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  1. dnks34

    Generator Onboard?

    A proper fit would be a raw water cooled diesel set, if it doesnt fit that description it would raise my concerns. Ive never come across a petrol raw water cooled generator but thats not to say there isnt one. As JM says anything portable is not suitable for permenant install, it does happen and unfortunately its how a family lost their lives on Windemere if memory serves. You can use a portable generator but have it placed on the bank, the only issue with that would be noise nuisance to others but if you get moored up with nobody else around its not such a problem. Some people use them to power microwaves but despite how quiet these suitcase type generators claim to be they are still noisey! Would a chimney not be more indicitave of a wood burner or some other solid fuel appliance. It could even be for a gas water heater not something you idealy want either.
  2. dnks34

    Broads Toll 2019

    All interesting reading but back to the Toll!!...... As council tax will be on the rise again I wonder if many boat owners will begin to feel the pinch with the accumulation of rises in living costs etc, for some the Toll may start to become the bridge to far..... I think the powers that be must have very imaginative ways of justifying spending as they are always strapped yet we pay more year on year.........where is all the money going? what costs more or are some people doing very well out of it on their luxurious salaries at the cost of resources and workforce? It doesnt add up to my way of thinking...
  3. I will give you my thoughts and say a twin engine cruiser of that era possibly wouldnt be my choice as an ideal first boat for a broads novice. I believe marine surveyors can provide a valuation but their services will cost. You could compare prices if you can find a similar boat listed for sale online (for sale on the broads as prices vary area to area). If you really are interested in it and assuming your boat knowledge is limited being a first time novice owner a survey might be beneficial as pitfalls could be numerous with any boat and if you dont know what your looking for it could save you in the long run, or even give you a few bargaining chips. I dont often recommend a survey but this sort of situation is exactly when they can be useful if not vital!! Good luck
  4. dnks34

    Nearly A Bit Of A Bad Day

    This is exactly what came to my mind, it is rather strange. Is it worth leaving a note for whoever it is showing the nightly rate and stating you will take cash or card!?
  5. dnks34

    Not Really A Holiday

    Its none of my business but cant Richardsons do a mobile gel repair? I hope its a big enough job to justify the fuel! Is the fridge not an easy like for like swap hence it could be purchased from the cheapest retailer available and fit by a competent owner? Unless gas obviously.
  6. dnks34

    Water Tank Into Waste Tank

    I think it may be to do with the risk of a narrow vent pipe becoming blocked, then the tank (more so if plastic) could end up imploding under the suction. I have seen an imploded tank before on a sports type cruiser and it caused the owner a few headaches, that was an aluminium tank so Im not quite sure what went wrong!
  7. dnks34

    Water Tank Into Waste Tank

    Assuming your tank is plastic I was advised when fitting a plastic holding tank a few years back that the vent was better to be 1 inch 1/2 diameter to reduce the risk of it imploding if a blockage occured during the pumpout, I was told aluminium tanks are not so prone to this so a narrower vent pipe could be used. I would also fit the pump out feed to the lowest connection on the tank, fill from the top and pump from the bottom ive never seen it done the other way around.
  8. dnks34

    Steering Wheel Centre

    You can get a collar to put a 1 inch taper wheel on a 3/4 inch taper hub but when you have a 1 inch taper hub and you are looking for a new wheel to fit its not so easy! I eventually found one.......in the Netherlands!
  9. dnks34

    Steering Wheel Centre

    I remember trying to find an 1 inch tapered wheel once, rarer than hens teeth!! Good Luck!
  10. dnks34

    Broads Engage Workshop

    Nothing taken onboard as to be expected, just a load of weak justification to continue doing as they like is what I read.
  11. dnks34

    BA In Planning Dispute

    I think its amusing, and long may it continue!
  12. dnks34

    Rip John Wilson

    I also grew up watching his many fishing programs. I was never lucky enough to meet him but he came across as a thoroughly nice bloke and his passing is a real shame. RIP John
  13. dnks34

    BA In Planning Dispute

    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me!
  14. dnks34

    BA In Planning Dispute

    I think any criticism the BA comes in for might ultimately stem from its own inconsistencies. The difference I can see with Barnes is their planning indiscretion has impacted on river users by virtue of narrowing the navigation. What impact does imitation wood cladding have on anyone else?
  15. dnks34

    BA In Planning Dispute

    This kind of thing isnt unique to the BA planning department and Im not bashing them for it. Local Authority planners tend to have bigger budgets to back up the enforcement. When push comes to shove at BA plaza who ends up paying? Given whats gone on in Wroxham the BA department ought to be defunct anyway but they clearly pick their battles. I have no sympathy for this man but then at the same time some common sense ought to be used to prevent unecessary spending, it looks like wood, if it was aluminium chequer plate panels I might just see an argument.

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