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  1. dnks34


    Accepting there was a DEFRA grant reduction to make up what deeply bothers me is how much money was wasted on the Jenners Basin fight that many if not most boat owners / hirers would have wanted no part in. What about the other crackpot projects (acle) that occasionally come to light that again some folk want no part in and do not want to see any of BA funds frivolously wasted on. If they have got spare cash for ridiculous projects stop putting up the Tolls i cant think of a word to adequately convey my distaste for it, its just obscene. Each time this happens Toll payers pockets get dipped in to to recover the loses. I certainly want no part in that and until there is accountability I no longer want to be a Toll Payer. Its really not right.
  2. I saw my Toll rise by over 35% from buying in 2010 to selling in 2018. Initially I did believe the Toll represented good value for money but my perception changed with the obscene hike a few years ago. I realised then that while I was giving the Broads Authority access to my wallet they could decide to take from it whatever they wish and at that point I decided the boat was a liability I no longer wanted. There is no control over Toll levels. Outcry each time they are increased (yearly) will continue but nothing will ever be done to kerb it and it will only continue to go up. Im sure I cant have been the only one who has had enough! For this reason im not sure I would ever want to own another boat on the broads, when the whim takes I will hire.
  3. dnks34


    Just because other waterways do it doesn't make it fair! I recently took on Waveney District Council (and won) for them trying to make me pay council tax on a property I no longer lived in. I knew full well the period they were charging me for had been paid up by someone else. Had i just paid they would have happily gone along with being paid for the same property twice. I suspect they do this type of thing quite a lot. That Isn't exactly Toll related but my point is why should anyone pay in part or full for any type of service they haven't actually been able to receive or avail themselves of?!
  4. dnks34


    I think it becomes unfair if you buy an untolled boat part way through the year, your paying for the whole year unless its changed?
  5. dnks34


    Dont think this is anything new, boats in brokerage are not forced to renew the Toll. As soon as they sell, if the Toll hasn't been paid its due.
  6. A basic yet easential must have for me before anything else on any future boat purchase would be the boat must have beds that are not directly beneath poorly designed metal window frames meaning the bedding gets dripped on all night with condensation. If you are lucky you wake in the morning having had your face washed during your sleep, which is at least time saving even if somewhat iritating with drip drip drip on your head all night.
  7. For your requirements I wouldnt even mention the words liveaboard or residential when looking into moorings. no need to complicate matters when you will only be taking extended visits and your not technically living aboard (permenantly!)
  8. From experience be very careful trying to remove those 4 bolts. All 4 sheared instantly when attempting removal on our Nanni.
  9. I see it as school holiday week prices may well be getting to expensive for a lot of people when weighing up whats actually on offer.
  10. I agree, also Jet washing concrete or concrete made paving slabs over time will totally ruin the surface on them,
  11. Only problem is they cost £8 a go!! (but it is worth it!)
  12. The best thing you can do when buying yourself a Jet washer is to get yourself a compatible hose extension as the few feet of high pressure hose you usually get included are not really enough. I have an old basic Karcher i leave handy at the front of my garage with about 15metres of hose on the lance. It makes it much easier and more enjoyable to use than having to shift the whole unit round whatever your cleaning and my neighbours cant see that Im using a cheap jet washer that must be over 10 years old, the hose extension probably cost me more!!
  13. Why would the BA need to be setting up a Charity? Is this a normal thing? Or just another hair brained scheme so someone gets their face in the paper? At risk of sounding “uncharitable” surely the realm of a charity falls well outside the BA’s remit? I’m at a loss most of the time.
  14. Charging batteries, testing cooling system or trying to diagnose another fault possibly?
  15. dnks34


    Wind is very strong here in Lowestoft at the moment, I have just driven back from Beccles through St Olaves & Somerleyton and its very very blustery. It was reasonanbly calm this morning.
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