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  1. Well said Grendel, I bought a Volvo 740 estate new in 1986 its done 200,000 miles, is still used, and carries more than my land cruisers. Its been reliable, comfortable and is still able to able pull my caravan with ease. I should have parted with it years ago but can`t bear the thought. By the way does anybody know the poem The Fords Prayer. I only remember parts of it. It starts The Ford is my car, I shall not want another, It maketh me to lye down in damp places, Its oil anointeth my head Sorry can`t remember the rest. Paul
  2. Suggestion Robin, I`m down on a hire craft in September.Perhaps you could do a blog on that boat and any others who are hiring boats could offer the same. It may save some you some hard earned. Paul.
  3. Ah! never mind Anfield`s being used for a proper sport shortly Its Rugby League`s Magic weekend. The main difference between the two sports is that soccer fans throw their hands upwards, whilst rugby fans throw throw their arms, hands and anything else outwards. I think that`s the offside law.
  4. The classic car movement tend to use 25 years old as a yardstick, perhaps this might be a good place to start.
  5. Have you ever thought of a steely, SD, a widebeam narrow boat or dutch barge perhaps? There`s plenty of second hand ones on the market, or maybe getting a brand new sailaway which needs fitting out. It would also mean you could move it to another waterway if you wished. It would also make you good friends with the tupperwares.
  6. Or maybe a mighty TIGER Robin and Griff as easy riders.
  7. A good place to start with the gearbox might be a fluid and filter change. If the fluid is a brownish colour, instead of pink, it may need changing. should be a relatively cheap fix. Saw Ed China do it on a Porshe Boxter with the same fault once on Wheeler Dealers. Heater blower might just need to be pushed onto the grommits fully according to the youtube vloggs. Good luck. Paul.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ikmmXx9Qjk Heater motor`s behind the pollen filter. If the car`s being serviced the filter should be replaced annually just ask the garage to give the motor a good spray of wd40 and silence will be thine.
  9. Me again Robin why Not remove the Air Compressor drive belt so that you get rid of the noise (unless it has to drive other stuff) gets rid of the hum but you dont have the air con. Its only needed for five days a year anyway lol. Paul
  10. Might be a temporary fix on the heater, try removing the pollen filter,put the ignition on,select the slowest speed on the heater then spray wd40 down into the heater assembly,might just free the motor a little. enough to sell it. Paul
  11. Sorry Robin, got that wrong what I should have said is all four recalls are for the BMW. The reason I mentioned the idler gear is because of your seized water pump .It could be linked to the idler pulley fault, in which case you might be able to recover the cost. The DVLA website gives some details in the car recall section or the telephone number I gave earlier is a BMW number and may be of help Paul.
  12. HI Robin, there are four recalls on your vehicle according to DVLA including an idler pulley which becomes detached and vehicles which are catching fire (see Daily Mail ) maybe worth a check to see they`ve been done 0800 777 109 ? Paul
  13. So JM, that was your little snippet of good news that you hinted at recently.The good doctor is to be no more mmm. Paul
  14. Just a thought! A good source of secondhand and pattern parts for your Merc is Dronsfields, probably the largest independent parts supplier in the UK for merc stuff. Worth a look if your on a budget.Don`t forget Shiela`s on your case Paul
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