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  1. Chillout Solutions Boat Transport ( Paul and Yana ) now run out of Kingsley Farrington. They are boat owners and Paul is Owner Driver. They will do you an excellent job. They do alot of work for Windboats, pretty sure they took some Hardy boats to the Southampton show last year.
  2. ChrisB

    Pmr Licence Free Radio On The Broads

    Remember Marine VHF is a comms tool. It is mean't to be just that, for communicating. Not having a jaw about the weather or where do you fancy going for lunch.
  3. ChrisB

    Carousel Of Drone Images

    Great Pictures!
  4. ChrisB

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    I have seen GRP with Aluminium on top.
  5. ChrisB

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    There is nothing wrong with the Claytonrite window seal for inland waterway use or sheltered estuary. They are not suitable for open water sailing because they can be "punched in". Going back to the 50s, 60s and 70s they were used extensively on boats, cars and caravans. One of their problems on boats was the accuracy of the builders jigsaw, especially on the corners where there was a tendancy to go oversize having pencilled round the pane, be it glass or plastic. On the plus side the system makes window replacement easy. Before working on such windows it is advisable to purchase a "Claytonrite Laceing Tool" to insert the tightening strip. Personally I have never had a problem with this type of window but have had plenty of leaks in the Seaglaze metal surround type. I think it is because they can flex with the boat more readily and there is no sealant to harden or have UV effect.
  6. ChrisB

    Vinyl Wrapping A Hull!

    That Ricko is so "fussy" you most likely would not notice a scrape. I was thinking of concrete quays like Reedham and brick like in locks.
  7. ChrisB

    Vinyl Wrapping A Hull!

    Not sure how it would stand up to scuffs and scrapes. Certainly a No. If on a waterway with locks.
  8. If the data concerning the accelerating melt in Antarctica is correct the report, as far as The Broads are concerned will be academic. If there never was a "Great Estuary" we are heading for one now.
  9. I think it is badly written. They can not leave the statement open ended otherwise they could have to maintain navigation on the Yare for yachts with a draft of 15ft. "As deemed appropriate" would have had a better ring to it.
  10. ChrisB

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Are the units sent from China CE marked? I wonder.
  11. ChrisB

    Village Life

  12. ChrisB

    James Knight's Blog

    It is a sad fact that in most cases of litigation the only true winners are the lawyers on both sides.
  13. ChrisB

    Windboat Tradewind

    Any ferro boat is only as good as it's armature and protecting that armature is paramount, Interestingly, some yachts are now employing a stainless frame/chassis/armature encased in GRP. And all rigging, engines and deck gear is bolted directly to the frame. With the stress running though the metal work the GRP hull, bulkheads and superstructure are non-structural and can be layed up lighter.
  14. ChrisB

    Windboat Tradewind

    Great for DIY where labour is your own. Vastly labour intensive for industrial production. It is not the plastering but getting the frame set up and wired and it has to be absolutely spot on. On the subject of DIY, there used to be a lot in San Francisco full of ferro hulls. It was hardly any more expensive to produce a 50ft over a 25 ft but then came the realisation that the fit out was not double a 25ft more like 8 times and the dreamers walked away.
  15. ChrisB

    Windboat Tradewind

    Shows just how seriously ferro was being taken.

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