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  1. Have you tried Eurocell the plastics people? They do a large range of interior bathroom cladding panels I`ve had good results and they also do matching edging and sealing products. Paul
  2. Hi PaulMargaret. Just one addition to the information given so far. If your boatyard is Richardsons they do an extra on your booking form which is "undercover parking." If your concerned about security it only costs a fiver for the week and the car is locked away each night, hope this helps, enjoy your holiday. Paul
  3. If your looking in the second hand market, The caravan centre at Blaenavon have loads of used parts and may be able to help.The Caravan and motorhome club have a list of caravan breakers in a Pdf. Also, O`learys and Magnum caravan spares have loads of new spare parts which come from the caravan and motorhome manufacturers end of production lines. Always heed the safety warnings that have been mentioned above. Hope this helps. Paul
  4. You will become a social outcast, or a billy no mates. That`s what I found out when when I asked a similar question last year. My suggestion of bringing a widebeam narrowboat to the broads was met with much sucking of teeth. oh hum
  5. These be the toilets with the waft of embassy, park drive, woodbine and capstan full strength would they be?
  6. There`s an Alpha 32 in budget and half a dozen broom 30`s on apollo duck.
  7. Have a look at Richardsons boat sales. They have some horizon 35`s for sale, not the newest or latest design, but good sized bathtubs and plenty of room. Good luck with the purchase. Paul
  8. It may be wise to watch some of the Admiral`s adventures on youtube he hires diamond 35`s.It might give some internal views to help. Paul
  9. A boaty theme, Towpath deposit ! thats put my foot in it
  10. The Caravan Club are open from 4th july and are taking bookings. All the Norfolk and suffolk sites will be open, so would expect the Broads to be full as well. You have been warned !
  11. Oops, sorry to lower the tone but has anyone come across the village of T_ _ tt on the Isle of Orkney.
  12. Has crystal been renamed sensation, it looks similar?
  13. Could this be the start of a DIY empire? B&Q be worried! Paul
  14. Hi Mark, if your after the red tubing look at the TTC trailer parts catalog, they do rolls of black red or yellow air brake pipe in different sizes. Its available through any local truck parts supplier and truckers never pay over the odds. Paul
  15. Sooner get beat by Cas than what`s happening now. Love watching big Liam Watts anyway. Paul
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