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  1. When I passed my test in 86 after learning with a instructor and driving VW round front camper type van doing the milk on a Saturday the guy I worked had one of these big Consul things and always said when I passed I could use it, yea yea yea till I passed and instead of dropping me of home drove to his and said only way your getting home is in that and it's full. It was like sat in our front room driving that at 18. Did these turn into the Granada? but I didn't like the Scorpio which followed, I used one at work and the boot wasn't deep enough for air cond compressors etc. Other older cars Nissan Bluebird 2.0D great engine never missed a beat that got me 3 points 200 mile back from London anything between 80 -100 all way then come off motorway and got pulled on last mile, alway gave a black cloud as you set off after you'd pushed it and thats what to cop noticed and followed. Citroen BX 1.7 TZD slow at the bottom end but once going it went, self leveling suspension which was fun doing hump back bridges & pull up blinds on the rear window (what ever next). I remember the London guys using them to avoid wheel clamps by dropping the car over the wheels. The fun of speed has gone now (not by choice) and drive to get the best MPG. Don't get me wrong I like a boy racer at traffic lights, give it revs & roll a little (dangle the carrot) then steady away on green whilst they've gone. I'd love a Morris Minor even the van model but only thing I know about cars is oil & water in the front and fuel in the back.
  2. When I did my gas, the card issued was issued under the company I worked for and was told during the course that I wasn't to touch anything unless it was for work, 'no you can't service your own gas fire' well that stop my Saturday morning back pocket money I planned on doing. Under this I had 8 boilers to do twice a year which in my eyes wasn't enough to keep my hand in, on the back of doing the test the company wanted me to be responsible for other gas contractor we used down south. 1 I didn't know them 2 let's talk money - it didn't happen. It would have been me in court with HSE if anything went wrong. Reading Grens info it looks the same where you can disconnect/reconnect the bayonet but you can't connect the other end to the cooker. Leak spray required. One of the weekly checks on the narrowboats was check the drain holes on the gas locker at water level.
  3. The gas safe regs say "To work legally on gas appliances and installations you must be on the Gas Safe Register." this includes LPG which must now be included in the test. When I did mine test it was oil & gas. So looks like you should get it tested by a gas safe engineer. This doesn't mean you can't do the work BUT final connection and testing done by a registered engineer. On the trip boat I was on we had to put a LPG gas detector in the kitchen at ground level to get it passed it's yearly checkup. Looking at Rum's quals he could have fueled the shuttle but unless he has the yellow card we won't be having a warm meal tonight.
  4. Following our week on the North side 1st week in May I was having signal issues with 3 network on the mifi unit, I didn't seem to get the coverage I normaly get. Our mobiles are BT sims and one evening the ipads were have internet issues via the mifi so checked the BT internet on the phone and it was giving 4G+ which is city center speeds so shared the connection that way and Kaz was watching Netflix film. I checked BT web site for coverage map and they seem to flood the Broads area. I was also reading in a computer mag last month that other network providers were wanting BT to share there network in remote areas and they got a no no no which seems fair play If other could check BT on their travels and see how they get on I could be swapping the Three mifi card to BT.
  5. We've just had another company take us over and they gave us Sammy S6 phones locked down to only use apps they allow, no alarm no calendar etc. No issue with win 10 but guys have said company laptops won't get the pics so they copy the pics to onedrive and get them that way in seconds. We need apps to help us on site but screwed over. S6 vattery i'm getting 2 days easy and mines non stop and skype calls. My phones have been Sony for years and no issues. XZ3 and love it.
  6. Standard letter on our local FB for a using a store carpark in our local town center which seems to get them off, even driving in to collect someone with goods gets you a ticket. A few hundred yards as you leave the center of Leeds theirs a carpark with a Aldi at one side and a £ shop the other with a path in between the carparks which looks like one large car park. But read the info on the wall you can park in each for a hour as long as you don't leave the car park on foot crossing any paths. Both parks are run by different parking companys and camares all over. So go to one or the other or move the car for both.
  7. I saw this boat this week hanging in straps outside this week. I forgot to take pictures this morning. Looks good. Also had a look at the Sunway in Horning but it's not for us and has very high sides.
  8. One point raised was the ranger having access to the wetshed. 2nd point is having only seen a picture of the wetshed can he clearly see the reg numbers by walking round the shed or has he had to step on the boats and maybe push them apart to view the bows depending on size of the boat either side etc. The ranger was moored at Wayford Bridge for over 4 hrs yesterday afternoon near slip way. He could have been doing that area.
