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  1. according to bss it's 25mm from the bottom NOTE – drain openings on the side of cylinder lockers not greater than 25mm above the bottom of the locker may be considered as at the lowest point of the side. NOTE – with the consent of the owner, a bucket of water can be used to aid verification of Check Items 7.3.4 to 7.3.6.
  2. the stuff i'm on about sets hard
  3. the stuff i'm on about sets hard
  4. i think the drain plug will be about 6" off the bottom i'd rather not have to put anything in there if i can get away with it though esp if it's heavy as there's quite a bit of weight there already with the tank and the 2 bottles
  5. Hi in the process of fitting a new stainless gas locker on my boat. the bottom of the locker though is lower by about 6" than the drain hole in the boat or it would be under the water line. i have been told that you can use Mikalite or something you put the bottles in then pack this stuff around the bottom of the bottles, then the drain pipe can be higher than the bottom of the tank can anyone recommend anything ? i have google mikalite but i presume i'm spelling it wrong as i can't find anything unless there is something else i could use thanks
  6. oh i know it's easy, i've made all my sides, and all the other cushions on the last 3 boats i've restored, but always find the helm seat uncomfortable hard I usually grab a 2nd hand memory foam mattress and cut that up for the internal seats that convert into a bed, really cheap usually about £20-30 for a decent 2nd hand mattress
  7. it's just a piece of ply, i have re-done the box so it's basically an open top box and the seat makes the lid and it just sits on top with a couple of 1" battens to stop it moving
  8. i did think about that but my layout won't allow that annoyingly my backrest is actually built into the unit which also doubles up as a side for the fridge / tv area if that makes sense
  9. I have a storage unit that has a foam cushion on top which is attached to a plywood base which is the helm seat i need to keep the unit but want to make a really comfy seat for the top It has normal foam at the minute but i find after an hour or so driving they get really uncomfortable anyone got any ideas how to make it more comfy pls?
  10. how do we get the boatshield stickers pls?
  11. oh brill hi we have a little group of 3 of use owners if you'd like to join us. Can you send me pictures etc pls Steve
  12. annoyingly i'm helping to make a tank for my gas bottles tomorrow so already commited, but i would like to another time please
  13. i'm happy to come to Norwich, if 1 of your engineers or yourself is doing a service or an overhaul on a 1.5 BMC diesel, and observe
  14. asap won't sell just the nuts i don't think, yes they are still on the industrial estate nope 28 tpi isn't a typo it's a very fine thread did speak to someone who had a 5/8" unf but it wasn't 28 tpi that is an idea Stranger i'll have a look i did think could i re-tap the thread to accomadate a more common nut also
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