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  1. We looked at buying Serenity but with her Huge rig it wasn’t practical for a crew of two, we bought a “standard” Perfect Lady instead.
  2. Sold via the forum so donation on its way.
  3. I have for sale a Mahogany and bronze boarding ladder originally from a Broom. It was refurbished about 4 years ago so does have a few scratches. £50. Usual forum donation if sold.
  4. One of the few times we have hired I noticed that 3 fender were deflated, I asked if they could replace them only to be told not to worry as we had lots more. I did have to clean the hull on our first night as it was so dirty and marked I was embarrassed to drive it. The inside was spotless it was a shame they didn’t pay the same level of attention to the outside. My very first job at the tender age of 13 was working at Southgate's yard in Horning and my job was to scrub the hulls and clean the windows, all the saucepans were changed and the ones removed placed in a large container to soak. Oh those were the days lol.
  5. We thought about a new engine but as you say the BMC is such a great engine, I believe there is a place in Beccles that will rebuild them to a high standard and about a third of the cost of replacing it.
  6. I have a pair of Motorola T80 PMR radios, complete with case charger earphones (not used) and instruction book. £50. Donation if sold via the forum.
  7. She’s ours, subject to all the legal’s.
  8. Thank you for all the kind words of support, yesterday was our last cruise on Nipper a short hop from Salhouse to Horning then the horrendous task of sorting out what is staying and what to remove. As we came into the mooring we saw 2 otters climb out of the reeds next to our mooring sit and watch for a few seconds before crossing the road and slipping back into the water. All the time we have moored here we have never had any idea that otters were here, it made a difficult situation so much better.
  9. No I have talked to them about Beccles and hopefully they will come.
  10. Well I have just signed the sales documents for Nipper so I have passed over my role as custodian to someone new. I have pointed them in the direction of the forum so hopefully they will join.
  11. The Ranger was out at Ludham this morning checking on moored boats.
  12. We once came back to the wet shed to find a live aboard moored in our space using our electric. After a few choice words he departed.
  13. John, I thought your boat started its engine every morning at 06-00 to get hot water for a shower. They seem to do this with no intervention from the owner.
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