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  1. Well, if I owned the cottage I might warn any renters before they booked.
  2. I had one of those once, bright orange it was and each section was around 4 1/2ft long, but stupidly I gave it away.
  3. That look like the pro version with wide rungs for comfort, sure there are cheaper & lighter versions for the diyer.
  4. Think I would prefer bolted or welded rather than clamped tbh, too easy for a peg to slide the centre pole.
  5. I know that it will need modifications such as mounting brackets however what about a telescopic ladder with added weigths in the bottom 2 rungs and a quick release knotted rope up top?
  6. If they are stuck together then rather than prise apart slide one off the other sideways.
  7. WD40 is for Water Displacement, it is oil based product and it was the 40th attempt at finding the correct chemicals mix. Silicone lubricant is just that, a lubricant that doesn`t wash away easily whilst the 3in1 is another oil based product with a small amount of penetration chemical mixed in. The problem is the silicone stuff costs more and WD40 is a household name.
  8. Not WD40. Silicone lubricant can be brought as a spray or in a tube. Screwfix amongst others sell it.
  9. I`m thinking the Engineer gods took revenge after the recent slagging off expressed!
  10. Rip-off merchants is for another thread and has nothing to do with my words.
  11. I haven`t been around long enough but have the costs of moorings ever dropped during other times of trouble or taking that one step on have the tolls ever been reduced ?
  12. That works for all trades, you`re not bothered if you don`t get the job and if you do then you feel better about doing it at that price.
  13. Did the BMC 1.5 & 1.8 share the same block?
  14. In the words of probably the best song written by The Fixx To me you're upside down and inside out!
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