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  1. Just gorgeous! Congratulations Griff 👍
  2. Nog of Norfolk... No one will ever guess! 😁
  3. All the best Ian, they'll take good care of you 👍
  4. Scientists called for a circuit breaker in September. If our country is going to do everything late and in half measures then it will be a long hard road out of this. Although a circuit break would be another huge draw on tax payers money and commerce and employment, the cost of not acting in time will eventually overtake it. Not to mention that every time another scheme fails the public lose confidence and fail in ever increasing numbers to observe the rules. I can hardly bear to read or watch the news anymore!
  5. Ignore this - was thinking of my boat safety! Sorry about that.
  6. Also, what about Oby, I honestly have no idea who or where you contact but it often strikes me as a good location to start any cruise!
  7. With too much imagination you'll never have too much time! Very nice work, keep us updated on progress with the new model 👍
  8. Nice work indeed! Is this marquetry or parquetry.... I can never remember the difference?
  9. I think Miss Scarlet with the rope... but maybe that's what I always think! .😂😂😂
  10. Whatever the cause coastal erosion on the east coast is a fact. If "managed retreat" is the way it is dealt with then inevitably there will be an incursion. I live a short walk from the 2nd highest church tower in Norfolk... it's a handy thing to remember on stormy nights! 🙂
  11. No one has mentioned Sutton Staithe Boatyard yet. It's in the right area, has a great owner and crew and is certainly competitive. I don't know if they have any vacancies but if you speak to Rob he'll let you know.
  12. Ray

    Hardly Cross..

    They are very useful moorings, great for the dog and lovely if you get a sunset. So losing them has left me a bit miffed... but hardly cross!
  13. I once worked in Insurance Claims (not marine), you are absolutely correct MM!
  14. In fairness to Craft insure, I only posted that one panel of restrictions to highlight the solo helm clause. On the whole I am happy with the cover for the premium. All insurance is a gamble and like any gamble the odds are with the Booky!
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