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  1. Call me mr picky but doh i am aware of the legion pins and dont class them as bling. I was referring to the fake diamond encrusted fashion broaches sold in stores all over. No wonder i stopped posting many moons ago.
  2. I detest the bling jewelry poppies which are getting more and more prevalent. In no way does this support the British Legion , remembrance is not meant to be a bloody fashion show at the end of the day. Just take a look at the "celebrities" on the telly ! The Strictly judges etc. Paper poppies not good enough. Makes me sick
  3. Whilst enjoying a pleasant week (mainly fishing ) in a property near summercraft boatyard , we have observed on a daily basis a gentleman in a nearby private property who has two dogs. I find it apalling that he throws all the dog faeces straight into the dyke.As an angler i appreciate that the rivers arent very clean at the best of times but this is disgusting. Dirty s..
  4. I dont post much nowadays but Apparetly (I may be wrong ) the idiots are young people. Punish the parents financialy the sh...s wont do it again.
  5. I love that group photo !! Who is the Kim Jong Un lookalike directly behind the Pope? We dont want a nuke on Horning !
  6. Personally I Can't stand football but each to their own. My son in law says he "supports" Liverpool but never goes to a match. If shouting at a telly screen defines supporting then surely the plot has been lost ?
  7. Love old photo's ! Unfortunately back home from Bure Croft now. Really pleased with the info you all supplied , best property we have had on the broads , fishing great , situation just could not be better ,weather roasting ! Really lovely week and everybody you meet can't be more friendly. I hope the resident semi tame pike is looked after properly as well ! I caught him twice on succesive days so packed up the piking for this holiday. Regards to all and thanks again ! Stefan
  8. Phew ! Thanks for this mate you have put my mind at rest . Had visions of casting over the top of a cruiser all week ! So pleased you replied ☺
  9. It doesnt mention this on the website, nor do the pictures show boats moored up ! are these boats moored permanently at the front of the property ? There are 4 of us going for the fishing and based on the pictures it looked ideal initially. I would greatly appreciate some more info if you can as this booking is worrying us now and looking less appealing..Thanks for the reply !
  10. One last thing, check out the parking situation before you book anywhere. A 15 minute walk × 4 trips loading and unloading is not particularly pleasant......
  11. Stayed at Wilderness and Riversmead both on main river, fishing excellent on all 3 September occasions we visited. Also had a week at Owlswick at Grebe island , September again , water gin clear down the dyke , fishing poor. Recommend Riverside Rentals 100% Regards, Stefan.
  12. We have stayed at Wilderness a couple of times Polly , superb property that had resident otters nearby. Would never have dreamed of seeing them a few years ago . Just hope Bure Croft isn't used as someones mooring !?
  13. What do you mean by home moorings ? I' ve booked bure croft for a week but am a bit concerned that its a busy thoroughfare next to summercraft.
  14. When u get to my age , time is valuable and its a bit quicker old boy.
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