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  1. It is simple really. Keep it factual without childish insults and all will be fine. We are not pro BA or Anti BA.
  2. Why is the gaffer tape in the to do pile Peter?
  3. They do not need to be completely enclosed, but there should be something to hold onto in case of sudden movement or change of direction. Hitting key heading is included in this.
  4. A slice of lemon Doug! They really are pushing th boat out, or is that the boats boat, or even the boats boats boat
  5. Not aimed at you at all Dave,
  6. It amazes me how far some will go to split the hair.
  7. We hired Gay Miranda in the 70’s
  8. My favourite boat is still Nipper. I do think Kingfisher might pip her. Enjoy everyone.
  9. Perhaps a video on how you got round the issue, bit like Robins tin opener one
  10. We appear to have some different points of view on here, and that is fine, the world would be a very boring place to live otherwise. We have to realise that sometimes we are never going to change others viewpoints and just move on.
  11. I suspect it is COVID related. Old taken off, boat sanitised. New linen placed on boat in package and touch as little as possible. Makes sense to me.
  12. Never hired from Silverline, but this is the first time that I have heard anything remotely negative about them. Everyone who we have spoken to that has been on one of their boats has been extremely complimentary about them.
  13. What about splash back though………… not nice.
  14. Cheap and cheerful for me as well. Had three weeks on Maycraft Mayfair. Boat had everything we needed.
  15. Will you use Purdy to retrieve the New Sofa cushions :)
  16. read in the press therefore it must be a fact. They are there as a platform to sell advertising not print facts.
  17. https://www.guidepost.uk.com/guidepost/the-broads-waterways-map.html can get it via this link
  18. We were on the Caledonian Canal that year. Lovely time.
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