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  1. Frequently seen them used this way. How to use them is probably in that book that so many don't bother to read.
  2. "Rivers rated “poor” include parts of the Blackwater, Tiffey, Chet and Bure, while “poor” broads include Barton Broad, Hoveton Great Broad, Ranworth Broad, Ormesby Broad and Filby Broad So much for 'Clearwater 2000' then.
  3. Agreed. However, offering training ( which could, but need not lead to a bit of paper) rather more extensive than the 'tick box' exercise which suffices for many - NOT ALL - hires would be of benefit to all. This has been suggested on this very thread but dismissed by some as unworkable ! I know it isn't , since yacht hire yards offer it. As far as I know, none of the motor boat yards do .
  4. Unrestrained ? Maybe. Unnoticed? What do others think ?
  5. It has seemed over time that anything perceived to be in the slightest bit critical of hirers or the hire boat industry attracts criticism , often aggresive in nature . Sadly so, but those private owners and many hirers here have a huge and deep love for the Broads.
  6. Well put. It does seem that mods do 'take sides' That shouldn't be the case. Good moderation should be almost unnoticable to anyone but the individual who needs advice.
  7. Why do you think there are ever larger and more luxurious boats coming out on the Broads ?
  8. It is still done on the Broads. Some have more interest in developing the market responsibly than others ! https://www.eastwood-whelpton.co.uk/training/introductory RYA training is also offered here.
  9. It's the same with lifejackets. " They're for when the boat's sinking innit ".
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