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  1. Ray

    My Day

    That's rotten luck :( Hopefully there'll soon be many nice days to make up for it. Maybe the car is the third thing, if you count the temporary cover getting blown off last week!
  2. Follow this link, plenty of info on Google https://www.google.com/search?client=tablet-android-lenovo&ei=CXiWXLKIHJmU1fAPlcqeuAM&q=John+Knight+Golden+Galleon+Great+Yarmouth&oq=John+Knight+Golden+Galleon+Great+Yarmouth&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp.12...36499.51598..53521...0.0..0.291.3736.6j21j1......0....1.........30i10j33i21j33i160.3t5jUwzXDOE
  3. Ray

    My Day

    Congratulations to all, especially the New Mum
  4. My pleasure Kev, we will have that run out, but don't forget we'll be learning together... I've a long way to go and much more experience needed
  5. Well, to complete the 'small world' as I guessed correctly, I too was at Sutton Staithe being visited by Pumpmedic, also my first meeting with a forum member A great pleasure it was as well, thanks for your visit Pumpmedic, a genuine pleasure to meet you. Maybe next time we'll be lucky enough to catch you, SwanR, as well
  6. Sutton Staithe Hotel... I think :)
  7. I doubt many of us would, isn't it all going to hinge on insurance even for those that do want to? The hire fleets are set up to do this properly and safely, it's best left to them I think.
  8. Thought I'd save you the trouble
  9. Ray

    My Day

    I'm very lucky, I can't remember if I mentioned before but it's where I live, just round the corner from the church and a 10 minute stroll from the dunes!
  10. Ray

    My Day

    Sounds like a perfect Spring day Chris, I walked the beach a bit further down the coast at Winterton-on-Sea and it was beautiful, like summer but quieter.
  11. Tis true, I'll admit I sit fairly low in the water.... but perfectly balanced
  12. Sometimes we just have to add a little ballast
  13. So was my Mrs.... and me! One of our favourite stops when afloat
  14. Have a great time.. our very first mooring the first time we hired (81ish) was Irstead
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