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  1. Mercedes built in the 90’s and early 00’s all seemed to rust bad.
  2. I’ve had 2 cars with the K Series engine, an MG F and and MG ZS, head gaskets went on both ☹️
  3. We’ve hired with Bridgecraft several times and they have always been great! Have a good trip!
  4. I always check a potential new car out on gov.uk MOT checker. Gives you abit of an idea what the cars like. A certain SLK at Wright’s has a clean MOT history apart from tyre wear.
  5. Chris1986


    Yes can recommend Bureside.
  6. From that angle the front reminds me of a BMW Z8.
  7. Blimey! Apparently when asked why the new retro version doesnt have the original style pipes Kawasaki said because back in the day everyone changed them to 4 into 1 and to save weight. Seastars told me the 900RS was their biggest seller last year but I haven’t seen another one on the road yet.
  8. Yes you are right they aren’t original originals. I think they all have none original exhausts, brakes, air filters etc apart from one possibly
  9. The que for Wroxham started before the railway bridge on A1151 the other sunny Sunday!
  10. A friend of mine has 3 originals, beautiful bikes. My bike gets so much attention, a lot of people ask what year it is... Thinking it’s 1970’s! People recall trips they had on originals in the 70’s & 80’s... People that have walked past my house for years and never spoke will stop and engage in conversation about the bike. Bikers are a friendly bunch.
  11. I can picture Rob on a BMW K1600 GTL touring the UK! I enjoyed your Trixie video yesterday btw, looks a lovely boat.
  12. Despite my Dad always having bikes I had absolutely no interest until last year when the appeal suddenly hit at the age of 32, so time for you yet Rob! I done my CBT, Theory, Mod 1, Mod 2 Tests and got my license in May 2018. Like you I do not do things by halves and I’m now on my 5th bike! A Kawasaki Z900RS. I really enjoy riding but also enjoy looking at the pros and cons etc of all the different biking kit - leathers, textiles, helmets, gloves, luggage etc.
  13. I’ve had 2 SLKs and would have another one tomorrow! The 350 is definitely a drivers car. My Auntie ordered a new 320 in 2000 and took delivery in June 2001, 18 years and 35k miles later she’s still got it. The first one I had was a 2003 2.3 Kompressor, it quickly became apparent it was a dog and hadn’t been looked after, everything was botched, but I still loved it! I like the view out of the windscreen on the older models, a long flat bonnet with 2 humps. The second one I had was the same as yours Robin, but blue with cream leather. When I first got the car I took it to Pro Shine in Norwich for the full works, it looked brand new after 2 days with them. I used to use Pflege Rubber Care on the seals etc, totally cherished that car! My girlfriend and dog enjoyed it too!
  14. Screwfix have Karcher K2’s for £58.33 at the moment
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