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  1. JennyMorgan

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    I have no doubt whatsoever that he is aware, hence my thought that he attempting to downplay the costs associated with what might yet prove to be a non runner.
  2. JennyMorgan

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    Very fair comment, and so onto other topics in the latest edition of The Broad Sheet. Page one and both headline topics have received comment so onto page two. Grand for a Grand idea, seemingly a grand idea in itself! Broads Engage Workshop, the replacement for the unlamented Broads Forum. One difference between the two being that groups now apply to join rather than being invited to join, e.g. the chosen, helpful few. However, it is not a committee, it is a workshop, and topics are chosen by guess who at the Authority. No one is elected, whether it will be managed by a chairman or a facilitator remains to be seen. I suspect that the Broads Engage Workshop is in response to the recent Broads Review. I rather fear that it will be tightly controlled however a brave move by JP. In principle this appears to be a good idea, but will the people of Broadland be listened to this time? The Swing Bridge Workshop. Not sure what else the Authority could have done at this point and am content to support the action taken so far. I'm not sure how far the Authority can push without the risk that Network Rail will call for a review/change to the Railways Act that will allow them to fix the swinging bridges. The carbon monoxide consultation, surely not unexpected. Provided that the Authority remembers the peculiarities of indigenous Broads boats then, once again, am content with this one too. Broads Briefing, recommended reading!
  3. JennyMorgan

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    We have sadly gone off topic, which I suppose was inevitable. The topic was the Broadsheet and what is written within, or on one of its two sides. I quoted, and opened for discussion, what in undeniably written for all to read. It is a widely held view, and probably right, that in regard to the BNP visitor centre JP has jumped the gun. Rather than Authority members it is JP who has, with understandable enthusiasm, ploughed on with this project. However there are obvious hurdles, such as planning and the fact that the proposal is head on to existing Authority guidelines and policies to overcome. Only now is he talking of a business plan, bit late in the day for that. No doubt that the project fits in with Government guidelines for being 'called in' and I suspect that will happen. It is quite likely that JP's plans will have a rocky ride ahead and my guess is that he is now attempting to devalue the project ahead of any criticism should it grind to a halt. Of course that final conclusion is pure guesswork but what is not guesswork is what is written in the Broadsheet. Having talked to JP about this project, at an early stage, I am aware of the enthusiasm that he has for it. I actually think that he is probably both surprised and disappointed at the lack of universal support. Personally I question the manner in which he's attempting to force this project forward and I'm afraid that half truths add nothing to the debate.
  4. JennyMorgan

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    And very often one side is defendable whilst the other isn't!
  5. JennyMorgan

    Changes At Beccles Harbour

    Boat owners at Oulton Broad Yacht Station have to pay to park their cars, nothing new there. What does stick in my craw is that Waveney District Council have accrued vast reserves from both Oulton Broad and Beccles and in neither case are they using even a tiny proportion of that dosh to make good the significant lack of maintenance that both communities suffered under WDC's mismanagement.
  6. JennyMorgan

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    Tiresome and predictable. Chris, all charges at the Authority are proportioned, it's the way that they operate, agreed with the RYA etc. I don't have a problem with that. However the Authority is being economical with the truth in regard to this project. 'Hidden' costs are still costs. Not only that but around half our toll goes towards Authority overheads. To suggest that this vanity project has 'only' cost three grand is ludicrous.
  7. JennyMorgan

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    I'm glad that someone else has raised the topic of the Broad Sheet, or Broad Squit as it is affectionately known by many along the rhond. To be honest I am both angry and amazed that the author has had the temerity to so economical with the truth, or at least to mislead. Let me explain, it's on the front page under BNP Visitor and Education Centre at Acle Bridge, let me quote: 'The Authority has spent very little on the project. The three shortlisted architectural practices were each paid one thousand pounds to develop their stage two submissions for the competition'. That's it, as written, no mention of the 'officer hours' involved and no mention of the publicity and PR costs. I know that there has been a bulging folder at Yare House for over a year with reports and proposals on this one yet the only mention of cost has been the one for just three thousand pounds. What sort of man does he think he is, or what sort of people does he think we are? Come off it, Broads Authority, a true report in regards to the costs to-date, including officer costs, and the estimated cost to develop a full business analysis won't go amiss. Telling us that this fiasco has cost very little is at least misleading, at worst a deliberate misrepresentation of the truth. Yes, absolute Broad Squit!
  8. JennyMorgan

    Broads Sea Consortium

    My thought exactly, I do know that Mark knows the reality of the situation.
  9. JennyMorgan

    Eel In Thruster

    Would have thought it would have emerged thin sliced as a salami might have been.
  10. JennyMorgan

    Next Best Image To That Of A Sailing Boat?

    Strumpshaw used to be one of the big ones. Henham always attracts 20 to 30 engines plus numerous vintage vehicles, well worth a trip.
  11. Those of us lucky enough to live by the Broads don't just go fishing, sailing and giving out boats suitable TLC, we also go to steam rallies at such as Strumpshore and Henham Country Park, just up the A12 from Oulton Broad. Henham is always mid September, last weekend this year. We do relent our boats occasionally! Norfolk, by the way, has been the birthplace to many a fine 'steamer'.
  12. JennyMorgan

    Real Boats!!

    farthing at Oulton Broad Regatta this year.
  13. JennyMorgan

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    Or even mostly tax!
  14. JennyMorgan

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    Perhaps if we all drink more tea?

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