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  1. As Charlie Brown once said : Good Grief
  2. Thanks Oldgregg, sorry for late acknowledgement . You are absolutely correct, further enquiries tell me Nelson hulls were indeed contracted out to various boat builders.
  3. More advice and comments please. The deck tread on my boat is looking tired, my intention is to paint with marine deck paint. I have looked at many who all state " for use on GRP, Wood & Steel " but deck tread is none of these, I think probably some kind of rubber construction ? would this accept painting is my question ?
  4. You have been looking at something you don't like and don't need ? when you sober up , look at something you do like and need.............simples
  5. Iain was a level headed Gentleman, a cool, calm and collected moderator, an example to us all in how public forums should conduct themselves. I never knew him but spoke with him several times. sadly missed.
  6. Just googled it , yes I can from Premier Marine Paints. Comes in several colours. Thanks to all.
  7. I have slapped on yards and yards of boot topping in my time in the RN but didn’t know it came in any other colour than black , can I get BT in white ?
  8. I have a white painted line just above the waterline. It has become chalky and flaky in parts, badly discoloured as you can see from the photos. Any advice on how to repair & repaint and with what paint ? Any help, advice or comments appreciated as always. Thanks
  9. Absolutely agree with OBB, accessibility, particularly with mooring for the crew, it is of paramount importance that your crew ( usually the wife, complete with bad knees, trick hip and arthritis) can step ashore with lines. Now on our fourth boat on the Broads, I think we have finally found the boat that suits our needs.... watch this space.
  10. On the Yare this morning, cruising mid river at 3.7knots, on a bend in the river just after the Ferry House, hidden in 6 foot of foliage / reeds dressed in his camouflage jacket I was yelled at by an irate fisherman, I can only think I broke his line, a line so fine the fish can not see it, but he expects me to see it from distance in drizzling rain. As a fisherman myself I always try and give shore side anglers a wide berth but if you insist on making yourself invisible to river traffic then you have to expect you will lose your rig. If the angry fisherman is reading this, sorry, hope your day improved.
  11. Can anyone tell me the difference between a Seaward boat and a Nelson boat , are they the same company, do Seaward make Nelsons or visa versa ? Any info greatly appreciated.
  12. As a Junior Seaman in 1967 joining my first ship in the Far East, I was given this advice by my sea dad. During ‘ruffers’ take a tea spoon full of honey, will that stop the seasickness ? I asked, no , but it will taste just as good when it comes back up he said.
  13. DM. The water pressure has always been weak. Unfortunately I am not down on the boat until next month and I have no idea what type of pump it is. I will take you up on your kind offer of help and send you a photo with details asap. Thank you
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