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  1. i will never ever go into st olaves, even if my life depended on it lol and yes i know Roy at OB and do go in there regularly. Thanks tho
  2. anyone got a mud weight suitable for a 26foot broads boat pls?
  3. I'm after 2 stern rails for my boat, just to go round the back of the boat something similar to the pic, just to go round each corner of the boat nothing fancy like this one just a corner rail about 500-600mm high if anyone has anything like this knocking about pls
  4. i have done extensive research and a name keeps coming up 'Adrian Tilbury' apparently he bought Swancraft at Henley and now owns Benson watercraft. I have sent him pictures of my boat and he says it's not an eastick falcon lol strange that as it's exactly the same as other eastick Falcons that i've seen......... he keeps saying try Swancraft at Brtundall but my boat has always been on the Thames and as far as i am aware was called Swan Harmony which according to Hoseasons and BSS was owned by Swancraft of Henley...... kinda banging my head against a brick wall lol
  5. I have a bmc 1.5 diesel engine that i will need a high cca rating battery for. i was thinking about an 019 battery which is rated at 920cca i also need 2 x leisure batteries i only use my boat occasionly so i'm not a liver or anything like that i was thinking of getting dual purpose as obviously they are cheap compared to proper deep cycle ones. what are your thoughts? i don't have money so don't mention trojans that isn't going to happen lol they will only be charged up via the engine, although i did think about getting a 100w solar just to keep the leisures topped up we will only be using on 12v when we are moored up in the eve during the day we will be cruising so engine will be doing the charging
  6. did you want to sell it? as i'm after buying a brochure with that article in it
  7. would you mind having a look in the London section and see if there are any swan harmony adverts pls?
  8. Hi i'm after a hoseasons brochure from 1983 this one pls if anyone has 1 for sale Hoseasons 1983 1.pdf
  9. i'm not disputing what has been said, far from it, i'm extremely happy with everyone's input and for their help and definately don't want to upset anyone the only thing is the brochure says 27' and as far as i know mine is 26' but saying that not sure if the brochure had a mis-print as it also says they were at Wargrave yet companies house has them down at Wasgrave
  10. what brochure was this pls Dan?
  11. The one i spoke to said try the Brundall one, so i did and as you say yes very helpful but couldn't help at all. I've just messaged Gerry from Hoseasons so fingers crossed she might remember somehting as she did say she's been there for over 40 years hopefully they might have some paperwork somewhere
  12. i can' actually remeber who i rung now, but i did say did you used to be swancraft at henley and he said we were sort of mine is the same blue but mine has a white roof (can't quite see the roof on that pic) i did notice it has the bluebird logo of hoseasons i am in contact with gerry at Hoseasons who's lovely and loves the history side of the boats, she also said she has loads of old brochures at her home and is sifting thru them for me to try and find more info. this might be one for me to tell her about. i really need to measure mine and find out if it's 26 or 27' it's a pity no-one knows anyone that worked at swancraft
  13. Hi Dan, no it wasn't missed, i rung them and they only did either 25 or 27' models i never knew they did them in that sizes lol although i'm presuming mine is 26 i'm going to measure it next time i'm down there. swancraft aren't actually active anymore it's been taken over by someone else and they weren't really that knowladable or helpful, just dismissive unfortunately thanks for posting the brochure tho always love to see them, pity i don't have any in person
  14. it sure is, where is that? do you know them?
  15. they all came with rubber, so the ones with ali have been done by owners
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