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  1. Okay, so potentially 1: Chumley & Hawke or Turners, Horning 2: Broadsedge Chalet Park in Stalham, St Olaves or Outlon Broad 3: Morlands, Hoveton 4: Fleet House, South Walsham Broad Having been to the one in Oulton Broad many years back, I don't think the scenery looks right.
  2. So back to the photos, we have the following: 1: Chumley & Hawke or JB Boats Horning. Is that the same yard? I know the name Chumley & Hawke but they're before my time. 2: Broadsedge Chalet Park in Stalham? 3: I wondered if this was one of the properties nestled away in the Grebe Island area at Horning? 4: I'll check Google, but yes South Walsham Broad seems possible.
  3. Yeah they sure were. The good old scrapyards are very different businesses these days, doing everything on eBay. I spent far too much time in my twenties up at Hainford Hall (closed some while ago) finding bits for mine and friends' cars. RPI is very much still there, though, they're still a Rover V8 specialist and do various restoration projects.
  4. I wondered if anyone would comment on that. It was only a 2300S auto, but yeah you’ve got to love an SD1. Was replaced with a Montego 😩
  5. I reckon there’s a few here who can give this a good go... Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4
  6. You're quite right, although just a cautionary note to check the actual performance figures for the specific model of i5 against others. Passmark is a good website to do this. Higher numbers are better, and anything less than around 5,000 is probably not a good long-term investment. The term i5 has sadly become as broad as saying that a car is a 'BMW'. It might be a base model Mini with a 1.2 litre three-pot, or it might be an M5. Most people are going to want something inbetween.
  7. Now that's a photo I'd like to see! Great thread Vaughan, thanks for sharing!
  8. I think plenty of people are looking at holidays this time of year - I can think of holidays I've booked after a few sherberts on Christmas Day. This year is a little different for sure, but in the past I've definitely been bemused by certain yards who haven't got their bookings sorted for the next year and instead booked with the yards who do. I could ring them, but who does that these days? I've recently booked a September 2022 break with Richardson's as the boat I wanted is pretty good value and books a fair way in advance so I didn't want to forget to book and then miss out.
  9. It depends on the make/model but they're often integrated onto the motherboard for packaging reasons. Usually a discrete GPU will have its own fast RAM nearby for latency reasons and thus allocating system RAM isn't an option (and in any case would be very slow). Does the discrete GPU have a cooling fan? You mentioned a scratching sound.. If there is a fan issue (or the thermal paste on the GPU has dried out) then it will fairly quickly get outside its happy temperature and cause stability issues. I have Intel HD / discrete Nvidia on my old Thinkpad and it's a pretty painful setup. T
  10. Woods have one called Flash of Light, but most other fitouts have the large shower room behind the cockpit and the beds in the aft cabins positioned athwartships.
  11. I think it's just that the pictures haven't been got ready yet so something similar has been used. But yes, Bounty 40. I'll be interested to see aboard as that's not the usual layout.
  12. There is a bit of step at the bottom of that one though I seem to remember? The concrete doesn't go quite as deep as you expect.
  13. I think the problem is that some syndicates have considerably more owners. Thunder had 14, and Ranworth Breeze / Southern Crusader have considerably more because they are two and one week shares, respectively (although they don't have a 50-week season).
  14. And this too, accessed from the 'Handy Information' in the menu... https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/handy-information/slipways-boat-lifting/
  15. Here's one from back in 2008 on an NBN photo day... Taken on the 21st December (winter solstice) at 7:30AM. 30 second exposure and shot on my old 10MP Nikon D80. Shame I no longer have the RAW as I think that would come up a bit more with a bit of HDR.
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