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  1. I was going to hold off untill the new year but as you are talking fridges I have one in storage. It was working fine when I brought the boat and doesn`t look very old at all, I just wanted a bigger one. From memory it is a compressor 12/24v Waeco, think it is 52L but could be bigger, I can check serial number/ model plate tomorrow. Was hoping for around 50% of cost of new as it really is clean and I will guarantee it or money back for a forum member. PM a number if you want to take a look and I`m around Brundall this weekend. Also have a tidy smev oven with burners above.
  2. Here is another Get Out Of Jail Free gizmo that has worked for me. https://easibleed.co.uk/pages/about-us
  3. Not sure if this link might help in any way or not but I use their products from time to time for work and find them handy. http://aladdin-products.co.uk/products/autovents/
  4. 4th post in from the start of the thread is the photo I had in mind. If you have time insert life jacket in the search box, top of page, righthand corner.
  5. Can`t advise on what and where but will advise on using the adjustable straps including the crotch strap to ensure it it is a snug fit. There is a video/ photos posted recently showing what happens if the jacket is too loose when you fall in.
  6. Think it is the Diamond where I can`t stand upright with the top closed. How tall are you MM?
  7. The bigger the boat the higher the toll and mooring fees are and finding suitable moorings for a 42ft boat can be harder than a 37ft boat, that said most of the 42ft craft mentioned have been for sale for awhile so you might get a good deal. Finding a good solid bathtub takes time but they are out there, bit like finding a good surveyor imho but that`s a different subject.
  8. Micro fleece inner sleeping blanket, not expensive, takes up little space in the car and will keep you snug - Promise! Come in single and double size and I haven`t tried it but if you buy two the same I see no reason why you can`t zip two together to make a bigger based on mine.
  9. One of our sponsors sells batteries and gives members a discount.
  10. Seem to have a better chance to get a gong early if the sport is Tennis or to with horses. Andy Murrey springs to mind.
  11. Wasn`t what I meant at all. Anyway I don`t follow your logic when you can agree to a post before about a yard being geared up for it then rip me.
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