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  1. ChrisB

    Eel In Thruster

    Cley Smokehouse used to do smoked eel. I am in Cley most weeks, I must give them a visit. Their smoked roe is wonderful as well.
  2. ChrisB

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    As long as no Temps, Consultants or any other outside help was used, then the cost was within their fixed overheads. Why proportion cost that they have to pay anyway when it is not recoverable, the work is for their own organisation. So it is not a falsehood to say only £3K has been spent.
  3. ChrisB

    Time Share

    Isn't it strange how words play on our perception? Syndicated ownership has an air of respectibility where as "time share" sums up dodgy characters on Spanish Islands. "Vending" is another word like that, I worked in the industry for a while and we would indoctrinate staff to say "Automatic catering equipment" never "Vending".
  4. ChrisB

    Time Share

    You know I had never thought of that. We had duplicates of all sots on our boat, toiletries, towels. Something to change into if it got suddenly warmer or colder. Wet weather gear. Seaboots, maps, bird book, radio etc etc. It is actually a bit off putting for me but I guess a big grab bag that does not get unpacked at home could overcome some of my objections.
  5. ChrisB

    Eel In Thruster

    Smoked eel is my favorite way like the Dutch or fried in garlic and butter with artichokes like the French. However a pot of jellied with white pepper and a little malt vinegar and bread and butter is very tasty.
  6. ChrisB


    The Jackdaw is a bird with a real affinity to man. If kept in isolation from other Jackdaws they can be taught to speak apparently though I have never heard one.
  7. ChrisB


    All Corvids tend to flock in Autumn, along with their "this years" young. Often different species flock together. The Jackdaw has few enemies unlike the Carrion Crow, Magpie and Jay, who are not liked for their appetite for eggs and chicks.
  8. ChrisB

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Mum's was white. I don't think she ever really forgave me even though it was replaced with an identical car except the seats were black not red. She was still mentioning it 20 years later. After the car was written off I tried to get my father to replace it with a GT6 mk2 but he said that I had done enough damage in the Vitesse. Anyway Dad was not a bad old stick, he bought this for me for passing my A levels. We must have been down the pub as Judith is driving in one shot. We got engaged in Jan 69 on Judiths eighteenth and drove the Spitfire to Callafell for our hols that summer.
  9. ChrisB

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    I had 6 hours intensive and passed three days after my 17th birthday, I also had been driving around the farm since being about 12 in my 100E Anglia, little Massey Grey and a Fordson Major. I was the opposite of SwanR. I had all the confidence in the World in my driving ability. That is until three months later when I stuffed Mum's brand new Vitesse 2.0 litre convertible into a grass bank only 200 yds from home, bent the chassis and wrote it off. Taught me a valuable lesson.
  10. ChrisB

    Next Best Image To That Of A Sailing Boat?

    There is a Steam Boat Association of Great Britain. A sub-contractor of the company I worked for had a magnificent Edwardian Steam Launch which he kept near Sonning. He told me that the biggest drawback was his insurance insisting on regular boiler strip down and inspection that was very expensive. How Steam fits into BSS? Does anyone know?
  11. ChrisB

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    Kingfisher666. There is a book written by a much respected writer and journalist by the name of Ian Mitchell called "Isles of the West" . As the name suggests it is a study of Scotlands Western Isles that he travels in his Corribee. It is available on kindle or paperback, I would recommend it to everyone who thinks the RSBP can do no wrong.
  12. ChrisB

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Those steering wheels, when in a smash then turned into an Assegai, often bringing about the demise of the unfortunate driver.
  13. ChrisB

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    And Hickling could be one great Superyacht marina with a fast Cat service to Holland.
  14. ChrisB

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    As seas warm so they expand. The water takes up more space adding to rising sea levels.
  15. ChrisB

    Old Woodies

    Looks very like a Fairey Duckling to me. The smallest of a wonderful range of autoclave finished boats covering sailing dinghies to offshore power boat racers, with the Alalanta cruising yacht range stuck in the middle. My favourite was the Albacore from the pen of Uffa Fox, as indeed was the Duckling. Had a holiday in the South of France on an Atalanta before we had children, great holiday but very hot down below. We sailed from La Lavandou to Ile du Levant, Port Cros and Ile d'Hyeres. Back then that coast was absolute magic. Brings a tear to the eye thinking of us so young with not a care in the World

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