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  1. Before this madness, unless family were staying, I would eat out when I had been on a jaunt. If I had been "Out-of-County" be it North or South and towards evening I would make for the A47 and head for home via Horstead and The Recruiting Sergeant simply because they did a really good Dover Sole for about £24. If I had been out along the Saltmarsh Coast, and did not feel like cooking that evening, I would go to No1 Cromer for fish and chips about £18. I just don't see what a £4 reduction is going to do for my demand. Should it be passed on! MORE type2 diabetes from rubbish fast food could be an unwelcome result?
  2. It was a follow on from my previous post, I know it does not apply to those. Please read in conjuction with that post.
  3. I was going on to say before the phone called me away. There is one other area where VAT rate reduction has a very positive effect. That is Maintenance. Be it your car service, Boat anti-fouling, or having the house painted. Now I do notice the VAT as I get out my card at the service reception to recover my car.
  4. VAT reduction is far better directed at the manufacturing industry for high end priced goods. Unfortunately we don't manufacture that much! £4.5K off a £36K car, £15K off a £120K boat etc is noticable. I have never even thought of VAT when eating or holidaying. I agree with Andy, too risky going out and mixing it. As the Police said at the weekend "Once you throw alcohol into the mix, distancing etc is out the window"
  5. VAT for tourism and hospitality will be cut for 6 months
  6. What a very well turned out yard, a credit to you.
  7. I have just looked on The Closed Pub Project, Norfolk site. It is listed as demolished for housing development 2001. But alas no picture.
  8. Let their lines go and let them drift down river! The Skipper of The Titmouse was not exactly an angel. But then Dr and Ella Dudgeon were so tied up with "Our Baby" the poor lad lacked parental care and probably felt rejected. Is he really worthy of hero status?
  9. The plot thickens! Do you know that I am of a certain age, and can remember when the EDP won prestigious awards for it's content and quality of journalism?
  10. Well there is a "riddle of the sands"
  11. The boat was apparently the "Asgard" on passage back from Friesland and Norderney and put into Yarmouth because of the high winds. She was on passage to Howth in Eire. The boat's registered owner is someone called "Childers"
  12. I had never realised, until this corona crisis, just how much people's lives revolve around alcohol or getting their hair cut.
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