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  1. A lack of interest or even understanding perhaps. Got to admit I don't always understand the wonderful world of caravanning afloat, or is it weekend cottages afloat? Whatever, it is a valid use of the Broads enjoyed by many thousands of folk who have no pretensions nor interest in emulating Joshua Slocum. Praise for the BA though, the need for casual moorings and the requirement for electricity is obviously well understood. Actually I don't think that motor boaters do to badly!
  2. Brooms wouldn't be the only builder of dayboats on the Broads. If someone has a riverside property then a dayboat might make much more sense than a cruiser. I suspect that there is a market there. https://landamores.co.uk/project/mayfly-21/
  3. Camping afloat, can't help feeling that it was all much more fun back then.
  4. Time for a Motor Boater Alliance then?
  5. Please let us know if you go t*ts up as a result and which jab you had so we can ask for the other one!
  6. We are not all rich let alone very rich but yes, you have a point. The demands on the toll payer, especially at the big boat end, are testament to that perception.
  7. To the above I would add areas of outstanding natural beauty. Both Norfolk & Suffolk have such areas and last summer, when restrictions were eased, many country roads were at absolute standstill, often as a result of inconsiderately parked cars and oversized motor homes making roads impassable. At the moment many miles of double yellow lines could be the answer but what an eyesore that would be! Inevitably there would be the obvious danger of mission creep. In truth the countryside was not prepared for last year's onslaught and in many areas a very real onslaught it was too! Call me lucky
  8. Countryfile & The Mendips report here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000rhgj/countryfile-mendips
  9. I don't see it happening but when the village idiots gain power then Bob's your Aunty! There was an interesting article on BBC's Countryfile the other day concerning The Mendips and the extreme pressure the national park there is under. Once the seed has been planted . . . . . . . . . . . .
  10. Better ruined than dead? Personally I'm being pessimistic towards the thought of any real return to normality for this summer, let alone the Spring. Quite simply we shall make the best of what we have. Thank goodness we live here! What will be will be.
  11. If this unlikely ban is brought in what then for the Broads? The area isn't a national park thus such a ban would surely not apply. Indeed the BA has no responsibility for road traffic. I wonder what the real national parks would then say if the Broads maintained the NP masquerade yet ignored the NP traffic ban? Electric or diesel, not the issue, it's the sheer number of cars and visitors that is the problem. As we have seen during this past winter North Norfolk has suffered a massif influx of cars, it's not just an NP issue. As far as the Broads is concerned the area might be the route but i
  12. As one who visits national parks by car I have to say that I'm at a loss on this one. The access issue is of paramount importance if people are to be able to visit and enjoy what is on offer, whether National Trust, National Park or The Broads. Perhaps Park & Ride is the answer but not universally, at least not for those of us who have mobility issues. I'm not going to suggest 'travellators' or the like but limiting access is surely not the way forward. Better management surely? Should cars be banned on national parks then will such a ban apply to NP family members? I wouldn't anticip
  13. https://www.countryfile.com/people/opinion/should-cars-be-banned-from-national-parks/?utm_source=Adestra&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=CFIL&utm_campaign=Newsletter 21%2F01%2F2021_665591_Countryfile_Newsletters_11603611
  14. Indeed I should!! In the meantime I'll blame Corona Virus, Brexit, galloping senile decay, Trump, being married, lead water pipes, aluminium saucepans, inbreeding and auto-spell-check!
  15. Thank you, Tim, for making that clear. That is how it should be. I note your above www address.
  16. You can now lay off taking the little blue tablets and the size enhancing Well-Man products!
  17. The BA are on a positive with this one and working with the industry so let's be be hopeful.
  18. I'm afraid that I have to agree with Vaughan on this one. As for Easy Jets customers, madness! So what to expect? Inoculations look like continuing well into the summer, jabs that don't immediately become effective, so what can we plan for? Living in hope might be the answer!
  19. Had a look, doesn't change my opinion one iota. The Authority has a job to do and should stick to it, in my honest opinion of course.
  20. When I see that a survey originates from the Broads Authority then I immediately look for the catch or catches. For a kick-off they famously ignore the results of surveys and consultations. Secondly flooding is the responsibility of the Environment Agency, especially as the causes and effects go way outside and beyond the Broads Authority's executive area as well as their core responsibilities. Empire building on a grand scale? Yet another vanity project? The Authority should stick to the requirements of the Broads Act and it's legislative boundaries. Let the Environment Agency do their job a
  21. There are one or two that have arrived that way and similarly can only depart that way! There appears to me to be a vast untapped market for super delux mansion-afloats on the Broad. The Nav Regs allow for 65' replica Wherries, now there is a thought, static wherries! Can always have a radar dome on the masthead for those who want something that they really don't need!
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