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  1. Kevin Taylor, Pegasus Yachts, told me his biggest competitor was himself, too many second hand boats out there.
  2. That there are very, very few Westerley's on the Broads surely speaks volumes! I rather fancy, for full standing headroom, a Macgregor 26, plus it sails pretty well and can take on being grounded. https://asa.com/news/2017/07/24/cruising-boat-spotlight-macgregor-26m/
  3. A good friend of mine had a Golden Hind bilge keeler, she was a lovely boat and it didn't need the skipper to be on a promise and the boat with a gale under its transom for it to get a shunt on. I was always a great fan of the Maurice Griffiths school of thought and his books are great favorites of mine, along with Black Sailed Traders and the Art of Coarse Sailing!
  4. I never did. I'm going back to the 1960's, early 70's when I taught sailing and seamanship on the South Coast as well as delivering various boats. I did actually own a Nimrod, bought off a customer. He'd nose dived it and just wanted rid of it, she did sail well, I liked her. Westerlies of the time were over-built, which was no bad thing, but performance was not inspiring, at least not the ones that I sailed. I must admit to letting out a groan when the office told me that I would be sailing a Westerly, circa 1960. I always fancied an International Folkboat but that was not be.
  5. A glutton for punishment?
  6. Not an aquatic caravan then!
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denys_Rayner
  8. Those early Westerlies were pretty darn useless as sailing boats! Always thought of them as being attractive though. There's one for sale on Oulton Broad at the moment. They also built a dinghy with a lid on it called the Nimrod, another attractive boat that actually sailed well until water accumulated in the cabin, as inevitably it did, when it would attempt an alarming nose dive. The cockpit in the early models was not isolated from the cabin, as was the case with early Drascombe cruisers although, thankfully, they didn't nosedive in the same alarming manner. I never thought of Jack as being a woman's man!
  9. Do you anticipate much structural work? She does look pretty good above her chines though.
  10. Incidental to another job I had the great pleasure of meeting Jack in the studio. To my surprise his shed had only two sides and no roof. Actually that explained how he could assemble a ten or twelve foot long fishing rod and stand it up on end in his shed. Nice old boy.
  11. Lets get back to the Broads with this one, a real classic. This was over the weekend, look at that sky! That's an ex Brighton beach boat in the background, one of the Dunkirk Little Ships.
  12. I wouldn't be too sure about that. Judging by the accents the ladies of Essex have moved up to Beccles, complete with ankle warmers!
  13. Natty white socks, he just needs sandals or Crocs! !
  14. My recent experience of Lathams/QD is that their staff sanitize the handles and rims of trolleys. That aside, clean your hands!
  15. I feel a spot of waistline watching coming on!
  16. My brother in law is a builder & he too is being asked for extensions. Seems that the reason is that people see adding extensions as adding value to their existing property, even if said extension is absolutely hideous! Not so easy to find a two bedroom home nowadays.
  17. Seaman Stains had a lot to answer for!
  18. Reminds me of one or two well known rugby songs!
  19. The Society has long adopted a softly, softly approach and quite honestly it hasn't worked. Indeed it's been seen as a weakness and clearly taken advantage of by those with whom the Society should be seeking to influence.
  20. Just a thought, Mike, what titles do you think that sailing/boating club committee members should use? I do hesitate at the use of the term 'admiral though, other than as a bit of fun/micky taking.
  21. Please note, Clive, NSBA has been mentioned. As a group they do disseminate safety advice. I'm afraid, Clive, that your group is something of a Johnny Come Lately group as far as Broads safety is concerned. You are very welcome to the Broads but you are offering nothing new. sorry to be so negative but reality is reality.
  22. Agreed. In fairness to Clive, he has chosen to private message me, and perhaps others too. I appreciate him doing that and have responded as fairly as I can, pointing out something of the reality, not least the good work being done by the Rangers and the Communications team at the BA. Okay, so I do wish they'd drop the BNP nonsense but that aside the Authority does do an excellent job in getting safety advice out to where it matters. I also made it clear that when outsiders tell us what to do, most notably when it is already being done well, that we do tend to be a tad irritated! As for the NSBA, it appears that they have chosen to be totally non political, their choice, but what they do do well is to provide the very excellent 'Green Book', many a Broadlander's bible, well worth the subs alone.
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