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  1. FairTmiddlin

    Pmr Licence Free Radio On The Broads

    I am just about to start my Foundation course with Dover Amateur Radio Club. 9 weeks and Exam on 24th of March Cost £40.00 Foundation book £4.95 Hopefully be live beginning of April Something I've wanted to do since I was about 28 but things always got in the way like marriage and kids
  2. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Now that's what we need a Quizmaster who cannot remember. Ummmmmm ... _ _ _ ...
  3. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    So Norse Mythology Types of printing plastics ans Volvo through the ages What you doing for the other three?
  4. FairTmiddlin

    Enamel Pin Badges

  5. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Sorry but have to go pick up a friend at Heathrow (or Gatwick, Luton, Stanstead) drones permitting. Hope I dont get a touch of the Threepenny Bits.
  6. FairTmiddlin

    Window Fittings

    be able to get it with one of these Watch Spanner
  7. Robin video not playing on Google having to download
  8. FairTmiddlin

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    And if you would like your wheel covers intact. I would remove them or you tend to end up, with just the outside of them left.
  9. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Oh No It's Dodgy Dave's Questionable Quiz and Query Quest By Loveable Lyndsey
  10. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Remember Topo Gigio
  11. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Right THERE
  12. FairTmiddlin

    Royal Tartan Interior Plan

    And seen the plasters as evidence.
  13. FairTmiddlin

    Royal Tartan Interior Plan

    I've heard Timbo is good at sawdust making and sawing his thumb.
  14. FairTmiddlin

    Anyone Know What Happened To Falling Leaves?

    Did you suspend the roof from the joists above. Then build a boat below it ?
  15. FairTmiddlin


    Hi Ghostwriter and welcome to the Forum May your time with us be a happy one

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