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  1. The spin department is hard at it! https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/broads-authority-sell-spirit-of-breydon-1-6160569
  2. Just double up on your fenders!
  3. Yes, I do. Various sources but one in particular who should know & whom I trust. It all came about as a dictate when what was disseminated to us mere stakeholders had first to be approved by Dr P. Surely you are aware that the Doctor likes to be in control. As I have told you before, I don't lie.
  4. We only have to look at the list of very capable Authority staff members who have chosen to move on for whatever reason. The one common denominator being that they understood the unique nature of the Broads & its inhabitants.
  5. A fact of history that has not exactly endeared the Authority to the Broads community.
  6. I was told by someone on the inside that the Rangers have been told not to fraternize with us mere minions. Great shame because there has long been a good relationship between them and us.
  7. https://rnli.org/about-us/our-history/timeline/2002-hovercraft-joins-the-rnli-fleet
  8. One particular man in charge? Not exactly but one man in particular does tend to lead and manipulate the relatively weak committees and the totally malleable chair-people that the Authority has had over the last dozen or so years. There is obviously more to it than that but that will do for starters!
  9. Food for thought, if the SOB had been a wise choice in the first place then would she now be up for sale after only six years, and that includes many months moored up out of service? Add to that the purpose built boatshed that proved incapable of housing her and you have something of a PR disaster from day one if you ask me!.
  10. I'm not anti the boat as such but have long questioned her suitability for the intended role. Had the BA asked for advice from such as the RNLI, with regard to her role as a rescue facility, then perhaps they would not have bought her. Regretfully the BA has something of a reputation for thinking that it knows best and then ploughing on regardless! She was bought as a multi role vessel and now it appears that they want a new boat that will fulfill an even more diverse roll.
  11. I jolly well would! I put a high value on openess and honesty, especially amongst executive public servants!
  12. I am not so sure about that, at least the first bit. She's spent a great deal of her life moored up due to engine problems, indeed I believe that she's had several new engines over six years. I'd have a great deal more confidence in the BA if they were to come clean and admit that they got it wrong in the first place.
  13. Liberally apply Super-Glue to the your rope either side of the whipping, looks a tad more tiddly than a heat-seal, even a neat one, in my opinion of course.
  14. Posted on June 26th:
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