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  1. Mike that's because you have gone two stages past lunacy. And you are now living in your own fantasy world. As for me I think I'm now on the cusp of stage four. Don't give a monkeys stage. Merry Christmas.
  2. Knowing our lot its the screech of the twist cap on the gin bottle more like. It's enough to drive you to drink, but don't drive home.
  3. Still being repeated to this day 08:30 on Thursday mornings. Radio Four Extra Yesterdays was The Scarlet Capsule. Now on listen again Next week it's The Tay Bridge. Who said the Tay bridge was weak? Most of the passengers. If you wish to listen to any of the shows mentioned above http://www.radioechoes.com/
  4. (Heavy crashing noise off stage) Milligan "Min Min she's falling to bits" Sellers "Yes she's a loose woman you know" From the Last Goon Show Of All
  5. Biggest rip off I remember was a box of Swan Vesta matches Price before decimalisation 2d Price after decimalisation 2p 2.4 times the price
  6. You have never heard of Timothy Leary then
  7. Fred I was thinking the same thing. The girl doesn't sit right in the photo her left foot seems to be hovering above the deck. The top looks too pristine to be on such a filthy hull. The cloud reflection in the side windows, look to be a strange angle. It is built though and proper photo's are on their page. Marketed as having a bathing platform?
  8. The ibiquitous BMC 2.2 litre K series, or after 1971 a BL25v 2.5 ltr After 1989 LTI used 2.7 litre Nissan deisels
  9. This week I have mostly been,,,,,,,, writing a quiz your subjects for this weeks midly idiotic load of claptrap are 1. Music 2. J 3. Science and Nature The usual break 4. Sport 5. Brain Teasers 6. General Stupidity Were starting at eight thirty ish so log into the chat room http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ Hit enter and behold the cornucopia of rubbish that comes your way and not always from the quizmaster
  10. Possibly the Pan, Tilt and Zoom gone up the swanee or just the pan motor gears
  11. Only one I can think of is Crown Cruisers who were in Oulton Broad until 1988 then moved to Somerleyton
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4mnZVzUEqU Charlies video on Rhond anchors just excuse the Yorkshire accent he can't help it.
  13. Either Grendel will have to Sit in the bilges or the boom will have to 4 feet up the mast from the seat to clear the 4 foot of him sticking up from the seat Either that we will have to clad his chest shoulders and head in armour.
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