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  1. Electric posts are now in apparently
  2. Great pics - many thanks for sharing. We hired one of those Aston Concord class once - nice boats. Just trying to place the wreck that Fireman Sam alludes to - on the Yare somewhere I assume?
  3. It's not protocol to reveal members mooring locations but can we assume that the Swan and the Grebe will be seeing a surge in trade (when they are allowed to open of course)
  4. Moved!!! And yes of course I have, makes a welcome relief.
  5. Thought it had been very quiet of late.................. ............and have you?
  6. I'd love to be out before then but can't see it happening. First December outing I will have missed for many years Still, something to look forward to eh?
  7. In any event I'd refer to him as Johnson. Wasn't Boris a spider?
  8. Don't know if this will work. And if you lot get on about politics again be careful!
  9. ....plus it's a bit tight at Boulters if memory serves. I'm sure you could get a 42 foot in of course but a tad tight squeeze I suspect. Plus very busy in summer! Only drawback with Stalham is that it can freeze in winter.
  10. I wouldn't disagree - It's a while since I did it, about a mile from memory. I didnt have any great problems with traffic as I recall although one needs to be careful of course. I've heard a lot of good reports about the Star at Lessingham but that would be a taxi job unless you're Fireman Sam of course
  11. Can't speak for Fireman Sam but sadly not. I did go to have a look for it once after a reccomendation from Mr Meantime if I remember correctly. I think it's quite near Richardsons but over the other side of the main road. Not sure if they sell any beer or not or if you need to be a member or anything. If anyone does find out I'd be very interested to know. My own personal choice is the Swan as they sell real ale. The Grebe was all keg although I seem to think Fireman Sam did say there was some beer on when he visited last. Harnser is a nice pub, bit of a walk, Sutton Staithe further still but
  12. I'm more into vintage electronics so I might be talking rubbish - but my theory is that an analogue signal (like old radio) can be boosted because it is weak but all there if that makes sense. Digital however is basically a binary signal so it's either there or it isn't. That's why you get the 'Norman Collier' effect with DAB radio etc. In other words if a signal is not there or bits missing it can't be boosted. As usual more than happy to be shot down, just a theory
  13. Don't worry PD they've all been on something this week.......... ......wish they'd tell me what
  14. It could be worse seeing as it's so quiet in Pontypandy at the moment!
  15. I'm a bit confused if this thread is about Evening Light or Dilham!
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