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  1. Our 42nd wedding anniversary today. We were planning to go out for a meal this evening, but that is clearly now out of the question, so we had to improvise with a lunch of steak, chips and salad cooked at home, followed by ice cream with home-made raspberry coulis – delicious. The home-made cards that we exchanged this morning were much more meaningful than the usual £3 worth of cardboard cr*p from the People's Republic, purchased from Sainsbury's. We plan to take our customary social distanced walk round the village this afternoon and then will get back to the garden. Around 15 years ago, I foolishly followed radio gardener Bob Flowerdew's advice to cover spare ground with old carpet as a weed-suppressing mulch. This has since been covered with a lxuriant growth of ivy, brambles and nettles that have grown over and through it, making it the very devil to remove. Anyone with ideas of how to dispose of 400 sq ft of dirty old carpet pieces? Still, slow and steady wins the war, so I will press on.
  2. I'd heard it was medium-rare sweet n sour pangolin.
  3. Wait until you are 66 and the young folk start talking down to you as though you are senile.
  4. Have spent the last few days gardening to good effect. Today I gave up my shorts in favour of trousers and wore a jumper over my T shirt, but it was warm enough out of the wind. As things cool down, I will move to indoor jobs - I have a batch of beer to transfer to bulk storage and a friend has given me a sourdough starter culture, which I intend to use for a batch of posh bread. When those possibilities are exhausted I may go for a bit of creative play with my lathe. Not missing the broads much - honest!
  5. More so than if you were wearing one of the wife's stockings on your head.
  6. Missed this morning's session but will try to get in this evening.
  7. We opened a tin of Spam the other day, which was just as good/bad as it would have been in its prime. Some of the manufacturer's shelf lifes are a swiz. Especially for dry and canned goods. Best to trust your eyes and nose and use common sense on these.
  8. Going back to cracked windscreens, I read just now that the Government has announced a 6 month amnesty on MOTs. Grendel might want to check this out: https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/big-new-change-mot-rules-17975662
  9. Everyone left just as I went in, so I came out again
  10. That's why he's called Basil. Boom Boom!
  11. Always up for a quiz. Nik and I are in.
  12. The bloke at the pub who sold it to me said it was a long-legged Irish Corgi. He answers to the name of Basil. He loves sunbathing in the garden but he's bloody useless at walkies.
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