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  1. NorfolkNog

    A Yorkshireman On A Broads Holiday

    We also have a good sense of humour fortunately
  2. NorfolkNog

    A Yorkshireman On A Broads Holiday

    This is very true! I think perhaps JM was applying a bit of poetic licence! (he is from Suffolk tha knows)
  3. NorfolkNog

    My Day

    Good man Your boat's OK anyway!
  4. NorfolkNog

    My Day

    That's good to know Ian, up that direction tomorrow Any Faircraft Loynes boats out did you notice? Could do with a spot in their yard
  5. NorfolkNog

    Broom Fuel Station Closed For At Least A Week

    Hi Trevor Don't know price off hand but I'm sure it would be reasonable. No petrol, can't think of a yard that does sell it, Martham possibly?
  6. Thanks for sharing CC Lovely weather innit?
  7. NorfolkNog

    Broom Fuel Station Closed For At Least A Week

    That's right, they were digging it up today! Swancraft will do you fuel (plug)
  8. NorfolkNog

    Beccles Old Bridge Passage In March

    Rise and fall is quite a lot at Beccles - two feet maybe? As long as it's not high tide you should be fine.
  9. NorfolkNog

    Pacific Cruisers Late Start To Season

    It might be that they are booked up for the first few weeks?
  10. NorfolkNog

    Hiring First Time

    I'd certainly give Bridgecraft a big thumbs up Very accommodating
  11. NorfolkNog

    Hi Everyone!

  12. NorfolkNog

    Private Boat Hire Request

    Yes, Herbert Woods would hire next week and Faircraft Loynes if you have deeper pockets!
  13. NorfolkNog

    Tis A Bit Blowy

    Ouch!! Going to be better tomorrow by all accounts
  14. NorfolkNog

    Tis A Bit Blowy

    Bit lively down Thurne Dyke too!
  15. NorfolkNog

    The Splendid Broads Calender.

    Not got the calendar to hand but pretty sure March is one mine if it's the flappy thing it's at Cantley outside Reedcutter
  16. NorfolkNog

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    2p for what it's worth I stopped in 2006 and Mrs Nog has smoked on and off but given up again recently. People close to me have suffered through smoking. But, we all know the risks. But if folks want to smoke I don't have a problem in the slightest. I repair old radios too and you should see the insides of some of them! I certainly don't agree with folks being ouscticsed because they smoke.
  17. NorfolkNog

    Hi Everyone!

    Hired several when they were with Swancraft Excellent boats
  18. NorfolkNog

    The Rights And Wrongs Of Rights Of Way

    No obvious rights or wrongs I don't think. Its always best to pass behind another vessel where possible. My approach is to throttle back and wait if I'm in any doubt. Possibly a case of rushing and a bit of impatience maybe? Its a shame some folks don't seem to appreciate that its supposed to be a relaxing holiday without getting involved in river rage!! Another advantage of winter cruising!
  19. NorfolkNog

    Water Points

    The water is on at Reedham all year round but they remove the hoses in winter. We carry a short length of pipe but have used a bucket in the past! Brooms should have water. I'm pretty sure WRC turn theirs off in winter. I think Oulton Broad is on the pontoon only.
  20. NorfolkNog

    Herbert Woods

    Just reading this again it's a bit ambiguous (my post that is) We had booked with HW early for February, I think we booked in the previous summer They then advertised a discount, maybe the first year they did the winter discount. I spoke to a lady who was quite sniffy (maybe the same one who was decidedly unhelpful when we got stuck with the fish barrier). She said we couldn't have the discount and likened it to a shop having a sale. But now it is a regular feature we take advantage every year. I think I am trying to suggest there is a a difference between established well publicised discounts and those that appear at the last minute. Phew.
  21. NorfolkNog

    Herbert Woods

    Been there a few years back. Wouldn't entertain it. Which is why I can understand the gripes about arbitrary discounts. But stil stick to my point about established discounts
  22. NorfolkNog

    Herbert Woods

    Fair comment although Herbert Woods do offer early booking and early payment discounts which is a permanent feature of their pricing policy. Regarding Vaughan's comments, a yard must cover it's costs or it will go bust eventually. I guess they must try to balance pricing against customer expectations and demand. It must be a tricky thing to achieve with a bit of crystal ball thrown in for good measure!
  23. NorfolkNog

    The Six Nations

    I'm not a rugby fan by any means but this is a real shot in the arm for pubs particularly after that dry January nonsense. I belive it's on terrestial TV too so all our Broads pubs could benefit not just the handful with Sky.
  24. NorfolkNog

    Herbert Woods

    I think it was Robin Godber who said discounting is death. Having said that I get a hefty winter discount of 20% from HW in February plus loyalty discount plus early booking discount plus early payment discount = more beer money! Forgot to add - this is clearly advertised in their brochure so maybe not quite the same as 'pop up' discounts.
  25. NorfolkNog

    Herbert Woods

    If you look at the boats it's mostly their older ones they seem to be offering.

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