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  1. Nah !! It needs more cake
  2. Yes he can’t get the Beagles up the ladder.
  3. I think we should do a forum work party to raise the houseboat and restore it so Maurice Mynah can live on it
  4. I believe Tudor under goes a heart transplant today Please keep your fingers crossed for a positive outcome.
  5. If you like wooden boats and are at a loose end this weekend then take a look here. http://www.skdocks.co.uk/whats-on/classic-boat-festival-2019 I have a couple of cheap Greater Anglia tickets (£5) return if anyone wants to go.
  6. All I want is a Silent Night but I Dunlopillo. about you I can’t Sleepezee until you cover them in tar and with goose and duck down if my memory foam serves me right you won’t top this 😋
  7. Robin asks if you want the other half 😊
  8. Your going to be a bit uncomfortable doing guard boat duties in a dinghy 😊
  9. Too easy Dave, it’s the wooden boat hospital in deepest Suffolk.
  10. Not so good for the people stuck on the fairground ride for over an hour
  11. Having come back from our trip south I was getting concerned about the frequent Bilge pump action Yesterday we came down to the boat to find we had no water. We also noticed the bilge pump didn’t go once over night. When we were hit a few years ago it was right on the water tank which is copper riveted construction and it caused it to leak well it had been leaking again so out with the hand basin and a temporary repair carried out and hopefully it will last long enough to get a stainless tank made. And no bilge pump action at all today.
  12. Sedgemoor was originally up for sale at over £30 k, it two had not been lifted for around 10 years and it definitely shows, I believe it was eventually sold at sub £5k.
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