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  1. Ive got a little Otter You can buy them lots of shops have them Their called travel kettles Sorry couldn't resist
  2. Yeah we do that one too we also do LOTA, ROTA, COTA, SOTA and POTA. and this year we hope to get a special event call sign for Dover D80DUN for the 80th anniversary of th Dunkirk evacuation, as Dover was the main Imbarkation at the western docks station which i now the cruise terminal we are in negotiations to transmit from there
  3. Now for the good Today is Brownies Thinking Day. One of the things we do, (you may not know but I'm an Amateur radio licence holder) as the local radio club is in the same building. Is try to contact other Brownie groups across the world. So they can have a chat about todays Thinking Day with other brownie groups. It's called TDOTA Thinking Day On The Air. Try as we may we could not make contact with any other group on an any wavelength. So we scrolled up the waves and found a group of people having a chat. Waited for a pause and keyed up, gave our call sign and asked if anyone would be willing to have a chat. with individual Brownies to gain their badge. One guy said yes and broke away from the chat, to a different frequency. Then spent the next half an hour chatting to five to 10 year olds about their day and what they had been doing. That is a good thing about a certain type of social media. One that has been round for over a hundred years.
  4. Such sad news Nice guy to talk to, very knowledgeable too Condolences to his family Here's hoping the database continues, as it it such a useful commodity.
  5. Don't know about a Templar Knight More of a Barron Knight
  6. Well it can't be Beer, as no Yorkshireman would ever have waste on summat e'd paid for.
  7. The winter of discontent 1976/77 3 day weeks, no power for 12 hours a day. If your power was off in the evenings and getting home from work in getting something cooked if you had no gas in the house. We were lucky to have one like this but with a square metal cover on the front, big enough to get a saucepan and a kettle on. We lived on all type of one pot stews for weeks. Went on first thing in the morning. ready for evening meal. Mind you I was never on a 3 day week, as the company I worked for started to make Farm PTO generators, about a year before the strikes. They designed a home generator too about two months before the strikes started. I ended up working 14 hour days 6 days a week and Sunday mornings to keep up with the demand.
  8. Plenty of Cyclepath's still here in kent Especially since they closed Chartham
  9. just 8 stretchers to make now then
  10. Ah but Dover District council thought it was not PC for the town But Banksy got the better of them
  11. So it's a paraffinic fuel oil which has to have FAME (fatty acid Methyl Esthers) added to lubricate pumps and injectors. Hoping that euro 1 engines of which the majority of Broads boats are have O rings and other sealing parts mostly made of rubber based materials are up to be used with FAME. I notice that most testing has been done on euro 5 /6 vehicles. All which have DPF's fitted, wondering what the inland marinised with water fed exhausts will fare in the emissions tests. Also it has a higher cetane number which means it has a higher calorific value. Maybe, that older engines may not have the valves and seats applicable to this type of fuel. They are citing a near 50% increase in calorific value, I would think that Nanni's and the more modern types should be OK, but! Perkins and BMC's it maybe detrimental to their wellbeing.
  12. Hi all Your topics for Friday are 1 How 2 Nursery Tales 3 Which 4 Who 5 What 6 GT Don't Forget Friday 20:30 Chat Room http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ No pass word just enter a name and login
  13. Lots use that one. BT is 1572 then follow instructions
  14. Page 119 The pattern of national landscapes across England has been remarkably static. After a burst of activity in the 1950s the creation of new National Parks slowed to a crawl. Only the Broads, New Forest and the South Downs have been added in recent years (1988, 2005 and 2009 respectively) along with extensions to the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District in 2016.
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