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  1. They might just be using it to control the number of cancellations or bookings they need to move.
  2. It is so easy to be a critic, they are dammed if they do or dammed if they don’t. I personally think that under these extremely difficult circumstances, they are doing ok.
  3. Fill hole with Match, raise hinge with bit of Dylan’s photo. Step in rocking horse do do.
  4. Not had a chance to read it yet MM?
  5. Could it be on the stretch down to South Walsham Broad
  6. Right hand stack forth one down from the top must have been an unreliaBle car! I would have expected the Mont-no-go to be in worse condition as well Griff.
  7. Many many years ago I was out in the Swale with a friend and his minisail. I told him that I needed a wee. He capsized it and as it did he stepped on the boat side and uprighted the boat. I was in the drink. He said that I could go now. Very funny he thought.
  8. Those who have common sense would most likely use it Peter. The problem is that many appear not to have any.
  9. Listened to it live thanks, just a more cautious approach to what was clearly an outline with very little detail. He stated that would follow today.
  10. Sensationalised thread title may mislead people. Better to be clear on what is meant rather than the NBN underwrite by not saying anything. Will edit when clear, although will delete the nice joke bit
  11. That would not explain why tickets etc come via the car provider, could be due to company lease not personal
  12. Unless yOu have a lease car, that might confuse them.
  13. We get a large photo book done at the end of each year now, but then I still read my books paper style!
  14. Thanks for sharing Andrew. :)
  15. Do all chief executives of major companies have sight of everything released?? Answer is no, same probably for medium sized ones too and many smaller ones. They put process in place and delegate.
  16. Paranoia strikes again
  17. I welcome his presence on the forum, we can also say that propaganda comes from many directions, just as good experience and knowledge. :)
  18. Used by UK military in 1800’s I think
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