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    My Day

    Yesterday I spent all day at our local community centre for the dress rehearsal for our pantomime Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it is our first night this evening. Sadly today we are attending my Father in Law's funeral in Manchester.
  2. Dear All Please find attached PPGY Notice to Mariners No.02 2019 in relation to Breydon Bridge. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 NOTICE TO MARINERS No. 02– 2019 PORT OF GREAT YARMOUTH Breydon Bridge NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Breydon Bridge is currently non-operational, and unable to lift for vessel traffic. The timeframe for returning the bridge to operation is unknown at this time, however repairs are unlikely to be completed before 23/02/2019. Vessels wishing to transit under the bridge should contact the bridge direct on 01493 335536 for any advice relating to air draft clearance.
  3. We used Alan May for our last inspection on Ranworth Breeze and found him to be very helpful. Regards Alan
  4. By all accounts Brooms Fuel Station closed yesterday for at least a week for repairs. Regards Alan
  5. ranworthbreeze


    Hi Andrew, I have no experience of rats with cars, but I used to be on standby working on loan to Batchelors Foods, there were loads of rats that would climb inside trunking and eat the insulation off of the cables, we had to make temporary repairs be taping the cables until new runs of cables could be installed. Regards Alan
  6. Dear All Please find attached Notice to Mariners No. 3 of 2019 regarding navigation restriction on Oulton Broad due to powerboat racing in 2019. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 NOTICE TO MARINERS No. 03 of 2019 Navigation Restriction Oulton Broad 2019 Powerboat Racing Note that vessels may be temporarily restricted and regulated in their movement near the powerboat racing circuit at Oulton Broad during the 2019 summer season. Where necessary patrol boats will supervise transit between races. Please take note of advice given by officials. Specific dates for racing are as follows: Thursday 25 April 6.00pm Thursday 2 May 6.00pm Monday 6 May 12.00 noon* Thursday 16 May 6.00pm Thursday 23 May 6.00pm Sunday 26 May 12.00 noon Monday 27 May 12.00 noon Thursday 6 June 6.00pm Thursday 13 June 6.00pm Thursday 20 June 6.00pm Thursday 27 June 6.00pm Saturday 4 July 6.00pm Sunday 11 July 6.00pm Thursday 18 July 6.00pm Thursday 25 July 6.00pm Thursday 1 August 5.30pm Thursday 8 August 5.30pm Thursday 15 August 5.30pm Monday 26 August 4.00pm Sunday 8 September 12.00 noon* *extended course near North Bay RYA - Honda Youth RIB Challenge Note that vessels may be temporarily restricted and regulated in their movement near the Sailing Club at Oulton Broad on Thursday 23 March 2019. Please take note of advice given by officials. John Packman Chief Executive Broads Authority Yare House 62-64 Thorpe Road Norwich, NR1 1RY 12 February 2019
  7. Dear All Please find attached Notice to Mariners No. 2 of 2019 regarding works to Mutford Lock road bridge. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 BROADS AUTHORITY NOTICE TO MARINERS No. 02 of 2019 Works to Mutford Lock Road Bridge Notice is hereby given that major maintenance works to Mutford Lock road bridge are being undertaken by Suffolk Highways from Monday 11 until Friday 22 March 2019. The road bridge will not be able to be raised for the duration the works. Clearance for vessels using the Mutford Lock will be restricted to 2.4m at mean high water and 4.2m at mean low water springs. Mutford Lock will be opening on normal winter hours between 8am-12pm during this time. For further details contact Oulton Broad Yacht Station on 01502 574946. James Prime Suffolk County Council Phoenix House 3 Goddard Road Ipswich, IP1 5NP 12 February 2019
  8. ranworthbreeze

    Cleaning Up The Lego

    Hi Peter, Yes Bayco was the one with the steel rods that fitted into the bases. Bricks, doors and windows all slid between the rods, I liked the pre formed roofs. Regards Alan
  9. ranworthbreeze

    Yippee! Booked Our Broads Holiday For June/july!

    Before I became self employed back in the day it was always a bonus if the wage packet was available before we went home on Thursday afternoons, of course back then we were paid £1.23 per hour and that was in 1976. Regards Alan
  10. ranworthbreeze

    Hiring First Time

    Hello Red welcome to the forum. Regards Alan
  11. ranworthbreeze

    Private Boat Hire Request

    Hello Terri & Danny, Welcome to the forum. Regards Alan
  12. ranworthbreeze

    Hi Everyone!

