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Every time I wake up he says 'Morning Sausage'. That's not right. I don't keep telling him 'You shall not pass...Uncle Albert you plonker!'. Not once have I mentioned his big belly. The name is Fred Weasley, Fred for short. There will be no 'short jokes'. Unt zer vil not be any Fawlty Towers jokes eizer! I am a mini mini miniature chocolate dapple dachshund.

People keep saying I'm a 'rescue'. At no time did he 'rescue me'. There were no ninja moves, no commando hand signals, no jumping into rivers or burning houses involved. I am mini mini because I have been hand reared at the rescue centre with my brother George after my Mum was removed from a farm and was too tired to rear us. His nibs and my new Mum baby sat us while the rescue lady could have a night off hand feeding. I now lives Uncle Albert 2.0 or Albert Light


My hobbies include sleeping a lot, swinging off his beard,


scragging fluffy lions and running through bits of drain pipe in the garden, giving lip to big dogs


jumping through expensive antique maps what smell of moffs an ol' ladies and helping with important research...when I can keep my eyes open!


I've now had all my jabs and will be going for my first 'walkies' on Friday. Apparently, because I'm magnetic in some way, this means he needs to go for a hair cut and beard trim? Due to my 'ickle leggies' Mum has bought him a 'doggie sling' for me to ride in when I gets tired. I think its a great idea but he didn't look too happy til all the ladies came to say how cute I looked in his 'man bag'!

IMG_0745 (1).jpg

Yesterday I did an Amber Hurd. No, not that kind...I stood on a bee which stung my leg and I was very poorly, so poorly I was limping and had to have chicken nuggets for my tea to make it better!


Right, its nap time...I'm keeping an eye on him though, he was shouting about something Bronze Age and this means extra walks apparently!



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I have to say, Fred, in many ways, is a perfect exemplar of his breed. Oh boy is he stubborn! But, at 10 weeks and four days old, he's already mastered commands such as 'sit', 'down' and 'turn round'. I'm now working on his recall. He will answer to his name...when he feels like it...and we start his lead training this week now that we've found a harness that fits him (don't tell him but we've had to buy a harness for a ferret).

House training was relatively easy. As he was hand reared he'd been trained from birth to 'go outside'. We did encounter two problems. The weekend he arrived was the hottest on record so opportunities to actually go outside were reserved for the night. Secondly my most recent operations on my mouth (doctors took notice of comments like 'someone spoiled a really good bum when they put teeth in that hole' and did something about it) have left me with some difficulties with words like 'sit'. Fred doesn't know whether to sit or squat on bad days!

In the past I've had beagles, collies, black labs, lakeland/border terriers, Jack Russells (proper ones not what passes for a Jackie these days) but I've never had a dog as tiny as Fred.

Feeding him is a real problem. Due to his start in life he was a little under nourished. Fortunately our vet Gordon is a good friend of ours and he and his wife Mandy were instrumental in the rescue of Fred and George. Gordon pronounced Fred as 'boring' which is vet speak for he's healthy just a little bit under weight. So every form of specialist dachshund food has been purchased, every brand and flavour of puppy food and Fred has wolfed the first bowl and subsequently turned his nose up at the remainder. He will however, eat fresh chicken and tinned tuna. After ten years of greedy beagles I am at a bit of a loss!

In other news....I've still not had a cigarette since last year!

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Without meaning to be an evangelist, try him on a raw diet. I’ve often heard that picky dogs turn into enthusiastic eaters and if he likes chicken already you’re partway there. 
You can buy it frozen and defrost enough to portion up and re freeze perfectly ok. 
Not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ I must also say but my springer has had that from weaning and is thriving. 
He is mighty cute. 

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Hi I have 3 dachshund s if you want a harnesses go to www.rubspanieldesings.com the will make to your size  as for  foodi use eukanuba one  of  mine is fussy i mix it with a wet food i get mine from zooplus on the net have fun yours paws away

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So - will the fishermen be able to distinguish him from an otter and if not, will they now launch into a long tirades about otters and how they should be controlled as they impact the fishing.

Interesting though as on "the other side" there have been some very positive news about the current fishing, despite otter lookalikes!!!!!

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We have recently switched Seren over to 'Yora' pet food. It's made from insects (grubs) that are grown 'in house' mixed with oats, potato and seaweed and supposedly reduces your 'global pawprint'. Given that a lot of commercial dog food uses low grade meat or fish protein, I'm in favour. we get it from 'Pets Corner'. It's not cheap, but is more reasonable than the previous meat based 'quality' dried food we had been buying. 

Seren likes it anyway, and seems to be thriving on it. Her coat is as glossy as ever, and I'm convinced that's a good sign. 

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