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  1. We had a Cadac (not this precise model) and found it didnt get hot enough and took an absolute age to cook on, it was also difficult to clean on the boat due to the size of it, hopefully you get on better than we did!!
  2. When considering the sheer number of birds we have on the Broads its very sad we don't have an organisation interested in looking out for their welfare, especially when they are getting tangled up in man made fishing tackle its a very sad state of affairs. I have managed to remove loose tackle from a Swans neck before and a size 12 hook that was embedded in a ducks upper beak, somehow the hook had penetrated from the outside in not the inside out as I’d have thought. The difficult part is catching them
  3. I saw one Cow actually shove another Cow in the Chet a few years ago......I was a bit worried but it did manage to get itself out after a few attempts. It was quite hard not to see the funny side.
  4. Im respectfully not participating in this thread, theres a good chance things could get a bit slippery........
  5. I missed this thread the other day.... Are they in training for the Waveney swim or a separate group? I hear the Three Rivers Swim 2020 is currently in the planning stages.......
  6. It isn’t actually the river that I am concerned about, its the moorings. Let us just imagine at North Cove there are a few small boats moored up, a fisherman sets up and then the swimmers have their refreshments area. A hire or private cruiser comes along having planned to moor up but cant, who moves? Im not against anyone having a hobby and I don't think for one moment its my river either. I wont be out so it wont affect me but I am perfectly entitled to think it might be just a teeny tiny bit rich to use facilities in this way meaning those who they are designed for (and contribute) might have to move out of the way.
  7. The thing that winds me up is the Broads Authority dipping into Toll Payers pockets each time they are short yet other groups can come along and expect to use paid for facilities for free potentially profiting from it and those of us who see it that way are all being negative for not welcoming it with open arms!! It might only be 1 day a year at the moment!
  8. I still don't quite understand how this group are able to pitch up on BA moorings (paid for by Toll Payers) and set up refreshments and what have you taking up how much mooring space? If the BA were receiving an appropriate events fee of some description I think it would seem fairer all round. (I don't actually know they are not but from last years discussion it didn't appear they did). I still think it shouldn’t have been given the go ahead at all but if Beccles & the WRC benefit from it in trade then that cant be bad. Boats would do well to avoid but that shouldn't be the case. Theres always the possibility that any gain in trade could actually be a loss due to boat traffic avoiding the areas. But what do I know!!
  9. Its also not the first time MSC Opera has had a mishap. Youtube is littered with ship crashes it seems to occur with alarming frequency!!
  10. Its not the first time an MSC ship has come to grief either
  11. We had a similar incident last year in German carpark we had visited on previous visits. We hadnt noticed the new signs that said you had to put your time clock card on display and the parking Gestapo took great pleasure in ticketing our vehicles moments after we had gone in to the shop. We sent the tickets back to them with no return address and a receipts to prove we had used the shop and funnily enough they haven't tracked us down! I understand that facilities can be abused but these parking charges to my mind are seen more as a cash harvesting opportunity than to prevent abuse. I also think the fact that the DVLA hand over your personal details to these bullies to be a total disgrace.
  12. This is just brilliant!!!!
  13. Quite right Im getting mixed up!
  14. There are boats around that do have bathing platforms prone to riding over the quay, the Birchwood 340 for instance has a moulded platform thats sits above the waterline quite a bit and they can be stern moored with care. Having something designed and built for the job factoring in stern mooring could be done but i imagine very costly. Also as Grendel rightly points out extra area will increase your Toll!!
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