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  1. That's his next Lockdown project take down and rebuild it.
  2. I too was a sceptic, now I'm on the fence. Whilst undertaking my Whitbread management training I lived in at a pub that I eventually ran. Now this pub is reliably been dated to the 11th century. But it has been extensively enhanced and enlarged over the past 9 centuries. Whilst working one afternoon, I was cleaning the glass washer behind the bar. Everything was stripped down and in the sink soaking Now this glass washer was opposite a long hallway, it led right though the pub. Doors off of it led on the left to the accommodation and an open archway, to the food servery, on the right
  3. It says Boat Cleaning. Not De-contaminating MM.
  4. Get a good North Easterly and it will be, The Great Yarmouth Catherine Wheel.
  5. GDPR for ducks had to be freznelled out.
  6. Outline planning permission for your old worksite has been approved Steve.
  7. No Vaughan. They do float. Enough displacement in these hulls. The two black bullet shapes on the back are hydraulic motored propellers.
  8. Paul try the free program Audacity. You can normalize or envelope volume gain on the track, even cut out noise with filters then export to whichever format you wish
  9. That will be James Alexander Gordon. Did the results for 40 years to 2013. Died in 2014 through throat cancer.
  10. A 70's joke for Skodas How do you treble the price of a Skoda put 2 quids worth of petrol in it.
  11. Well i make it 7 4 road wheels with tyres I spare wheel And tyre 1 Steering wheel 1 Flywheel
  12. Quite easy actually AC = Actium CE = Cerium PT = Platinum Well it does if you know your periodic table
  13. OK Question Can you make three separate words from ACCEPT ? Only using the letters once.
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