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  1. Holy moly, glad I'm not the one doing the grouting!
  2. Try The Long and winding road instead Ray
  3. It is all to do with the IP rating (amount of damp/ water protection) of the appliance and zone areas in bathrooms.
  4. Was also good to put faces to names guy`s and the boat looked dirtier in the flesh than the photo shows.
  5. There was an aft cockpit Bounty 37 conversion
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7834365/Lake-District-National-Park-boss-says-destinations-rugged-landscape-excludes-people.html
  7. Guess the system has changed, used to have problems getting through to customers giving my ETA to attend to their plumbing problems.
  8. Thanks Griff and I reckon your R&D deserves more than one sole pint. (subject to testing and a happy conclusion to the problem you understand.) Can you enlighten me on this "certain sausage of sound proofing" you speak of? Would it be grey foam pipe insulation as found on household pipes to prevent freezing?
  9. Never heard of it! Always willing to learn so will go and take a look however my engineering background makes me wary of wrapping it so I`ll run it up for awhile first to see if the pump becomes warmer over time, that said all ideas are welcome so thanks.
  10. Just seen a youtube video on this and at the part where he presses the pump against the wooden side panel it makes the same noise as mine does so I guess the rubber anti-vibration mount that came in the kit isn`t up to the job. Thanks to all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxalU1klYoE
  11. @Cockatoo Mine is a lot louder than yours shown in the video (thanks for that). Thinking that I`ll change the pump and if it makes no difference then at the very least I have a spare. Anybody have a link to purchase a pump on it`s own? There seems to be different views on the mounting of the pump with some saying 30 degrees angle and others saying vertical which doesn`t help either. Thanks to all that replied.
  12. Thanks JA, interesting and worth investigation.
  13. Anybody find the fuel pump is noisy considering it is on rubber mounts. It is fitted in the engine bay with the cabin on the other side of the bulkhead and I couldn`t sleep with it pumping away if I wanted too. So my question is are they all this noisy and has anybody swopped one for a different one? It is fitted horizontally not at 30 degrees as the instructions say but it works and I can`t see changing it would effect the noise.
  14. I too felt the pain when my dog reached that time in her life where it was cruel to be kind time, cruel on me but kind on her and I am sure that Macie didn`t regret one day of sharing in your life mate. This weekend I am driving 250 odd miles to see a dog who is not expected to see the new year, he is a 17.5yrs old grumpy git Corgi called Toby or often refered to as Mr T and he is very special to me. Unlike others here I would advise against rushing out and getting a puppy instead I would urge you to consider a rescue dog as many of them are there not of their own making.
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