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  1. Yeah, that's my understanding of it. There are quite a lot of places on the Broads where some pontoons would solve issues with a lack of moorings. That, and an appetite to create a northern WRC-style facility at Thurne Mouth / Bureside Holiday Park.
  2. Warm air heating will always be diesel on a hire boat, but obviously it does require electrical power to run the fuel pump and fan. On full chat, you're looking at up to 80 watts for a 5KW Eberspacher. It'll also use quite a bit more at startup to power the glowplug, but once running it drops considerably. A healthy and well-charged battery will run a diesel heater for many hours. A flat one will not even get it started. Where the issues with temperature can arise is when the boat is large and there is a single heater which is not located particularly centrally. A 40ft run of du
  3. I think location doesn't help. WRC is a great place to stop at on a boat, and is pretty much my defacto destination on a North to South run. You have a pub, showers, swimming pool etc and a decent number of moorings with electric etc. But there is just something about the Southern Rivers that people don't like, I really can't figure it out myself as I love it down there but I accept that your average boater does not want to do the sort of cruising hours that I generally do. Having been on a syndicate recently and observed the engine hours that the boat was doing over a season, i
  4. Absolutely. If the product is free then you are the product, as the old adage goes.
  5. Google Drive is great and cheap, and yeah having stuff across several devices and in the cloud means you're unlikely to lose photos.
  6. Yeah I don't think it is terribly surprising, they will let much better from Wroxham. It's a shame but the draw of the North is indisputable.
  7. I think there's been a fair bit of that. Plenty of people that would normally have gone abroad and not considered the Broads have ended up coming here. Long term, that's got to be a good thing as in normal times the Broads would just not attract those people as first-timers.
  8. If there's enough genuine demand the yards are going to do it, and who can blame them.
  9. The numbers are on here. https://www.richardsonsboatingholidays.co.uk/first-timers/norfolk-broads-bridges/ With the weather we've been having, it might be worth giving him a bell before you set off to make sure your boat will go through. Tides are all over the place so clearance hasn't been all that much.
  10. Yeah in the summer you'll do well to get on one. Ranworth Staithe has quite a few posts, but most other places on the North don't have that many and the spaces near them are often occupied by boats without shore power.... Unless you have a very long lead it can be problematic. The last time I was at Coltishall I had to turn the boat round so that I was close enough to the one post in order to get plugged in.
  11. Most definitely. I've never hired number 1, I hear she's a bit more original inside? I've had Major 2 at least three times, and yeah I think for the money you just can't go wrong. My wife is a bit fussy about what she likes and when we were on Major 2 last month she did comment that the heads could have been a bit bigger and maybe a few things could have been better (tiny TV, only 12V electrics etc). Thinking that here was my chance to book something a bit swankier next time I showed her some of the boats we could have and how much they cost (Fair Prince, Swan Renown etc).
  12. Fingers crossed. Because of the seasonal peaks and troughs in demand I think a lot of Broadland pubs would work better as a community-led affair. It does require a few people to have a bit of business sense though, and that's not always the case with such setups.
  13. One of these bad boys https://www.richardsonsboatingholidays.co.uk/boats/major-gem/ Built from the early seventies to early eighties...
  14. It can be a problem, but a lot of the boats with issues have shockingly bad layup anyway. There are plenty of 70's boats about that are doing just fine.
  15. It is indeed Black Prince I was thinking of, but ABC do the same thing. I don't know what the average fleet age is (and yes they definitely do have older stuff), but this was a smaller 4+2 berth and the guy we got chatting to at the yard mentioned that our boat and others in the fleet were 4 years old and were leaving as they'd been sold. We looked online as obviously we were curious, and several similar boats were for sale at circa £42K. But yes, I've looked at the list of boats for sale at Richardson's each year and it's typically around ten boats leaving with only three being adde
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