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  1. Maxwellian

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    I am going to have to google that one Polly.
  2. Maxwellian

    Ant Warning!!!

    One new drill as well
  3. Maxwellian

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Eating and having opinions, he could be an expert!
  4. Maxwellian

    Where Might 2?

    Has Grendel been on Google then?
  5. Maxwellian

    Where Might?

    Looks like a metal frame bolted on. Reminds me of a car park.
  6. Maxwellian

    Fuel Prices, Northern & Southern Broads

    He does say unleaded
  7. Maxwellian

    Acle Bridge Inn

    It is amazing how experiences differ. My wife and I have eaten there several times before the proprietor moved into Norwich and have never had a bad meal. Service was always excellent and we felt the decor and ambience were very nice. I have eaten in M* restaurants and felt that Lavendar House compared quite nicely.
  8. Maxwellian

    Ant Warning!!!

    Look, if Timbo is out on the boat with Dylan, at least the dog is safe!
  9. Maxwellian

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Before posting please read all of what Timbo said, extract below re complaints. Before posting a complaint or negative review of a business make sure you have taken your personal complaint to that business and allowed them to deal with it before posting. When posting please be factual. The law does offer protection to businesses against unfair criticism, to the extent that such comments are damaging, misleading and untrue. Under the law, we can be compelled to hand over any and all details we hold of the poster and be compelled to take action or run the risk of becoming liable ourselves. Please be aware that even though you may have only cut and pasted someone else's comments that can also make you liable. Of course, we welcome feedback from businesses to any posts concerning them either as a post or by other means if they disagree with what has been said.
  10. Maxwellian

    Boot Fair Finds

    So that was why you were so quiet yesterday.
  11. Maxwellian

    Ant Warning!!!

    I must say you lot are very cruel and showing a lack of respect for our beloved leader! Hiliarious mind, and only what he deserves.
  12. Maxwellian

    Lager But No Lime

    Offer still stands. Will be traveling up A12 on Friday night.
  13. Maxwellian

    The Sound Of Silence

    Lovely tale. Pushing your luck abit with the At least you did not spill...... It is always an interesting place to moor with wind and tide at,east you can have a good guess as to what is going to happen, but there are some funny swirling currents there to catch you out as well.
  14. Maxwellian

    Sos Lost Dog

  15. Maxwellian

    Lager But No Lime

    Meet me at the Beccles wooden boat show next Saturday and I can let you have a bottle.
  16. Maxwellian

    Sos Lost Dog

    https://www.north-norfolk.gov.uk/tasks/environmental-protection/report-a-lost-dog/ Is this any help
  17. Maxwellian

    Sos Lost Dog

    North Norfolk District Council Lost dog number 01263 516085
  18. Maxwellian

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    I am looking for one of those too!
  19. Maxwellian

    Sos Lost Dog

    Local vets here is the numbers of local vets Haven Vets, Great Yarmouth 01493 416700 Veterinary Hospital, Gorleston 01493 661833 Westover Vets (Small Animal), North Walsham 01692 403202 Westover Vets (Large Animal), Hainford 01603 899930 Toll Barn Vets, North Walsham 01692 407126 Bridge Vets, Wroxham 01603 783920 Broadland House Vets, Stalham 01692 580171 Anchorage Vets, Acle 01493 750255 Oakwood Vets, Harleston 01379 852146 From Steve Dowety
  20. Maxwellian

    Sos Lost Dog

    Council Dog Wardens Great Yarmouth Borough Council Pickups will only be made if the dog is secured. Referrals can be made using 01362 858500 which is also the number dog owners should ring to arrange collection or return of their dog. This number can be given out freely to the public although The service will be available at the following hours o Monday – Friday 08:00 – 19:00 hours o Weekends and Bank Holidays 08:00 – 17:00 hours o NOTE: There is no service outside of these hours · Waveney Council 01362 858500 07500 765833
  21. Maxwellian

    Sos Lost Dog

    01508 533633
  22. Maxwellian

    That First Coffee

    Pull yourself together young man!
  23. Maxwellian

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    You could be right Fred re a little knowledge and Robin has confessed to making mistakes, but it is his money and his enjoyment and his choice. We all start somewhere. I first started by my fathers side as he fixed his cars. At a very young age I would be the one volunteered to keep him company as he did not like to work alone. Problem was he never ever read a manual or instructions and had a fierce temper when it went wrong. I now read everything possible and always the instructions, there is not much that I have not been able to do with engines, that is until they got more electronically dependent and I earned enough to pay someone else to do it. Robin is doing what he enjoys and doing it his way. Who are we to criticise?
  24. Maxwellian

    A Summer's Tale

    I would just like it point out that It had to be explained to me!
  25. Maxwellian

    A Summer's Tale

    Well CaptainKev..... someone has brought to my attention that if you focus on what you can see through the window on the door it may look to some a bit off (I will leave it at that). There are of course several other explainations for the more decent minded of us! If that is what you are eluding, then no further explaination is required please.

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