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  1. Believe me, when you see the others on this boat, things like screws into the hull, the fact that every item I take apart has the wrong screws fitted and dont get me started on the rotten floor it is very definitely a bodge. I'm just greatful the engines were looked after by a guy with a good reputation!
  2. I've posted about this in the members section but I thought it might be worthwhile mentioning here as well. I've just replaced the knackered Webasto on Cockatoo with one of the cheap Chinese heaters. It was a really easy installation using the fuel feed, mounting bracket and exhaust from the Webasto set up but was complicated by the rotten hot air ducting. This has now been replaced with aluminium ducting clad in the original Webasto insulation sleeve, saving about £100 over using Webasto ducting. Some of the bodges that were present can be seen below. The Y piece shown is 60 odd mm instead of 75. Now it's all good and yesterday I swapped the heater for a new one that I ordered as a spare to make sure it worked ok so I now have a spare. I also installed an "Afterburner" Bluetooth and WiFi enabled controller which gives better temp control and loads of other stuff I haven't discovered yet, I must RTFM :) Total cost of everything has been less than £300 which is better than the annual servicing cost of the Webasto, and I have a spare. TBH even if I had to replace the unit every year I would be quids in. Link to Afterburner http://www.mrjones.id.au/afterburner/ Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. No rush MM :) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. We've stopped there to give the dogs a nice run ashore. If there is no one else there it's great as they can go off the lead. Last time we were there though the BCE managed to miss the island completely when he launched their ball from the thrower. All that grass and he found the water lol Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  5. A pet Eagle might work Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  6. I really don't see how a national ranger service would work. Surely the needs and requirements for all the National Parks, let alone the Broads, are too diverse to allow any sort of common working? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  7. Here's my Guidepost laminated map (link above) now 4 years old and going strong. It's been rained on, left out in the morning dew and even had a tea spilt on it, more than once. Well worth the money. The red dots are dog friendly pubs :) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  8. It sounds to me like you might be a perfect candidate for oil analysis, send a sample away and they will tell you exactly where in the engine any particles come from. That way you will know exactly where you stand.
  9. Is this the end of seeing "No same sex parties" on hire company websites?
  10. Due to buying Cockatoo we are looking to sell our shares in Moonlight Shadow and Thunder and also to sell Freya. 8% Moonlight Shadow, £2000 Details here https://www.bcbm.co.uk/boats/broads-cruisers-page-127.html 8% Thunder £4500 Details Here https://www.bcbm.co.uk/boats/broads-cruisers-page-129.html Freya II is a 19ft Seawych that I bought as a project. Currently the mast and sails are not fitted and some small fittings are needed to complete. She has a 5hp Honda outboard and is currently moored in Horning (moorings paid until November). Broads toll is paid until the new year in April. I am looking to either sell her or swap for a dinghy I can use as a tender to Cockatoo. Steve Please note that the prices above are dependent on the purchaser coming to me direct, not available through BCBM although they will be dealing with the paperwork :)
  11. Cockatoo


    When I was a kid we used to drink a pint of "Duckhams" A pint of Abbott with a Coke top! It had that distinctive swirly appearance of the oil :) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  12. If the people of Norwich are hunting eyesores maybe they should be looking at Castle Mall
  13. . Where I'm moored in Brundall the only phone signal I can get is Vodafone so we've both had to switch to that. The only problem is their App and call center are both absolutely diabolical. If I hear the phrase "I will surely help you with that Mr Steve" ever again it will be too soon
  14. My shower pump is very quiet, and automatic. You'd be hard pushed to hear it unless you lift the deck boards. :) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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