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  1. Turn the bridge into a lock, leave it open for low boats. close the gates for bigger boats and pump out the few inches required then pass through and flood again. Simples.
  2. It's one of the few games I have on my phone to play whilst on conf calls at work ( now it's getting more skype calls so taped the camera up on my works laptop just in case the camera comes on), We used to have the board version on the trip boat and teach the young crew how to play. I do have a version on the ipad were I play online and it's ok no silly ads etc. I will find it and let you know MM and check Android. Catch me in September when I'm down and it can be game on.
  3. Just looked for the pic of a large BMW which parked next to me in the multi car park in town, They had the near side wheels on the white line giving themselves loads of room to get out the other side. I had to put my fleece between the doors so as not to mark it and step on the sill and slide in. This was after leaving a note under their wiper saying 'next time you park like a pratt leave me a tin opener to get in". I got down to the barrier and the guy asked me what was up and told him and he went up to put his sticker across the windscreen. No no to parking in the P&C or disabled bays but I'll tell Kaz to stand near one so I can pull round and pick her up, I park rows back it's safer. Hands up you got me on the disabled toilet - yes I have both types of key in my van door. I often come over from the east coast late on or have to travel late from work somewhere and trying to find a toilet open so use the key or face a fine for watering a tree. Lets face it once Maccy D's is shut there isn't a toilet to be found. Tesco's - Stalham, The guy who painted that carpark most have measured supermarket style and took 20% of the measurements. It is tight. I sit and wait for Kaz just to stay with the van.
  4. I'm on a personnal mission with H o m e Bargains as it's the only place that sell a ses r63 spot that fits our kitchen lights 6 off 6watts replaced 40watt so saving 190watt. A few year back I got a couple on my way to work and fit at night and one failed so returned it the following day to have the manager refuse to swap it as it's a bulb. Wrong it's an electronic item so has 12 months cover. So i said don't worry I come back in the morning then rang head office and had a word and there wasn't a smile the following morning but I got a replacement and have done since when they fail. Before you start i'm not a tight Yorky but how many get thrown away within 12 months by people not knowing this.
  5. Sorry Chris lol I was giving the taster/planning tour but a nice drive for us leaving Leeds it a nice round trip, I forgot if coming back down the A19 and like fish and chips then Seaton Sluice above Whitle Bay called Harbour View, large Haddock were they break it's back to get it in the box it's unreal and where I now go if staying up at our Newcastle office. Kaz came out with a classic a few years back near Hawes how do they keep the grass short out here, well you see them white things called sheep not only do they stand in the middle of the road but eat grass. No hope.
  6. On your way down you could do a circle tour of the North Yorks Moors, we do a round trip from Leeds as a drive out but you could come off at Scotch Corner A1/A66 services and right to Richmond head for Aysgarth, Hawes down to Ingleton then to Malham, Grassington. Then either Skipton (canal there) then Keighley - Howarth way (bronte's & steam railwat) call at Bingley Five Rise and your heading back towards M62 or A1 via Leeds. Don't stop in Bradford as the highway code doesn't apply there and they'll like your car. Watch them camera van on the A1/A19 they were out in force on Wednesday more than normal.
  7. 2 issues for me 1 A dog owner has started dropping is bagged poo outside next doors drive and I think it's the same one I've asked not to let it waz against the drive gate even when I'm there closing them after getting the van out. Mines wanting to get out to sniff. The black bin didn't get collect 2 weeks ago and topping it up we've started getting poo dumped in our bin. If he's bagging it why not take home or leave in poo bin at the park. 2 Horses - round the back of the house across from us there's some horses in yard/plot of ground on a weekend there are 2 young lasses ride them bare back down the road or path and if your near the car etc she F's and blinds at you not to go near it (bucket mouth) that aside the horse dumps every week on the road or path outside. I've to drive in it to reverse down the drive and the guy over the road the same. Local town hall asked for issues to be brought up in the next meeting well I'd had a few pepsi's and mailed away. I got a call and got it in the neck lol. All I said was can't you send a letter asking them to walk in the field 5 mins as thats what it take each week to drop a load outside mine from where they start. Even come back with a shovel. Horse dooo is no risk at all. Before you lot in Norfolk start I've seen your posh horses on the Yarmouth front with Dooo catchers between horse and carriage, I bet that add to the ride and clears your nose. Note our dog knows the brown stuff to be call dooo dooos.