  9. How true that could be, I was in the children ward at the LGI in the 70's and he used to come and sit between 2 wards and read stories to the kids. My mother would never let me go when he was around. Gossipbook (fb) wasn't around in them days so word of mouth it was. Never seen the guy but would see is Rolls parked up near us when he visited a guy he worked with at the hospital & he had the same long hair as him.
  10. We like to wild moor which harder is hard now having the dog he needs access to a tree. But tie off on a good branch and drop your weight or use rope onto the bank if you can get off. I tend to avoid moorings with feathers or leave room for the wild life to access the water. Also do the pub meal mid afternoon as theirs normally spaces to moor at the pubs and wild moor later it's a win win for you both.
  11. I've used the K4 for good few years got it with all the kit etc. Only had one issue after I'd used it and drained it to put away got called to work, returned home to strip and store no way could I remove the lance from the handle, not a cat in hells chance with Kaz shouting you turning it the right way. Days later I found the Karcher agent across Leeds and he said fetch it up. He had the spanners out and couldn't shift it. It a new machine I'll swap lance as faulty. He pointed across the yard to look down the handle and pulled the trigger, well the women at the bus stop wasn't too happy getting a shot in the back. It had pressure in the handle. Read above I'd drained it. Digging deeper whilst at work Kaz had a play with it so it was now under pressure again. Repair guy said fancy a brew whilst I put the tools away & I can't charge for that rookie mistake. (What about my mistake)
  12. Few good points made here. Amazon - yes I use them yes you've to monitor the prices but can't belive their missing a trick on collecting packaging if offered to them it's cash back for them. Also started using a company in China for my 'smart house gear' cheaper than Amazon less boxes and takes a week. Argos - view elsewhere but buy from Argos that was the crack years ago. Now I use Argos as a delivery point if it's offered when buying online and open till 2200 in the large shopping centre near me, I go collect around 2100 quick drive down park in the front and away home in 15mins, it beats the silly Royal Mail timings to collect parcels. Bins - "green recycling, black rubbish, brown garden" simples why do the different councils want to use other colours for recycling Green is Recycling Green is what we aim for. Griff I've the correct bin system covered I have a white shower curtain ring i remove from the bin going out and place on the other ready for the following week.
  13. Only done Oulton Pk on a Vauxhall drive weekend which were a good day out all the stuuf they laid on. The main person on the invite got to drive run Oulton track on a Vectra Sport doing 3 laps at max 70mph then a instructor lap. Out the pits I went following the cones for braking etc then 2nd lap give me 100 mph max then I hit 115 on the 3rd and back in the pits for a run round the car a go which was unreal before I landed in the seat we were off got the belt on and he floored it we hit one bend and took it on 3 wheels. We walked round the track to this corner to watch them come round, a normal days work for them guys. I keep going to book to drive a arctic or move reserving one into a bay.
  14. Thanks for the listing the video, When I passed my test the boss had a black B reg and didn't like it much (new to driving) but then took to it and we had a few on fleet. Having swapped jobs the boss had a H red 1.8 GLX Sapphire which I'd use during the day and loved it. So time had come to get my own car at 25 (reach that insurance bracket) i'd always had a car from work or my dads company. So looking round I didn't want a Ford or a boot and not red = yes I bought the bosses red booted sierra from the company at a price I couldn't get the escort/astra for and didn't have NCD to help the insurance so didn't lose anything there. I had that car 15 years before giving it to my mate as a run around at his pub. 20 years that car was on the road and was barbi pink in the end.
  15. Didn't know about the Boiler Plus info, I swapped my controller which was a Honeywell optimised which switch on temps at different time of day so the house didn't drop below 16c and if it did the heating came on. I upgraded to the Honeywell Evohome system so each room works on it's own and optimised, so today working from home I told my office to be at 20c so the rest of the rooms stayed set at 16c. So far I've saved on gas and not had the mail saying your direct debit is going up. For any system to work your raditors need to be sized correctly to start with. When I moved in here a few year back the room window is 3m wide and had a 1.2m radiator single+ panel and the room never got passed 22c all night. I swapped that to a 2.5m double+ panel and it to temp in 30mins and just pulses during the evening.
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