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  1. See there has been an increase in domestic disturbances reported.
  2. Beat me to it. Sundays used to be a busy day in A&E due to diyers and sport injuries.
  3. To add too you couldn`t make it up ...................... Setting fire to mobie phone masts in Birmingham because 5g spreads the virus. And a lady in a foreign country (don`t know where but think dark clothing and black shawl) saying it is safe in churches with many other people because you can`t get it in a holy place.
  4. Some players and at least one manager has given €1m or high amounts to causes lately others have funded schools etc in their home countries for years plus some clubs involve players in more local activities after training. Just saying.
  5. Do you apply with a brush then let it air dry or do you rinse it off then air dry?
  6. Please spare a thought for all those unable to work from home and those that will "Fall through the cracks" of the goverment scheme because they recently changed jobs therefore are unable to receive any help.
  7. Back in the day there were companies that could chrome anything plastic for custom cars & bikes with fantasic results, wonder if any are still going?
  8. This is going to be messy! Are you on a water meter?
  9. Have it on good authority that the plastic dial covers are bonded in.
  10. Only one way to find out - Ask them.
  11. Don`t know if Chillout solutions have a Hi-ab but they move boats.
  12. Goverment guidelines update 29th March say`s as long as a couple of things are agreed you could do this job. Nobody in the house must be showing signs or self isolating and the 2m distance is observed.
  13. Haven`t most of the recent virus`s started the same way?
  14. No touching the dancers! So I`m told, wouldn`t know anything about you understand.
  15. Right now I`m stuffed all ways up my with work and social life however for my nephew who sells software and all that jazz for employee`s to work from home life in the main couldn`t be better. Doesn`t have to wear suit and tie (well only the top half when doing conference calls via laptop), no travelling costs, no large bar bills from being out with his drinking buddies and smashing his sales target by 200%. Downside includes cost of tea/coffee at home and having a mother who took to bed self isolating last week having a little bell she rings demanding a cuppa!
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