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  1. Your problem being is you have swapped codes with your drill press. You have gone into the dreaded "Engineering" code. The slots are there for this An Engineers drill vice. The Diagonal slots are there, so you can bolt the vice on for either left or right handed use. They are used in manufacturing multiple parts, where the back jaw would be remade, with stops in it so you slide in the metal to be drilled, to the stop and get precise measurements for each part.
  2. It is just that . Lots of Caravans joined together. Bit more hi tech than an Eldiss or a Swift.
  3. They have a couple of these outside a local cafe. wonder if these are what they are looking at
  4. Anyone who is interested in Electronics, Doctor Who or electronic music should read this about the birth of The BBC RW https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2011/04/how-the-original-doctor-who-theme-changed-music/237938/
  5. Based on a Kubota V2203 49hp engine
  6. What about being ocasionally grumpy You didn't mention that.
  7. Ah but, Percussive Maintenance is an art form. Area. + Resistance, + Strength divided by Energy. Or ARS/E for short
  8. Chris Email awaits you
  9. Hi Chris Least I could do for today If you would like to message me with an email address and can scan a better image will be happy to clean the whole thing up for you
  10. Possibly something to take up with your individual insurers. Not speculate on social media?
  11. I have a ham radio buddy, who works as a warrant officer for one of the big Electricity companies. He's ex Bill Some of his stories about weed growing are epic.
  12. Ebay not quite economy but available search 300W Clear E27 230V Lightbulb Lightbulb
  13. The new 3m stuff sticks like the proverbial no paint creep. But peels off nicely and only 3mm contours and straight lines too
  14. Try 3mm fine masking tape easier to get the line then mask over the top of that. used to use it years ago when putting pin stripes on cars
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