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  1. ChrisB

    Dodgy CO Detectors

    There are a lot of products listed on Ebay that are shipped direct from China. I have bought such goods and the Customs declaration has been to say the least stretching the truth. I seem to remember a vibration hour metre for my lawn mower was a "present"
  2. ChrisB

    Dodgy CO Detectors

    Could a mod please make the"o" in CO a capital in the heading please.
  3. ChrisB

    Dodgy CO Detectors

    If you have one that looks like this made in China and I would think Amazon ans Ebay are not the only outlets, best change it.
  4. ChrisB

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    Judith and I were building our seawych mostly in swimming clothes. My goodness it was a good job we were young and could work fast as the resin was going off in seconds.
  5. ChrisB


    Manuel " I know nothing "
  6. ChrisB

    Mud Wherry Cast Off

    Ok you win what are they? Sounds like a Tomato or runner bean!
  7. ChrisB

    Mud Wherry Cast Off

    Too far for PC Tedder to cycle from Horning. Anyway his veg patch would take priority at this time of year.
  8. ChrisB

    Mud Wherry Cast Off

    Thanks, could have been very nasty.
  9. ChrisB

    Mud Wherry Cast Off

    Does anyone know anymore about one of the BA's barges being set adrift on the Lower Bure. Even unloaded the displacement of such a craft could cause a very serious incident. Sounds like they need a night-watch when working in that vicinity!
  10. May I wish you a speedy recovery. I have to say that a lesson learned many years ago was:- Some jobs are a step too far and the best solution is to throw money at the problem, sit back, and let a professional have the agro.
  11. ChrisB

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    I like the first two. It will make the place look a bit more up market. Whatever people say Acle Bridge is still many visitors first view of The Broads coming off the A47. It will provide an excellent stop when too early for your boat or accommodation. The BA should be applauded for taking on what could have been a real eyesore.
  12. ChrisB

    A Serious Question

    Is this because you are bolting them together and you want them all to remain stable? If you could describe the application that you intend doing with them.
  13. ChrisB


    I think temp pontoons like at boat shows from end June To end August is the way forwards. Plenty of open water to go out into. Also if properly planned it could stop idiots ramming their way in.
  14. ChrisB

    Father's Day

    I didn't know till I got a call from Melbourne this morning. Fathers day in Oz is the first Sunday in Sept. Mothers day there is the second Sunday of May. Likewise thankyou for your kind sentiment.

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