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  1. We are fast approaching the Autumnal Equinox, so wind and some unsettled weather is to be expected.
  2. Purely on a personal level, and now being in "The at risk" catagory age wise, with the associated balance and mobility issues, I don't do boats with no "Pulpit" or open transoms. If you have not got a proper cockpit type well, then at least put an opening " Pushpit" rail across the back. There is absolutely nowt to stop your falling in the drink off the back of many modern cruisers. My own opinion is they are an unsafe design for certain catagories of user.
  3. I think you can use red for backup generators.
  4. It is all fine and dandy until you all get 5 or 6 pints down your throats and a few chasers for good measure! Then you will be hanging on to each other singing sea shanties and rugby songs!
  5. It was their replacement for the Austin Champ that was fitted with a 4 litre RollsRoyce engine made by them under licence. With both vehicles they were looking for the lightweight Military market but neither was well received, they prefered the Land Rover. The death came when Rover merged with BMC and effectively both were being produced by the same company. There was one other problem for some prospective buyers. The Gypsy was only four-wheel-drive in low ratio, which mean't a top speed of about 25 to 30 mph in 4x4 mode. I have to say it never bothered us as we used it mostly off r
  6. I think the "Flying A" must have been taken off an Austin car as I am pretty sure the Gypsy did not have one.
  7. I went for a walk on Bacton beach and spied a Rig close in. Must be off Happisburgh I thought so having finished my walk I drove to Cart Gap. Actually the Happisburgh beach Car Park would have been better but it is Parish Council and my North Norfolk season ticked is not accepted. I don't know what it is doing and there was nobody to ask. But now for what really made my day:- An Austin Gypsy! 1966, 54 years young and still being used by a tree and hedge man! We had one on our farm in the 60s. It brought back many happy memories of rabbiting at night at th
  8. I was going to say the same. I am sure next year will bring some kind of rememberance. I really can't believe it will be 20 years next year.
  9. I am very sorry to hear your news Ian. My thoughts are with you, Marina and your family. Kindest regards to you all, Chris.
  10. I remember a guy down our Close in Chalfonts father worked at a BMC garage in Bristol. He bought a Princess at a huge discount. This brand new car got from Bristol to Little Chalfont on a Saturday but when he went half a mile next day for his papers it blew the main seal. Oil everwhere, made a real mess of his tarmac drive. Unlike my MKIV Cortina!
  11. I had forgotten that BMC fitted magnetic drain plugs to their transverse engines. With the gearbox effectively in the sump the first oil change in 1960s Minis was enlightening! The sump plug came out looking like a Christmas Tree. I suspect it was mostly gear related and not bearing, crankshaft, cam etc.
  12. I think that is a "Get you to the bank" engine as back-up should the main engine fail. The latest four stroke outboards are very reliable now. You only have to look at the new breed of fast offshore cruisers up to 40ft running on the like of Twin 350hp or 400s. It is because of demand from offshore cruisers that Yamaha have introduced their XF450 which produces 425hp at the prop. It is based on a 5.6 litre V8. Itis capable of supporting most systems needed as it charges at 90amps, 72 of which are available at 1500rpm. Not cheap however each engine, rigged is approx
  13. Broads Beat's Boat is an Orkney 20 Pilot House. They are rated at 80hp for outboard power and 130hp for inboard diesel. Looking at the size of their engine in this photo I would say they have all of 80hp.
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