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  1. Yes moored just bridge side of the last cottage. Saw them untie and go.
  2. Found out what the Emoji is It's not "I'll get my coat" It's someone handing Grendel a towel
  3. I thought this was an invite to go dyke swimming
  4. EORMMLIGARAM Almost an Anagram of regalammo first-person plural past historic of regalare Italian to give a gift So did I get a gift? seeing as it's historic Or is it just me who's historic
  5. Looks like Coltishall end of navigation by the sluice
  6. You Sir are a boundah and a cad. You have left us short again. Stop talking about Neddie like that. I have a theory. That sounds nasty I Resign. RT's engine was a result of hidden exploding sausages.
  7. Jane Clark lives 2 miles from me In Saltwood Castle ( the notorious place the three knights stayed, before they rode off to kill Thomas a Becket) Often see her on sunny days in the Decapotable Beautifully kept car.
  8. You really need to put those floorboards back MM.
  9. No! It just means you are a mongrel
  10. Well I personally took 169 photo's of the event from Thursday afternoon through to Saturday night. But have passed all copyright over to Dave. And as he is now on holiday for the next two weeks there may be a wait. Unless he reads this and wishes me to post a few.
  11. It's no good dressing all in black. I would recognise that bulk even in the twilight Ah well shall see him this afternoon, to extract the Michael. And possibly some bodily fluids.
  12. Sounds like the ibiquitous BMC 1.8 diesel. Or as most people know it the London Black Cab engine. Known to do do half a million miles if looked after.
  13. Congratulations on the purchase. Also welcome to the Forum. Enjoy.
  14. I would be careful on that one. You never know who's about. It could be a Humpfrey
  15. Mostly interspersed with strong mix of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire expletives no doubt.
  16. You can try but most modern cars have anti syphon traps in the filler neck
  17. At the helm was a wizened old sea dog of a captain, strangely assisted by a small cabin girl. As far as could be ascertained the propulsion was twin beagle breath.
  18. Always wondered why we don't hear much of him on the 24th and 25th of December
  19. And it sounds like some should be Inpatients
  20. But, BUT were impatient on here.
  21. Go on Timbo Nobody but Nobody on here will laugh at you. Well not much.
  22. Timbo's on the happy pills. Someone call the guys in white coats
  23. All of the Amateur radio clubs are up in arms about poor enforcement of the laws pertaining to Amateur bands. The officers of the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain), do not have enough time to track down the unlicensed louts who sit on amateur bands,playing music, let alone maritime traffic. OFCOM is possibly the biggest joke of all hardly any prosecutions of any wrong doing on any broadcast medium. All they seem to occupy themselves with is TV. So Clive, you using a proper call sign, using proper etiquette on the airwaves, will not even raise an eyebrow. especially when you hear some of the language used by some fishermen on the airwaves.
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