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  1. Agree with Cal its wash not speed. My boat was a sea boat not at all suited to the Broads, I was constantly being told to slow down usually by moored craft, had to bite my tongue on more than one occasion whilst shifting in and out of gear at 3 knots ! I do feel that some of the complaining moored boaters would be more suited to caravanning though. Enjoyed the Broads, now on the coast.
  2. I think people who have had the jab by now are largely responsible people who are taking all this seriously and will continue with precautions. I could agree with you if the vaccination program had been in reverse order, if 18 - 30 year old party going ravers had been vaccinated I could see complacency there. I am sure, given time to assess, the vaccine will show a reduction in transmission as well as serious illness and deaths.
  3. I spent the last seven years at Cove, David is a gentleman who worked very hard to please everyone. The marina has all facilities and he hired a crane every year to lift out for winter those requiring it. He had a constant maintenance program of quay headings, landscaping and facilities etc, a great deal of Davids daily work was physically demanding. He told me last year this was his plan that's when I gave notice on my berth in the Marina, I do not think an individual would try and fill Davids boots, I think the buyer will already have a considerable foothold in Brundall and Cove as an affordable friendly place will be no more. I don't know if David reads this forum but if he does, good on yer mate, enjoy the sunshine in Crete.
  4. After ten years and three boats I think its time to move on. I could never tire of the Broads but I could certainly tire of the A47/A17 ! does anyone have any opinions/recommendations for cruising the Great Ouse ? marinas ? are the locks manned ? and are there many locks ? moorings ? etc etc. Any opinions/advice appreciated.
  5. Flippant comments always welcome . I am assuming you have read Dr Lees article ? It adds balance to the doom and gloom we read everyday, I believe life's for living and intend to do so ( whilst socially distancing ) I also understand there are people who are terrified by what they have been told and my sympathy is with them. But to lock yourself down in your lead lined bunker until this all goes away is asking for mental health problems, anxiety, depression...... Stay safe
  6. I heard Dr John Lee on BBC Radio 2 yesterday. His argument to me was pretty convincing and has me wondering , is the cure for this worse than the infection ?
  7. Waving on the river is somewhat the norm ?
  8. The problem is, they don't usually know they are in trouble and few would ask for help in my experience.
  9. In this case apparently the wind was the problem as it usually is when manoeuvring a boat, and as we know blustery wind can catch out the most experienced of helmsmen. as a boat owner I recently made a 400 mile round trip to my boat to decide the conditions were too windy to take the boat out, confirmed when I saw a 40 ft hire boat out of control coming sideways down the river ! The problem is, I could return the following week or whenever I choose, the hirer has a week or so , an annual event, so rightly but mistakenly will take the boat out in any conditions. It should be an unwritten law that boaters help anyone in distress on the rivers, hirers or otherwise.
  10. Just like to echo what FBH said about Formica, it requires great skill and knowhow to cut this stuff, it easily shatters leaving razor sharp edges. Very difficult to work with, I speak from experience, thought I was up to the job, I wasn't. 3 stitches and an empty wallet.
  11. Unless your names Popeye and you've had your spinach , ' throwing' a mud weight is not an option !
  12. As JM has said, a very safe small Broad. Unfortunately over the last few years the weed has developed, couple this with shallow areas, a hovercraft would be more suitable these days. It is however, a beautiful place to mud weight overnight, peaceful, scenic and the fishing is decent. Enjoy.
  13. By the tone of this post it sounds like this would never happen to you, you are obviously far too knowledgeable and experienced to get into this situation. But think for a minute, these people could have been inexperienced, frightened and running out of day light. They probably phoned the emergency services who in turn called the coastguard. They did the right thing in my opinion.
  14. Have to say Im not a fan of the place, but I do have sympathies for the guy. I saw last season two large hire boats moored on his moorings that he has spent thousands on , plugged into his electric cooking and enjoying their own food and drink at his expense. He does encourage private boats of the Brundall Navy type whose owners do not have problem with his extortionate prices.
  15. I absolutely agree, it is a lot of money. I was trying to make it more acceptable by breaking it down I am sure you will enjoy. Have a great holiday.
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