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  1. Here yer go. Going by the sketch on the advert its the same building as Chris posted.
  2. Not anywhere I recognise. Called the Old Court House according to the video. Be interesting to find out.
  3. It's roughly mid way between Horning and Neatishead Simon. The Trowel and Hammer pub has long closed but the building still remains I understand.
  4. The Cringles was in Potter Heigham. I think from memory it was on the road next to the post Office towards where the station was. Not sure if the building is still there. I remember Ranworth Hall. They used to drop flyers on the boats moored at the Staithe. I seem to think they did meals, sort of Bernie Inn style and also bit of a pub cum nightclub. Very 70's. Carol would probably know more about the history.
  5. As promised I've found the pic of the Coldham Hall parrot. This was taken in 2007. The landlord was a star, I seem to think he was called Colin but I could be wrong. Mrs Nog and I were in there once, last in as usual. He didn't try to kick us out and even offered us another drink which we gratefully accepted of course. Very nice chap. I think the pub was sold not soon after and became the more gastro place it is today.
  6. ....yes, just amended post. Maybe a job for a friendly farmer
  7. They do indeed, seen them at Woods. There's Boat Shift as well but will not be a budget solution I suspect. But they are specialists in lifting and moving boats and fully insured. That's what you pay for. Just looking again, if it's in a field that might be more of a problem. The above usually rely on a lift out at a boat yard. Probably a hi ab might be the only way assuming it can get in the field and the ground's not too soft!
  8. It did. 75 I believe White Horse The Coldham Hall parrot was there as late as 2007. I've got a photo, I'll post it later.
  9. No, on the contrary, don't apologise GJ No, once you achieve the magical 50 post mark you (hopefully) undergo the amazing NBN induction ceremony You'll love it. Also a very fine brewery
  10. Well if you keep going at this rate GJ you'll soon have your 50 posts Are you named after the beer? A warm welcome by the way
  11. I'm with MM on this one. Hunslet Mill. Not many mills have trees nearby apart from Diddlers Mill of course.
  12. That's actually a very good idea. Trouble is I don't have a credit card! I wonder how sound Hoseasons are? Be interesting to see what happens.
  13. Not sure if this has been covered already but looks like Hoseasons could be out of order here. Stand to be corrected as always of course. My full payment is due next week, I intend to sit on my hands for the moment.
  14. If it's the former Throwers, it does seem a bit odd. Doesn't do the deli and more exotic stuff now but sells food basics and also some hardware type items which I believe are considered essential. Do they not have the post office too?
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