    Hello Dave, Welcome to the forum Regards Alan
  13. I am on Ranworth Breeze from Saturday 2nd March until Tuesday 12th March, I am already showing potential new owners around the boat on Sunday 10th March. If you are interested in visiting the boat during this period please contact me. You may have seen our latest adverts on the shares available but if you require this latest information just let me know. Regards Alan Alan Hood Chairman & Trustee Ranworth Breeze Boat Syndicate 0114 247 0242 (work) 0114 265 0934 (home evenings & weekends) 07768 342075 (mobile)
  14. We have three shares for sale on Ranworth Breeze for the start of 2019 Season. We currently have three Standard shares for sale on the Ranworth Breeze Boat Syndicate. There are 20 owners in the boat syndicate each having a 5% share that gives two weeks allocation each year. Ranworth Breeze is a 2001 Birchwood 340AC that is moored at the Tingdene Marina at Brundall. The boat is the sea going specification with a Yanmar 210bhp diesel engine, trim tabs, bow thruster, full deck safety rails and side ladders. We do however limit the boat to just the Broads now. The boat is fitted with a full canopy (new in 2010) that can be partially or fully let down for bridges or cruising. Dual controls are standard in the boat. There is an aft double cabin with en-suite toilet/wet room, lounge with seating for 6 to 7 people; forward toilet/wet room a fully fitted galley that includes inbuilt gas oven and grill, gas hob and sink, the fridge is 12 volts. The forward seating/dinette converts into another double berth. The heating is hot air diesel. Share 1. Dates are as follows:- 2019: 23/04/2019 & 10/09/2019 2020: 16/06/2020 & 03/11/2020 The share is for sale at £4100.00 Share 2. Dates are as follows:- 2019: 26/032019 & 03/09/2019 2020: 30/06/2020 & 17/11/2020 The share is for sale at £4100.00 Share 3, Dates are as follows:- 2019: 25/06/2019 & 12/11/2019 2020: 14/04/2020 & 01/09/2020 The Share is for sale at £4100.00 The Management Fees for 2019 have be paid by the selling owners. The 2020 allocation dates were drawn at the 2018 AGM in November. Ranworth Breeze is now self managed by the Management Committee that is made up of five of the owners voted on at the yearly AGM. The 2012 management fee was £700 The 2013 management fee was £500 The 2014 management fee was £600 The 2015 management fee was £700 The 2016 management fee was £600 The 2017 management fee was £500 The 2018 management fee was £650 The 2019 management fee was £700 Prior to the start of the 2018 season the forward and lounge seating and the bow thruster were replaced as part of the winter service Prior to the start of the 2019 season the heating is being replace and a power windlass (for the mud weight) is being fitted as well as the on-going improvements on the boat, these include the replacement of the bathing platform rubbing strips, VHF radio, all gelcoat repairs and compound and polishing of the hull as well as the standard winter service For more information please visit the Ranworth Breeze website or contact Alan Hood. 0114 247 0242 work 0114 265 0934 home 07768 342075 mobile alan-hood@datex.co.uk http://www.ranworthbreeze.co.uk/ Regards Alan Alan Hood Chairman & Trustee. Ranworth Breeze Boat Syndicate
  15. ranworthbreeze

    Well Done Norwich Market

    Hi Paul I fully agree with some of the reasons you list. Town Councils have a lot to answer for with town planning and in many cases not wanting cars into their towns or cities, car parking in many towns is expensive. The level of the rents for covered markets stalls are also a reason for their demise. Some cities and towns have it right, Bury and the covered market in Oxford spring to mind. Regards Alan
  16. ranworthbreeze

    Broads Boating For Beginners

    If you click on the tab Handy Information and then click on the First-Timers Guide section there are various links to documentation and videos. Regards Alan
  17. ranworthbreeze

    Places To Moor

    Hello Andy, Welcome to the forum, all the above suggestions are good it is up to you to decide if you want to moor outside a pub or just at the side of the river or on a broad, there are riverside 24 hour moorings outside Wroxham Broad, you can moor at Salhouse Broad but on the river and in the broad you will be charged for mooring. Mooring at Horning can be an issue even in September so as suggested booking a mooring at the New Inn is a good option. Regards Alan
  18. ranworthbreeze

    Well Done Norwich Market

    I am at an age that I remember Black Jacks & Fruit Salad were four for an old penny. Regards Alan
  19. ranworthbreeze

    Well Done Norwich Market

    I usually buy cod loin but at a normal price of £16.00 per kilo I tend to wait for reduced offers and then freeze the fish after cutting into portions, the same goes for salmon. Regards Alan
  20. ranworthbreeze

    Broads Boating For Beginners

    Hi eddybear, Richardsons still have a few instruction videos that you can look at on their site, I would suggest that all new hirers or new boat owners check these out prior to going on the river. Regards Alan
  21. ranworthbreeze

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Mike, Welcome to the NBN forum. Regards Alan
  22. ranworthbreeze

    Wednesday Week

    I remember the conversion from 405 to 625 lines, a man came around to change the old TV, if memory serves me correctly you had to book an appointment because the engineers were changing loads all over in our area. BB2 started on 21st April 1964 and started the colour service on 1st July 1967. Regards Alan
  23. ranworthbreeze

    Waterproofing A Canopy

    Hi Carole, I usually get ours from Brian Ward's but I am not sure if they do any in black. Regards Alan
  24. ranworthbreeze

    Waterproofing A Canopy

    We also use Fabsil. We clean the canvas first and inspect for any repairs, and then apply the Fabsil whilst the canvas is still damp. Use waxed chord/cotton to avoid leaks. If you have any pick-nick tables in your marina these come in handy for applying the proofing to the zipped out sections. Try and pick a dry day if you can to allow the canopy to dry out after applying. Treat any leeks in seams/zips with canvas wax (the sticks come in a couple of shades). We need to do ours ideally before the season start but it is all down to the weather. Regards Alan
  25. ranworthbreeze

    Historically Broads - Griffin Family

    Maybe in an other 5 years if he is lucky, I had to wait until I was 62 in south Yorkshire and it getting longer to wait each year. Regards Alan

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