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  1. No, one of the few we missed. I love all pubs but the Horning ones are not top of my list to be honest.
  2. Spot on as always Lady V!
  3. Very true and even with pubs open inside they need more staff for table service. Have to say every pub we've been in the staff have been brilliant
  4. ........left Reedham at approx 6.45
  5. Ah, we left it a bit later to get the tide up the Bure so probably sleeping off the previous nights Humpty Dumpty!!!
  6. Phil, Ness and the team are looking forward to welcoming us back inside from Monday with a brand new menu. We've called in twice now and the food, beer and service were all excellent. Highly recommended.
  7. Ooo, errrrr Jean started a thread about moving to Norfolk and I recoginsed the itinerent Foster that hangs about above Wroxham Bridge. That set them all off and it totally hijacked Jean's thread. So I hold my hands up!! I think generally in respect to the OP we should try to keep on topic..........but we rarely do
  8. Don't mention that one Jean, you know what happened last time!!!! (my fault though)
  9. I think they police the Horning area like no other. I was shouted at a while back and I was sure I was with the limit.
  10. NorfolkNog


    If it's the shop I'm thinking of, they may deliver locally. Worth asking. But of course always a big thumbs up for Swancraft.
  11. That is a superb classic yacht! Enjoy
  12. Well done, you should in theory have had right of way there. We got berated by an armchair admiral a couple of years ago in the same situation. Great photos as always and glad you got a beer in at the Bell.
  13. Ah, I thought you were moored near our old friend JM - that explains it. Handy having the Bell on your doorstep. I've an idea that another member moors there - sadly like a couple of our other regulars not been about recently. Great shame. Anyway I digress. very glad you are supporting the hostelries at this difficult time and braving the weather. Keep the tales and piccies coming.
  14. .......oh and have you noted any variations to your pub opening info on the other thread?
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