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  1. Ray

    Boat Jumble

    It always strikes me that in the Broads area in particular there should be enough interest for 2 or 3 smaller events each year, perhaps run more on the lines of a boat boot fair perhaps. The large event at Norfolk show ground with commercial and private sellers wouldn't be adversely affected I'm sure.
  2. Ray

    Freezing Weather

    Sutton Staithe and the Boatyard marina were frozen over when I went Sunday, I'd guess they still are.
  3. Ray

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    My name is Ray and I am a boataholic! Yes I too belong to the three boats in a year club. First too small and hard to manage, second was lovely and spent a fortune on it, third is baby bear's porridge... just right!
  4. Ray

    Locks Inn

    A bit of a tangent but it's a good while since we took a boat down that way, how is access and is there much in the way of mooring? Would like to take a look later in the year.
  5. Ray

    Advice Please!

    I think I might try polishing up the brass alone at first just to see how that looks. Could end up keeping that "nicely aged and well used" look but at the same time "proudly cared for" or "shipshape" I can understand why you are asking though, it can't be undone as WN observes above. Which is why I think we are all stressing that it's your call... no pressure
  6. Ray

    Is Your Dog Spoilt?

    7 here as well
  7. Ray

    Bow Thruster Fitting

    Hmmm "pu55y button" should I be offended? No, of course not!
  8. Ray

    Bow Thruster Fitting

    One point about bow and stern thrusters that is often overlooked is accessibility. By no means in our dotage both my wife and I are subject to stiff and sometimes painful joints, being able to keep the boat against the bank takes away any need for athleticism and speed and thus is safer... especially at wild moorings which are our favourite and often involve a good jump or climb disembarking and casting off. Also of course they are brilliant at helping with tricky moorings in wind and tide... I wouldn't give up the power steering in my car either
  9. Another vote for Tim Waters, he took a lot of trouble to explain things to me as he went round.
  10. Ray

    Hi All

    Welcome, sorry to hear you had an unlucky start. Hope all is plain sailing from here on in
  11. Ray

    Window Fittings

    Spring clip pliers may do it perhaps? https://www.toolstation.com/combination-snap-ring-pliers/p34192?r=googleshopping&rr=marin&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&gclid=Cj0KCQiA1NbhBRCBARIsAKOTmUsU6qgzh_zUDwGRyk2tMHB-3YgJJGUKWB8sw6HTaGmm15jTlB9F_HEaAnA9EALw_wcB
  12. Ray

    Window Fittings

    Looks like a variety of these http://www.interscrew.co.uk In which case they appear to be called interscrews, hope this helps you track down what you need.
  13. I have a dehumidifier, so I'll certainly try that with the heater, I also like the sound of a remote greaser I haven't heard of them before. We hope/plan to use her throughout the winter so it is a job I'd prefer to get sorted as soon as I can!
  14. I'll definitely try the heater on it for a few hours as suggested, thank you. I'm not sure if the tack lifter would work without damage to the wood around the hatch but I will check if there is room to the side to use it, if there s then it looks like a good tool! Adjustable depth cut! I should have thought of that! Thank you

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