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  1. Yeah, I wouldn't wait around too long if you are looking for one of the boats from Ricko's. An ex-hire won't ever be perfect but often they're in a better state than private sellers like to think theirs are (other than maybe some minor cosmetic stuff). Interior refits are expensive to do yourself, so to my mind a boat which has been in hire and had the work done to keep it decent is always a plus. The bed and shower room are a really good size on a Calypso, hence the suggestion. A Safari 25 is not for people over 6ft!
  2. If you're thinking about bathtub types but also a similar sort of external size to a MK3 Hampton, what about a Calypso? They're huge inside for their size. Richardson's are selling a Serene Gem here - it's the only one with a price on it. The photos on the sales website are a bit broken, so take a look on the hire listing.
  3. A centre cockpit is the ideal boat for the Broads really, but remember a dual steer Broom Skipper will have a fixed roof so you lose the benefits of being able to get under bridges.
  4. Build quality; people have far fewer problems with the layup of Aquafibre mouldings than Alphas. Obviously there are good Alphas and bad Aquafibres, though.
  5. That looks like it has a better chance of floating
  6. But are their boats really that great? I couldn't honestly say that I think they are - And I have been inside most of them.
  7. There will be WiFi on most boats but remember it will only work where there is mobile coverage. The Broads is essentially a National Park (please can any pedants not comment) so the mobile towers are mainly around the edge of the area as they're not allowed to be right in the middle. Coverage is fairly decent nowadays (much better than it used to be) but there are still places where phones don't work. If you're looking for a decent boat, I'd go with Richardsons, Norfolk Broads Direct or Silverline. I'd give Herbert Woods a miss personally as there's too much pot luck with their fleet. With Richardson's, remember that their cheapest boat will not be as nice or spacious as their most expensive (although it will be spotlessly clean inside and usually the cheapest boat you can hire) so it depends what you're after.
  8. One of the main ways it's achieved on the Diamond 43 is by having a very shallow rear end - If you've had the floorboards up at the rear you realise just how little distance there is between the river and the carpet. That helps smooth the wash out and is the same trick some of the old woodies used.
  9. Ramjet was a legend on here in the early days and it was generally considered that he was indeed someone's alter-ego. The story went that he was from Croydon and ran a restaurant with his family, but server logs showed us a slightly different tale. I don't know how long it has been since he left us, but clearly it's a while as a lot of prolific posters don't remember him. I still sometimes find myself jokingly calling other early forumites a 'large old cheeking Charles' which was one of Ramjet's favourite phrases. And yes, JillR was a fantastic person and sorely missed. She loved the Broads (and NBN) and was often a calming and sensible influence on the mod team. Ironically, I was on a boat on the Broads when I got the message from one of Jill's daughters to say that she'd died.
  10. My initial thoughts are that it's a Leisure battery, which is not designed for engine starting.
  11. It is, yeah. Haines use the mould tools under license.
  12. Yeah one of the Diamonds was not brilliant inside and all of the boats needed upholstery etc. I'd have happily taken Gainsborough off their hands, though.
  13. I'm not sure about the Opals, but the others have all sold.
  14. I love the Shed Database!
  15. Totally agree. We've been mulling over the Canal du Midi for years and LeBoat's pricing is just laughable because you know you're going to have one of those "did we seriously spend three grand hiring this shed?" moments with whatever boat of theirs you've booked when you actually get aboard. LocaBoat have a fleet of odd-looking boats, but their fleet is - so I'm told by people who know about these things - much better-maintained.
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