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  1. Totally agree that dangling fenders interrupt the classic lines of a vintage boat. As much as I detest having fenders down when cruising the Broads, it is a matter of practicality with such narrow side decks.
  2. At some point in time many of us were first time hire boaters, and a lot of us who are owners began as hirers and own former hire boats. We also experienced the so called "Benidorm boaters" last August, and agree that there were issues. However, drawing a distinction between owners, first time hire boaters, and regular hire boaters is somewhat simplistic. The issues are far more complex and, to a large extent, centre around attitudes and good old fashioned manners. Boat yards have a degree of responsibility to educate and inform those hiring boats, experienced boaters (both those who hire and
  3. As for the term "acceptable death", all well and good until the "acceptable death" is your loved one or yourself.
  4. Flu has been largely prevented due to the current restrictions, increased hygiene and more people getting the flu vaccine. From what I can see on death certificates, no one has lumped COVID and Flu together Death certificates are legal documents and it is not a good idea to falsify the cause of death. As a point of interest, there is still a three week waiting time for funeral slots at the crematorium.
  5. We should be arriving in the wet shed at about 0400 on 12th April, allowing for the 4 hour drive.
  6. Indeed it wont. Our friends keep their Broads cruiser on the Barrow, they transported it there before lockdown last year.
  7. Others may have better knowledge than me. I think this boat is a bit too wide for the Ant or the Chet, and it probably won't get under Potter, Wroxham, Ludham, Beccles Old, or the bridges up to Norwich. It might not be the easiest of boats to have on the Broads but I could be wrong.
  8. Another very enjoyable restoration thread, many thanks for sharing your experiences . It was good to meet you and have a look at Kingfisher (Golden Light 5) at Beccles when we were on Mona's Queen (Golden Light 1), in company with Manxman (Golden Light ?) They are lovely boats and well worth the hard work to restore them. Posted this picture in a previous post, but it does show the off the shape of the Golden Light boats. (picture taken by Nipper's crew when we were crossing Breydon Water in August).
  9. In the last two weeks I have had clients who were a plumber, a plasterer and a driving instructor. All 3 of them in their early 60's, and had been working during this lockdown. None of them had any known health issues apart from this dreadful COVID. For those who don't know, I am in the funeral business.
  10. Hopefully by April we can all have some boat time. We plan on being on BG for Easter Monday and then a move across to her new moorings at the end of April. Better get the Mrs to talk to her boss upstairs.
  11. Just watched it, thanks for posting such an interesting film. Love the RP of the narrator.
  12. It was good to be part of this great team effort, which enabled Jim to make his final journey on his beloved Manxman. It was like one of those "getting to know you" team building exercises. To paraphrase Griff, this is an event that I also feel privileged to attend and be involved with.
  13. Thank you for sharing your experiences, a most enjoyable read. It is good to see Water Rail out on the Broads, a boat we have always admired.
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