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  1. Oops, sorry to lower the tone but has anyone come across the village of T_ _ tt on the Isle of Orkney.
  2. Has crystal been renamed sensation, it looks similar?
  3. Could this be the start of a DIY empire? B&Q be worried! Paul
  4. Hi Mark, if your after the red tubing look at the TTC trailer parts catalog, they do rolls of black red or yellow air brake pipe in different sizes. Its available through any local truck parts supplier and truckers never pay over the odds. Paul
  5. scaniaman

    Bad Timing..

    Sooner get beat by Cas than what`s happening now. Love watching big Liam Watts anyway. Paul
  6. scaniaman

    Bad Timing..

    The avatar may be a clue
  7. scaniaman

    Bad Timing..

    Moron, who is? it was an eesential journey.
  8. The middle isle tools and stuff of course.
  9. Griff the dials you need for BA are at Smiths Instruments.co.uk. if you can afford them? Paul
  10. Should be able to get the reel thing shortly from Morrisons or Sainsbury Nilco branded.
  11. Noo noo noo! Resistance is Futile Live long and prosper.
  12. Hi Geezer welcome to the forum, there's a Bounty 27 at waterside marine that may be a possible. A lot depends on your budget but if it's about the 15k to 18k Freeman budget you could also look at Hampton 25, Broom Skipper at 30ft or a similar sized Broom Ocean, all older boats and will probably need some diy. A search on the Apollo Duck website, motorboats section, might give you a better idea for your hard earned. Good hunting. Paul
  13. Sanitizer should be getting better, a local chemical company which does not normally do these types of products have moved production over to sanitizers and cleaners so should? be getting better by the day.
  14. Thanks JM, time flies, I thought it was last year. If anybody doubts DEFRA`s concerns about BA`s management style ,please read this report then look at the seniority of the reports authors. Such reports are not undertaken lightly given the costs involved. Paul
  15. Perhaps it may be a good time to reprint the concerns that DEFRA had about the BA management culture when it decided to send in a team of National Park senior executives and DEFRA staff members last year. The report, "A Peer Review" gave a less than rosy view of the practices being undertaken in the name of the authority at that time and It would appear that the situation has not improved since then. It may be helpful to reproduce the report, because it would demonstrate why so many forum members are concerned about the future conduct of the authority. I do not have a copy of the report but hope that someone on the forum can reproduce it should it be deemed appropriate. Paul.
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