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  1. I have always purchased mine on the Gov website, it's very simple £30 for 12 months, £20 if over 65 such as me.
  2. I must admit using the tide tables on 'the other website', as they give low water times, handy for Yarmouth and bridges. I print off the whole year, setting 60 days per page. It avoids any miscalculation and I find them very good. http://www.norfolk-broads.org/tides/tide_report.asp?StartDate=25/01/2021&lines=7
  3. So pleased I posted this youtube video I came across, because it teses out this wealth of historical broads information you guys have. I love reading your posts, imparting your knowlege.
  4. Whereabouts is the hand cranked lifting bridge with the fishing net to collect the tolls? Is it Somerleyton?
  5. At the start of this video there is a child on tricycle, a 'Gresham Flyer' I believe. I had a blue one just like it and would cycle to Infants school on it on my own each day, along the pavement of what was then the A12 in Colchester (Ipswich Road). Shortly into the video, there is a lugsail dinghy in tow, just like the one I learnt to sail in about 1959/60 on Barton Broad. My parents use to hire from R. Moore I seem to remember and before that in the early 50's from Herbert Woods. They told me I was conceived at Potter Heigham when they hired a waterside property to day sail from one ye
  6. This just popped up on my Youtube, no doubt lot's of you have seen it, but for those who haven't:
  7. Yes. We swear by The Pink Stuff, very low abraision and works wonders on the Fibreglass. Perhapd remove any hevy corrosion first, then give it a try. KM We have artificial teak decks, hope that fits in somewhere in your pecking order (tongue in cheek)
  8. Yes, saw that on the ITV national news at lunch time today, even had a video of the individual walking down the pavement outside. Lets hope he is caught and locked up
  9. JennyMorgan If your Genie granted you 3 wishes, could you get rid of this virus please, so we can get back on our boats
  10. Could it be the Otters? I have copied and pasted this from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust website "Otters will mainly feed on fish (40-90% of their diet)and will take a variety of species depending on the time of year, species such as carp, stickleback and eels."
  11. Yes, I'm always very wary where those steel piles are and being on a bend, you can't see what's coming either. A row of rubber tyres on them like they have on tug boats might be good.
  12. Recalling parliament referred to above is no big issue like it use to be when MP's had to leave their villas in Tuscany and return home, it's now a 'virtual' parliament with MP's sitting at home in any case, only having to switch on their computers. Unfortunately the government can no longer bring in tier changes and lock downs straight away, as a couple of months ago MP's on both sides of the house forced a debate to make it law that these measures could only be enacted once approved by the house thus causing a delay to any Covid response. Tiers 2,3,4 or lock down haven't mattered a
  13. Really enjoyed watching that. Thank you for sharing
  14. Agreed. Well done all the Admin team The moderation keeps this forum very friendly and welcoming to comparative newcomers like me. Looking forward to a better new year. Keep up the good work please.
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