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  1. We moored in that location previously for a short stop off (after asking those already there if it was OK) No real issue to me either way if its used by the ferry as a loading and landing point Ours was a rather large ferry that week as we met some friends at the Malsters
  2. We have been visitors to the Broads since I was a nipper with my parents and generally we would hire from Ernest Collins or Jack Powles boatyards in Wroxham and we spent many days looking through the maps to plan our journey which invariably meant heading south and I recall mooring stern on at Waveney River Centre, on the main river where they now moor their day boats and getting caught up on the quay heading and having to give her a bit of a bounce and a shove to get her free! I was only about 12 year old at the time and my dad was giving the instructions! I recall nights in Norwich, tr
  3. I am sure she will be up and ready nice and early Enjoy your break Hopefully MS will be looking good after the winter maintenance
  4. Cant wait to get back to MS this Saturday for another wonderful week on the broads..................... Ohh wait!! Never mind it will soon be May......................................
  5. I also feel it's inevitable that some form of vaccine passport will be required It may be just for travel abroad initially (like the yellow fever card) but it will creep into certain forms of employment criteria, then certain industries and before you know it, I do believe (even though human rights activists will kick and scream) that it may become part of everyday life requirements for purchasing event tickets etc
  6. We love both those venues, but we have also had good times at the Lion at Thurne, White Horse at Neastished, Sutton Staithe, Recruiting Sergeant at Coltishall, Rising Sun at Coltishall, Swan Inn at Horning, Kings Arms at Ludham, Fur and Feather's, White Horse at Chedgrave, Kings Head at Loddon and Yare at Brundall. They are all very different, some quirky, some rustic, some lacking in many areas, but mainly we go for dog and people friendly establishments where you can chat with staff and customers go alone or in a group and we have found these to be welcoming to 2 and 4 legged friends al
  7. We will be making plans for our week on Moonlight Shadow... If it is cancelled again, so be it But we will definitely be making plans, as for us it's part of the fun, getting ready for another trip Lifejackets - check Dog food - check Alcohol - check 😉🍻
  8. We are due on MS 13th March for a week........................I am not banking on it though! Seems so long ago since we were last out on her Hopefully though after the winter maintenance this year she will be looking good when we eventually get down
  9. Fair Senator She appears to be listed for sale at the NYA
  10. Enjoy as much time as possible and I know you will just go with the flow The press conference has been put back to 5pm, so hopefully you will be able to get a few more days in yet Looks like our 21st Nov trip is looking more remote now though and to be frank, I cant see a lockdown of 3 or 4 weeks making much difference as I fear we will be in and out of lockdowns until the weather improves in March 21 and then it will all start again around October next year when the cold weather starts to bite again My son recently said his days felt like "Eat", "Drink", COVID", "Repeat" and we all
  11. We are due on Moonlight Shadow from 21st November, but today our region (Greater Manchester) went into Tier 3, so we have already informed BCBM that if we are still in tier 3 then we will not be travelling and we are happy for them to contact the other syndicate members to see if someone else may be able to use the week at short notice, as sadly things can change very quickly when it comes to lockdowns I feel it woudnt be right for us to travel whilst in Tier 3 and have decided to follow the government advice in not doing so.
  12. The dog walks are the biggest draw for us, as we tend to look for places which we can go and stroll with our boy and girl which isnt too tasking, but can get them some good exercise. Also thanks for the information on the Indian also as we do like a curry every now and then. My next google search will be the Merchants of Spice!!
  13. Loving the write-up as we plan our next trip in November, which no doubt will depend on tides, the weather and if the new inverter behaves. We dont like staying on the home mooring as our Newfies do not like stone footpaths or roads as it hurts their pads and Roxy even goes straight to the boardwalk and uses that when she can I am thinking Whitlingham Country Park and Commissioners Cut (2 places we have not stayed at before) and the run to Beccles and possibly beyond if the tides can be good to us as we intend staying south on our next visit
  14. If you ever need any and you follow us onto MS again let me know as I always have about 20 now!! Wont get caught out again!!
  15. We have never moored here either, but will definitely give it a go Just watched the video on the website and the aerial shot of the river looks a bit like Moonlight Shadow passing as she heads up river
  16. Great to meet you and have a chat on the Friday. We have never moored at Pyres Mill due to the rise and fall for our tiny dogs........ But might give it a go when the tides are right as the spot does look great for walks
  17. That's another item which needs to go in the manual.. Shore power trip switch Together with the WiFi instructions As I knew where it was ....only because the same thing happened to us in February... Sorry, I didn't document it in the journal at the time as this may have helped you..
  18. Still way too much focus on hirers in my opinion, which is extremely blinkered when the facts show many incidents and sadly deaths in and around the Broads have nothing whatsoever to do with the hirers
  19. Hopefully us newer members can bring some fresh ideas to the fore, which may or may not be right, but at least we can see things with fresh eyes instead of long term loyalty when sometimes that loyalty isnt warranted...............
  20. We have been on the Broads 3 times this year and are due back in November The vast majority of people I have come across have been superb and even the novices I have encountered, they have listened to advice and been thankful when I have offered guidance Also I have been coming here since I was a child and sadly I have always known isolated incidents I have been driving cars since I was 17 and have always known incidents on the roads also and I could go on about construction sites, crossing roads etc, etc, etc So some perspective needs to be had
  21. We love reading the holiday tales, which as others have said always have something different and I also like to read opinions expressed, even if they differ from mine
  22. I would also be concerned about the electrics as water can easily get into the plugs which are very low....
  23. Yes we stumbled across it as I tried to read everything I could to know all things associated with MS I did note there is a new "New Marina WiFi" which appeared to have a very strong signal so was going to call at the office to see if it's available for berth holders, but never got round to it. Maybe worth a try if the Brooms one keeps dropping out like it did for us too
  24. No issue whatsoever.... Can't wait for your carried away by a Moonlight Shadow blog
  25. You have our permission to throw away anything you deem useless or beyond its sell by date! Just need 11 others to agree...............
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