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  1. Having gone back to re read I see that an expansion tank is required - my error.
  2. As a pump man keeping everything smooth really does help the internals of the pump plus that on/off/on/off really grates on my nerves after awhile.
  3. Looks like mine shown here which will be under furniture eventually. I can check pressure when I am back there tomorrow if it helps. The pump is hidden under the Red pipe.
  4. Just under 1bar (0.9). Put it this way, if it was a kitchen tap then you could stop it with a finger under the tap.
  5. I`m afraid it is one or the other not both so it would be the higher 15% discount.
  6. Think I would go for around 20- 22 litres, takes around 30-45 minutes to re heat.
  7. https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/14557-installing-a-bubble-tester/ https://narrowboatworld.com/10753-do-i-need-a-bubble-tester Easy enough if you have the room.
  8. https://www.peachment.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Calorifiers.pdf You may find this of use. Recently fitted a Sigmar marine water heater on mine which is 316 grade s/s, I trusted a boat builder of 30yrs to decide or I`d be flipping a coin. Re bugs and cracks comments, the hot water will kill bugs and s/s is stronger than copper. If using a vertical tank (household type) then make sure it is sitting on a wooden plinth which allows air circulation underneath as this stops the bases degrading.
  9. I`m thinking someone was asking a week or so back, anyway NYA has 3 ex hire boats for sale.
  10. When I was involved in R&D work for a pump manufacture we had to use different bearings if the pump shaft was vertical.
  11. £1k a week and open air car parking at extra charge Somebody needs to proof read the whole thing, it is worse than the BBC for repeats.
  12. SOB is still showing as for sale according to the poster in the sales office.
  13. I was going to hold off untill the new year but as you are talking fridges I have one in storage. It was working fine when I brought the boat and doesn`t look very old at all, I just wanted a bigger one. From memory it is a compressor 12/24v Waeco, think it is 52L but could be bigger, I can check serial number/ model plate tomorrow. Was hoping for around 50% of cost of new as it really is clean and I will guarantee it or money back for a forum member. PM a number if you want to take a look and I`m around Brundall this weekend. Also have a tidy smev oven with burners above.
  14. Here is another Get Out Of Jail Free gizmo that has worked for me. https://easibleed.co.uk/pages/about-us
  15. Not sure if this link might help in any way or not but I use their products from time to time for work and find them handy. http://aladdin-products.co.uk/products/autovents/
  16. 4th post in from the start of the thread is the photo I had in mind. If you have time insert life jacket in the search box, top of page, righthand corner.
  17. Can`t advise on what and where but will advise on using the adjustable straps including the crotch strap to ensure it it is a snug fit. There is a video/ photos posted recently showing what happens if the jacket is too loose when you fall in.
  18. Think it is the Diamond where I can`t stand upright with the top closed. How tall are you MM?
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