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  1. Talk about bending the truth.
  2. Hello JM, They have already moved to the new Speakers Corner section. Regards Alan
  3. My advice would be only use your phone as a phone for calls/text and never anything regarding banking/accounts or bills. Sometimes being a Luddite does have its benefits. Regards Alan
  4. I agree jamming is an issue the paper at times jams on feed in or it concertinas, when it is at the back or multiplexing it can be as Peter says a piece of paper jamming or it can be the pinch rollers.
  5. Good afternoon Network Rail have confirmed that Reedham Swing Bridge is now open. Kind regards. Karen Karen Tyrrell Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1RY Tel: 01603 756035 : karen.tyrrell@broads-authority.gov.uk Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734
  6. Good morning We have just been informed by Network Rail that, due to a mechanical fault, Reedham Swing Bridge is currently unable to open to boat traffic. Kind regards. Karen Karen Tyrrell Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1RY Tel: 01603 756035 : karen.tyrrell@broads-authority.gov.uk Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734
  7. When I operated from 1980 I could offer a 50/50 split on Pool tables (most landlords preferred a low rental) 50/50 split on video games after the Vat was paid on the cash box total, the same with bar billiards. Under the gaming act operators could only offer a rental on Fruit Machines and Pin Tables offering a 50/50 split was against the law.
  8. The site owner or the Brewery always made the profit on the machines and fruit machines had to be given priority over the other machines on site.
  9. I tend to agree with you Peter, fruit machines and pin tables come under part 3 of the Gaming Act and as such could only be supplied on rental. it is estimated that many of the big amusement operators in the mid 80's were earning less than a £1.00 per week per machine as an operating profit. It certainly has not got much better over the years. Regards Alan
  10. Debate is good, we do need varied views, but more importantly facts so our forums members can make an informed decision. Regards Alan
  11. Please keep it friendly.
  12. Hello John, I fully agree with you and yes there should be National Parks, if it was for campaigners as actions of trespass and the right to roam in early thirties we would not have any National Parks which were formed under the 1949 Nation Parks and the Countryside Act. The issues that I have with these Quango's is because they are un-elected; the public who the parks were set up for have no say in how they are managed or how Government money should be spent in that area for the people who live, work or visit the said area. I am of course a stone throw from the Peak District Nation Park and spent many years in the Lake District and of course the Norfolk & Suffolk Broads. Some are very well managed but there can be big issues with any planning in these areas for people living in these parks, we have seen poor decisions made in the Lake District and on the Broads even though it is not Fully a Nation Park. Regards Alan
  13. The situation on Windermere with the speed ban that was imposed should be a stark warning of what a Quango can do. The boating community were against the ban also the vast majority of the shops that featured banners in the shop windows. There were rallies and protests that were ignored by the powers that be, they had already decided the fate of the lake almost 20 years before the ban was imposed, they were not worried about the lose in revenue to the area at all, it is estimated that the skiing community about 4% of visitors to the lake district contributed about 20% of the total income to the area. The area was well covered by patrols on the lake and the three area's that the speed was limited to 6 mph was adhered to in the main. In the later years before the ban jet-ski were an slight issue but were policed by the boat patrols. Regards Alan
  14. For there sins both are in catering, but then I am at home in the kitchen. Regards Alan
  15. Hello Neil, Yes I will confirm that is case. I think a number of the forum members have taken Tim message too literally or maybe he made a slight mistake on his interpretation of the message. Regards Alan
  16. Hello Mouldy, From a personal point of view I can see no reason why you can not mention that you are going to be here or there and does anyone want to meet up for a informal none approved meeting of like minded people, you can PM members on the forum or contact or become friends on Messenger or use Whatshap. Regards Alan
  17. Hello D46, Sorry I do not know your name. You are a relative new member on the forum but from a personal standpoint I find many of your replies somewhat confrontational. We on the forum all have different views on topics and debate is allowed and at times encouraged to allow the forum from not being static. That said the Team do monitor all the topics so that nobody is bullied, intimidated or made to feel small for the benefit of all. Regards Alan
  18. A few of us with boats met up last season at Oulton Broad because John (hockham admiral) was staying at the Wherry Hotel for a week. It was not an organised meet it was a group of friends informally meeting for a few drinks and a meal and had nothing to do with forum. Many crews meet up over the weekends or during their holidays on the Broads or in the case of syndicates during their allocations when time is available. Regards Alan
