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  1. Are all these people who cannot take a video or 'photo without turning the phone, retards?
  2. Is 'fender squeak' always due to fenders ?
  3. Poppy

    Moving May Day

    There's me thinking this thread was about the occupant of No. 10
  4. I wonder how Brexit will affect that ?
  5. I know of no reason not to name Edward William Marine Services. Copied from the last paragraph of their online proposal form:- "Edward William Marine Services SL is a Spanish Registered Insurance Agent and as such is not authorised or Regulated by the UK Financial Services Association and is not covered for compensation under the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)"
  6. Poppy

    3 Rivers Race 2019

    Was nobody handy with a bucket of water then ?
  7. Perhaps Tim Martin has the 'ear' of the authorities...
  8. Just a query. On encountering a swimmer in the water, should I be in my sail boat who has right of way - me, or them ?
  9. Poppy

    3 Rivers Race 2019

    Not the only time he had problems either......
  10. Poppy

    3 Rivers Race 2019

    The race attracts a number of visiting competitors who appear to have a scant understanding of what 'close quarters' sailing as we do it on the Broads really means I've criuised with sailing friends from 'ampshire and there abouts who regarded normal manouvers here as 'mental '.
  11. Poppy

    3 Rivers Race 2019

    We have met a number of hirers over the years who were adamant that their hire yard had made no mention of the race on handover. Why am I not surprised ?
  12. Poppy

    3 Rivers Race 2019

    I witnessed what was very nearly a very bad incident at Acle. The crew of a small Broads Cruiser was on the foredeck prior to lowering the rig for the bridge, and by his demeanour it appeared he was unsure of what he was doing. He decided 'action' was called for and finally released a rope. It was the wrong one, and the entire rig came crashing down - gaff, boom, mainsail, mast - the lot ! It illustrates just how important it is for all entrants to be confident of their own ability , and especially that of their crew.
  13. Would I shop where the company demands payment for parking ? No! Pubs and restaurants are no different IMHO, as are boat moorings. There are now 'heavy' charges at Acle, only part refunded against food purchase. That's another I won't be visiting, even by road.
  14. Bananas too. I saw a very 'posh' looking lady last week choosing some - which she carefully placed in one of the plastic bags provided! WHY ??
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