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  1. ranworthbreeze

    Advice Please!

    If you used some wood reviver (Colron make one) it would help clean the wood and also feed it prior to any finish you put on in the future. Regards Alan
  2. Happy New Year, I hope you had a good break and that 2019 is a great one for you, your family and loved ones. The year has got off to a gallop for the Broads Authority. We always knew we would be busy running two major projects; CANAPE our last EU funded programme and Water, Mills and Marshes, our Heritage Lottery funded Landscape Partnership Scheme. But we weren’t reckoning on an early visit in the New Year from BBC’s Countryfile Programme. Inevitably this involves a huge amount of preparatory work for our small Communications Team but the opportunity to show some of our projects to a national audience is one not to be missed. Keep an eye out for the show over the coming months. We also have structural engineers from the Netherlands with us this week looking at our mills as part of Water, Mills and Marshes. The restoration work at North Mill is complete and we are now moving on to repairing the Victorian pump house at RSPB Strumpshaw Fen. I am delighted that our partnership with Norwich City College seems to be going brilliantly. I have been busy in my role as Lead Chief Executive for the National Park family on communications, trying to get agreement from all the National Park Authorities for the establishment of a UK Communications Team to raise the profile of the Parks with the general public. I hope to have some good news by the time I write the February edition. Please see this month's Broads Briefing below: January 2019 Further progress at Hickling Broad During December, the next phase of the CANAPE project commenced with our teams pumping dredged sediment into a number of geotextile bags. The first three bags have now been filled, with the sediment taken from the channel marking the approach to Catfield Dyke. Following the Christmas break, work will now continue to layout and fill the rest of the geotextile bags. Dredged material will continue to be taken from the Catfield Channel approach (there is approximately half of this area left to dredge) and will then move to the main marked channel. We are aiming to fill eight of the nine bags before the end of this winter; the ninth bag will be left unfilled so that fish can still pass in and out of the internal lagoon whilst this remains full of water. This final bag will be filled towards the end of the project once the lagoon has been filled with sediment. Filled geotextile bags at Chara Bay Volunteering opportunities As well as having around 150 members of staff, we also have a large number of volunteers who generously give their time to help us look after, manage and promote understanding of the Broads National Park. We have just advertised for a number of new volunteers including Ranger Volunteers responsible for assisting our Ranger teams on both the land and the water, and Events Volunteers to assist us in attending our busy programme of public engagement events. If you are interested, or know of anyone else who may be interested, please visit our current volunteering opportunities for further information. Water Mills and Marshes - Broadsound The most recent of the Water, Mills and Marshes scheme's 'A Grand for a Grand Idea' projects has recently been completed - Broadsound: "Broadsound is the first in a series of podcasts taking an explorative and alternative look at the county of Norfolk. In this podcast writer and naturalist, Mark Cocker joins poet, author and UEA lecturer, Jean McNeil on the 12:36 train from Norwich to Great Yarmouth. Their conversation focuses on the broads; Norfolk's unique and alluring National Park. Punctuating their conversation are recordings of Surlingham-based duo 'The Happy Couple' and field recordings made in and around the broads." You can listen to the show on Soundcloud. New Rangers Some of you may know that Robin Allard, one of our long-serving Rangers, retired at the end of last year following 15 years service with the Authority. Robin was a great ambassador for the Broads and we wish him well in his retirement. I am particularly delighted to welcome two new additions to our Ranger team, Rich and Tobi. They have both joined the Ranger team on the Bure and Ant in full-time positions and will be stationed at Irstead. I hope you will join me in wishing them all the best in their time at the Authority and hope you will say hello if you see them out on the water. Rich and Tobi, our new Rangers Recruitment for seasonal staff Although it only just feels like we are getting into the heart of winter, we always have to be thinking ahead to the busy summer period at the Broads Authority. This is especially true when it comes to staffing and each year we have a number of invaluable seasonal staff who join us for the summer period to help us deal with the increasing numbers of visitors to the Broads National Park. We have recently advertised for a number of vacancies working within the teams at our Information Centres and Yacht Stations for the summer period. Staff in these roles hold incredibly important positions as they are the front-line of the Authority that are directly responsible for helping visitors really enjoy their time here in the Broads. If you are interested in joining us or know anyone else who would be then please direct them to our current vacancies page on the website. Anniversary celebrations In 2019 the Authority is celebrating 30 years since it was set up back in 1989. As part of the celebrations, we will be hosting a 30th anniversary event from Friday 29 March to Tuesday 2 April 2019 at The Forum in Norwich which will include a photographic exhibition titled 'Still Waters'. The exhibition will showcase the results of our successful photographic competition and the work of a number of influential photographers who have helped the Authority over the last 30 years. There will also be a special aerial video unveiling which I am particularly excited about. As always, please remember to contact me if you have any questions. If you know of anyone else who would like to receive my briefings please pass on this link. Best wishes, John Packman Chief Executive - Broads Authority
  3. ranworthbreeze

