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  1. Ray

    Need Help Please

    Hi and welcome You could try Sutton Staithe Boatyard, about 15 or 20 minutes from Hemsby up the A149 Probably best to contact them first - Sutton Staithe Boatyard Ltd Sutton Staithe Norfolk NR12 9QS Tel : 01692 581653 Email: info@suttonstaitheboatyard.co.uk
  2. Ray

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    A lock? There's an idea!
  3. Ray

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    I asked BA within the last month about bridge height marker boards and they told me they are all checked regularly and are kept within a 3 inch tolerance! I wasn't particularly reassured given how close it is at PH
  4. Ray

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    It would presumably be technically possible, although impractical, to build a lock each side of the bridge, then have a step down to pass under and a step back up once clear. No doubt the river bed under the bridge would be dug out to facilitate the lower level between locks. The first locks on The Broads! It could be a landmark project with a visitor centre with a viewing platform to watch the boats going up and down. £10 each way, the same as for the Pilot now should soon pay for it! I can't imagine any objections... can you? (Tongue firmly in cheek... or is it? )
  5. Ray

    Smart Meters

    Our electricity supplier pays 3% interest on credit balances, I'm half way through a two year fixed rate deal which is competitive. 3% of very little is still very little but it's more than the money would have earned in the account the DD is paid from.
  6. Ray


    Welcome aboard Angeou
  7. Ray

    Marine Electrician

    Glen is also a surveyor and did my boat a couple of months ago, very nice guy, helpful and knowledgeable.
  8. Ray

    Fancy A Bash Up The River?

    That was a nasty experience, I hope your guests were all OK and it hasn't put them off! I see your point about concentrating on it being a boat.. the speed thing seems to be hard to appreciate for first timers. More years ago than I care to remember on one of my first trips, a wonderful old gentleman who was Norfolk born and bred summed up the whole business of manoeuvring a boat for me "make haste slowly" - I think of him every time I moor still
  9. Ray

    Fancy A Bash Up The River?

    I suspect that very few incidents are the don't care mavericks, most people don't want to have an accident and would be far happier to complete a manoeuvre successfully and calmly to the quiet approval of onlookers. Being faced with a short introduction and finding yourself with a steering wheel and throttle must commonly lead to an instictive attempt to drive like a car. Maybe it's already covered in most yard's briefing but an emphasis on the "difference" from a car could really help. Maybe a small plaque near the helm with basic mooring advice regarding speed and where a boat pivots as the you turn the wheel would also help for those moments when it all seems to be going pear shaped (we've all had them)
  10. Ray


    Welcome, nice looking boat! Many happy hours 'messing about on the river' to you and yours
  11. Ray

    I've Had An Idea !

    So feedback whether positive or negative is useful to you and all of us. If someone mentions a noisy sports bar for example those that enjoy that will now know somewhere to visit those who dislike such things know where to avoid. Sounds more like sense than sheep to me. I believe though that MM's point was about negative reviews in particular being considered unfair if the circumstances change for the better but the review remains. In that case, using the pub example although it could be any kind of business, you have some information to bear in mind whether or not you care to patronise the establishment to see for yourself. Ignoring a review just because it's a review in case it makes you feel sheep like seems baaaking, ewe won't find it helpful either way
  12. Ray

    I've Had An Idea !

    Reviews are only as good as the people that make them. I would certainly take note of reviews here in the forum where a group of (mostly) like minded people are members and on respectful and (mostly) friendly terms. A stranger on Facebook or a newspaper critic trying to be 'clever'... not so much. I like MM's idea, especially as it automatically comes from a starting point of helpful information for all members rather than simply making waves for a business owner.
  13. Ray

    Rhond Anchors

    An interesting article on all types of land anchors at this link indicates that Rhond Anchors are very much a Norfolk thing as there was no mention of them until an amendment was added following information received from "our" Naughty-Cal" http://the-onion-bargee.blogspot.com/2010/11/ground-anchors.html
  14. Ah.. seems the devil as usual is in the detail! So just the usual list of bridges and their published clearances then, shame.
  15. Interesting that an option of "live" bridge clearance data was given (unless I misread it) If they can pull that off in an App I might even pay for it... and that would be a first!

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