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  1. I can't think of anything better than being afloat for Christmas. In Queensland
  2. You should try eating their Hákarl, now that is truly unforgetable.
  3. And swallow the bitter pill and de-contaminate the brown ex industrial sites to provide homes.
  4. A LITTLE BEDTIME READING:- Glossary-of-ship-and-boat-building-terms.pdf
  5. That Sarah Louise looks interesting! Don't think I have ever seen one like that before, A friend at the Rugby Club when we lived in Bucks had a forward drive cruiser, not that big but it had a nice flybridge arrangement. It lived at Harleyford after her had sold her. I think it might have been a Sheerline.
  6. Actually I quite like a soggy one!
  7. That is the wind! Be grateful the pressure is at 1024. By Friday it could be in the 970s but thankfully the wind should have South in it by then.
  8. That is very kind Ray, let us see what Spring brings! Some order of normality I hope.
  9. That café will be sadly missed.
  10. Yes, but they are the serious cruisers choice. I did not want gas aboad when we had the Berwick. Very often we would leave Poole for Cherbourg. Half way across you are 40 miles from either coast and with a young family! I opted not to run it off the main tank but have the separate parafin tank. A much cheaper alternative if you want no gas is Origo. They are good for cruising away from the Uk as you can buy clear 100% Alcohol in most other countries. The Uk blue stuff is a bit smelly.
  11. That would be a shame, I like that café.
  12. I had one like this on the Berwick. Running low the hotplates would also take the chill out of the cabin. I did not pay anything like £3400 for it in those days. But they will do total re-furbs and a Taylors cooker or cabin heatr will last a lifetime.
  13. Get a proper boat cooker, a Taylors
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