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  1. dnks34

    Ant Warning!!!

    Im sure he sells life insurance to.
  2. dnks34

    Ant Warning!!!

    Where have i seen the dog before, has he done any TV work?
  3. dnks34

    July BA Broads Brieifing

    Has there been any fresh news since the “workshop” as its gone quiet? Does anyone know anymore more?
  4. dnks34

    Stern Gland

    If you are able to post a photo someone may recognise it and know if parts are available and where to get them from.
  5. dnks34

    Stern Gland

    Is it definately a washer on the piston and not a large O Ring? Ive just looked at a picture of remote greaser on sheridan marine (link below) and with the piston removed it looks like it could be an o ring but it may not be the same setup to what you have. Thought it worth mentioning as if it is an O ring it might be easier to find a new one. https://www.sheridanmarine.com/product/remote-greaser
  6. dnks34


    I dont think it would be totally unreasonable if they did.
  7. dnks34


    Pumpouts are usually charged per tank. I can see the sense in all 3 toilets being fed to one tank but not if the tank is only big enough to take 2 days worth, theres always the chance the toilets were being over used or the tank wasnt empty to start with I suppose.
  8. dnks34

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Ive always been put off the 1070 by the beam.
  9. dnks34


    I think certain roles are more suited to tips than others. Baby sitters waiters/waitresses there must be more. Do we have a tip etiquette in the UK? I tip in situations I think are appropriate but in restaurants when making card payments I always fear the tip wont reach the person it was intended for, I have also heard of places that dont let their staff keep tips or they only get a percentage not sure if that kind of thing still goes on. Imagine my suprise in the USA where they actually give you time to work out your 20% tip on the bill before they take your payment. Being from Yorkshire I found this slightly nauseating!
  10. dnks34

    Where Might 2?

    Is it a Bungalow on the Thurne on the way into Potter Heigham?
  11. dnks34


    A tip for a pumpout, its never occured to me. Do they not charge enough as it is?!
  12. dnks34

    Where Might 2?

    Utopia Way Stalham?
  13. dnks34

    Where Might?

    I knew I had seen them somewhere before!
  14. dnks34

    Where Might?

    Britvic building alongside the river in Norwich?
  15. dnks34

    Ant Warning!!!

    I’m sat here wondering if the stained back leg will be getting a coat of varnish?

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