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  1. More by luck than anything else I managed to avoid disaster. Jimmy Hoseason had changed the demographics of his customer base in an attempt to take on Freddy Laker at his own game, that was to prove a bad move. Dougy Rushmere at Ripplecraft was keen to expand so we let our boats go, thank goodness. Up to that point my souvenir shop was providing a more than reasonable living. For several years I'd been selling expensive, premium grade plush's, soft toys, that were incredibly realistic. As was the way of the industry I contracted to buy so much stock throughout the summer. At the start of that last, fateful season, the toy rep asked if he could sign me up at the same rate as the previous year, I said no, I had enough to last a couple of weeks, it actually took me all summer to sell those few leftovers. Thankfully a rich Londoner came along, wanting to buy into the lifestyle, so we sold the company and thank goodness we did. Astons at Beccles, plus most of the yards at Oulton Broad were wound up, no longer were our moorings full, fifty plus boats a night was the norm. The new owner often told me how he never came anywhere near to the turnover that we had achieved. Largely I managed to hang onto what I had but many of my friends didn't. A change of customer base, crippling interest rates, the industry was struggling. This time around the interest rates are low, at the moment, the bigger fleets are strong with some superb boats. People will be wary of foreign holidays, at least for a while, I do see some of the smaller businesses falling by the way, but the long established yards, especially those who own their freehold, will survive & flourish, of that I am confident. Following an enforced lock down I suspect people will be keen to take a holiday. My concern isn't so much for the big yards, my sympathies lie more with the pubs and attractions, many of whom rent their premises.
  2. I don't doubt for one minute that the BA is trying to support the yards and that is very commendable and how it should be.
  3. Now, Jay, is that a statement of fact or a directive?
  4. Perhaps it is time for making and taking provisional bookings. Probably already happening but if I had a yard then I would actively market such a service. When restrictions are lifted I suspect that there will be something of a rush to book stay-cations. Now's the time to jump the queue!
  5. Rightly or wrongly Southwold is defending its boundaries. Seems a bit drastic to me but I suppose these two gentlemen have a point. Apparently Easter is going to be crunch time and travelling to the coast is hardly necessary travel. With all the pubs closed I really can't see the attraction!
  6. SS. does that equate to 'silly sod'?
  7. Perhaps folk feel that if they make Tom feel welcome then he'll stay. Got to say that on balance I'm pleased to see him here. Mind you, I don't always welcome the propaganda!
  8. I almost know it of by heart!
  9. I would if I were you! Have had flue jabs for three years now, guess what, no flu, not even man flu.
  10. Due to the Lock-Down the Broads is remarkably quiet, a thieves paradise. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/crime/norfolk-police-broads-crime-boat-reedham-inn-1-6596579
  11. The price of marriage perhaps?!
  12. There is indeed, I was offered and accepted it when I turned 70. My wife regretfully wasn't, perhaps because not long after her birthday Corona Virus reared its head. For most folk that I know who have had it it has been relatively localised, Lynn has been very unlucky, it's in her hair and right down to her feet, she's covered.
  13. My poor wife is going through it! Now she has galloping shingles, the pain and irritation is really getting her down. Every two hours I need to put drops in her eyes, but that turned out to be an unexpected bonus this morning. Six o'clock and looking out of our bedroom window revealed a real bonus feature! A gorgeous dawn highlighted a deep mist over the marshes and the river. From our bedroom we look down onto the mist, despite the shingles a grand start to the day! The Broads at their very best.
  14. Shades of various forums there!
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