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  1. What type of gas bottle does it use.
  2. I bought a Rover 420 GSI in 1999, it was £18500 when new and I bought it at 11 months old for £8495. I had the car for 4 years and took it to France a few times and had no major problems and never didn’t get me home unlike the Alpha Romeo GTV that failed its 1st mot with severe rust requiring a new sill brake lines and welding to seat belt mounts constantly broke down but was brilliant to drive went it did go.
  3. There was a car on top of the roundabout yesterday morning but had gone by the afternoon.
  4. If 2 weeks ago you had offered me a couple of thousand pounds you could now be her new owner i was working night shifts and trying to work out how I was going to get all the jobs done in time for Monday’s launch, there was only one thing for it finish work at 04-30 after a 9 hr shift straight down to Martham hoover the cabin side and deck tack off and apply a coat of varnish finishing back home and in bed by 08-00. I did this a couple of times just to get enough coats on in the time frame available. By the end of the week I would have almost given it away but luckily no one made me an offer. you definitely need to love wooden boats to own one or be completely barking.
  5. It was 6ft 6 inches on Monday morning but wanted to leave it to settle down for a few days. Going to try on Saturday to get under but might need a few volunteers for Ballast
  6. Are they not Dinghy’s, Looks like Fireballs Merlin Rockets and Wayfarers.
  7. A93964DA-2CD1-4940-9FCD-B60A2A2ACF01.MOV
  8. Not posted on this thread for a while so decided to update it. Nipper was lifted at the beginning of November by Martham to spend the winter under cover. After a quick survey it became apparent that I was going to have a busy winter. In the end around 170 feet of planking fitted and around 8 ribs that were either rotted or broken, cabin sides scraped back and revarnished as well as 2 coats of varnish on the hull. I knew from last time I had a bit of rot in the chine so off with the rubber then the chine plank then the chine rail, that certainly challenged me and took 2 attempts to get it right, also had some damage to the stern tube chock so repair carried out as well as fitting a stainless bracket to hold the tube new cutless bearing also fitted while the tube was out. Next up was to scrape off all the tar varnish (worst job carried out) and rake out all the old seams and recaulk all the seams and then fill with inseed putty. New antifoul and boot top along with 2 coats of tar varnish finished the bottom off nicely. As the list of jobs grew so did the launch date and we finally got her in yesterday, taking up well and only a couple of areas still to go.
  9. That has made my day and all the hard work from everyone involved in RT DIY worthwhile.
  10. A long stick and a bed sheet.
  11. My boat has 6-4 standing headroom and passes under all bridges, Potter needs a bit of planning though.
  12. Not the tolls but certainly the mooring charge.
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