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  1. Siddy

    Dodgy CO Detectors

    I've put this up before but no harm doing it again. https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/product-recalls/?q=&b=&c=&y=0&p=1#PagedItem Check for electrical product recalls.
  2. Siddy


    There's some good info in that blue book lol and seems to be updated every year & not the same old info left in but updated. I wonder how many never open it once collected & glad it's not me updating it each year with near on 300 copies.
  3. Siddy


    We've only used Richo's in the last 10 years and 2 visits a year. Loyalty works for me were on a RC45 so it's £300 wedge of the cost for us. Yard staff seem to remember you and call over. Booking office on the phone well it could be Norfolk but had better chats with PPi cold callers sometimes it feels like you've rung during loose women with one of them. Never had a problem with reception till May when I turned up 30 mins early, I was walking round and it was empty so went in to be told it's 1230 (i think) fair play so went to Tesco in and out and back and parked at the boat. Walked round and was there 8 mins early as women waiting next to us said another party got the blue boat book so we went. It was a stand off me and her in the reception and 3 staff stood looking at us and the clock to 1230 lol. John on Reception can have a laugh. I'll report back in September after they read this and I'll be last out of the yard lol. Already pick the boats for next year with another change of boat.
  4. Siddy

    Old Windows Version Partition.

    Paul just thought your system is on win 10, so when we go the free upgrades from win 7 etc some kit had to swap a bios setting from win7-8 to win 10. Check in bios on boot to see if you can see this. I've got a giga-brix little sq pc that was stuck in this circle that I couldn't catch the bios mid upgrade to swap it to win 10.
  5. Siddy

    Old Windows Version Partition.

    I've still got my 1st 98 pc when it came out but I've had to clear the loft at my mothers this week which was a joy in this heat. All my old computers vic20, 64 _ Amiga's all expanded to the hilt. Can't remember getting the rubber face spectrum someone will have give me it. But I was passing it all down and there was even a early modem where you pushed the phones handset into rubber cups. various other stuff given from my dads mate collected at BT. The task now is to clean it up and STORE it and not be tempted to test them as I don't have time right now.
  6. Siddy

    Old Windows Version Partition.

    Google - Macrovision safedisc
  7. Siddy

    Old Windows Version Partition.

    https://www.howtogeek.com/230773/how-to-play-pc-games-that-require-safedisc-or-securom-drm-on-windows-10-8.1-8-7-and-vista/ This talks about re starting a service that has been turned off on last win update which is also Safedisc. Last month my pc, laptop and server stopped talking to each other due to this. I understand yours is older.
  8. Siddy

    Old Windows Version Partition.

    I wouldn't install xp as your leaving your laptop open to hackers as the security isn't upto date.
  9. Siddy

    Old Windows Version Partition.

    Hi, Check this out, look for the .exe file in the folder - right click and properties. Now there is a box you can tick and select run as xp.
  10. Siddy


    * Drunk is someone who can't go out and enjoy a few drinks but have to tank it everytime. 2 guys I work with when I get nights out from suppliers i'm on call week about so if there going somewhere I can't eat (funny sod) I plan it when I'm on call. Something I eat it's when he's on call. BUT he kicks off cause he can't drink that's why I call it 'T Total' week. But what he can't get in his head and another guy is that I will still drive but I don't have to listen for the phone & enjoy the night and have a few when I get in. I only have a couple if out anyway but then it's £18 taxi for a 10 min drive in and out of town. I'll clean my next quote up from what I get called * Boring Git is someone who can drink but doesn't and spoil it for others who could. I've never been a big drinker and working the trip boat for 15 years never been clubbing and law is zero drink for the crew till last passenger is off and the engine is off ( I'd have there pints pulled ready for them). I'd take for a bottle when on the bar if they bought me a drink so had them when I got in.
  11. Siddy

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Here you go Robin is this the toy you want, This is mine I use for ISO energy reporting and the pipework is now insulated. Takes a camera shot as well but for £1200 I want a brew made as well. A few year ago they had this type of unit you could borrow like a book from the library so youi could check your house from the outside care of the council.
  12. Siddy

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Clip-pipe-thermometer-hot-water/dp/B00GYV0L5I/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1527544443&sr=8-3&keywords=pipe+clamp+thermometer&dpID=41tx0KSbjqL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch How about a couple of these on your return pipe on the engines, you'd have to use a wire to extend the spring to reach round but it's an instant visual check. Others are cheaper but for a few quid this make can be trusted I've sold loads.
  13. Siddy

    September Hire

    Salhouse has the small park area at the far side (little mooring section) also little pool area so maybe wellies type footwear can be soft underfoot.
  14. Siddy

    Bow Thruster Guidance

    As Kaz says have you turned the super boosters on, Kaz does the ropes and for her it takes the panic out of mooring for her as she can get off the rear get a rope on and I can hold the front with a press of the boosters as required. If Kaz is happy my ears are happy. And if you've both bow & stern like the RC45's then take out of gear & a bit of extra revs or it stalls and it nearly spins on the spot, no it's not cool to do it front of the bridge in Wroxham (ok it is).
  15. Siddy

    September Hire

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Were out on the 7th of Sept from Richardson, Sorry not up on places to entertain little darlings but if the weather good a quick train ride to the coast for the afternoon from Wroxham. But on your last afternoon on the way back to Stalham take a slow trip up to Dilham, In May we had a otter swimming round and deer on the left bank then in the field on the right where you'll see a mooring area which is were we tend to stay on the last night.

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