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  1. Semi retired here, same line of work but can pick which jobs and when.
  2. Had a quick look at all months then saved the link Thanks
  3. Oh dear. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2019/07/18/cricket-is-not-sport-russia-says-a66468
  4. Congratulations, "peered at the engine" made me
  5. Not sure I want to read a thread concerning bowel movements in a 3 week period myself!
  6. If he is in a council flat as said earlier maybe they did.
  7. All in all that was pretty quick wasn`t it?
  8. Might want to pop back and fill up, website currently saying from 99p a litre.
  9. Vettel needs to take a good look at himself in the mirror and change his ways or retire.
  10. Looking good JA ! Guessing the sky blue is shadow, it looks wonky lol
  11. Fairly new here myself but from what I`ve gleamed Yes & Yes
  12. 1960 Hillman Minx was just under 5ft 1" wide 2017 BMW 5 series saloon was just under 6ft 6" Just saying.
  13. Sorry that sounds so rude put like that and I can`t edit it now Mods please feel free to delete
  14. With a thread title as such I feel I was lead here under false pretences!
  15. Believe the standard for size of parking spaces was drawn up around 1960 and hasn`t changed since. I drive a medium to large sized van so always park away from the masses where I can in a supermarket carpark yet still people park next to me when there are other spaces.
  16. Having seen the posts last night before they were hidden might a solution be to leave the post as it is but remove the attached quote? I believe it was along the lines of lowering ones self to their standard.
  17. The ones who park slap bang in the middle of TWO normal parking bays make me smirk.
  18. Thanks for that MM, nothing to do with moving the men/pieces in open play then as I feared might be the case. Sometimes I can be a little reckless here and receive the odd funny look.
  19. "Plays like a right prat", please say more as I love the game but didn`t know there was a right & wrong way to play.
  20. Green light in push button panel may just be indicating that there is power to it. Sort of Green to go light.
  21. What he said ^ Only seems a few weeks since the interview.
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