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  1. Yes these are the new cree surface mount LEDs these are the same as they use in the new type filament look light bulbs. they do come in a smaller micro board mount one. I have seen 40 of then in a 1cm square
  2. Didn't think they did tug of war in water
  3. And don't forget the Rover SD 2600 same lump as the V8, but they redesigned the engine by chopping off two barrels. Problems with vibration ensued and they didn't sell many of them as they had such a bad reputation. A lot of the problems with the 2500 PI Triumph engines were down to the casting shop. Production was so rushed, that a lot of the sand in the moulds for the block and head never got flushed out, so stayed in the cavities of the engine often blocking small holes where it had conglomerated with antifreeze.
  4. You would be better fitting one of these https://www.yachtmailchandlery.com/sutars-compact-socket-in-plastic-shroud-surface-6037 Better contact than a Cigar lighter
  5. Apex seals ringed Basically straight piston rings
  6. Yes only a full amateur licence permits MM (Maritime Mobile) beyond the Baseline or low water mark of an estuary. As I can now transmit at 10 watts and goes up to 10 km or limit of sight, Norfolk is the perfect county for it.
  7. Must say the owner is looking a bit shabby but the boat looks good
  8. Be warned of one thing. The Radio Society of Great Britain who run the exams and also set some mock papers. Shall I say have a different version of English in the exam to the mocks. If not prepared for it can cause a bit of a wobble. If you do take it a little tip read the darned thing at least three times before you put pencil to paper. Here's wishing you best of luck if you do decide. The club I attend was so inviting and friendly that joining was an easy choice.
  9. Yes today a six month journey of learning came to another phase. The steep learning curve of Amateur Radio begins from today. Received my certificate yesterday and today was able to register for my call sign. So now I'm a fully fledged holder of an amateur radio call sign M7NJD. So any amateurs about round Norfolk you may occasionally hear my dulcet tones (Or distant croak) over the airwaves. 73's and signing out
  10. Having seen this at The Beccles Wooden Boat show. The work that has been done on this, is to a high standard and well deserves the award. Well done Paul and Heidi for rescuing another classic.
  11. Wonder when this will be phased in ? Will it be plug and play or will I need an adapter at an extortionate charge when can I buy an NFC pad for my Tesla and can i lay it on the road
  12. If you use the biscuit tin don't forget to remove the paint around the hole.
  13. The silver toothed washer as you called it, is called a shakeproof washer and does just that stops the nut shaking loose. As Grendel says piece of thin metal as a ground plane should give you the extra wattage to pick up signals. But refit the Shakeproof washer as it increases the bite into the metal to allow conductivity. Theres me going off on one like a real radio ham.
  14. And don't get me started on the new car aircon refridgerant HFO-1234yf only changed because the company that made it lobbied the Eu to change it and it's total rubbish. Doesn't last, puportedly puts out a toxic hydrogen flouride gas if the car catches fire. The great thing is it's not backwards compatible with older systems. You couldn't make it up.
  15. Cor that certainly deflated the wallet. But at least you can see, eat and drive with confidence now.
  16. I love the Screen play credit Even he in his fantasy world couldn't write this fiasco
  17. But that sort of ballast usually doesn't find it's way to the extremities but stays halfway
  18. It's what you get when you order at the bar
  19. Think they were all out the back singing rugby songs Dave
  20. Anyone wishes to take a peek http://upp.hawkandowl.org/norwich-peregrines/norwich-cathedral-peregrine-live-web-cam-2018/
  21. Mary had a little lamb, he thought him very silly She threw him up into the air and caught him by his Willy was a sheepdog lying in the grass Down came a bumblebee and stang him on the Ask no questions, tell no lies I saw a policeman doing up his Flies are a problem, wasps are worse That is the end of my silly little verse. OR We three kings of Leicester Square Selling tights at tuppence a pair. Oh how drastic, no elastic, Not very safe to wear. OR Polish it on the table
  22. Can I join you, forgotten the Nursery rhymes (too dmned old) not into sci fi, so may be sitting twiddling thumbs.
  23. I think the last straw was when they put a weight limit on it. Then the Sugar Beet lorries had a choice of Wroxham via Potter, Ludham old bridge or Yarmouth Vauxhall. I think Wroxham, Potter and Ludhams bridges, must have groaned every time a lorry went over them.
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