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  1. I'm inclined to agree with Fred. There are a few topics I don't bother with but I read most even if I don't contribute. I think the Speakers Corner is a good idea. I don't have the depth of knowledge of the likes of JM and Co but I can read their opinions. I assume it was inspired by the original Speakers Corner - wonder if Old Frank and Gruntfuttuck will appear - mind you they probably have but under different guises. As I recall JM was the top contributer PS I do also agree with Paul - we should try to be friendly but still have healthy debate
  2. I'll do it on your thread Mr Fire sir. Not gonna disrupt this one!!!!
  3. Now that will be a novelty!!!
  4. Bit over my head Paul (Nigel might be the man) but fag packet calculation, I think the inverter could potentially draw 120 amps from the 12 volts output at full power. Do you know what the power output of the generator is?
  5. I don't have the depth of knowledge of other respected members but it does seem a bit odd. Perhaps the Mods could explain the rationale behind the decision? I'm not a legal expert either but has anything libelous been posted?
  6. Thanks Simon, that's interesting to know. Basically the same as Herbert Woods. We normally take 10 days in December so going North could be an issue. I know very little about Ferry - I think Jean suggested they hire in the winter? They do look a bit on the pricey side though.
  7. True, we tend to look at the tide tables before booking with Bridgecraft so our holiday dates can shift by a week or so. Even in December we can usually get 4 days down South. Mooring at Acle or Stokesby overnight helps to make best use of the time. We tend to set off as soon as it gets light.
  8. Not since Swancraft stopped hiring. I think Freedom do/did but with a caveat that prevented crossing Breydon. Herbert Woods don't hire in either December or January. I don't know the situation with Ferry although I suspect they would be a bit out of my budget range. At the moment while Bridgecraft are prepared to do it, I'll keep hiring from them. I think smaller yards are generally prepared to be more flexible and I think it helps if they know you too.
  9. For a big yard like FL possibly not. But Bridgecraft seem happy enough. They can only have one boat out at a time so they simply leave the one they hire to me to be done later. I'm not aware it's an issue. I've never called them out in winter either. Otherwise the boat would be sitting there doing nothing. Bridgecraft seem happy enough with the arrangement. If I had the money I'd have my own boat but until the lottery comes up thank goodness at least one yard is prepared to do it!
  10. Just noticed an item elsewhere indicating that Faircraft Loynes are stopping winter Hire. Sad news indeed and I think they are missing out on at least some income in the winter. Mind you I don't suppose Let Funnell needs the money!! I have hired from them in the past but a bit expensive for this impecunious Yorkshireman. Thanks for the lovely folks at Bridgecraft who are happy to hire to me!!!!
  11. Yes, that certainly looks interesting. That was one of my concerns, the impedance mis match. It also has a level control. I agree with Paul's comment re the Bluetooth - I don't think it will be too fussy and you are not looking at hifi so the sound quality shouldn't be an issue. My main concern is to present a load for the output. However I guess these devices are for short term intermittent use. For 3 quid I don't suppose you're anything to lose! Caveat emptor though!!!!
  12. Hmmmm. We that makes sense. So it's not a line out. I'm a member of a vintage radio forum, the members there are very helpful. I wonder if a forum exists for equipment of this nature???
  13. I would agree with Pauls assessment if the output is, in effect, as Paul describes, a low level high impedance output. Perhaps we would need sight of the manual or someone local could take a look. I've also sent you a PM Smoggy, hope this is OK.
  14. Hi Smoggy Think speaker output is not best option with respect to others, get back to you tomorrow other wise
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