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  1. SteveO


    We had the merest sprinkling. Not even enough to send the entire Southeast of England out panic buying.
  2. After a tense tie-break, Bern was the winner of this evening's quiz and will be next week's QM. Congratulations!
  3. Due Course has arrived! The topics for our quiz on Friday 15th January are 1. Threes 2. Food and Drink 3. Hidden Broads Break for liquid libations 4. Acronyms 5. Birds of the Broads 6. Pot-Pourri All welcome. Proceedings will start at 8.30pm - ish in the chat-room Enter user name - no password required https://www.nbnplus.co.uk/chat
  4. I was chatting to my sister in Halifax this morning and it was snowing heavily up there. I was quite envious. Anything would be better than almost endless grey skies and rain we have had for the last couple of weeks.
  5. I reckon that if you are in the business of restoring wooden boats, all the metal fixtures and fittings, engine and marinising parts could not be bought for that money. With JM's £75 for bundles of kindling on top, that makes it a bargain
  6. I won the quiz this evening, probably 'cos Sam didn't join. Topics for next Friday's quiz will be announced in due course.
  7. Smoked eel with a dab of horseradish sauce on the side. Braised eel, Japanese style. Two of the finest foods I know. Don't hold with trapping and eating elvers though. The eel's life-cycle is complex enough without humans eating baby eels by the million.
  8. Brasso and elbow-grease or a cotton polishing wheel with a stick of fine polishing compound. Once you have it shiny, be prepared to repeat the polishing process again and again and again.
  9. Not sure I agree 100%. If canal boats had been present in the early days, the broads would have evolved quite differently to what we have today. Towpaths, wharves rather than staithes, Maybe a different type of boat would have evolved to meet the challenges imposed by e.g. Breydon, but still compatible with the canals. Maybe other navigations would have been cut to avoid Breydon. The broads are only what they are because they are cut off from the rest of the system. It is all speculation but we love what we've got only because it is what we are used to.
  10. Just as well we now have a full lockdown. I was getting tired of smug locals posting photos of them cruising deserted rivers that I am not allowed onto.
  11. I believe that our enterprising friends the Victorians had a scheme to link the River Waveney to the Little Ouse. Now that would have been something.
  12. Games have been essential for maintaining morale this winter. Cribbage is my favourite card game, we also have a Dutch shuffleboard set, which lives on the dining room table from Christmas until we get fed up with it. Our favourite family game is Telestrations- a drawing game which is a bit like Chinese whispers. Anyone can play who can hold a pencil and the youngsters interpretations of the target that has to be drawn are often hilarious.
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