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  1. To Londoners Thrupenny bit has a whole different meaning ;)
  2. Another thing to remember about Yarmouth is that it is a long walk/bus ride to the town center and seafront.
  3. That's true John, and one where they actually understand the regulations.
  4. I should've said that you can also see how much is left in the cylinder.
  5. Not as far as I can see @grendel. For me, Morrisons or BP (24hr) in Norwich is good enough. Another plus point is that the cylinder doesn't have to be empty but can be topped up at anytime. I go into Norwich 2 or 3 times a week, at least once by car.
  6. That would only give you a 7.5 year payback time lol
  7. After having to go to Attleborough to get a replacement cylinder at the weekend I have been looking at alternatives and have come across refillable cylinders made by Safefill. My thinking is that the 5kg cylinder, holding 8.5 litres of LPG (about £5.95 per fill at todays prices) should last about the same time as a 4.5kg Calor @ £18.95, saving £13 a fill. At an initial cost of about £200 (including the filling adapter and regulator) should have a payback time of around 15 months as I fit a new Calor cylinder about every 6 weeks on average. Thoughts anyone?
  8. Do these people never think of helping rather than filming? It really boils my water er, I mean grinds my gears when I see things like this.
  9. Have you tried Horning Pleasurecraft MM (the old Richardsons, Horning)
  10. If you mean the badge you print off on a piece of paper then sure, put it in the window. Mooring: Get the guy that does your trial run to show you how to tie the boat (that's partly what he's there for) after that it's just practice. If you are staying north the tides aren't really a problem as the difference in water heights between high and low tide are fairly small. The nearer you get to Yarmouth the greater they are. As someone has said, download the 'Aweigh' app, that will tell you which way the tides is going wherever you are. And enjoy :)
  11. This appears to be broken. Keeps appearing although there are no new replies on the thread.
  12. I think I've just caught my vegan Aunty eating a bacon sandwich :(
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