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  1. The demands and pressures of life can and do get on top of the best of us, we mentally turn off, we inevitably give in, our minds have no other option. Blessed are those who have families and friends to stand by them.
  2. I suppose that I might now be accused of trolling but, hey ho, here we go. We all make provocative statements at some time, even unintentionally, but perhaps more likely down to good intent rather than malice I hasten to add! There always has been and always will be oddballs in life, and generally I'm drawn to them, but when it boils down to sheer, aggressive nastiness, such as trolling, then I have my reservations. It's not just down to social media, it's a streak in mankind that is probably within our DNA, but social media has provided an easy outlet. Most of us learn to cope with it, to a greater or lesser degree, but one or two seem to revel in the discord that they cause, even when they are of an age when they should damn well know better! As for mental instability in general, I am no expert but I've been on this planet a few years now and as a social photographer, I specialised in people, I soon became aware that social misfits tended to lack friends, other folk that they could relate to, from whom they could learn by experience. A self perpetuating problem as the more insular they became the less likely they were to share their lives and their problems.
  3. My feeling has long been that there are areas of both Norfolk & Suffolk that could and should be declared to be 'national parks'. In that I would include one or two areas of the Broads. There is a valid argument that the Broads is dependent on the vast watershed that feeds the Broads environment thus, as a national park, the boundaries should recognise this fact. That argument is equally valid for the areas around Minsmere , Dunwich, Blakeny and Brancaster for example. But where should these boundaries be? Inevitably some of the surrounding features that would fall within these boundaries are far removed from the general perception of national parks. Lots of questions, even more answers.
  4. Far from stopping dredging . . . . but he already has! If we take the Yare as an example, and this is a fact, since shipping (bigger craft) no longer uses the Yare it has become declared policy to allow the river to silt up so yes, in that instance, no dredging. Mind you, I do see their logic on this, not to say that there aren't other implications. e.g. reduced flush. I suspect that there are those at BA Towers that give greatest priority to their personal interests whilst giving rather less to matters that disinterest them, such as navigation.
  5. The Commissioners effectively had just one responsibility, namely the navigation, and that focused their thinking. They were also forward thinking, and wise. They bought land at Geldeston Lock with a view to reopening the navigation up to Bungay. That land was later sold by the Authority, a backward step in my opinion.
  6. I too remember the good old days and they weren't all bad, and that is a fact. The legacy and ethos of the River Commissioners was regretfully not incorporated into the Broads Authority, a sad loss to the Broads.
  7. I have to agree with you, Chris, but perhaps low skilled folk already here might be encouraged to work.
  8. The Authority was conceived as an over-riding, governing body because at that time there was a marked lack of consistency and joined up thinking between those responsible for the Broads. I still believe that the principle was right. I also believe that it has gone wrong, severely so, and that is because it has effectively been taken over by both personal ambition and misguided, personal agenda. The Authority needs rebooting, returning to factory settings so to speak. I don't see a return to the BA's predecessor as remotely likely albeit not impossible. Perhaps it would be better to fix what we now have.
  9. Perhaps I am as guilty as anyone and if so I am sorry. Endless wrangling, rather than debate, especially by one particular individual, is annoying and adds nothing to the debate. Good night from me, and hopefully good night from him!
  10. And from anywhere else? Whoops, I'll be getting as bad as guess who!! Argue away Bill, I'll leave it to you now!
  11. I did, not a daily occurrence, afraid I missed it!
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