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  1. " Wondering how it got through Vauxhall. " My Guess is 200 souls on a free floating rave. Will not get back all the while we have lockdown.
  2. Already has Fenders! Well if you believe the Yanks it does.
  3. Having said paperwork in the previous post, it's not Papers per se . All electronic now Drivers are given a HMRC number all clearance is now centralised and available online to any HMRC depot.
  4. Had a Zoom meeting of like minded Radio hams last night. One of my friends is working as security for H.M.R.C at Manston airport. They have clearance at Manston. You can get a Kent ticket without clearance paperwork but once arrived at the site you have either a green ticket or a red ticket and are sorted by that, Green ticket and Covid test. Paperwork checked and on your way to Dover Green ticket no Covid test. Lane A army give quick Covid test whilst paperwork checked result comes through. Negative Covid to Dover. Positive, Lane B Full test given wait 24 hours to 48 hrs f
  5. Very likely mass selling and made a template. Then just changed heading, photo's and description.
  6. Our illustrious Chairperson (See being all gender neutral there) thinks nothing of enduring long hot days in foreign climes, digging lots of deep holes with a teaspoon and a toothbrush. But ask him to lift an engine cover. And god forbid, examine the contents below, brings him out in a sweat of great proportions. Not seen in years.
  7. Last two laptops I have had in the last 12 years, have been refurbished HP Pavlions, 15.6 screen. Both have worked and still do faultlessly. Only reason I replaced the other one, was speed for Graphics creating. If looking would go for at least, an i5 intel, 8gb memory and 1Tb HD. Problem being is, the shortage of laptops at the moment due to everyone working from home, has pushed up the price.
  8. Or is that Totally against Tea
  9. I'd forgotten about Charlie Howlett. Now he was a real local character. Typical Marshman. Used to see him in the bell at St Olaves occasionally. He gave us a talk at Somerleyton school one winter. All about how the mill worked, interspersed as usual with witty stories.
  10. I also believe it would have to be either very tidal or canalised. Seems that there is a drop between Acle and Cantley. This would also add to the cost if made into a canal.
  11. Problem is when you look at the general map. That is what it is general for a large area of the country. When you drill down to the local areas, that's when it gets scary. Parts of Kent have patches of 14.5 under 1000 so not all rosy I'm afraid Grendel.
  12. No Rush Steve. Its taken them seven years to get this far. so watch at your leisure.
  13. Andy I agree one of the most witty pairs on YT. I think this is possibly what makes the episodes go so quickly, all 43 of them and it's not painted yet, nor has anything attached to the body.
  14. That's all according, whether you want the river half full, or half empty.
  15. Yes a wholehearted well done to all involved with running this Forum. And your ongoing support of Broads businesses. May it live long and prosper, even with the changes that the Harms bill will cause.
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