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  1. Polly

    The Reed And Rhond Anchor

    The Rred and Rhond Anchor is about to open. Please come as your favourite Arthur Ransome Character
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to announce the opening of the NBN Virtual Pub. It is in the extension of the aBroadscot Lounge and open every Tuesday fro 8.30 to 9.30 or until the drinkers stagger off home. I am your volunteer landlady for this evening, but the license allows others to pull the pints as time goes on, this is a community pub after all. Just go to http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/index.php and login, DO NOT PUT IN A PASSWORD See you there?
  3. 'Snow White Blood Red' is another great read if Ransome's own story interests you.
  4. Polly

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    It's my revenge for all those thermo-grommet- linkage type things you techie types post about!
  5. Polly

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    With 'that thing' you never realised you needed until you saw it on offer? i just spent £10 on 8 reels of overlocker thread from Lidl, essential purchase there!
  6. Polly

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Well you eat, and that is a sort of qualification......
  7. Polly

    Ant Warning!!!

    Seems like Dylan is leaving his mark on the Wetshed one way and another.
  8. Polly

    Ant Warning!!!

    I am pleased Steve has ‘seen the light’.!
  9. Polly

    A Summer's Tale

    Um...get a (virtual ) room?
  10. Polly

    Ant Warning!!!

    It reminds me of The Jumblies by Edward Lear; 'They went to sea in a sieve they did'
  11. Polly


    Captain ????'s Crack finder from Norfolk Marine, brilliant stuff.This is a liquid and will run into the path of the leak, then you can bed in your handrails with Sikaflex or whatever when it's not raining!
  12. Polly

    Ant Warning!!!

    Oh that’s OK then
  13. Polly

    Ant Warning!!!

    Hope he's got a spare battery for Beccles!
  14. Polly

    Sos Lost Dog

    So what happened then?
  15. A few that drifted into conflict are currently hidden, Vanessa.
  16. Polly

    Sos Lost Dog

    That is a relief
  17. Polly

    Sos Lost Dog

    Doug suggests it could be the people who were returning on Sedgemoor at about 3 to the Wetshed. The contact number for Sedgemoor should be on the board at the entrance to the Wetshed. Just a thought.
  18. Polly

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    Oh brilliant, hope Charlie enjoys it.
  19. Polly

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    That is how we see Brilliant, hopefully, when we relaunch next year, she will be in a better condition than she has been for many years. You have to say it's irrational, but these boats have their own personalities, I can't explain it.
  20. Polly

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    If you haven't been to this event, it's a unique opportunity to visit aboard wooden boats and talk with their custodians about the work they do to keep these lovely pieces of Broads History going for a next generation. I say 'custodians' rather than owners because that is how it feels to own one of these special craft.
  21. Sorry to announce that we have withdrawn the Summer Meet from the NBN Calendar; always a smaller attendance than the big Spring Gathering; we were unable to have a team member as organiser this year, and we have let Beccles YS know that NBN are not there in any official capacity. That said, the individual boat bookings are not cancelled unless owners wish to cancel themselves, so a few folk will be about and moored together. We hope they have a good weekend.
  22. Polly

    Summer/autumn Gathering August 2018

    This event is now an informal get together and not an NBN Event, there will be a few Forum members there as individuals. Apologies for any disappointment. We have decided that in future there will be the one big Gathering in Spring.
  23. Polly

    Now And Then

    ' Yes a thoughtful programme ' i withdraw this comment based on the evidence, thanks Vaughan and Expilot.
  24. Everyone said the Milennium Dome would be useless......
  25. Polly

    Guess The Beach!


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