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  1. Had 60 stolen items on his boat! https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/crime/man-stole-from-boats-during-easter-lockdown-6919546
  2. Nothing worse for me than going to a customer and finding their water pump has died then after telling them which pump to buy you return to find a cheap rubbish item there waiting to be installed all because their mate said it would do the same job!
  3. Bucket won`t tell the angle of the pipe. Too little or too much makes a difference.
  4. Clinometer, in basic terms a spirit level which saves me time arguing with builders and plumbers why their water doesn`t flow uphill.
  5. It is my understanding that if you run the engine for an hour at slightly above idle tickover the alternator will recharge the battery.
  6. Whilst I don`t believe everything on main stream media I believe even less from the local papers.
  7. Did they know what was coming.
  8. Nice drift by the bus driver!
  9. Did you read it? Anyway, I disagree and think it raises valid points re workers and conditions they are working in.
  10. And coming out of every purse to pay for it.
  11. There has been two or three oil leaks of late. One resulted in numerous EA vehicles coming together in Brundall marina a few weeks back. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment-agency-find-oil-source-river-yare-6898358
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