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    Fishing mainly, Norfolk Broads, in that order ! classic motorbikes, bit of photography, real ales !

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  1. troutman62

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    Love old photo's ! Unfortunately back home from Bure Croft now. Really pleased with the info you all supplied , best property we have had on the broads , fishing great , situation just could not be better ,weather roasting ! Really lovely week and everybody you meet can't be more friendly. I hope the resident semi tame pike is looked after properly as well ! I caught him twice on succesive days so packed up the piking for this holiday. Regards to all and thanks again ! Stefan
  2. troutman62

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    Great stuff ! Cant wait now.
  3. troutman62

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    Phew ! Thanks for this mate you have put my mind at rest . Had visions of casting over the top of a cruiser all week ! So pleased you replied ☺
  4. troutman62

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    It doesnt mention this on the website, nor do the pictures show boats moored up ! are these boats moored permanently at the front of the property ? There are 4 of us going for the fishing and based on the pictures it looked ideal initially. I would greatly appreciate some more info if you can as this booking is worrying us now and looking less appealing..Thanks for the reply !
  5. troutman62

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    One last thing, check out the parking situation before you book anywhere. A 15 minute walk × 4 trips loading and unloading is not particularly pleasant......
  6. troutman62

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    Stayed at Wilderness and Riversmead both on main river, fishing excellent on all 3 September occasions we visited. Also had a week at Owlswick at Grebe island , September again , water gin clear down the dyke , fishing poor. Recommend Riverside Rentals 100% Regards, Stefan.
  7. troutman62

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    We have stayed at Wilderness a couple of times Polly , superb property that had resident otters nearby. Would never have dreamed of seeing them a few years ago . Just hope Bure Croft isn't used as someones mooring !😨
  8. troutman62

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    What do you mean by home moorings ? I' ve booked bure croft for a week but am a bit concerned that its a busy thoroughfare next to summercraft.
  9. troutman62

    Post Responses

    When u get to my age , time is valuable and its a bit quicker old boy.
  10. troutman62

    Post Responses

    I realise of course that we are living in a wonderful politically correct world nowadays, but would it be inconsidorate of me to request that a " Boring " icon be included in the post response comments icons ? Please do not take offence at this request but it might at least create a bit of light hearted amusement. What do other members think ?
  11. troutman62

    Marina Destroyed

    Afraid that if it hasn't happened in London the media aren't interested. The place is my idea of a living nightmare !
  12. troutman62

    Emma Chambers

    God bless her she was lovely.
  13. troutman62

    Hire Craft Moorings At Horning

    Thanks for the info guys ! ☺
  14. troutman62

    Hire Craft Moorings At Horning

    Can anyone please tell me whether its still ok to moor a hire boat in what used to be the old Horning Pleasure craft / F B Wilds yard basin , ?
  15. troutman62

    Dunkirk (film)

    My Dad was with 5th Panzer army during the German retreat at Falaise, captured in August 44 he never spoke about all the horrors till he was in his 80's. Like loads of vets the only way I could get him to say anything was after a few pints ! Fortunately I made notes of our conversations and keep telling myself that I will one day put them to paper in a readable form. Both the bad and the funny ! I have been so lucky not to go through the hell he did, Bless him.

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