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  1. Every word is true.... It's scientific fact! 😄
  2. KeepNotes... I have a memory like a, you know, those things with mesh, um, er... Sieve! I also like Aweigh if I ever get afloat again.
  3. ..... and those who self identify as ladies. 😁
  4. I think your post might have carried a warning in case Gracie happens upon it unexpectedly! 😁😁😁
  5. As is the common cold I believe. I agree the way flu is currently dealt with seems likely to be the way forward. This will probably work exactly the same with seasonal peaks etc. If the NHS can be bolstered to shoulder those peaks once this emergency situation is past I can see a new/similar normal emerging.
  6. What a worry for you all! Wishing them all a speedy recovery!
  7. The coastal/beach carparks are all closed so I guess it's all part of the same reinforcement of guidelines. I may be paranoid or stir crazy but it feels like there is renewed official urgency. How worried are they that the Brazil mutation may be vaccine resistant? Just thinking out loud, I have seen no evidence either way.
  8. Ray


    All over cover on my wooden top, still a bit concerned but it is what it I guess.
  9. I know a fellow boater, not a member here, who works there. The article bears out what I hear to be honest.
  10. It can never be said too often our NHS staff are the very best and the pride of the UK As a country I hope to goodness we look after them all, starting now with any support that can be mustered and afterwards with counseling, care and yes, rewards and remuneration!
  11. I accept all blame, it is what I've trained for all these years of being married
  12. She deserves the highest praise and recognition for what she is doing. I'm sure she does not seek accolades but she and her colleagues deserve them nonetheless. Please pass on a big thank you from my family
  13. Whether led by the media or followed by the media we live in a world where lying is so commonplace that it is accepted or expected. The truth has become a rare commodity along with facts and honourable behaviour.
  14. Would that possibly be the same Mayor who bought water canons that couldn't be used?
  15. Another vote for Womack, some of our most idyllic memories are of the wildlife and sundown on a wild mooring just after turning off The Thurne.
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