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  1. Having set quizzes for the last 35 plus years. Most of them for local and national charities. Gauging the intellect of an audience you don't always know, is the hardest thing. Are you asking questions to people of low or high IQ.? Are you going to just ask questions, that everyone knows the answer to? You will always offend one party which ever way you set the questions. But with most audiences, people will come up to me afterwards saying. " Thank you for that it really got my brain working". Next time how about the winning team of "Regular quizzers" split up and join other teams ?
  2. So they can learn how to use guns and sharp knives properly you mean?
  3. Best way would be for all the perpetrators worldly goods, laid out on a long length of steel girder. The owner of the goods wrecked by the perpetrator then appears, with a big hammer and then smashes the worldly goods to smithereens.
  4. Hi Gang Thanks to all for a great weekend. Good to put names to faces. Also to be in your company, although the weather could have been a little warmer and drier I don't think it dampened the spirits. Thanks must also go to Polly for her organisation and to Mike (Chameleon ) for the quiz but also to him and Pat for putting up with me for the weekend Here's to next years And for a lot of you see you at Beccles in August
  5. Does this include the drunks who manage to fall in, after a good skin full at Norwich.
  6. Can I suggest this one and somewhere Re Yare By the way that's apollo 13 and we know that was a disaster Something wrong with the steering Brings something else to mind
  7. FairTmiddlin


    Surely if it is a Nanni Engine the original is a Kubota Engine so parts should be available worldwide even comes painted the same colour
  8. He even has his own single out along with some backing singers https://www.rspb.org.uk/get-involved/campaigning/let-nature-sing?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=linkclickad&utm_campaign=letnaturesing
  9. Polly can you add me on to Chameleon please
  10. And not to forget It will have to be named not christened, as not to upset other religions and sent on it's way with spring water, as not to entice the recovering alcoholics back into drinking.
  11. So will naming of ships now go I Name this ship the (Gender Neutral Name) and may all the worlds gods and deities bless it and all genders what ever they maybe who sail on IT
  12. Cropped this one down even more f10, 250th 400asa
  13. Good Friday's full moon South East Kent
  14. Yes these are the new cree surface mount LEDs these are the same as they use in the new type filament look light bulbs. they do come in a smaller micro board mount one. I have seen 40 of then in a 1cm square
  15. Didn't think they did tug of war in water
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