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  1. That's for transits between locations (ie moving a boat to a different yard for work) though, it's not for 'oh I feel like going here today'.
  2. It's not. The navigation byelaws are very clear on that fact.
  3. Thass us Naarij blooks wass sayin' it rung, buh.
  4. It's Borough. You'll hear 'Burr' a lot because of the spelling, but that is incorrect.
  5. I'd echo what Mouldy says really... We've had a fair few forum meets there and it's generally a lovely spot with a nice (20-30 minute) walk to the Fur & Feather. The second mooring area (at the bottom of the hill) is usually more pleasant / peaceful but it does depend who is moored next to you. If you can get on the third one (at the far end down by the play area) then that's probably even more peaceful as there are only a handful of moorings, though I don't think there's any water there.
  6. I use a Mac and have a Mac Mini at work... We just use a 'Windows' mouse so that it's easier to right-click. Never could get on with those pesky Apple mice.
  7. Hi Vaughan If you simply type '@' in your post and start typing the person's username then you'll see a list of users come up. Once you've done that, the user will be notified that you have mentioned them.
  8. Would you want to take that up the Bure on an Ebb Tide?
  9. The coldest I have ever been was in March 2018 on board Thunder... It was a couple of weeks after the beast from the east and we had shore power plugged in with oil radiators in the cabins. I was fully clothed (and layered up) in a sleeping bag with a couple of duvets on top. And it was still absolutely freezing. For that reason, I tend to avoid the colder months. You can have stunning weather or you can have awful weather. May-September is a fairly safe bet.
  10. November isn't always the best time to experience the Broads for the first time. The rivers are much quieter and you'll have little trouble getting a mooring every night, but it can be cold overnight as you are basically sleeping a couple of feet above water level in an uninsulated plastic box. If it's your first time and you're hiring on the North then it's likely that you won't be cruising huge distances each day and for that reason you'll either need to have a boat with shore power (and moor somewhere with enough electric posts) or run the engine on your mooring for enough hours each day. You'll need electrical power to run the diesel heating otherwise it'll shut down if the batteries aren't sufficiently charged (it will have a fuel pump and a fan for blowing the hot air around the boat, and requires even more power at startup) so keeping the batteries charged one way or another is very important. As others have said, if you go for a boat with shore power then you'll be able to bring an oil radiator. Assuming the boat has an immersion heater and a battery charger (this is pretty standard) then it leaves you with around 2KW for your own appliances as the boat will only have a 16 amp supply. Compare this with the 100 amp supply that most of us have at home and you'll see the need to not plug too much in.
  11. It's an Aquafibre 47, coming soon
  12. I think it was just poor design. It had something like 6kw of inverter capacity, all electric cooking etc but then a single alternator and three domestic batteries. The person who specced the electrics perhaps lacked an understanding of the need to put back into the batteries every day at least the same amount that you take from them. People just don't understand electrics, in reality. I remember in syndicate another owner commenting that the reason we couldn't use heaters on the inverter was because the boat was 'old'. I reminded them that it had been rewired the year before, and that the laws of physics were the reason.
  13. I don't think there'd be an appetite for it? Although it probably does harmonise with EU guidance, 46' x 12'6" is a sensible limit. Longer than that and you wouldn't turn it at Dilham, wider and you wouldn't be able to moor it at Neatishead Staithe (well you could but no-one would be able to get past you).
  14. This is basically the Vogue 46. It doesn't look quite like the original drawings but that was pretty much expected. It clearly uses the hull of the Funnell dual steer boats and a fair amount of the superstructure moulding too but with quite a bit of alteration. I think the look they were going for was the LeBoat Elegance / Caprice which has a raised internal helm and then an outside helm immediately above and behind it.
  15. They're a decent fleet, yeah. And they've taken on the old LeBoat / Emerald Star base in Belturbet in addition to their original Aghinver yard right up on Loch Erne itself so there's a decent choice of start locations. I haven't done Ireland for quite some time, but the Erne is a really lovely system. It's a sort of blend of the Broads and the Caledonian Canal, but with the added requirement of needing to read the charts pretty much all the time and have the binoculars ready to watch out for rocks on Lough Erne itself.
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