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  1. If your at Rico’s why not ask them if they will sell you a sheet or failing that the builders merchants opposite the gate.
  2. I think Boulter’s moorings are outside of the basin.
  3. If you hide amongst the hire boats they might clean it and pump out for free.
  4. Ebridge on the North Walsham Canal also has a model boat club they meet most Sunday mornings.
  5. Canoes are a big problem at Dilham, we moored up there in August and in the space of a couple of hours there were at least 20 canoes tied up. We did lift a couple out onto the grass to make room for another boat to moor.
  6. Showering on a boat is a very different affair from having one at home. Turn on the shower and wet yourself down, turn off the shower while you apply shower cream etc then turn the shower back on to rinse off. We get two good hot showers using this method and our Calorifier is only 35ltrs.
  7. Is it radio controlled. I had a RC Laser which was great fun especially when it went out of range.
  8. NDR closed between the Wroxham roundabout and the Salhouse one this morning, not sure why. Also another car on top of the Plumstead road one nearly made it to the other side.
  9. We’ve been up to Coltishall quite a few times this year but I don’t remember it being more than 7ft. Only once have we not been able to get through was 6ft 1. We need 6ft 3. Water levels had certainly risen but whether it’s Down to dredging is any ones guess.
  10. The strange looking one looks like a water pump, if you have two pumps discharging out of the same hose they need a non return valve fitted. My advice would be to remove both and fit one new pump with either a float switch or with one built in that way you can be assured that should you spring a leak it will do its job without relying on you to flick a switch.
  11. It’s filmed on an iPhone so not sure if that’s why.
  12. I remember them as a child so at least I would say.
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