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  1. We had a great week on the Northern Broads in May and have just booked up for another week at the start of October. We are looking to go down South for a couple of nights, tide times at the moment look like they will work, my question is 'If you were to go South for 2 nights, where would stay/eat for the 2 nights and where would you cruise during the 2 days?' I am sure you will all have different views and preferences so I look forward to hearing them! Thanks in advance.....
  2. Thank you all very much for your words of advice......
  3. Hi - hoping someone in the know will be able to help..... we are due to collect our boat on Friday for week. I know several people have commented about the water levels at the moment being high...... I wondered if anyone was in the know re what Ludham bridge is likely to be, now and/or over the next 10 days, at high water so I understand worse case? The boat says 8ft 4ins is required and I am aware that the signs are not perfectly accurate. Any help appreciated - just trying to plan re where we will and won't be able to go...... Thanks
  4. Thanks very much everybody for your words of advice....... all we have to hope now is that all >50's get their vaccines before May and it might just all happen!
  5. Thanks a lot for the advice, the justeat app is a good call..... Any more bright ideas or suggestions very welcome!
  6. Hi - I am after some advice..... we are due to be coming on The Broads in May (all being well!)...... and depending on where we are with pubs being open etc I am trying to think ahead regarding what options are available in terms of take aways we can collect or places where people deliver take aways to the boat..... I haven't been for a while but knew there used to be a chinese take away in Horning, I think a Chinese or Indian that used to deliver to Ranworth?...... just want to know if they are still options plus also where else up the North can you moor and have food delivered?
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