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  1. The lower Ant had certainly acquired some wider bits this morning so highly likely
  2. Ditto - never plugged in in my life. Mind you very few hire boats have shore power anyway. It is actually quite mild at the moment, winds seem to be more westerly.
  3. That Ale Trail nonsense was due to a TV programme and has no relation to sensible drinkers who appreciate and respect the beer. It appeals to stag groups and the like. You can get idiots anywhere. I simply suggested that some very good beer is brewed in Huddersfield for those that can appreciate it.
  4. Probably drifting off topic but yes, Rat is one of my favourites, visited the Rat and Ratchet many times. Mallinsons is one of my favourites too, not afraid to chuck a few hops in
  5. Ah, thanks Alan, I'm not a huge footie fan but love Huddersfield, particularly for its beer but that's another story!
  6. There's a massive gulf between the Divisions. Huddersfield were promoted last season and promptly dropped again. You need owners with very deep pockets.
  7. I think we can safely say that Nigel knows his onions with all things Ludham. It's the same when pubs come up for sale - you tend to get a lot of speculation.
  8. Royall Velvet 2 will get through as good as any non Martham boat. I remember seeing it there when not much else was getting through.
  9. The music House of Pain if memory serves May be something in that.....
  10. Bridgecraft have won a Hoseasons Diamond finalist award for outstanding service. Very well deserved IMHO - excellent yard who really do put the customers first! Here is Stephanie in true festive spirit proudly showing off the plaque.
  11. Good question Neil. Might be one for JM or Carol
  12. Geldeston Locks (nicked from Twitter)
  13. Try and get in quick before Fireman Sam Only 2 Broads pubs I can think of have Sky Sports - kings Arms and Sutton Staithe - don't think it's KA - Sutton Staithe at a guess
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