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  1. If I`ve understood that graphic correctly might it be because some are showing 6 or even 4 out of 12 rounds completed so far.
  2. Dont forget the wind that came with the rain.
  3. This had me in stiches, so funny.
  4. Realised the fan and ducting over distance as soon as I hit Submit. Didnt know the glow drew much, makes sense though.
  5. Good point however would expect that draw to be pretty low much like a fan on a computer or am I wide of the mark.
  6. What draws the power then Andy once the burner is fired up?
  7. Use a spoon instead of a knife then!
  8. Judging by a post in Car Talk today I know of one member who would do that Jeff.
  9. Same as anywhere else I would guess.
  10. That might depend on the make & model of the thruster though.
  11. It would appear that we have a misunderstanding of my own making.
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