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  1. scaniaman

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Great pics Robin/Griff, hope you your having plenty of fun. Just one Question, in a previous post,this summer, you mentioned one of the engines overheating. Did you cure it or could it have been the over use of the old antifouling? Paul.
  2. scaniaman

    First Ever Time

    Welcome Bubba,if not going down south I moor at Wroxham and use the train to Norwich or Cromer. I also travel on the narrow gauge railway to Aylsham from the same station that usually gets the kids interested. Paul.
  3. scaniaman

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    The stripe colour match is superb, shame about the fender colour lol
  4. scaniaman

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    So Robin, whats the next boat for the fleet? paul
  5. scaniaman

    What's Makes You Support Your Team And Why?

    Supported Oldham as a lad then broke me leg playing so took up refereeing. After 23 years of being called names,having car doors kicked in,having my parentage and colour doubted I decided to leave footy alone and took up supporting Leeds Rhinos.
  6. scaniaman

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Have you had two curries?
  7. scaniaman

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    I used to do mesun dorma to an audience of one on the M62,quite soothing paul
  8. scaniaman

    Microwaves And Inverters

    Hi Ray, although you look as though you have the answers you need for now. You may be interested in some light youtube vlogs to give a better understanding of boat electrics "cruising the cut" this is journalist living on a narrowboat, a good starter for electrics. "journey with jono" still a narrowboat but more techi. But the best vlog for me is a guy called "greg virgoe" he`s converting a merc sprinter van into a motorhome.It gives advice on planning,mains,12 volts,power audits,solar panel,cable sizing and lots more.Although its got a bilge pump and nav light or two missing its still relevant for boat use. Enjoy if you can stay awake paul
  9. scaniaman

    What Flower Is This

    she who must be obeyed, agrees its a crinum but in my lawn it would be weed. paul
  10. scaniaman

    Sun Hatch Supports

    If all else fails contact the caravan centre at blaenavon. They are caravan breakers, if you look in the used parts section they should have something. paul
  11. scaniaman

    Tudor Reformation

    No I agree with everybody it`s not impossible, but the rubber pimpley mats play havoc on the knees.
  12. scaniaman

    I Hate.....

    Don`t forget "its not rocket science" MM
  13. scaniaman

    Theft From Boats At Oulton Broad

    In fact police forces have lost staff (28% less officers in my local area) but the population has doubled in the last thirty years.Perhaps we should look more kindly on our police forces.
  14. scaniaman

    I Hate.....

    oops too late miss
  15. scaniaman

    I Hate.....

    It`s the word "so" that does it for me.Why do people begin a sentence or statement with SO!

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