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  1. We are away next Friday celebrating out latest grandson's 1st birthday. Bern has kindly agreed to step into the breach and do next week's quiz. The only downside is that we will miss one of Bern's quizzes and they are very good.
  2. Windmill Lady with Steve and Nik. Saturday only please.
  3. Hats off to the folks who are prepared to invest in the future of this area whilst preserving at least some of the local amenities.
  4. There was one particular programme that got my goat - Find it, Fix it, Flog it, which featured an awful woman who's favourite line was to screech "Let's paint it purple" in a whiney Liverpool accent. She devalued many a worthy antique with her nasty paint jobs and "creative" (not really) ideas. I would much prefer to see the folks on Repair Shop restoring old stuff in a sympathetic way, often using the same crafts, techniques, tools and materials that our forefathers perfected. I don't care what is involved, whether it be clocks, furniture, toys, leather stuff or even old teddy bears. It all makes for fantastic TV. I just wonder why some of the "cherished heirlooms" have been allowed to get into the parlous state in which they are presented for repair, if they really mean something to the people involved.
  5. From what I have seen of the business and these programmes, they seem to oscillate between fantasy economics and downright exploitation. A 1970's chair with a single purple leg does nothing for me, but I do have a healthy respect for craftspersonship. I can't see the cost of hiring a man and van and a big shed and getting your wife to do a bunch of internet research to concoct a provenance costing very much, particularly if a TV company is also paying you, presumably handsomly. I am not a scrap dealer or a craftsman so I don't "know the business" but I do know business and understand costings, so I reserve my right to have a say on this without you trying to close me down.
  6. On a couple of the episodes I watched, the establishments were selling off their heritage to pay bills, so deseperately needed cash. They were also totally commercially naive as to the value of what they were selling. A win-win for the likes of Pritchard.
  7. And no-one is forcing me to watch it either - so I don't.
  8. This is very true, you never know what you are watching on so-called "reality" TV. I love The Repair Shop for the craftsmanship and I like The Restorers, except where Pritchard makes his malign appearance. It is a pity we have lost so many skills. I was struggling to find someone to clean and repair a grandmother clock a few years ago and, although I eventually found someone to do the job, he was on the verge of retirement. Not sure I'd find someone so easily now,
  9. I detest Drew Pritchard. I find him so annoying that I can no longer watch what would otherwise be an interesting programme. When you see him conning schools and religious establishments out of their treasures, pretending he is being fair with the price he offers, then you see him back at base, talking up the provenance and selling stuff for many multiples of what he paid for them, you see the man for the jumped up little prat he is.
  10. SteveO

    New Year

    Happy New year to all. Looking forward to a great boating year in 2020. May your GRP stay intact and shiny, your wooden bits biodegrade as slowly as possible and your keel bolts stay tight!
  11. My wristwarch says Tuesday but my body thinks Friday for some illogical reason. Still I managed to send in my tax return today so feeling pretty good about myself, especially as they owe me nearly £500. That will help towards next year's tolls. Dunno why I'm so grateful. It's my money they have been hanging on to for the past year.
  12. Sign of a damned good chippy. Closed on Mondays as a good chippy should be.
  13. It takes all sorts, I suppose. I hate soggy chips, much preferring them to be crispy on the outside and soft/fluffy in the middle. In the good old days of having a chip pan, you cooked the chips until almost there over a medium heat and then removed the basket, cranked up the heat and, once the oil/dripping was very hot, plunged the basket back in until the chips were golden brown. Having decommissioned my chip pan on the grounds that it was too much trouble, I either have oven chips, (not a patch on the real thing, but any port in a storm) or get them from the chippy. What kills chips from the chip shop is wrapping them in paper, which traps steam and makes them soggy and unpleasant. I always insist on not having them wrapped and eat them as soon as I am out of the shop. My favourite outlets are the Chip Inn at Long Stratton, the Kingfisher at Walcott and the Chip Shop at Bacton. The last 2 have the benefit that you get a sea view while you are munching. A good chippy will have two fryers for the chips set to around 160 and 180 Deg C. Sadly a lot now use part-cooked chips and only have one fryer set at the higher temperature.
  14. Reminds me of a joke I heard. Q: How do you spot a vegan in a room full of people? A: You won't need to, they will be sure to tell you.
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