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  1. Although the West is my spiritual home, I changed my allegiance some 20 years ago. I prefer Pembrokeshire, as my late wife used to say it is like Cornwall 40 years ago. Here is Whitesands Bay, one of hundreds of places on this beautiful coast.
  2. By far the best used to be Beaulieu. However I think that got axed for some reason. Can't think why! When it was in the centre of the UK yachting World.
  3. Being totally serious, this introduction is within very few miles of the upper reaches of the Wensum, Nar and Wissey. It is perfectly feasable that we will see the critters dropping trees across Norfolk's navigations within a few years. They would just love it around Belaugh!
  4. Whenever we went there, we prefered to stay across the estuary in Rock.
  5. We attended our last Beale Park Boat Show. Before leaving The Thames Valley for Norfolk. Such a shame it folded. It was a wonderful showcase for the small wooden boat sailor.
  6. ChrisB


    It is more readable in mono.
  7. ChrisB

    More Finds,

    I converted your photo to mono to enhance graphcs.
  8. The last time I was in Woodbridge, admittedly some 3 years ago there was one moored in the livaboard area. They are dying moorings. As with all drying moorings it all depends on how hard the bottom is and how calm the water is as the craft takes the ground. I can't see mud being a problem and the weight should be well distributed with that type of boat, it is hard sand that does damage and have seen stress around the keels of a Centaur that bumped onto sand 2x a day after 3 or 4years and Westerlys were layed up really heavy in that area but bilge keels onto a hard surface are fine i
  9. Where have you been? I have missed your repartée! The rumour on the rond is you ran off with Peter ( J.M. )
  10. With regards to The BA. Is Network Rail responsible to the Dept of Transport like BA is to DEFRA? Because I am pretty sure one Gov Dept cannot take damages from another.
  11. I think if it went to court and their actions were presented in such a manner as to the opening putting the rail service in jeopardy because the bridge may not close properly after an opening? Then they would find in favour of Network Rail. The rail service continuity must be deemed more important than a few leisure boaters.
  12. As I pointed out in another post:- Network Rail, as an entity is due to be replaced by 2023 in what is tantamount to a return to a British Rail type of business model. I can't see much happenig until then.
  13. Very Wise. Having spent all summer sailing, when I was alot younger, I would play squash to keep fit in winter. Look at the colour of my skin in Mid-Winter in this old photo from the 80s. I am now 72 and have non- melonoma skin cancer. No wonder! Protect yourselves.
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