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  1. SOB is still showing as for sale according to the poster in the sales office.
  2. I was going to hold off untill the new year but as you are talking fridges I have one in storage. It was working fine when I brought the boat and doesn`t look very old at all, I just wanted a bigger one. From memory it is a compressor 12/24v Waeco, think it is 52L but could be bigger, I can check serial number/ model plate tomorrow. Was hoping for around 50% of cost of new as it really is clean and I will guarantee it or money back for a forum member. PM a number if you want to take a look and I`m around Brundall this weekend. Also have a tidy smev oven with burners above.
  3. Here is another Get Out Of Jail Free gizmo that has worked for me. https://easibleed.co.uk/pages/about-us
  4. Not sure if this link might help in any way or not but I use their products from time to time for work and find them handy. http://aladdin-products.co.uk/products/autovents/
  5. 4th post in from the start of the thread is the photo I had in mind. If you have time insert life jacket in the search box, top of page, righthand corner.
  6. Can`t advise on what and where but will advise on using the adjustable straps including the crotch strap to ensure it it is a snug fit. There is a video/ photos posted recently showing what happens if the jacket is too loose when you fall in.
  7. Think it is the Diamond where I can`t stand upright with the top closed. How tall are you MM?
  8. The bigger the boat the higher the toll and mooring fees are and finding suitable moorings for a 42ft boat can be harder than a 37ft boat, that said most of the 42ft craft mentioned have been for sale for awhile so you might get a good deal. Finding a good solid bathtub takes time but they are out there, bit like finding a good surveyor imho but that`s a different subject.
  9. Micro fleece inner sleeping blanket, not expensive, takes up little space in the car and will keep you snug - Promise! Come in single and double size and I haven`t tried it but if you buy two the same I see no reason why you can`t zip two together to make a bigger based on mine.
  10. One of our sponsors sells batteries and gives members a discount.
  11. Seem to have a better chance to get a gong early if the sport is Tennis or to with horses. Andy Murrey springs to mind.
  12. Wasn`t what I meant at all. Anyway I don`t follow your logic when you can agree to a post before about a yard being geared up for it then rip me.
  13. If you consider the fact that they did the whole hire fleet thing with manic turnaround days, maintenance & breakdowns, fuel and pump outs for some years is it actually worth it for one boat. If they are happy as they are now turning out quality workmanship new builds & grp repairs & re-fits plus doing proper full servicing and solving electric faults work and having weekends off then is it not a case of Been there, Done that & Got the Tee shirt?
  14. ................. and lay the bricks.
  15. Don`t follow your thought there, plenty of sports people have been given honours before retiring.
  16. Wanted to like click Haha icon but thanks for making me proper like laugh out loud this wet and grey Saturday morning like, no wot I mean.
  17. Going by the replies it would seem that nobody has ovens by Calor or Montpellier which is a shame as the latter has a very good customer service system. They replied to my email question within 24hrs and gave me a list of their lpg ovens plus their prices are lower than most but I know nothing of the build quality as I can`t find one to go and see. Leaning towards the Belling at the moment with the Smev second choice. Thanks to all that responded.
  18. Agree there really is a limited selection of twin cavity lpg ovens where the grill is also lpg powered. Found a Belling B1702 yesterday but it is +£600 but then the Smev with combined oven/ grill is £400 - 500 so .....................
  19. Wise man once told me "If you have nothing nice to say then best to say nothing".
  20. Thanks JA and have checked out the bubble tester you mentioned. Being competent v qualified comes up a lot on domestic gas forums as one would expect. One thread comes to mind where an senior engineer on a nuclear submarine threw the toys out of the pram when he didn`t get the answer he wanted.
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