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  1. Sadly there are low life's in every location even the Norfolk Broads.
  2. Hello Grendel for Griff's sake I hope that is not a true to life figure Regards Alan
  3. My day yesterday was spending a few hours in the shed working on a jukebox mechanism. after lunch I gave the front door another coat of yacht varnish and worked in the front garden (so I could see the open front door) weeding some of the block paving path that goes around the front of the house. Stuart phoned he needed some wood to finish a sand box for Lucas. I dug out some wood for him and we chattered at a safe distance for a while until he went back home. Mike came back home after working in the staff canteen all day, better than manning the supermarket isle's. Alan
  4. It's not just Norfolk that is going to be reeling after this pandemic is eventually over. The country as an whole will not be the same many small and even some large companies will not survive the shut-down that may last for a few months to come. The idiots that are not following the current rules are making the situation worse and the scum of the earth steeling from nurses cars, homes and stalking NHS staff, there has been a number of NHS staff identification stolen in Sheffield. Regards Alan
  5. I agree, they of course had their own Narrow Boat for many years whilst their children were growing up. I like the Broads but my first love for boating will always be the canals. Our first holiday on a Narrow Boat ws 1974 and on and off we have been going ever since, as our crew is getting older (bearing in mind I am the youngest 69 in October), and sadly have not been four about 3 years. Sadly I doubt that we will get back on our boats before June or maybe July at the earliest. Regards Alan
  6. Billy Connolly always said a well balanced man has a drink in each hand
  7. It is now nearly two weeks since I left Norfolk and the boat. Our world has changed dramatically from being able to do as we wish to being ruled by our everyday actions. Yes the instructions given to us by the government are not clear, but as already mentioned they have been decided in haste, the press are not helping at all. The main message is to stay at home to save lives and it would appear that the sane majority are following these instructions. All the emergency services especially the nurses and doctors are putting their lives at risk for the benefit of us all, we need to help them both in support an by not making their endeavours harder. We have seen Jay's message how the Fire Brigade are helping with the situation taking extra rolls for the good of the community and volunteers like Ian who is currently at home is hopefully going to do his bit. Like many of you I am now going to work from home, after bringing most of my equipment home. My oldest son was sent home just over two weeks ago, his wife works in the lab at the Hallamshire Hospital so she has to work, my youngest son still lives with me and works in a supermarket so again has to go into work. Not seeing family or friends other than on video links; is one of the major issues to me n this lock-down, I have never used my phone so much in the last two weeks. I am starting to do a few jobs in the garden and around the house, yesterday I varnished the front door, it was yacht varnish so at least I was keeping my hand in. Whilst I was waiting it to dry a little I did some weeding in the front garden so I could keep an eye on the open door. My message to our forum members would be to stay safe, stay at home, follow instructions no matter how they change. Try and remain positive, friendly and at times bite your lip for the benefit of others. Regards Alan
  8. Tan would not allow me to use a chainsaw! After I have seen the outcome of protective work-cloths that should be worn when using a chainsaw I can understand the need for them and recommend anyone intending to use one to get all the gear. Regards Alan
  9. Hello Peter, In my mirror is still this old git looking back at me, where did all the years go to. Regards Alan
  10. I too like the program for the skills of the repairers but the presentation is the way most broadcasting companies are going these days, they dictate the flow of the program to the way they think the audience wish it to be; sadly they are wrong with directors having too much american influence. The production is standard BBC, an hours program that could be condensed down to a little over 30 minutes.
  11. Hello Gio63, Welcome to the forum. I would wait until the pandemic is over, this could be 3 or 4 months if we are lucky. Regards Alan
  12. Good afternoon Please find attached Great Yarmouth Notice to Mariners No 07 2020 Suspension of Haven Bridge openings. Kind regards. Karen Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 NOTICE TO MARINERS – No. [07 2020] PORT OF GREAT YARMOUTH Suspension of Haven Bridge openings – Covid-19 MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that we have suspended Haven Bridge openings to nonessential passage, with immediate effect. This decision has been taken in the interest of safeguarding our employees, by limiting their exposure to others and maintaining social distancing, where practically possible. Access to commercial vessel traffic for “key worker” status businesses and pilot boats, life boats and similar will be permitted, where possible. Leisure crafts will unfortunately be denied passage as they are considered non-essential. It is our plan to resume normal service when Government advice suggests it is safe to do so. On behalf of Harbour Master 02/04/2020
  13. I tend to use silver sand, it is very fine and fills the joints if dry. Regards Ala
  14. Sadly all of the syndicated owners on the Broads based boats will be effected for some months to come. Owners that have their shares for sale will have to wait until the situation is eventually over and the market has stabilised. Regards Alan
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