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  1. Navigators and General may indeed be cheaper but as you've mentioned, Alan Boswell has domain knowledge and is more likely to know where limits and conditions would cause an issue for Broads boaters. The devil is in the detail with policy wordings.
  2. Hondas do have a habit of doing that...
  3. Not one of them is anything special. The New Inn seems to be the most popular, I guess I can say that about them... Best? I don't think so. Not even in Horning.
  4. But who watches TV adverts now? I for one mostly watch YouTube or OTT services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and some TV programmes that I've set to record and then skip the adverts... That's becoming the way a lot of people do things (although they probably skip the recorded programmes and just go to iPlayer). I've been very surprised by how quiet it is this year. We had no trouble getting moored anywhere we went in July. Much quieter than last year even...
  5. I think the master cabin on those is a bit deceptive. Yes it looks cramped in photos, but actually there is room to sit upright in bed (under the flybridge 'hump') and a decent amount of room at the end of the bed at full headroom to walk around, with useful storage etc too. It doesn't photograph well, but it works quite a bit better. We had Contessa last year after having had Santa Christina a couple of times in the dim and distant and didn't find that cabin cramped at all (and I'm 6'2"), in fact I'd say it's a very cleverly-packaged boat which somehow packs a huge amount of space into 37 feet. They also handle excellently, have lots of space on the flybridge and fit in mooring spaces that a 45-footer has no hope of.
  6. We know what the issue is and it will be resolved within the next few days....
  7. O2 seems reasonable these days actually. Maybe not always the fastest data speeds, but it seems to have decent coverage. My work phone is on O2 and seems to have signal most places whereas my own (Vodafone) doesn't always quite manage it. EE doesn't seem any better than Vodafone, particularly when you consider how much of a premium they charge for their 'superior' network.
  8. That was my though, yeah. The long run of moorings down from Bridgecraft / BBC.
  9. What I mean is that they're considered to be perfectly fine for 200,000 miles plus, and there are some Priuses around with absolutely ludicrous mileages. People would consider 100,000 on one not to be a big deal. Done right, a hybrid is just fine. Done badly, they will of course be a nightmare.
  10. They do, and a life span of well over 200,000 miles.
  11. There are some about, but they're not very good yet as they're using more conventional battery technology. While the technology is there, it is very expensive and much like a car the boat needs to be designed around the batteries to make the most of the package. With motor manufacturers ditching combustion engines over the next 20 years, we will see a major change in boating as diesel-engined craft will seem horrendously old tech at some point. But don't expect it just yet.
  12. Yeah it's such a shame. I love those boats, particularly (and I know some will disagree) the MK1 with the moulded seat / hatch on the foredeck. A classic design, built like brick sh outhouses and turn on a sixpence.
  13. Those things handle brilliantly, though a quick look at the underside tells you why!
  14. Yeah I think Bill is still around. The boats in question were indeed part of his Broadland Riverine Boatcraft hirefleet. I know the plan with the AF38 and 42 was for them to be refitted into 'luxury' hirecraft, and I think sadly at least one of them is partly ripped out inside.
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