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  1. Cor that certainly deflated the wallet. But at least you can see, eat and drive with confidence now.
  2. I love the Screen play credit Even he in his fantasy world couldn't write this fiasco
  3. But that sort of ballast usually doesn't find it's way to the extremities but stays halfway
  4. It's what you get when you order at the bar
  5. Think they were all out the back singing rugby songs Dave
  6. Anyone wishes to take a peek http://upp.hawkandowl.org/norwich-peregrines/norwich-cathedral-peregrine-live-web-cam-2018/
  7. Mary had a little lamb, he thought him very silly She threw him up into the air and caught him by his Willy was a sheepdog lying in the grass Down came a bumblebee and stang him on the Ask no questions, tell no lies I saw a policeman doing up his Flies are a problem, wasps are worse That is the end of my silly little verse. OR We three kings of Leicester Square Selling tights at tuppence a pair. Oh how drastic, no elastic, Not very safe to wear. OR Polish it on the table
  8. Can I join you, forgotten the Nursery rhymes (too dmned old) not into sci fi, so may be sitting twiddling thumbs.
  9. I think the last straw was when they put a weight limit on it. Then the Sugar Beet lorries had a choice of Wroxham via Potter, Ludham old bridge or Yarmouth Vauxhall. I think Wroxham, Potter and Ludhams bridges, must have groaned every time a lorry went over them.
  10. Yes I recognise that. I've had my sweaty mitts on it too, for a few nautical miles between Lowestoft and Yarmouth. Yes Richard verified that with the cummins engines installed top speed is about 25MPH. But, Boy when he opens her right up and that prow starts to rise, she starts cutting through the water and you realise she used to got a lot faster than that (39.8mph on shakedown trials). That's when the hairs on the back of your neck go into the up condition. From the coast of Norfolk to the coast of Holland and back in 4 hours is some going, Then you realise that the engines originally fitted drank aviation fuel at a rate that puts a jumbo jet to shame, you realise that half the weight of the boat was fuel. that these guys were sitting atop a bomb. Wow what a craft.
  11. Quiz starts in about 40 minutes over in chat see above post for directions to chat room
  12. Robin is so right about Faceache. There was a programme on about a cyber criminal who repented and showed how they trawl peoples photo's. They love the young singles who share their life though faceache. they can through the photos get a house number. A view if you are single when and if you go out clubbing, what you have in the house, from expensive electronics, jewellery. Then people wonder why they get robbed. This tells the burglar exactly where everything is in your house exactly where you live, the expensive gifts that parents lavish on kids and when your birthday is. so just answering a silly question on line, isn't so simple after all.
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