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  1. ranworthbreeze

    Lager But No Lime

    Hi Monica, We found the same issues in Sheffield before we came to the Broads, no Roses lime juice or an alternative in any of the supermarkets, the same was case when we shopped in Beccles and Brundall, soda water was also an issue. If you have not tried it Morrisons do a crushed lime & mint cordial which I have taken to, very refreshing with soda. Regards Alan
  2. Dear all, Emergency work to remove the shallow area immediately upstream of the south span of Breydon Bridge will be undertaken between 16:00 and 20:00 on Sunday 12 August and 17:00 and 21:00 on Monday 13 August 2018. Boats travelling from Breydon towards Great Yarmouth will be required to use the central span during this time. If you have any questions please contact Broads Control on 01603 756056, VHF Channel 12 or email broads.control@broads-authority.gov.uk. Kind regards, Tom Waterfall Digital Communications Officer 01603 756034 Follow us on Twitter Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 www.broads-authority.gov.uk
  3. Sadly there are a lot of bad drivers, far too many without any patience and a lack of common courtesy, on the bright side at least they are building some new roads in Norfolk. Regards Alan
  4. ranworthbreeze

    The New Cut Is Getting Narrower

    Gabions are used in many constructions and are ideal on dry land if constructed in stainless steel, the use of them being used as a bank retention in a waterway was a huge error in judgement, ideally both on behalf of the railways and the waterway the retention should have been built with stone or heavy duty piling. Regards Alan
  5. ranworthbreeze

    Anyone For Yoga?

    My main issue with the moorings at Whitlingham is that there is space for more mooring but there are notices saying that there is no mooring. We have only been able to moor there once in the ten years plus that we have been on the Southern Rivers unless you count it as twice when we once tried to moor on the extension pontoon with the notice fixed on the top of the pontoon. From a layman's point of view those rusty pods need a face-lift. Regards Alan
  6. ranworthbreeze


    Hello Paul, I have seen these units available for around £350 as an exchange unit and they come with a 12 months warranty. Just do a google search. We have used service kits with all the seals in the past for around £50.00 but that is only any good for a relatively working unit. Regards Alan
  7. ranworthbreeze

    New To Forum, Not The Broads!

    Hello Hrimfaxi, Welcome to the NBN Forum Regards Alan
  8. ranworthbreeze

    Ranworth Breeze Summer 2018

    Monday 30th July. Today is a day for cleaning the boat and trying to get some of our stuff back into the car; more of that later. We had breakfast and looked at a couple of crosswords before I headed into the bilges, I wanted to remove the raw water filter and wash it out. I shut off the water intake valve and removed the four bolts that hold the sight glass (it is plastic) in place, as always because it is mounted on a slight angle a little water spills into the bilges. All the daily checks done I started getting ready to wash the outside of the boat, this was of course the time that it started raining, so it was into the canopy out of the rain for a short while, not wanting to be idle I cut a strip of plastic (I had purchased from Jeckell’s) to make a new doorway tie, the door section and rear section of the canopy can be rolled up tied back on themselves with the use of these strips. A lull in the rain I started cleaning the boat on the port side removing any marks that I found. Hosed off, Tan & I moved the boat over to Southern Crusader’s berth (they had gone out yesterday) to clean the starboard side. I washed and hosed it down and Tan followed me with a microfiber cloth and when dry polished the windows. We mover the boat back onto our pontoon and polished the port windows. In the cleaning process we also washed all the fender socks so the boat was now looking **** & span. We had lunch during our rest in cleaning, using up more food we had the last of the bacon and eggs, the bacon & egg sandwich went down a treat. I put some items in the car and tided up the boot to get more in it. We had worked up so a drink of tea we settled down for a few games of Rummikub, Tan managed to win a few games back. We got bags ready to take to the showers and then went into the Yare for our last meal in there on this trip, the food was as good as ever and a couple of beers later we left to go back to the boat. I ended up only winning 5 games over Tan’s score during our visit to the Broads. We watched a DVD, had a coffee and were in bed a little after 11.00pm
  9. ranworthbreeze

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Hi Polly, The alternative is a large canopy Regards Alan
  10. ranworthbreeze

    Moblie Marine Engineer

    Hello Minifer, Are you looking for a survey before you purchase or are you looking for someone to do a BSS inspection? Regards Alan
  11. ranworthbreeze

    Microwaves And Inverters

    When go on narrow boat holidays we normally remove the microwave and save on the wasted space, it is an ideal space for storing the cereal boxes in the galley. I think that most of the boatyards suggest that you run your engine whilst operating the microwave. The fridge, and bow thruster take their toll on the battery banks, more so a bow thruster that will draw 300 to 400 amps dependent on its size All this power has to be produced by the alternators to charge those battery banks, the more electrical items used the more the draw on the power. On narrow-boats they recommend 5 hours of cruising, it would be interesting to know how many hours of cruising is recommended by the Broads operators. Regards Alan
  12. ranworthbreeze

    Ranworth Breeze Summer 2018

    Sunday 29th July. On awakening I dressed and went and sat on the upper helm seating to catch up my blog but also to watch what was happening in the slow drizzle that was coming down. Eventually everyone was up, only washes this morning, because could not get into the staithe yesterday because it was the fullest I have seen it. We chattered away during our breakfasts and were watching the weather to see if there was a lull, sadly not we rolled up the canopy door sections and took out the front screen and set off from the mooring at 10.00 am behind another boat going back down the Chet. Tan was happy to relinquish the helm, she did not fancy going down the Chet with the canopy up. We had the back sections in to fend off some of the drizzle. I was getting slightly wet so Yak put a coat over my knees, is this how it going to be in my dotage! When we go back onto the Yare we rolled own the door sections and headed back to the marina. Moored back up in our home moorings we had lunch before Lynda & Yak had to head off home. We heard from them later they had had a better journey than on the way to Brundall and knocked about an hour off their journey time. Tan & I did a little bit of cleaning in the forward section they had used and vac packed the sheet of shaped foam we use as a topper on the forward berth. We played a few games much to Tan’s regret, I was at least 5 games up on our holiday. I loaded the oven with sausage, bacon to use up our supplies so we would have less to take home. We ate and finished a crossword before we watched a DVD, there was hardly any activity in the marina, and my guess was that a number of boat owners had come down on the Friday night for the weekend, but had now gone home. Coffee and bed a little after 11.00 pm. Regards Alan & Tan
  13. ranworthbreeze

    Men's Fashion

    Maybe we should all start pushing the hair on our beards back up It would certainly cut down on the beard trims. Regards Alan
  14. ranworthbreeze

    Share Available On Ranworth Breeze

    I am happy to report that the other share we had for sale has now been sold subject to the exchange of the contracts. The new owner visited us during our allocation on the boat and was highly delighted to become a member of our syndicate. Regards Alan
  15. ranworthbreeze

    Lost A Boat!!! Or My Mind??? Oh Never Mind.

    Hello John & Val, Welcome to the NBn forum. Regards Alan

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