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  1. There's only the kettle goes on later and I open the little window at the side of the cooker. I do the same with the sliding sides on boats, a little air in the bag and push in the gap. Ceiling vents and door vents in the latest craft shouldn't be blocked off as there is no air leakage around the sealed units. (ps Alan please don't take this as a dig at your comment I'm just trying to answer in general)
  2. This is the trick to cut the heat loss it's not air tight so your ok, checking my pictures this has radiators and there's one at the end of the bed and I put the brush against the wall let the handle go towards the bed and pulled the quilt over to make a void and bingo one warm bed when you get in. Nice boat we were going to have it again but checked over Moon Enterprise which has lower internal steps which is better for Kaz and the dog. This now suits us better. Both good boats in their own ways. ( (ok I know it say Ranger but someone will know they should say Enterprise)
  3. 7'9" air draft, we had this out last year, nice boat but you've need 3 spare black bags for the top door, 2 to roll and go round the seem of the top door then the 3rd to push in across the top of the twin doors and drop down. It topped the draft and kepted the heat in.
  4. We had a model via Maplins in the 90's which was 3 chan and via mains and couldn't fault the system, handsfree worked ok as well. The added bonus for us was the outside pir's I put also buzzed chan 2 to let us know when triggered. ONLY issue to check is the electrics are on the same circuit if it's a bigger place.
  5. Last I only saw 2 burgee flying and a members boat that didn't see us but thought we'd want mooring on the bank with his wash. After many years of service my flag pole (3/8" wood) strapped to the front lost a fight with a branch so new one ordered.
  6. Update - Richardsons don't sell the cards when I asked last week. But I picked some up at Herberts, and when I returned to the boat Kaz said she'd bought some of those in May from the Ice Cream shop (Ransworth (dont ask)) I live with it. So then where are they? She'll have them safe somewhere but I know this lot are in the boating wallet we take with map/tides etc. We never got to use a electric post anyway this time.
  7. If I had a choice no I wouldn’t pay £10 yet don’t mind paying at Salhouse. But at this price and the grassed area dog owners need to moor up and it’s always got space Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  8. Sorry this is late but if your heading home passed Leeds this weekend. M62 closed west bound all weekend between 29 & 28 for railway bridge repairs. A diversion for drivers wishing to continue west will be in place. Motorists will need to head north on the M1 and along the M621 before re-joining the M62 at junction 27. Drivers wanting to go only as far as junction 28 on the M62 can leave the M621 at junction 1. That mean come off at 29 turn right onto M621 towards Leeds which will take out the other side towards Bradford. Leeds aren't at home so should be a easy run round and I won't be in as I'm on route to the Broads.
  9. Think i'll leave my drone in the garage then. DJI Phantom yes I flown it over the broads years ago. No I can't check the gutters or roofs on our sites anymore ( easy money) so back to the cherry pickers. The last upgrade on my software did lock it out at 400 feet, and before you get there you lose site of it and it's silent. Flying is by sight and not video in the rules when I last used it. If you did lose it I justed flicked a switch and it return to me. Which I laugh at on youtube when they film whilst moving because if they logged it at takeoff as home the boat has move and it could land in the river were it took off from. Rules are out the windows and it's seems to be ok to take a picture in public and there is a group in Leeds do this on a Fri/Sat night round town teaching how to do as part of the walkabout. This year they stopped us having to register home cctv which save a few bob but you have to make it available to police if requested. Quadcopter (not drones!) got a bad name from the start over taking video and hasn't lost it. Must go Amazon just dropping my parcel on the rear lawn.
  10. Never used one but Enterprise has a hookup lead on board and in May I was moored at the park in Stokesby and the other boat said there's money on that point, But my lead was 2 foot short and I wasn't going to spin the boat round with the wind and rain. So how much are the cards and will I be able to pick them up at Ricko? Or where can I collect them I'm down next Saturday to Stalham via Potters (maggots collection) It would save running the engine for hot water and the microwave in the morning. It maybe a none starter leaving it on overnight if the battery charger affects the dog, Once the invertor & microwave goes on he shakes like the term (dog pooing snow balls (kept that cleanish)) I have to take him away from the boat and he tells me when it stops and heads back to the boat.
  11. Fan is good to move the heat I've got one on the rear of the fridge in the garage for that reason and now we've stopped getting the alarm beeping. I' have a Ctek 3.5A on a pair of 7Ah blocks on my bench which comes on every Saturday to ensure the blocks are topped up over winter. I have a Ctek 5A on the 130Ah block which runs the garden lights but that has a 100W solar panel which tops it off on a Saturday over winter. (why Saturday because it was my free electric day with Brit Gas) No issues with Ctek we used them on our large gen sets. I was in the mancave Saturday and both went stright to green on power up which they should do. 5 year old 100w panel still gives 4 amp on full charge, Need to replace with a new pair - research required.
  12. Turn the bridge into a lock, leave it open for low boats. close the gates for bigger boats and pump out the few inches required then pass through and flood again. Simples.
  13. It's one of the few games I have on my phone to play whilst on conf calls at work ( now it's getting more skype calls so taped the camera up on my works laptop just in case the camera comes on), We used to have the board version on the trip boat and teach the young crew how to play. I do have a version on the ipad were I play online and it's ok no silly ads etc. I will find it and let you know MM and check Android. Catch me in September when I'm down and it can be game on.
  14. Just looked for the pic of a large BMW which parked next to me in the multi car park in town, They had the near side wheels on the white line giving themselves loads of room to get out the other side. I had to put my fleece between the doors so as not to mark it and step on the sill and slide in. This was after leaving a note under their wiper saying 'next time you park like a pratt leave me a tin opener to get in". I got down to the barrier and the guy asked me what was up and told him and he went up to put his sticker across the windscreen. No no to parking in the P&C or disabled bays but I'll tell Kaz to stand near one so I can pull round and pick her up, I park rows back it's safer. Hands up you got me on the disabled toilet - yes I have both types of key in my van door. I often come over from the east coast late on or have to travel late from work somewhere and trying to find a toilet open so use the key or face a fine for watering a tree. Lets face it once Maccy D's is shut there isn't a toilet to be found. Tesco's - Stalham, The guy who painted that carpark most have measured supermarket style and took 20% of the measurements. It is tight. I sit and wait for Kaz just to stay with the van.
  15. I'm on a personnal mission with H o m e Bargains as it's the only place that sell a ses r63 spot that fits our kitchen lights 6 off 6watts replaced 40watt so saving 190watt. A few year back I got a couple on my way to work and fit at night and one failed so returned it the following day to have the manager refuse to swap it as it's a bulb. Wrong it's an electronic item so has 12 months cover. So i said don't worry I come back in the morning then rang head office and had a word and there wasn't a smile the following morning but I got a replacement and have done since when they fail. Before you start i'm not a tight Yorky but how many get thrown away within 12 months by people not knowing this.
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