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  1. I think the main benefit is that the angular stuff is more spacious... Take an Alpha 35 C/C from 1995 and then compare it with an Alpha 35 c/c from 2015. There's a LOT more space inside the 1995 model....
  2. oldgregg

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    There was a sign there over the winter, so perhaps someone has clouted it? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. oldgregg

    Our New Car

    Hard to fault Honda or Toyota, although Hondas just seem to have a bit more soul. Gotta love the VTEC!
  4. oldgregg

    Our New Car

    Great car to drive, we used to have one. They corner like they're on rails though they can tramline a bit on motorways. Actually pretty reliable too (though ours was a petrol so you'd expect that).
  5. oldgregg

    Seamaster V Lytton.?

    The benefit of there being lots of GRP is that there's less wood to maintain. Each to their own I guess - I'd prefer an older boat to have lots of GRP than masses of wood to replace or re-varnish.
  6. oldgregg

    Can Anyone Recommend A Good B&b?

    Don't forget that our sponsor the Wayford Bridge Inn offers a preferential rate for NBN members. Someone else will be able to give better details than I....
  7. oldgregg

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Never had a bad experience at the Bridge Inn - And the service is as consistent in July when the place is rammed as it is in the winter. Some places seem to get caught out by the demand in high season, but the Bridge seems to handle it well. As a local it's a place I go regularly and will happily meet boaty friends there for a meal as it's a pleasant setting and they're reliable. It's that experience which keeps people coming, and thus keeps them running nicely through the winter, which I think a lot of others could learn from.
  8. I think it's usually "at least 4 hours". Not something I usually have a problem with - But I've taken over hire boats where the batteries needed a couple of days to get up to normal as the previous hirers had not done enough running.
  9. Indeed they do - I believe Barnes fit twin alternators as standard. Swings and roundabouts really. I kind of prefer gas in that I don't have to run the engine much in order to make a cuppa, but equally a nice electric combi oven is better to cook with than an LPG stove.
  10. oldgregg

    Western Light 1 - The Review

    Yeah that's the biggest design issue, I think. Could have been solved I think, given that the door slides out of the way, so perhaps some sort of Pearl-style door in the canopy - Although the threshold would have to be pretty low.
  11. oldgregg

    Western Light 1 - The Review

    They can be noisy certainly, although a new exhaust system would sort that and ideally a new engine with more power, as a lot of them are underpowered and so get run at full throttle a lot. The side steps aren't ideal for older folks, although on those second-generation Connoisseurs the steps are much better than the originals, and you can also use the steps in the cockpit. They're not great when you're drunk, either (so I'm told [emoji12] ). Plus of course the side entrance was how they managed to fit so much into the space. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  12. oldgregg

    Boat cookware

    Yeah they're a great bit of kit, and cool enough externally to be used on top of a fibreglass boat. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  13. Here's your spreadsheet converted to Excel. Boats.xls
  14. oldgregg

    What Might We Reasonably Expect Of Nbn?

    Sorry, but to be clear here - Do you mean "on Facebook" or do you mean "on the NBN Facebook Group" ?
  15. oldgregg

    Moorings Going South ?

    Brundall is a nice spot to be moored but as others have said you do ideally want to be on a pontoon as the tidal range is quite considerable. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app

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