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    The Broads is NOT a national park, FACT!

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  1. JennyMorgan

    Moorings During The Busy Months

    Come South!
  2. JennyMorgan


    English buns are much to be prefered. Not sure that they need to be thrown though, they deserve to be handled with TLC!
  3. JennyMorgan

    Justice Is Done!

    To my knowledge that bridge has been stuck open twice in recent days so I doubt that it is operator error, not twice surely. Daft thing is is that there are two bridges so if one is broken then use the other, so simple, but seemingly Yarmouth people haven't yet latched onto that obvious solution to their problems! Durrr, I always use the Southtown Bridge!!
  4. JennyMorgan

    Beware The Yare On The 31st May

    Is she steel? Now I had heard that she was built of aluminium.
  5. JennyMorgan

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    Me too! The first few words of Granny chairperson's comment intriegues me though, Sacked Chair, what does the militant pike know that we don't? Has Granny been a naughty old girl? Is she paying the price for the Peer Review? Almost as gripping as 'who shot JR'? Sacked Chair Granny Burgess expressed her excitement at the prospect of spending nearly a million pounds for no reason. “We have no idea how many visitors we might get, or how much money they might spend, or really what the benefit is at all. But we still believe it represents strong value for money” she said.
  6. JennyMorgan

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

  7. JennyMorgan

    Time And Tide

    In many, many years I have never ever been charged at YH Yacht Station for just laying alongside whilst I wait for the tide, very nice people, not allowed to leave the boat though but that's no hardship!
  8. JennyMorgan

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    Shhhhh, don't let on but I moor at the sailing club!
  9. JennyMorgan

    England V Tunisia

    That must be a mistake, replace football with The Broads!
  10. JennyMorgan

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    Thanks for your reply, Kingfisher666. All fair comments but please consider that the site was purchased in order to provide moorings and I have no doubt that it was financed out of tolls money. More than once I have passed through Acle without being able to find a mooring so I do feel precious about those three or four moorings that we could potentially lose.
  11. JennyMorgan

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    It would also be at the expense of quite a few mooring spaces.
  12. JennyMorgan

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    Surroundings as in The Broads, excluding the tacky delights of Wroxham or Gt Yarmouth!
  13. JennyMorgan

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    Modern can be great and can stand the test of time, witness Coventry Cathedral. However, at Acle, the design should surely be sympathetic and in harmony with its surroundings, culture and tradition. That doesn't exclude modern. Indeed I like the style of the long building however it would come at a cost of a dozen or so moorings but if I had to choose then I would ask that architect to do the job and in that general style.
  14. JennyMorgan

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    A building doesn't have to be over sized in order to stand out, just well designed.
  15. JennyMorgan

    England V Tunisia

    One swallow doesn't make a summer!

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