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  1. Just be prepared to be driving, walking and generally wallowing in mud from September to March as the Beet Harvest follows the spuds. Gore-tex shoes and good quality wellies are required for walking on even the lanes and forget about keeping you car, inside and out even half decent. "When the wind is in the East it is neither good for man or beast" is a saying only trully appreciated looking out to sea twix Brancaster and Palling. The above has driven a number of incomers back to the Home Counties in my vicinity and I know of two who wish to return but no longer can afford to.
  2. I can foresee real problems here for those "Going Foreign". Especially if they intend to make use of the waterways "thro France to the Med" or the Friesland, Kiel route to the Baltic. Still such delights are bound up in Covid for now and probably for the foreseeable future.
  3. I wonder if this "New" is anything to do with the four year:- "Environmental Land Management Scheme" announced last November that will create a number of additional "New" National Parks and AONB. Much of which will accept the findings of the Glover Report that seeks to transform our National Landscape. A corner stone of the recommendations within it's pages is to afford the same protection to AONB as NPs.
  4. ChrisB


    I think Andrew is alluding to the Blue Green variety, which is not of a fiendly persuasion.
  5. My usual accomodation in Dorset wants 60% more in late May than in May 2019. I suppose that we must realise that these businesses have had to carry their costs without any revenue for many months. Sure some costs and loans have been defered but they are still there, Banks and Utilities don't go away.
  6. It seems these days fenders down when "ditch crawling" is considered acceptable but absolutely not on form at sea. Etiquette aside, I think boats look pretty awful with fenders all along, spoiling their lines. Taking the trouble to stow the fenders, as quite alot of the classic boat owners do certainly enhances their photogenic appeal.
  7. The Royal Mail are to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of The National Parks.
  8. We only shoot 50 sporting on two Sundays per month. However we are a small Norfolk market town club and we do our own set up and strip down which takes 90 minutes or so.
  9. You beat me to it. That Cathedral looks very French, Cahors is close to the river but I can't remember what it looks like. I know one side is very plain Norman Tower like.
  10. The finest builders of wooden boats bar none imho. Their sailing boats are even prettier. I was in Ipswich when they launched a huge one, not sure by how much they cleared the Orwell bridge but itwas not alot. Absolutely worldclass and made in Suffolk.
  11. I was cursing buying 2000 rounds before Christmas...Dead Money, now I am glad I did. Just rec'd this mail from Just Cartridges.
  12. I think you would need 2 Griff as each wherry yacht can only carry 12 passengers. I would go for Norada and White Moth. I think the trading wherries carry more. I say Norada (having sailed on all three wherry yachts + one pleasure) because her shorter loa. Nessesitated a non traditional rig and the inclusion of a boom certainly gives her better sailing qualities.
  13. Yes, so do I. You could create quite a unique inland cruiser! Especially with that roof "garden". Whilst the heart of canal country i.e. the West Midlands is no-go, there is, still a huge amount of "Broad Beam" [canals] to cruise.
  14. I have just been out on the terrace in my PJs and Rab down jacket. It appears that the Norfolk thaw will now start tommorrow instead of today as origially forecast. I am getting 0 deg C, wind SSE 24mph gusting 36 windchill -8 C. Tomorrow's forecast is heavy rain and a 10 deg rise in temperature. The ground is going to be saturated and more. The view just now :-
  15. A limited addition for fans if you have a spare £6K going.
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