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  1. Ray

    My Day

    Congratulations Griff and best wished to Harry James
  2. We like it there, will add our fiver too.
  3. Ray

    My Day

    Many congratulations! It doesn't matter how you spend it as long as you spend it together
  4. As an aside for those who need to know, Sutton Staithe Boatyard now have diesel again. Probably best to ring before arriving.
  5. Unfortunately Lathams statement seems to be that they are shutting down completely until it's over.
  6. I'll look forward to seeing her in a more relaxed pose ☺
  7. Do you have a pet to add to the gallery GJ? Welcome to the forum 👍
  8. Andy (Freedom Boating Holidays) and I have resolved our differences amicably in private. My apologies for over reacting. I am more than happy for any of my posts to be removed to restore a more even tempered feel to the overall discussion. I shall take a little break, but I'll be back of course and more like my old self.
  9. You may be able to conduct an initial boat viewing by WhatsApp, Facetime etc. I believe Sutton Staithe Boatyard are doing this, so maybe others as well. You could at least get an idea of those which are worth investigating further and those you could reject without wasting further time.
  10. There is a list on this page by BA, arranged by North and South rivers, hopefully there's someone who can help! https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/news/coronavirus-covid-19/information-for-liveaboard-boaters
  11. I accept that now in full and I wish you well in your crusade against everyone's emotive language
  12. You may prefer to suggest now that you were concerned about borderline libel but as someone who has spent many years detecting BS it is something I know a lot about.
  13. What I expect is to not pay a 'one of' charge multiple times. I did not say the tolls are extortionate, I pay mine quite happily I refered to legally extorting money, as extortion is illegal I believe you could judge it as a simple turn of phrase if you were minded to, rather than trying to be smart. Your horse's head is likely to remain attached. As far as relief for hire businesses I am completely in favour of it and did not imply otherwise, my post was simply about paying 'one off' charges multiple times. Best to save arguments for when they are needed and then make them well thought out and effective
  14. That is indeed the issue I raised, we will pay the cost of it every year!
  15. So called "one of" reasons for an increase in tolls must be one of the most blatent legal ways of extorting money. Any increase in tolls becomes the baseline for the following year, therefore a "one of" is in fact a perpetual year on year increase. I raised this with Mr Packman through his newsletter last year concerning an increase for a specific project and looked for confirmation that this "one of" would be deducted from the following year. His answer was to point out that the model they always use is well established and that each year's toll is the baseline for the following year.
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