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  1. I am not condemning, merely describing the current state of the showers and toilets. My suggestion about the finances are based on my knowledge of the financial pressures experienced by the majority of councils in this country. Despite their best intentions, councils of all political persuasions are severely restricted by financial restraints. As someone who visits Beccles on a regular basis, I look forward to improved facilities.
  2. Toilets and showers are still somewhat "medieval", which would suggest that, despite the good intentions of Beccles Council, the showers and toilets have not been subject to any restoration, refurbishment or TLC. I would suspect that, at the present time, the Council do not have the funds available for such a refurbishment.
  3. Totally agree, why I don't bother either. It is getting rather too much like The League of Gentlemen television series at times.
  4. Back on the day (and it may still be the case, although somewhat bigger than the Reedham version, which ran between Devonpoort and Torpoint. Several Royal Naval vessels with experienced and qualified officers (at least we assumed they were) in command collided with the chains of the ferry. If officers in command of HM Ships can make mistakes, so can the rest of us. To err is human.
  5. The keyboard captains on social media are in full flow. Perhaps we should abide by the rules of this forum and avoid speculation, condemnation and codjutation on the subject? Except to say the ferry is out of action, no one is hurt and there is nothing to see.
  6. Vaughan, perception is reality. You were not there when we endured the insults and remarks. I respectfully suggest that you discontinue your attempts to calm a situation that does not actually exist. We are mooring on the opposite side and have no intention of throwing anything at anyone. Former member Ricardo and our other friends will be on board, all are welcome to interact with us should they so desire. Indeed, we have already invited Broad Ambition and Timbo on board and look forward to their company. What is the problem?
  7. Just what are you trying to say Vaughan? If you are attempting to insult me please talk in pain language. I feel you are having a personal dig at me, and you are out of order here. Please look back at how we were insulted at a previous event. I have done nothing to offend you, so why the personal attack? I do not know you, and actually enjoy reading about your knowledge of this area.
  8. We are happy to go where we are told to go. Harbour master rules. We go by what he says. If anyone wants to talk to us, please feel free to do so. We have a crew of five.
  9. We are also very much a work in progress. We have followed your thread. I just hope the pedants are not as harsh with you as they were with us two years ago.
  10. I refer honourable members to our restoration thread in the hope that it will clarify our feelings toward a MINORITY of members toward us and our boat. Yes, we were insulted, and no we are not being over sensitive. We were embarrassed, humiliated and insulted by certain people. I would suggest that you actually meet us and talk to us before you pass a judgment.
  11. No problem. We are there on a vintage wooden boat, but not part of the “clique”. Feel free to say hello because, unlike some people, we are actually inclusive. Our friend - former member Ricardo will be part of our crew. Past experience of this event tells us that people like us are not welcome. I can’t see why not but hey ho that is how life is.
  12. I think you are mistaken because there was plenty of space available when we phoned the harbour master. We are booked in and will be happy with the company of our own friends and will enjoy viewing the splendid wooden boats. We are more than happy not to be part of the “clique”. Thanks Broad Ambition, please come and say hello and have a glass or two with us.
  13. Thanks for the offer but we have friends with us. Hope to meet you though.
  14. Booked in with harbour master. We will be there on Saturday but not part of the “wooden boat” people. We will do our own thing.
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