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  1. Wymondham? Nobby enough to have both a Waitrose AND a Morrisons!
  2. Time to move? We do tolerate incomers! (Most of 'em)
  3. I'm sat here in my front-room looking out of the window, there's a beautifully coloured Jay de-worming my lawn. He's not alone, there's a cheeky blessed fox scratching and licking its **** on the patio within yards of where I'm sat. The other day I had an egret land in my fish pond, not at all discouraged by my pet heron (plastic). I'm about a hundred and ten yards from the water's edge and it's not uncommon to see various deer in the garden, the occasional hedge hog, even the odd otter. During the summer a grass snake took up residence in my pond and a seal took to beaching himself on my slipway. As for the bird life, I'm no twitcher but I do appreciate what I see, even if I don't know what it is. And it's going to get better! Suffolk Wildlife Trust is creating a massive nature reserve on the other side of the Broad. I can never understand why folk insist on blasting across Breydon, the longer the journey takes the better, there is just so much to see! I suppose I see pretty much all that one might reasonably expect to see in the course of a year, but I have yet to see a bittern either in the garden or even on the Broad although I did hear one last summer. Just a case of keeping your eyes open and some folk I talk to clearly don't!
  4. We are about equidistant to one Lidl and two Aldi's. Whilst we use all three it is Lidl that is our first choice. Beccles now has a Lidl well within walking distance from the Yacht Station.
  5. We all have to! Especially when we are in that 'circle of goodness' that envelops and follows a Ranger's launch!
  6. I think it fair to suggest that the SOB was probably bought in ignorance but suitably re-engined she could be a good workhorse. Aquabells are well proven hulls and perhaps with a dis-mountable derrick, as well as top hamper, she might prove herself as a useful 'muscle' boat. Poncing backwards and forwards across Breydon, with the odd extended vacation at the boatyard, has given rise to some less than complimentary but understandable reactions to her original purchase. She was predictably unsuited to her previous, much vaunted roll. However, tomorrow is another day, as a suitably powered workboat I would like to think that the Authority has made the right decision, this time, in reactivating the SOB.
  7. So our local 'meadow ladies' had better keep their aft hooves together then !!
  8. He's won me over, he doesn't like JP!
  9. The one back home might not be too happy!! Good luck
  10. Glutton for punishment? Gunton
  11. Nearer home, for me, we have the Cantley Sugar factory. Went there on a planning consultation and as we were there we were shown round, loads of own label stuff, all the same sugar! Nearest that I come to 'posh' around here is Sainsbury at Great Yarmouth, catering for posh chavs I suppose. I rarely go to our local Tesco but when I do, and compare their prices with our local Lidl, well every Lidl helps! As for Lidls I do know some exceptionally rich and genuinely posh folk, regularly bump into them in there. We do have a local Aldi but that is stuffed to the gills with feral brats and mothers in either their night attire or onesies, don't often lower myself by going there ! As for shopping snobs, near neighbour gives me big laughs. He shops on line, Tesco always deliver well after dark, John Lewis & Waitrose (from Norwich) always deliver in daylight, generally at dog walking time, maximum exposure! Presumably he hasn't cottoned on to us curtain twitchers having cottoned onto this vaguely amusing idiosyncrasy of his! He sails so he isn't all bad!
  12. Not entirely deserved, at least one of the big three has shown himself to be fair minded and socially responsible. Indeed he is well respected along the rhond plus he doesn't like JP so he can't be all bad!.
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