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  1. What we need is Jenny Morgan for this item. Still sadly missed! Paul.
  2. welcome to the forum, hope your tractor is better than Caleb,s lamborghini on Clarksons farm.
  3. And now to make it worse, the drivers hours regulations that were brought into law on safety grounds have been suspended by the government. So drivers can now work longer hours still. Anybody for a 25 hour 8 day week???
  4. The boat that Clive has bought from the Thames is Merlin V. It`s a boat that was based at Benson Waterfront for many years and belonged to an RAF charity for the use of officers and families. Most of the users where pilots from the nearby Benson Helicopter base whose skills as boat Captains was, at best, questionable.
  5. Greta would be pleased if she saw the fuel consumption of my beloved Scania`s or Volvo`s with 44 tonnes on board. About 9 mpg on a good day with wind behind and downhill etc, etc.
  6. Start work on the Volvo that should exercise the body and the wallet
  7. The HOT spanner, works every time.
  8. There are loads of brackets on amazon. My bracket is a caravan one which is multi directional and detachable,its part number is PB138 it's 27 99. You can also get additional base plates which can be fitted to other parts of the boat, these allow different viewing areas at the press of a spring catch. A couch potato's dream. Paul
  9. Have you considered phenolic plywood or buffalo board as its sometimes branded? We use it for flooring in trailers and wagons in the transport industry. Good in the wet and road salt and wears well in high use conditions. Builders merchants usually carry stocks,if not, plenty on Tinternet thingy. Paul
  10. By heck grendel is that the cost of a charging socket? What are they made of ?
  11. If what iv`e shown so far is not quite what is required. There are two other pages of coils 7 pin, 13 pin some with wires at one or both ends. There are also sockets to fit the plugs into or you can get rubbolite junction boxes if you want wire only connections. The coil diameters can be 2 or 4 inch and they come in 3 or 4 metre lengths. Pm me if you need help. Paul
  12. As promised, somebody arrived home and did this for me https://alltrucktrailerpartsuk.co.uk/501-electrical-coils-ebsabs-coils?page=1 It don`t work for me when I hit it with my lump hammer.
  13. Hi MM, have you considered using an electrical 7 pin coil normally used by commercial vehicle articulated units which connect up to HGV trailers. They are robust and as cheap as chips. They can also be fitted by any local auto electrician and can be viewed at, All truck & trailer parts electrical coil pages. Sorry can`t post a link at the moment until someone comes home that knows how to. Paul.
  14. Have you tried Eurocell the plastics people? They do a large range of interior bathroom cladding panels I`ve had good results and they also do matching edging and sealing products. Paul
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