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  1. If the Rangers moved it why would they leave it at Wayford?
  2. "Keratin from horns, hooves, feathers and hair are also used in hair-care products as well as body washes, lotions and make up." An interesting short article about the use of waste products from the meat industry. You may prefer not to read it if you are easily put off or are vegetarian/vegan for ethical reasons https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/sue-cross/horse-meat-slaugtherhorse-veganism_b_2684502.html
  3. As long Shore drift is north to south we're hoping that in the long term a lot of this sand will bolster the Ness at Winterton
  4. "The sound of the silence was broken only by the sound of the silence being broken"
  5. And there's the great thing about a friendly forum, we can differ in opinion in a civilised way without any bad feeling!
  6. That's exactly what I meant, I don't think much separates our views... I just have this thing about trying to see things from other people's point of view. A bit off subject but I hate it on Facebook when everyone starts calling someone who has made a mistake an idiot without knowing the facts and more amusingly when the so called idiot is right and all the name callers are wrong
  7. The assault is indefensible and your description of the perpetrator is appropriate, however to apply it to everyone who parks in a mother and child space without knowing their circumstances is far too wide a generalisation.
  8. Welcome, great set of family pics really capture a boating holiday, have another great trip
  9. This discussion is becoming a bit like one of those Moral Maze questions, when is doing the wrong thing technically OK morally! In life there are shades of grey of course, in general I've come to a personal conclusion that the point of view put by Speed Triple in those circumstances convinces me that his parking in a Child and Parent bay is understandable and acceptable. On the other hand ahem Robin, as a fellow car owner I sympathise with everything you said but can't agree that we should use a Child and Parent bay even if several are free. We don't know when someone or several people who need it will arrive. It's there for a reason, whether or not we agree with that reason and not for us to protect our property from others. Like boating, driving means accepting there will be bumps and knocks, it's a pita but there it is. However this is not a personal crusade and I wouldn't let it stop me sharing a pint and a chat with you anytime
  10. I think you have every right to be angry and push back, to vent sometimes is an excellent safety valve. You are, after all, in the front line of the way things are now.
  11. Surely you are posting tongue in cheek or as devil's advocate? We all do suffer from a breakdown in tolerance. Adherence to the polite norms, respect, kindness, generosity and simple good manners are what make a civilised society. The reason our society seems less and less civilised is in part the growing disregard for others, the "I'll do what I want" attitude spawns the very do-gooder interference mentioned.. yes it is often over done but that's what happens with any backlash, it's a push back against the mean spirited and selfish. I agree that there is an alarming and annoying amount of people who seem to actually look for reasons to be offended, don't let them blind you to the real problems of ordinary people who suffer from the don't care attitude of others!
  12. Short notice but it sounds like a good deal so I thought it may be of interest. 30% off selected boats booked to start in July apparently. I'm still on their email list although I have my own boat now. Could be quite a saving for anyone able to take advantage of it.
  13. Ray

    My Day

    Team work, can't beat it! Great job both of you!
  14. Ray

    My Day

    Cracking paint job, very nicely done As for the fridge, I guess it was always going to give up the ghost one day and maybe if it was next year the price would have gone up and it wouldn't be on sale! Silver linings aren't always easy to find
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