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  1. I would agree, Southern Broads, with that size Brundall would be the obvious choice or maybe the marina at Reedham or even Burgh Castle or if there are any moorings at St Olaves possibly?? There is Oulton Broad which would be handy for the sea but would necessitate navigating Somerleyton swing Bridge to access the rest of the network.
  2. I've not read the EDP article but wonder if social media might be involved? Lot of publicity about football players getting abuse at the mo and I'm sure I've heard of prospective employers checking Facebook accounts. Would be very big brother ish of course. It could be a bit toothless but Hoseasons nailing their PC colours to the mast maybe? Would I get banned for slagging off John Smiths Don't forget, careful what you read in the EDP!!!!!!!
  3. Interesting point. I'm well set up with Bridgecraft but as far as I know Faircraft Loynes are the only other yard to do December hire.
  4. True indeed and have been there. The thing with Broads boating is that some folk {me included} want a specific boat and possibly a time too. For example I've booked Humber Bridge already for next year as it's a popular boat and I wanted a specific time as well. I think if you are flexible about your boat and can take a holiday at short notice there are undoubtedly good deals to be had.
  5. As does May. The price hikes up around 40 - 50 per cent in June and drops substantially after August. I think it's simple economics - those who are not tied to school holidays will go for the cheaper option. The weather is usually very good in September too. Mind you, roll on December
  6. It is a restaurant (specialises in fish I think). Also agree with the comments about the White Horse. I often think the Horning pubs don't need to try very hard. They have a captive audience in summer and most folks probably only visit the once. I've been in them all in winter many times. The New Inn particularly does very little winter trade and often closes early. The Ferry is pretty quiet most of the time too. The Swan seems to do best in winter. At least they don't close early. I'm a big fan of Broads pubs (well pubs in general) but the Horning 3 are probably fairly well down my list. The beer in all 3 is average to say the least.
  7. Well done Richard looks an excellent cause Just wish I could be there Hope it goes well which I'm sure that it will
  8. Bridgecraft have them. They work well and very useful bit of kit.
  9. I think you could have cracked it Liz Bit too wide for the Ant
  10. I wondered about How Hill. Could that be Claptrap Mill in the background? Where's Carol when you need her!
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