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  1. Christchurch and Poole were for many years my stomping ground and in my youth provided excellent flat fish sport. Large Plaice were abundant in the main body of the harbours and at the entrance to the rivers, whilst Flounder could be caught well up river. I have seen Flounder as far up the Frome as Wareham Quay. I was talking those days when I was down there in May, with an old friend whole lives between Christchurch and Mudeford and he was saying that they are just not there anymore and he is in Christchurch and Poole harbours with his Orkney Pilot House all year round.
  2. It is a wonder to me that the Zander has never reached The Broads given the close proximity to the drains it which it was originally let go. As a species it seems to have spread all over the country but not to the next river system in the county of it's release.
  3. Not to mention that there are approx 100 nesting Marsh Harriers and over 100 over wintering Marsh Harriers in Norfolk. Young Waterfowl are very much on their menu. Furthermore the American Mink has a strong foothold along most Norfolk Waterways. It is a very elusive predator, just because you do not see it does not mean it is not there. It causes huge damage to wildlife, game birds and fish stocks. In my opinion, in unkeepered areas not enough is done to control it. And then as Peter has said there is the Cormorant which was never inland in the numbers we see today. Not long before I sold my boat I watched an epic struggle between a large eel and a very determined Cormorant between Thurne Mouth and Womack.
  4. Phoned Highways in Lincs. Lady had 23rd and 30th so sought confirmation from "Head of Bridge Dept" who confirmed commencement 30.09.19.
  5. Is there any update on Sutton Bridge? When I look it seems to say Monday 23rd Sept.
  6. Mars (as in bar) Mars Petcare inc have a revenue worldwide of an unbelievable $35bn. Their list of brands goes on for ever.
  7. The Longest Day, nearly 3 hours Lawrence of Arabia, nearly 4 hours Out of Africa, nearly 3 hours Dr Zhivargo over 3 hours The Great Gatsby about 2.5 hours That should fill a rainy day.
  8. I think you are right, water looks too narrow for Fleet Dyke.
  9. Or could it be up from Ludham Bridge? Glad I now take photographs with a gps stamp on them. What do you think? Anyway the headings are long gone.
  10. I came across this picture from June 2010 of fleet Dyke. Such a shame they ripped out the quay headings.
  11. We are also approaching the Autumnal Equinox. When Sun and Moon coinside over the equator greater than normal Spring Tides occur. The equinox is often accompanied by strong winds. The actual time of the Equinox this year is 0850 hours on the 23rd September. The other notable fact being that this year it will mark my attainment of "Three Score Years and Ten" Yes I was born on the Autumnal Equinox 70 years ago!. Someone who believes in these things once tried to tell me that is where my love of the " Bleak", the mountains, Blue Water sailing and the wild places of the World came from.
  12. Shame to see things go bad. This is the piece I remembered and it mentions new tooling so big money. I posted on the other thread oops
  13. I have found what I remembered. As you say shame when things go wrong. They mention new tooling not cheap
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