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  1. yes water is going in, all pipes are clear, it isn't coming out of the toilet and done it before i put a service kit on it
  2. has anyone got a pair of ali oars for my rib pls?
  3. i have the 2000 model, grey handle and the same sticker on the front and the service kit was from 2000 too
  4. yes anything apart from poo goes thru no problems, so if theres wee and paper thats fine
  5. i have put a bit of clear pipe on the outlet to see what is going on, and when it blocks, nothing is coming out into the pipe so it is getting stuck internally i would presume the joker valve
  6. no we have to get an old battery cable and shove it through........ yep not a nice thought, but thats the only way it seems to go yes we do use good paper lol
  7. it's defo not a blocked pipe. it gets stuck before it even leaves the toilet, which makes me think it's the joker valve thing
  8. straight out, the pipe is only about 12" nothing in the way whatsoever
  9. i've just put a brand new one in and overhauled it but it still does it
  10. Sorry for the topic but i have had problems, I have a jabsco manual toilet, it has the rubber choke, tried a flat 1 and a 3 way 1 from jabsco, when you have a poo it gets stuck in the toilet, so you're pumping the handle and the water just comes up, nothing going down the pipe. i've tried emptying it and nothing happens there either, i would suggest it's getting stuck in the rubber choke thing can i remove that? it's not under water so i haven't got to worry about feedback etc
  11. right back to the drawing board, i had been thinking i had to use stainless, which as you know is a nightmare to cut a D hole. so after chatting with Brian wards they said they use acrylic so i have ordered a round disc with the engraving on as they are only £5 posted, and ordered an A5 3mm sheet of black rigid acrylic off flebay for £3.50 and i'm going to have a god at mounting the disc onto the sheet and cutting a D out so fingers crossed
  12. yes it is a 128sa..... the plate i'd need is about 90mm square, i'm not even bothered about the lettering, just need a plate to stop the switch turning so the D hole is the most important bit
  13. i have been searching and searching for days and days for a little plate and the only thing i can get is a small circular disc which wouldn't work as it's only 40mm so nothing to screw to the dash, never even thought of Brian Ward, just rung them and they can make me a plate for £30 as the ones they stock are only £3 but are small circular ones and won't work.
  14. i want to change it because i have a round hole instead of the D so no amount of tightening will cure it, and because of the round hole it can be a pig to start as you have to tighten it time and wiggle the key. yes i have tried a brand new lock and it still does it. i would like something simple that i flick a switch and push a button, save messing about with having to fabricate a metal plate with a D in it, which i have tried but it isn't easy to make a D in a stainless steel plate......
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