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  1. This one was in the shadow of the Flyover over the New cut and the Reedham- Lowestoft line The only other one near there is The Bell at St Olaves
  2. Yes right by the side of the New cut
  3. Pity the pubs feel the exact opposite Eh
  4. Yeah must have shut nearly 60 years ago now. Just after the flyover went over the new cut. 1962 according to lost pubs
  5. Queens head Haddiscoe Right by the old toll bridge
  6. There is also a Romney Marsh mountain rescue team and a pot holing club. Membership still thrives Callout statistics Club founded 1965 Rescues so far 0 Potholing club 1 hole so far found 1 and a half inch deep in the middle of the westbound lane of the A259
  7. Try telling that to my nine year old self. Out on my bike delivering newspapers!
  8. I was in Homebase about a month ago. And a guy was wandering around the wood section muttering about decking. So as I was leaving i collared one of the assistants. Said to him the bloke over there wants decking. How was I to know he was from East London. It took just one punch!
  9. Think about it in years gone by : If you walked into a bank wearing a mask Would you have been greeted with a cheery HELLO ?
  10. I have a Nephew who lives with his partner in Tenerife. Both work in the supermarket business, He works until 11pm some nights two and a half miles away. For her safety she takes the family car. Finishes work at 7pm , She cannot go and pick him up from work as they are enforcing One per car law. So he has to walk from the next town home. So far this past week he has been stopped and asked for his papers and why he is out, 4 times. She put up a message on FB My Darling we live together. We sleep together. But, I'm sorry I cannot pick you up in the car!
  11. Most of them will be out licking the willow bark
  12. Nor does MM I believe He keeps it all onboard Inside Himself
  13. For us 8 months of planning just went pear shaped yesterday. My local amateur radio club of which I am on the committee had the task of postponing the South Easts, Largest Radio and Electronics rally. This was due to go ahead in 16 days time. But due to pressure from traders and the public. Usually panic stricken Facebook warriors spreading posts everywhere. Saying people should boycott if it goes ahead. We decided to pull the plug last night, this has caused us a small club to lose a lot of money.
  14. Oi I resemble that remark
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