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  1. Disappointed ( but not really surprised ) by the reaction of many on this thread. perhaps it's best that they stay away . Bigots aren't welcome here - or anywhere in my view..
  2. It was moored beyond Paddy's Lane moorings a couple of weeks ago. It didn't have the trailer then.
  3. Poppy

    Thread Rot

    Never used any chemicals on it.
  4. Why oh WHY .... do sail and boat cover makers use top quality materials - and then stuff them together with RUBBISH, i.e. thread that rots in sunlight ? Surely the additional cost of quality sewing thread is hardly prohibitive ? Talking to a local yard about it , it seems a common issue. Even affecting sails from a well regarded local maker !!
  5. It's expected that here will be more than a few guests from elsewhere - making up the bulk of attenders and outnumbering the locals, since they will be up for the weekend on their boats or visiting for a boating holiday. There will be an number of others who will be attending since their team is playing away from Portman Road on Saturday
  6. https://www.yachtmasterinsurance.co.uk/ As good as any you'll find.
  7. Poppy


    Castor oil https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/archive/article/july-2000/55/castrol-r
  8. I started to use one of these last winter. I've found it the best thing i've used so far. https://www.screwfix.com/p/harris-heavy-duty-tungsten-carbide-wood-scraper-2/45940
  9. Should be - it's a Mondeo under the skin. I've never had a problem with roadholding on the DS5s, bothe have been on Michelins.
  10. Don't forget 'The Big Six' as well. Loved Ransome's work since I first discovered him as a child. The sailing stuff is so accurate.
  11. Surely you'll be taking that escutcheon plate off first ?
  12. I'm now on my 2nd DS5 but a six speed diesel manual. GREAT cars. I love the comfort and performance, as well as the economy - and pulling a 1300 kg caravan is no problem.
  13. With mains you will be measuting the charger output which will be.... around 12.6ish volts. Try the same multimeter check with the mains disconnected or turned off.
  14. The 12.6 volts - was that with the mains on ? Sounds very much to me that the batteries are shot !
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