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  1. Is this the end of seeing "No same sex parties" on hire company websites?
  2. Due to buying Cockatoo we are looking to sell our shares in Moonlight Shadow and Thunder and also to sell Freya. 8% Moonlight Shadow, £2000 Details here https://www.bcbm.co.uk/boats/broads-cruisers-page-127.html 8% Thunder £4500 Details Here https://www.bcbm.co.uk/boats/broads-cruisers-page-129.html Freya II is a 19ft Seawych that I bought as a project. Currently the mast and sails are not fitted and some small fittings are needed to complete. She has a 5hp Honda outboard and is currently moored in Horning (moorings paid until November). Broads toll is paid until the new year in April. I am looking to either sell her or swap for a dinghy I can use as a tender to Cockatoo. Steve Please note that the prices above are dependent on the purchaser coming to me direct, not available through BCBM although they will be dealing with the paperwork :)
  3. Cockatoo


    When I was a kid we used to drink a pint of "Duckhams" A pint of Abbott with a Coke top! It had that distinctive swirly appearance of the oil :) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. If the people of Norwich are hunting eyesores maybe they should be looking at Castle Mall
  5. . Where I'm moored in Brundall the only phone signal I can get is Vodafone so we've both had to switch to that. The only problem is their App and call center are both absolutely diabolical. If I hear the phrase "I will surely help you with that Mr Steve" ever again it will be too soon
  6. My shower pump is very quiet, and automatic. You'd be hard pushed to hear it unless you lift the deck boards. :) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  7. Thanks guys. You up next weekend@Mouldy ? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  8. So how's it going? Well I've been here for nearly six weeks now and I'm loving it. I have popped home twice, the first time a few weeks ago for a couple of days and last week I popped down for just over 24 hours (about 24 hours too long). I couldn't wait to get back. We have settled into a routine, with Debs here every weekend and coming up one night during the week (usually Wednesday night). The great news is that when she told her work she would be looking for a new job up here they offered to let her work remotely for part of the week so she'll be here for a majority of the time. Ebay deliver Click'n'Collect to the nearby Sainsbury's and Amazon do Local Collect to Brundall post office for smaller parcels although have have just ordered from Amazon for delivery to the boat as a test. If the parcel arrives tomorrow we are sorted. I would say I wish we'd done it years ago but realistically we weren't in a position to and who knows, maybe the timing was just right now. Steve
  9. Can anyone point me to an idiots guide please?
  10. Just occasionally they have a rack of ribs on the specials board (not on the menu) and I always look out for these as they are really nice. If you like ribs :) Steve Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  11. Currently advertising for engine builders at just over £9 an hour. Quality engines they will be :)
  12. Last time we went by some crackhead was sitting in the doorway with a fire burning against the door. We rang 999 and a fire engine, accompanied by police, were sent out. The police rang us back later to update us but they didn't find the crackhead. Still, he probably would have only got a slapped wrist anyway
  13. No it's not just you @Jayfire CCTV is becoming the bane of our lives. It seems that every time I have need of it their is always an excuse why it doesn't work. Funny that, it always seems to work when it's to my detriment in car parks and the like.
  14. Hi Paul I am in Mid Rivers Harbour by the NYA service center :) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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