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  1. But the Snow fields will be coming to their best, giving some of the finest skiing in the Southern Hemisphere.
  2. By visitor moorings I doubt they envisage 90 minutes waiting for a favourable tide. I think by visitor they mean overnight at the going rate.
  3. THEY ARE AT IT AGAIN.. just come into my inbox.
  4. For as long as I can remember the wreck she was powered by an ancient, square top, Honda outboard with a tiller extension.
  5. These look good! Given the dire shortage of dried maize cobbs that these devices were originally designed to burn in Norfolk at present.
  6. Interesting reading. landscapes-review-interim-findings-july2019.pdf
  7. ChrisB


    Absolutely, I was just trying to point out that at 6mph allowed going towards Acle, say, where allowed a 20 footer, a 30 footer and a 45 footer will produce a totally different wash. The smallest boat producing the most and having to give serious throttle.
  8. Too hot to continue with my burden of some 300 metres of hedging so went for a walk at Horsey.
  9. ChrisB


    Just edited to make it more understandable.
  10. ChrisB


    With a 18.5ft waterline probably nowhere near 7mph. The imperial calculation for displacement hull speed is :- 1.34 x square root of waterline. For a V20 that is under 6mph and it would start to bulldoze water infront at that speed. it is why we all complain about day boats, most are probably not speeding it is their waterline length and hull shape, especially when loaded to capacity.
  11. Naturally, I could not work for a competitor for 6 months.
  12. You can be put on "Gardening Leave" (ie don't come to work) on full pay and you can be paid in lieu of notice and consultation periods. But if your company car is part of your contract of employment then you are entitled to personal use of the car for you notice period. I had my last company car for six month after I effectively had gone.
  13. England Vs New Zealand. I think.
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