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  1. ChrisB

    On The Broads

    Craghopper Nosilife shirts are brillient. The collars roll up and provide 40+ protection as well as being anti-mozzy. I have worn them in Kakadu and can vouch they work, however I still have to try them on Highland Midges.
  2. ChrisB

    On The Broads

    And buy a 10 year old Clio with a dustbin exhaust and illegally lowered and spaced suspension. No Thanks. I will stick to my collection of Tilleys as befits one of my age and dare I say it intelligence.
  3. ChrisB

    On The Broads

    Ouch! I rarely wear baseball caps because I find the long peak causes me to do just that.
  4. I always thought the E Type sailed close to the wind, along with many other performance cars of their day.
  5. Do you mean kilometres? We had to drive to Mulhouse twice after we moved to the North Norfolk Coast and that is pretty close to you. I used to clock under 1300 miles. A couple of hundred to Dover and around 430 on the other side. Still hats off to you, a fair old journey for a long weekend. The weather looks as though it will be kind to you all.
  6. I hired a boat from Alphacraft in 2003 to show my late wife The Broads as she had at that time never been to Norfolk and we had decided that the West Country was no longer our retirement destination. Saturday morning I returned their boat to their basin but it was chockabloc. I was directed to a gap about 9ft wide between two boats, as our beam was 12ft 6ins I shouted that I could not get in there. Somewhat in an bad temper the member of staff ran across the boats, jumped into the foredeck well, took the helm from me and literally rammed the other boats apart. We had been boat owners all our lives and had never wittnessed the like.
  7. It is Chris Packham who has mounted legal action against NE issuing "General" licences.
  8. I want to know where and who this legal challenge has come from. Maybe Wildfuzz could throw some light on this? It is the Wildlife Officers who will have to Police it. Good luck to them.
  9. This is very important for those of us who run DIY shoots and protect crops out of season.
  10. VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE. for those of us on DIY shoots
  11. Local to The Broads ASAP Supplies in Beccles are Roca distributors. I am sure they will help you out. Their Tel. No. 01502.716993. I know they were taken over but I am pretty certain they are still on the Industrial Estate.
  12. Why has it got two IBCs on it's roof? This is not a new problem, it should have been tackled long before now.
  13. Somehow attachments got out of order but you will get the jist
  14. From North Norfolk News.
  15. It may be inert Peter but if it enters the lungs or other organs the irritation can cause all sorts of problems. I would think blue asbestos fibres were pretty inert!
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