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  1. Saw a news article this week, litter of blonde puppies but one had a green tint, not sure if it was real or a spoof artical tbh.
  2. Hi, Agree with Carole, every machine that Jim has is designed to cause pain and torture. No pain, No gain indeed pfft!
  3. Hiya bud, beware of Jim, every Jim seems to want to hurt me. No pain, no gain and all that!
  4. Sorry to tell you old chap that people and their expectations coupled with a changing of attitudes towards others if things don`t suit them has lead to a far more aggressive world since Aitken Clarks time.
  5. Can you remember what the back log of cases were? I don`t recall if the details were mentioned but it might of been during my snooze time out.
  6. PS. The matter of stuck boats under bridges and dredging was briefly mentioned, there is a party looking into this and at present the view is that the model shows that going deeper alone would make little difference.
  7. Regarding the ranger preparing paperwork for outstanding cases, this wasn`t his only job and the 35 cases is the current back log. At other times he would be out of the office on the waters and if we want people caught and taken to court for offences then the paperwork has to be correct to the last dot or cases fall apart in courts. As said the impact of the other new rangers would be reviewed after two years and allow the waters to be covered for longer hours which I thought was what people wanted. Looking in, the 7.4% increase proposed would cover what was claimed to be the shortfall an
  8. Missed the first 30 minutes or so and listening in took me back to council meetings of old and ashamed to say I dozed off for a short while. Mentioned increasing seasonable ranger numbers by 3 @ £19k each and increasing hours as reports of speeding happening early evenings. Fourth ranger @£35k to be office based preparing paperwork on around 35 untolled boats etc where it takes around 35hrs per case to dot i`s and cross t`s. No reduction on tolls for hire boats this year as bookings made strong recoveries, same on private boats. Computer system for online tolls etc was started i
  9. Perhaps MM can moor alongside that long canal boat (if it`s still there that is).
  10. Without doubt you know far more than I on 12 & 24v systems however the very mention of fuses and wires makes me jumpy if people think it might sort their problem at home, this is from somebody who once found a pub robbing electricity via a 4" nail. I now apologise and withdraw from this thread.
  11. annv, sorry bud but dangerous to mention replacing a fuse with wire on a public open forum. In the worst case wires can overheat and start a fire.
  12. I prefer seperate units, easier to fault find and cheaper to replace even if more costly at the outset.
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