  8. When I passed my test in 86 after learning with a instructor and driving VW round front camper type van doing the milk on a Saturday the guy I worked had one of these big Consul things and always said when I passed I could use it, yea yea yea till I passed and instead of dropping me of home drove to his and said only way your getting home is in that and it's full. It was like sat in our front room driving that at 18. Did these turn into the Granada? but I didn't like the Scorpio which followed, I used one at work and the boot wasn't deep enough for air cond compressors etc. Other older cars Nissan Bluebird 2.0D great engine never missed a beat that got me 3 points 200 mile back from London anything between 80 -100 all way then come off motorway and got pulled on last mile, alway gave a black cloud as you set off after you'd pushed it and thats what to cop noticed and followed. Citroen BX 1.7 TZD slow at the bottom end but once going it went, self leveling suspension which was fun doing hump back bridges & pull up blinds on the rear window (what ever next). I remember the London guys using them to avoid wheel clamps by dropping the car over the wheels. The fun of speed has gone now (not by choice) and drive to get the best MPG. Don't get me wrong I like a boy racer at traffic lights, give it revs & roll a little (dangle the carrot) then steady away on green whilst they've gone. I'd love a Morris Minor even the van model but only thing I know about cars is oil & water in the front and fuel in the back.
  9. When I did my gas, the card issued was issued under the company I worked for and was told during the course that I wasn't to touch anything unless it was for work, 'no you can't service your own gas fire' well that stop my Saturday morning back pocket money I planned on doing. Under this I had 8 boilers to do twice a year which in my eyes wasn't enough to keep my hand in, on the back of doing the test the company wanted me to be responsible for other gas contractor we used down south. 1 I didn't know them 2 let's talk money - it didn't happen. It would have been me in court with HSE if anything went wrong. Reading Grens info it looks the same where you can disconnect/reconnect the bayonet but you can't connect the other end to the cooker. Leak spray required. One of the weekly checks on the narrowboats was check the drain holes on the gas locker at water level.
  10. The gas safe regs say "To work legally on gas appliances and installations you must be on the Gas Safe Register." this includes LPG which must now be included in the test. When I did mine test it was oil & gas. So looks like you should get it tested by a gas safe engineer. This doesn't mean you can't do the work BUT final connection and testing done by a registered engineer. On the trip boat I was on we had to put a LPG gas detector in the kitchen at ground level to get it passed it's yearly checkup. Looking at Rum's quals he could have fueled the shuttle but unless he has the yellow card we won't be having a warm meal tonight.
  11. Following our week on the North side 1st week in May I was having signal issues with 3 network on the mifi unit, I didn't seem to get the coverage I normaly get. Our mobiles are BT sims and one evening the ipads were have internet issues via the mifi so checked the BT internet on the phone and it was giving 4G+ which is city center speeds so shared the connection that way and Kaz was watching Netflix film. I checked BT web site for coverage map and they seem to flood the Broads area. I was also reading in a computer mag last month that other network providers were wanting BT to share there network in remote areas and they got a no no no which seems fair play If other could check BT on their travels and see how they get on I could be swapping the Three mifi card to BT.
  12. We've just had another company take us over and they gave us Sammy S6 phones locked down to only use apps they allow, no alarm no calendar etc. No issue with win 10 but guys have said company laptops won't get the pics so they copy the pics to onedrive and get them that way in seconds. We need apps to help us on site but screwed over. S6 vattery i'm getting 2 days easy and mines non stop and skype calls. My phones have been Sony for years and no issues. XZ3 and love it.
  13. Standard letter on our local FB for a using a store carpark in our local town center which seems to get them off, even driving in to collect someone with goods gets you a ticket. A few hundred yards as you leave the center of Leeds theirs a carpark with a Aldi at one side and a £ shop the other with a path in between the carparks which looks like one large car park. But read the info on the wall you can park in each for a hour as long as you don't leave the car park on foot crossing any paths. Both parks are run by different parking companys and camares all over. So go to one or the other or move the car for both.
  14. I saw this boat this week hanging in straps outside this week. I forgot to take pictures this morning. Looks good. Also had a look at the Sunway in Horning but it's not for us and has very high sides.
  15. One point raised was the ranger having access to the wetshed. 2nd point is having only seen a picture of the wetshed can he clearly see the reg numbers by walking round the shed or has he had to step on the boats and maybe push them apart to view the bows depending on size of the boat either side etc. The ranger was moored at Wayford Bridge for over 4 hrs yesterday afternoon near slip way. He could have been doing that area.
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