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  1. I`m a newbie having brought my first and hopefully last boat this year, being +60 one thing I would say is consider how easy is the boat for getting on and off but as you`ve been boating for many years I guess you already know that.
  2. Guess you could take a few photos and list it yourself on various Boat For Sale sites, there is also ebay, preloved and faceache sales (if you are a member) or put it in the hands of a broker who takes a cut of the final sale amount, that said put in the For Sale sub forum here and see if you get a response then donate an amount to the forum upkeep fund.
  3. That depends on the height of the drone above the property I believe.
  4. Don`t have enough experiance of the waters to comment however covering 15-20k a year on roads for 15yrs does. Courtesy to fellow road users is dying.
  5. C`mon now don`t be a tease what make and model is it?
  6. Welcome along one and all.
  7. Yes, in marinas a lot are finger floating whatyercallem thingys so a wide beam counts as two.
  8. A wide beam canal boat pays twice the amount of a narrow boat on canal marinas.
  9. Find the mouse sanders with different attachments handy for getting in nooks and corners. Downside is that they cost more though.
  10. I think you've missed a bit!
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