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  1. Topics for Friday's quiz are as follows: Festivals of Britain Drinks around the world Cryptic Towns Half-time break Link Words Great Britons General Ignorance Proceedings will start at 8.30ish in the chat room To join, go to : https://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ log in with your username. No password needed. Hope you can join. Cheers Steve
  2. Has anyone made a fish pie with a pastry crust? Just asking for a friend.
  3. If you are in Horning, the Staithe n Willow does an excellent takeaway service. Their fish and chips, which we sampled the other week, are some of the best I have ever tasted.
  4. Time was, when we saw a boat aground on Breydon we laughed, took a photo and waited for the tide to refloat them. Now we call out a very expensive helicopter and winch the crew off. Presumably then we wait for the tide to refloat the boat in question, hoping that someone had the presence of mind to chuck out a mudweight, accommodate and entertain the crew until the boat refloats and then ferry them back to their boat, assuming it didn't somehow sink as the tide was coming in. What has changed? Who pays for this nonsense? Who is looking at boat design and construction to make sure that hireboa
  5. Congratulations Griff. As father of 2 daughters, be careful what you wish for vis a vis granddaughters. I am still filling in cracks round doors due to too much slamming when they didn't get their own way, and the last one left home 15 years ago. Love em both dearly though
  6. The winner last night was Bern, with Nigel in second place and Nigel in 3rd. Congratulations to Bern who will be QM for our next quiz.
  7. I somehow got the most points from Bern's excellent quiz, so will be in the chair tomorrow evening with one of my own. Hope to see as many of you as possible at 8.30-ish on Friday 18th September. Topics are: Cryptic places Food and drink Wierd science Half time break Broadland boatyards Double mayhem To join, go to : https://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ log in with your username. No password needed.
  8. We were sailing my little dinghy on Black Horse Broad last week when a large male swan came alongside the boat. We were marveling at the impressive sight of this creature from water-level, when the blighter started pecking my leg. I think it was after bread, but I didn't have any with me so had to put up with this for about 5 minutes until it got bored and paddled away. I would have sailed away from it but there wasn't much wind and it could easily swim as fast as I could sail.
  9. I was the unfortunate owner of 2 Austin Maxis and, whilst I loved the ride and flexible load carrying ability of the car, the engines and gearboxes were absolute rubbish. You couldn't go anywhere without a spare gallon can of engine oil in the boot, you had to change down 2 gears at a time because it took so long and, if the exhausts lasted more than 3 years, it was by accident. Total cr*p. No wonder the British motor industry died.
  10. I see the tea but where are the tench?
  11. Btw, if you set your Internet connection to "Metered" in Windows control panel, you will be asked whether or not you want to download the updates. I learned this when I got stuck with a £29 bill because I had tethered my laptop to my mobile just as Microsoft has decided to foist a large update on me.
  12. When my last Windows laptop was in its final throes of death by Windows bloat ware, I partitioned my hard drive and installed Linux Mint. It was a very positive experience and I was still able to access documents, photos etc on the Windows part of the drive via the Linux file manager. When that machine finally died, I bought a Windows 10 machine and will do the same again, which will push it on for another couple of years.
  13. There are so many ways to consume TV content these days that to require a licence to watch the BBC is an outdated relic from the days when the BBC was the only show in town and TV was a cutting edge luxury. Either the Government should be honest and call it a TV tax - probably not popular in the present climate of impending tax rises, or the BBC should become a subscription -based service on the lines of Sky or Netflix. This would give three main benefits i) it would make the BBC commercially accountable and ii) it would allow those who don't like or can't afford the BBC to watch TV but not ta
  14. I had a couple of perch on a Mepps pattern spinner in Salhouse broad a couple of weeks ago. Not big fish but good sport. Just make sure you use barbless trebles, for the sake of the fish.
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