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  1. smitch6

    Comfy Helm Seat

    very thin foam, i have tried a cushion no good, i've also just added an extra 2" of foam so i'll give that a try
  2. smitch6

    Tv Aerial

    it's this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Supergain-Ballade-TV-Antenna-DVBT-TNT-12V-Boat-RV-Camper-Caravan/222701650012?hash=item33da0d805c:g:~hEAAOSwUoNZ-bPM as you can see it can't be moved :(
  3. smitch6

    Tv Aerial

    it is an omni directional one so you don't have to move it anywhere
  4. smitch6

    Comfy Helm Seat

    thats a kool idea trouble is our boat is only 20' so they'd prob weigh it down too much
  5. smitch6

    Tv Aerial

    well i tried the booster and didn't get anything out of the existing aerial, so i've bought a small one off screwfix and i'll give that a go thursday when i'm next down there
  6. smitch6

    Comfy Helm Seat

    Bought a set of seats off flebay they look lovely, but blast are they uncomfortable ( well i think so the OH says they are ok) Trouble is as the driver i am sitting constantly Anyone got any feedback on a comfy seat? I can't afford these mega expensive ones, these were £100 for 2 so quite cheap.
  7. smitch6

    Tv Aerial

    yes fuse ok
  8. smitch6

    Tv Aerial

    it has a little amplifier that comes with it, but it's tiny so not sure how good it is, i shall get the one you mentioned earlier and give that a go
  9. smitch6

    Tv Aerial

    That is what i have https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Glomex-Supergain-Ballade-12v-DVB-Digital-TV-Aerial-Multidirectional/312095374273?epid=1730416747&hash=item48aa557bc1:g:EMMAAOSwC-xauAgr
  10. smitch6

    Tv Aerial

    What tv aerial do ppl use on the south broads? I went into the local chandlers in OB and was told the best 1 for this area is a supergain dvb tiny thing, he said most ppl round OB swear by them. I can't get a signal off it at geldeston, beccles or Bugh St Peter
  11. smitch6

    Norman 20 Restoration

    Here's some pics before & after, have too many to put on here so only a few.... This is what the interior looked like when i got here This is it now...... Outside of the new canopy i made and all the signwriting on her which i also made Had to make a little cover for the door as once i made the hole bigger i couldn't get anything to cover the hole. The cabin door also is the toilet door, to save space, and there's a flap to the right of the door which drops down to make a handy surface in the kitchen area. Forward cabin in progress, fitting the carpet lining and trying the cushions, which i made for size. You can just see the red switch on the cooker/sink combi unit. I cut a new hole and fitted that switch to operate a solenoid on the gas input, so in case of an emergency you can quickly flick the gas off and it shuts it off as soon as it comes onto the boat, saves hanging over tha back and turning it off at the bottle. ( i also have a manual shut-off right beside the solenoid just in case.) Made a couple of doors to cover the transom hole, keeps the draught out and helps to quieten the outboard noise, some ppl have a board covering it, but i thought this way it will be easier to get to the outboard to do anything on it.
  12. smitch6

    Norman 20 Restoration

    will post the progress tomorrow when i have time, as she is kinda finished and in her new mooring and we stayed on her this weekend for the 1st time after launching her Friday
  13. smitch6

    20' Boat Wanted

    hi Jeanie sorry i bought a norman 20
  14. Hi i have this tank which is an outboard tank it nice and big at 50L i want to put it in the corner of my new restoration boat out of the way so i want to convert it to a fixed tank is there a way i can attach an inlet pipe to a filler cap it'll also need a fixed vent i'd of thought but how would that work being petrol or would it need to be 1 i can close and open as needed? Fixing it won't be an issue as i can make up some stainless traps and bolt it to the floor
  15. I'm after a contact number for an outboard chap who lives near Beccles / Lowestoft I think his name is Steve can anyone supply his number pls?

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