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  1. Didn't know we had a member called alter-ego.
  2. I always learnt on the first one. Went into engineering as a profession and had to use the second one. Need that for precision.
  3. You don't come from Norfolk then? Lots up here can count to 25
  4. Spoiler Alert Problem is great looking photo. But to burst your bubble. It's someone in tan trousers with the crotch strap of their life jacket attached.
  5. Now Costa is something I know something about. It helped in the demise of Whitbread's pub business. Well that and dear old Maggie. It was bought as a wholesale coffee business from Sergio and Bruno Costa in 1995. As a way of getting cheap coffee for their pub and Beefeater restaurants. Then some bright spark who came and gave us a presentation, on the whole idea, said they were rebranding the coffee for use in the pubs with the Costa name. Basically Maggies intervention, gave them the much needed capital to grow the brand. Finally sold to Coca Cola in 2019, for a whopping £ 3.9bn and is now in 31 countries. That's where my job went to.
  6. Must admit have been using NFC and google pay on the phone, since this has started works further away from the terminal than a card. It also uses a spoof card number so no one can clone your card
  7. Sorry don't see that the management of the store, are not showing proper authority over their employees. Saying the guidelines only came out yesterday. Still gave the manager enough time to prepare a verbal briefing to the door staff. How the store runs is the managers remit no one else. Smacks of poor leadership to me. Possibly the six p's come to mind.
  8. Polly you could have shortened the middle of the slogan to, two letters and one letter.
  9. Or battery powered/ Solar LED
  10. Brings a new meaning to banging in nails though!
  11. Can you stop taking the P out of MM. Then again it may not hurt as much as the real thing
  12. And that would be the eloquent Magnus Magnusson
  13. C C. The police like it that way, at least they know where most of the town idiots are at any one time. Makes it easier to control with less officers.
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