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  1. It is not possible for humans, omnivores that we are, to live healthily exclusively on a vegan diet. We need vitamin B12, which comes exclusively from animal sources and we cannot synthesise it in the body. Of course they will tell you about "nutritional yeast" and similar supplements which contain B12, but all these derive ultimately from animals. Looking at a dog's teeth, they are obviously designed to eat meat. I think it is cruel for a pet owner to impose their own dietary fads on a dumb animal which has no choice in the matter. If you want to be a vegan, get a hamster.
  2. Just been to Latham's, where C*****mad is in full swing. Place is piled high with C*****mad stock, so can hardly find anything normal to buy.
  3. Very sad but SA were the better team, Situation made worse by having to endure having the BBC's multicultural liberalism rammed down my throat at every opportunity both pre and post-match.
  4. Yet another triumph of money over good taste.
  5. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, so it wasn't waste from a boat moored at Horning Staithe. Lucky the bin police didn't feel the owner's collar.
  6. As Bern said, I will be running a quiz on Friday commencing 8.30 ish pm. The format is simple. 18 General Knowledge questions followed by a break for exchange of fluids followed by a further 18 questions - all dredged from my tattered ragbag of a brain. This is purely for entertainment. You will be able to compete secure in the knowledge that, if you win, you won't need to set the following week's quiz. LOG IN AT http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ Enter your username, but no need for a password. All welcome. Hope you can join us.
  7. Wow, 20 GB in 4 days. You must be streaming a lot of video. I use less than that in a year.
  8. Great account and photos. Thanks Peter!
  9. We have an unlocked Huawei "mifi" router which I bought from Amazon for around £40. I buy prepaid data SIMs which use the Three network and which come with 3GB data and last for up to 3 months for around £12 a pop. We also have a plug-in signal booster, which allows me to get reception in poor signal areas. If you buy a portable router, make sure you get one with a socket for the booster. Prepaid SIMs are very convenient - you can top them up when the data runs out or just pop in another SIM which, paradoxically, works out cheaper. Being unlocked, you can use a SIM for the network of your choice. You can check signal coverage at your intended destination via the service provider's website. The only one I ever had problems with was a Vodafone SIM, which required me to go into the router via the Admin login and change confiiguration settings. I also found Vodafone very difficult to deal with, so gave up in the end. Just a word of caution. If you plan to use a laptop with a mi-fi device, make sure you set the wifi connection to "metered" otherwise you can rapidly blow your entire data allowance in minutes if Microsoft decides that you need a background download.
  10. I got myself fairly badly dehydrated a few years ago whilst sightseeing in Washington DC on a cold December day. You tend to associate water loss with sweating and heat, but you can also use a huge amount of water through the nose and mouth in very cold weather. Fortunately Nik spotted what was happening - I was out of it by that time - and plied me with water and soft drinks.
  11. Another day - well a weekend really, spent with my brother and sister and our partners. We lost our dad almost 2 years ago and our mother back in August. Our mission was to start the gargantuan task of clearing out the family home, where we were brought up and where our parents lived from 1967 up to their demise. To say that it was a difficult task is an understatement. The sheer amount of "stuff" they had accumulated over their lifetimes had to be seen to be believed and it was squirrelled away everywhere. Going through their personal effects was quite an emotional business and we all felt. at times, as though we were erasing/dismantling the lives of two of the people who had meant the most to us. However, we consoled ourselves that we still had our memories of them, and that these were more important than mere possessions. After four trips to the dump and another four to the charity shop, we had finally broken the back of the task in hand. On Sunday, we discussed the scattering of mum and dad's ashes. Dad had previously made a few suggestions for a suitable location - somewhere on the Broads, which he loved or from the top of Helvellyn - he always had a good sense of humour! In the end, we agreed that it would be appropriate to lay them to rest by the "Thinking Stone" - a large slab of millstone grit at the western extremity of their village, which overlooks the upper Shibden valley, with panoramic views over Calderdale, where my dad was born and spent most of his life. There was no time like the present, and it had stopped raining so we carried their urns to the location and scattered their ashes together in this beautiful location in a simple but moving act of respect. Lightened, we headed back to the house and prepared to go our separate ways. My brother to S, Wales, me and Nik to Kent, leaving our sister in Yorkshire. A weekend of emotional "highs" and "lows" and a lot of hard work, but it was great to reconnect with family.
  12. We should be able to join from up t' north. Fingers crossed that my Portable WiFi thingy will work.
  13. Got up this morning and made Mrs O a bacon butty for breakfast in Windmill Lady's not very palatial galley. I was surprised by a beautifully marked bengal cat, which was sitting on the port side deck, peering in through the galley window. He waited patiently there for several minutes and was rewarded by a few bacon scraps. He seemed to be quite at home on the boat, which I know many cats are not, All too soon, he was off on his way, having brightened the start of my day.
  14. Sorry we missed it. We were contesting the Sene Valley Golf Club quiz with friends. 10 gruelling rounds of 10 questions. We narrowly managed to avoid winning by 1 point.
  15. Clever piece of kit, Add a couple of strategically placed rotating brushes and you could get your bottom scrubbed as it goes. Sadly, I think there would be a long queue of worthy folks who would do anything to avoid lot more smelly diesel-powered boats scaring the birds and generally spoiling the peace and serenity of Hickling broad and Horsey Mere. Still, we can dream,
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