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  1. brundallNavy

    Advice, Please

    If it’s built on the Bourne 35 hull most seem to suffer spongy decks.
  2. brundallNavy

    Ahoy There!

    Lots of Weston’s on the broads great little centre cockpit boat. Looks like a false floor to hide the ballest. If your moving the boat you will get a chance to look at the bottom.
  3. brundallNavy

    It's Nipper's Tlc Time

    Nipper is testing us yet again, with the threat of being lifted at the end of the month she decided to test my mooring skills at Ranworth today when the throttle cable snapped and also stuck in gear. Hele was on the bank when we decided to move the boat closer to the electric post, as she cast off I went forward to turn then selected reverse and snap. I managed to jump off and get a rope round a post before turning the engine off and throwing a line across the dyke to a kind fellow boater who pulled me back. A temporary repair has now been carried out thank goodness for electrical chocolate blocks. So a trip to Boulter’s might be in order tomorrow.
  4. brundallNavy

    Mooring Up.

    I have tied the fenders to the posts that way they will float up and down with the tide. You only really need a fender board on the moorings with the steel piling as the fenders tend to go in the gaps.
  5. brundallNavy

    Lads Week

    Acle bridge tonight, I would stay well clear if you have any sense.
  6. brundallNavy

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Works ok for me using safari.
  7. brundallNavy

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    I hope Robin has at least a week before his driving test, it will take that long for everyone to sober up.
  8. brundallNavy

    Forty Seven Years Ago!

    The first car I ever drove was an Austin A40 and the first car I drove on the road was a Hillman Imp mind you I was only 14 at the time. Congrats JM.
  9. brundallNavy

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    I guess from the amount of stuff on board she was being used as a live aboard. Hope the lady isn’t homeless now Looks like you have a fair bit of work ahead.
  10. brundallNavy

    High And Dry

    I think that’s a result of being in the virtual battery called the wetshed I had the same issue with my rudder.
  11. brundallNavy

    Sea Kayak Repaint

    I suspect it will cost as much as the canoe is worth to have it painted.
  12. I wounded what the extra lines were for. I still go from inside lane to centre and back to inside if it’s quiet as this flows better.
  13. brundallNavy

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    This one is shown as built in 1964. The people that own her are very friendly so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you having a look.
  14. brundallNavy

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    I think this is the one that was restored at Barton Turf, she now lives at one of the bungalows at Potter Heigham. They really stand out as an unusual design having steps down from the transom and a narrow rear cabin roof.
  15. Could you use the photos from this years C-in-C at Oulton.

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