the Stadler trains introduction I gave up using the train altogether, sad but missing an important
  9. Could take a while to go down. Hopefully the rain has passed now and the wind can assist with drying out. Noticed Coltishall was over the quay heading yesterday too.
  10. I remembered a few months back I happened upon the The Bearded Explorer on youtube, a 'rural' explorer, and there is an interesting tour of Medlers scrapyard at Hevingham before it was cleared for development. Now, Christmas quiz time, can anyone id the broads cruiser from about 3 mins into the vid, the track mark deck, fridge, sink and engine seem to have faired better than the hull. Quite how it ended up there in the first place is baffling. The video is titled 'I Explore An Abandoned Scrap Yard And Found Some Rare Classic Cars!!' Enjoy and looking forward to ideas on what it was.
  11. Road still closed, abandoned cars gone, tide still in! Luckily the station underpass is higher and drier and I could wheel my bike through via the overflow car park. Lot of standing water in the fields, could be problems again tomorrow, good job we’re in lockdown.
  12. Second Christmas, they still settle in Ian!
  13. Are there still such things as ditches in Ditchingham.... strikes me after driving Wednesday evening that it’s about time we dug some, the section of the B1145 I was on was like a river. The road drains haven’t been sucked since the fall which isn’t helping matters outside my front gate. The roads are puddling pools these days!
  14. I can remember the TIR badges on lorry’s way back. Ought to be edited now to add ED on the end because that’s how the drivers must be feeling!
  15. Wow, I just checked out the arrivals and departures boards for Heathrow.... who are uk.gov trying to kid that Tier 4 is serious? The virus is simply not being contained. Does anybody know why airline passengers are seemingly exempt?
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