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  1. I was going to ask if the seats are upholstered and if you will be doing the same on the models..... and then I realised that I needn't ask! 👍
  2. Ray

    My Day

    Safe trip Griff, keep her close hauled 👍 (In my head that is an appropriate sailing metaphor 🙂)
  3. What a great spot for a new web can too, web traffic for the owner and a nice fix for those not afloat. You can become quite attached to a good diesel thrum
  4. Ray

    My Day

    As Jean said above, although it's a sad day it is a good way to say farewell and prepare to turn to life's next chapter. Wishing you and Mrs G a happy and relaxing new chapter Griff.
  5. I think that looks OK, I can now imagine the holiday lets being a nice place to stay for a Broads based holiday, especially perhaps for folk who used to boat but for one reason or another don't any more.
  6. Lovely job, the piece you 3D printed to hold the wood on the lathe (sorry, I don't know the correct name) must be pretty strong, for some reason I didn't imagine that much strength, thought it may be quite brittle!
  7. I like it there, always eat in the bar because we have our dog with us and I find it's always got a nice atmosphere, friendly, helpful staff and enjoy the food.
  8. Ray

    My Day

    You youngsters The Beatles were that other group when The Rolling Stones ruled the airwaves lol
  9. Ray

    My Day

    I had my 64th a couple of weeks back and all I could think of was that flipping Beatles song!
  10. It would be useful to see an artists impression of how the finished project may look but it seems OK on the face of it. In some ways we never want places we love to change but eventually some things have to be renewed.
  11. Ray

    My Day

    Wise words indeed, hope all goes as well as theses occasions can for you tomorrow Griff
  12. I think somehow things are getting misunderstood in this thread, perhaps I added to that. If you look at Grendel's post he confirms that PMs are private. You could for example pick one or two members who seem likely to be based in the South and PM them with something along the lines of... "I wonder if you're interested in an unofficial meet on the South sometime? My email is xxxx@yyyy.com and please let others you think maybe interested know so we can make arrangements"
  13. They are volunteers, they do all this on top of their real world responsibilities.. Just for us, the members. I never heard of too many volunteers so if you want an organised official Southern meet then volunteer to help arrange it. If you want an informal meet with forum friends old and new just tell them where you'll be and when. The one thing not to do is keep beating the team over the head about the rules they have to follow, are a lot of work, but they do anyway for the good of all.
  14. Making the parts to make the parts! 👍
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