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  1. Just heard that the Locks has been removed from auction as a sale has been agreed to the local enterprise company. Who submitted an offer of £405.000 which was accepted.
  2. I'll stick to my £28 IWiss ones thanks. Recommended by an Electronic expert. At least I know they crimp well every time not like a lot of cheap ones.
  3. Didn't know the seven dwarves had joined the United Nations
  4. Stuck up? I always thought he had been sniffing it.
  5. Well done Griff. Hope to meet the new crew member soon.
  6. All the best Ian, hope it all goes well and you are back to better health soon.
  7. Loved the fact that over the lakes title they showed. Possibly the track to the Locks inn and the flooded fields.
  8. Possibly the Army have bought it as a landing craft. No need to camouflage paint it.
  9. Hi Alan Just getting 500 error 10 and 11 not even on NBA website yet.
  10. Hence the reason why so many Facecrook and Instagranny posts, are now deleted and people banned for a while.
  11. Well it is definitely after 2nd November 1959 as the Yarmouth to Beccles line, which ran from Southtown through Belton and St Olaves is missing.
  12. That's not a crystal set it has a modern tuner in it. This was the kind i built razor blade and needle as a tuner.
  13. No you would have two monaural channels, putting out the same signal.
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