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  1. Plan your route depending on the tide times, as your a hire boat you will be starting late so it might pay to miss Ludham bridge as you will probably arrive as the main fleet is coming back down. Don’t forget something easy to make but warming to eat as it still gets cold overnight. Good luck and we will give you a wave on the way round. What boat are you on.
  2. We have upgraded Nippers cooker so if any one wants a Flavel Vanessa cooker with two hobs, grill and oven. Works very well . Use as is a good for spares. £30
  3. Hopefully soon, it’s typical that the week before they had 6-6 + for quite a few days but the rain and strong winds have put paid to that.
  4. We saw you at Acle bridge, went and checked Potter again and showing 5-11 so won’t be going under today.
  5. Not sure on Ludham but Potter was 5-9 at low water today.
  6. Damm you beat me to it.
  7. It’s the 75th Anniversary of Martham boats and to celebrate they have created a book. if any one is interested you can order one by clicking the link below. https://www.marthamboats.com/shop/gifts/the-history-of-martham-boats-75-year-celebration?fbclid=IwAR0kyRb_QgKEOL-0RWLQmMLMUDXAmz5FF8Q7i7RVKimCxiWQ6kK_t-eYBmc
  8. Can you hurry up and build it I’m stuck the other side.
  9. As I stated earlier we have seen lots of boats mud weighting and fishing on the inner broad particularly in the top right hand corner.
  10. Probably to stop people mud weighting and fishing like the did on numerous occasions last year.
  11. Progress has been a bit slow of late due to working on Nipper to get her ready for launch next week. I have turned the hull over ready to epoxy the outer seams and apply a length of fibre glass tape to the centre seam once done it will be ready to attach the rubbing strakes.
  12. My car in eco mode does 26-28mpg in Sport plus 18-20mpg but by god it’s good fun and your too busy watching the road to notice the fuel gauge.
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