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  1. Good review and very useful for anyone contemplating hiring this style of boat. Swancraft certainly knew what they were doing!
  2. Just catching up with this. Popped into the Fisherman's back in May. I'm assuming it must be the same management. I chatted to the new landlord and was extremely impressed with his approach. There was just one beer on, Timothy Taylors Landlord. It was superb and I complimented the guy on it. Much better to have one well kept beer on then 5 or 6 poorly kept ones. I hope they do well and can keep the punters coming in during the winter.
  3. Hah! Still a bit baffled why they let me loose with their craft Brilliant yard though, can't recommend them highly enough
  4. Ha, ha! Herbert Woods have no restrictions to cruising area any time of the year. Pricing good too, winter discounts avaiable. Bridgecraft are excellent - however any hire outside the season would be discretionary - I am known to them give them a bell by all means.
  5. Gosh, tide looks well up at Reedham Ferry Glad you enjoyed it, I had every confidence
  6. Well done That statement should be framed You won't be disappointed with the Bridge, excellent pub!
  7. Oh dear! Social media is important in business these days, first thing folk do is look at the website or Facebook. Resting on their past laurels maybe????
  8. Very true I'm afraid, folks tend to stay in more and the Ferry has suffered with many others. It was always heaving back in the day. Shame about the beer too, they usually have a Humpty Dumpty on which I've always been happy with. Glad your supporting the pubs Cal Here's the opening hours
  9. Yes, we shouldn't hi-jack Cal's thread. This Forum has been known to do that from time to time Perhaps we should start another thread about repairs/handovers. Looking forward to hearing how Cal got on at the Ferry.
  10. Glad you enjoyed your trip and many thanks for the holiday tale and lovely photos. The second thread in a row where I couldn't agree more. Bridgecraft really are an excellent yard and look after us (and all their customers) extremely well. Roll on December!!
  11. The thought did occur to me! Hopefully yards would replace batteries towards the end of their useful life rather than waiting until they fail completely. I've an idea batteries can be tested - a drop test??
  12. Hope you get sorted. The 2 battery banks was a Swancraft innovation and a good idea. More expensive of course but helps to reduce call outs. It may be that Richardson's use cheaper batteries but I've no evidence to support that. I am surprised in some ways that they retained the Swancraft dual system. We were out every December with Swancraft - limited cruising time and no shore power, never had a problem. Please keep us posted!!!
  13. Yep, agree great holiday tale and superb photos Some excellent pubs too!
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