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  1. It's a rare visit. I have taken a vow to only post where I can offer help.
  2. I encountered tis problem. Peachments were able to change the hoses for the correctly marked type using my own banjos - and cheaper than the VP ones which still aren't marked correctly for BSS !
  3. Poppy

    More Sad News

    .... which is why I put a question mark in my post
  4. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/police-presence-following-death-at-acle-bridge-6602652 Carbon monoxide ?
  5. Why should they have the option ? Can't they see that they are helping to destroy that which they are trying to acheive ?
  6. ..... is that it's not very common. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-55153396
  7. They are indeed welcome provided that they are prepared to move to existing properties - or if they must have 'new' as appears to be the trend currently they must be on 'brownfield' land . There are almost 1000 acres of such land with space for more than 12500 homes . Every borough and district authority is now required to keep a brownfield register .
  8. A very large site in the centre of Norwich is an example of precisely that . Where there's a will.... " PICTURE the scene. It’s 1997 and a young reporter for Anglia TV is covering plans to revive a rundown part of Norwich with new flats, pubs and a cinema. The land is so contaminated that the media have to wear steel toe-capped boots, voluminous yellow overalls and safety glasses. It’s this particular reporter’s debut “piece to camera” and he looks suitably awkward, not to say ridiculous, as a result. The soil on the site ran thick with the waste of several decades of heavy industrial use, some of it from the railway, much more from a famous Norwich name – the manufacturers Boulton & Paul. Thousands worked here over the decades. The contaminated land would become the Riverside development (pictured above)" http://riversidenorwich.blogspot.com/2013/05/wanted-memories-of-boulton-paul.html
  9. It may be 'panic over' folks. It appears that the larger 4.5kg bottle is the Irish specification from Calor's sister company. Perhaps someone got creative and imported some due to the lack of availability of the normal ones. Sorry for any alarm my OP may have caused.
  10. I hope they've watched it by now, since it's all over the media this morning - even Radio Norfolk - as it was yesterday evening. Anyone calling for the BBC to 'stop and think' ?
  11. Height: 340mm approx Diameter: 240mm approx So a little shorter but a gnat's willy wider at the base.
  12. You don't have to look at the thread. It;s titled clearly.
  13. Just a regulator. 30mb is te new 'standard for both butane and propane I believe, Remember that the treads are different.
  14. Possibly, but according to the measurements I posted earlier it's the base ring that is wider.
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