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  1. Good to hear you're nearly there OBB, seems ages ago we were talking about your plans 👍
  2. The DC30 does look nice and I'm not even looking!
  3. Just thinking out loud here but is it possible that some of the big fleets are not making all of their boats available? With the current covid restrictions it must be nigh on impossible to get them all out on their usual start days!
  4. I find mooring at Wroxham so frustrating, I need the bridge marker at 7' 6" to go upstream but there is nowhere to moor and I end up just turning round and going away with an unhappy crew who couldn't go shop. Haven't gone upstream once yet in this boat!
  5. Welcome! It took me 3 boats to get it right (and I'm not alone) in one year! 😀 No.1 A very small aft cockpit boat with petrol outboard. Nothing about it suited us and it was terrible for the dog. No. 2 Hampton Safari MkIII (with the forward well) Really loved this boat and miss it in an affectionate way. All one level meant perfect for the dog and for knees that are beginning to creak a bit these days. We're also local and the plan was days out and the odd overnighter. But we caught the Broads Bug well and truly and wanted to go out for a week or two at a time. Needed more space for that so along came boat... No. 3 This is an older style Bounty DC30, all one level, tons of room, bow and stern wells, easy to handle, opens up a lot in good weather and closes down warm and cosy to cruise in normal weather... I mean cold and wet weather. Was great for dog at first (her health and mobility suffered and she is sadly gone now) The trade off is the low helm position, some don't like it as they say all you see is reeds! There is a grain of truth in this but there is plenty to see in reality and sharing the helm means you never really miss anything! But if you don't like it then it will take the edge off your enjoyment. I believe that there are still the more recent,all GRP, Bounty 30s around but I don't know of any for sale at the moment, many will probably need a bit of tidying up. I think the style of boat rather than the specific model is what I'm getting at here. When we started looking the one type of boat I knew I didn't want was an all on one level, forward helm... which turned out to be ideal, so my recommendation is not necessarily this type of boat but to try out as many styles as you can before deciding. Good luck! 👍
  6. Ray

    The Beauchamp Arms

    If it wasn't for the photos I'd assume I was talking about a different pub! Weird isn't it? It wasn't in the first flush of youth I grant you but it was clean, friendly and had good food and service!!! I can't even think it's my lack of standards as my better half was there and she's a fussy so and so ☺
  7. Sutton Staithe Hotel and The Ferry Inn Stokesby have both announced they are opening on the 4th. Both have distancing plans in place which seem well thought out, patience will be needed though!
  8. Ray

    The Beauchamp Arms

    We stopped there last year in September, we were the only boat and customers but received a warm welcome and they were happy to cook for us. Our dog was welcome and the music playing was first class. Good food, couple of pints and we noted it for future visits to the South as we liked it so much.
  9. And proud of, just like any other generation really. But I take your point about going back to topic 👍
  10. On reflection I agree with MM on this, we just don't and probably can't know enough to judge. For example many dogs wear muzzles when out and about simply to stop them scavenging and eating things that could harm them. Whatever the circumstances, it is a horrible thing to happen, I don't know the gentleman or his videos but certainly wish him a speedy recovery.
  11. Who are also the "I'm entitled to do what I want" fraternity 🙁
  12. Good for you Ian, it sounds like a great idea and after shielding for so long a beak that you can take safely will be good for you both. Enjoy! 👍
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