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  1. I'm after a steering wheel centre pls 2 1/2" in diameter pls
  2. smitch6

    Licence Plate And Letters

    i actually have a box full of thin plastic cut to size for the boat numbers, and i can do your numbers too in vinyl, all for £2 each collected & P&P would be £3 in the mainland UK forgot i had them actually....
  3. smitch6


    I need a door for my boat. The maximum height is 62" this includes the frame, but if you have a door only it needs to be 5' high width not too worried but my hole is 575mm it is a restoration project so i can adjust the hole to suit but the height is crucial as i have a floor and a roof in the way :/
  4. smitch6

    International Perfection

    there is no way i can remove all paint it just can't happen unfortunately, all i can do is sand it and go back to solid paint. it's a 26 broads cruiser so quite a large boat to paint
  5. smitch6

    International Perfection

    it prob won't have the top coat on for a while yet, but i want to get an undercoat on her after doing repairs etc and obviously need to know what paint to know what undercoat
  6. smitch6

    International Perfection

    right so it looks like 2 pack is out. so back to 1 pack so whats the best?
  7. smitch6

    International Perfection

    Thanks for the info appreciated. On another note can you pass my details onto Dave Berry pls? as i am desperate to find out more about the Eastick boats especially my falcon 26 Jane Anne as i have been told it started off on the broads but the BA have no record of it and neither do any of the other authorities
  8. smitch6

    Eastick Falcon 26

    And more news i have spoken to 2 previous owners tonight and have more background on her. She was definately on the broads in her early days at some point, so need to find out more from that time
  9. smitch6

    International Perfection

    i couldn't find an interactive technical i have emailed the uk sales rep a few days ago but he hasn't replied yet
  10. smitch6

    International Perfection

    in a previous post on here i was told to use 2 pack?
  11. Going to paint my boat with 2 pack international perfection. I gather i will need 2 pack undercoat but will i need a specific primer / barrier coat before the undercoat most of the boat has been painted with something before and is flaking off so i will have to get all the flakes off and rub it right back there is also a bit of original gelcoat but that has loads of deep scratches that will need filling
  12. smitch6

    Eastick Falcon 26

    well i took delivery of her today finally been a long 7 days waiting to have her delivered. GMR done the delivery with the use of his Hi-Ab he put it straight onto my trailer, which is where she'll sit while i restore her. Terrific chap and highly recommend him (apart from he went off with the boat keys so he's having to post them to me lol) she's a big ol boat esp on my little trailer which is only 6' wide so plenty of 4x4 posts holding her up until i can get the telegraph post out of the brambles or get some acro props
  13. smitch6

    Eastick Falcon 26

    Okies so i've just bought a boat made by Eastick's of Acle as far as i can gather they shut down in the 80's i know alot of these boats used to be on hire on the broads but not sure if mine went straight to the Thames as thats where it was last registered. i'm trying to find out more information about these boats and in paticular the 1 i have The name i have on the boat is Jane Anne sometimes on some paperwork it's Jane Ann also alot of paperwork it's down as an Eastwick they are very sinilar to the hampton safari's but slightly longer and slightly wider So far i have contacted and drawn blanks at Broads Authority Museum of the broads BSS Thames authority Museum suggested that Easticks had gone into partnership with Welpton and they were still at Acle Dyke But the only one i could find was Eastwood Welpton and the owners bought it 3 years ago after Mr Welpton died (5 years ago) so a blank there also. I managed to find an old one for sale on Norfolk boatshed but that is the only 1 i have found on the interweb. I am in contact with someone who owns 1 and he knows someone else in Norwich who has 1 also. But neither of them know alot about the actual boats. thanks
  14. smitch6

    Windlass Wanted

    i have full access to under bow, there is a chain hole thing there already and it's a broads boat so it'll go no problem. full restoration project
  15. smitch6

    Windlass Wanted

    complete thing

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