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  1. My DC30 currently for sale through Broadland Yacht Agency and Sutton Staithe Boatyard. A beauty with wooden topsides and a grp hull, the best of both worlds. Cabin sides freshly revarnished professionally. Engine has only run about 6 hours since last service. Bow and stern thrusters, electric mudweight winch, remote controlled spotlight, solar panels, shore power etc etc. New electric flush wc. https://www.broadlandyachtbrokers.co.uk/boats/663
  2. The one I linked to MM takes its power from the cigar/power socket, that's why I thought it might do the trick. Not really something I know much about though so hopefully some other ideas will come in πŸ‘
  3. I may be wrong but doesn't the 12v "cigar" socket turn off with the ignition?
  4. This should do the trick (and several other tricks) Not sure of the sound quality over FM but there are loads of other makes so you can check out the best reviews https://www.amazon.co.uk/FirstE-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Adapter-Handsfree-HK203update/dp/B07BF52BY7/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=fm+mp3+transmitter&qid=1616084892&sprefix=fm+mp3&sr=8-3
  5. Much emphasis was put on the roadmap announcement that great care had been taken in it's formulation, hence the 4 tests and "no sooner than" dates. I think it's fair to assume that the change from stay local to minimise travel was intentional and meant to be a different thing. Minimise travel is not necessarily about distance at all... You may wish for example to go to your boat everyday but keep to the spirit and letter of the wording by only going once or twice until the next stage.
  6. I think, could be wrong, that they are saying you should still stay within your village, town, area of city. This is at odds with the govt. advice that you should restrict travel. It may seem like splitting hairs but it makes a huge difference if for example you live 2 villages away from your boat. Happy to be corrected if I've read that wrong
  7. Glad to hear your positive news Ian... Onward and upward 🍺🍺
  8. Definitely going to check my boat on or near the 28th March. Over the past year there have been a few times when interpreting guidelines has strayed from the spirit of them but as the above quotes show there is no reason at all not to go to our boats on 28th and take them out for day trips come to that. I'm no rebel and I believe in following the spirit of regs especially when it is for the greater good but I'm going to my boat!
  9. I think that as Grendel was kind enough to bring stockings into the discussion we should all stick with them as a mental image
  10. It may be that I simply haven't noticed before but my online toll payment receipt is to New Broads Authority, is this a recent change or just me?
  11. I believe not because the older vaccines used a small amount of live virus but the Covid ones don't. I had a Covid test 9 days after my first jab and the result was negative.
  12. You are right of course, I think maybe it is slightly less black and white than that but in essence it must be accepted, sadly. I believe we do care very much about flu deaths annually and always have, it's why there is a vaccination policy and most years pre Covid I'm usually aware through the news media that the NHS suffers through Flu Season. But your point is well made, my instinct is perhaps part of the very squeamishness mentioned and is causing me to try too hard to separate "not caring" & "accepting" Maybe there is my answer.. to do both, care but accept nonetheless.
  13. The very phrase "acceptable deaths" somehow immediately diminishes it's exact real world meaning, much the same as the descriptor "collateral damage" Yes, these things exist and always have and of course there are times the calculations have to be made and acted upon, we must all accept that. I do think though that any such calculation must have the fullest scrutiny before we can say with confidence that most people will accept it in any given scenario. In much the same way as infrastructure, welfare, military plans etc must be properly costed I do think the scientists should te
  14. I could be reading it wrong and am happy to be corrected but I read it as April 12th for short breaks away!
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