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  1. Thanks, somebody asking on a land based forum so wondered if I had missed something.
  2. New Inn at Rockland St Marys closed due to circumstances beyond control, have I missed something?
  3. A couple - 2 A few - 2- 5 Several - a lot !
  4. You know you sound like a neighbourhood watch person going too far don`t you. I know of a few still hoping for a deal. Can`t see it happening tbh and there is a lenghtly thread from months back on this.
  5. Some people pay good money for a rub down with lotion yet you run away!
  6. Update; As said it is a straight forward bottle swop from one type of gas to another so many thanks to those that replied your input was much appreicated as always.
  7. I believe they owned it for 11yrs, didn`t know it wasn`t a hire boat at sometime though. Better and better me thinks regarding engine hours usage.
  8. Take a look at our friends with the long, thin metal boats, some have spent a fortune getting the upmost out of what is available with full electric and hybrid systems.
  9. I don`t play the game as those that do know, however could the clue be in the picture above the sign in No.2 rather than the sign.
  10. Call them, they might be happy to know that te airdraft figure is missing from two spec lists of their boats.
  11. Not sure tbh, my gas man saw the thread and the replies and contacted me to say he was unaware of the easy swop mentioned and would ask Calor. I`ll contact you if needed and/or post the result for others to see. Thanks.
  12. What do the Beagle brothers say? Perhaps it is hand wash only and you hanging upside down outside to air dry might help. If all fails consult with the manufacture. I take it that it had the CE kite mark.
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