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  1. Two maggots, one red and one white Judging by her condition she had not long ago spawned, late this year, and I'd fully expected her to top 6 lbs but 5 was still pleasing.
  2. They are about! Since the start of the season I've had one one hundred pound plus haul and last night I pulled ten fish, all around four pounds, out from against a lilly patch, the biggest just topping five pounds. Mind you, I'd rather a good haul of roach but I'm not complaining. I was fishing for roach too, two pound bottoms and size 20's!
  3. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/crime/hemsby-lifeboat-called-to-speeding-boat-on-river-yare-1-6121412 Why do people do it? Low lifes, better described thus:
  4. Probably easier said than done but I suspect that that route is inevitable. I'm no expert but I wonder that now the integrity of the site has been disturbed whether subsequent costs might well exceed reasonable. Nothing is impossible though!
  5. The end that has sunk has a wide patio door over which is a dormer. After more than ten years involvement with the double glazing industry I can say with some conviction that in a four part patio door alone there is a huge amount of weight. Add to that if normal practice was followed then a steel beam would have been inserted above the doors in order to support the roof and the room above, another huge increase in weight. Of course I am only guessing but I suspect that renovations and 'improvements' have been made with insufficient regard to the foundation of the building. That bay window would be horrendously heavy too. Assuming that the original glazing was single then inserting double glazing, by the nature of the beast, doubles the weight of glass alone. As I've asked before, where does the buck stop?
  6. The BBC has written 'A riverside home, worth about £831,000, that a couple in their 60s bought and renovated for retirement is sinking.' I wonder what it would be worth if it wasn't sinking? That aside I feel sorrow for the owners and I fear for the outcome of their insurance claim. Not sure where the buck will stop on this one but possibly someone has been ill advised, or not advised at all. I rather suspect that owners of similar properties will be looking closely at their insurance policies whilst insurance companies might well be demanding sight of recent survey reports.
  7. Just to add that, if I remember correctly, it was a boat shed but then it was 'rebuilt' as a house. I wonder about any surveyor's reports which could make interesting reading! My gut feeling is that the building has been added to and a heavy upstairs added and that, in part, might be the problem.
  8. I might be remembering the wrong house but hasn't that one sunk at one end before and hasn't it since been extended and also had a heavy thatched roof and dormers added, perhaps without thought to what was or was not underneath? As a much younger person I remember visiting family friends on their boat and walking past that house with my father and both of us commenting on just how out of true the building was, that must have been 1960's and early 1970's. Back then, if I remember correctly, it was a boat house but then it was 'rebuilt' as a house.
  9. Good to see one of your warm welcomes again!
  10. Good that they came out so promptly, not so good that it happened.
  11. Some truth in that but I am sure a good number of people would appreciate the reassurance of having a Breydon pilot onboard. Could be a good little earner for retired gentlefolk like myself, forty quid an hour plus ale based perks!
  12. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011245932588
  13. JWB, maybe it's time to go the whole hog. One time Royal Knocking Ship 'Doris', Brooke built, is languishing away up on the North Rivers, a failed dream. Maybe she can be had for a song! https://www.lowestoftjournal.co.uk/news/look-at-doris-now-1-848774 http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Photograph_Gallery&classname=Brooke_65_motor_cruiser&returnpath=Boat_Details&returnpage=&style=Brk65
  14. For the work that has been done she's probably very fairly priced so go for her! She just needs a bow thruster and radar arch.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/951141628610885/
  16. Steve, have p.m.'d you Ian's e-mail address in Austrailia & he is waiting to hear from you.
  17. Any problems then just pm me your f/b details and I'll forward them to Ian. I'm sure that he'll respond, he's not proud, he'll talk to anybody about Oulton Broad and boats, even us Poms and even about motor boats! Incidentally Ian did work at Brookes, albeit in their tin and ally days. The first picture is of Stella, may or may not have been built by Brookes, but typically when the Nobs & Toffs grew tired of their boats, or something better came along, they would end up as trip boats of one sort or another. The second picture is Oulton Broad Yacht Station mid 1960's, a time when Ian worked for his uncle. There might be a Brooke built boat in that gaggle.
  18. I believe that the white launch in this picture is a Brooke boat.
  19. Alf's nephew, Ian Ganaria, now lives in Sydney, Australia. Ian worked for his uncle back in the 1960/70s. Despite being ancient and doddery Ian has an excellent memory, he's findable on FaceBook. Ian is a regular visitor to Oulton Broad.
  20. Very tiddly, Andrew through and through!
  21. Yes, Matron. Pass the lubricant and the Marigolds!
  22. Problem is that Brooke Marine is not what it was in relation to small boats! Re Brooke Boats as hire boats on Oulton Broad, I have corresponded with the offspring of owners but whether they know any history of those boats is unlikely, at that time in history they were just hire boats, boats that were cheap and that nobody else wanted. Anyway, I can only ask but don't hold too much hope.
  23. The shriek of a dry stern gland is the one to avoid!
  24. Mention has been made of fender socks, arghh! Grit and sand can and does lodge in the weave of the cloth. I've seen boats with well abraded hulls where socked fenders have been hanging. In my opinion best avoided. As for lubricants, washing up liquid has long been used, both on fenders and on warps where they pass through fairleads. Well placed and adjusted springs and breast ropes can hold a boat away from the shore thus reducing fender squeak.
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