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  1. I had a walk up there a while back and shed a few tears over the Castle. A proper pub and it did good pub meals back in the day. Anyway this will be the mooring. Not a huge amount of it although it would be quite peaceful I would imagine. Its a fair hike if you wanted to walk into Wroxham/Hoveton though.
  2. .....external appearance doesn't tell everything. Someone who's opinion I totally respect looked at a boat recently. Looked OK from the outside but not good internally. It's not easy. An expert can spot flaws which are not immediately obvious.
  3. I've a feeling this was the only boat on the Broads with a 1 rating but could be wrong. Good boats sell almost before they are advertised. If it's hanging around it will be for good reason.
  4. In August, an excellent idea. Best to book quick as there may be limited availability.
  5. Somebody should frame that! Wise words indeed! Particularly No 1
  6. I hired a cc Alpha from the same operator. Had a Beta engine directly under the helm floor and ran like a sewing machine. I would agree, depends on a whole host of factors., I think hydraulic drives are a bit more thirsty though.
  7. Fairly standard practice, I really wouldn't worry, coffee cup full of fuel. Also you don't know if it's being maintained or fuelled up ready to go. Folks are happy enough to run their engines on moorings so I really wouldn't worry.
  8. That's what I'd go for when the lottery comes up. Wonder why no prices? They always used to include them. Most of Richardsons second hand boats seem to be sub 40k. Advantage of an ex hire boat is it will have been serviced regularly.
  9. That is a bit frowned on - yards make a small margin on the fuel - you would pay more in hire charge otherwise. Besides is it worth the bother? In 40 years hiring I've never been short changed on fuel by any of the yards.
  10. Paul is spot on there. I agree, just a ploy. It's so run down now it would take a lot of money and enthusiasm to get it trading properly again. It is tougher for pubs now then ever. But bear in mind it did trade successfully for many years and I don't think that it's a coincidence that the change of ownership runs parallel with its demise. I think, like the Beauchamp the intention was always alternative use.
  11. Pictured in happier days including the famous (or infamous) bouncy castle.
  12. Talking of strange houses cum boats anyone remember this one at Thorpe? (Bit of forum drift never comes amiss)
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