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  1. Poppy

    Horning Village Car Park ( By The Swan )

    Perhaps then there is a strong case for pub customers being charged (say £1 per hour) to park on the Village Staithe.....
  2. Poppy

    The Rights And Wrongs Of Rights Of Way

    Once, on the Bure I saw (and heard) the Captain of a Richardson's craft loudly tell the skipper of Albion that he (the Wherry) was on th wrong side of the river. How did I know he was the captain of the cruiser ? His hat titled him thus
  3. Poppy

    Closed Season - Have Your Say

    I've not been a 'regular' angler for many years. When I was the closed season was an issue even then - ove 50 years ago. True, evidence on impacts on fish stocks iswas and even now is, hard to come by. What is beyond dispute is that the bankside vegitation is during the 'closed sesaon' undergoing its greatest growth period. Along with this birds, mammals and certain invertibrates are in their breeding season. For these reasons alone I feel that there should be no change in the current arrangements.
  4. Poppy

    Closed Season - Have Your Say

    Breydon, I was about to give you a 'like' for that post, then I realised it wasn't about the Broads Authority
  5. Poppy

    James Knight's Blog

    You wish, Marshy. You really do wish, don't you ?
  6. Poppy

    Freezing Weather

    Lime Kiln dyke from the Nancy Oldfield base to Gay's Staithe amd beyond has approx. 3/4 " of ice, no activities today . I believe Barton is similarly affected.
  7. Perhaps the size of the vote should be decided by the financial contibution made directly to the Authority. Stuff that in your pipe, twitchers, anglers, ramblers etc
  8. Poppy

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    But not nearly enough like this.
  9. Poppy

    Boat On Fire!

    Because the OWN those waters perhaps ? Not just clubs either. One or two yards on the Broads come to mind.
  10. Poppy

    Boat On Fire!

    So could my sauiling club (or any other) insist that our member's moorings be dredged by them ? Since the club already ensures that boats are insured and certified, what other services are on offer from the Blessed Authority for owners/ users of such waters ?
  11. Poppy

    Boat On Fire!

    So on a 'contiguous water'... So what exactly are the responsibilities of the Authority ?
  12. Poppy

    Beccles Bypass Bridge

    Only third party is required.
  13. Poppy


    Nothing wrong with Triadvisor IMHO. eThe problem is with people who consultit and are influenced by one report which is entirely out of kilter with the majority of others. I use it regularly for reports about hotels, restaurants etc which I plan to visit. I will ( and have) report on my experiences - both good and bad. As I said, look for trends in what is being reported.
  14. Poppy


    Just wine - preferably by the case....

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