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  1. dnks34

    Tolls 2020

    43% knocks JP’s quoted 19.1% well and truly out of the water. If you are going to go on record you really should make sure you have got your facts right!
  2. dnks34

    Tolls 2020

    page 11 item 4.1 of the document reads: “On-going reduction in the hire fleet (estimated loss of income at £11,500) It is difficult to predict changes in the hire boat fleet. However, the Authority is aware that there will be a further decline next year which has a significant impact on the calculation of next year’s charges.” This suggests the 20/21 Toll Charges will see a significant increase.
  3. dnks34

    Tolls 2020

    I would think the new mooring cost is being covered by this years increase alone and there will be some other excuse (as if one is ever needed) by this time next year. Work out the Toll increase over the last 10 years its borderline obscene. The BA like every other Authority in the country will just keep on doing it year on year till someone stops them. Its about time the Toll was capped. Give it another 10 years and I wouldn't be surprised if we are looking at nigh on a 75% increase in the preceding 20 years. Unlike with other Authorities folk do have a choice. Some owners might not care much but there will be a lot of owners who may not have the luxury of a bottomless bank accounts and wont sustain continuous year on year increases like they might be forced to elsewhere. Its also abundantly clear that the more hire yards go the more private owners will be made to pay. Instead of re-engining boats how about some savings BA, when are you going to tighten your belts?
  4. Buses on Castle Meadow are not supposed to idle for more than 2 minutes but there are problems that come with switching the vehicle off. It might not start again and the driver and passengers get cold! First thing a controller says to a driver when radioing in to report a bus that wont start..........why did you switch it off!
  5. Thank you for the information Tom. Are you able to tell us the model of the original engine and the new more suitable model that has now been fitted. This might help those of us with a technical interest achieve a better understanding of the vessel.
  6. Give it up as a bad job and let it go to the highest bidder. It might well be cheaper to do that in the long term.
  7. I wonder how they would manage if the bridge became stuck open and engineering staff couldn't get across to it for repairs or the operator couldn't get back to go home. I can half understand them not wanting to pay out wages but its still not good enough just to abandon their responsibilities to navigation even if it is Christmas day. The bridge could easily be left open and the operator brought back across in a dinghy, it isn’t difficult.
  8. With all the engineering expertise on the payroll at Network Rail are they not able to come up with a solution to a simple problem? Is this new or has it always been the case at Reedham?
  9. This video isn’t at Ludham Bridge but it does show that even with height gauges on the bridge and the helmsman knowing the airdraft of the boat some people still manage to get it wrong.
  10. I don't believe there is a great deal of leeway in the gauge at Ludham Bridge. I have taken (my own) 8ft 6 airdraft under with 8ft 4 showing on the gauge and it was cigarette paper tight, there is also more clearance on one side than the other due to the slight slope on the bridge. If hire yards didnt slightly over state airdraft on certain boats they would be repairing a lot more damage than they are now. Ive seen hire boats that have supposedly been repaired after bridge damage and the repairs can look an absolute mess depending on which yard it belongs to. Get stuck under a bridge at Great Yarmouth and the boat can end up a ruin!
  11. They say the heavier the Battery the better the quality however as you never can tell how long a Battery is going to last I always go for the cheapest 110’s I can find then if I only get 3 years from it Im not loosing any sleep. The likes of Bosch & Varta etc come with big price tags but who knows if they are actually going to last you any longer than the equivalent cheapo. I have found 110amphr leisure batteries for as little as £65 in the past and they did the job just fine.
  12. Is there not a circlip that needs to be removed before the shaft will come out? Having googled your model number Im fairly certain I once replaced the seals in one of those and there was a circlip involved!
  13. If its only a light bulb and igniter on the oven change the bulb to a 12v equivalent and replace the 240v spark generator with a 12v one and cut the mains plug off. Wire to 12v supply. Job done! Probably not so easy to do if your oven model has any digital displays so keep it simple.
  14. There are in excess of 500 comments on a canal forum about Steve Haywood and the incident. I think he has disgraced himself amongst his own.
  15. He could easily have avoided the collision by changing direction! The heavier narrowboat was deliberately used as a weapon. The guy should be ashamed of himself
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