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  1. brundallNavy

    Aluminium Door

    Try Trend at Catfield they make doors and windows for boats.
  2. brundallNavy

    Is The Tipping Point Approaching?

    Woodie ?
  3. brundallNavy

    Is The Tipping Point Approaching?

    Spill the beans
  4. brundallNavy

    Marina Quays

    Received this today so seems to be correct.
  5. Woods only had 4 and the single cylinder engine use to shake them to pieces. I remember one that sunk when it hit Haven bridge i got the job of cleaning out the mud and it was back in hire two weeks later looking none the worse. (Photo curtesy of Craig)
  6. brundallNavy

    By Air And Water!

  7. One of Herbert Woods not so finest.
  8. Spotted a Reed Bunting, sadly none left now.
  9. brundallNavy

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Worked ok on my iPad but not the phone but the phone has just done the latest update. Maybe the problem will try again when i get a chance.
  10. brundallNavy

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Video isn’t working Robin at least not on iOS.
  11. brundallNavy

    Third Lake Loathing Crossing

    He has it’s all in the back garden
  12. brundallNavy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Any news on your second test ??
  13. brundallNavy

    Breydon Rescue

    One of the boats that ran aground had suffered engine problems so cannot really fault them for running aground as the wind was quite strong.
  14. brundallNavy

    Breydon Rescue

    We followed a group of Herbert Woods boats up the Ant on Friday No sign of an adult on some boats only 12 - 16 year olds but the did all wear life jackets.
  15. brundallNavy

    Feeling Ripped Off

    Are but it’s post and packing. Cardboard is getting expensive you know

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