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  1. Ray


    Welcome.. I've learnt lots since I joinedl
  2. Ray

    Is The Tipping Point Approaching?

    I seem to have implied by means of a typo that MM may one day "freeze over" This clearly is not the case
  3. Ray

    Is The Tipping Point Approaching?

    Well said, we are new boat owners too and although in my case I do enjoy the odd tipple there is nothing better than sitting on your own boat in a wild mooring with a small glass of something (this includes mugs of tea/coffee etc.) drinking in the sheer beauty of it all. Especially as the sun goes down, the water settles and the wildlife gives you a display both unique and personal! I'm with MM, but even when he'll starts to freeze over I'll buy a better heater and pile an extra couple of duvets on the bunk for the first season or two!
  4. Ray

    Good News Had To Share

    Absolutely agree, I lived, worked and suffered London for 60 years and then retired to Norfolk. I have never regretted it for one second and hate having to go back to visit relatives etc. In 18 months here we have been in a heatwave and cut off for 2 days by the Beast from the East. I walk my dog on the beach every day and I feel like a kid again
  5. Ray

    Good News Had To Share

    Good luck.. you'll never look back!
  6. Lots of good thoughts and ideas, thank you folks. The Bounty 30 seems a good option also the Calypso. Love the Alpha 35, not sure if it's quite what we need though I certainly wouldn't rule it out as it's the sort of boat I used to hire and enjoy very much!
  7. Good point, it won't be an easy choice! I feel maybe we could go a little longer/wider without going up too much. It's going to be more about layout than size hopefully... :)
  8. We have owned our first boat for a year, we have improved her and it's fair to say we love her to bits. But I'm sure those of you with many years experience won't be surprised to know that as fully addicted broads boaters we are now thinking whether something else would suit us even better! So we have a Hampton Safari Mk3 with bow thruster and a few years old Nanni replacement engine, also a favourable survey carried out the summer. Nothing in life is guaranteed but clearly she should be saleable. We are thinking about what would be slightly larger, a little more modern in interior modelling, yet still an easy to manage, all on one level (due to the odd stiff joint) boat. There is no rush for us to make a decision or even start looking but I'd like to really weigh up and properly consider the alternatives. Definitely would want inboard diesel, front steering is OK as long as it is a helm position that can be opened up in good weather, but stern helm position would be welcome. A double berth bunk with access both sides (or the room to fit same) would be ideal. Larger than a two berth boat but only for the space as only two berths will ever be required. Budget - up to, but no more than £40k. I've come to really respect the depth of knowledge of the members here and how freely and friendly it is shared... so, if you have a moment I'd love to hear your thoughts please.
  9. The EDP are reporting that three people were rescued from the water at Horning late last night. Another reason for a big thank you to all the rescue services. Wishing those involved a speedy recovery from their emergency.
  10. Ray

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    The main thing I learned from failing my first test was to tell no one when the second one was!
  11. Ray

    Robert John Richardson

    Very sad news, sincere condolences to his family.
  12. Ray

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    As a related matter of interest is there any sign of the improvement in battery design from the electric car industry benefitting the boat industry? I'm thinking of the leisure and heating aspects not the actual engine.
  13. Interesting to see the process, no doubt about it ending up as 'another cracking boat'
  14. Ray

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    Reserved moorings and perhaps a skipper/crew for these Club Class boats too? Nothing wrong with supplying what people want but it doesn't sound like my idea of a boat holiday. I'd fear getting a surcharge for removing my pork pie crumbs

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