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  1. I don't think that not being able to see a hydrogen flame is a big deal. Our modern Worcester Bosch heating boiler has a blue LED which glows when the boiler is heating water. The actual combustion process is buried in the guts of the unit.
  2. Diesel vs petrol is an interesting one. By shifting away from diesel, we are hopefully reducing the number of local air pollution problems but adding more to global CO2. Apart from the posturing of politicians and environmentalists, I have to wonder how much the world really cares about this stuff. The house builders are now building more and more housing estates close to motorways and major roads and we are all buying more and more cheap cr*p from China which in terms of CO2 is the world's biggest polluter and has no intention of ceasing it's relentless burning of coal until 2060, by which time coal will have run out or we will all be dead.
  3. Yes, no chance of seeing glow-worms at this time of year. We see them round our moorings in the high Summer months, looking like little green LED lights in the grass. Actually the lady glow-worm putting on her "open for business" sign. I wonder about some of these nature organisations, having had a discussion with a highly qualified young man at the Hoveton Great Broad nature trail. I told him that we regularly see kingfishers out on the river and even on Salhouse broad from time to time. He told me that there are no kingfishers in the area because the banks aren't high enough above the water to allow them to make nests. Someone in that conversation wasn't right, and it wasn't me.
  4. I think most people in the travel and hospitality businesses are desperately trying to claw back as much cash as possible to cover the earnings they lost due to Covid. Coupled with this, there are staff shortages in many areas, which means that, in order to fill vacancies, businesses need to pay staff more, the cost of which is incorporated into future prices.
  5. Sorry to hear about your aborted flight Griff. As people have said, lousy customer service. The only upsides that come to mind are i) you will get another "go" in due course and ii) the fuel pump malfunction didn't occur during your bucket list flight, which might have made the experience a little too exciting.
  6. Thanks Pauline, for a delightful taste of what it must have been like to holiday on a pleasure wherry in days gone by. It was great to catch up with you and the family on the Saturday evening. The weather behaved itself too, which is always a bonus. Pleased to hear that you are keeping the Whimp.
  7. We had a superstructure cover made by Jeckells four years ago. They provided a wealth of experience and advice in the design phase and the finished product is very good too. The whole process from quote to final delivery took around 6 months but the end result was well worth the wait.
  8. The rangers seem to be having a purge on numbers at the moment. I was quizzed on Saturday at Ranworth by one who couldn't see my stern number. In fact it is fairly close to the waterline and impossible to see when the boat is moored stern-on, which it was. I think he went away shaking his head.
  9. We tend to do the slow cooking at home, freeze the meals (chilli, casserole, curry, ragu or whatever) and bring them to the boat frozen. They take a day or two to thaw out or can be kept frozen longer in the ice compartment of our fridge. Then it is only a matter of warming up the meal and cooking any accompaniments on the boat.
  10. Delight XI is a beautiful boat, sadly being sold due to the owner's untimely passing earlier this year. She is immaculate and I doubt if she will hang about long at the price being asked.
  11. Rest assured John, you are among friends on here. I don't think that anyone who has had the slightest acquaintance with you would believe anything that this loser has been saying. My advice would be to just ignore him, and I am sure that anybody who knows you would do the same.
  12. SteveO

    Which Pub?

    No idea where this was from but the menu looks more than a tad pretentious. Interesting to see the use of "exotic" ingredients like kangaroo, shark's fin and "real" corn on the cob. Also surprising is that the ham and chicken Maryland cost more than the fillet steak.
  13. Someone published what purported to be the wage rates paid by Eddie Stobart on FB recently, which came out at around £10 per hour. If this is correct, I am not surprised that there is a shortage of HGV drivers.
  14. We had a good turnout this evening and the eventual winner was Tigerhawk, with NikO in second place and Bern and Santed in joint 3rd.
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