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  1. Indeed, about the only mention was the Museum of the Broads as a finalist.
  2. I think that path was closed a while back but others may correct me. I often walk via the road, it doesn't take long with the prospect of a Little Sharpie ahead
  3. NorfolkNog

    Locks Pub

  4. NorfolkNog

    Locks Pub

    Hmmm, I need to check this out. Had some mixed messages about the place. We will be back shortly so I'm going to investigate. I think it was run in the past commensurate with the clientele and location. I am a bit concerned in case the target audience proves to be unattainable. We shall see. Having said that I am, and will remain, a keen supporter of Broadland hostelries
  5. I've seen the one with the flower pots there too. It also gets used by fishermen in season. It can be very muddy. Not the greatest mooring in the world. Probably best to moor at Richardsons.
  6. That Pelican was there in February, wasn't sure if it was lived on or abandoned, it's not always easy to tell!
  7. That is incredible. How things have changed. Now dominated by the big 4 Hired Hampton Safaris from LL (Hoveton) I think and Phoenix at Potter All long gone
  8. Hopefully! Which New Inn out of curiosity though?
  9. According to the Norfolk pubs database it's only been on the go since 1976 so could be quite a recent building. Carol may know more though.
  10. Is that near the Locks JM? There were a couple moored just next to the Locks Dyke last year I think.
  11. That looks like the one that was in a small cluster of craft moored at the very end of the Sutton moorings a while back. It was in a sorry state even then. I think I posted a picture at the time but not sure where it is. Agree, not a good advert particularly at the start of the season.
  12. ....I think this is it with Dungeon Corner just left of Centre
  13. I believe they are between the Martham farm 'ferry' crossing and West Somerton but I'm sure Carol will correct me if I am wrong! A very pretty stretch which sadly we don't get to see that often. Must be about six years since I've been up there.
  14. Not what Mrs Nog says!!!
  15. Wise words indeed. We are considering the 'finer points' but avoiding getting stuck under the bridges is most important. I agree, for the less experienced stick to the established guidelines. Hundreds must do it every year with thankfully few problems!
  16. I think the general principle is right. Tracy at the Berney once described it to us in a very animated manner. Basically it starts off slowly, gathers pace and towards the end runs out of steam. That does tend to hold true to an extent I think. The under tow on the Bure at Yarmouth confuses a bit also.
  17. Silly question but does the same apply to the ebb as well as the flood? (I know the ebb last longer but is the theory the same)
  18. That's looks very TFI ish Mr Fire Sir. Did they sting you for 10 quid?
  19. That's how I read it. You can tell as the daylight times are not in sync now the clocks have gone forward. Not a problem though as tide times are more critical.
  20. At that time of year you have quite a bit of daylight. I think those times are GMT? It will probably be light at 5 in the morning easily and light until 9ish. I'd go for it, with that air draft you could come through pretty much any time but probably best to avoid the really strong tides particularly on the Bure. On Thursday/Friday I'd be inclined to come back though about 10 ish to avoid the Bure ebb which would give you loads of time to get to Yarmouth.
  21. True Loddon is more sheltered, the tide itself shouldn't be too much of an issue, more if its windy particularly if the wind and the tide are in opposite directions.
  22. This is where bow thrusters can come in handy too. They're a good get out of jail card. For example turning in a strong tide can be greatly assisted with bow thrusters at the likes of St Olaves and Reedham.
  23. Sorry off topic again but quick reply to a very reasonable question. Briefly not been in for ages, most least visited pub, just the opportunity really so wanted to have a look. As mentioned above never, again. The Surlingham Ferry wins hands down and I agree, one of the best pubs on the Broads. Back on topic
  24. Looks like Tombstone on the left, a regular in winter
  25. I somewhat unwittingly dragged this thread off topic with my inane ramblings, so apologies to all! Back on track
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