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  1. Hope you slept well. See you all Saturday.
  2. I will look after them for you. Even willing to process them. :)
  3. Sorry to hear that John. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. Welcome from me as well
  5. I always say “trousers worn by kind permission”
  6. welcome to the forum
  7. Nowt wrong with second breakfast
  8. The Physics was easy to understand, it was the last part to Grendel that confused me.
  9. Just imagine your last visit Howard
  10. Different version Never ask a man if he's from Yorkshire......if he isn't he will be insulted and if he is he would have told you at least ten times already.
  11. Used to work for an old brigadier when I injured myself playing 5 a side football he almost had me on A charge, so count me out. Before we do make the final decision to go ahead with the tug of war I will contact our insurers. I know, but someone needs to be boring and it might as well be me.
  12. You probably lost him with the no pub bit there
  13. I have used mine for a while now. I have a battery that I can run it off, last two nights. I can charge that from 12 volt supply and when ever is restaurant or yacht station I top it up with 240 supply. If I can get electric hook up I use 240 all night. Works a treat.
  14. Steelys make a considerable mess of the plastic thing you just hit :)
  15. Just to make it clear I have no links to... or receive freebies or other incentive for advertising other yards.
  16. Forgot to mention Freedom. We hired SWEET freedom from Andy. Lovey boat for wat we wanted, low air draft at 6 foot 3 inches to get north of that bridge (PH). Very good on fuel as well. Again service was excellent.
  17. I am with Wonderwall on this. We used Maffetts for many years, not because they were the best bling boats but because they were well presented with excellent customer service..... and very good value for money. Sara and I could get three to four weeks on Swallow for the price of one-week bling. Last year we tried Pacific Cruisers for the same reason. This year we are trying Maycaft and I hope they are the same. I have never hired from Sandersons so have no view on them. It is difficult out there and if we have bad experiences we should raise it with the yard and give them a chance to rectify.
  18. Guy was called Paul Duby I think, friend of my Father in Law. Nice guy, lovely place to visit. Last there in 1984.
  19. This is not ranting, looks more like whining. You can bet Amazons dollar that they will have modeled the cost associated with packing size options, weight, postage deals and stock costs down o the last cent.when they ship the quantity they do every cent soon adds up to the dollar. and most of it is recyclable.
  20. In my mind I am thinking.... CAD and Print, the whole window system that is.
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