  19. Good morning Please find attached ABP Lowestoft Local Notice to Mariners No 3 2020 – Removal and Installation of Fisherman’s Pontoon, Hamilton Dock. Kind regards. Karen. Karen Tyrrell Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1RY Tel: 01603 756035 : karen.tyrrell@broads-authority.gov.uk Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 NOTICE TO MARINERS LOWESTOFT OUTER HARBOUR – REMOVAL / INSTALLATION OF FISHERMAN’S PONTOON, HAMILTON DOCK Mariners and Port Users are advised that a new pontoon section is to be installed into the Mid Section of the Fisherman’s pontoon, located at the North side of Hamilton Dock. The existing Mid Section will be removed by boat prior to installation of the new section:- Wednesday 8th January 06:00-17:00hrs – New pontoon section to be floated from Haven Marina and towed to Hamilton Dock by V/L Flying Hart. Old pontoon section removed and new pontoon installed. Once new section is fitted the old pontoon section will be towed back to Haven Marina. Works may continue into Thursday 9th subject to progress. Vessels are requested to transit Hamilton Dock at slow speed and to not to pass close to the works area to minimise affects of vessel wash. Please contact Lowestoft Port Control, VHF Ch 14, Tel. 01502 572286, if additional information is required. Harbour Master 7th January 2020
  20. When I was young my Uncle Roy had moved from Sheffield to Scotland chasing work on the railways (he also emigrated to New Zealand again chasing work on the railways). In the years in Scotland he lived by the railways in Motherwell, Wishaw and Law. My reflections travelling to Scotland were the long journey in first the Combination (we had a two seat sidecar) and then the Ford Popular and finally the A35, we had quite a few stops so it took many hours, I well remember the Scotch Pancakes, our trips including to Loch Lomond (which was very shallow at the southern end of the loch) and going through the Trossachs. One of the homes at Law was at Station Cottages at the side of the line, looking at steam trains going pass at night was magical for me at that time of life. Regards Alan
  21. Hello Neil, I think that is a good idea but it is all down to the availability of members of the forum to attend, if I had a suitable allocation then I would certainly attend. Regards Alan
  22. We have three shares for sale on Ranworth Breeze for the start of 2020 Season. We currently have three Standard shares for sale on the Ranworth Breeze Boat Syndicate. There are 20 owners in the boat syndicate each having a 5% share that gives two weeks allocation each year. Ranworth Breeze is a 2001 Birchwood 340AC that is moored at the Tingdene Marina at Brundall. The boat is the sea going specification with a Yanmar 210bhp diesel engine, trim tabs, bow thruster, full deck safety rails and side ladders. We do however limit the boat to just the Broads now. The boat is fitted with a full canopy (new in 2010) that can be partially or fully let down for bridges or cruising. Dual controls are standard in the boat. There is an aft double cabin with en-suite toilet/wet room, lounge with seating for 6 to 7 people; forward toilet/wet room a fully fitted galley that includes inbuilt gas oven and grill, gas hob and sink, the fridge is 12 volts. The forward seating/dinette converts into another double berth. The heating is hot air diesel. Share 1. Dates are as follows:- 2020: 16/06/2020 & 03/11/2020 2021: 11/05/2021 & 29/09/2021 The share is for sale at £4100.00 Share 2. Dates are as follows:- 2020: 28/04/2020 & 15/09/2020 2021: 08/06/2021 & 26/10/2021 The share is for sale at £4100.00 Share 3. Dates are as follows:- 2020: 30/06/2020 & 17/11/2020 2021: 20/04/2021 & 07/09/2021 The Share is for sale at £4100.00 The Management Fees for 2020 have be paid by all the selling owners. The 2021 allocation dates were drawn at the 2019 AGM in November. Ranworth Breeze is now self managed by the Management Committee that is made up of five of the owners voted on at the yearly AGM. The 2012 management fee was £700 The 2013 management fee was £500 The 2014 management fee was £600 The 2015 management fee was £700 The 2016 management fee was £600 The 2017 management fee was £500 The 2018 management fee was £650 The 2019 management fee was £700 The 2020 management fee was £700 Prior to the start of the 2018 season the forward and lounge seating and the bow thruster were replaced as part of the winter service Prior to the start of the 2019 season the heating is being replace and a power windlass (for the mud weight) is being fitted as well as the on-going improvements on the boat, these include the replacement of the bathing platform rubbing strips, VHF radio, all gelcoat repairs and compound and polishing of the hull as well as the standard winter service. The boat is currently out the water undergoing its Winter Service and will be re-floated and back on its moorings for the start of the Season. Various jobs have been concluded already but the new carpets have yet to be laid prior to the season start. For more information please visit the Ranworth Breeze website or contact Alan Hood. 0114 247 0242 work 0114 265 0934 home 07768 342075 mobile alan-hood@datex.co.uk www.ranworthbreeze.co.uk Regards Alan Alan Hood Chairman & Trustee. Ranworth Breeze Boat Syndicate
  23. I am sorry but the May meet is out for me none of my allocations fall into May this year. Regards Alan
  24. Like Grendel I buy old tools, mostly cast planes and agree that the older blades when set up correctly out perform the new versions of these planes, my preference is for the Stayset blades used on some of the record planes. There is great satisfaction by planing a piece of hardwood with a well honed plane by hand rather than using an electric plane. Please see a picture of the dresser I made from scratch. Regards Alan
  25. Good morning Please find attached ABP Lowestoft Notice to Mariners No 36a 2019 – Lowestoft South Pier Head Fender Repairs. Please find attached ABP Lowestoft Notice to Mariners No 1 2020 - Lowestoft Notice to Mariners in Force. Please find attached ABP Lowestoft Notice to Mariners No 2 2020 – Lowestoft Harbour – Bathymetric Survey. Kind regards. Karen. Karen Tyrrell Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1RY Tel: 01603 756035 : karen.tyrrell@broads-authority.gov.uk Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 ABP Lowestoft N to M No.36a 2019 - Lowestoft South Pier Head Fender Repairs.pdf ABP Lowestoft N to M No.01 2020 - Lowestoft Notice to Mariners in Force.pdf ABP Lowestoft N to M No.02 2020 - Lowestoft Harbour - Bathymetric Survey.pdf
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