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  1. I'm doing a bit of part time work there yes, but I buy lots of stuff at Argos. I'd seen the same day delivery advertised and also the delivery for £3.95 but I hadn't put the two together. I think I'd assumed that the delivery charge was 'from' £3.95 or per item or something. Last time Debs picked up from there she had to queue in the Sainsburys queue as well
  2. You are guaranteed a 3hr slot and you can nominate a safe place :) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. Or get it delivered. Under £4 for same day delivery is a bargain. And you can order up to 4pm for delivery that evening. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. This is a post I put on Facebook about 2 years ago. I guess we can add closing the rubbish tips to that now.
  5. I used to work in that business, arranging transport, air and road, for patients and organs. It always seemed to happen at night and sometimes got very tense due to the time limits. On the last job I organised we sent a harvester team from London to Bristol to get a heart and lung for a two year old. The two pilots did a fantastic job getting them back from Bristol in really awful weather and they arrived at the hospital in the nick of time. The operation to transplant into the 2 year old started with about 45 seconds to spare. When the transplant co-ordinator rang me to say they had started I had a rum to celebrate. After a few I started thinking about the people who had lost a baby. My son was 2 at the time., that was my last time and I've never drunk rum since :(
  6. Is it just me or did anyone else see @Vaughan's As a reply to this Rather than this?
  7. How about a series of Podcasts featuring various characters of the Broads?
  8. And also killed motorcylists
  9. How much money we used to spend in the pub. How cheap Argos deliveries are (Less than £4 for same day delivery) How much we spent on petrol. How much I missed Chinese food (our local takeaway re-opened this week )
  10. I've just had some Le Tonkinois delivered and in the info sheet it says Oily woods like Teak, Iroko, Pitch Pine or any surface previously treated with Linseed or Danish oil can be varnished if they are first 'degreased' by thoroughly rubbing with a cloth soaked in white spirit. HTH Steve
  11. https://www.rya.org.uk/newsevents/news/Pages/return-to-boating-update.aspx
  12. Well there's always yellow of course :) (Debs MX5 MK1) But then, it went with the green
  13. It also tells you what you need. Basically UTR number, NI number, Govenment Gateway ID and bank details. You'll be told straight away how much you will get and it will be in your bank 6 days later.
  14. If you go to that link you can check what date you can apply and update your contact details if you need to. My date is 14th May, others I know are 13th and 15th.
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