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  1. brundallNavy

    Tudor Reformation

    We do if the engine doesn’t start
  2. brundallNavy

    Tudor Reformation

    Quick update on RT’s progress, She has had 3 coats of undercoat and 1 coat of cream gloss, the green antifoul has also had 1 coat with the line taken further down the hull instead of tar varnish that she had before. The engine is now back in and mostly connected up. Next up is a coat of stain and varnish for the top sides and finish of the trackmark. launch date is getting close.
  3. brundallNavy

    Body Recovered

    I understand a body was recovered by the railway bridge in Norwich yesterday has anyone got any more details on what happened.
  4. brundallNavy

    England V Tunisia

    Should have gone to spec savers
  5. brundallNavy

    My Day

    No very lucky for the rabbit though.
  6. brundallNavy

    A Serious Question

    Ask network rail, I think they have similar problems too
  7. brundallNavy


    Never been not able to moor at Ranworth, guess we are just lucky
  8. brundallNavy


    Well they don’t have enough trains so will be hiring in some 68’s with Mk3 coaches, not sure if the 37’s will run as it normally goes to the depot for maintenance o a weekend.
  9. brundallNavy

    Emily B

    Is that for the visitors
  10. brundallNavy


    Not sure they have that many serviceable trains
  11. brundallNavy

    My Day

    German (of course) 4 wheel drive and a six cylinder engine.
  12. brundallNavy

    My Day

    My petrol bill for the weekend was £140 ouch lol.
  13. brundallNavy

    My Day

    After months of trying to convince my self I can still ride a motorcycle I’ve finally realised I can’t. An old wrist injury and a touch of arthritis in the other arm I was in agony after 20 miles. The bike has now gone but I’m not too down hearted as I picked the keys up for my lastest addition to the family. Here is Hele enjoying her self a bit too much I had to prize the keys out of her hand. #topdown#tonupmotoring
  14. brundallNavy


    Oops got it wrong there. Yes the Oxford
  15. brundallNavy


    Stag boats are not restricted to just the broads. I witnessed one such boat on the grand union canal yesterday. 12 very drunk males causing utter chaos near Oxford.

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