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  1. Siddy


    I've had a rat coming over the bottom wall of the garden due to them having apple and plum trees and fruit drops our way. I've had to wire fence the bottom decking off and place traps in bait boxes but this one is not playing game, the cctv picks up the eyes and it runs up the side path and across to the drive & it was 2 to 3 times a night. I'm stuck with having the dog now and can't use my proven method which is sweet smelling liquid soap, they eat it and go and don't return. Years ago my old man was in hospital and my mother ranting I can hear something at night etc so put it down to her been at home by herself, after a few night of having to get a taxi round after a beer & soap attack was used to prove nothing was there. I put a dish of soap in the corner of the bathroom with toilet paper to see which route it was taking due to builders working in the house as well. She was right roland was there and it was flush through with soap and it had left poop all round the bathroom. I win.
  2. Just seen this and some good offers but in store only. I can drop mine down to £8 for 20 gig. Watching Netflix films doesn't use your data up. Will keep Kaz happy. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/three-24m-20gb-mifi-go-binge-unlimited-netflix-streaming-from-8-instore-three-3179468
  3. Siddy

    Another Dumb Question

    Best option is heat and air movement as Dehums don't work best till the temp is over 14c, I have a oil heater in my man cave (insulated concrete section garage type build) which runs on a Saturday then a smart switch that turns the dehum on at 14c, this starts to pull the RH down and temp raises faster. The dehum is controlled on it's own stat till the temp drops to 13c then the smart switch turns off. I can monitor the temp and RH% on my phone. Tools and paperwork are kept ok in there. I've been looking for a months at these Chinese heaters, the all in one in the red case to duct the air round better but I only have a 3" wooden section in the roof pitch to get the exhaust out of the shed. Don't forget you don't need fancy test gear to test humidity, a cold can of beer from the fridge if it gets wet there's water in the air. I keep going to put some smart items up which would work on boats via a key fob which i've tested, this could be wired inline and has 4 channels.
  4. Siddy

    Let's Drive: London To Norwich

    My take is the motorway started at the speed camera after the dip (blue signs started) still at 50, you then get the 50 sign leaving the dip on the left. The lanes from your left their last 50 sign is a mile back and then another 1/2mile after you merge by a signal 50 on the left so they know it's not camered and badly signed as it's not on both sides so their off. So your either pushed along or stuck out there. I'd speed up move left and slow down by lifting off not braking. It's not worth pushing it these days. too many camera behind signs across the motorway etc. Guy I work with a few weeks ago sat doing 60 on M1 as per the varible signs and a dutch lorry (not a barge) join on the left which was the start of the 4 lanes into Sheffield and decided to move into the 2nd lane for no reason, he collected the rear of his van which he then got pushed sideways in front of the lorry and sent across lanes 2 & 3 with a car pop out from behind the slowing traffic and passed that close it rocked him but didn't touch. I have the video from the dashcam and it seems to be slow motion except the car at speed nearly head on.
  5. This is to stop the oil getting into the bilge and getting pumped overboard into the river. We had to fit these trays in the mid 80's onto the narrowboats and install pads in them. £10 from Screwfix gets you a spill kit with pads you can use to drop in the tray to monitor and catch any leaks. https://www.screwfix.com/p/lubetech-15ltr-oil-spill-kit/99764 With my Enviromental ISO head on you'd get another tick for using the snake round the fuel pipe on deck whilst refueling. (as if)
  6. Siddy

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Robin what about the bottom seal on the window it looks to have a gap in the middle.
  7. Siddy

    Historically Broads - Griffin Family

    You've just had me look my model up and found one on Ebay £49 (add a zero to that in the late 90's to what I paid) SCSI connection. I've a base station and laptop still on win 98 just to use this scanner. I've looked round for a modern unit/scanner as my boss wants one but it's a minefield choosing one these days. We want speed but scanning photo's isn't a rush job. Griff didn't pick a scanner up last year? any reviews?
  8. Siddy

    Is Your Dog Spoilt?

    Can't belive I got away with 5 on that test. All I can say is he's a little darlin rite now asleep whilst I'm working at home today, Only place he doesn't park his behind is i my office so something must have happened in here in the past. BUT come five and he'll do my head in,
  9. Siddy

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    I took one of these with us last year and using portable usb power bank it cleared the screen in no time with no heat, I got one from Roys at first £6 but they go for a few squids in Poundshop!.
  10. Siddy

    New Webcam

    Same one I've just replaced last year as my internal display kept sounding alarms when it wanted, I need to sort that but replaced it with a Aercus unit which uploads direct to https://www.wunderground.com/ Down side is I can't get the data onto to my server from it like the maplin version so my own weather webpage is down and just use Wunders site now. I brought a 5 section flag pole last week so I can mount the station higher and an aerial for aircraft (beside the Yorks flag) but came home and saw it in the door way thinking ear bashing on route but got away with it.
  11. Siddy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    A bit of fun whilst watching the video in finding a private reg around your name, LR rascal etc even blue buoy, but nearest I can get is
  12. Siddy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    My van doesn't have a spare but does have a electric pump with a built in can of foam, So having had a slow rear I had to by a electric pump as the van one is a one hit wonder. Shop round for tyre's last month Michelin had a great deal running with cash back from them and I think it's running in January but Costco was still the cheapest for us as always with nitrogen in them. It pays for the years membership and if one near you does fuel that's cheaper as well. Note - when you hear a clicking as you drive, that will be a No 8 pozi in one of the tyres.
  13. Smoggy that fetches me onto that other issue - vibration white finger. ( I don't need help lowering the tone lol )
  14. Islander I've got an issue with my electric organ but have put it down to an operator issue & dyslexic fingers. I watch A.... Music Centre (Yarmouth) video's on Utube and I think you'd be out of work now it but the latest organs are great.
  15. Siddy

    Web Cam

    Looks like they've reduced the picture width for the extra tabs so the picture isn't right now. One thing I did try last week and on the latest Sony android tv software is that the web page now lets you view the cameras full screen with no buffer of the pictures. Brinks, Potters, North Yorks Railway,

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