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  1. It was good to be part of this great team effort, which enabled Jim to make his final journey on his beloved Manxman. It was like one of those "getting to know you" team building exercises. To paraphrase Griff, this is an event that I also feel privileged to attend and be involved with.
  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences, a most enjoyable read. It is good to see Water Rail out on the Broads, a boat we have always admired.
  3. Very much enjoyed reading this thread, thank you for your holiday musings. Hope to see you at some point.
  4. The decision has been made. The Bereny Arms will remain closed because the application has been rejected. The moorings are going to be closed by the landowner because he can no longer afford to maintain them without income from a working pub. The BA are claiming that the moorings are unsafe. The license was also refused on the grounds that the noise would affect the local residents. A change of use has also been refused. Looks like it is back to square one, but with the prospect of no moorings. A sad day for those of us who wanted to see it re-opened.
  5. https://www.becclesandbungayjournal.co.uk/news/owners-of-berney-arms-to-learn-fate-of-bistro-plan-1-6755611 The decision is being made today.
  6. We intend to be at Stracey Arms moorings overnight on Wednesday. Good idea for a DTS at the Duke's Head - our local.
  7. It means I am working. For those who may not think this is real, I am working 7 days a week and have never been so busy. Just for information, I would expect to do around 3 funerals a week at this time of year, there has been around 3 every day the past couple of weeks. Like everyone else I would rather be on the Broads than dealing with this situation.
  8. socrates

    Sad Loss

    I am now able to inform members that I have the honour and privilege of arranging and conducting Jim's funeral, which will be a celebration of his life and love of the Broads and his other interests. His funeral will take place at Thornton Crematorium on Merseyside at 3.30pm on Wednesday 27th May. We might be able to film the funeral and post it on a relevant Facebook page, I have done this with a few funerals these last few weeks. As Jim was so well-known on the Broads, we are sure many people would like to attend "in spirit", if not in person. In accordance with Jim's wishes, We hope
  9. socrates

    Sad Loss

    That is right, they used to hire from Herbert Woods with their parents, and eventually bought her, the original name escapes me just now. They re-named her Manxman after one of the Liverpool-Isle of Man steam packet boats. Jim also had a passion for these classic ships which graced the Irish sea in the 1950's-1990's, he had a wealth of knowledge about them as well and had a huge collection of memorabilia, this included several brass fittings from the ship which adorned Manxman the Broads cruiser.
  10. socrates

    Sad Loss

    It is with sadness that I announce the death of Jim Sharpe, owner of Manxman. Manxman was a familiar sight on the Broads, crewed by Jim and his late brother (not forgetting their dogs). They were regulars at the various wooden boat events and in later years, Jim continued to holiday on the Broads alone with his two dogs for company. Some of you may know that I am a councilor and Jim was a journalist on our local paper, as a result we knew each other in another context. In the midst of a discussion about a local issue, we would often end up discussing the joys of wooden boat ownership and the d
  11. My other half probably isn't up for it either. if you are ever up this way I and need company just give us a call.
  12. Can anyone recommend a decent varnish for interior mahogany deck boards? It needs to be non-slip and hard wearing, I am thinking about using D1 varnish, has anyone used it?
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