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  1. We have some near us, often seen when taking Max for his walkies. We call the black one Max. F3AA6DFF-74FC-4B0D-B0EF-9B95004EC9CF.MOV
  2. I just want to say in the words of the TV presenters when someone has said the name of a brand on air. Other brands of angler are also available! I have met many of them.
  3. Not the view of the NBN, just views of individual posters who are happy to share. We are happy for others to share opposing views as some have. The key part is that the NBN is happy to see different points of view and have them debated in a mature and non confrontational way.
  4. Freedom may be able to help.
  5. I suggest all try to keep it constructive Pretty please.
  6. Maxwellian

    Heading South

    We love the southern rivers. Places we usually stop are: Surlingham Ferry, great food and welcome from Sonia and her merry crew, good moorings as well. Loddon, lovely for a wander and again good places to eat. Rosie Lee’s is a must. Mud weighting on Bargate Broad. Brundall Gardens mooring is good for a short walk into Brundall and good for perch fishing. Rockland broad and the nice pub with good food. And don’t forget all the other places that ‘Neil (Speedtriple) has suggested
  7. That was just for you Dave... Sorry :)
  8. There is no getting away from it BL and Rover in the later part of their existence were rubbish compared with the competition.
  9. Allagro and the Montinogo. Good old British engineering.
  10. Not a user of the flappy things but really enjoying tHIs thread. Might have to try it.
  11. Lovely, will pick one up at the show. Last years is framed and hanging up in the house.
  12. Must be able to recycle an old bit with an artistic wood worm look!
  13. Some things are better left unsaid!
  14. Got you to a t Timbo
  15. I learnt to drive in a Mk 2 Ford Escort in 1978. Think I am a youngster. First car (van) was an ex GPO Moggy Minor with a 1098 engine. I put an MG head on it, went very well. Travelling in my Rover 2000 TC up a side road to join the usually busy A2 at my usual teenage speed and applied the brakes. Foot hit the floor boards, nothing to do but fly out into the A2 and swerve left. Luckily nothing was coming so I slowed down using engine and hand brake. Stopped and calmed down and then proceeded to limp home using the hand brake. As I pulled up behind my mums car I pulled on the hand brake and it came off in my hand (very rusty). There I was holding the hand brake with two wires attached to the car still as in came to a stop in the boot off my mums car. I went an told my mum what had happened (omitted the bit about her car) she was so concerned and pleased that I was safe, she offered to get my car fixed. It was then that I informed her about the damage to hers.
  16. I have it all summer and you can have it the rest. ;)
  17. Sorry, Howard. If I had the money I would buy the boat :) .... Looks lovely
  18. Lovely to meet and talk Sonia and Simon. Max loves you both.
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