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  1. FairTmiddlin

    I Still Ain't Deaded!

    Miracles we can do! But I think That's beyond repair.
  2. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Surely that's Squirrel sh1t
  3. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    I suspect like me he was bashed around the back of the head with a bible by his RE teacher, so often something sunk in.
  4. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Purely Vanillas
  5. FairTmiddlin

    Jp's Broads Briefing

    As far as I can ascertain this is the law as it stands It is an offence under the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 to publish or communicate a photograph of a constable (not including PCSOs), a member of the armed forces, or a member of the security services If you intend to sell your photography it’s important to know the difference between editorial and commercial usage. Editorial use means that a picture can be used to illustrate an article, story or educational text, but not to sell a product or promote something. Commercial use means that a picture can be used to sell a product, promote something, or raise money for a cause. Stand on public property If you and your subject are standing on public property, generally you do not need permission to take a picture of them – but there are a few exceptions. If your subject is engaged in a personal or private activity (such as leaving a hospital) you need to respect their privacy. If you plan on selling your work, these ‘people’ shots can only be used for editorial purposes Nothing in law that prohibits the posting on Social Media, any photographic media of a Broads Ranger.
  6. FairTmiddlin

    Anyone Got A Spare Couple Of Million?

    Quick whip round and make it NBN Headquarters
  7. FairTmiddlin

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Well the result is in And the verdict IS
  8. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Right you lot. lisson ferry kerefolly eye shell sai yiss earnly wunce Zere vill be a quiss in de chatroom dis eveninc loyal subjects are Languages Nature Connections Comedy and Colwns Cups and their sports General ignoramusses Chatroom 20:30 hours name no packdrill Just hit enter You don't have to be mad to enter but it may help
  9. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Nolongwordsinthequiztheyjustlooklongcausemyspacebarsbroken. Fixed it Percussive Engineeringworks
  10. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    No chance of that tonight because we have the quiz to end all quizzes (yes it may be that bad no one want's to do one ever again). We have a cornucopia of answers needing questions (no sorry that was an hour ago we now have questions that need answers none of which i'm sure of at the moment). Rounds We have rounds and a few curves as well may even throw in a square root. Subjects yes loyal subjects lend me a few bob. Categories there like Allegories but not all cats are gory. Things (can only get better) yes usually after the last question. 1) Halloween (That ghastly thing on Sunday) 2) Fillums (those flickery things that now come with sound too) 3) Alphabet (as opposed to an alpha mary) 4) US state capitals (should they be in capitals or lowercase) 5) Who's hiding ( no not those on the broads trying to get away from or with it all) 6) General kerfuffle ( or a fight to the finish It could end up in a fight i'll tell you) Come on come in (the waters lovely darned chilly but looks lovely) Join us yes were all falling apart in the chatroom Old age you know) 20:30 no not the future 24 hour clock and all that just need your name no password
  11. FairTmiddlin

    Share Available On Ranworth Breeze

    No Cal £3725 is the one off payment for your share You then pay your portion of the Management fee each year The 2012 management fee was £700 The 2013 management fee was £500 The 2014 management fee was £600 The 2015 management fee was £700 The 2016 management fee was £600 The 2017 management fee was £500 The 2018 management fee was £650.00
  12. FairTmiddlin

    Robert John Richardson

    Clive, Paul. And the whole family, crew of Richardson's. So sorry to hear of your loss of such a great Gentleman. My condolences go out to you all.
  13. FairTmiddlin

    Coffee Anyone?

    Sound like the first seven stanza's of a Beach Boys song on loop
  14. FairTmiddlin

    Lady Emma

    Looking nice Jeff
  15. FairTmiddlin

    Lads Week

    You don't say much comprehensive after about 14:30 Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app

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