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  1. Ray


    We all agree that lifeboat crews are a special breed of men and women who earn our respect every time they go out, their bravery is legend. But how on earth can saving children from drowning anywhere in the world be a waste of money?
  2. That would be good, he waved back but Lorraine didn't see me.
  3. Ah, sorry MM I didn't realise... I waved quite enthusiastically too 🍺
  4. Today honourable mention for Speed Triple, good to see you. Also I just a few minutes ago waved at Nyx from our wild moorings on the Bure I know others are out and about so will be looking out for you all 👍
  5. Will do.. cheers 🍺
  6. Thanks for all the positive answers every one, I'll definitely book in advance next time and will feel a lot more confident about it 👍
  7. So, if I contact them in advance would I still go in where I did in my photo or on the outside pontoons? I realise I'm being a bit dense here lol but I couldn't work out the layout somehow as I approached!
  8. Ray


    Thanks for clarifying Paul 👍
  9. Ray


    This is such a shame, apparently the RNLI have never hidden this, it's on their web site and in their literature. I agree that it should have been more open but it is only 2% and it is saving people from drowning. Too many cancelled donations may affect their work here as well as overseas. There is nothing at all inheritantly wrong with how they are spending this money, just the way they have gone about it.
  10. Ray


    ""The charity said two per cent of its income went on overseas projects and this did not have an impact on its domestic rescue services. Its Panje Project in Tanzania sends trainers to teach swimming in areas where drowning rates are high. Its work includes giving out burkinis – costumes with a head covering, long-sleeved tunic and trousers to protect the modesty of Muslim women. Providing free creche places in Bangladesh stops children playing by rivers and reduces a child's risk of drowning by 82 per cent, the charity added. And the Isle of Man Government is giving £57,855 to support the RNLI's work in Bangladesh where it has a project teaching children to swim."" I don't think anyone could argue that these projects are not worthwhile but I agree that from a fund raising point of view they should come under a separate charity so that people know what they are donating to. There's no reason that such a charity could not be run under the auspices of the RNLI so long as donations were ring fenced. I personally am not unhappy that any of my small donations have been used in this way, however our nearest lifeboat is an independent one so not RNLI anyway.
  11. I have got new glasses since then! ☺
  12. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound pedantic, but yes, I have had a few of them too!
  13. I began to wonder that myself! But no, we walked around over the foot bridge to visit the Wherry Hotel! It was in mid May and a nice day, I slipped through some sort of Norfolk "Bermuda Triangle" I think! I'm looking for a photo I took which may help pin point where I moored. I came in through the gap you can see in the middle of the photo.
  14. I must have been blinded by the sun that day lol Never saw toilets, showers or office! I think I should have a proper look round next time.
  15. Hoping to visit Oulton again in the near future and would like a clearer idea of mooring there. Last time I visited there seemed to be no one about, I couldn't see the entrance until I was almost on it, but obviously know where it is now. But where exactly do you or can you moor? I ended up stern on to the wall by the footpath, skillful timing meant I got back to her just before the ropes were too tight to undo (yep, forgot to allow enough for the tide! Doh!) Never found anyone to give money too or ask advice so I'd like to be better prepared this time! Or just go to one of the pub moorings!
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