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  1. For all we know Marshman’s abode could be palatial!
  2. Way off the mark? Its a functional information point in a central location that might well be one of the most visited places on the Broads. What more is required?
  3. Wont the visitor centre in Hoveton satisfy tourism requirements removing the need for any expenditure on new premises.
  4. Im almost certain i had a large Wells follow in a lure once. I saw a very wide head just below the surface, made me look twice I can tell you! Its like carp, supposedly in good numbers but Ive never seen one in the Broads.
  5. After 8 weeks I think I would be finding another surveyor! I would expect it within a few days!
  6. We hired her back in 2007 on her 2nd week out on hire from new. Time goes so quickly!
  7. I was way off.....
  8. Gale is very popular which im told gets booked up well in advance. There is also this site on the Northern side: https://www.buresideholidaypark.co.uk/
  9. Thats not a bodge, its known as an east anglian solution!
  10. Hi Tom, Why are electric vehicles necessary? As I understand it they are expensive to buy and expensive to put right if they go wrong with battery packs running into the several thousands. I can only assume budgets are strained with the amount the Toll has risen in the last 10 years so how can purchases like this be justified? Surely a standard vehicle would be more cost effective?
  11. Its people making everything so complicated that are adding to the cost of every little job that needs doing. In the private sector if a tree needs pruning is a feasibility study commissioned? Probably not as it wont be the public paying for it. Just check with the landowner for access permission then get on with it!
  12. Nasty bile on the Internet. Unless Im missing something I will assume that comment concerns what might get posted on the forums about the Broads Authority. Ive never seen anything nasty but I have seen plenty of criticism that is fair and well deserved.
  13. “Commit to purchasing all-electric vehicles except where towing capacity or 4-wheel drive demands make this impractical;” “Install additional car charging points at Authority sites” I would sooner see a commitment to reducing tolls back to a sensible level rather than shelling out on technology that is still very expensive and not necessary to operate the authority efficiently. “Review procurement practices to give additional focus to environmental criteria while still achieving good value for money.” This can be achieved very easily by not spending money on items that are not needed or not suitable. The BA excel at producing report after report after report that just contain clever words!
  14. dnks34

    Mooring At Wroxham

    We pulled in there a few years back with a private boat looking for an overnight mooring and was told to get out before we had even landed. Very friendly indeed! On the other hand Barnes have always been happy to accommodate us but we always rung ahead.
  15. You also need to consider if you can fit a tank of a reasonable size. Fitting in a small tank that ends up needing pumping out every couple of days will become very costly and a bit of a pain.
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