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  1. Thought you meant free beer when I read it on the list MM
  2. Needs a little refinement but putting the letters above allows for bigger font to be used and also for longer names
  3. Maybe you could take photo's of your patination. Stitch them all together. get it printed on wrap, you may sell some to the government as camouflage.
  4. Looks like TT had a denial of service as all of UK was down according downdetector but up and running now (well for the last half hour anyway) so grid your lions there shall be a question and answer session
  5. Hi guys in quizland TalkTalk having severe issues as of yesterday and today so it doesn't bode well for me doing a quiz this evening If anyone has internet and wishes to carry out the quiz I am happy to forgo my slot this evening. All depends on tinternet will keep you all posted. This seems to be nationwide so not good Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  6. Mind you gives a new meaning to Quilting
  7. Do the flippers come with it too? If so it's a Bargain. But you can keep the fly I have enough already
  8. Maybe it's a case of letting sleeping props lie Maybe not lie if the bed is broken. Maybe the duvet came from a water bed
  9. I thought he did that when he goes into autopilot
  10. Of or found in a river. And Welcome to the forum
  11. A140 Hempnall Roundabout construction, closed all weekend until 8am Monday. Preferred diversion is A143 A146 northbound 146 143 south
  12. Patination Huh! There's more algal bloom on there, than on Hickling on a bad day.
  13. Yes moored just bridge side of the last cottage. Saw them untie and go.
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