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  1. Hi all Your topics for Friday are 1 How 2 Nursery Tales 3 Which 4 Who 5 What 6 GT Don't Forget Friday 20:30 Chat Room http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ No pass word just enter a name and login
  2. Lots use that one. BT is 1572 then follow instructions
  3. Page 119 The pattern of national landscapes across England has been remarkably static. After a burst of activity in the 1950s the creation of new National Parks slowed to a crawl. Only the Broads, New Forest and the South Downs have been added in recent years (1988, 2005 and 2009 respectively) along with extensions to the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District in 2016.
  4. Call barring number is 14258 **
  5. Having lost my Dad at the age of 23. On Christmas eve the spirit of Christmas went from me at that age. Although having kids and seeing the joy of Christmas in their eyes somewhat softens the blow, it never was the same . Griff So sorry to hear of Mrs G's loss and hope you can raise a glass to the dear soul that was MIL together this special time of year as I shall to my Dad.
  6. We all know MM's location well I found it courtesy of his new phone
  7. No W3W works offline https://support.what3words.com/en/articles/2212844-does-what3words-work-offline The possibility is the sensitivity of the location gps on the device.
  8. Problem being that these calls are generated from a VOIP (voice over internet phone) and you can spoof any number you wish. The phone companies can do nothing about it. as most of them hide behind a VPN (Virtual Phone Network) there is no way to track them that way either. All of the numbers they call are bought from people. who just call and when you pick up, the phone the number just rings off. That way they know it's a live number and someone, at the other end is willing to answer the phone. They buy these numbers in thousands, in computer language, which then generates the recorded message to you, they sit back and wait for someone to Press 1
  9. Griff Words escape me mate. Chin up does not seem to help in these times. My thoughts are with you.
  10. You been on the Wine again at lunch
  11. Possibly oil gallery blocked ?
  12. And Ellie says. She doesn't know what the fuss is all about his big end.
  13. Brian This is Your Life No it's not he's just a very naughty boy. And shouldn't be having all this adulation.
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