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  1. dnks34


    Ouch not an expense anyone wants. Where I grew up in Germany we had these things to contend with: http://www.living-in-germany.net/your-car-vs-the-marten/ Technically its vandalism but I bet insurance companies have a get out clause!
  2. dnks34

    Horning Village Car Park ( By The Swan )

    I appreciate the Pub need to protect parking capacity for their patrons but there is also the view that someone prepared to travel to Horning and vist the local shops etc has a significant probability of visiting the Pub also? Maybe seasonal charges could be a fairer solution? So in the winter when the place is very quiet the local shops still get some passing trade.....without getting stung with parking charges, or has the EU banned goodwill these days to?!
  3. dnks34

    Domestic Water Pump

    If a label is visible on your existing pump post a picture of it as knowing the specs could help provide you with clearer solution advice.
  4. dnks34

    The Broads On National News!

    With all these goings on I would have expected Mr Nudd to have stepped down as a Parish Councillor. Its 6 of one, no smoke without fire and for things to get out of hand in this manner I would be calling for his resignation. They may well be both as bad as eachother but it takes two to tango and a man in his position ought to be a bit more careful. Do we know the size of the offending purple cucumber purely out of interest?
  5. dnks34

    Emergency Helicopter Medics

    Was that the incident at Acle?
  6. dnks34

    James Knight's Blog

    James speaks a lot of sense. Contained in his blog is the framework needed to clip the BA’s wings and set them back on track. Setting up a new body to in part replace them and removing their planning powers gets a massive thumbs up from me.
  7. dnks34

    James Knight's Blog

    I am holding on to the old saying “give someone enough rope and they eventually hang themselves” At some point something has got to give. Dictators usually end up getting toppled and in my hopeful mind its only a matter of time. How does it work with pensions? Will Toll Payers be covering pensions for these people long after they finally get themselves removed or is that not where the money comes from? It should not be a given Job for life, how many people can say they have that kind of security these days? You would think they would be grateful for their standing and not abuse privileged positions. No matter how good you “think” you are theres always someone better, maybe even cheaper. Ive said before, a person who has to remove folk as they cant deal with different opinions is a dangerous person to have on the payroll. But he just carries on doing it. Makes him look terrible in my opinion.
  8. dnks34

    James Knight's Blog

    Its beyond belief but I totally believe every word.
  9. dnks34

    Hi Everyone, Im Looking To Purchase

    Id agree and also say be very careful with anything thats showing evidence of leaks. Windows/Hatches/Cleats/Deck Fittings etc that are poorly sealed and have been left to let water through really can do a lot of damage which may not always be immediately obvious. Things can be resealed (some things easier than others) but spending your time chasing rainwater leaks on your boat will very quickly get annoying, theres also nothing worse than wet bedding. There is definately something going on in the fwd cabin on the NBS sedan (from the pictures) If interested I would proceed with caution. The water under the floors may be less of an issue, (so long as its not at the floor bearers!) It could be where the topside leaks are gathering or it could be engine/domestics/stern gear related. I would be more concerned by anything leaking in from above. As far as your onboard experience goes that might be your the biggest PITA! You will quickly find that boats are not trouble free and definately in the 30k area theres bound to be things that might end up need doing. If its direct from a hire fleet you could be in for a bit of a unpleasant surprise. (I speak from experience!) But some of us call that fun!
  10. dnks34

    John Packman's Broads Briefing January 2019

    Im certain he uses the term at every opportunity to intentionally provoke the desired reaction and keep the unrest fed. I think he thrives on it. It consistently overshadows everything else but thats probably deliberate to.
  11. dnks34

    John Packman's Broads Briefing January 2019

    Stopped reading as soon as the NP words were mentioned
  12. Im inclined to think cleverly written...but.... What we need to know is in what circumstances would the Authority deem maintaining the navigation to be unreasonable? What never ceases to amaze me is how many written documents the Broads Authority continue to produce and for what? To justify their existence? To make sure we all know they can do as they like and are completely unaccountable? They ought to be careful as it could be a double edged sword, if they did stop maintaining the navigation they might then render themselves defunct and therefore totally unecessary as a department.
  13. dnks34

    Bow Thruster Fitting

    I remember an ex OB harbour master once referred to it as the “girly button”
  14. dnks34

    Lifejacket V's Dehumidifier

    It must have been holding my breath while I deflated it that brought on the lightheadedness!

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