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    Hello Vaughan, To be honest most good tradesmen will always do the same. Regards Alan
  4. ranworthbreeze

    Hi Everyone, Im Looking To Purchase

    Hello Mark welcome to the forum. Regards Alan
  5. ranworthbreeze

    Syndicate Enquires

    Hi Russell, To give you an idea the Ranworth Breeze management fee in January was £700 for a two weeks share, all in no sinking fund or charges for winter service , I believe Moonlight Shadow & Lightning is around £1450 to £1500 for a 4 weeks share. Regards Alan
  6. ranworthbreeze

    Syndicate Enquires

    Or may be an up to date joke book Regards Alan
  7. ranworthbreeze

    Syndicate Enquires

    Hello Russell, As you be aware the forum has a wealth of forum members from most if not all of the boat syndicates on the Norfolk Broads. The syndicates are slightly different in the way they are managed, some are by owners committee's, others are managed by a Management Company. There are single week, 2 week allocations,or 4 week dependent on the type of syndicate. My advice would be check out all the styles of boats, look in detail at the contracts, your commitment with regards to the management fees, winter service fees or sinking fund(if applicable). If you want any advice by all means contact me. Regards Alan Alan Hood Chairman & Trustee Ranworth Breeze Boat Syndicate
  8. ranworthbreeze

    Our Broad Scott

    We often talked on the phone or by emails, being both from an electrical trade background, sadly we never met. He was always in our thoughts and we dedicated the Broadscot lounge in his memory. Regards Alan
  9. ranworthbreeze

    Never Ending Story

    We all know that good well seasoned hardwoods are hard to get and cost a fortune. I not know if it has changed but the price always used to be in cost per cubic inch. Regards Alan
  10. ranworthbreeze

    Here's To Boating!

    Hello Kezolah, Welcome to the NBN forum. Regards Alan
  11. Dear All Please find attached ABP Notice No.03 2019 regarding possible shoaling East of Harbour entrance. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 NOTICE TO MARINERS LOWESTOFT APPROACHES – POSSIBLE SHOALING EAST OF HARBOUR ENTRANCE Mariners and Port Users are advised of an area of suspected shoaling approx. 350 metres East of Lowestoft Harbour entrance, centred on approx. position 52° 28.260’N, 001° 45.700’E. This shoaling has yet to be confirmed, but may have resulted in depth reduction of between 0.5m and 1.0m. Mariners and Navigators are requested to navigate with caution when in Lowestoft Harbour approaches, using all means available to check and verify vessel position to ensure that the required under keel clearance is available.
  12. Dear All Urgent Boating News - Notice is hereby given that the Highways Authority will be undertaking a principle inspection of the ‘Breydon’ Bridge (A47 Bypass), Gt. Yarmouth using underbridge equipment. Note that vessels may be temporarily restricted and regulated in their movement in the vicinity of the bridge from Monday 21 January 18:00 hours until 06:00 hours Friday 25 January 2019. TG 51626 08030. Please ensure that the new position is taken into consideration for passage planning and when navigating in this area. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734
  13. ranworthbreeze

    New Boat From Horning

    The Fair Diplomat boat were a cheaper version of Southern Crusader without the stainless ropes between the stainless rails, the stairs and bathing platform were just the mouldered version. More than likely the engine would be 40 or 50 BHP version. We have already covered the fact that the hull and superstructure were reduced in the build to enable the boats to get under Ludham Bridge on the correct tides. I would like to see what effect the cutting down of boats height has effected the look of the inside of the boat. Regards Alan
  14. ranworthbreeze

    Abp Notice Revisions

    Dear All Please find attached ABP NTM No.01 2019 detailing NTMs in force for Lowestoft & ABP NTM No.02 2019 detailing a revision to schedule 2 of the Lowestoft Pilotage Directions & the revised document. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 ABP Lowestoft N to M No.02 2019 - Lowestoft Pilotage Direction 2017 - Revision to Schedule 2.pdf ABP Lowestoft N to M No.01 2019 - Lowestoft Notice to Mariners in Force.pdf Pilotage Directions 2017 Rev 1.pdf
  15. Dear All Urgent Boating News - Contractors will be working for the Broads Authority on the Belaugh 24 hour mooring site for approximately one week from 28 January 2019 to upgrade the timber on the mooring quay heading. Due to the small length of this facility, the mooring of vessels on the site will not be possible during this small timeframe. The canoe portage, however, will continue to remain open during this period. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734

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