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  1. No getting away from it, those good folk from South of the River Colne do tend to 'talk all funny'!
  2. Loads of info via Google! http://www.norfolkpubs.co.uk/norfolkr/reedham/reedhbm.htm
  3. Rick-kay and Bee-An-Kar yelling at each other finished it for me. Stereotypical Londoners? Maybe!
  4. Even more so than Jeremy Kyle? Surely not all Eastenders are as portrayed by the BBC, are they?
  5. Near where I live there is Beccles Farmer's Market and very good it's always been. From a point of view of value it's never been that good. Despite there being no middle man there does seem to be a perception that what is on offer are premium products therefore justifying a higher price. I'm not entirely convinced by that argument but the burgers and mugs of tea on offer make a visit to the market worthwhile. Bit of a social event really.
  6. There might be a demographic issue regarding a yard's targeted customer base, who knows. Could be headed towards deep water on that one !
  7. Does this mean that Richardson's customers are statistically more likely to hit boats than are the customers from other yards?
  8. Not sure that Tesco would agree with you
  9. Easter Monday, clearing up the detritus of an Easter Egg hunt yesterday. The amount of single use plastic is horrendous! I wash my fleeces, microplastics in the water. I dry my fleeces, microplastics in the air. But aren't such plastics inert?
  10. JennyMorgan


    Bill, a toll payer is a toll payer where ever they live. People who live here are, by definition, resident in the catchment area. As a local I might have two votes, one for a representative for me as a toll payer and another for a representative as me being a resident. Nothing can ever be perfect although I suppose my address could be used to limit me to just one vote. The principle of a democratic input to the Authority is only right and proper, how we go about it is probably not going to be so easy.
  11. South Coast marina price? Lots of not very brilliant DIY tongue and groove timber work too, I reckon that she's grossly overpriced by Broads standards.
  12. JennyMorgan


    Computers do have their uses! My fishing licence used to run from April to April, it now runs from the anniversary of the previous purchase. If the EA can do it then so can the BA. I agree that the basic format is about right but there is nothing to stop the current system evolving with a little bit of help from techknowledgey.
  13. JennyMorgan


    A situation not helped when just one person takes it on herself to set and drive policy, rather as a well known Broads based CEO does. Neither situation is desirable nor, would it seem, tenable either.
  14. JennyMorgan


    John, MM, I don't think that there can ever be fully inclusive elections at the Authority but there can be elections, even it is only for toll payer representation since over half their income comes from us. At the moment JP appears intent in removing County Council & Parish Council representation so even that voice is under threat. Anyway, representation for those of us who live here is also perfectly feasible and since planning is a function of the Authority then that is surely desirable. I know that I am far from being alone in these thoughts so we shall just have to wait and see. JP brought this one down on himself when he attempted to disband the Navigation Committee, a situation compounded when he actively encouraged the Broads Forum to become moribund. I personally see elections at the Authority as being a probability rather than just a possibility, in large part thanks to JP, 'tis he who created the need.
  15. Richardsons are probably as capable of repairing your boat as anyone but who actually repairs your boat is down to you & your insurance company.
  16. https://www.brightonboatsales.co.uk/boats-for-sale/caribbean-39-cruiser/
  17. I see that the Brighton one is under offer. Load of dosh!
  18. Firstly welcome to the forum, secondly there is a Caribbean Owners Club/F.Wilds Appreciation Society or whatever out there, Google might find it. Otherwise let's hope that someone has the answer that you want.
  19. JennyMorgan


    In principle and in its basic form the tolls have evolved over time and the system that we have is probably about right. Where it slips up is in the politics, it is seemingly an unaccountable tax which is without adequate representation. That JP was able to considerably up the toll to compensate for a reduction in the DEFRA grant just about encapsulates the whole downside of the present system. Beyond that we should get what we pay for and get what we expect. Grubby fingers should stay outside of the tolls honeypot.
  20. In its previous guise it went from bad to worse so it can only get better! A six year lease won't allow for much needed investment but if the company, the beer and the food is good then that gets my vote. I've only ever been by car or have walked across from Goodchild's so can't comment on the moorings but on a nice day its a grand place to watch the world going by whilst enjoying a pint, probably the widest panorama in Broadland.
  21. No but might have been moved nearer the Locks when you saw them though.
  22. The toll is effectively taxation without representation, that can not be right.
  23. If its an eyesore that you want, between Dunburgh & Geldeston on the Waveney. Smackheads again!
  24. By another eyesore I thought perhaps you were referring to one of the new 'environmentally friendly', megabucks hire boats!
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