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  1. Siddy

    Web Cam

    Looks like they've reduced the picture width for the extra tabs so the picture isn't right now. One thing I did try last week and on the latest Sony android tv software is that the web page now lets you view the cameras full screen with no buffer of the pictures. Brinks, Potters, North Yorks Railway,
  2. Siddy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Get to work on him Griff my gaffer under prssure to sell his Mighty Tiger, Nice grey/green colour they really look the part with three proper boxes on the rear.
  3. Siddy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Well done LR now it's time to enjoy life at your pace and not the timetables. Also to Griff in getting a new driver. Only car I've really wanted is a Morris Minor or even better the van/traveller type both have a sound of there own on the road. But not knowing the first thing about body work repairs or engines I'd need a garage that could look after that side of life.
  4. Siddy

    Mobile Wifi Dongle

    Should do it's not locked to anyone network. Just check your sim card size, I think it's a micro (middle size) sim. If your sim is nano you can pick a £1 adaptor set from £shop.
  5. Siddy

    Mobile Wifi Dongle

    If you have use a portable wifi dongle with a data sim then Argos have a half version if your looking to upgrade. I have the model below this and can't fault it. It also takes a 32gig card. I use one most days for wifi in the van for ipad/;a[top or when I work away to keep off the free wifi in the hotels. It's used on the boat just like your router at home and conect via wifi upto 10 devices. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8624969?utm_campaign=11553376&cmpid=COJUN&cjsurferid=774302673764345831%3APEx5BhfRBzaV&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_content=Pepper+Deals+LTD&utm_source=CJ&cjevent=f70844bae26b11e8817701260a180510&catalogId=10001&storeId=10151&_%24ja=tsid%3A11674|prd%3A1546795&utm_term=1453124&referredURL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.argos.co.uk%2Fproduct%2F8624969&referrer=COJUN&krypto=RjB54q0Yw%2FkySHPeSbiaSYj6KUZWIzyW1ywrQr9DW1mCGuExHvqAfjSYvUoJxCOoMJ3%2FdPwEVujx rjQgwqFXteHD8tcW9I36DknlzrP6Kxo%3D If your swapping units don't forget to check your sim size matches you may have to call in a phone shop and ask them to trim it down,
  6. Siddy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Come Thursday it will be day one of putting what you've learn't into play, You've started listing what you're looking out for, read the traffic around you that's thinking like a few cars in front of you if brake lights come on ease up let them sort themselves out. Keep a eye on your wing mirror to what's coming up behind you on dual/motorways etc. That safe braking distant you've given yourself is someone elses overtaking spot. Plan your breaks on route, I'm not a fan of cruise control to me your driving a guided bullet if you drop off and these days doing 70 is boring and inverness is a long way even from here. Even 110 mile to Newcastle in the morning is longer than it took 20 years ago (speed cameras). Saying that I hear cruise is good in 50mph roadworks to stop speeding. Good luck and it won't be long before your taking the car to the local shop and forget what your legs are for.
  7. I thought of these but anyone know of issues with dogs? Don't want one sending him crazy. I'd put them in the garage. I have critter sticky traps out of his reach but he can smell them and trys to get them.
  8. Siddy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Robin what's the rules for bikes these days, If I'm turning left I indicate and tend to move towards the kerb to block them as them race down the inside. One rider last year pushed my wing mirror in so he could get passed which was flashing orange.
  9. Siddy

    Woodforde Brewery's Shop Is Moving

    We've been looking at the online store this week as Kaz has took a liking to the Werry at whilst in the Bridge Inn. I checked with them as to the collect in store was as it wasn't clear. But I can get 3 off 9pint tins delivered free so will be getting some delivered.
  10. I won't say it again why should other enjoy the views & villages going that way. But - should I have stayed on and through Gayton and cross the river below Sutton Bridge? Just drove the route on maps and didn't see any signs saying other wise to avoid the 1.5 mile delay I met.
  11. Last Friday we left at 0730 and with a stop on route we'd call at Tesco for a butty and in the yard at 1215, 190 miles it was a dream of a run. I wasn't even trying to take off on the dual carriage way. But Friday we set off at 1000 and it was hold up after hold up, like I said I was on the back roads looking across the fields and seeing the traffic stood. Then got to Bylth services and it took me off there showing with tomtom taking 20 mins of the traffic jam and pop me back on the A1 in front of the jam. All was great as I was passing Cas towards Wakefield and I said 12mins to go, then 4 lanes of red lights and I got off at Wakefield then down into Leeds after it added 20 mins back on the time. Radio report M62 shut so another 100 yards I'd have been stuffed. Next years boats are Saturday starts. I said to Kaz if we have a Friday start I'd rather take boat back in the evening and drive home after tea. ps she misses half the delays been asleep!!
  12. Griff it took me 6.5 hrs back to Leeds today it was hold up after hold up. Tomtom latest maps, right out of Stalham them took me over Ludham, Wroxham but ended up on a new road passed a airfield with the Vulcan but it them but me on the B1145 I was by myself all the way to a 1.5 mile from Sutton Bridge and it's a great bike route not in the wet. I took it steady after a week at 5mph and a dog that's travel sick!. Goggle not put my travel history up yet but over the swing bridge turn left on A149 then right onto B1145, a few speed camera signs but didn't see any.
  13. Gren check out the HP microservers GEN8 or GEN 10 i'm still on the N54L and it runs feeds to RB24 radarbox, weather server & Plex media server. I added a usb3 card and HDMI. Also Canon EOS software so my new camera downloads via wifi. I put win 10 on a SSD and the other drives shut down till required so easy on the power 24/7. I've not killed it yet. The price tends to float about but never checked HP site for there offers on these. Latest HP win was I needed a A3 scanner and got full A3 printer scan fax etc after cashback £30 and 3 years cover. register for free ink and get 15 A3 prints free/month.
  14. Siddy


    I don't tip for pump outs, if they give good service I remember and return. When eating out if the bill turns up with the tip attached it comes back off, the choice is mine not a demand. If we want to leave something for the person looking after us we leave it on the table when the person returns to at least make sure it goes to that person. On the trip boat if I was giving tips over the bar or the crew tipped as the party left it went in the jar for that trips crew and split at the end normally 5 of us. It was always a thanks and it's shared between the crew.
  15. Were at 11c outside and windows shut in Leeds, I've been trying to paint outside for the last two days but one minute full sun then a 5 min rain (can't call it a shower) and the floor is dry in 30 mins. We seem to be missing it. Might get some sleep tonight now it's cooling down, plus my office(when I working)/Den(when I'm play) has dropped from 29c to 23c and the server fan has gone quite at last.

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