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  1. Hi alfmar, A good place to start would be youtube. There are two great channels to learn from, one is Journey with Jono, a narrowboat channel using Victron equipment. The other vlog is Greg virgoe`s motorhome build, which, if you follow the electrical sections you will get a good idea of electrical audits,wiring diagrams, solar and mains hook up. Greg has split the electrical section into a number of vlogs so you will need to search the channel to find everything but it is worth looking. Good luck. Paul
  2. Welcome back Robin, some of the more experienced boaty types may have a good fix for the noisy jabsco pump but I have found 4 rubber exhaust silentblock bobbins are best. When fitted they have no direct metal to metal contact with the hull so should reduce the transmitted growl. Cheap as chips on Amazon, mount them on a piece of ply then screw the ply to the cladding.Hope it helps. Paul.
  3. If you want an idea of prices MM, it may be worth a look at CALCUTT BOATS. They do recon 1.5 or 1.8 versions of the BMC engine plus gearboxes and loads of spares. But! the main question is what constitutes a reconditioned engine? Some engineers just stick a set of piston rings and valve seals in and that`s it. Others do a more comprehensive job and include pistons, valves, valve guides, big end&crank bearings, head skim, crank grind, piston bores honed or ground and fuel system overhauled. It can be a minefield. Hope you know a good fitter to advise you. Paul
  4. Of course you remember them. They are the ones who bring pressies, Gold, Frankincense and Tetleys. Although it`s not my rugby code, it`s been a brilliant world cup with some stunning England displays. Paul.
  5. Well done MM somebody with culture, reading and obvious good breeding.
  6. Caravan Club site at Ludham Bridge, good full facilities site. Paul
  7. Hi Jeff, have you tried taking off the pipe to the inlet side of the turbo & spinning the center fan with your fingers. The reason I suggest doing this is, that sometimes the shaft sticks to the inner seals when engines are not run for some time. Oil residues harden on both shaft and seal causing the turbo to stop. A quick spin with the fingers sometimes breaks the residue. Can save a few hundred of your hard earned. good luck. Paul
  8. Had a work colleague who used one teabag for the whole week`s work then dried it on a radiator, before rolling it into a cigarette. Does that count ? Paul.
  9. try EDS turbos in Norwich should be able to help,and local.
  10. Yes went to the match. Liam watts was awesome! best forward in the country at the moment. Must stop taking over the thread of the football supporters, oops.
  11. Don`t you mean Headingley or Featherstone Rhinos
  12. If you give me the model number MT. I can have a ferret around online see if anything pops up. Paul
  13. Could be the idle speed sensor, on some younger model engines they use sensors that regulate the engine revs, which means you cant just turn an idle screw to regulate the tickover speed. If you have the Mercruiser model number it may be possible to get some information to help you. Should be called a throttle position sensor I think. Paul
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