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  1. scaniaman

    Broadland Grebe

    Seriously though Socrates, you & Ricardo are doing a great job on BG. The work your doing to restore the old woodie is top class craftsmanship, well done & keep up the thread I love it. paul
  2. scaniaman

    Broadland Grebe

    Almost as good as Post office road.
  3. scaniaman

    At Last

    Best wishes on the boat, some more pics on" Boats of the Norfolk Broads" seams to be called heatwave though. love the westward 38 paul
  4. scaniaman

    England V Tunisia

    Can I say "as a former football ref" he was shocking! He should have been a Rugby ref,they are sponsored by specsavers.also, I now have no nails left for the rest of the tournament.
  5. scaniaman

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Sorry but i`m from t`other side o pennines, couldnt help it even though i`m big leeds rhinos fan
  6. scaniaman

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Did you find out how small the hole was to get a yorkshireman in? Did you throw a pound in to see how many yorkshire men you could get in the hole?
  7. scaniaman

    Grumpy Old Git Moment

    Would love to donate but not over tinternet. Any ideas? admins
  8. scaniaman

    Hampton Safari

    If anyone wants to see pictures of the boat it`s on waterside marines website.ooh it`s nice paul
  9. Have you tried giving all the HT leads a dose of wd40?
  10. Or you could cheat a little, google the model,look at the images,six images all have leads in the same place,sketch them then try.might work if not use the other methods suggested here. paul.
  11. scaniaman

    12v Table Lamp

    sorry MM they do an led version but my edit skills are not available on ebay, paul
  12. scaniaman

    12v Table Lamp

    12 volt/60 watt inspection lamp bulbs on ebad about £2 each should suit.
  13. scaniaman

    Boat Electronics

    Oh bummer he beat me to it well done Robin.
  14. scaniaman

    Boat Electronics

    Hy Tstar, welcome to the forum. The best place to start would be to read robins bloggs on independence & no doubt Robin will be along shortly. he`s the man for this
  15. scaniaman

    Bbc News

    BBC news online have now got ten national parks including the Broads National park, following Mr Goves statement. Should we be concerned?

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