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  1. Okay, so I accept that but the court judgement is clear with its condition re marketing. noun: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Wooly, I know, but that's nothing new for you know who.
  2. Marketing is. lest we forget, the only use that the BA can make of the BNP term. I can't believe that the BA would be so cavalier as to forget that very clear judgement!
  3. That would have paid for the proposed 24hr moorings accessing Peto's Marsh!
  4. Twenty something thousand plus the cost of replacing ones damaged by staff removing unauthorised stickers
  5. No doubt that that question, and JP's interpretation of it, is at the very root of the problem.
  6. I think the penny dropped, 11 years and 9 months ago, eh!
  7. Searching for his tactically lost wallet by any chance?
  8. Apparently the metal of which they are made is unsuitable for recycling .
  9. Having just re-read the above, again, I was drawn to the last paragraph, prophetic or what? "I fear that the authority’s approach has not enabled the House to give it the warm cross-party endorsement that it might otherwise have had, and serious concerns among our constituents remain. That said, there will be further opportunities in the other place. As the hon. Member for North Norfolk said, the ultimate test will be the behaviour of the authority in interpreting and using its powers in the years ahead. If the fears of the navigators prove justified, we will know soon enough, and we will have the opportunity to do something about it in due course." The sentence that I have highlighted in red was apt back then and remains wholly apt right now. In my opinion I think it reasonable to suggest that the Executive has failed on a number of counts, all relating to the BNP obsession, and culminating with the Acle Debacle and these road signs in particular.
  10. Re the BNP. a very good read here: http://www.richardbacon.org.uk/archive_speeches/broads_bill.htm?fbclid=IwAR0E4YTOl2hv963nlDvSXax2IsXyIY0NP94Oa0TPX3k4YLX3f4yjvxixOmM
  11. Just a question of the right lubrication !
  12. A good Easterly can also force the water out of the North Sea or hold back water from the Atlantic. We'll know on the day!
  13. Trusting that the final touches will include the true to life sound effects of Griff regaling all and sundry with his awesome repertoire of awful jokes!
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