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  1. scaniaman

    Boats For Couples

    A good roomy boat in the Richardsons fleet is Classic Gem, hired it a couple of years ago bags of room. I`m eighteen stone and six foot two so it should suit. Good value too with sliding roof, I managed to moor up single handed most of the time, only downside is its a forty footer paul
  2. scaniaman

    Why Is It?

    Two ten year old truck batteries and a starting handle would be more my cup of tea lol paul
  3. scaniaman

    Why Is It?

    hi John, the canal blog was done by the owner but he did not build it so he may not know its been done incorrectly. The only reason I put it on the forum was to show the alde heat exchanger. Paul
  4. scaniaman

    Why Is It?

    https://youtu.be/vLCPxhElsEU try this though it might not work
  5. scaniaman

    Why Is It?

    Its a boat of course its expensive
  6. scaniaman

    Why Is It?

    Ray, have a look on you tube "the tiller people" he has a radiator system connected to the engine via a alde heat exchanger. Its in a playlist" design series" I think its near the end of vlog number 6.its simple and its free engine heat.can be used in a broads type boat. sorry dont know how to link yet. Paul.
  7. scaniaman

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    Great memories folks, mk4 Zodiacs and Zephrs. Spent my apprenticeship lying sideways in the engine bay doing the 76 modifications required to every car coming out of the factory. But dont forget the wipers on the mk2 consul that ran off the inlet manifold occasionally. paul
  8. scaniaman

    Hello Cousins!

    Hello Bro!
  9. scaniaman

    A (sort Of) Voyage Of Discovery

    Vet Did you ever go out birding in the famous Batley Variety Club, wearing a velvet jacket?
  10. scaniaman

    Edwina The Pike She Say . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Today Norfolk, tomorrow zee world.
  11. scaniaman

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Is it just my satnag, or do they all come without an off switch!
  12. scaniaman

    Time To Comment!

    My opinion of chief executives is "that they should manage the operation of a company or body.It is the responsibility of the Chairperson to provide direction and leadership. Perhaps JP is overplaying his authority. paul
  13. scaniaman

    Time To Comment!

    Further to paladin`s words of wisdom,a question regarding the hire boat industry. Are hire boats classed as private or commercial craft for the purposes of navigation ? Paul
  14. Clive, When are you taking bookings? Paul.
  15. Already looks better than some of the other newish designs out there. What airdraft are you planning for? paul.

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