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  1. Green with purple lid - recyclable bottles, cans, plastic containers. Green with green lid - Landfill waste. Green with brown lid - garden waste. Black tote bin - paper and cardboard. Small green bin with "lockable" lid - food waste. What really annoys me is that when we go to different parts of the country to visit relatives or house-sit, everywhere seems to have different rules about what can be recycled, what can go together and what needs to be segregated.
  2. Local variation. This was the St Anselms version.
  3. A sol-, a sol-, a soldier I will be Two pis-, two pis-, two pistols on my knee For cu-, for cu-, for curiosity We fight for the old count-, fight for the old count-, Fight for the old country!
  4. The boy stood on the burning deck, Eating a twopenny Walls, The wrapper flew up his trouser leg, And paralysed his nether regions.
  5. Hmmm. Famous Tims. The only one that comes to mind is Tim Nice-But-Dim off Harry Enfield. Isn't Roald Dahl that Indian lentil soup? I'll get my coat now.
  6. I looked in at just after 9pm and you'd all gone to bed. Lightweights!
  7. Our son-in-law had a combi system but, when the boiler died, he replaced it with a conventional condensing boiler and a very large hot water tank. This, sadly, has taken some of the pleasure out of my visits as I no longer hear his shrieks and curses when he is showering and I inadvertently open a tap
  8. Fortunately we didn't go with the Combi boiler, just a condensing one, so our existing controls were deemed to be acceptable.
  9. Interesting how marginal some of the so-called improvements are. Nothing more than a fig leaf in some cases.
  10. We replaced our 26 year old Ideal Standard just before Christmas with a shiny new Worcester Bosch appliance. Initial indications are that it uses around 10% less gas than the old one, so it will be a while before it repays my £2000 investment. I wonder if a new thermostat is in order?
  11. I have seen Yeomans sail on there and they have 3 ft keels so would have thought that you would be OK. Wouldn't go too close to the margins though.
  12. I'd better make room for a cage full of carrier pigeons on the roof of the boat if we are not to be allowed mobile phones. Frankly if you don't want to bring your phone onto the broads, then don't but don't try to ram your "virtue" down my throat. I bet the locals are really cheered as the struggle with connectivity, to read tosh like some of this.
  13. After a tight contest, last night's winner was Nigel on 11 points, with NikO and Mike in joint 2nd place on 10 and Tigerhawk in 3rd on 9 points. Congratulations all! Special congratulations to Nigel, who will be our QM next week
  14. Just in case anyone missed it, I will be in the chair this evening. Topics will be: Norfolk "n" good Hidden underground The car's the star Half-time break for T's P's and alcoholic libations Linkwords Pop lyrics Warmed up leftovers All welcome on Friday starting at 8.30-ish To join, log in at: http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ Enter your username but do not enter a password.
  15. Looking out of my "office" window, we seem to have a bit of a sea fret going on. Nevertheless, I can see the snowdrops, tete a tete daffodils, helibores , cyclamen and pulmonaria in full bloom and loads of flowering bulbs pushing through with potential for flowers to come.
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