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  1. As ever in football it'll be all about money, so it's surely a bad thing.
  2. Yup, they've been doing it for a long time. As excellent as the (now pretty much legendary) B58 engine is in terms of power output and driveability, it has a problem with destroying oil filters mainly because of the ridiculous service intervals and that causes cam chain issues. And yeah, the cam chain and the VANOS (BMW speak for VVT) solenoids are on the back of the engine where they're a complete pig to get at. I know most of the german brands switched their model to making money out of servicing rather than selling cars back in the mid-noughties, but it still seems daft.
  3. Yeah I'm not a fan of the looks, but they do now do the Type R Sportline model specifically for those of us who want something a bit more grown up. It's basically the same car but with smaller wheels, a much smaller spoiler and the seats aren't bright red either. In grey or black it almost looks normal. But yeah, I do prefer a sleeper. M340i floats my boat but it's 50k and still a Bimmer so you know it'd go wrong.
  4. Our other car is a Honda, so a Type R would be fun The Honda is chain cam too, but in six and a half years of ownership nothing has ever actually gone wrong with it. The Mini has done a thermostat housing and timing chain so far this year.... She used to have a Yaris.... Perhaps something nice and sensible like that would be better? I know just the car!
  5. I think the industry has been quite clever in convincing people that belt = bad and chain = good. The reality is that a cheap, poorly-designed chain is worse than a belt, and that a belt is generally much, much cheaper to replace. On cars with a belt I used to get them replaced every 40k miles regardless of what nonsense intervals the manufacturer stated (Ford used to say 100k on Focuses, and there were many reports that funnily enough they'd fail at around 60k). I don't think I paid more than a couple of hundred quid for a belt replacement. I'd rather that than £600 minimum to replace a
  6. My wife has a Mini, which is great fun to drive but it is probably the least reliable thing known to man. I actually think a Fiat, VW (anything after the 1.9PD) or Renault would be less trouble. Having been back to the main dealer four times under warranty because the timing chain didn't sound right (and knowing they have a major reputation for eating tensioners / guides) I was assured repeatedly nothing was wrong with the car even though the independent garage who MOT'd it also said they felt something was wrong with it. Now it's out of warranty and 1,000 miles later the timing chai
  7. I'm a former Thunder owner, and yeah Horning Pleasurecraft (as it is now known) is a great spot to moor. You couldn't really ask for a more central location to moor if you want to be based on the North. Everything is within sensible cruising distance, and the actual marina is pleasant.
  8. Yeah, Salhouse has always been a bit of pain in that regard. We've often had problems at forum meets with a whole line of boats moored stern on but sitting diagonally because of a strong wind. With most of the other Broads, give it a good lob and it sinks nicely into the mud. The conical design of a mudweight is deliberate so that a gentle pull (such as from the weight of the boat) will not dislodge it. Places like Womack have mud so sticky that most of the time you have to tow the mudweight off with the boat and then leave it at the surface for a couple of minutes when under way to
  9. Yeah it's brilliant and Guenther Steiner is just hilarious. TV audience is the biggest issue F1 has at the moment. The racing has mostly not been very interesting for the past few seasons and it's now only on pay TV. Quite a few of my friends are (or were) diehard F1 fans but most of us are just really bored with it now and don't have the enthusiasm to pay to subscribe and definitely not to spend lots of money and drive half way across Europe (even before COVID) to go to races like we used to. When it was free-to-air people were much more likely to watch and feel interested by i
  10. Had you hired the Aquafibre in the foreground? Just curious (and whether you have more pics) as we hired the boat I think that is in 1983.
  11. I hope Red Bull are genuinely quicker but I'm not convinced yet. Lewis is capable of pulling something special out of a rubbish car but I'm not convinced Bottas is. And yet he still finished third, ahead of some very talented drivers. As for the cost of watching, the UK price is ridiculous. The price of F1 TV (which we can't buy in the UK because of the deal with Sky) is around 65 euros for the whole season and that covers multiple devices. And it works on most VPN services.
  12. That’s only the domain registration, but my understanding is that there is no issue with the bills being paid. As Ian has said, we have offered help and will provide it if asked.
  13. Correct. I don't believe funding is an issue.
  14. There have been a few issues with it, and other people have also flagged that up. That's the reality of what happens when websites aren't being actively maintained, unfortunately. I have previously been in touch with people close to Craig's wife and am hopeful that we may hear something about what she wishes to do with the site before too long.
  15. Prices definitely have risen a bit. I booked something yesterday and was a bit surprised by the price, but I get why it has happened and I think as demand falls next year you'll probably see prices levelling.
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