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  1. You can have Mourinho and his entire coaching staff now.
  2. There is an artical on solar power in one of the canal boat forums written by an installer who also sells kits to diy people.
  3. If true and I don`t doubt it then, every day is a skool day eh. Chin up, it is a nice day rather than being stuck waiting whilst it is raining.
  4. Most likely have drain off taps for this reason.
  5. Have West Ham ever been a big six club in the last twenty years and you are currently having your best season for a decade and you want to change the manager. Who would you like or more importantly who might take the job.
  6. Stop thinking the worse and think simple cure, a head gasket or timing chain is unlikely based on what you say. Guess you could check battery connections are all tight for a start while you wait and a look in the engine bay for a clear plastic fuel filter with any signs of having a fuel/ water mix in it and don`t feel guilt about the mooring.
  7. The use of an ! can change the intended tone of a message.
  8. Once had a neighbour put a message through my letterbox informing me that in their opinion my grass was too long, it wasn`t an overgrown mess or anything but I was working 60hr weeks at the time and he was retired so his was immaculate.
  9. A 13" fold then Not saying it would work but worth trying to save a large bag?
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