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  1. Also check if the boat is registered under the Small Ships Registry under part 1 or part 3, if this is the case you will need to amend the name or even have to re-register under your name/names. Regards Alan
  2. Hello Gary, Thank you for your enquiry. The School Share for sale still has one allocation left this year and we do have a few Standard Shares for sale. The 6/7 number relates to the number of people that are licensed to be aboard during navigation, the berths are a aft double cabin with an occasional double made by dropping the table on the forward seating. at there is scope for a child or adolescent sleeping on the curved lounge seating. Regards Alan Chairman & Trustee Ranworth Breeze Boat Syndicate
  3. Hello Simon, I have already welcomed you on one of your posted topics. Regards Alan
  4. Hello Simon, Welcome to the forum. Like Broad Ambition, on Ranworth Breeze we also have a spare mud weight that we tie to one of the aft rails on the bathing platform, as Griff says you have to watch for drag but if you overnight on a Broad it beats going around in circles. Regards Alan
  5. Hi John, Lets call it a difference of opinion then, I have however been involved in the service industry working hand in hand with the brewing industry for well over 40 years, in my location there are at least 6 pubs that have been pulled down or tuned into shops or petrol stations, one of the later used to do over 20 barrels a week and was a vibrant if somewhat volatile pub. Within two miles of where I live there is at least ten affiliated clubs that have shut down. The only upturn I see in our location is even in small pubs is an increase in revenue due to having live bands. You may not like it but Wetherspoons seem to have the right model, they are always full, the beer is well kept and there is always offers on food and drink. Regards Alan
  6. These days a pub that only sells beer and not food, is doomed to failure. The food has to be good, it can be basic as long as it is what the customers want with options for other tastes. Regards Alan
  7. All of the above looks good but the sugar content would not be good for me. Regards Alan
  8. Wishing you all a good weekend at the Meet. Regards Alan
  9. We went in during our season start allocation (beginning of March) after mooring at Commissioners Cut and walking up to Thorpe. We had a couple of beers, but there was no chance of any food, the bar was being served by the cleaner, we left after a couple of regulars propped up the bar and went to get some food. Regards Alan
  10. I have just looked at the Norwich Cathedral Peregrine webcam, the additional camera that shows the the nesting box from above puts a new view on the development of the three chicks. Regards Alan
  11. Hello Paul, Have a look in the Handy Information tab, we have a distance chart and various other files. Regards Alan
  12. Dear All Urgent Boating News – The Broads Authority have been informed that Somerleyton Swing Bridge will be non-operational on Wednesday 15 May 2019 between 0800 hours and 1500 hours due to UK Power Networks carrying out works in the area. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734
  13. Hi Poppy, I doubt you will get many suggestions of where to display it, but plenty of suggestions of where to stick it Regards Alan
  14. Hi Paul, I send and receive various parcel at work, we never opt for any sales using Hernes, we pick another carrier. Regards Alan
  15. Yesterday was Tan's inquest so not a great for us, but we do have some sort of closure. Regards Alan
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