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  1. brundallNavy

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    We escaped £50 lighter and now moored at Ranworth. Still a few spaces.
  2. brundallNavy

    Ant Warning!!!

    I have a mask and snorkel on board if you want to borrow it but I’m drawing the line at lending my mankini
  3. brundallNavy

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    Last week my son took Nipper under Potter with 6-7 clearance this morning it’s only 6-4 with the forecast to either stay the same or get less for tomorrow. Really fed up we cannot get under ( we’ll we can but don’t want to get stuck the other side) I guess it will just have to be a visit to Latham’s instead
  4. brundallNavy

    Boot Fair Finds

    We give you a weekend off and still you don’t have a lie in
  5. brundallNavy

    Ant Warning!!!

    It’s designed to take on water to stop the inside drying out too much otherwise with the outside swelling and the inside contracting Tim would end up with a cream banana
  6. brundallNavy

    Ant Warning!!!

    He definitely made it back to Stalham last night after a trip round Barton Broad or 3. Moored up outside enjoying the sunshine.
  7. brundallNavy

    That First Coffee

    I love coffee and had a Tassimo for many years, earlier this year I decided to upgrade to a Melitta bean to cup https://www.amazon.co.uk/Melitta-F750-201-Functions-Container-Included/dp/B01LWYW3VY/ref=sr_1_20?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1533918313&sr=1-20&keywords=bean+to+cup+coffee+machines+for+home it makes over 20 different coffees but I hardly use it as it’s such a faff, tastes good though.
  8. brundallNavy

    Now And Then

    Apparently all on the ITV Anglia website. Some fantastic old boats shown.
  9. brundallNavy

    Old Broads Boats

    There was a ring of light class for sale on eBay recently a bargain at £6500.
  10. brundallNavy

    Tudor Reformation

    Great idea.
  11. brundallNavy

    Tudor Reformation

    The old one were screwed from under neath as no deck beams in that area so not plugs required, you can varnish them to within an inch of your lift
  12. brundallNavy

    Tudor Reformation

    Fit for a queen
  13. brundallNavy

    Tudor Reformation

    Another very busy weekend, lots more done. The gas is now working along with the interior lights, last bits on the fuel system finished and the new alternator and split charger, rear doors adjusted and new flooring in the rear well and also the canopy frames. Toilet to finish but at least it now has a floor.
  14. brundallNavy

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Cut the top off a plastic bottle then push the top back in the bottle neck side down the fill about an inch of orange Fanta. Works a treat.
  15. brundallNavy

    The Good Old Days

    It was owned by a very good friend of mine and after he sold it it underwent a major restoration with if I remember most of the inside rebuilt I think it also had a new engine. We looked at this boat before deciding on Nipper which has a very similar layout.

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