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  1. Sorry and all that but I must disagree! An auxiliary sailing boat is only under power when the engine is actually providing propulsion. I have sailed on one of the wherry yachts, one that was fitted with an electric motor. The skipper, on one occasion, took emergency avoiding action rather than sink an errant day-boat. The electric motor was not running yet it was on stand-by. It was turned on and was immediately used to sheer the wherry, White Moth, away from the day-boat. The only way to have had a diesel engine on similar stand-by would have been to have it running, running just in case, but not running to provide propulsion.
  2. Indeed! A Jenny Morgan being a must have item, bin irons are also pretty useful, as is a bonnet, a slipping keel, a carling board and planceas!
  3. Ecological vandalism, plain and simple. Natural England at it's worst.
  4. From the Seventies until a couple of years ago my family and I have enjoyed several line-ups of the band, various members of which apparently now live in Norfolk. Will probably swallow my pride and spend a day in Yarmouth, ending up with Showaddy Waddy.
  5. No, the sails are up and liable to take over should the wind puff up, as can and does happen. I do sometimes leave my motor in tick-over but only as a very last resort, maybe to give me steerage in very low winds whilst tacking, equally I could use a quant or a paddle! I might use the engine to ensure that I remain head-to-wind whilst lowering my sails however I would be under power and would rely on an understanding and courteous helmsman on the powered boat, there are a few about!
  6. It might be time to don my 3/4 length baggy shorts, Sports Direct chav t-shirt, white socks and trainers, garish hat and man-bag. Thus suitably adorned I won't feel out of place, waddling down Regent Street and The Golden Mile! Grot Yarmouth here I come! https://www.metro.news/escape-pier-pleasure/2098770/ Head South, spend a day at Gt Yarmouth, have a real, traditional Broads holiday! PS Yarmouth isn't that bad, honestly! Indeed it's great fun. Showaddywaddy, great show. Not so sure about Roy Chubby Brown though.
  7. In truth, probably hadn't got a clue!
  8. There are some very good camping heaters out there. Unless my memory is totally flawed, not impossible, but aren't some of the hook up points closed during the winter due to flooding risks? Winter being end of October till April the First.
  9. The yards go to great lengths to provide all the comforts and conveniences of home and people now expect that almost as a right. The reality is that folk are going boating. It might be cold in the morning but that is one of the joys of winter boating. That takes me back to my comments about suitable clothing! A degree of privation is good for the spirit, and quite possibly for your health! Don't want to become soft, do we?
  10. Relevant content here: https://www.aol.co.uk/news/2020/08/01/fears-over-a-unmanageablea-beaches-amid-high-numbers-of-visit/?a_dgi=aolshare_facebook&fbclid=IwAR3EU2-ultE_RcV7Trl2FxoBXlwPgL_H5f4cfByoEaI7EZzwmeiya-KeoVw&guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZmFjZWJvb2suY29tLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAEjjQpqOPUUt4Fnf7STIWpkCMZRel6OzAYzNrJr7EIrpAQ6-V1Ipyy0bZiS0PuG8mU89FsEFq3Yt_fZQfoNUZ5Y75psqA5v07QhZzlKO0cdJ4T2r3qNUuHEnTTadmDiyOTQd6Zz11eUTHxHA1UcakO2NGhDLgpxclIlSjsvd1YEy
  11. I can understand the local concerns. It is becoming increasingly clear that for many a visit to the beach or pub is an excuse to forget the virus and ignore social distancing. There are local lock-downs in the Midlands yet no effective restriction on travelling from those areas to such as the Broads & North Norfolk. Us elderly Broads locals are naturally wary of the plague carrying grockels roaming and decimating our villages and communities!
  12. With modern fabrics and clothing technology there really is no excuse for not going boating during the Autumn or even the winter. Wind burn rather than sun burn! One surprise regarding Richardson's announcement is that the BA Rangers duties are usually and largely land based by November. Thank goodness for mobile phones!
  13. If people dress appropriately then boating in October and November can be a real pleasure, the scenery and lighting can be delightful, the lack of crowds a real plus. A decent pint besides a log fire in a riverside pub, life doesn't come much better than that!
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