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  1. Vaughan is absolutely correct. All Banks want to see is a flow of cash coming in that can service the company's debt. That is their business and they understand it. What they don't understand is boats, they don't want to be sending the company vehicles to British Car Auctions and putting boats on brokers books. That is why when the cash flow falters they loose confidence and pull the rug before the debt grows. The one saving grace is, I imagine many of the business own the freehold of their yard, now a charge on the land is very much more attractive to a bank than a 25 year old boat or even a new one. Unless of course they are already holding the deeds.
  2. And a guide on what is no longer Politically Correct like saying :- " Anyone who picked this week for their holidays got a good one"
  3. Definately call, I agree with Vaughan. Just a reminder, without trying to teach people to suck eggs but it is easy to forget when everyone is under pressure. Get the person's name that you are talking to. Ask them to confirm by e-mail and if they don't, you confirm it by e-mail. Remember by re-arranging, it is you who are doing the favour, as a customer you are helping them by not making a run on their cash and in many cases it is you who are taking the risk that the business will be there next year to honour their committment. And lastly do not confuse the arguements on this forum of supporting The Broads by paying the tolls and letting a commercial enterprise hold your money. The former is direct support the latter very much indirect.
  4. Leaving the BA to one side, the survival of many of our seasonal businesses will largely depend on their financial health when they entered this crisis. In fact the same can be said for the private individual. For the last 12 years cash reserves, be they commercial or private have become unfashionable. High monthly committments on goods not owned either by conventional finance or lease have become the norm. This has lead to a situation where many of these businesses can not weather a poor season and families could not suffer the loss of just one months incomings. There are something in the region of 6.5 million adults in this country with zero savings, living week to week, month to month. The help the UK Government is giving business and the individual is, as they say unprecedented, but is a holding strategy. All will depend on the world we find after Coronavirus. What it has done to jobs and confidence. One thing is certain indebtness will not have improved and I think that many families, after this experience might decided getting their finances in order is more important than holidaying! Often on a credit card and paying for it later. A lot will depend on the length of this crisis. If the 2020 season, and by that I mean not only holidays but sporting events, shows, festivals, restaurants and pubs etc. Is a total write off and we then enter the Winter period, then a true picture will only begin to emerge during Q2. 2021. One aspect that could benefit the domestic leisure market is without doubt the Airline Industry will see pretty drastic contraction, which could make the cheap flight a thing of the past.
  5. Sorry Peter and ECIPA but The Broads are the best value boating in the UK, and you know it. The cheapest tolls, cheapest marinas, cheapest workshops. Try the Thames or River Great Ouse. Check out the cost of harbour dues and a marina berth in Lymington, Poole, The Solent or Chichester and do the comparison. I would say that the running costs of a boat on The Broads is the difference between owning a boat and not being able to afford one for a lot of people, when compared with elsewhere
  6. Well, if I still were still an owner, I would pay my toll. The authority needs cash to carry on, they are trying to help the Holiday trade and keep the rivers in good order. When these unprecedented times end, there is going to be a bill so large that many calculators won't be able cope with the number. The government can't save every company or job so their receivables will be down. My fear is that given this indebtness things like The National Parks Grants will be very far down the list or even reduced or suspended for a while. I think that when normality returns we are all going to have to pay! And pay extra for some things we hold dear and wish to see protected. Somethings are more important than value for money or penny pinching.
  7. The line (b) above I am sure refers to a hire yard holding afloat hire boats that are not being used, as at present. I am sure it is not intended to cover private boats sat in a paid for berth in a marina. But there is a certain ambiguity in the wording.
  8. I will kick off then. 1. Una paloma blanca by? 2. Walk like an Egypian_ Bangles 3. Manic Monday- Bangles. 4. Spinning around- kylie 5 Ghost Busters by? Not really my era more of a 60s man.
  9. I think you have a GT6 MK2 bonnet, I was always jealous of the 6's side vents. Lovely car you have.
  10. I agree I really enjoy the BBC "diaries" at the end of some programmes.
  11. "Gray's Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" The Churchyard being Stoke Poges in Buckinghamshire. Sadly not so much of "country" anymore but you do get a good view of Slough and the Eternal sound of aircraft leaving or waiting to land at Heathrow.
  12. I love raised flat foredecks like the ones on this thread. Apart from the classic good looks it makes the Forepeak a really usable space and adds bouyancy when punching into short square waves.
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