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  1. The Narbonne McDonalds sounds like a poor example. When we travelled in France with the kids, we frequently breakfasted at McD's. You could get the McMuffins which were much like the ones you get here and a "petit dejuner sale sucre, which was much like the UK's "Big Breakfast". The main attraction for us at the time was cost, where the 15 Euro that the hotels wanted for a croissant, a coffee, butter and jam was out of our budget when multiplied x 4 and McD's came in at around half this price.
  2. I don't mind a McDonalds breakfast at all but tend to forego the hash brown nowadays for health reasons. Their coffee is very good and represents brilliant value. As far as burgers are concerned my favourite is Burger King. My absolute favourite "fast food" of all is KFC but, sadly, all of these are very rare treats nowadays.
  3. Not a poltergeist, but a very strange experience . It was a warm Summer evening around 8pm. We had the conservatory door open. I was pottering in the study and Nik was in the kitchen, having just returned from visiting her mother who was seriously ill in hospital. Nik exclaimed "Oh my God" having glanced into the conservatory and seen a large rook that was sitting on the back of a chair in the corner; the chair that Nik's Mum always sat in when she visited. I went into the room with the idea of encouraging it to leave, but it was not for moving. After a 2 minute stand-off it hopped onto the
  4. SteveO


    Hake used to be much more widely available here until the fish wholesalers discovered that they could get more £ for it when selling to our European cousins. Back in the 1980's our works cafeteria used to do hake in batter and also hake fillet in lemon butter sauce - both excellent. Last time I had it was in the New Inn of all places where they served it grilled on a bed of lightly curried lentils, with crispy shredded onion fried bhaji style on top. A beautiful dish but sadly it was a special and never repeated.
  5. SteveO


    Not a lot of people know that Perch is very good to eat as long as it is not draggged out of a muddy-bottomed river. It is in the same family as the Bass and Baramundi - the latter is one of the finest tasting fish I have ever eaten,
  6. SteveO


    I love almost all fish and in all forms from sashimi to deep fried in batter, but I do think it is a pity that our less expensive and often more sustainable fish are not promoted and more readily available. A freshly caught pollack is as good as cod or haddock any day. Dabs are wonderful dredged in flour and shallow fried whole in butter, herrings in oatmeal are a delight, barbequed mackerel straight from the sea with orange zest and garlic and, of course, barbecued sardines. Sadly, even though we live on the SE coast the once excellent high street fishmongers have been put out of business by
  7. I am already well on the way with the grand clear-out. Our loft now only contains Christmas decorations and a few old toys which will go to the kids, if they want them, or charity. I cleared 25 years worth of rubbish from the garage last week and now have only stuff that will move with me. As Addicted said, very cathartic process, especially for a lifetime hoarder like me.
  8. That was my first old work site Nigel. The second one already has a massive Sainsburys sitting on it.
  9. We are on our 5th and, I thought, final house until our local authority decided to turn the area from picturesque villages to urban sprawl. We do need to move but our experience last time - 25 years ago - was horrendous with breaking chains and idiot "buyers" who kept us on the hook until we found a place we liked, incurred expense and then pulled out the rug. Norfolk is not on the table for reasons that I have explained elsewhere. Yorkshire, where I hail from , is too cold and wet and much of the area I am from has already been spoiled and so the plan seems to be to move near one of ou
  10. You should think about joining a walking group, Grendel. They tend to go out at weekends or summer evenings and you get to know a great variety or walks. The social side can be motivating on days when you don't feel like going out.
  11. The days should be added to people's holiday allowances to be used at the individual's discretion. I just think it is crazy that people all turn out on the same day for a bank holiday weekend. The weather is often rubbish, the transport system can't cope, there is nowhere to park when you get there and the pubs are heaving. What's the point?
  12. If I try this, I usually get to the junction of the dyke from our moorings to the River Bure before I drift off.
  13. Another early 20th century practice that should be ditched in my view, along with bank holidays (no banks any more), the daily commute and the fixed toll season for boats. As things stand, I leave around half my clocks - the ones "embedded" in phones, and other electrical equipment - permanently on BST as it is too much trouble to keep changing them. I was under the impression that the EU was looking to do away with clock adjustments some time soon. Perhaps we should do the same.
  14. The winner of this evening's quiz after a tense and very funny tie-break was Jayfire, who will be next week's QM. Congratulations!
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