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  1. The fastest solution for me would to be to remove about 30 metres of track crossing Bridge Road but apparently “some” people use the Railway “sometimes” and wouldn't be very happy about it! I have dreamt of a bypass but never a tunnel, could you elaborate!
  2. It would also make traffic in Lowestoft & Oulton Broad flow a hell of a lot better and could save the Government millions on a 3rd Harbour crossing!
  3. I wonder if anyone will be stuck for getting back through after the bank holiday weekend at Oulton Broad. I imagine it could have put some off going by river altogether. What happened to the NYA looking for support to take action last year, nothing seems to have improved and it must still be affecting business.
  4. dnks34

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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-21783000 According to this source Spirit of Breydon cost 115k in 2013. Its lasted a little over 6 years and if it sold for the asking price (not very likely) after brokerage fees it will have lost the Authority not far off 40k. This is not to mention any maintenance costs for the rumoured engine failure(s) suffered whilst in service. I also think its questionable that the Authority have placed it in Brokerage needlessly wasting up to 8% plus vat of its sales price when they most probably have the resources to dispose of it in house. If it came to it I assume a broker like Boatshed being online would be cheaper, its not like the BA are stuck for a mooring while it sells is it? (I take it back Boatshed charges 8%)
  5. Reading the first section of the description, if shes so good why are they selling her? https://www.norfolkboatsales.co.uk/used-boats/aquabell-33-trojan-spirit-of-breydon-862.asp
  6. Keep on pointing out those mistakes! We need more people in this world prepared to point out other peoples short comings to their face, it can only end up improving society, people who feel like they are being watched tend to act very differently! Park ahead of the gates and walk in as long as you don't have a car full. On one hand you dont waste half a day sat in that ridiculous queue (while the council are making money out of all the commercial vans that block the place up daily at upwards of £80 plus vat a pop) but then on the other you do risk a parking fine but considering resources are so stretched with the council being hard up for a few quid and it being an industrial estate I weighed it up as a risk worth taking! Pakefield Tip is dire, I once took ONE very old and broken ceramic bowel from a jabsco compact toilet in there, when they tried to charge me £2 i took it home and put it in my black bin purely on principal! Since then I have managed to get rid of quite a few bags of soil in there without being charged by being a bit savvy! I can accept them charging the trade vans that go in there but anything strictly domestic or “household” should not be being charged for its a racket.
  7. I am very wary of inviting any trades people on to my property and would only do so if absolutely necessary. Very few I ever came across seemed prepared to do a job for a fair and decent price. That might sound negative, I assume there are some decent trades out there but you always have to be on the look out for the one with a glint in his eye looking to live off you for a month or two. Mechanics are top of my list to treat sceptically Im afraid and word of mouth is the only way to do it.
  8. If he has not made it clear there would be a charge for providing a quote from the outset I think its the Engineer at fault here regardless of anything else.
  9. The bit I find difficult is sexuality (whatever that is to an individual) ought to be an incidental part of existence in this world. Why does the LGBT community feel they need to have be so honest about anything?! Isn't anything private anymore! Its nothing to be ashamed of but why should anyone need to be honest about their sexuality in the work place or otherwise.
  10. I don't have any thoughts about LGBT apart from everyone should be able to live the life they so wish. I did however get a bit miffed when my mobile banking app was changed to a rainbow, not because I have owt against the community but purely because if I am going to support something surely I should be given a choice, for instance I wouldn't expect to wake up and find a political party logo had been installed on my phone overnight without it being of my choice. Do we need to keep labelling everything? Anyway, am I a racist or a homophobe??!!
  11. It wasn't really a complaint but it must have been loud at the disco, I think Aldeby had it worse with the illegal rave!
  12. Oulton Week....don't want to dampen the spirits of the week but the volume of their “under canopy disco” till almost 11pm last night was a bit on the loud side. Thats when you consider I live at least 3/4 of a mile away from the sailing club in a straight line!!
  13. Is it the Ant beyond How Hill heading toward Barton Broad.
  14. You would think it was Clapham Junction not Rural East Anglia!
  15. Lets see how much the traffic flow in Lowestoft & Oulton Broad improves in February.
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