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  1. NorfolkNog

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    Thanks for letting us know your plans, out of all the pubs this probably got the most thumbs-up :-) have a good time and please let us know how you get on!
  2. NorfolkNog

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    Completely agree JM, I do exactly the same! However there are pubs on my Manor which make the worst Broads pub seem like the Ritz! Hence my point!
  3. NorfolkNog

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    Just thinking about this. If you ask 20 people for pub recommendations you will get 20 different answers. Everyone has their 'pet' pubs and equally those they clearly dislike. It's difficult sometimes to get a truly impartial view. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. The truth is there are no dreadful pubs on the Broads. There are a few I dislike but wouldn't try to put others off. I think sometimes it's best to take a step back and look through the eyes of the person asking for recommendations.
  4. NorfolkNog

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    No I agree, Wherry is a superb unspoilt pub serving some excellent Adnams. Highly recommended. Just that it doesn't fit the OP's criteria!
  5. NorfolkNog

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    I must say Geldeston Locks is one of my favourites and one of the best pubs on the Broads IMHO. However its maybe not quite so good for boats passing by as its at the end of the navigation and fewer boats can get under Beccles Bridge. Going North from Oulton Broad by road I guess you would have to go through Yarmouth. Horning is probably the best place on the Broads for sheer volume and variety of boats, yachts and everything else in between passing by. The Swan and New Inn have riverside terraces (rather than gardens) but riverside activity a plenty. Likewise the terrace outside the Hotel Wroxham is a real grandstand for boating activity. I would heartily endorse the Surlingham Ferry as has been mentioned. Excellent pub and a fair bit of traffic on the main river. The Bridge at Acle is excellent but the garden is partially screened by the flood bank so you don't get such a good view from your table. I love the Ship at Reedham although since the fence was erected by the river the view is a bit restricted particularly if those large boats are still there. You do get the trains as well. Rushcutters is good too but river traffic limited by the low bridges. It maybe depends what the OP is looking for, for example is distance an issue, are children involved etc etc. Which is more important, the food, the garden or boating activity. Plenty to think about!
  6. NorfolkNog


    I agree, I would most likely not offer a tip if I knew it was the owner or if the service wasn't very good. No disrespect to the owner of course! We had a case at Horning Marina services when the tide was so high Mrs Nog had difficulty getting ashore. Although the guys were busy working on a boat they came out and helped us moor and were very helpful. Tip proffered and accepted I don't suppose Boatyard staff generally have his 'n' hers Range Rovers
  7. NorfolkNog


    Usually, yes. We often need one in winter which sometimes involves getting the hoses out and particularly if the service is good and helpful which it usually is!
  8. NorfolkNog

    Where Might?

    Been scratching my head over this one, bit like JF's pubs but harder! Would North or South be too much of a give away???
  9. NorfolkNog

    Fuel Prices, Northern & Southern Broads

    Is Ian talking about petrol? I belive WRC used to sell it but I didn't know Brooms did?
  10. NorfolkNog

    River Chet And Ongoing Problems

    Perhaps send Mrs Silverline round to Yare House!
  11. NorfolkNog

    A Summer's Tale

    Do you know, the scrubbed table and chair screamed Dukes Head at me. I must have been in there loads of times and never noticed the piano. Must pay more attention.
  12. NorfolkNog

    A Summer's Tale

    Great photos as ever JF A small hint might help with the piano....... I keep thinking Dukes Head but can't recall seeing a piano in there BTW if anyone is replying to JF can I respectfully suggest not hitting the quote button as all the photos get repeated (good as they are) better to just highlight any relevant text and quote that
  13. NorfolkNog

    A Summer's Tale

    Must be a couple of years ago. Not a great Woodfordes fan (apart from Norfolk Nog of course) . I'm guessing you were standing roughly back to the corner of the bar near the toilets? Well done Jean and ECIPA
  14. NorfolkNog

    A Summer's Tale

    Not the F and F? While since I've been in there
  15. NorfolkNog

    Can Anyone Help Me Find This Track Please

    They are worth having M - handy for photos and some really clever apps, I even have an app which tells me which buses and trains are due and even tracks them to tell you the when they will arrive. Cost is quite reasonable too, don't go for the latest 'designer' iPhone, I use a Sony android phone, didn't cost a fortune and does everything I need. Just received the BA video from Steve and works a treat.

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