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  1. dnks34

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    Both areas fortunately outside of Dr Ps jurisdiction !!
  2. dnks34

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    I totally agree with you and couldnt have put it better myself
  3. dnks34

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    Eastcoast’s question is a good one. I attempted a reply but after a while I realised I was staring blankly at the ceiling knowing not how to begin a response to it...... The only thing I can add is it seems as if the BA find some sort of remit in whatever takes their fancy...... Your response JM is far better than mine would have been! Am I also correct in thinking that as far as Tourism is concerned the BA have no actual responsibility?
  4. dnks34

    Constellation 3?

    Any chance of a link to the listing?!
  5. dnks34

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    It may only be me but I cant see posters talking down the Broads its just reads that the general opinion seems to be that the Broads are probably best enjoyed by river users, not much wrong in that? What would be interesting would be to know how many of the 12% visited the Broads for the sole reason of a boating holiday and how many didnt use the Waterways at all.
  6. dnks34

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    This must be damaging for Dr P’s Acle eyesore campaign! Shame............
  7. dnks34

    Broad Beam Barge on the Broads?

    A few years ago there was a large dutch barge active on the Waveney and Yare it would be seen regularly in Beccles. Im not sure if he is still around but there certainly are a few barges using the Broads.
  8. dnks34

    Another One Bites The Dust

    Didnt JP engaging with the other forum end up leading to some degree of mistrust amongst members there? I would welcome his response on this forum but I think there is more chance of Lowestoft Town winning the FA cup.
  9. dnks34

    Another One Bites The Dust

    In my opinion the fact that this kind of thing has happened twice in a short space of time should be raising eyebrows somewhere. It shouts out there is a significant problem with BA governance/management and as always there is no smoke without fire, its high time Dr Packman was penning his resignation. Amongst many he is not respected or wanted.
  10. dnks34

    Another One Bites The Dust

    Your absolutely certain the BA’s statement is an accurate account of events? Unlike with Lana it seems this time round BA management have made sure it sticks. As Jaws said its just another mark against them, I dont doubt James Knight’s account for a moment.
  11. dnks34

    Another One Bites The Dust

    I think JP might just see meetings as an annoyance and probably has the decisions done and dusted before he even enters the room!!
  12. Would the Navigation Budget actually have been used to fund fishing platforms?
  13. dnks34

    Another One Bites The Dust

    Another debacle to add to the List, when will Dr Packman realise that this kind of thing is unacceptable. I can imagine James ruffles feathers but I say rightly so and having to remove those who might well see things differently makes Dr Packman look incredibley weak in my opinion, why is this man still in the Job. It doesnt hurt to have differing views around a table it can produce a happier balance, a situation Dr Packman clearly cant handle.
  14. When I first realised there was no fishing from the Quay in Beccles I was most miffed. Myself my father my uncle and his son (my cousin) had moored up on the river part of the Quay near the old bridge and had a rod out fore and aft from the bank in between the boats and a do gooding local went and grassed us up to the Quay attendant! We didnt even know about the rule! But they did allow fishing from the Quay in the winter months (not sure if they still do) and I suppose I can understand why they disallow it during the season as they might well have ended up with more folk fishing for free than boats paying to moor up and folk obstructing the paths with rods.
  15. I dont think anyone is saying the Broads belong just to boat owners but when it comes to BA moorings fisherman must make way for boats, preferably without abuse. If you dont want to run the risk of being expected to move for a boat wishing to moor up then fish from the bank, a boat or join a club and use one of the numerous fishing platforms there are available on the rivers, the solution really is as simple as that!!

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