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  1. Drop of water in the fuel line? Hope you get sorted soon, sure it won't be anything serious.
  2. That's very true. We use Strowagers excellent tide tables which also have sun rise and set times. It's usually safe to set off in a morning provided the sky is clear and the light is good which can be a bit before the rise time.
  3. We hire regularly in December and do try to make the most of the daylight hours. We invariably set off at sunrise and moor up to make sure we arrive before sunset. Happily no risk of disturbing others as we invariably have the mooring to ourselves! But I fully endorse not disturbing others by anti social engine running.
  4. Make sure that you hold on to the grab rails. Job's a good 'un
  5. Always good to see a pub open, was afraid that one could be lost. Hope it does well. Personally I wont rush to drink Wherry or Doombar but I'm sure it will do well. Good for live music too.
  6. Don't worry, threads on here have a habit of going off topic, confuses the best of us and especially me!!!
  7. Glad to see you supporting the local hostelries Mr Fire Sir. Next stop the Commodore eh? Don't forget to give JM a wave
  8. I've heard of restrictions going up to West Somerton where it is prone to weeds but not up to Hickling. Seems a bit over cautious. I think electric boats are more vulnerable but Herbert Woods are all diesel as far as I know.
  9. I don't think there are many places to moor in that area although I seem to remember there is a little 'cove' on the left going upstream. I wonder if it had drifted before it sank?
  10. ...or even better became a sponsor!
  11. I would agree, passage through Potter Heigham is pretty rare these days and given conditions at the moment probably best to have a plan B. You could hire a day boat but given the time available maybe save that one for another holiday!
  12. In case anyone was wondering (like me) this is about half a mile downstream of the junction with Oulton Dyke. Good to hear it's been moved out of the channel. Wonder what it was?
  13. Out of curiosity what's the car parking situation at Ranworth? I know there is a parking area at the staithe but what about the one opposite the Maltsters? Is that for the pub only I wonder?
  14. That was quick!! Thanks folks They are probably not around in winter I guess. Neither are particularly small. If they have reserved moorings I can see fun and games particularly in summer. If they have reserved signs on the moorings I can see them being ignored. I wonder if this has been thought through. Mind you I wonder if there will be a ranger there in summer? This is going to be interesting.
  15. I can't place either of these craft, anyone got a photo handy?
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