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  1. You have my sympathy Griff. It is a horrible job but it has to be done. I remember my last working retriever Benson, he was 17 physically still fine but he had dementia. The only consolation is you know she had a good life with you.
  2. If that were to go ahead, then I would be very interested. Having now past my three score years and ten! I sometimes, (well often in reality), think how long should I remain in this rural idyll tending half an acre of garden and having to use the car. It is a beautiful place where I live but with age practicallity becomes as desirable as other attributes.
  3. When channel cruising in our Berwick in the 80's we used to budget around £15 per night for step ashore moorings. Looking at Lymington, Bucklers Hard and Chichester Marinas you would need to look at around £45 now. It was one of the reasons given a fair crack of the weather we would head over to France, first nights were always free in those days. It got cheaper when our sons got older as we would swing to a buoy but when very small a marina overnight was so much more convenient and safer.
  4. I was told it was to continue as a shop and Post Office, it was only the fresh counter food that was being discontinued. The Butchers is now run, I believe, by the old proprieters of Swayfield, by the canal bridge who were always very strong on the "cold meats and pies" bit, so, if true there will be no loss of amenity to the village.
  5. Daybreak over Chris's acres this morning. An interesting light.
  6. I drive Ford products these days as it convenient having garages at Cromer and Ludham. I buy the bottom of the range Zetec models and then put on the extras I desire. I would like a Titanium or ST line but with Zetecs a full size spare is often an option. I buy new every 36 to 40 months but the full size spare is getting a rare beast the new Puma has not got one and it has been dropped from the Zetec Ecosport. Madness! I would like to leave these car executives on the moors halfway between Keld and Kirby Stephen with a flat and zero phone signal.
  7. Their Grade 1 6-8kg Free Range Bronze Turkeys are £112 this year, so one of those would get you on your way. A mixed case of decent wine about another £100. It is not hard. I have started going back to Sainsbury near me because week after week I was very close as makes no difference to £100. I self scan and was always at £30+ on my fruit and veg before I start on the other stuff.
  8. Well done Griff! Patches got me off my 2 packets of Senior Service per day many years ago. I think they are over £13 a packet now. However, as others have said always be on guard and never get tempted. I strongly believe you are never a non-smoker if you were heavy like me, you are a smoker who has given up. In the mid 70s (to pay for a mooring at Cobbs Quay) I gave up for nine years but a cigar at a party, I thought I could handle it got me back. In a week I was smoking 5 Villager a day which was very expensive even then, so moved to Silk Cut, then Dunhill, and in no time back on the "Untipped". Judith's first bout of cancer was oral, when I see youngsters of either sex smoking I shudder.
  9. The above should read "intellect"
  10. NNDC have an excellent "Deep Coast" trail with a number of permanent exhibitions plus an augmented smart phone app to accompany your exploration of the coastline. As I have often said there is a lot more to Norfolk than The Broads. The Broads are dominated by the BA in a "National Park" mode and NWT in a nature conservation mode it needs another body to push the historical angle. I feel it is a bit of a shame that the phone has taken over from the enquiring mind and interlect but, that's the time we live in.
  11. But at waitrose you pay for a much better class of "Screaming Brat"
  12. I would say her builders namely Goodchild Marine have as much knowledge, if not more than any yard in the area, just look at the refits they have done for the RNLI. I remember this craft being introduced and quite alot was made of the engine install being " Low Emission". My question is:- "have the problems been with DPF"? I can see a problem with this craft if so fitted because unlike a rescue craft, which really only have two speeds, flat out and stop this boat could do hours of light load or idle, leading to insufficient exhaust gas temperature. Many marine, genny and industrial installs have found that they need both DOC (passive) and some form of active regeneration to avoid problems. Anyway the fact is : If this craft has been so beset with engine failure a combination of the BA, Goodchilds and the engine manufacturer should have been able to sort this long ago. These Aquabells are available in a miriad of specifications for use by marine industries, are MCA cat 2 etc. I can't see how this boat has been allowed to become such a liability as to require disposal. Probably not enough consultation between the three key project owners at specification stage.
  13. That map looks remarkably like The Norwich Union Flood Risk Map that dates from around 2003/4. I used it when looking for properties in Norfolk, which is most likely why we ended up one mile inland and just under 40m above sea level.
  14. Judith and I did a lot of touring throughout the UK and Continent when our two sons were young. We hired both a motorhome and a caravan first and for our needs the touring caravan won hands down. The caravan with it's fixed awning provided a more permanent camp at our destination leaving the car free to use. Another benefit was the ease of " leveling up" the caravan on it's jacks, as many sites in the Alps and Pyrenees are far from flat, in those days the RVs used ramps which I did not fancy to achieve a level plain, I have even seen an Italian family use a short axle stand! I suppose motorhomes today have air suspension to get a flat nights sleep. Having bought a touring van we used both it and the boat for our summer holidays. For years our boat was at Ridge Wharf Nr Wareham. We would tow the caravan to Lookout Caravan Park at Stoborough and day sail the boat to Studland or having the occasional night aboard there or in Poole Harbour. The caravan was invaluable though as it let the boys have a good run around, when they were little, away from the river and marina. Enjoy your wandering adventures.
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