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  1. Most if not all of the National Parks are in remote area's that public transport can never provide services other than piecemeal; as already stated it is the local residents that have to pay for these services or in some cases lack of them. Lets face it these quangos that run the National Parks are not interested in what the the people think; the Lake District is a prime example.
  2. Men verses women's brains Man's Brain vs Women's Brain.mp4
  3. So true Griff, sadly advice given is usually ignored no matter how much mates/customs can afford.
  4. I should be on the boat from the 30th March for a week and I usually go down the the boat at the end of February to make sure all the winter servicing and upgrades have been completed. My guess is that I may not get down again until April.#
  5. Hi Howard with that little snow its not worth a Yorkshire man changing out of their shorts and wellies
  6. Hi Griff, its been snowing here for about two hours now and the sky looks full of it, local Facebook groups are reporting the usual that happen every time we get an inch of snow; buses stuck on the hills etc. Regards Alan
  7. Sadly Ian you can not educate stupid no matter how hard you try.
  8. Usually a manual bilge pump pumps out water from a lower level than the float switch activated automatic pump can operate from. It does in our case, one manual pump, a forward and aft automatic bilge pumps. Regards Alan
  9. Being able to hug family and friends again rather than talking to them from a safe distance, being able to drive to other places other than Morrisons or Screwfix.
  10. One of Tan's workmates and a close friend was in Sheffield Northern General Hospital for well over 12 weeks after the first lockdown most of time in hospital her kidney functionality was under 10% because of COVID. One of my goddaughters felt under the weather so she had a test which proved to be positive, it effected her sense of smell and taste, now some 10 weeks later her sense of taste has not yet returned.
  11. Chris fishing at Oulton Broad Yacht Station on the outer pontoon last year was dismayed to catch an eel about three foot in length, he was not happy, after being a fishing widow for most of the week, I could not see what the fuss was.
  12. Good afternoon everyone, A quick note to say that our annual hydrographic survey is scheduled to commence on Monday 11 January for approximately 3 weeks. This is an annual survey that gathers information regarding water and sediment depth and helps us plan and prioritise our dredging programme. The survey areas this year include: The River Waveney from Stanley Carrs to Breydon Water Haddiscoe New Cut The River Bure from Horstead Mill to (and including) Wroxham Broad The River Bure from Horning Church to Stokesby South Walsham Broad During the survey
  13. Good morning all, I hope you are keeping safe and well. For your information, we have updated the COVID information pages on our website to reflect the third National Lockdown. https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/news/coronavirus-covid-19 https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/news/coronavirus-frequently-asked-questions https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/news/information-for-liveaboard-boaters Kind regards, Tom Tom Waterfall Senior Communications Officer Direct dial 01603 756034 Broads Authority Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road,
  14. Hi Tim a good result but a great pity that you were called out again late at night, lets hope the culprits get more than a ticking off, because of the DNA it may clear up other crimes and add time to their sentence. Regards Alan
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