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  1. https://hamptonsafaribc.org/hsbc-membership.html Boat club address above 👍
  2. Barnacle goose (aka Bill) wltm similar for waddling and squawking... maybe more! Non smoker gsoh, must enjoy water activities.
  3. Welcome, wishing you many happy times afloat 🍺
  4. Welcome 👍 The dampness sounds like condensation, a dehumidifier should help. Either the crystal type that you top up daily or if you are connected to shore power an electric one. The big advantage of an electric one is that you can run a short hose from it to a sink with some models which means you don't have to remember to empty it. Still worth checking for leaks as well of course.
  5. It can't be denied that across all sectors that level of customer care becomes more and more uncommon. But it is isn't all the fault of service providers. I generalise because I have no experience at all of Hire boat work but before I retired I did have several roles involving face to face contact with customers in various industries. Many of you will have similar experiences but for those of you who don't it is impossible to exaggerate the level of rudeness and entitlement you encounter from seemingly ordinary decent folk. Of course this doesn't describe everybody but it is widespread and utterly soul destroying for staff and businesses who go the extra mile and have it thrown in their faces. This is a bit of a rant I know, but you really have to feel the hatred of people like this when they don't get their own way. In the end service providers burn out and go for a general 'take it or leave it' attitude sadly.
  6. Welcome 👍 We looked at a Sancerre when we were buying this year and really liked it. Unfortunately this one needed a bit more work doing than we wanted to do, but it sold soon after so hopefully it will be back on the rivers soon, restored to it's former glory.
  7. I must add my praise to the others for your stunning photography! Keep 'em coming 👍
  8. Ray

    Pub Cruise

    We have discovered 2 things in our cunning plan so far. Danni settles down in pubs with carpet but won't lie down on hards floors. Secondly the staff in all the above establishments love dogs and Danni leans on them and gives them the "big brown eyes" treatment 😁
  9. Ray

    Pub Cruise

    We have been out since Monday, currently moored awaiting crossing back to the north in the morning. Had a look at my bank app and couldn't help but notice the following recent entries - The Sutton Staithe Hotel The Ferry Inn, Stokesby The Yare PH The Ferry House, Surlingham The White Horse, Chedgrave Shame we missed a day while crossing to the south... must try harder next time 🍺
  10. High praise due to Paul and this excellent Broads business (also a forum advertiser) Having a lovely cruise on the southern rivers when the wc packed up in a variety of ways all at once. Beyond my capabilities while under way with no tools. Rang Paul and he fitted us in straight away while we went to The Yare for lunch and a pint. All finished when we got back! Genuine great and friendly service 👍
  11. Ray

    St Olaves Bridge!

    I knew it! 😂
  12. Ray

    St Olaves Bridge!

    The more I read, the luckier I was! At least there were no Facebook camera reporters around... I hope!
  13. Ray

    St Olaves Bridge!

    Blimey! I certainly wouldn't call Coastguard! I would only ever consider that if there were injured crew who we couldn't get ashore by ourselves or with local assistance. That's not a criticism of the crew in this incident by the way, if you're in trouble and don't know what to do then you ask for help. Coastguard decide which resources to deploy not the caller 👍
  14. Ray

    St Olaves Bridge!

    No one knows that better than you Ian 👍 Ouch!
  15. Our last boat was a DC30, before that a Hampton Safari... I've never had to think about St Olaves bridge. Until this morning. Not much more than 2m before going under I realised we are not going under! Was going against quite a fast tide which assisted full astern and disaster was averted, just! Goes to show.. I need to guard against thinking I know what I'm doing 🙂
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