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  1. Correct but that alters not one jot that NATIONAL PARK is a world wide recognisable brand and can only aid the promotion. I am getting a bit fed up with the way this forum has been hijacked by a few people who seem to have some sort of vendetta with the CEO of the authority. Not long ago the only point of conflict was, when casting off did you pull a halyard or turn a key. It trully was a friendly place of like minded people. Not now, and folk will start to wander off. I am not going to ask Grendel to take me off the list of members because of the 50 posts rule, so I shall take a holiday, frankly there are more important things than road signs.
  2. Possibly because "National Park" as defined by the International Union for the conservation of Nature, as we have been made aware on numerous occasions, is a brand used by very nearly 100 countries and recognised for what they are in many more worldwide. Good marketing practice, feed them " A Known and Trusted Brand"
  3. No. I can't recall that is what I said.
  4. I think that common sense would dictate that natural law should prevail and that having been formed by sea level rise over 600 years ago they are indeed now natural. The majority of wetland reserves in the UK have been given a helping hand by earth movers, be that in the extraction of agregate years ago or in the provision of scrapes and nesting islands. Nearly all the National Parks landscapes are the result of man's intervention for fuel, grazing etc. In the case of the South Downs NP. It's landscape was formed by firing the iron furnaces long after The Broads flooded and well before areas that we now associate with the start of the Industrial Age.
  5. It would be very interesting for the EDP to present the facts to their readers without spin. That is due to the ancient rights of navigation The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads do not have full National Park Status. Otherwise the principle of conservation being paramount could take precedence over those ancient rights. And then for them to hold a ballot as to keeping the status quo or should this internationally important wetland be afforded full National Park status. I am purely playing devils advocate here but would assume that the rights of navigation over tidal waters and the additional rights due to custom and practice above NTLs were enshrined to protect commercial transport and trade long before waterbourne leisure arrived 120 years ago. Looking at the bigger picture regarding the loss of and conservation of wetlands worldwide and how the general public are now, so much more, not only aware of the natural world around them but actively wish to see it protected. I fear that we 15000 boaters + hirers who fight for our right to navigate, at what could be construed as to be to the detriment of the natural wetland environment would gain very little sympathy from the public at large. Put to people be that locally, nationally or interest groups, like say, the viewers of Countryfile. I am sure they would come down firmly on the side that The Broads should recieve full NP status.
  6. Did these not go ahead then? I actually thought they looked very up market.
  7. The BA's background colour is a standard Pantone 326
  8. The OS "Get OUTSIDE" inititive does. Edit to correct typo.
  9. The OS "Get Ourside" inititive does.
  10. You are not yet fully into your S10 then!
  11. Sorry, I intended to quote you before I posted above is the above the unit for drinks and mags you designed.
  12. I have probably seen your craftmanship which makes a huge difference in the 14hr haul from the Gulf to Melbourne. Especially the private shower and toilet. The Emirates 380 is so luxurious. I know it is all economics but the Dreamliner is notin the same class for passenger comfort.
  13. I was also going to say that many consider Easter to be their start of season which is 10th to 13th April this year.
  14. I said other inland waterways and sea. Marina charges on The Broads are very good value when compared to The Thames and South Coast. However I will admit that marinas in Lymington, Chichester, Poole and others do lack that certain "je nais se quois" I think it is not treading the mixture of mud and goose Sh*t onto the boat, cockpit sole, and down below.🦶
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