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  1. smitch6

    20' Boat Wanted

    hi Jeanie sorry i bought a norman 20
  2. Hi i have this tank which is an outboard tank it nice and big at 50L i want to put it in the corner of my new restoration boat out of the way so i want to convert it to a fixed tank is there a way i can attach an inlet pipe to a filler cap it'll also need a fixed vent i'd of thought but how would that work being petrol or would it need to be 1 i can close and open as needed? Fixing it won't be an issue as i can make up some stainless traps and bolt it to the floor
  3. I'm after a contact number for an outboard chap who lives near Beccles / Lowestoft I think his name is Steve can anyone supply his number pls?
  4. sorry i know lots of ppl post about this, but each boat is unique so always worth checking I will have 2 x 110ah battery 6' away will be a fuse box (there will be things running directly from fuse box ie water pump 2.4a , fuse box will also be having everything running from it apart from bilge pump which will have it's own in-line fuse direct from battery ) 6' away will be the 8way switch panel ( this has 4 positive inputs 2 for the switches, 1 for the cig lighter, 1 for aux socket, ) ( this will control fridge 3.7a , 6 x 6 led internal lights, 3 x led nav lights 0.8w , horn, led spotlights 24w , stereo ) it also has a cigarette lighter, 2 usb sockets, voltage display, aux socket. 6' away will be a 12v fridge that draw 3.7a all the other stuff i will be wiring will be low wattage ie led etc so prob only about 10-20w in total at a guess what size wiring do i need please, between battery & fuse box what size wiring between fuse box & 8 switch panel what size wiring between control panel & fridge thanks in advance
  5. smitch6

    Lining Boat Walls

    i've done it on 2 boats now as this is my 3rd resto the 1st way all square walls roof floor etc it was a lovely liveaboard. the 2nd i just used cheap carpet as it's an ok boat and a pain in the bum as far as curves etc. but this boat i want to be my long term boat hence the help needed definately easier of the walls etc are straight interesting video there :) kinda what i was going to do but i don't have stringers, mine is a fibreglass shell then another fibreglass shell inside the boat which makes up the seating and sides and roof it's like an inner shell weird really as i say the after area will be loads easier than the forward cabin i'm down there tomorrow so will take some pics to show you all
  6. smitch6

    Lining Boat Walls

    unfortunately the shape of my boat won't allow for the use of using ply in most places. The aft cabin sides i can no problem but the forward cabin the sides are curved lengthways and up / down so it would be a pain. Plus the windows have rounded corners and an offset rectangle
  7. Ok just thinking in advance as not ready for this yet in the resto project ............I will be covering the walls with grey vinyl faux leatherette stuff.I want it to be slightly spongy and did think about 1/2" foam but just been told by the supplier that if i have to join it the edges will show through the vinyl.any ideas on whats best to do this with?i'm going to need about 30mts of vinyl at 1.4 mth wideso quite a bit.I want to do ceiling, walls in the forward cabin (living area)and the the sides of the after area ie where i steer etc which will be covered by the canopy.they are all bare fibreglass at the minute.So was thinking 6-9mm ply lined for the rear and the forward spraying glue to stick the foam then sticking vinyl on top of that.hope that makes sense
  8. smitch6

    Norman 20 Restoration

    I do yes I have a small gazebo but it's only 3x3 so only covers either the front or the back i was after a big one but funds wouldn't allow it as i'd rather spend the money on the boat lol I have a friendly farmer where i store my boats at only £50 per YEAR is mega cheap and he's happy for me to do any work i want on it. only trouble is there's no water or electric so my genny is getting a good workout and i make sure we have a flask of hot water for a cuppa, plus we take the camping cooker just in case.
  9. smitch6

    Norman 20 Restoration

    Well been having fun while the rain hasn't been spoiling things. Wanted to cut the hatch out to look like the more modern versions so got the jigsaw out and took the plung. before After I actually cut another inch off the side just to make it look slightly better. i'm happy with how it now looks, just got the attach the inner skin to the outer skin. Got the top half rubbed down, filled, repaired and 2 coats of undercoat, rubbed down again and got 1 top coat on. Annoyingly every day this week now will have some kind of rain at some point so painting is on hold at the minute. I want to get the top half painted and polished so i can then get the windows in and make her top half watertight. I have a gazebo to cover the back half so that will help there. I'm quite a perfectionist and i'm happy with how the top is going so that's good.
  10. smitch6

    Norman 20 Restoration

    Hi thanks for the offer. I have hopefully got someone who will be making me some brackets in aluminium and drilling & tapping the holes for me. but if it doesn't come through i will definately give you a shout if thats ok. Thanks
  11. smitch6

    Norman 20 Restoration

    is he local to lowestoft? as i really could do with seeing one in the flesh and taking some measurements etc
  12. smitch6

    Norman 20 Restoration

    Out of interest i am seriously thinking of doing that, but unsure of how to do the hatch... how did you make the hatch?
  13. smitch6

    Norman 20 Restoration

    the screws are tiny about M3 size so they are too big i think i may have someone who can make me so aly replacements, just waiting on costing
  14. smitch6

    Stainless Welder

    Hi I'm based at Lowestoft. Does anyone know someone who can repair my bow rail? it's split where 1 of the legs come off it and needs welding up
  15. smitch6

    Norman 20 Restoration

    well got home and had a look at the windscreen and stripped it down as the rubbers were shot.what a nightmare, the screws that hold the corner brackets in were woodscrews so had rusted inthey had to be drilled out, and now i have the screw stubs left in the brackets.the brackets are about 50mm long x 10mm wide right anglesso as you can imagine a bit hard to sort out.i guess it would be easier to drill out the old screws if i had a pillar drill but i haven'tso will have a go at using an angle grinder to smooth the off and clean them and then drill new holes carefully without drilling into my knee.The bow rail is also a bit bent, it's bent outwards so sticks out a bit further than the boat at the back feet, so tried to bend it inwards slightly and it started to crack at 1 of the front legs where it joins the rail.so now got to find someone to repair that for me....... alsoall the glass/perspex on the windscreen is either cloudy, cracked or slightly the wrong size (side pieces held in with silicone)so will be replacing with new poly perspex off a windscreen friend of mine.it doesn't go cloudy etc like normal perspex so should last.hey ho lets hope the rest isn't as much hassle as i've had this afternoon

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