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  1. We have been moored here today and the mooring is now reserved, despite it being on a 24 hour mooring with no return within 24 hours. We have been moored here since 9:00 this morning and it's now 5:00 pm. The boat came to its reserved mooring for 10 minutes this morning for the helmsman to up his water carrier and came back for 5 minutes this afternoon to drop off 2 passengers To me , this seems outrageous losing this mooring at this prime location which are in such short supply for us toll payers. This boat can easily go to the day boat Dyke on the other side of the green. Have t
  2. Thank you CC, I bought this aerial from Screwfix and tried it out today. Previously our 4 times more expensive flying saucer type could not pick up anything at Ranworth where I met you this morning. Its absolutely perfect, we can get every channel. Thank you again Paul (Bon Bon)
  3. Not heard of the Broom Kiosk before, what is it please. Sounds like somewhere Boris Becker might enjoy!!
  4. You mention staying at the Berney Arms, are you aware that the pub has been closed for many years? We enjoy the Firsherman's Inn, if the Landlord's moorings are full, there is a long Broas Authority free mooring immediately adjacent to it where we have never had a problem getting a berth and the bank is a bit lower making getting on and off the boat easier at low tide.
  5. In fact no need to get fabricated https://www.force4.co.uk/item/Force-4/Stainless-Steel-Ladder-with-Plastic-Treads/TD7
  6. If you are considering having steps fabricated to be fitted permanently to the transom, I would recommend folding ones, so that when unfolded the bottom step is below water level. I have always had this type, I have them now on the broads but also on my various offshore yachts. The reason being, is that if anyone falls in when not moored up or moored on steep bank, it's night on impossible to recover them without. Just make sure the engine is out of gear or better still switched off, while recovering them.
  7. Don't tell everyone! We love the South Broads in Peak Season, more relaxing and easier to find a mooring. Agreed that they offer some of the best places to eat as well.
  8. PaulN

    High Water

    Don't tell Greta Thunberg about these record tides, or she'll be lobbying the Environment Agency to ban Diesel omissions from our bots.
  9. The tri-colour light at the masthead is used when underway and sailing only, so providing you are motoring, the bow lights are correct: Rule 25 Colregs So don't worry until you next take the mast down. Sorry, you probably know this.
  10. I think your original post was referring to Horning Pleasucraft's Marina. https://broadshols.co.uk/ We have been moored there since December 2018 and love it. Full yard facilities and very friendly staff. It's about 1 mile from the village by road, so easily walkable if you don't want to use the car. Only a short walk to the 'Ferry Inn' and 'The Clubhouse', which is next door to Norfolk Yacht agency. if your buying a boat it's best to find a mooring first, when we were looking to purchase, all the decent marina's on the North Broads seemed to have a waiting list. Fortunately, by
  11. Great news, pleased I paid my Toll yesterday
  12. This is the access conversion on the Nancy Oldfield Boat, which is basically an Aquafibre Opal 28, now being built by Barnes Brinkcraft as the Heritage 286
  13. There is no point in throwing a mud-weight when mooring in a broad, you can let out all the scope and motor gently in reverse, which will also help to dig it in. If it is your own bot, then don't use rope, replace it with 100% chain if you have a winch with a chain locker, then let out 3 times the depth and it will lie along the bottom and not drag.
  14. Pleased to hear some positive news about the Ferry Inn at last, I am looking forward to seeing the familiar face to whom you refer, he has been missed.
  15. A couple of Opal 28's came up recently, one on NBS and the other on NYA and both sold in a few days, these type of single level boats are very popular and often sell without making the websites, so best to advise the two main brokers, of what you are looking for. What is the budget please, is a new one too expensive, NBS are building new at the moment. We have a single level Alpha 36 and love it and recommend. Keep an eye on the River Thames brokers, these type of boats do come up from time to time and are often cheaper in Norfolk, with overland transport to the broads still proving
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