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  1. You just passed me on Barton Broad, we're on Mara :) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  2. Very good value for money! I was surprised to find the bar gone from the Maltsers, it was a long time ago I last visited but it was such a great thing I don't think I would have removed it! Mind you it was very generous of them to donate it. A living memory item in a museum... I must be getting old!
  3. Visited the museum for the first time this year during an emergency services open day. Fantastic place, looking forward to another visit Was a lovely surprise to also find the old Maltsers bar there, good memories (some slightly foggy though )
  4. Ray


    Welcome! If your boat will go under the bridge (you will have to use the pilot) there are usually moorings free the other side, a bit quieter too if staying over night but within an easy short walk of all that Wroxham has to offer.
  5. I hear you Speedtriple, I'm lucky enough to be retired now so it's not so bad for me but I've never been comfortable in heat. I love sunny days and blue skies but the hotter it gets the léss I can do.
  6. Ray

    Self Service Pump Out

    Nothing I've read so far has been encouraging to be honest I'll save my adventurous side for something a little less scary.. sky diving, potholing, mother-in-law baiting etc.
  7. Ray

    Self Service Pump Out

    I have only just discovered that such a thing exists! Sounds like something to avoid or are they simple to use with good clear instructions?
  8. Ray

    Beyond Norwich

    Great, thank you
  9. Ray

    Beyond Norwich

    I haven't gone south yet in our own boat, something I hope to rectify very soon. It's many uears since I had a hire boat and went to Norwich and I wondered where the end of navigation is? Can you continue through Norwich on the Wensum or round it on the Yare?
  10. Ray

    Bread Is Not Harmful To Water Fowl!

    The full article doesn't blame bread and does mention other possible causes so I guess the jury is still out to some extent. It's an interesting read thanks for posting it Poppy. My take I think would be that some bread is OK as long as it's not a bird's only source of nutrition.
  11. Ray

    Hello From Eddybear

    Welcome! I saw your post about the MK IV, youre in a perfect position to compare it with the MK II. Good luck with your sale
  12. Ray

    Rare Hampton Mk Iv

    Congratulations, many happy cruises ahead
  13. Ray

    Bread Is Not Harmful To Water Fowl!

    Roast the breast in breadcrumbs and serve with a sauce made from Grand Marnier

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