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  1. A new car with extended warranty offers much peace of mind. Or a just registered with virtually zero mileage. Ford Direct are very good, my cousin saved thousands on a Mondeo Vignale estate.
  2. I love walking in the dunes at Winterton.
  3. This morning I took my car to West Runton to be cleaned. ( in Australia they have them "Plushed" not valeted ) then I walked from Cromer to East Runton and back, as you can see the beach was really busy. And finished my morning shopping at Waitrose in North Walsham. This afternoon I mowed the lawn, it was a lovely Spring day in Norfolk.
  4. Me at the end of The Great Ocean Road, VIC, Australia. I drove from Melbourne out to The Grampians, down to Warambool and Port Fairey. Along The Great Ocean Road to Torquay. Then ferry from Queenscliffe to Sorrento an on to Phillip Island to see the tiny Penguins. From Philip Island I went onto Wilsons Prom before returning to Melbourne. Could not have had a better car for the trip, it drove beautifully. Downside, just one, nose in parking in small towns American style and general car parks. Doors are huge and very difficult to open wide if between two other cars, this makes getting in and out difficult.
  5. A very easy car to roll when pushed a bit too hard. I know of three including myself in a 2000E auto.
  6. I have followed this thread with interest. I do my motoring in a different way. I pay as much as everyone does but my expense is via depreciation. I buy a new car every four years and always make sure it has extended warranty to cover five even if I pay for it. Since I was widowed I only travel about 8000 per annum. Normally I manage to get to change time without the need to replace anything except oil filters etc. I have done this for the last 25 years since it became better for me to take the money instead of the company car. With the exception of one new car that was an absolute "dog" which I got rid of at 36 months all the others across 3 VAG marques, Ford, Nissan and Peugeot have been faultless. But most importantly I have had no heartache and agravation.
  7. I also had a test drive in a MX5 RF. Lovely car but I could not get out of it. I shall wait and see what the damage is on a VW T-Roc convertible but I think that it will be more money than I wish to spend.
  8. Me too, but I also buy many items from John Lewis. No Sprowston park and ride any more ( car damaged twice in their car park, bays too small ) buy on-line and goods are at Waitrose North Walsham next day. Edit to say it is John Lewis car park that is too tight not the park and ride.
  9. After passage making at sea for two or three days I get it.
  10. I would expect high water to be "High" as you are on the Spring Equinox.
  11. Because that gives them a 100% service level, it's a fiddle. When Amazon fail to deliver I have found reasons like customer requested a day later. NO I did not, it is so it does not go down on the service level report as a "Fail" had it about five times. Normally I find the carriers very good except in Nov/Dec when it is busy and the short days mean if you do not know where I am, down my track, you will struggle to find me in the dark.
  12. I click and collect things like that at Screwfix. Best thing to happen to Cromer, Screwfix. Half the price of the useless Homebase.
  13. I think you will be OK. As you have said that initial briefing is key.
  14. My three score and ten this year.
  15. You can book day sails with both Wherry Trusts, Hunters have various activities and then there are always the Thames Sailing Barges, mostly out of Maldon but also Ipswich and Brightlingsea.
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