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  1. The same is happening in the touring caravan market. People have forgotten what is essentially a camping holiday is meant to be like . So on the roads as well as on the rivers we see behemoths which are being used by just two people. Status symbols ? Or perhaps they really just don't like each other....
  2. That's how it should work. However....
  3. There has been rather more 'flying off the handle' as a result of various contributions to this thread - contributions I might add which were made in all innocence by everyone. No offence intended but clearly, offence taken. Perhaps the 'pm' route would have been the most appropriate ? Time to call 'stop' on this one now. It's souring the atmosphere here .
  4. Bit technical for a Broads sailor, that is, but I leave that to them brain surgeons.
  5. I hide mine under my gold braided yachting cap
  6. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/11-things-that-are-more-likely-than-winning-the-lottery-a6798856.html
  7. Poppy

    Mooring Fees

    The 'patina' has been lovingly formed from a weathered combination of Woodfords and Adnams finest. I insist on my pint's being brim full and spillage is inevitable The fag ash hasn't been added to since early 2003 !
  8. Poppy

    Mooring Fees

    There's nothing wrong with my reefer jacket and gold braided yachtsmans cap - and it didn't come from La'Thams I'll have you know !
  9. Poppy

    Mooring Fees

    I find it irritating when folk post tha 'we shouldn't be talking about that '. It's a forum. If you dislike something, scroll on until you find something of interest to you. I do it all the time .
  10. Poppy

    Mooring Fees

    And how many of those 'Lambeths' have been bought by landlords for private lets at rents in excess of the cost of a mortgage ? It's a Catch 22 for so many. Can't save to buy because rents are too high !
  11. Poppy

    Mooring Fees

    But when some people don't like your opinion......
  12. Poppy

    Water Tanks

  13. In contrast with the behaviour of the Hulabaloos, most definitely. Sadly still many - met one boatload such as we were leaving Thurne Dyke yesterday afternon !
  14. Poppy

    Keep Safe

    Faux pas? A little more than that. A flagrant breach of the law. Yes I would !
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