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  1. The amusing thing that has come out of the woodwork is that the vintage cars they drive around in are shunted around on trailers between 'takes'.
  2. Not forgetting Bah Bah Black Sheep, Larry The Lamb and Nelly the Elephant, well, it takes all sorts!!
  3. Seemingly not: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spillers Who makes dog food now?
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0008kjs?fbclid=IwAR1cryOQkqUjbpB43NZmbUq2fyEEi4Pt-WpQ4xk3SHLEwC7cih3FJCxtyrE
  5. Surely not, more like Spillers, the dog food people?
  6. A few years ago there was a known high twenty on Oulton Broad that a number of us had caught and inevitably her presence became known to several TV personalities. Sadly she was caught on camera, but what was not shown was the forty minutes that she was out of the water being weighed, unhooked and photographed. She was never to be caught again, we can only assume that she didn't survive her fifteen minutes of fame.
  7. It is very successfully going downhill!
  8. No engines, no sails, live-aboards moored above St Benets and waiting for the tide to drop thus the creation of the great tributary.
  9. Regretfully many people consider that they do treat pike with respect and that it swam off when returned to the water thus it must have been treated well. They go home well contented, a while later I find the once healthy fish, now bloated and in the margins or floating on my slipway. I do despair at the angling skill, or lack thereof, of quite a few of my fellow anglers.
  10. Fred, perhaps some of those part eaten carcasses were angling casualties before they became rodent fodder. Living besides the water I see some big pike being caught and returned by 'experienced' anglers, regrettably I sometimes find the same fish dead & floating in the margins.
  11. Naaa, more like we are conscious of the deleterious effects of diesel on the environment.
  12. It's the cost of colour matching the nail varnish that does it! All written in jest but with more than a ring of truth!
  13. Firstly I agree one hundred percent with Marshman on this one. Beyond that the biggest risk to the big old ladies, in my opinion and experience, is anglers themselves.
  14. That would require sick leave and subsequent cover which would involve the HR department who's charge to the Nav Account would need verifying and so the circle of seat polishing becomes self sustaining and perpetual! The owner of the lost nail taking early retirement due to the resultant stress and trauma.
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