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  1. I like my fish pie with mushy peas in the bottom of the dish and I prefer the fish to be haddock or cod that I have pre-steamed and a light covering of grated cheese on the top of the mashed potatoes. Regards Alan
  2. Congratulations Meg, looking forward to some pictures in due course. Regards Alan
  3. Hello Frank, You should be OK at the yacht station, if you need an electric hook up there is three posts towards the upper end of the moorings. As others have said drop the mud weight and tie off all of your ropes back on the boat. Dependent on your your air-draft you may have to check the tides for passage under the railway bridge, this does effect us if we can get into Norwich or not, on my last visit the tides should have been all right but arriving at the bridge there was enough clearance for our boat Ranworth Breeze, Regards Alan
  4. Hello Spray, Welcome to the forum. Regards Alan
  5. Hi Carole, Is the mooring a fixed berth? Ours was well the two different ones we had. The trouble was that the marina flooded and wellies had to be part of our boat kit just to get onto the boat. Regards Alan
  6. Hello John, I seems ages ago that we met with you and your wife at the Brooms Open day a few years ago. I wish you well with the sale of your boat, whoever buys it will have a great boat. Regards Alan
  7. Hi Jay, That looks a more modern light/tap. The old brew was not short of drinking razor blades and was a acquired taste I never could develop, almost but a long way short of bad as Carling in tins since they changed the recipe a few years ago. Regards Alan
  8. Hello Coolcat, They used to be both in Tadcaster and drew from the same water, but only one brewery could draw water off at a time. I believe one brewery has moved elsewhere. Regards Alan
  9. Hi Jay, My guess is that you have never drunk any Marksman Lager which uses to be the lager served in Sam Smiths pubs back in the day, when ever confronted with that brew it was best to drink black & tans or black velvet. Regards Alan
  10. If I had to moor at Horning, I think I would opt for the Richardson's private mooring over the wall from Boulters. Regards Alan
  11. Hi Carole, We were glad to leave Ferry Marina which we used to moor at, we have far better facilities at Brundall IMHO. Regards Alan
  12. Hello Tom, Welcome to the forum to you and your team and thank you for the notices that you send to me for posting on the forum. Regards Alan
  13. I am looking forward to the qualifying today and the race tomorrow, the rest you can keep. Regards Alan
  14. The main problems with the Spirit of Breydon are that the air draft is too high which restricts passage through Yarmouth and the draft of the boat is too large for operation at low water on Breydon so it can not help any boats that are stuck on the other sides of the posts, having to call out other services while they watch on is a wast of money and everyone's time.
  15. No sign of an advert on their site as yet offering it for sale, maybe the offer is now 40 Woodbine Regards Alan
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