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  1. NorfolkNog

    A Winters Tale

    Will have another think JF sir
  2. NorfolkNog

    A Winters Tale

    Done that walk a time or 2 Did you set all the local dogs barking?
  3. NorfolkNog

    A Winters Tale

    Sadly not at the moment JF but doing a bit of quality assessment No idea with the pub at the mo I'm afraid
  4. NorfolkNog

    A Winters Tale

    You notice I've not mentioned the Water's Edge Looks a bit Lord Nelson ish with the poser tables
  5. NorfolkNog

    A Winters Tale

    I'm thinking, I'm thinking......
  6. NorfolkNog

    A Winters Tale

    New Inn Rockland?
  7. NorfolkNog

    A Winters Tale

    ......I'm starting to think Reedcutter.........
  8. NorfolkNog

    A Winters Tale

    Not the Ship and not sure about the White Horse Alan, but there again...... Sells old Speckled yuk Need to confer with Mrs Nog
  9. NorfolkNog

    A Winters Tale

    Always enjoy your voyages JF particularly if pubs are involved
  10. NorfolkNog

    Short Late November Break.

    Many thanks Neil, will keep a look out.
  11. Just catching up, very sad news indeed, sincerest condolences from us.
  12. NorfolkNog

    Norwich Yacht Station Closed In Winter

    It's like Yarmouth, no one can stop you. They are just covering their backs as it's not 'personed' I've often seen boats there in winter. They would probably lock the gates but I think there is still space above the upstream one and it's easy enough to get through the railings on Riverside Road. I can't see there would a problem during the day particularly. I'll be there in the not too distant so I'll have a look.
  13. NorfolkNog

    Short Late November Break.

    Certainly tempting Neil but it would be sods law that someone would draw time in December and refuse to swap (which they would be perfectly entitled to do of course). We need to book train tickets well in advance too and Mrs Nog's holidays are quite limited so we don't have a lot of flexibility, particularly at short notice. I'm not dismissing the idea by any means and we will keep weighing up the options. Of course a lottery win would be the best idea............
  14. NorfolkNog

    Short Late November Break.

    MM is certainly right about the weather. We've been out every December for many years now and its virtually always been quite mild for the time of year. It was quite cold in 2010 (when it snowed too) but still very pleasant. It is certainly colder in February but still brilliant to be out. I just wish we could have been out longer in the snow this year, it was magical!
  15. NorfolkNog

    Short Late November Break.

    Indeed Jean, I've often wondered.

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